January 31, 2023



NESTOR – Kids In A Ghost Town (2021)

A classic AOR throwback with a modern 80s feel

Its all anyone keeps asking – ‘what do you think of the Nestor’?! Well, folks might remember me championing the band from the time their first official single was released, so it should be no surprise that I rate the album very highly indeed and think the guys have done an amazing job of recapturing the glory days.

While the album might sound very familiar, with the various nods to classic songs of the past and some refurbished refrains, it still manages to sum up the fun elements of 80s melodic rock and the days of anthemic radio friendly hits and big soaring ballads.

The vocals are a strong point as is the equal mix of guitar and keyboards and a big production that has had some time and effort put into it.

Some have called Nestor the future of melodic rock, but I think they are providing a different service for fans – delivering one of the best albums of classic yesteryear classic AOR and melodic rock. A throwback to the glory days rather than being a band that pushes boundaries forward into the future as some other acts do.

The fast is we need both, and Nestor certainly have delivered one of the highest quality albums of this kind in recent memory. Its such a fan album with a few heartfelt ballads, it really is almost impossible to find any faults. Here’s to more glimpses into the past from the guys.