January 26, 2023



WICKED SMILE – Wait For The Night (2021)

Days Of Delirium
World class melodic metal. Simple as that.

Wicked Smile is the brainchild of Steve Janevski (Black Majesty, The Radio Sun & Cyclone Tracy), their debut album ‘Wait For The Night’ was released late in 2021, but it’s never too late to join the party, especially when the offering is as good as this is.

The Aussie melodic metallers are fronted by Danny Cecati (ex-Pegazus & Eyefear) with Stevie Janevski and Dave Graham (ex-In Malice’s Wake) on guitars, Glen Cav (ex-Virtue) on bass and Jason Tyro on drums.

Mixing Ozzy, Iron Maiden and Black Majesty, with a touch of Metallica and perhaps even some Jorn fronted Masterplan, the strength of this album is in the songs. These are quite simply, 10 brilliant no-filler-all-killer songs.

Style wise it is obviously in your face and heavy and a big credit to Paul Laine (producer) and Bruno Ravel (mastering) for making it sound as big as it does. It’s a huge metal sound for a debut album, but then again, all the guys are veterans of the Oz rock scene, so they know what they are doing.

Back to the songs – they are simply immersive and filled with hooks and melody lines, bone crushingly heavy at times, but always melodic at the heart and each with a defined chorus hook, which is essential for any great album.

‘Wait For The Night’ has everything – pounding rhythm, sharp riffing guitars and solos, some outstanding lead vocals I mean world class metal vocals), plus chorus harmonies that drive home the hooks.

Cannot recommend this highly enough and a truly special album for fans of this style of in your face melodic metal.