September 24, 2022


LIONVILLE – So Close To Heaven (2022)

Another album suffering a drop in quality

The fifth Lionville album in 9 years sees a drop in quality in both songwriting and production values from their quite marvellous 4th album and indeed, the 3 that preceded that.

The usually divine vocals of Lars Safsund (Work Of Art) seem a little lost in the keyboard heavy mix here and are certainly not as sharp and decisive as we’re used to.

Songwriting seems to be stuck in auto-pilot here – there’s nothing that differs in any way from the material already delivered – and as pointed out, in better quality.

The opening track features the vocal talents of Robbie LaBlanc in a duet performance that overshadows Lars’ own vocal.

It’s still one of the better pure-Euro AOR albums and bands around, with Stefano Lionetti, and Lars doing their best to deliver on what was probably a reduced recording budget.