October 1996 - 2026


Twenty four years ago I launched what would become MELODICROCK.COM under the AOR & Hard Rock Hotspot. As catchy as that moniker was (LOL), it was superseded with the new MelodicRock domain name a year later and has been running ever since.

The site has evolved over the years as the needs of readers changed and the industry itself underwent unprecedented changes and challenges.

The site has been responsible for a long list of exclusives over the years and I'm proud to say was also responsible for breaking several artists and albums, in addition to lifting the profile of several record labels to a position they would unlikely to be in today without this site's tireless support.

On the flipside, the site also killed a few albums with early honest reviews putting scrutiny on dodgy production or poor songwriting. It also uncovered and exposed several dodgy record labels and other crooks trying to pull on over on fans.

With the offshoot MelodicRock Fest events, fans were able to see a countless number of European, Australian and even American acts seldom given the opportunities to play live, artists live in the for the very first time. The 5 American festivals and one Australian event saw a unique meeting of minds among fans, who have gone on to form lasting friendships and online groups to hang in between catch ups. The MRF name was sold in 2018 after deciding against producing any further events.

MelodicRock Records was formed to give an opportunity for some unknown artists to get their music heard and went on to become a very successful label with nearly 100 releases before being sold to new owners in 2019.

The domination of social media platforms saw other website stats drop across the board worldwide, with readers now waiting for news to come to them in their 'feeds', rather than going to seek out that news via the many independent websites that had built up over the years.

Bringing breaking news to readers has become near impossible in the tightly controlled management of artists profiles and images in an internet dominated media landscape. The days of calling up Jonathan Cain for a chat only to hear that Steve Perry had that very day signed off on his departure from Journey and being allowed to pass that news on have long gone. So has the advertising income that once existed, now all directed at social media platforms.

So in 2020, the year the world finally crapped its pants, it would be no surprise to find oneself questioning the future and the point of everything!

Thankfully for fans of MelodicRock, a point has been found.

As MelodicRock moves into its 25th year of existence, I am excited to announce the launch of MelodicRock 4.0 this week!

The MelodicRock domain remains in place, but the focus of the website will now almost entirely be on the delivery of REVIEWS.

MelodicRockReviews will provide multiple new reviews every week, with a focus on new and upcoming titles, but also on showcasing albums from all eras of the rock era from the 70s to now. And the site will also for the first time add new reviews every week from all previous incarnations of the site - putting a vast archive of reviews under the one site for the very first time. That's 24 years of reviews previously posted (and lost) and new reviews of classic titles from the past never before featured.

MelodicRock goes back to the very roots of its beginnings to bring fans a huge searchable database of music all delivered with the honest and constructive review style loved by many.

In addition to that, MelodicRockRadio will launch at the same time, offering a streaming audio service that can be launched into a standalone window to play alongside browsing of the site while there and even after moving back to your faithful Facebook feeds.

The streaming audio will offer various playlists over time, including special focus on individual artists or themed playlists, or such as with the launch stream - a simple 'Best Of' compilation of killer tracks.

Fans will be able to register to the new site in order to leave their own reviews or comments and sharing of all reviews is automatically available for each and every title.

News will be posted as it happens around the clock via the built in Twitter feed, which is part of the frontpage. Additional features - both old and new - should be self-explanatory and will be added at regular intervals. But the focus - REVIEWS!

Finally, the new site will of course retain the two popular message board portals - the infamous Noticeboard and the Artists Boards, both of which have been going nearly as long as the site itself.

Once again I would like to take this opportunity to thank all supporters of the site and my side adventures, plus the regular readers and the many many friends I've made over the years, and a thank you to the few remaining companies that have proven themselves to be outstanding people and share the vision of MR throughout the years (AOR Blvd Records, AOR Heaven, Escape Music, Rock Candy Records, NEH Records).

And finally - the site will still face financial challenges and if you feel in a position to help support the site - please become a member of the Patreon platform or donate at any time via Paypal. Any and all support is greatly appreciated!


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