February 2, 2023



PETER GOALBY – Easy With The Heartaches (2021)

Hold The Dream
Classic old-school 80s singer/songwriter AOR

This is quite simply a delightful pure AOR album of archived demos from former Uriah Heep vocalist Pete Goalby. His voice oozes passion and melody and the songs are glorious.

Its one 80s AOR anthem after another and the ‘demo’ angle shouldn’t be over-played as most of these tracks sound fuller than the term demo normally gives credit for.

Goalby plays guitar, with Eddy Morton providing solos. The always fabulous Paul Hodson gets credit for bass and drum programming, which is tastefully done, plus all keyboards, which are all over these great songs.

I must admit to having chased Pete Goalby for his solo demos for my own label but missing out just means I can pour my enthusiasm into a killer review – which is what this collection of songs deserves.

Absolutely prime British influenced pure AOR and melodic rock with a strong 80s vibe and some really warm, engaging lead vocals from Pete.

One of my favourite purchases of 2021.