OPERATION MINDCRIME - "The Stranger" (Lyric Video)

Check out the new lyric video from Operation: Mindcrime. This video for the song, "The Stranger," is off the band's forthcoming album, The Key, and marks its third video release from the new project.
If you missed Operation: Mindcrime's debut video for the song, "Re-Inventing The Future," it can be seen at
Their second video, for the song "Burn," premiered on on Wednesday, August 19th, and can be seen at .
The Key will be released on Friday, September 18, via Frontiers Music SRL.

BON JOVI - Burning Bridges (Review)

information persons: 
Produced By: 
John Francis Bongiovi, Jr & John Shanks
Running Time: 
Too Long
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Middle of the Road
So Jon Bon Jovi is all about ‘burning bridges’ in the twilight of his career. He’s burning Richie Sambora and he’s burning Mercury Records. And he’s using big words like integrity…but where is the integrity in throwing together some half-assed compilation of B (more like D) material and expecting fans to lap it up?
And right there is the third factor in the equation. With this album JBJ is so desperate to stick it to the man, he’s also burning fans. Fans that expect and deserve better.
This is supposed to be a contractual obligation album to free JBJ Inc and Irving Azoff to figure out a new paradigm to pillage the fan base, but having been burned by this release, how many will return for another dose in 2016?
The law of bad albums affects an artist in two ways – first word gets out that a turd has been delivered and it subsequently underperforms. But those fans that did purchase will now be far more weary next time around, meaning the following album could be a masterpiece, but no one may be left listening. So Jon, screw the fans if you must, but get ready for return fire.
The other absolutely disgraceful thing about this album is the shitty packaging for the CD. A plain single page cover and bare tray card offering zero information or lyrics or an apology from Jon for taking your money. Disgraceful.
The only remotely interesting track is the uptempo modern rocker We Don’t Run, which frankly is something we have all heard before and is hardly essential.
There are some absolutely dreadful songs on this “release”. Truly self-indulgent, slow, emotionless dross.
It may be fashionable to criticize recent Bon Jovi outings, but this takes it to a new level. This makes The Circle seem like Sgt Peppers.

It starts slow, ends slow and is slow in the middle. This is a record without life. Without energy. Without any artistic integrity.
For many years Bon Jovi shat gold nuggets, but this is without any doubt whatsoever, a giant lump of turgid dog shit.
I’m off to play the new Iron Maiden to clear out my ears.
Release Year: 
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FM Announce New European Tour Dates


MR Ebay Auction Underway

Lots more titles added to my Ebay auction now, including a stack of brand new sealed BluRay and DVD titles. And still LOTS more still to add. 
BluRay, DVD, Rarities, CDs new and used and Out Of Print and some MR releases that I have 1 left of.... go check it out at:
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MAGNUS KARLSSON'S FREEFALL Returns With 'Kingdom Of Rock'

Swedish axeman MAGNUS KARLSSON is back with the second album of his solo project FREEFALL entitled “Kingdom of Rock”!
Out on Frontiers in November!
Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of the sophomore album from MAGNUS KARLSSON’S FREEFALL “Kingdom Of Rock” on November 6th.
Magnus Karlsson is the mastermind behind several Frontiers Music Srl productions, including the successful initial ALLEN/LANDE trilogy, STARBREAKER, BOB CATLEY, KISKE/SOMERVILLE and several others. In 2008, he joined the German Heavy Metal icons PRIMAL FEAR and with them has toured the world and recorded three successful albums that climbed high on the charts in several countries.
For this new album – aptly titled “Kingdom of Rock” - Magnus enlisted again a dream team featuring some of the  strongest melodic singers in metal and hard rock! Magnus says: “I didn’t plan to make a second Free Fall album at first but one album wasn’t enough for my wish list of singers… so after the summer last year I started on some ideas. Without pressure or a deadline… just for fun. So I started to look at the list with singers and thought if can I get these guys on board I will work harder than ever before to make the best album I could. I wanted not only some of the best singers I ever heard, but singers that meant a lot to me and that have given me inspiration. For example: Tony Martin and Joe Lynn Turner… I grew up with their music and that made me the musician I am today. It feels unreal to make music with them now!“
The final list includes TONY HARNELL (Skid Row, TNT, Starbreaker), RICK ALTZI (Masterplan, At Vance), DAVID READMAN (Pink Cream 69, Voodoo Circle), JORN LANDE, JAKOB SAMUEL (The Poodles), JOE LYNN TURNER (Rainbow, Malmsteen, Deep Purple), TONY MARTIN (Black Sabbath), HARRY HESS (Harem Scarem) and REBECCA DE LA MOTTE. Rounding out the line-up on the album is Jaime Salazar on drums with production duties handled by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Primal Fear, Amaranthe, Pretty Maids and more).
Magnus says, “There is a lot more work in this album. Normally I don’t throw away good ideas. This time I skipped great ideas and replaced it with something better. I don’t want to do the same thing over and over. I want to do something better. I also had a bigger budget for the production and was able to work in great studios. Jacob Hansen did a fantastic job with the mix and mastering and the sound is just what I always wanted. This is not about having big names on the album, this is simply about making the best music I possibly can for the best singers I know!”
The final result “Kingdom of Rock” is a Melodic Metal blast which is truly one of the top releases of its kind in 2015!
                Enjoy an album trailer following this link:
Tracklisting:  Kingdom Of Rock (Jorn Lande, vocals); Out Of The Dark (Jakob Samuel, vocals); No Control (Joe Lynn Turner, vocals); When The Sky Falls (Tony Martin, vocals); Angel Of The Night (David Readman, vocals); I Am Coming For You (Magnus Karlsson, vocals); Another Life (Rick Altzi, vocals); Never Look Away (Tony Harnell, vocals); A Heart So Cold (Harry Hess, vocals); The Right Moment (Rebecca De La Motte, vocals); Walk This Road Alone (Magnus Karlsson, vocals).
Magnus Karlsson - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
Jaime Salazar - Drums
Release Year: 

SCORPIONS Deluxe Catalog Reissues Due November


Here are the full track details for the Scorpions 50th Anniversary Deluxe Editions of four classic albums, due November 6.

1) Savage Amusement:

Disc: 1
1. Don`t Stop At The Top 04:03
2. Rhythm Of Love 03:47
3. Passion Rules The Game 03:58
4. Media Overkill 03:32
5. Walking On The Edge 05:05
6. We Let It Rock...You Let It Roll 03:38
7. Every Minute Every Day 04:21
8. Love On The Run 03:35
9. Believe In Love 05:20
10. Taste Of Love - Unreleased Demo Song (Bonus Track) 04:39
11. Edge Of Time - Unreleased Demo Version (Bonus Track) 04:36
12. Don`t Wait Too Long - Unreleased Demo Song (Bonus Track) 04:15
13. Fast And Furious - Unreleased Demo (Bonus Track) 03:11
14. Dancing In The Moonlight - Unreleased Demo Version (Bonus Track) 03:07
15. Living For Tomorrow - Unreleased Demo Song (Bonus Track) 03:30
16. I Can`t Explain 03:22

Disc: 2
1. Rhythm Of Love (video clip) 03:47
2. Passion Rules The Game (video clip) 03:58
3. Believe In Love (video clip) 05:20
4. I Can`t Explain (video clip) 03:22
5. Documentary with clips and live material To Russia With Love
6. Interview Special with Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine, Matthias Jabs, Herman Rarebell

2) World Wide Live (CD & DVD):

Disc: 1
1. Countdown
2. Coming Home
3. Blackout
4. Bad Boys Running Wild
5. Loving You Sunday Morning
6. Make It Real
7. Big City Nights
8. Coast To Coast
9. Holiday
10. Still Loving You
11. Rock You Like A Hurricane
12. Can't Live Without You
13. Another Piece Of Meat
14. Dynamite
15. The Zoo
16. No One Like You
17. Can't Get Enough (Part 1)
18. Six String Sting
19. Can't Get Enough (Part 2)

Disc: 2
1. Coming Home (Originally Only Available On Vhs)
2. Blackout
3. Big City Nights
4. Loving You Sunday Morning
5. No One Like You
6. Holiday
7. Bad Boys Running Wild
8. Still Loving You
9. Rock You Like A Hurricane
10. Dynamite
11. Interview Special With R.Schenker,K.Meine,M.Jabs,H.Rarebell

3) Love At First Sting (2CD & DVD):

Disc: 1
1. Bad Boys Running Wild
2. Rock You Like A Hurricane
3. I'm Leaving You
4. Coming Home
5. The Same Thrill
6. Big City Nights
7. As Soon As The Good Times Roll
8. Crossfire
9. Still Loving You
10. Coming Home (Unreleased Demo Vers.) (Bonus Track)
11. Living At Night (Unreleased Demo Song) (Bonus Track)
12. First Sting Jam No.1 (Unreleased Demo) (Bonus Track)
13. Anytime (You Want It) (Unreleased Demo Song) (Bonus Track)
14. Still Loving You (Unreleased Demo Vers.) (Bonus Track)

Disc: 2
1. Intro (Live At Madison Square Garden,New York City 06.07.84)
2. Coming Home
3. Blackout
4. Bad Boys Running Wild
5. Loving You Sunday Morning
6. Big City Nights
7. Holiday (Acoustic)
8. Still Loving You
9. Rock You Like A Hurricane
10. The Zoo
11. Dynamite

Disc: 3
1. Rock You Like A Hurricane (Videoclip)
2. I'm Leaving You (Video Clip)
3. Big City Nights (Video Clip)
4. Still Loving You (Video Clip)
5. Rock You Like A Hurricane (Tv Show Germany 1985)
6. Still Loving You (Tv Show Germany 1985)
7. Still Loving You (Tv Show Germany 1984)
8. Big City Nights (Monster Of Rock Germany 1986)
9. Interview Special With R.Schenker,K.Meine,M.Jabs,H.Herman Rarebell

4) Blackout (CD & DVD):

Disc: 1
1. Blackout
2. Can't Live Without You
3. No One Like You
4. You Give Me All I Need
5. Now!
6. Dynamite
7. Arizona
8. China White
9. When The Smoke Is Going Down
10. Blackout (Unreleased Demo Vers.) (Bonus Track)
11. Running For The Plane (Unreleased Demo Song) (Bonus Track)
12. Sugar Man (Unreleased Demo Song) (Bonus Track)
13. All My Love (Unreleased Demo Song) (Bonus Track)
14. Searching For The Rainbow(Unreleased Demo Song)(Bonus Track)

Disc: 2
1. No One Like You (Video Clip)
2. Arizona (Video Clip)
3. Blackout (Rock Pop In Concert)
4. Loving You Sunday Morning (Rock Pop In Concert)
5. Coming Home (Rock Pop In Concert)
6. Always Somewhere (Rock Pop In Concert)
7. Holiday (Rock Pop In Concert)
8. Can't Live Without You (Rock Pop In Concet)
9. Dynamite (Rock Pop In Concert)
10. Can't Get Enough (Rock Pop In Concert)
11. Make It Real (Not Broadcasted)(Rock Pop In Concert)
12. The Zoo (Not Broadcasted)(Rockpop In Concert)
13. Interview special With R.Schenker,K.Meine,M.Jabs,H.Rarebell

Release Year: 

DEATH DEALER To Unleash Sophomore Album 'Hallowed Ground'


Death Dealer will drop their highly anticipated second full-length, 'Hallowed Ground,' on October 2nd, via Sweden Music Group (SMG), and have a hard-hitting video ready to drop, for "Break the Silence":

Featuring members that have previously played with the likes of Manowar, the Dictators, Rob Halford, Lizzy Borden and Cage, Death Dealer are a true heavy metal force to be reckoned with, and 'Hallowed Ground' certainly proves this.
The follow-up to their over-the-top debut, 'Warmaster,' features Sean Peck, guitarists Ross the Boss and Stu Marshall, bassist Mike Davis, and drummer Steve Bolgnese, and as always, Death Dealer is setting out to convert the metal masses to their brand of manly metal.

The 13-track CD was mixed and mastered by Stu Marshall at Frontier Studios in Sydney, Australia, and contains massively epic orchestrations, speed metal anthems, and sing along headbangers, as well.

Fresh off a summer European tour, Death Dealer are primed to rock the world with their killer new album. Get ready to be rocked!

"'Hallowed Ground' satisfies from start to finishit is what metall should sound like!" --Ross The Boss

1. Gunslinger
2. Break the Silence
3. Plan of Attack
4. Seance
5. Llega El Diablo
6. The Way of the Gun
7. K.I.L.L.
8. I am the Revolution
9. Total Devastation
10. The Anthem
11. Corruption of Blood
12. Skull and Cross Bones
13. U-666


Release Year: 

Classic Self-Titled GTR Album Given Special Edition Treatment

Esoteric Recordings are proud to announce the official release of a 2 disc deluxe edition of GTR, the self-titled 1986 album by Steve Hackett and Steve Howe’s band GTR.
GTR was formed in 1985 following guitarist Steve Howe’s departure from ASIA. Teaming up with the equally legendary guitarist Steve Hackett, GTR was assembled with the addition of vocalist Max Bacon, bassist Phil Spalding and drummer Jonathan Mover.
The band’s sole album was produced by Geoff Downes and was issued in July 1986 and was a US Top 20 hit album and also was a UK Top 50 hit. Two singles drawn from the record (‘When the Heart Rules the Mind’ & ‘The Hunter’) were also hits in the USA. Although a short lived group, GTR also toured to promote the album (with the addition of Matt Clifford on keyboards) performing material from the album, as well as songs such as ‘Roundabout’ and ‘I Know What I Like (in Your Wardrobe)’, made famous by YES and GENESIS respectively. Although GTR ceased to exist as a band in 1987, the group’s sole album is an important moment in rock music of the 1980s.
This Esoteric Recordings edition has been newly re-mastered and is presented here with the addition of a bonus 14-track CD of GTR live in Los Angeles in July 1986. There are also three bonus tracks taken from promotional 12-inch singles of ‘When the Heart Rules the Mind’ & ‘The Hunter’, two of which appear on CD for the first time.
This expanded deluxe edition of "GTR” also includes a booklet that fully restores the original album artwork and features a new essay.
Disc One:
Gtr: Remastered 
 1.    When The Heart Rules The Mind
 2.    The Hunter
 3.    Here I Wait
 4.    Sketches In The Sun
 5.    Jekyll And Hyde
 6.    You Can Still Get Through
 7.    Reach Out (Never Say No)
 8.    Toe The Line
 9.    Hackett To Bits
 10.    Imagining 
Bonus Tracks:
 11.    The Hunter (Special Gtr Mix)
 12.    When The Heart Rules The Mind (Single Version)
 13.    The Hunter (Single Version)
Disc Two:
Gtr: Live In Los Angeles In July 1986
 1.    Jekyll And Hyde
 2.    Here I Wait
 3.    Prizefighters
 4.    Imagining
 5.    Hackett To Bits
 6.    Spectral Mornings
 7.    I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
 8.    Sketches In The Sun
 9.    Pennants
 10.    Roundabout
 11.    The Hunter
 12.    You Can Still Get Through
 13.    Reach Out (Never Say No)
 14.    When The Heart Rules The Mind
Release Year: 
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CIRCLE II CIRCLE Guitarist JACK FROST To Join For Brazil Tour

CIRCLE II CIRCLE: Guitarist JACK FROST To Join Us For Our Tour Of Brazil
As posted at the Circle II Circle Facebook page: BRAZILIAN FRIENDS!
Unfortunately, Bill Hudson will not be able to join us for the upcoming tour due to prior commitments. He will be back with us when we return.
So Zak called his buddy, former Savatage and current Seven Witches guitarist JACK FROST to join us for our tour of Brazil! We are STOKED to share the stage with Jack in one of the greatest places to play on the planet - BRAZIL!

CASABLANCA Premiere New Track From Album 'Miskatonic Graffitti'

Sweden's Casablanca release brand new album 'Miskatonic Graffitti' September 25 (Despotz Records)
And right here at we are excited to premiere the first track from the album "Closer".
The track "Closer" is the second part of Casablanca's Miskatonic Graffiti concept album. 
In this section, the characters Mat and Josie find themselves confronted and chased by someone or something who has slipped through the passage to The Mountains and seemingly wants to kill the two of them.  The story takes a sudden turn when Sgt. Doom steps in. This is a classic horror story that ends in favour of the victim while the perpetrator faces a cruel and certain death.

C A S A B L A N C A:
Anders Ljung (Space Age Baby Jane) - Vocals
Josephine Forsman (Sahara Hotnights) ' Drums
Erik Almstrom (Bullet) - Guitar
Ryan Roxie (Alice Cooper, Slash's Snakepit ) - Guitar
Erik Stenemo (Melody Club) - Guitar
Mats Rubarth - Bass
The third full-length album from Casablanca, is a concept album based on the Chuthulu mythology, with a twist. Before man The Old Ones ruled the world stated H.P. Lovecraft!
But before The Old Ones, The Original human being of the Golden Void (the Original) ruled the earth Casablanca now claims!

The Originals were creatures way beyond superstition and religion. Knowledge, enlightenment, style and rock 'n' roll was the real thing! But then came The Old Ones... Shackled and tossed away into another dimension by The Old Ones who soon would share their destiny. Ever since then The Old Ones have an urge to return and destroy the modern man and rule the world once again. However, The Originals also have an unwavering desire to somehow return and prepare humanity in time before The Old Ones return to throw the world into absolute darkness once again.

This is a story that instead of total cosmic terror, choose to highlight the passionate life stories standing strong in an almost hopeless situation. This is a story of those who despite the impending collapse of the civilization; do not give up the fight, or their dreams of sex, love, rock and fast cars.

Miskatonic Graffiti comes in three sections. In the first section (Enter the Mountains) The Phantom returns to our four dimensional space, approximately 200 years ago. The touchdown takes place in a location later to be called The Mountains, a place where gates to other worlds may appear.

Release Year: 

COLD CHISEL Deliver 'The Perfect Crime'

It's a huge day of announcements for Cold Chisel fans.
The iconic rock band have revealed the title and release date of a brand new studio album, unveiled a handful of extra shows on their highly-anticipated One Night Stand tour and on top of all that they are excited to announce that they have coaxed Grinspoon out of an indefinite hiatus to be their special guests on 7 shows.
Cold Chisel's new album will be called The Perfect Crime and will hit stores on Friday, 2 October coinciding with the first gig on their One Night Stand tour at the Deni Ute Muster. Featuring songs drawn from recording sessions across 2014 and 2015, the album will be kick-started by the single Lost, which will be released to radio and TV tomorrow, Friday, 28 August. Pre-orders for the album will also be available at all music retailers from tomorrow morning.

The newly announced extra shows on the One Night Stand tour will happen in Geraldton (WA), Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. The show at Adelaide's Entertainment Centre on Tuesday, 17 November is in direct reaction to the huge outcry from their hometown fans demanding a show on the national tour. Cold Chisel played a one-off show at the Clipsal 500 in March to over 35,000 people and thought that they had exhausted demand. But their fans let them know, in no uncertain terms, that this wasn't the case. The show at Melbourne's Rod Laver Arena on Thursday November 19 comes as Cold Chisel's headline show at Hanging Rock, Vic is about to sell out. The band has also announced that on Tuesday, 15 December they will play a third and final show at Sydney's Qantas Credit Union Arena to mark the closure of this iconic rock & roll venue. This additional Sydney date is very significant for Cold Chisel fans – it marks the anniversary of the final show of the band’s famous Last Stand tour, which ended at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on 15 December 1983.
Cold Chisel are excited to announce that they have managed to persuade the much-loved Grinspoon out of hiatus to be the band's special guests on 7 shows. Grinspoon have been added to the already-announced One Night Stand shows at 1300SMILES Stadium in Townsville on Saturday, 7 November and at the Darwin Amphitheatre on Tuesday, 10 November and they will join Cold Chisel in Adelaide, Melbourne and on all 3 shows at the Qantas Credit Union Arena in Sydney. This return of Grinspoon will be exclusive to these shows with Cold Chisel.
"We've done a couple of really memorable shows with Grinspoon," says Cold Chisel frontman Jimmy Barnes. "They played with us on our huge return show at Homebush Stadium in 2009 and they joined us for one show on the Light The Nitro tour in 2011 and that just happened to be the biggest show of the tour. They're a great band and a really good fit with Cold Chisel."
“To say we are excited to be supporting Cold Chisel is an understatement,” says Grinspoon frontman Phil Jamieson. “The show we played on the Light The Nitro tour was one of the most memorable shows I have ever played in my life! Arm in arm, all of us - Pat, Joe, Kris & I. Singing at the top of our lungs to 'Flame Trees'. Grinspoon have NEVER been arm in arm before. It was a moment. I think I may have even fallen into a bush in my excitement.
“I honestly didn’t think Grinspoon would be playing together again, so to get this opportunity by such a legendary act is humbling and completely out of the box insanely totally crazy fun. Now, what the hell am I going to wear?”
2015 is shaping up to be one the biggest and best in Cold Chisel's unparalleled four-decade career. "The Perfect Crime is probably the most rock & roll album that we’ve ever done," says Cold Chisel's primary songwriter Don Walker. "Now we can't wait to get out and play some of these songs on the One Night Stand tour."
Full event, ticketing and corporate information is available from the official Cold Chisel website:
First Single – Lost - at media on Friday, 28 August
Album available for pre-order from Friday, 28 August
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It's time to admit I've bitten off more than a wombat can chew.
There has been so much in the pipeline these past few months that I've not been able to action everything needed and I've also been hit with some external delays.
So in regard to scheduled releases, here's what's happening:
The Radio Sun & Royal Mess CDs:
Preorders on schedule to ship prior to Sept. 25 release. 
European general release now October 9.
Street Talk reissues:
Long delay in artwork unfortunately, but finally went to press today (along with Radio Sun and Royal Mess). Should all be in order this week finally, so preorders will ship by Sept. 14.
Way behind with this sorry, but I expect to have files formatted and ready to load next week and I will send out USBs in the order in which I received the preorders.
Again, sorry for these delays. Everything is in progress and coming...
I think I need an intern...
MRCD13: It's coming... track list just about finaized and it's looking REALLY strong! To those that pre-ordered with USB2, it will ship separately ASAP.

October MRR announcements pending! Try this one for size...


THE LIZARDS Feat. Ex-Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Cactus & Riot Members Release New CD


Special Guest Appearances By Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple), Frank Marino (Mahogany Rush) and Vinnie Moore (UFO)!

NYC - The long awaited new album from Classic Rock legends The Lizards, featuring members of Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Cactus and Riot, will be released in September 2015 on Hyperspace Records in partnership with drumming legend Carmine Appice’s Rocker Records. Titled “Reptilicus Maximus”, the band's 7th album features guest appearances by Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple), Frank Marino (Mahogany Rush) and Vinnie Moore (UFO)! Once again the breathtaking cover artwork was created by longtime Lizards artist Rick Klemann.

“These hard rockin' Lizards have slithered their way to the top of the new 'original' classic rock heap. Like their alien counterparts they are simply out of this world!” - Nightwatcher's Rock Blog

The Lizards are drummer Bobby Rondinelli (Rainbow/Black Sabbath/BOC), vocalist/keyboardist Mike DiMeo (Riot/Masterplan), bassist Randy Pratt (who also plays harp with Cactus) and guitarist Patrick Klein (who recorded and mixed the album), and have released seven critically acclaimed albums and three live DVDs in the past 13 years. The band's 2006 release “Against All Odds”, and their covers album from 2009 “Archeology”, garnered rave reviews from fans and music press alike worldwide, catapulting The Lizards into legendary status!

“Loved hearing The Lizards when they opened for UFO. Cool riffs, grooves and musicality with Mike DiMeo's killer vocals on top. Awesome new record and I am glad to be a part of it.” - Vinnie Moore, UFO

Says bassist and band leader Randy Pratt, “On our 7th CD, 'Reptilicus Maximus', we brought in a few of our touring buddies. David Lanik, of 'Sharks' kicks ass on 'Ton on the One', the opening track on the CD. Frank Marino, of Mahogany Rush, was the headliner on our first tour and dazzles on 'Evil Eyes', the second track. Vinnie Moore and UFO were the headliners on our LAST tour (so far). Vinnie shreds beautifully on 'Crash', a song I wrote the lyrics to in the hospital after my brutal car crash that sidelined us for awhile. We did a 2 month tour with Glenn Hughes and he came to New York to record 4 songs on our 6th CD, 'Against All Odds'. 'Miracle Man' is a song that he wrote specifically for The Lizards, and I believe we slay it. He and Mike DiMeo do another one of their over the top duets on the closing number on the record. We added Scott 'The Doctor' Treibitz on keys for this CD, adding some new textures, from dark and brooding synths and majestic pipe organ to honky tonk piano and funky hammond organ.”

“Having toured with The Lizards and getting to know the band personally, I was delighted when Randy asked me to play on a track with them.  And even if I hadn't gotten to know what a great bunch of guys they are, I still would have accepted the invitation gladly, because I just loved the track and the music they make.  With me it's always been about heart, and these cats bring it... straight from the heart.”
Frank Marino - Mahogany Rush

Says Randy, “The music runs from progressive rock to swampy blues, lyrics ranging from the sacred to the profaneall in the name of ROCK. Bobby Rondinelli told us that we got some of the best playing of his career on this record. Since he played with Rainbow, Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult, you can believe the drums are world class throughout!”

“I consider it a crime not to check out these hot sounding reptiles!” - Metalliville, UK

For more information: 

Release Year: 


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