January 26, 2023



OUSEY/MANN – Is Anybody Listening (2022)

I'll Tell You When To Stop
A record whose strength immediately demands a sequel.

Ousey/Mann is none other than the great vocalist Chris Ousey (Heartland, Virginia Wolf, The Distance) paired with English multi-instrumentalist/guitarist Steve Mann (Liar, Eloy, MSG, The Sweet).

Together the pair have recorded a very fine album together. Suggested as a potential pairing together by the Right Reverend Khalil Turk, chemistry quickly evolved into a set of songs that is now released as the album ‘Is Anybody Listening’.

Fans of Chris Ousey will immediately be drawn the voice and the style of melodic hard rock on offer here – recent Heartland and solo offering compare favourably and fans of classic British hard rock get their fill with some in your face crunch from Steve Mann.

It’s not an unfamiliar sound – especially for Ousey fans – but what is impressive is the energy, the memorable songs on offer and the excellent production and mix.

Plenty of keyboards on offer for those that like some contrast to the riffs, but this is very much a guitar/vocal driven record.

There is an hour of music here, which might be one or two tracks too long, but I’m hesitant to call out any tracks that could have been omitted.

More great stuff for fans of the newly formed duo – and a record whose strength immediately demands a sequel.