EVERGREY Release New Album 'The Storm Within' September 9

Summing up EVERGREY's new album ‘The Storm Within’ quick and to the point, the band is celebrating their 20th Anniversary with the strongest album of their career.
While this may come off as music industry lip-service in honour of the Swedish quintet, anyone who has followed Evergrey will find it impossible not to become completely enthralled by the music on ‘The Storm Within’ within the space of the first listen. The band's trademark progressive, dark and melancholic elements are as strong as ever, the album ranks as one of the most progressive record they've created in terms of performance, but Evergrey managed to put it in a package that is more accessible and direct compared to any of their nine previous outings. Frontman / founder Tom S. Englund credits Evergrey's learning-by-doing over the past two decades for the feel of ‘The Storm Within’, in particular their all-important ‘Hymns For The Broken’ record from 2014, which saw a revitalized Evergrey line-up return with a new energy.
"We went from having no intention of making an album at all to having all the inspiration in the world on Hymns For The Broken," says Englund. “But, honestly, we've never felt better. The Storm Within is a massive album. There are no fillers on it and we've never been about that. I think the inspiration speaks for itself."
Evergrey's lyrics have always matched the depth and intensity of their music, and the concept behind The Storm Within is no exception. Englund considers the storyline behind the lyrics to be one of the biggest concepts Evergrey has ever tackled, based on something that everyone can relate to; having someone, losing them, and having to pick yourself up and move on. He goes so far as to call it the band's first "love" album, but it's not a subject that should be taken lightly in the Evergrey universe.
"As usual, the lyrics are based on someone or some event in my life," says Englund. "When we were making this album a lot of these relationship issues were going on around me; people losing a partner or a loved one and grieving. 'The Storm Within' is about a search for identity, trying to make yourself full when you feel half empty, and I placed that storyline in an interstellar world."
Musically, ‘The Storm Within’ plays to Evergrey's trademark prog metal attack but it's loaded with double-take moments. Lead-off track "Distance" is a surprise lead single (and first video), the melodically and lyrically stunning "Passing Through" is destined to become a fan favourite, "My Allied Ocean" is one of Evergrey's most aggressive songs to date, and the epic title track makes for the perfect album closer in the tradition of Devin Townsend or Rush. The addition of Nightwish vocalist Floor Jansen on "In Orbit" is the icing on an already filling cake.
"That was actually my wife (Carina Englund) thinking for me," Englund says of Jansen's involvement. "Floor is a personal friend and major Evergrey fan, so it was over a glass of wine between her and my wife, who asked her if she wanted to do the song. 'In Orbit' is a powerhouse of a song and it would be easy to make it the first single, but it's not the first impression we want to make. That said, it would be stupid not to release it as a single, and if we could get Floor to do the video, that would be a home run." 
Speaking of Englund's better half Carina, she reprises her ongoing role as Evergrey's secret weapon on every album since they began, contributing vocals this time out to the song "The Paradox Of The Flame". In addition, Evergrey renewed their partnership with critically acclaimed video director Patric Ullaeus for ‘The Storm Within’, fulfilling the band's vision of creating the most cinematic album in their catalogue. Three stellar clips were shot and, in a huge promotional push, are slated to hit the internet leading up to the official album release.
Englund is proud to have ‘The Storm Within’ represent Evergrey's all-important 20th Anniversary, although he freely admits he didn't take note of the landmark occasion until the album was well underway.
"I had a goal when I started Evergrey; I wanted to make 10 albums and that would fulfill my life plan. That's not something I ever thought I would accomplish. It's quite an amazing thing to be a band for 20 years and release albums that aren't sub-par. When I realized we'd done 10 albums in 20 years it was mind-boggling. I'm proud to say that out of all the albums we've released over the last 20 years, we've never released one that we didn't feel was the best we could do at that time. That goes for every song, every note, everything. That's why we don't do anything half-assed."
‘The Storm Within” will be available as CD, Digipak, ltd. colored Vinyl, ltd. Picture Vinyl and ltd. Box Set.
01. Distance
02. Passing Through
03. Someday
04. Astray
05. The Impossible
06. My Allied Ocean
07. In Orbit (Featuring Floor Jansen)
08. The Lonely Monarch
09. The Paradox Of The Flame (Featuring Carina Englund)
10. Disconnect (Featuring Floor Jansen)
11. The Storm Within

EARLY GREY Make Debut on Lion's Pride Music

Lions Pride Music is glad to announce the signning of the Russian band Early Grey for the release of it's debut album, Secrets Of The Heart. The band delivers straight forward melodic rock. Listen to the song, There Ain't A Woman, further below as a teaser of what there is in store.
Early Grey – is a hard rock band formed by Moscow songwriter and guitar player Sergey "Grey" Lisin in 2016. In the same year band has recorded their debut album "Secrets Of The Heart".
The sound of Early Grey music is based on combination of heavy guitar riffs, powerful drums and beautiful and catchy melodies. Combining with the strong but lyrical voice of band vocalist Pierre Edel it ensures that once you hear any song of Early Grey, you will be whistling it for a very long time.
Band members used to say that all you need to know about Early Grey is that the most important member of this band is not the singer or guitar player or anybody else. The most important is a melody.

NIKOLO KOTZEV Brings Nostadamus To Life - Live in Bulgaria


Fifteen years after the "Nikolo Kotzev's Nostradamus" CD release, the author Nikolo Kotzev is staging a World premiere of the work in his home country Bulgaria. The anniversary coincides also with the 450th anniversary of the death of the French prophet Michel de Nostradamus.
The world premiere of the work will be on November 18th and 19th, 2016 in the hall of the State Opera - Rousse, Bulgaria, in conjunction with Maestro Nayden Todorov. The rock opera Nikolo Kotzev's Nostradamus was released on double CD in 2001 and reaped glowing reviews in the international press. The album sold over 50,000 copies on several continents.
Between the original participants were names like Glenn Hughes, Joe Lynn Turner, Alannah Myles, Doogie White, Jorn Lande and Goran Edman. The rhythm section was taken care of by musicians from Europe - Ian Haugland, Mic Michaeli and John Leven.
Bulgarian audience will have the unique opportunity to attend the premiere of a work, which some critics called "a milestone in the genre."
Cast or characters:

Alexander Atanasov (Bulgaria) - Nostradamus
Stars Keremidchiev (Bulgaria) - Inquisitor
Amalia Nenova (Bulgaria) - Anne Gemelle
Bjorn Lodin (Sweden)  - Storyteller
Thomas Vikstrom (Sweden)  - Soldier / Ghost
Mehmet Kaya (Turkey)  - King Henry II
Blanca Nizic (Sweden)  - Catherine De Medici
The actor Nencho Balabanov will be a narrator.
Nikolo's rock band KIKIMORA will be onstage too, including two guest musicians:
Nikolo Kotzev - guitars
Plamen Chepanov - guitars
Anthony Georgiev - keyboards
Radoslav Todorov - keyboards
Nikolay Todorov - drums
Nikolai Tsvetkov - bass

The State Opera - Rousse will contribute with orchestra, choir, ballet, choreography, costumes and more.
Director of the play will be Orlin Dyakov, conductor - Nayden Todorov, scenographer - Ivan Ivanov - Johani and musical director will be Nikolo Kotzev.

Promoter of the event is the Foundation Beehive.
Future news for the premiere will be published on the official Facebook page of the project:


First EDEN'S CURSE Announcement for New Album

Eden's Curse are delighted to announce the participation of Liv Kristine (ex- Leaves' Eyes, Theater Of Tragedy) on their forthcoming new studio album.

It seems their collaboration was 'meant to be', as bassist Paul Logue explains: "In a meeting with our label, AFM Records we discussed the possibility of them reaching out to Liv to enquire if she would be willing to guest on a track on our album. They agreed and it was left at that. Fast forward three days later and I'm attending a party for a friend, at a pub in Glasgow, and who walks in the door - Liv! Initially, I didn't "twig" that it was her, until her Tour Manager, whom I knew, walked in a few minutes later wearing a Leaves' Eyes shirt. We shared a quick hello and he told me that Leave's Eyes were playing in the venue next door and then the penny dropped. I shared the back story of my label discussions and he made the introduction. Liv and I had a wonderful chat and we agreed to hook up via email to see if she liked the song and take it from there - thankfully she did and the rest is history. It must have been fate!".

Norwegian born Liv, a pioneer of the "beauty and beast" vocal approach adopted by so many of today's acts, has been at the forefront of the Symphonic Metal scene for well over a decade. Her trademark vocals have become synonymous with the genre through fronting one it's most iconic acts, to her own successful solo career. Yet, her collaboration with Eden's Curse, on the track 'Unconditional', will see her adopt a slightly different vocal approach.
"It's not a ballad, per se, as it rocks out in places, but it's a song very much in the same vein as 'Unbreakable' with it's pop sensibilities, style and melodies. It could arguably be the most commercial sounding track we've ever written! The contrast between Liv and Nikola's voices works so well and adds a real personal touch to what is essentially a love song. I normally don't DO love songs, but sometimes you cannot help be influenced by the special people that surround your life - whether it's your spouse, partner, friend, family or even children - your love for them is unconditional" remarks Paul.
Liv adds: "It was such a pleasure and honor working with Eden's Curse on 'Unconditional'. I love this track - it's like the freshness of a sunny, really early Saturday morning. It's powerful, highly interesting and passionate. Nikola's voice is outstanding and gripping - a superb duet partner! I met Paul during one of my tours last year and we had such a pleasant talk. I hope we get the chance to perform 'Unconditional' live some day".
"Hear, hear! It would be an absolute pleasure to share the stage with Liv and perform this live" says Paul. "Liv was a real joy to work with. She's a truly kind soul who embraced our song from the very outset and delivered a real classy performance with her instantly recognisable vocals" he adds.

'Unconditional' will appear on the forthcoming new studio album by Eden's Curse, which is set for release on AFM Records this coming Autumn. More details to follow soon.
UK Tour Announced
Eden's Curse have also announced that they will return to the UK for a full headline tour in support of their forthcoming fifth studio album, in November.

The dates are as follows:


Tickets are on sale now at www.edenscurse.com

Special guests on the tour are Sheffield's C.O.P. UK and Swiss Prog Metal band Evolve.

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DOKKEN Confirm Japanese Reunion Dates

Dokken front man and name sake Don Dokken called into the Classic Metal Show to make the official announcement that the most popular Dokken line-up featuring Don Dokken (vocals) George Lynch (guitar) Jeff Pilson (bass & backing vocals) and Mick Brown (drums) will be reuniting in October for a series of dates in Japan. The band will be filming the reunion shows for a DVD release later in the year. http://www.spreaker.com/user/cmsrocks/the-official-dokken-reunion-announcement

OUTLASTED Debut 'Ghost Of Love' Official Video

OUTLASTED have premiered their debut video for the song 'Ghost Of Love' from their debut album out next week via MRR. Check out the clip below and order the limited Special Edition now.

ORDER OUTLASTED 'Into The Night' $15 (+$5 shipping)
MRR DOUBLE DEAL - OUTLASTED and PARIS for $30 (and still only pay $5 shipping)
MelodicRock Records further expands its international roster with the signing of hot Norwegian newcomers OUTLASTED.
MRR will release the debut OUTLASTED album ‘Into The Night’ on July 1 in in two configurations – the regular edition and a limited Special Edition featuring 2 exclusive bonus tracks.
The album is produced by guitarist Terje Fløyli and expertly mastered by Harry Hess.
One of the new breed of Scandinavian rock bands, Outlasted picks up the mantle of classic rock and wears it with distinction. A five-piece band based in Norway, Outlasted’s harmonic and melodic lineup comprises Glenn Wikran on vocals, Terje Fløyli on guitars, and Odd-Børge Hansen at the piano and keyboards. On the rhythmic side of its tracks are Aleksander Schjølberg holding down the bass, and drummer Rune Erling Pedersen who provides the percussive pyrotechnics of this exciting new ensemble that features great hooks, catchy choruses, and full background harmonies provided by all band members.
With a dedication to musical excellence, Outlasted fuses the sound of the golden age of recording with the compelling songwriting of classic rock and brings both into the future with modern production techniques and stellar musicianship.
Having played their first official gig as Outlasted on November 29, 2014, newfound fans can look forward to a full album release on July 1, 2016 featuring artwork by Italy’s premier graphic designer, Nello Dell’Omo of Art for Music Studio in Naples. In the meantime, to satisfy your urge for more inspired music, Outlasted has released its first video: “Someone Like You” - mixed to sound the way rock should by Ronny Wikmark (Stage Dolls) at Nidaros Studio in Trondheim, Norway.
The song feature a solid, punchy rhythm section, soaring vocals, and beautifully textured arrangements—in short, melodic rock at its finest.
Glenn Wikran - Vocals & Additional Guitars
Terje Fløyli - Guitars
Odd-Børge Hansen - Piano & Keyboards
Aleksander Schjølberg - Bass
Rune Pedersen - Drums
OUTLASTED – Into The Night
GENRE: Melodic Rock
CAT#: MRR047
Produced and Engineered by Terje Fløyli
Mix and Post Production by Ronny Wikmark
Additional Musicians:
Rune Bryn: Drums on All Tracks
Rickard Johannesson: Bass on Track 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 & 10
Kjetil Andreassen: Acoustic Guitar on Track 3
Lasse Ingebrigtsen: Backing Vocals on All Tracks Except Track 9
Ronny Wikmark: Additional Keyboards
Mastered By Harry Hess At Hbomb Mastering, Canada
And here is another full length preview track from the debut album! Pre-orders available shortly.


PARIS 'The World Outside' Out Next Week

ORDER PARIS 'The World Outside' $15 (+$5 shipping)
MRR DOUBLE DEAL - OUTLASTED and PARIS for $30 (and still only pay $5 shipping)
MelodicRock Records is excited to announce a new partnership with French melodic rock band PARIS. The band’s new album ‘The World Outside’, will be released via MRR on July 1 in two configurations – the regular edition and a limited Special Edition featuring 2 exclusive bonus tracks.
This follows the band’s debut album ‘Only One Life’ (produced by Alessandro Del Vecchio) which was released in 2013.
PARIS are:
Frédéric Dechavanne: Lead & Backing Vocals, Keyboards
Sébastien Montet: Lead & Rhythm Guitars
For album number two, the PARIS story hasn't changed: it's still the story of two friends since the youngest of age, growing up in the suburbs of Paris and fancying the same kind of music in the second half of the eighties! Life separated the pair geographically, but music kept them united.
‘The World Outside’ is expertly produced and mastered by Steve Newman - further entwining himself in the PARIS story. The British melodic rock singer/producer had added background vocals on the debut and repeats that role here, adding his voice once again to the rich harmonies on this album.
The result is the perfect mix of the band’s pleasing AOR debut, with the harmony drenched trademark that is found on the NEWMAN records.
Rounding out this album’s lineup is Steve's English teammates David Bartlett (bass) and Rob McEwen (drums), ensuring the best possible presentation for these songs.
And because the PARIS story is all based on friendship, Seb made sure that Robert Säll was involved again on one song, like on the debut and Alessandro Del Vecchio adds backing vocals on one track.
Frédéric says: “We're still writing songs together and we have a bunch of great tunes waiting in the vault, either for a next PARIS album or for any band or artist that requires new material.” 
Check out the first preview track from the album, the song Kitesurfing!

Frédéric Dechavanne: Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Additional Background Vocals on ‘End Of My World’, ‘Looking For You’, ‘This Broken Heart’ & ‘Stronger’
Sébastien Montet: All Guitars, Keyboards, Additional Background Vocals on ‘Don’t Say A Word’, ‘In My Eyes’ & ‘When You Find Love’
Additional Musicians:
Steve Newman: Background Vocals, Additional Guitar On ‘Unreachable’
David Bartlett: Bass, Background Vocals
Rob McEwen: Drums, Percussion
Special Guests:
Robert Säll: guitar (main solo) on ‘When You Find Love’
Alessandro Del Vecchio: Background vocals on ‘End Of My World’
Jean-Marc Perz: Additional Background Vocals on ‘Don’t Say A Word’, ‘In My Eyes’ & ‘When You Find Love’
Produced & Mastered By Steve Newman
Arranged by PARIS and Steve Newman Recorded at Chrome Dome, London (UK), Studio 109, Herblay (France) and Magic Moon Lane, Lüneburg (Germany)
Executive producers: Frédéric Dechavanne & Sébastien Montet
GENRE: Melodic Rock / AOR
CAT#: MRR046
01. End Of My World
02. When You Find Love
03. Looking For You
04. Kitesurfing
05. This Broken Heart
06. I Feel Fine
07. Tears In Your Heart
08. In My Eyes
09. Haunted
10. Unreachable
11. Stronger (Special Edition - Bonus Track)
12. Don’t Say A Word (Special Edition - Bonus Track)

MEAT LOAF 'Braver Than We Are' With JIM STEINMAN

Grammy Award-winning musician and acclaimed film, TV and stage actor Meat Loaf, is readying the release of his highly anticipated new album, Braver Than We Are for 429 Records.

Working closely again with longtime collaborator Jim Steinman, a key to the magic of multi-platinum selling albums Bat Out of Hell and Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell, Meat has recorded ten songs in tandem with Steinman, producer Paul Crook and The Neverland Express which includes John Miceli (drums), Paul Crook (guitars, loops, synths), Randy Flowers (guitars, vocals), David Luther (sax, B3 organ, strings, horn arrangements), Justin Avery (piano, synths, strings, backing vocal arrangements), Danny Miranda (bass), Stacy Michelle (vocals) and Cian Coey (vocals). Guest musician Ricky Medlocke provided the slide guitar solo on Train of Love.

The tracks on Braver Than We Are were written by Steinman, featuring the first song he ever wrote in a storied career to the most recent. While Crook produced the album, Steinman acted as creative consultant throughout the recording process working alongside Paul and Meat from beginning to end sending suggestions, adding verses and contributing opinions on every aspect.

The first single to radio, Going All The Way, showcases a reunion with vocalists Ellen Foley and Karla DeVito decades after their first performances on the smash hit Paradise by the Dashboard Light. The single is available for purchase now at iTunes.

429 Records will release Braver Than We Are digitally, on CD and vinyl in Europe on September 9 and the U.S. and rest of the world on September 16.

In a career spanning over four decades, Braver Than We Are is Meat Loaf's fourth album featuring songs exclusively written by Jim Steinman. With a painting featuring Meat and Jim together for the first time gracing the cover, the album hearkens back to the hugely successful Meat-Steinman collaborations Bat Out of Hell (1977) and Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell (1993), which together sold over 67 million units. Braver Than We Are is a testament to Meat's artistic rapport with Steinman. The songwriter's strikingly vivid style matched with Meat's incomparable talents not to mention his wit and grandiosity, results in the two successfully connecting with audiences on an epic scale.

"It's a tribute to Jim Steinman really," said Meat Loaf. "It's a tribute to both of us and our work together."

Track List:

  • Who Needs The Young
  • Going All The Way
  • Speaking In Tongues
  • Loving You Is A Dirty Job
  • Souvenirs
  • Only When I Feel
  • More
  • Godz
  • Skull of Your Country
  • Train of Love
Additional tracks on Target exclusive version:
  • For What It's Worth (feat. Stephen Stills)
  • Prize Fight Lover
  • I Would Do Anything For Love (Orchestral Version feat. Imelda May)

CHANGE OF HEART Back With 'Last Tiger'

In 1998 North East Melodic Rock band Change of Heart released their debut on Escape Music. Their debut was recorded at Parr Street studios in Liverpool with many guests including Chris Ousey (Heartland / Snakecharmer) and Steve Morris (Heartland). Interestingly the Engineer was one Ken Nelson, who later found fame twiddling the knobs for Coldplay. With an appearance at the “Gods” festival Change of Heart quickly shot up in everyone’s estimation.

It was some two years before follow up album “Continuum” appeared and the band worked with Kenny Kaos (Pokerface / Distance) to record a twelve track album that was laden with hooks and melodies. In 2005 an album called “Truth or Dare” was released and this was a very strong release that saw the band mature in a fine melodic rock band that would challenge many of the UK’s finest rock bands treading the boards at the time.

The various original band members have moved on to pastures new, more notably Dave Chapman who plays keyboards for “Magic”, who are well known for their tribute acts to Queen
and ELO.  However, the band has always been the brainchild of Alan Clark who is the vocalist, guitarist and songwriter and is the core member of the band since 1998.

Alan has always been busy writing and recording since 2005 and now Change of Heart present us with “Last Tiger”, a brand new release which will put the band firmly back on the map. Paul Hume from the band Lawless has had some input to the final result and also mixed and produced the album. That makes a very strong 11 track album that is dominated by beautifully executed keyboards and guitar solos that are to die for.

Change of Heart are back with a great new album which is bound to rekindle past fires and put the North East of England firmly back on the map. Released July 22.

Tracks: 1. Rise to the Challenge / Wayward Son / Roads of my life / March of Souls / Holy Days / Touch your soul / Hold onto Love / Last Tiger / Stone Cold (In your eyes) / Silent Rage / Only Tomorrow
The Band:
Alan Clark: Lead vocals / guitar

Nick Catterick: Lead guitar/ vocals

John Sykes: Keyboards / vocals

Jeff Hopkins: Bass / vocals

Guest Sam Ogden: Drums

Guest Guitars: Paul Hume and Backing vocals

Produced and Mixed by: Paul Hume at Summer Bank Studio UK

Executive Producer: Khalil Turk for Escape Music Ltd


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