DENNIS WARD Formally Departs PINK CREAM 69

Update from DENNIS WARD:
Attention all Pink Cream 69 Fans!
It’s time that I make the official announcement of my departure from Pink Cream 69. I’ve had a wonderful time over the past 32 years meeting so many fans and making music with fantastic people. I want to thank all the guys, Alfred, Dave Uwe and Chris, for the years of fun and adventure. I hope that they continue to carry out the legacy of PC69 and I wish them many great concerts and musical experiences.
This departure is in no way a spontaneous decision. Many of you might have noticed that I have not performed with the band (other than a couple of shows) over the past few years. Fortunately Roman Beselt was able to step in for me often. I had been contemplating my departure for awhile now but have held on for no actual reason other than to not make any waves. My decision has nothing to do with my other activities; performing with Gus G, joining Magnum or my studio work as a producer/engineer. I have no hard feelings towards anyone in the band either, I just wasn’t enjoying the very few shows we’ve had the past few years and quite simply did not feel comfortable on stage anymore. I hope that will be reason enough for anyone curious.
So let’s all wish the guys a great future and please continue to support the band as much as possible! Take care