January 26, 2023



PERSON TO PERSON Album & BRETT WALKER Highlights Due Feb 24 on MRC

In 2018 under the MelodicRock Records banner, a 6-Disc retrospective of singer/songwriter Brett Walker’s career was released. With only 500 units pressed, it quickly sold out.

The set featured all unreleased material from Brett’s DAT archives, plus for the first time, the much sought after Person To Person demos.

There has been some demand for a truncated version of the box set, as well as a stand-alone release of the Person To Person tracks.

So it is with great pleasure that MelodicRock Classics has gone to work on two exclusive new releases due out February 24.

Person To Person – ‘The Complete Recordings’ (2CD Set) and

Brett Walker – ‘Highlights From The Last Parade’ (2CD Set)

That’s 4 discs of Brett Walker and Person To Person magic. The original purchase of the box set came with some 50+ bonus tracks in MP3 download – songs which we didn’t have room for on the original set, so several of those songs have been curated to appear as bonus tracks on each release – exclusively on CD for the first time.

For the Person To Person cover art, the band’s original and only promo shot was black and white. Par Winberg took the picture and used new AI colouring technology to make an accurate portrait of the band just as they were ready to launch.

Full details to follow with presale links shortly.