February 1, 2023



CITY OF LIGHTS – Before The Sun Sets (2022)

One of the better debut albums in recent times

City Of Lights is one of the better new names being shuffled onto an increasingly weary buying public by Frontiers Records. It is an album that straddles the line between AOR and hard rock, that is – keyboards a plenty, but with guitars clearly dominating.

This is a collaboration between British newcomer songwriter/guitarist Neil Austin and Greek vocal ‘sensation’ Manos Fatsis. Manos has a quite heavy accent on the vocals at times, but his tone is pleasant – standing alongside the likes of Ronnie Romero or Tony Martin – tough but melodic.

Best appeal of this album is some very catchy songs – varied in flavour, but all delivering a decent chorus and I must say that production is higher than average in recent times.

Maybe because Degreed alumni Robin and Mats Eriksson form the powerful rhythm section.

There are a few of songs here that take a more melodic leaning that will no doubt stand out as instant favourites with the AOR crowd.