January 26, 2023



BLACK SWAN – Generation Mind (2022)

Eagles Fly
Natural chemistry, great production and good songs! This is how its done.

This is how you do a band project. The difference between a ‘supergroup’ on paper and in practical essence is all in the execution. Anyone can create a group on paper and throw some songs and money at the participants to do their thing. But you won’t capture any kind of magic or chemistry – as so often is the case with the ‘Frontiers Random Band Generator’ formula.

Black Swan however, is a case of getting it right and credit should be given. This is the right way of doing things – find musicians that for the most part live near each other and can meet and work together and then let them write the songs and create organic chemistry.

In joining the great Robin McAuley and Jeff Pilson, the desire would have naturally been to recreate the best of McAuley Schenker Group and Dokken. But you can’t force it. In this case it wasn’t necessary, it just happened and with the added production prowess of Pilson, a real gem has been created.

The debut was a revelation and the follow-up takes up exactly where the last left off – more high energy, uptempo, in your face melodic hard rock, heavy, but with a commercial edge – all delivered with a beautiful mix and crisp production. The drum sound is thankfully light years ahead of other projects of this nature thanks to Pilson capturing the awesome groove of Matt Starr.

And who could ask for more crunch in their guitars than what the legend that is Reb Beach delivers.

This is an inspired combo of musicians who really work well together to create natural chemistry.

The songs are surprisingly in your face and uptempo, the album only slows down for a couple of well-timed slower pieces.

Robin sounds amazing and as good as he did in 1990. Pilson ties it all together for a perfect blend of melodic Dokken, Winger & McAuley.