December 1, 2022


SKID ROW – The Gang’s All Here (Album Review, 2022)


Skid Row make the smartest decision they have in decades, by adding the world’s best frontman/rock vocalist in Erik Gronwall, who’s natural energy channels the best of the band’s early years. It seems to have worked, with the band more discussed in recent months than I have seen since the 90s.

‘The Gang’s All Here’ is the band’s most natural sounding record and most energetic since the masterpiece that was ‘Slave To The Grind’, recapturing the vibe of their debut along the way.

And it seems the decision to return to their roots was an organic one, as the album was written before Erik’s arrival, but as if fortune was told, it is the perfect beast for Erik to do his thing with and sounds like a completely natural partnership.

The album rocks from start to finish, without repeating itself, with only the excellent 7-minute epic October’s Song slowing the mood down.

The production is sharp and chunky, everything I love about a great hard rock record and Erik just nails the vocals and the whole continuation of the Skid Row legacy.

Fan reaction has already been overwhelmingly positive so if you’re still on the fence, get off it!

I can already imagine how great the next album will sound with Erik’s full involvement. This album has breathed new life into a classic hard rock band.