December 7, 2022


CRASHDIET – Automaton (2022)

Heavy, engaging, in your face and almost perfect.

Simply glorious. No other word for it. The Swedish sleaze kings go a little further mainstream to deliver a melodic hard rock record with the same kind of energy you’d expect from a debut album.

The band continues to deliver album after album of well-constructed, intelligent songwriting, with hooks and melodies always in the forefront of their minds.

The new album has a modern sound, but a classic rock heart, and is immaculately produced and mixed for maximum effect.

Song after song of hook filled goodness – layered harmonies and swirling guitars.

There is a certain kind of kinship this album shares with fellow Swede’s H.E.A.T and Crazy Lizxx, but delivered in their own unique harder edged, sleaze influenced style.

11 songs and a short intro and every one of them demands attention, all that little bit different from the track before it.

This is a really heavy, engaging, in your face, uptempo album of pure melodic bliss.