January 26, 2023



DARE – Road To Eden (2022)

Born In The Storm
Best of both worlds for Dare fans as atmosphere meets punch.

British AOR legends Dare return after their customary long break between records, with an album that I can guarantee will please fans of all eras of the band.

Recording again with original guitarist Vinny Burns, who has now been back in the band nearly a decade now, but not fully utilised until now. This is the first time I’ve really felt his musical muscle used in the same way as the debut album.

Continuing with the band’s reputation for creating lush and expansive soundscapes, the ultra-moody AOR stylings of Darren Wharton are matched with Vinny’s intuitive guitar work, which weaves in and around the vocals and keyboards of Wharton in a way not hear since Calm Before The Storm and the all-time OAR classic Out Of The Silence.

So you get the best of both worlds here – the moody classic Dare mixed with a generally more uptempo vision, with guitars taking a more prominent role and really driving home these songs.

Songwriting is as usual, quite exquisite, capturing a mood unlike any other. Production is mostly superb, the only thing I would add is a more impactful drum sound to match Vinny’s piercing guitars.

Nothing but compliments and praise for this record, which I expect will be the consensus from all. Don’t keep us waiting so long until next time guys, killer work!