US singer KELLY KEELING Returns With 'Mind Radio' on Frontiers in July

Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of KELLY KEELING'S new solo album entitled "Mind Radio" on July 3rd in Europe and July 10th in North America.
Kelly Keeling is a Louisiana-born multi-instrumentalist in high demand as songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, and producer. He began his musical career with Baton Rouge with whom he released 3 albums. Later he joined Blue Murder’s 2nd album, “Nothin but Trouble,” wrote and recorded 2 albums with John Norum (Europe) following  extensive tours of Norway & Sweden. Keeling joined Heaven & Earth for “Windows to the World,” then 3 albums and world tour with Michael Schenker’s MSG, 4 albums with Carmine Appice's Guitar Zeus, featuring legendary guitarists Brian May, Yngwie Malmsteen, Neal Schon, Slash, Zak Wilde, Steve Morse, Paul Gilbert, and Vivian Campbell. After 3 years as lead vocalist touring and recording with Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Keeling returned to independent projects including the recent album, Red Zone Rider, featuring UFO guitarist Vinnie Moore and Scot Coogan.
Amid all these collaborations, Kelly debuted as a solo artist with the album "Giving Sight to the Eye" which was released in March 2005, featuring Roger Daltrey, Denny Laine, Kerry Livgren, Carmine Appice & Tony Franklin. 
Now in 2015, Kelly Keeling is back with another solo album entitled, "Mind Radio," which is produced by the very-much-in-demand Alessandro Del Vecchio (Revolution Saints, Bonfire, Graham Bonnet, Hardline etc.).  
 "This album is a culmination of the last 5 years on a journey to revive my old band amidst considerations of not playing music anymore for a while due to a much needed break" says Kelly. "But during the process I found direction, actually traveling and ending up all over the world on tour with Baton Rouge, and as a solo artist at various festivals and venues. This album Mind Radio is very honest, walking the listener through what I endured on this journey. I love my band. Alessandro Del Vecchio! What a genius that guy is. I've produced and been a part of many albums but this guy is so brilliant! What a great musician singer, writer, Producer and Brother to me. I’m so very happy to have him onboard as he surely simplified a focused direction, taking a load of effort off of me through a masterpiece of work which seems to have taken lifetimes to get here."
With songwriting contributions from Robert Sall (RIDE OUT THE STORM, FROZEN IN TIME), VON GROOVE's Michael Shotton, guitarist Mario Percudani and Del Vecchio himself. Musically and sonically, this is a brilliant Melodic Rock album showcasing the impeccable vocal talents of one of the most underrated Hard Rock singers of our time. Also included on the album are three songs written by Keeling together with his BATON ROUGE cohorts Jack Ponti and Lance Bulen (WRITTEN IN FIRE, MONKEY HOUSE and WHO DO YOU RUN TO).
Enjoy an album trailer here:
"Mind Radio" tracklisting includes: This Love Our Paradise; Isolated Man; Sunshine Over Me; Still Need You In My Arms; Written In Fire; Take Me To The Limit; Love Will Tear Us Apart; No Man's Land; Frozen In Time; Monkey House; Ride Out The Storm; Who Do You Run To.
Kelly Keeling - lead vocals
Alessandro Del Vecchio - keyboards, backing vocals
Mario Percudani - electric and acoustic guitars
Anna Portalupi - bass, fretless bass
Alessandro Mori - drums
Produced by Alessandro Del Vecchio
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Maximum Metal Interview ULI JON ROTH

Maximum Metal have just posted a new interview with guitar great ULI JON ROTH

Direct Interview link: http://www.maximummetal.com/interviews/intresults.asp?ID=ulijroth&idBand...

If you know the history of metal guitar, you don't have to be told who Uli Jon Roth is. First coming to the world's attention as a member of Germany's Scorpions in the 1970's, he was among the first guitar players to incorporate the influence of Classical music into a heavy rock context. In the 80's, he began taking this fusion further, first with the band Electric Sun (which also bore a distinct Jimi Hendrix influence he had begun to show in the Scorpions), and then with other projects that included several orchestral works. After increasingly leaving the rock world behind for a time, Roth has seemed to come to terms with his proto-metal past. It began with a handful of onstage appearances with the Scorpions, and has now culminated in Scorpions Revisited, a studio album featuring inspired new interpretations of songs he originally recorded with the band in the 70's (plus a tour featuring a set list that draws heavily from that era).

Roth recently spoke to Maximum Metal's Vinaya Saksena about his past, present and future, plus his thoughts on technology, society and the future of music in general. What follows is a slightly edited version of that interview here:

Roth has a new album of Scorpions material "Scorpions Revisited," out now. His thoughts on what he might do next:

Roth: I've written a new album a year ago, but I've never gotten around to start recording it, and I'm kind of itching to start the recording process. In some ways, it's a continuation of "Under A Dark Sky," but it's more rock-orientated, slightly simpler, but it's strongly melodic and I like the lyrics as well. So I'm looking forward to recording that one.

Roth expresses concern about the often superficial nature of popular music and culture in general:

As far as the music itself, I'm not really enamored with the whole instant gratification-like download mentality. You know, the iTunes thing means that it's just like McDonald's. You can get any piece of music instantly, and they're disconnected. My music for instance, I always tried to write like an album of pieces that are connected. And then of course you can listen to them on their own, but I feel it's not quite the same. I tend to think in broader artistic frameworks. And I'm not the only artist, you know. Kate Bush thinks like that, and so do several others. That's one thing.

I feel that the young generation, because everything is downloaded in seconds, there is no more physical aspect to it, and they don't seem to bond with the artists. But the artist needs a bond with the audience, a deeper understanding, which goes both ways, you know? Both sides are missing out if that's not happening, because the music benefits from that, the quality of the music benefits from that kind of bonding, which is a mutual understanding and a mutual kind of respect for one another- the audience for the artist and the artist for the audience. That reflects in the music and also the quality of the music, I think. So that's a little deplorable.

So it's a sign of our times. That's why I call it the McDonald's society. It's all mental fast food. Fast food of the mind is the name of the game. That's what rules the planet. You know, it's fast information, shallow information, cheap information. Anything instant, but very little of that goes down way deep. That's just the time we live in, and it takes some period of transformation inside of us to come to grips with this kind of speed, you know?

Everything is much faster now than it used to be. The train of mankind is running at a different frequency now, and that frequency is not necessarily very much in tune with what would be healthy for the human mind. There's a certain kind of spectrum of plus and minus of a healthy speed which is conducive to real progress of the human mind and spirit. But if you go beyond that, if the speed is too high, it's like you could easily have the whole train derailed, you know? And then the learning is not facilitated by that, because the speed is just too quick for that which we are naturally equipped with.

Maybe the next generation will adapt to that kind of speed, but I know very few people who have so far. Most people are just kind of coasting along , but maybe they don't even really notice, but when you really analyze what's going on, I don't really know anybody who's really on top of it now, even if they appear to be on top of it. A lot of precious things fall by the wayside. And I don't mean that financially. I mean spiritually precious, mentally precious, you know? A lot of good things fall by the wayside. They get crushed by this incredibly fast train.

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Japan To Issue SLASH 'Best Of' July 8

So just what is 'Conspiracy Theory Volume 1'? Well, it is the name assigned to a 12 track SLASH 'BestOf' release due via Universal Japan on July 8.
It looks as if that's not a title Slash came up with, but rather a new Best Of compilation series that will take on one artist at a time. Further information as it comes to hand.
As for this release - it's all a bit pointless really - but will feature the following tracks:
01. Beautiful Dangerous (Feat. Fergie)   
02. Doctor Alibi (Feat. Lemmy Kilmeister)   
03. Watch This (Feat. Dave Grohl & Duff Mckagan)   
04. Sahara (Feat.Koshi Inaba)   
05. Apocalyptic Love  
06. One Last Thrill   
07. You’re A Lie   
08. Bad Rain   
09. World On Fire   
10. Shadow Life   
11. 30 Years To Life   
12. Too Far Gone
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THE RADIO SUN Continue Partnership with MRR For 'Heaven Or Heartbreak'

MelodicRock Records is super excited and very proud to announce the next chapter for melodic rock band THE RADIO SUN.
The acclaimed Aussie band will release their sophomore record Heaven Or Heartbreak via MRR in September.
Once again, THE RADIO SUN have teamed with the great Paul Laine, who mixed the new album as well as co-writing three tracks and adding a special guest lead vocal on a song ‘Science Fiction Make Believe’.
Guitarist Stevie Janevski states enthusiastically; “The Heaven Or Heartbreak album title stands for our belief in melodic heavy rock. It’s our ‘heaven!’ We’ve grown as a band – and it would be our ‘heartbreak’ if this new album doesn’t extend our fanbase. All of us spent a lot of time on writing the songs and really believe it’s a good album with no fillers. We’re all really looking forward to getting out there and touring the album in as many parts of the world as possible”.
The Radio Sun debut album ‘Wrong Things Right’ was a top seller for MelodicRock Records and was well received by the press & public worldwide with favourable reviews in major scribes such as Classic Rock, Powerplay, Fireworks and Burrn! amongst others.
Two appearances at MelodicRockFest 3 & 4 in Chicago U.S.A. helped showcase The Radio Sun’s live experience with notable first class four part vocal harmonies (a standout on the new album) which impressed so much that Paul Laine asked the band to be his backing band for live shows in America and in Australia.
Heaven Or Heartbreak will be released in September in conjunction with Cargo Records UK and will also be available as a limited Special Edition direct from MelodicRock.com
The Special Edition bonus to include the band covering a few very special and much loved AOR classics!
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Decibel Geek Podcast - BRIAN VOLLMER (HELIX)



Decibel Geek podcast/website staff writer Blair DeAbreu recently interviewed Brian Vollmer for a talk about Brian's new reality TV series, putting Helix into the online world in the early 1990's, the behind the scenes of the Helix band and more. A few excerpts follow:

On The Vollmer's Reality Show: 'I call it my unreality reality show, and it's about Linda and I and the somewhat bizarre life we live. On one hand we live in a blue collar district of East London, Ontario and live a very normal life but it's punctuated with pretty unreality things I'm sure to other people' and 'our reality show is muuch the same (as other reality TV shows) only it's a no budget show whereas those are very high budget shows and whereas those shows are all heavily scripted ours is essentially very loosely scripted, in fact not really scripted at all''

On taking to the Internet very early in the 90s with PlanetHelix.com: 'As John Lennon said either you grow with music or music outgrows you. That goes for marketing as well. Actually there is more money being spent on music than ever before its just very fractured'.'

On bands learning the ropes through playing 8 times a week in the 70s & 80s: 'It toughened you and prepared you for any success that might come. By the time we got signed in '82 we had already been on the road for 8 years. Even at 8 years of being ready it was still a major shock when it actually happened.'

On being a Canadian band: 'Canada loves an underdog but as soon as you make it they turn on you, I don't know why that is, is it a jealousy factor''

Link to Official Website Post: http://www.decibelgeek.com/wordpress/brian-vollmer-helix-audio-interview/

Official website located at: http://www.decibelgeek.com

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Double Stop Podcast - ERIC MARTIN


This week on the Double Stop Podcast is a 2 part interview with Eric Martin. At the end of Part 2 he reveals that he has a new project/band with Warren DeMartini from Ratt.
[Eric reveals in the conversation that he has a huge man-crush on Warren's playing and would like to create a side project as Billy has with The Winery Dogs. The style he says would be something like 70s Aerosmith, The Black Crows and The Faces...]

Part 1:



In Part 1 Eric shares how he got his start in music, and discusses his early solo albums "Sucker For A Pretty Face", "Eric Martin" and "I'm Only Fooling Myself". He also covers his contribution to the Teachers soundtrack (a song he wrote with Neal Schon from Journey), as well as his near miss in Toto. We discuss the formation of Mr. Big (and the role Mike Varney had), and the recording of the first Mr. Big album.

Part 2:



In Part 2 Eric discusses the first Mr. Big tour with Rush, the success of "Lean Into It", the reformation in the 90's with Richie Kotzen (and sharing lead vocals on some songs), the reunion with all original members, the Mr. Vocalist series of cds in Japan, and he announces his new project with Warren DeMartini (Ratt).

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OBSESSION: ‘Carnival Of Lies’ Re-Issue Announced


Inner Wound Recordings are proud to announce the re-issue of "Carnival of Lies", the reunion album from the classic US heavy metal band OBSESSION. "Carnival of Lies" will be released on July 17th in Europe and on July 24th in North America. The album was originally released in 2006 and have been out of print and hard to get ahold of for many years.

The album is re-mixed and re-mastered by Michael Vescera and features brand new artwork by Felipe Machado Franco [Blind Guardian, Rhapsody of Fire, Xandria, Rage]. The re-issue also includes two bonus tracks.

Check out an album teaser at YouTube here: https://youtu.be/NoFbZsVOh-Q

"Carnival of Lies" track listing
01. Smoking Gun
02. Carnival of Lies
03. In for the Kill
04. Playing Dead
05. Imagining
06. The Offering
07. Pure Evil
08. I Don't Belong
09. Written in Blood
10. Guilty as Charged
11. Marshall Law
12. Panic in the Streets
13. Judas

Obsession “Carnival of Lies” line-up:
Michael Vescera [Animetal USA, ex Loudness, Yngwie Malmsteen] - Vocals
Jay Mezias - Drums
Scott Boland [MVP] - Guitars
John Bruno [X Factor X] - Guitars
Chris Mccarvill [House of Lords, ex Dokken, Jeff Scott Soto] - Bass

"Carnival of Lies" is available for pre-ordering at these locations: http://www.innerwound.bigcartel.com http://www.amazon.com/Carnival-Lies...

Obsession online - Website: www.theobsession.net / Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/obsessionmetal

Inner Wound Recordings online - Website: www.innerwound.com / Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/innerwoundrecordings

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Former Kiss Guitarist BRUCE KULICK Releases New Album and Single


KKB, Bruce Kulick's first band created back in 1974 with his local friends, singer/bassist Mike Katz and drummer Guy Bois, are releasing a brand new single and CD called 'Got To Get Back.' The new single leads off the CD, which continues with 6 more songs they recorded in 1974. The vintage tracks were revisited for 2015, and the original tapes were totally remixed and remastered.

Kulick was fortunate growing up in Jackson Heights, NY to find other talented local musicians who shared the same passion for the British Invasion of rock. They lived within blocks of each other, with drummer Guy's basement being the breeding ground for the musical concoction they were creating. The young band rehearsed for months before entering a studio in NYC capturing music that was urgent, intense and compelling. Sadly, with no clear direction for the group to follow the band never played together live, and ultimately went their separate ways. Bruce continued on in the music world, playing guitar with Michael Bolton, Meatloaf, KISS, and Grand Funk Railroad. 

The music KKB recorded in 1974, however, sat idle on a tape in Kulick's closet for many years. In 2008, Bruce bought a TEAC tape deck at a local garage sale and decided to listen to the KKB recording again. He loved it, and shared it with his friends, who all agreed: "You must release this music for people to hear." The vintage tape was transferred and, after some cleaning up of the tracks, KKB 1974 was released in 2008. The limited-run CD sold out quickly. 

An unexpected new chapter for KKB happened in 2013, when Mike found the original session tapes. By using the actual tracks recorded, Kulick had the opportunity to remix, remaster and get creative with this music once again. But the discovery sparked something substantially more interesting than simply polishing up 'old' music'the desire for Bruce and Mike to create a new song for KKB, 40 years after its genesis.

As a result of KKB's rekindled fire, the trio wrote and recorded a new song, 'Got To Get Back," a total throwback to their vintage sound, style and vibe. Each band member recorded their parts in a local studio'Guy in Paris, Mike in New York City, and Bruce in LA. Further adding to KKB's renaissance, a string quartet, scored by Bruce's longtime collaborator Jeremy Rubolino, was added to the ballad "Someday," giving the song a shine that couldn't have been imagined in 1974.

"This music represents a time in my career that I feel helped define the potential of my guitar playing," Kulick says. "It gives me chills to hear it. The interplay with Mike on bass and Guy on drums was expertly executed, filled with passion that defined our age. To think that so long ago I was involved in something this powerful that sat in my closet unheard for nearly 35 years made me furious. My intense desire to share this music that is relevant now, more than ever, is a huge accomplishment. Play it loud and imagine three young men pouring their hearts out making music, never concerned about anything but the music. That was the intention. It was pure, it was real. And now it's available for all to enjoy."  

KKB's music is in the power rock/progressive/melodic rock genre, and Got To Get Back captures styles of a variety of British bands including Led Zeppelin, Cream, and King Crimson, with arrangements performed in a hard rock trio context. Give it a listen, and see if you agree that this time capsule of music from Kulick's beginnings is totally unique and captivating to your ears.

KKB album webpage w/ links for various commercial configurations: www.kulick.net/kkb/
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MICHAEL MONROE To Release ‘Blackout States’ On October 16

MICHAEL MONROE - hugely influential fronntman, force of nature, multi-instrumentalist and revered rock 'n' roll icon—will release a new studio album, Blackout States, on Friday, October 16 via Spinefarm Records.
This 13-track outing was produced by Chips Kiesbye (Hellacopters, Nomads) in Gothenburg, Sweden, and mixed by Petri Majuri in Helsinki, Finland.
It is the follow-up to Horns and Halos, a Finnish chart-topper in 2013.
With Blackout States, Monroe's current touring and recording outfit, comprised of bassist Sami Yaffa (ex-Hanoi Rocks/New York Dolls), guitarist Steve Conte (ex-New York Dolls/Company of Wolves), guitarist Rich Jones (ex-Black Halos/Amen), and drummer Karl Rockfist (ex-Chelsea Smiles/Danzig), provided strong creative support for a groundbreaking artist whose reputation continues to flourish. Many of rock's most noted performers, including Dave Grohl and Slash, have cited Monroe's unwavering drive and three-decade-plus career as a genuine source of inspiration.
Indeed, when Slash headlines the Ice Hall in Helsinki on May 28, Monroe will be the invited "Special Guest," opening the show in front of thousands of fans; after that, he heads across to London to play the Camden Rocks Festival on May 30.
This one-off UK appearance at Camden Proud will be filmed by celebrated videographer/photographer Ville Juurikkala as part of the video for the first single from Blackout States.
As with Horns and Halos, the new recordings see Monroe both toasting the future and honoring the past, occasionally giving the nod to glam punk pioneers, Hanoi Rocks, the group with which he forged his name in the early-to mid-'80s.
Says Monroe, "I'm extremely excited about our new album, Blackout States. It has all the ingredients of a perfect rock 'n' roll record: strong melodic songs with great meaningful lyrics that defy all clichés, delivered with a punky, ballsy attitude by a killer band. I highly recommend Blackout States to anyone who's even a little bit interested in what real, authentic, high energy rock 'n' roll at its best sounds like today."
Monroe has a number of festival appearances locked into place for the spring and summer, with further international touring plans to be announced shortly.
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TSO's TIM HOCKENBERRY Launches Solo Kickstarter Campaign

Singer/Songwriter Tim Hockenberry, known to many as a vocalist with Trans-Siberian Orchestra, is recording a new solo album made up of all original songs.
Hockenberry was a featured vocalist with TSO for four tours, nightly performing his cover of the Savatage classic, “Believe”, to millions of fans.  He can also be found singing lead on TSO’s last two releases, Nightcastle and Dreams of Fireflies.  After his departure from TSO, Tim wrote, recorded and performed with Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart on his Mysterium Tremendum album and tour.  Tim gained national fame in 2012 when he performed and made it to the semi-finals (last singer standing) on America’s Got Talent. He was a favorite of judge Howard Stern, earning high praise from Stern after each performance.
For many years, Hockenberry has developed a following as a gifted interpreter of well-known cover songs. For the first time in his career, he is releasing an album of all original songs written by Tim, with two co-written by his sons.
To help support the album’s production and promotion costs, Hockenberry has launched a Kickstarter fan campaign, which offers an array of rewards including CDs, Skype sessions and personal concerts. More information is available here:
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GUS G Reveals Teaser Clip & Details For Second Solo Album 'Brand New Revolution'

Ozzy Osbourne/Firewind guitarist Gus G reveals teaser clip, artwork and tracklisting for his second solo album; 'Brand New Revolution'
Check out an exclusive teaser clip featuring a snippet from opening track 'The Quest' here: https://youtu.be/bv8FSY_xnJs
After having recently announced his upcoming sophomore solo album release 'Brand New Revolution' via Century Media Records in Europe, Australia and South America, Dismanic / eOne in North America and King Records in Japan, Ozzy Osbourne / Firewind guitarist GUS G. is now ready to launch a few more details about it.
'Brand New Revolution' will be released in Europe on July 24, 2015 and comes with artwork (which can be seen above!) once again created by Gustavo Sazes / www.abstrata.net, who already worked with GUS G. on his debut release 'I Am The Fire', and also took care of artwork duties by bands such as Arch Enemy, Kamelot and also Firewind in the past.
The album features guest vocal appearances by Jeff Scott Soto (ex-Journey, Talisman), Elize Ryd (Amaranthe), Jacob Bunton (Adler, Lynam) and Mats Lev'n (Candlemass, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen).
'Brand New Revolution'

1. The Quest
2. Brand New Revolution (feat. Jacob Bunton)
3. Burn (feat. Jacob Bunton)
4. We Are One (feat. Jacob Bunton)
5. What Lies Below (feat. Elize Ryd)
6. Behind Those Eyes (feat. Jacob Bunton)
7. Gone To Stay (feat. Jeff Scott Soto)
8. One More Try (feat. Jacob Bunton)
9. Come Hell Or High Water (feat. Mats Levin)
10. If It Ends Today (feat. Mats Levin)
11. Generation G (feat. Jeff Scott Soto)
12. The Demon Inside (feat. Mats Levin)

GUS G. checked in with the following comment about the album: 'As I'm putting the final touches on 'Brand New Revolution', I wanted to give out a bit about the new music. 'The Quest" is the only instrumental of the album and it's a heavy, high energy, technical track. The rest of the album once again features collaborations with some awesome singers / songwriters such as the legendary Jeff Scott Soto, Mats Lev'n, Jacob Bunton and the awesome Elize Ryd of Amaranthe. I feel the album as a whole has many influences, from classic Hard Rock / Metal to more modern and current sounds. Stay tuned as more info will be revealed in the coming days'.

'Brand New Revolution' was recorded with Jay Ruston (Stone Sour, Anthrax, Steel Panther, etc.) and mixed by Mike Fraser (Metallica, AC/DC, Van Halen, Aerosmith, etc.). Just as on 'I Am The Fire', the core of GUS G.'s recording group consisted of Jo Nunez (Firewind) on drums and Marty O' Brien (Lita Ford band) on bass.
GUS G. has recently also announced a few more first summer live-dates to launch 'Brand New Revolution'.
GUS G. ' Live 2015:
09.06.2015 Karlsruhe (Germany) - Substage + Hellyeah
10.06.2015 Hamburg (Germany) - Logo + Hellyeah
11.06.2015 Utrecht (The Netherlands) - Tivoli De Helling + Hellyeah
10.07.2015 Vizovice (Czech Republic) - Masters Of Rock Festival / www.mastersofrock.cz
12.07.2015 Drama (Greece) - Naturart Festival
14.07.2015 Arta (Greece) - Rockin' Arta 2015
18.07.2015 Chania (Greece) - Chania Rock Festival / www.chaniarockfestival.gr
22.07.2015 Ardas (Greece) - Ardas Festival
24.07.2015 Rhodes (Greece) - Colorado Club
29.07.2015 Szekevehersvar (Hungary) - Fezen Fest / www.fezen.hu
More dates following soon'
GUS G. online:

Century Media Records online:
Century Media webshop:
GUS G.'s solo debut album 'I Am The Fire' can still be purchased (also as limited expanded CD+DVD version) from CM Distro here: http://smarturl.it/GusGCMD
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SKINTRADE Unleash 'Scarred For Life' July 24

AOR Heaven will release the new SKINTRADE album Scarred For Life on July 24
SKINTRADE was formed in 1992 by Matti Alfonzetti (vocals), George Bravo (guitar, backing vocals), Stefan Bergström (guitar, backing vocals), Hakan Calmroth (bass) and Håkan Persson (drums, backing vocals). The group's self-titled debut was released in 1993 and received overwhelmingly positive respnse from both media and audience. The singles "Sick As A Dog" and "One By One" were played frequently on the radio and their videos spun on MTV's "Headbangers Ball".
The same year, SKINTRADE was honored with a Zeppelin award for "Best Hard Rock Album" and was nominated for a Swedish Grammis (Grammy equivalent) in the category of "Best Video”. The follow-up CD, "Roach Powder", came out in 1995 with Thomas Skogsberg as a producer (ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER). The videos for the singles "Snap Goes Your Mind" and "Flies" were played regularly on MTV.

Between 1993 and 1995, SKINTRADE embarked on several tours of Europe and played at some of Sweden's and Europe's biggest festivals such as Sweden Rock, Hultsfred, Dala Rock, Dynamo Open Air (Holland) and Rock Am Ring (Germany). SKINTRADE also supported the Danish band D-A-D on their European tour in 1995. One of their last and most memorable gigs took place in late 1995 with the Irish band THERAPY? during a live radio show in Amsterdam, Netherlands. SKINTRADE disbanded shortly thereafter.

The idea for the SKINTRADE members to collaborate again came about as they got more and more requests from fans asking them to make new music. During the first rehearsal in May 2011, it became obvious that the band's chemistry was very much intact. In the summer and autumn of 2011, SKINTRADE recorded four new songs at Sound Trade Studios with their old friend and partner Ronny Lahti, engineer and producer who previously worked with the band on all the recordings in the '90s. SKINTRADE's "best-of" album, "Past And Present", was released in March 2012 via Universal Music. The CD includes three new songs and 12 classics.

Their new album, ¨Scarred For Life”, will be released via AOR Heaven on July 24th, 2015. Once again the CD was recorded and mixed by Oscar Ammer. This time Skintrade also worked with producer Geo Slam on the song ”Wide Awake” originally recorded by Katy Perry and written by Max Martin.

Track listing: 01. Scarred for Life,
03. Wide Awake,
04. Lay With Me, 05. Find A Way,
06. LoveHate,
07. Leave A Scar,
08. Broken,
09. Storm Will Come,
10. 15 Minutes Gone

SKINTRADE are: Matti Alfonzetti - Vocals, Guitar: Stefan Bergström - Guitar, Backing Vocals: Håkan Calmroth - Bass Håkan Persson  - Drums, Backing Vocals

Soundfiles in advance:
SKINTRADE - Broken (Edit)
SKINTRADE - Scarred For Life (Edit)
SKINTRADE - Wide Awake (Edit)

Web: skintradesweden.com  

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HELLOWEEN Announce Australian Tour

Metropolis Touring & Tombowler are proud to present The God Given Right Australian Tour 2015
When you think of Power Metal, one of the first bands that come to your mind is the German Legends HELLOWEEN! Its not just a coincidence theyve played countless festivals all over the globe to a massive audience, and furthermore, they have taken their enthralling live performances as headline tours all over the world as well. Now, 30 years into their career, HELLOWEEN finally make their triumphant return to Australia. Incredibly, this will be the second time ever they have toured Australia and their first time ever in Adelaide & Perth!  
Helloween proves that they are not just a bunch of angry Hobbit-lovers with a knack for shredding guitar solos. They are well-defined and smart musicians who want to escape the boundaries that being a metal band entails.
Consequence of Sound
With the 15 albums they have released so far, they have sold well over 8 million copies, and have achieved several Gold and Platinum awards. The band shows absolutely no signs of slowing down, and after over 100 sold out shows in support of their previous album, the band is on a mission to break their own records in support of their latest offering My God-Given Right. This show is one of those shows that stays in your memory forever.
Free Magazine
3 decades into their career, the band is on their absolute top form creatively, as well as on the live show front. Hailed as one of the inventors of the power/speed metal genre, HELLOWEEN continue to break records and get better and better as the years continue. Not too many bands in the world can say that theyve been getting better with age, but Helloween is a band than has mastered and continues to break ground in one of the most thrilling sub-genres of metal.
The German powerhouse of the genre brought their A game, or rather their A+ game, and proved why, after almost 30 years in the business, Helloween is still a force to be reckoned with.
Metal Storm
The fiery riffs and solos backed by the relentless thumping of the double kick drums and the soaring vocals ensure a glorious night of headbanging, sing alongs and circle pits. A HELLOWEEN gig is a party like no other. The legions of fans are sure to come out in numbers and this is one gig that will stay in your memory for a long, long time be sure not to miss this one!
 Make no mistake, Helloween is back
Hard Rock Haven

Wednesday 14th October Melbourne, 170 Russell
Friday 16th October Sydney, Metro Theatre
Saturday 17th October Brisbane, Max Watts
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th May via Nuclear Blast / Caroline Australia
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DENIED Parts Ways With Singer Johan Fahlberg.

After 7 years of touring and 3 releases, DENIED has parted with singer Johan Fahlberg.

Founding member Andreas Carlsson said, 'We have shared great times together and created a lot of kick ass heavy metal. We are still the best of friends and there is absolutely no bad blood between him and the band". Johan needed to focus on his commitment to Jaded Heart and there was simply not enough time for the both bands any longer. We fully understand his decision to quit. He will always be our brother'

The vacancy for a new front man has been filled by acclaimed vocalist GERMAN PASCUAL (ex Narnia, Divinefire, Minds Eye, Empire 21). 'German's experience, skill and great personality made our decision very easy. We are now excited to continue the DENIED-journey together and the best is yet to come".

This summer the band will head into the studio to record the follow up to the 2013 album Let them burn. Once again produced by Fredrik Folkare, also mastermind of swedish UNLEASHED.


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