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NWoBHM Cult Act SAVAGE Return With New Double Album

Friday, October 9, 2015
NWoBHM cult act SAVAGE, will release their brand new studio album "7", on October 9, 2015, via Minus 2 Zebra Records (distributed by Plastic Head). The double disc release will include complete live album titled "Live N Lethal" on second disc.
SAVAGE, once credited for influencing METALLICA to play fast. Even though the band has often been linked to the NWOBHM movement, their roots are more in the vintage classic rock with a modern feel. Influences such as THIN LIZZY and DEEP PURPLE abound and yet with new material they sound incredibly contemporary and fresh. Their debut album, "Loose 'n Lethal" (from 1983) became a classic and was the biggest selling independent import into USA in it’s day. The band have had a stop start career but came back with a vengeance in 2012 with the epic album titled "Sons Of Malice". The band has been busy ever since on the live scene in the UK and Europe, and most recently an Italian tour earlier this summer.
The classic debut is now given a fresh and live treatment in the form of a recently recorded live gig in their hometown. In addition to this, SAVAGE has been hard at work writing and recording set of new classics on this double release. The album titled "7" features 12 blistering new tracks, which mix old with new. Many of the tracks are fast paced and hark back to the early days, whilst tracks such as "Superspy" and "Empire of Hate" sound akin to something off a modern OZZY album or even METALLICA at their best!

CATS IN SPACE Have Landed With Their Debut Album

Friday, October 2, 2015
UK's CATS in SPACE have landed! A brand new six piece band who, armed with their exciting brand of ‘Power Pop Rock’, will transport you back to the heady days of the 70s when bands like ELO, Queen, 10cc & Cheap Trick, in particular, ruled the airwaves.  CATS in SPACE featuring band members with a wealth if experience in the music business for over 30 years, both as writers and performers for bands like: The Sweet, Asia, T’Pau, Ian Gillan Band, Mike Oldfield, Airrace & Arena to name a few, you can expect performances if the highest caliber. Their debut album ‘Too Many Gods’  is released worldwide in October 2, 2015 via Harmony Factory/Cargo Records.
From the album ‘Too Many Gods‘, a debut single, ‘Mr. Heartache’ is released as a digital download on SEPTEMBER 7th 2015.  Co-written by founder member and guitaristGREG HART and MICK WILSON (10cc), it also featured a guest appearance by legendary Glam Rocker ANDY SCOTT from THE SWEET on both vocals and guitar. The new ‘Mr. Heartache’ video can be viewed below.

The new album ‘Too Many Gods‘, in typical vintage fashion, will be available in limited 12deluxe gatefold vinyl and also as a replica LP Compact Disc and digital download.

5. MR HEARTACHE ** Guest appearance by Andy Scott (SWEET)
THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD ** Orchestra arranged and composed by Mike Moran, ** Guest lead vocals Mick Wilson
10. MAN IN THE MOON ** Guest lead vocals Mick Wilson

Too Many Gods’   was recorded and produced at Yellow Fish studios in Sussex, with long-term copilot IAN CAPLE.  All songs were written by GREG HART, or co-written by GREG HART andMICK WILSON, who also features on backing vocal and guest  lead vocals, alongside PAUL MANZI, creating a spectacular result-  Also, for the album’s centerpiece, the band recruited legendary producer and orchestral genius MIKE MORAN, famous for many musical contributions including FREDDIE MERCURY’S ‘Barcelona’.  Mike arranged and scored an 80 piece orchestrafor the seven minute epic ‘The Greatest Story Never Told‘.

With soaring skyscraper vocal harmonies, hook laden choruses, drenched in guitars, vintage synthesizers and orchestrations, the ‘CATS in SPACE’ pull no punches in delivering their symphonic ‘Power Pop Rock’ and hide no influences along the way.  As the band say, this album is “All killer, no kitty litter!

- Guitars, Vocals, Synthesizer
PAUL MANZI - Lead vocals
STEEVI BACON - Drums, Percussion
JEFF BROWN - Bass guitar, Vocals
ANDY STEWART - Piano, Synthesizer, Vocoder, Wurlitzer

Special guest players:
- Guest Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Keys
ANDY SCOTT - Guitar, Vocals
JANEY BOMBSHELL - Backing Vocals
GREG CAMBURN - Saxophone
MIKE MORAN - Orchestra arranger and performer, Piano, Organ

CATS in SPACE, it’s like ELO and New England colliding with Queen, whilst 10CC look on from afar. I get listen to an awful lot of music, and this is the first thing this year that has gotten me genuinely excited. (Rob Evans - PowerPlay)

CATS in SPACEMr Heartache‘: This is a very stylish specimen of AOR, with keyboards that wobble and choruses that soar and voices that harmonise like E.L.O. meets REO Speedwagon round at 10CC‘s house. It’s made by people who’ve played with everyone from Asia to Ian Gillan to Mike Oldfield and The Sweet (original Sweet guitarist Andy Scott is on  board), so they clearly know what they’re doing. And what a great name! Everybody now: CATS- IN- -- SPAAAAAAACE! (TeamRock)

One On One With Mitch Lafon - GEOFF TATE

Release Year: 
In episode 143 of One On One With Mitch Lafon, Mitch is joined by Operation: Mindcrime singer, Geoff Tate.

In this episode, Geoff discusses his band's new album The Key (part one of a trilogy), the follow-up second and third albums (in the trilogy), is Operation: Mindcrime a band or solo vehicle, working on the Queensrÿche Operation Mindcrime album at the famous Le Studio in Quebec, Queensrÿche, any regrets, working with Megadeth's David Ellefson and much more.

Co-host Darrel Dwarf talks about the upcoming KILLER DWARFS original band reunion show in Toronto.

Quotes from the interview:

Choosing Operation: Mindcrime as a band name: "I wanted to set a tone for what kind of music I'm doing; that is conceptual albums that tell a story. Operation: Mindcrime signals that pretty strongly."

"I was in a band for 35 years and really didn't want to be in another one."

Speaking of Queensrÿche: "I wish it could have ended civilly."

For more about Geoff Tate visit:
TWITTER: @geofftate

This episode of One on One With Mitch Lafon was co-hosted by The Killer Dwarfs drummer, Darrell Dwarf.

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WITH OUR ARMS TO THE SUN Sign With Fade To Silence Records

Release Year: 
ARIZONA DESERT - Progressive art rock band With Our Arms to the Sun is the second act to sign
with the new-launched Fade to Silence Records.
With Our Arms to the Sun is a breath of fresh air in a musical landscape dominated by pop formatted
bands. The Arizona desert-based foursome crafts a brand of cinematic conceptual music that aims to
evoke emotion and inspire thought in listeners. The band’s free-flowing style is not easily pigeonholed,
appealing to fans of not just one genre, but to people in general who appreciate music as
"My son and I went to see John 5 perform in East Texas and as luck would have it, With Our Arms to
the Sun were the supporting artist,” said Fade to Silence founder Paul Bibeau. “Upon taking the stage,
the band took complete control of the room and I was locked into every second of their performance.
To say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement. It felt has though the band was playing the very
last concert ever and wanted to put it all on the table. Their performance was thoroughly pleasing,
cinematic in scope coupled with an intense, passionate delivery. I got sucked into each note, each
composition and I loved they journey they took me on. I spent a few minutes with them afterwards and
we began to talk more and more. I knew immediately, this is my cup of tea.”
With Our Arms to the Sun’s first release through Fade to Silence will be a reissue of the band’s selfreleased
A Far Away Wonder EP on CD and vinyl.
“We were anti-label for the longest time and did everything DIY,” said With Our Arms to the Sun
vocalist/guitarist Josh Breckenridge. “We recorded and distributed all of our own albums, and even
made our own merch. One of the reasons we were not interested in being on a label was that we wanted
to retain our sound. We are not interested in changing who we are artistically just to be more
‘marketable’ or ‘commercial.’ There are plenty of bands pounding that drum and we want to do
something different. Paul immediately understood what we were going for as a band and rather than be
a typical industry person, he encouraged our growth towards being a conceptual band. Also the chance
at being one of the flagship bands on a new label that has a creative philosophy really appealed to us as
With Our Arms to the Sun – which is completed by Joseph Leary, Joseph Breckenridge Jr. and John
Mclucas – has three self-released recordings to their credit. The Fade to Silence re-release of A Far
Away Wonder will come later this year. With Our Arms to the Sun is managed by Alan Jones/Slant
Business Management and booked by Andrew Goodfriend/TKO.
Get a taste of With Our Arms to the Sun:
With Our Arms to the Sun - "Great Black Divide"
The launch of Fade to Silence Records was announced earlier this month by former Spitfire Records
company founder/president and industry veteran Paul Bibeau. The new label, which is distributed via
AMPed Distribution worldwide, will focus on establishing a cutting and creative edge driven label
brand, a catalog/visual/television imprint and publishing division highlighting the hard rock and heavy
metal genre’s broad musical spectrum.

TONY MacALPINE Australian Tour Postponed Due To Illness

Release Year: 
From Tony - get well sir!

"To my friends in Asia and Australia, it is with great disappointment and regret that I must announce the postponement of my tours in Asia and Australia.

Last week I was taken to the hospital with severe stomach pains. Following blood work, multiple MRI scans and various procedures, medical doctors discovered a large mass in my intestine, and it seems likely that we are dealing with cancer. My doctors have advised me that this will need to be dealt with immediately, and I am scheduled for surgery this week. Recovery from this surgery will take a month – right when I was scheduled to tour the Australasian region.

Providing all goes well, it is our understanding I should be well enough to perform on the coming European tour.

For Australia and Asia, we are working on rescheduling the shows. We will advise you as soon as possible when the new dates are booked.

In Australia, refunds may be obtained via

In Asia, refunds can be obtained through the ticket purchase outlet.

I want to thank Jellybeard Music & Management (our booking agent in Asia) and Thump Music (our booking agent in Australia) for being so supportive in light of this news. We apologize for any inconvenience these tour postponements have caused, but I’m determined to make these dates up, and rock your city soon!

Wishing you all the best,




Geoff Tate Recalls 'The Warning' Was A Disappointment to Queensryche

Release Year: 

Jimmy Kay and Alan Dixon from Canada’s The Metal Voice ( recently spoke to Geoff Tate (Ex Queensryche) who's current musical project called Operation Mindcrime will be releasing a concept album called The Key on September 18, 2015 on Frontiers, the first of three album installments.

Tate spoke about, the concept behind The Key, as well as the recording highs and lows of Queensryche's critically acclaimed albums The Warning and Operation Mindcrime and the closing of the infamous Le Studio Morin Heights where Operation Mindcrime was inspired and recorded.

When asked about Operation Mindcrime’s new concept album The Key
"When you write a concept record it definitely gives you the opportunity to do some different things that you normal wouldn’t do with a record of standalone songs because you are telling a story. So stories aren’t static they are very dynamic, there is lots of different moods you can explore within any given story. I like variance and variety. I go into it with single purpose of writing an entertaining story that is interesting and the challenge of matching music to that story so the listeners are transported on a musical route."

When asked about being learning experiences in the early days in Queensryche from other bands such as Twisted Sister and Ronnie James Dio
"I wasn’t really aware of Twisted Sister at the time, so it was kind of an eye opening experience sharing the stage with these very tall New York guys who wore really elaborate makeup and hair, costumes and it was kind of an eye opening experience. They had a really cool presentation and I learned a lot from them as far as stage craft and just the way they handled themselves."
"And some people that you meet on the way are very open to sharing their philosophy and there mindset their way of doing things, Ronnie Dio for example is a guy that was very helpful in the beginning stages of the Queensryche career, giving us advice helping us out he was a very giving person."

When asked the bands mindset during the recording of Queensrcyhe first Full length album The Warning: "It was a real disappointment to everybody in the band at the time, cause of course it was taken out of our hands and mixed by somebody who didn’t care about it and and didn’t want the input of the band and it was quite a shocking experience."

When asked what Geoff Tate spoken word was in the middle of the song Roads to Madness off the Warning Album: "It’s kind of strange I wrote what I was saying on a scrap of paper in the studio and then walked away from the microphone and never picked up the paper again, so it’s lost."

On how the city Montreal, Canada inspired the story and characters of Operation Mindcrime
"Montreal Canada is a wonderful city very inspirational a lot of the Mindcrime story was written in Montreal. The story line came from my time I spent in Montreal. I used to go to this little club on St-Denis called Le Saint-Sulpice. At the time it was a dark dingy little place, the clientele was a mix of all these different kinds of people and that’s where I met some of the people that became characters in my story. And that’s where I used to spend all my time. Dr X character came from a guy that I met at Le Saint-Sulpice. Sister Mary was a composite of couple of different characters I met one was in Montreal the other was in Amsterdam."

When asked if the whole album The Key will be played during the tour: "I plan on playing the entire album and then probably book ending the new album with songs from my past."

Watch The Video interview here:

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The Double Stop Podcast - CHRIS McLERNON (Saigon Kick, Cold Sweat)

Release Year: 
In episode 72 of The Double Stop, Brian is joined by Bassist Chris McLernon (Saigon Kick, Cold Sweat, Cold Gin). This is part 1 of a two part episode.

Chris McLernon (Saigon Kick, Cold Sweat, Cold Gin) discusses his life and career. From his early days/bands to the formation of Cold Sweat (originally called Ferrari) with Marc Ferrari and Oni Logan - and having Oni leave the band to join Lynch Mob, finding a replacement singer in Roy Cathey, the unexpected success of his KISS tribute band Cold Gin (with future Kiss guitarist Tommy Thayer), and how he got the gig in Saigon Kick following the recording of The Lizard.

On Lynch's pitch to Oni Logan to join Lynch Mob (21:54) "At this point we're called Ferrari. He's standing there and he says 'Hey Oni! How'd you like to drive a Ferrari instead of just being one?' And I'm like - OK, that's pretty clever. Way to go"

On Oni quitting Cold Sweat on the day they were to sign a record deal (24:00) "Everything I had worked for was on a stack of paper, right in front of me with a pen. And I'm just thinking to myself, you're kidding me."

On Cold Sweat getting dropped after their first album (with new singer Roy Cathey) "Wendy (Dio - Manager) calls us up one day and says I've got good news and bad news. The good news is MTV added the video to heavy rotation today. The band news is MCA has dropped the band."

GLASS TIGER Frontman ALAN FREW Suffers Stroke

Release Year: 
GLASS TIGER'S popular frontman ALAN FREW has suffered a stroke and is recovering in hospital. He posted this message on his Facebook page earlier. I'm sure all will join me in wishing Alan all the best and a speed recovery.



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