December 1, 2022


GENERATION RADIO – Generation Radio (Album Review, 2022)

The band shows the difference in quality when a band actually works as a band.

Generation Radio is one of the few organic supergroups of recent years. Something that came together naturally, rather than cobbled together in an office somewhere.

Formed with the axis of Chicago’s Jason Scheff, Deen Castronovo (now departed to concentrate soley on his Journey duties) and Rascall Flatts frontman Jay DeMarcus, the band chisel out a commercial radio friendly sound that would have had them all over radio in the 80s and 90s.

It’s a laid-back album for the most part, reflective and mature, but not without some rowdier moments where the guitars get cranked up and the tempo shuffled into overdrive.

At the heart of it however, is songs and harmonies. Both are glorious – the instantly appealing midwestern style AOR/MOR takes the listener back to the best of Chicago, Richard Marx, Journey and a more cult name in this scene – the wonderful King Of Hearts.

Its sweet and sugary and everything AOR fans loved about big budget recordings of the heydays. But you know what else it is – authentic. The band gel together and it all sounds very natural. They wrote and recorded together and it so clearly shows the difference in quality when a band actually works as a band.

The album’s first 9 tracks are near perfect, its only with the Chris Rodriguez sung song that it comes to an end, closing then with a lacklustre ballad.

Track one to nine are almost impossibly good smooth, old school, commercial American AOR.