February 1, 2023



TAO – Prophecy (2021)

Nobody But You
Essential for fans of Ten and female fronted melodic rock

This is one of only a few albums I’ve played recently and immediately thought – winner!

It only took one listen to know this is an album that deserves a lot of attention, the subsequent listens only confirmed that high praise was in order.

Tao features Karen Fell (vocals), Chris Gould (ex-Serpentine)(guitars) and Dave Rosingana (bass) and additional musicians Darrel Treece-Birch (Ten)(keyboards) and Brian Webster (drums).

The album is written and produced by Ten mastermind Gary Hughes.

This album hits several different marks. First the female lead vocals are just perfect for the energy and delivery of these songs, they are highly engaging and pure ear candy. Second factor is the man himself, Gary Hughes. This album is a return to his best AOR songwriting, mirroring the debut Ten album and his own solo releases. Just brilliant songs carried by Karen Fell in a way classic AOR albums used to be. Plus its not just AOR, this thing rocks in places, just like Ten do at various times.

To class this album as Ten with female vocals would be simplistic, but every bit true.

A powerful production, a band feel and some highly engaging songs make this one an essential purchase for fans of Ten and female fronted melodic rock.

I only got the digital audio for this one, but I need to get the CD pronto.