January 26, 2023



TREAT – The Endgame (2022)

Carolina Reaper
Another batch of audio eargasms for new and old fans alike.

Treat are exactly that. Just a treat to listen to as they further enhance their status as one of the world’s best and most consistent anthemic melodic rock acts.

Their golden run of high energy, harmony drenched, AOR anthem filled albums that began with the classic Coup De Grace, followed by Ghost Of Graceland and Tunguska. Add this in and its 4 essential albums for 4 in a run going back to 2010.

The album follows the slightly more modern edge of the last 2 albums, fitting seamlessly into their catalogue.

The Swedish melodic rockers deliver another 12 songs to digest, most of which are uptempo and layers deep in harmonics, guitars and groove.

I’d place this album third of the last 4, with Tunguska in 4th place, but that’s still rating all 4 albums above 95%. For the record, Coup is #1 and always will be!

They just don’t get better than the songs, style and production delivered by Treat.

This doesn’t require a long review, as there is no reason to debate brilliance. Just be assured that if you are a fan of the band in the last decade, this just serves to continue their glorious run. Essential!