December 7, 2022


CHRIS IRVINE Debut Album 30th Anniversary Reissue Available August 26 via MRC

MelodicRock Classics is excited to announce the limited-edition reissue of four acclaimed cult classic AOR albums over the next two months. Each album has won fan and critical praise over the years and all four titles have remained on the impossible to find list for many collectors.

The campaign begins August 26 with reissues of two British classics – CHRIS IRVINE and 2AM.

On September 30, two more classics arrive – LAMARCA and YA YA ‘II’.

CHRIS IRVINE is a Belfast born singer/songwriter who released his debut album in 1992. The self-titled album contained the official single ‘Frozen Rivers’, which will become the new title for this 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of ‘Chris Irvine’.

With help from the original label and various participants in the release, including the man himself, CHRIS IRVINE ‘Frozen Rivers’ revisits the lost classic, adding a generous selection of bonus tracks, packing this special release with previously unreleased AOR gems.

Chris comments: “I’m delighted to be able to have the opportunity to finally deliver the definitive version of this album, with the artwork I envisaged as the artist when it was recorded. When you’ve spent hours, weeks, and months toiling in the studio, writing and recording your music, it becomes a living, breathing part of you. You nurture it and build up an idea of how it should be presented. Unfortunately, I didn’t get that level of involvement on the album’s initial release. I am truly grateful to Andrew McNeice and MRC for allowing me the opportunity to give fans of the album something really special on the 30th anniversary of its release.”

Producer Phil Radford: “Back in the late 1980’s I was working as an in-house writer/ producer at Red Bus music in North London. My partner Pete Yellowstone and I were introduced to Chris as a potential new artist to work with. We were immediately struck by his powerful and soulful vocals, his enthusiasm and obvious talent. Over a few months we worked on studio ‘down time’ which was evenings and nights writing and recording these songs. These late long smoky sessions were very productive and Chris came up with some powerful performances behind the mic!

Very much a product of the times, the big clean 80s pop AOR sound is clearly what we were going for. We mixed it in studio 2 at Red bus studios on an SSL desk with either Graham Bonnet or me engineering. Even though the album wasn’t received as widely as it could have been at the time, I’m glad to see it still has many fans from all around the world.”

MelodicRock Classics presents CHRIS IRVINE ‘Frozen Rivers – 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition’ August 26. Limited Edition 500 Unit CD; all audio remastered from original masters by JK Northrup.

Pre-orders available this week.

Track Listing:


01. Frozen Rivers                                         4:18

02. Vital Signs                                              3:46

03. Never Listen To Rumours                      3:41

04. Hypnotise                                              3:34

05. In Need Of An Angel                            3:54       

06. Really Need To Know                            4:01

07. You’ve Got The Right                            4:07

08. Kicking Up Dust                                    3:23

09. Can You See Me Now?                           3:39

10. Get A Grip                                              4:00

Bonus Tracks (Unreleased Demos):

11. Room With A View                               4:37

12. Wind In The Wires                                3:32

13. You Got The Right                                 4:09

14. Find Our Way Back Home                     4:20

15. Jody                                                      3:16

16. Am I What (U Really Want)                   5:33

17. Truth                                                      4:20

18. Love Still Hurts                                      4:31

19. Can You See Me Now (Ext. Vers.)       4:27

Run Time 77:28