LINMAN 'Heaven Calls' Remaster Deluxe Edition Out June 30 on MRC

MelodicRock Classics Label
Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Patrik Linman has been part of the
Finnish music scene since the early 80s – starting as singer in the band Action. While a lot of his work is in writing, producing and behind the scenes, his debut album - Linman ‘Heaven Calls’ made a strong mark on the scene when released back in 1992. Due to a limited pressing it has since become a much sought-after collector’s item, fetching big prices each time a copy surfaced.
Now thanks to Patrik and producer Clas Holm, Linman ‘Heaven Calls’ is getting a full makeover.
The album has been remastered by Clas, giving the songs more punch than the original recordings.
As a special bonus, the first 500 units will come with a second disc of unreleased demos and recordings made by Patrik across the years, 2002-2016. The style of these songs matches the melodic rock brilliance of the album.
JK Northrup has jumped in to remaster these new gems.
New Artwork from Arnaud Leger updates the cover and contents.
Patrick Linman started his musical path by being a bass player and singer in
Finnish rock band Action in the early 80´s. After 3 years of music studies he went
on to form hard rock band Not Yet in 1990. The band released one single in
1991. 1992 he released his first solo album ”Heaven Calls”.
1999 he formed pop band called Place 2 Go. This pop-duo got signed to
Universal Sweden and released the album ‘Faces’ in 2000.
Patrick also participated in Finnish Eurovision twice, 2004 and 2005.
2006 he became manager and songwriter for his son’s band Sturm und Drang.
The band became a huge success in many countries and sold both gold and
platinum. 2020 he participated in Voice of Finland.
From 2005 to recent time Patrick has been mostly writing music for other artists
plus doing thousands of live gigs with many different constellations.
Now it’s time for ‘Heaven Calls’ again!
MelodicRock Classics will release the Deluxe Edition of ‘Heaven Calls’ on June 30.
Track Listing:
01. Find Me Another Way 4:12
02. Set Me Free 2:50
03. Love Is No Lie 4:30
04. Heaven Calls 4:00
05. Just Don't Leave Me Alone 3:40
06. Electric Crusade 3:27
07. Everybody Want Some Love 3:28
08. Rock N' Roll Heals Me 3:52
09. Tell Me 4:32
10. Pain And Ecstasy 4:12
11. Day After Day 2:30
12. Eyes Of The World 3:58
Bonus Disc Tracks:
Are You Happy When You’re Smiling
Easier To Walk Away
Even If The Sun Doesn’t Rise Again
Everything But Still Nothing
Fine Fine Again
Long And Winding Road
Loving You
Such A Foolish Way
Summertime Sky

GNP 'Safety Zone' Remaster Due June 30 on MRC

MelodicRock Classics Label
MelodicRock Classics deliver another forgotten classic from Canada – GNP’s 1989 album ‘Safety Zone’. The band featured former Saga members Jim Gilmour (Keyboards) and Steve Negus (Drums), looking for a more straightforward AOR direction on this, the only album GNP recorded.
Saga are of course one of Canada’s most loved prog-rock groups. GNP was formed together with vocalist Robert Bevan in 1986, but it wasn’t until 3 years later the album was released.
The band was formed out of a displeasure with management after the Saga ‘Behaviour’ album. The band was immediately signed to Virgin Records. The track "How Many Times" was the only song that was eventually made into a music video. These 10 tracks show the more dominant and splendid lyrical and songwriting abilities of Steve Negus and Jim Gilmour outside of Saga that created a well-produced hi-tech, AOR album.
Fantastic session musicians were brought in to assist and round out the production including the likes of Jeff Jones (Red Rider, Bachman Cummings) on Bass and Jeff Albani (Wrabit, Lee Aaron), and Bob Bartolucci (Alannah Myles) on Guitar.
The band sadly did not last long, as promotion and live performances were cut quickly by a Saga reunion that immediately ended the project from commencing further.
The original CD and this newly JK Northrup remastered version include the extra track, an extended version of the song “Safety Zone”.
GNP is:
Robert Bevan (Vocals)
Jim Gilmour (Keyboards, Piano, Vocals)
Steve Negus (Drums, Percussion, Vocals)
With the assistance of:
Bob Bartolucci (Guitars 1-4, 6-9)
Jeff Jones (Bass all Tracks)
John Albani (Guitar Track 2)
Richard Fortin (Guitars Track 5, String Arrangement Track 10)
Maddie Willis (Scat Vocals Track 5)
Pat Perez (Sax Track 11)
The Phase One Male Choir (Track 2)
Strings (Track 10)
Zhang Zhang (Violin 1)
Julia Jones (Violin 2)
Julian Knight (Viola)
Ron Chambers (Cello)
Produced By Steve Negus
The Remastered and Expanded Release is Co-produced by Marcus Mason
Remastered by JK Northrup
MelodicRock Classics releases GNP ‘Safety Zone’ June 30.
Track Listing:
01. How Many Times 4:07
02. One Life 3:41
03. No Parade 4:31
04. Remembering 4:23
05. Love Must Be The Answer 4:09
06. Safety Zone 4:26
07. Eyes On The Prize 4:15
08. French Connection 3:24
09. Russian Roulette 4:03
10. In Your Eyes 3:46
Bonus Track:
11. Safety Zone (Extended) 5:52


FRICTION Debut To Be Released on CD For First Time via MRC

MelodicRock Classics Label
MelodicRock Classics is excited to add another rare AOR gem to its 500 Series of releases.
MRC504 will feature New Jersey female fronted rock band Friction and their self-titled debut album, which has history would show, would be their one and only record.
Until now it has never been available on CD, instead only ever released as a limited run LP back in 1988.
Now a limited-edition CD will be released by MRC June 30, featuring the original 9 track album, plus the band’s debut single from 1984, and additional bonus tracks. All freshly remastered by the master of mastering JK Northrup.
Friction was founded in 1980 by Walter and Nicholas Meremianin in Southern New Jersey. The band went through several changes in personnel before settling into the version that recorded the Friction self-titled album in 1988.
The band's recording lineup included Tammy Meremianin, Nicholas Meremianin, Walter Meremianin, George Smeltz, C. David Landes and back up vocalists Gwen Hasheian and Geri Choltco.
Before and after the recording of the album, ‘Friction’ appeared in a wide variety of venues including, The Empire Rock Club, Pulsations, Phil and Eddie's Surf Club, The Rainbow, Oasis I and II, Barfoot Bar at the Oceanic, The Omni, and onboard the Cape May Lewis Ferry for the Ugly Bartenders Blow out on the Bay. The band played the South Philly Italian Festival and concerts at Penn's Landing in Philadelphia, as well as appearances up and down the Jersey Shore.
Friction members Tammy, Walter and Nicholas appeared on the nationally syndicated television talk show, The Joe Franklin Show where they premiered the band’s video for the single “Children of the Night”.
Friction had great regional success on the airwaves as well as performing many concerts throughout the region. Friction was known for its high energy live rock shows that featured great vocals and musicianship.
Track Listing:
01. Keep On Runnin' 4:25
02. No You Won't 4:15
03. Christmas Song 5:37
04. Streets 4:13
05. My Turn 3:38
06. Children Of The Night 3:46
07. Rescue 3:54
08. Can't Go Back 3:55
09. Crimes Of Passion 5:06
Bonus Tracks:
10. Games Of The Nightime 4.30
11. Heartland Blues 2.21
12. Can’t Go Back (Live)
13. My Turn (Live)
14. Rescue (Live)
15. Streets (Live)
16. Right For Me (Live, Never Studio Recorded)
17. Sweet Evil Eyes Woman (Live, Never Studio Recorded)
Produced By: Walter Meremianin, Nicholas Meremianin
Friction is:
Tammy Meremianin: Vocals, Guitar
Nicholas Meremianin: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Walter Meremianin: Keyboards, Vocals
George Smeltz: Drums, Percussion
C. David Landes: Bass, Vocals
Backup Vocals:
Gwen Hasheian
Geri Choltco
Additional Vocals:
Fred Baker
James Langley
Friction – Friction will be released by MelodicRock Classics June 30 in a limited edition of 500 CDs.

DAVID FORBES - Tales From The Past (Showcase)

information persons: 
01 Girl Tell Me Why
02 Face Another Heartache
03 Tales Of The Past
04 Fall For Love
05 Endless Nights
06 Have We Learned Nothing?
07 Sins Of The Father
08 Hold Her Tonight
09 Here Comes The Rain
10 Flesh And Bone
11 Right Next Time
12 Freedom
Sample ALL tracks via this MP3 Download: David Forbes - Album Sampler
Tales From The Past
Produced By: 
Steve Newman
Release Date: 
June 2023
David Forbes – Biography
.....some true tales of the past
David started singing at the age of 5, with this parents, twin brother and older sister. By the age of 17, he was cuttng his teeth playing in bars with the help of his sister, who was over 21. During his late teens, David had a keen interest in drums and violin.
But by then, signing was the most favourable outcome, after perfecting his voice with almost 10 years working on the club gig circuit. The opportunity of a chance meeting with Boulevard main man, Mark Holden, in 1984, led him to record vocals for the Molsen World Cup downhill ski race. The result was called Phaze 2, also featuring David's sister Patty on keyboards and vocals. A 7-inch 2-track single was released in 1985.
Two years later, and an invitation by Mark Holden to be front man to Blvd who had recently signed a new record deal with M.C.A. Records. MTV were playing videos of “Never Give Up” and “Far From Over”, with tour support slots with Glass Tiger, and David's favourite band, Boston, on their Third Stage Tour. Two years later, the follow-up “Into the Street” was released, but by then the 1990s were in their infancy, and trends in music were changing. In 1992, the band decided to call it a day. David made a new career choice outside of music to become a firefighter, and after 27 years of service achieved the rank of Engine Lieutenant, before retiring from the force.
In 2013, he was returning back into music by singing a duet on the Charming Grace CD, and a year later, a track on the AOR LA Connection. The biggest shock was reactivating Boulevard to reunite, and play live in England for a final fling, for Firefest in 2014. By then, 24 years had passed, and the overwhelming response from the fans went beyond any words.
The same can be said again in 2017 when Boulevard played Rockingham Festival in England, with a selection of European gigs and also MelodicRock Fest in the USA in 2018. The keen interest was enough for the band to make a new CD called “Luminescence”, recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, and Bryan Adams' studios, The Warehouse, Vancouver,
In 2022 David was in the position and state of mind to make a solo CD, and a talk with Steve Price and Paul Rudland led to David working with the small but professional and dedicated team at AOR Blvd Records who specialize in making music, building from the ground up. With Steve Newman writing, producing, playing, and arranging carefully crafted songs and co-writes from David, Pete Alpenborg, including a resurrected demo from Jeff Paris
and Adrian Gurvitz. This combination leads the music on a path that takes in a whole new level of listening pleasure.
Tales of the Past is a fine example of well-produced, well written songs.
Release Date : June 2023
Label : AOR BLVD Records
Catalogue Number: ABR 031
Produced by: Steve Newman and David Forbes
Executive Producer: Paul Rudland
Mastered by: Dave Draper
All songs recorded at: Chrome Dome, London, UK, between June 2022 and March 2023 except “Freedom” recorded at : STEMI Sound, Bellingham, USA
Piano: Andrew Johns
Intro bar piano: Eric Ragno
Orchestral parts: Eric Ragno and Andrew Johns
Orchestral arrangement and processing: Chip Westerfield and David Forbes
“Part of the proceeds from “Freedom” will go to the Gary Sinise Foundation”
All Lead Vocals recorded at STEMI Sound, Bellingham, USA between
September 2022 and December 2022
Engineered by: Chip Westerfield

TERRY CAROLAN EPs Combined Into Album For MelodicRock Classics Release

MelodicRock Classics Label
MelodicRock Classics is excited to unveil the last of 4 new reissue releases due out May 26.
Terry Carolan ‘Inbalance’ is the last piece of the puzzle and is the 3rd of the 4 titles coming that will be part of the 500 Series of titles – meaning one pressing, 500 units, then done. When it’s sold out its gone forever once again.
American singer/songwriter Terry Corolan made his start as a drummer in Florida in the 70s, before taking up guitar and songwriting and moving around the country in various bands before moving to Los Angeles with Just Boys in the late 70s before transforming to a new solo artist.
He started his solo career by recording two separate EPs, one titled ‘Inbalance’ (1988) and the other ‘River Of Promises’ (1989).  
His career has been busy and full, but for his collaboration with MelodicRock Classics, Terry and the label have coupled those 2 classic melodic rock EPs, both freshly remastered by JK Northrup and with the addition of 4 special bonus tracks – the details of which we will announce shortly.
JK is still at work on these tunes, so today we will present the original audio, not yet remastered.
Designer Nello Del’Omo has crafted a new cover art using one of the original EP graphics.
For now, here is the planned sequence:
Track Listing:
01. Somethin’s Right
02. No Conscience 
03. Bad Breaks
04. Throw Your Wings Away
05. Souls Of Fire 
06. Hold On 
07. Ride Away 
08. Mountains 
09. Big World 
10. We Don’t Talk
11. All Comes True 
+ 4 Bonus Tracks TBA



LEVEL & THE TOMS Both Come To CD For First Time May 26 via MRC

MelodicRock Classics Label
May 26 will be a busy day for the MelodicRock Classics and fans of the genre, with circumstances bringing several projects all to fruition at the same time. So why not give fans the option to dive into 4 classic albums at the same time?
MelodicRock Classics is excited to unveil the next two of 4 releases due out May 26.
Tommy Marolda is a respected Grammy nominated songwriter, musician, record producer, engineer and music publisher who has appeared on more than 50 albums either as an artist, producer or composer. Power pop fans will know Tommy as the architect of two magnificent bands in The Toms (est. 1979) and more recently Horizontal Ladies Club (1995).
Working in the music business for more than 30 years, Tommy and his three bands, The Toms, Horizontal Ladies Club and Blue Toothpick, continue to record and release alternative and independent music. He has been nominated for a Grammy Award and has worked on gold and platinum albums with artists such as Cher, Bee Gees, The Killers, Imagine Dragons, Rod Stewart and Bon Jovi and the Vegas Golden Knights NHL team.

MelodicRock Records is thrilled to partner with Tommy for two projects, both of which will be released May 26.
Starting with the first ever CD release of the classic The Toms 1986 power pop album ‘Yawning For Pleasure’. It’s the most AOR flavoured release of The Toms catalogue and has never been on CD until now.
JK Northrup has overseen the remastering of the original master files, with the addition of four additional unreleased bonus tracks!

MelodicRock Classics will make The Toms album available as part of its new 500 Series of titles – meaning one pressing, 500 units, then done. When it’s sold out its gone forever once again.

Track Listing:
01. There Goes My Heart 4:04
02. One Man's Love 3:54
03. Hey! What's The Meaning Of Love 3:40
04. Winter White 3:16
05. Under The Eyes Of Love 3:55
06. The Object 3:36
07. L.A. Moonlight 3:41
08. The Physics Of Waiting (Guitar Solo by Richie Sambora) 3.52
Bonus Tracks:
09. Used Heart Lot 4.58
10. Are You A Man 3.31
11. Mixed Up Shook Up Girl 2.57
12. We’re In A Class of Our Own 4.01
Also coming out May 26 is the second Tommy Marolda project, this one being a real hidden gem for fans of early 80s AOR and pomp rock fans – the one and only album by USA band Level.
Level’s 1982 self-titled release is another of those lost classics, a real AOR obscurity that was only ever issued on LP and even that now fetches huge prices.
Tommy produced and engineered the album as well as co-writing one track. Here he has again provided the masters for JK Northrup to upgrade, adding the extra track not credited on the LP artwork and an exclusive previously unreleased bonus track.
Level featured the line-up of:
Frank Jerome - Lead Vocals
Bob Chevalier - Keyboards
Brian McIntyre - Bass
Mark Massiello - Drums
Geri Gates - Lead Guitar
Track Listing:
01. Living In My World 3:28
02. Tell Your Love To Last 4:13
03. Let Me Love You 4:22
04. Until Tomorrow 3:47
05. On My Own 3:03
06. You've Got Running On Your Mind 3:52
07. Permanent Scar 3:52
08. Be My Girl 3:31
09. Could You Believe In Love 3:07
Bonus Track:
10. You Know Where You’re Headed 3.38
Both remastered CDs will be released May 26, with The Toms limited to 500 units only.

LA GUNS - Black Diamonds (Album Review, 2023)

information persons: 

LA Guns have the be the single most inconsistent band in rock n roll. The same outfit that delivered classics like their debut, Cocked & Loaded, Hollywood Vampires, Vicious Circle and Waking The Dead are also responsible for the turkeys American Hardcore, Shrinking Violet and the very average albums The Missing Piece, Hollywood Forever and The Devil You Know.

Now have another absolute turd on their hands.

When seeking to defend a particular sound or direction, I often hear words like raw, live, 70s infused, punky… I prefer a more direct approach – like unlistenable, demo quality and shite.

It’s not like all the songs suck, I’m really taken with the heavy ballad ‘Diamonds’ for example and there are some memorable hooks elsewhere. But it all just sound terrible. There’s some of the old school punky vibe of the debut and Vicious Circle in some tracks and some good ol’ LA Guns sleaze elsewhere, but the album is totally unlistenable. It sounds like an audience bootleg of a 1975 Sex Pistols show.

The mix is horrid, the drums sound like they were recorded in the same lavatory Tracii Guns recently played a gig from and the vocals are so hollow, its hard to imagine how they could be so badly recorded then mixed into the tracks.

Tracii Guns sounds like a guitar god on several tracks, he’s a class player; and Phil Lewis still has the voice, but hearing both at their best without risking permanent damage to your ear drums is just not worth it. This album cannot be played at loud volume. Or any volume really.


GEORGE HILLS Dancing With A Stranger Re-Issue Due May 26 on MRC

MelodicRock Classics Label
May 26 will be a busy day for the MelodicRock Classics and fans of the genre, with circumstances bringing several projects all to fruition at the same time. So why not give fans the option to dive into 4 classic albums at the same time?
MelodicRock Classics is excited to unveil the first of 4 releases due out May 26.
George Hills may not be a household name, but the Canadian melodic rocker delivered a great debut album back in 1991. Unlucky not to make bigger moves in the scene, the album was never released outside his native country and remains an obscure gem to this day.
MelodicRock Classics will make George Hills album ‘Dancing With A Stranger’ available as part of its new 500 Series of titles – meaning one pressing, 500 units, then done. When it’s sold out its gone forever once again.
Pre-orders will be available later this week, with priority given to those pre-orders before any wholesale orders are processed.
Check out the video released back in 1991 for the lead song and title track Dancing With A Stranger.
As per usual, JK Northrup has overseen the remastering of the album’s audio, with the addition of two previously unreleased bonus tracks.
Track Listing:
01. Dancing With A Stranger
02. It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way
03. Mystical Lady
04. Spare Me Your Love
05. Road To Your Door
06. How Will I Know
07. Soft Sweet Touch
08. Centre Stage
09. Leanne
10. Images
11. Soft Sweet Touch (Acoustic Bonus Track)
12. Queen Of Lies (Bonus Track)
About George Hills:
As a teenager, George found himself drawn primarily to artists considered part of the second British rock invasion of the 70’s: David Bowie, The Beatles, and Genesis were some of his biggest influences, and George acknowledges the influence such artists have had on his writing style.
George’s debut album, ‘Dancing With A Stranger’, was recorded piecemeal between 1987 and 1990.
What started out as a three-song demo recorded in a 24-track studio eventually shaped into a full- fledged album once George signed a record deal with local indie Tandem Records in 1989.
Contract in hand, George now had the backing he needed to complete his album, and in early 1991,Tandem produced a music video for the title track, Dancing With A Stranger to coincide with the album’s release later that year.
In the years that followed, George performed extensively on the local club circuit. He also toured much of Canada backing various artists and fronting a series of bands that included The Best of the British Invasions, a costumed tribute to ten of George’s favourite artists.
In 2002, George released a second CD titled, ‘What to Say that’s Not Been Said’. Stay tuned for George to re-release this infectious alternative rock CD.



REVOLUTION SAINTS – Eagle Flight (Album Review, 2023)

information persons: 
Produced By: 
Alessandro Del Vecchio
Release Date: 

By now anyone familiar with Revolution Saints would be aware of the lineup change – Blades and Aldrich out and Pilson and Hoekstra in. Despite that kind of major upheaval, there’s not much difference here. The Deen Castronovo fronted project’s fourth album is more or less exactly the same as the last three. Except the songwriting has grown stale.

The music is still produced and mainly written by Alessandro Del Vecchio again, so you can simply exact more of the same again here. And that’s exactly where the problem is. The songs. They are just a repeat of the material available on the first three albums – right down to style, lyrics and sound.

The songs in particular suffer from a lack of personality. I’ve heard all of this before. Not only the other Rev Saints albums, but on Hardline, Sunstorm, Skills and any number of other ADV penned projects for Frontiers.

While the performances within cannot be faulted – Deen sings with his usual melodic gusto; Jeff Pilson drives the rhythm and Joel Hoekstra shreds like the super-talented madman he is. There are some great solos here especially.

But the songs for the most part go nowhere. The first 3 tracks don’t interest me at all.

‘Kids Will Be Kids’ has a bit more bite and a more memorable hook before the album highlight of the ballad ‘I’ll Cry For You Tonight’ and the darker anthem ‘Crime Of The Century’ add some spark.

After that its back downhill to the usual fare and with it goes my interest in the album overall.

Its simply a superfluous addition to the Revolution Saints catalogue. No growth or development in their sound whatsoever. And the fact two albums were recorded at the same time and a third is planned…leaves one wondering at what point fans will vote with their feet and walk away from this project.





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