SPACE VACATION Ready For 'Speed Of Sound' Tour

SPACE VACATION, the San Francisco, California (Bay area) true metal champions featuring ex- Vicious Rumors guitarist Kiyoshi Morganare are proud to announce their upcoming California "Speed of Sound tour" during May / June 2018.
Space Vacation lead singer / guitarist Scott Shapiro has checked in with the following comment:
“Initiate countdown. We are getting ready to blast off. Its been a while since we hit the road but the landing module is ready and Petaluma, Los Angeles, San Diego, Anaheim and Oakland should brace for impact. We're super hyped to take the show on the road and this California tour should be the start of some bigger things to come. If we're not landing in your town this time, be on the lookout because we are planning to explore the Pacific Northwest toward the end of the summer ending in Ukiah, CA where we will be headlining the Redwood Metal Fest and then on to Europe in the Fall. Looking forward to drinking all your beer, smoking all your herb and leaving a wake of bangovers as we shred our way across time and space. Tootles.”
In other news, our new upcoming video is finally in production with an estimated mid summer release date, our guitarist Kiyo finally lost enough weight to fit into his leather pants again and our latest album "Lost in the Black Divide" is our best selling album to date.
Space Vacation upcoming tour dates:
May 30 - Phoenix Theater - Petaluma, Ca
(supporting Anvil, ShadowSide, Metalfier and Tempest)
May 31 - Five Star Bar - Los Angeles, CA
(alongside Ed Guage’s Steelwitch, Tzinami)
June 1 - The Bancroft - Spring Valley, CA (San Diego county)
(alongside Tzimani and Solar Haze)
June 2 - The Doll Hut - Anaheim, CA
(alongside Tyranis, Tzinami, Solar Haze, Meltdown)
June 5 - The Golden Bull - Oakland, CA
(alongside Railgun, Ninja Ghandi and Trecelence)
Space Vacation band line-up:
Scott Shapiro - Lead Singer / Guitars
Kiyo Morgan - Shredding Guitars
Kai Sun - Lead Bass
Cubby Baumann – Thunder
Space Vacation is highly recommended for fans of Ozzy Osbourne, Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden, early Def Leppard and Diamond Head.



Reverence - "Phoenix Rising"

US power metal band REVERENCE have released a new lyric video for 'Phoenix Rising', the track is taken from their latest EP 'Foreverence'. The video was edited by Tracy Holland. The video can be viewed here:


Hi folks. I’m back home, sitting at my desk for the first time in what seems like weeks, reflecting upon the most recent MelodicRock Fest event. will start to get updates from today, with full service from next Monday (21st).
I’d like to thank first and foremost, my wife Catherine for supporting my endeavours and for taking on the responsibility of looking after our boys and also burden of dealing with my anxieties and stresses in dealing with everything these events entail.
From the time of conception, each MRF event has taken roughly a year of preparation time to execute, with valuable help from others at certain points, but as others that have put together such events know, the financial responsibility and the pressure of maintaining the integrity of the overall event for all present, falls on the shoulders of the promoter.
These pressures haven’t been easy to absorb and at times, so Catherine, I pay tribute to you for all of this.
I think that each event has been a success for all in attendance and that is the biggest payoff for all the work involved. No matter what’s happening behind the scenes, I think the fans and artists attending have all enjoyed the close-knit community and fellowship that everyone brings to each event.
I have made many friends for life – relationships cultivated online, but brought to maturity through being able to talk, hang out, embrace and share the energy of enjoying great live music.
So, to each and every one of you – thank you. I’m truly honoured and consider myself much richer in spirit to be able to call you friends.
I would like to thank all the artists that have appeared as part of the 5 USA and 1 Australian MRF line-ups. Even the ones that were a bit of a pain in the ass! I kid I kid…all is forgotten!
This post would go on indefinitely if I was to identify all individually, but you guys all know the fantastic artists that gave up their time and energy to be part of MRF. Please continue to support those artists.
I do however, need to name just a few individuals for their continued support of the series of events and for going out of their way and over the top as far as time, effort and spirit put into these shows.
Take a bow Vic Rivera, Eric Ragno, Jeff Scott Soto, Joe Vana, Joey Vana, Jim Peterik, Richie Hofherr, Ty Sims, Erik Johnson, John Parker, Stevie Janevski, Jason Old & Paul Laine.
In the case of MRF5, a huge thanks to Chad and Squid at CC Backline, I couldn’t recommend these guys highly enough. And Tony, George and the Home Bar staff for always being amazing, plus the Crown Plaza Hotel Northbrook for accommodating an entire hotel full of lunatics.
Henry at Heavy Duty Promos, Dave Tedder at 20th Century Music, Darren and Todd Dewis at One Riff Merchandise and Rachel at CSR Music Promotions, Debbie Setliff, Steve at Impulse Music, Matt Lemieux, Phil the wonder-driver and Dannette Pahl. I know I’ve missed some…for that I apologise and don’t be surprised if this post is edited a dozen times.
There are also several people from past events that need thanking. When taking stock of everything that has passed, it would be remiss of me not to include everyone in the appreciation deserved for helping make past MRF events what they were.
So thank you: Denise Zigler and the Morris Performing Arts Center (MRF1); John Schenk; Geoff Sands at the Roadhouse (MRF2); Frontiers Records (MRF1 & 3), John Kivel & Kivel Records (MRF1-4), Michael Eden (MRF1 & 2), Joey DeMarco, Nello D’Omo, Richard Mace, Justin Murr, John Kivlin (RIP), Brett Walker (RIP), Sheron Walker, and Ryan Northrop at Metal Mayhem Music (MRF1 & 2).
I think that covers a lot of what I wanted to say. It doesn’t cover everything I feel, be assured that there are many many people I am grateful to and for and you know who you are.
Now it’s time to do try something different…
MelodicRock and MRR will of course continue on with the intent to grow both platforms further.



JOEL HOEKSTRA Posts Whitesnake Update

WHITESNAKE guitarist JOEL HIEKSTRA has posted an update on MelodicRock’s own Noticeboard regarding the delayed Whitesnake album.
It reads: “Hi all! There were technical issues with the studio during mixing(first the board, then the computer). It set them/us back a bit. Factor in the 4 months it takes for the label to manufacture vinyl after turning it in and the fact that you want to coordinate a release with a tour and you've got an early '19 release. Unfortunate, but it is what it is. It has nothing to do with the label, the songs, DC's voice, problems with the band. It is, as stated, pushed back due to technical issues. Apologies and hope everyone here has a great day today with nothing but great days to follow. Rock on!!

THE SENIOR MANAGEMENT - Heart & Soul (Showcase)

Wednesday, May 30, 2018
Heart & Soul
Produced By: 
Dennis Heltorp
Release Date: 
May 30
AOR, Pop, Country, Melodic Rock
MelodicRock Records is overjoyed to be bringing one of our favourite vocalists to the label. The mighty, Goran Edman is the frontman for the latest signing to the label, THE SENIOR MANAGEMENT.
MRR isn’t afraid to take chances when the music demands attention and The Senior Management is a no-brainer. Their mature mix of styles pushes the boundaries of melodic rock, westcoast AOR while including a touch of country and acoustic pop/rock.
The debut self-titled album is being exclusively handled by MRR for the CD format, with a digital release due early next month.
The MRR CD release will be a limited edition and is released May 30.

($15+$5 Worldwide Shipping)

(Both CDs For $30 & Pay Just $3 Worldwide Shipping)

Check out these two monster songs that bookend the debut album:

The Senior Management Bio:
In the summer of 2015 guitarist Dennis Heltorp and drummer Henrik Zetterlund formed the rock band The Senior Management. Together they have been involved in different
music project since the late 80’s. During the first half of the 90’s they collaborated in the band
Y.M.I where they reached the finals in the Swedish championship of rock music.
In the mid 90’s Y.M.I played at a rock festival and was warm up act for Billionaires Boys Club who
was headlining. Billionaires Boy Club was Jörg Fischer (Accept), Anders Johansson (Yngwie Malmsteen) Göran Edman (Yngwie Malmsten, John Norum) and Magnus Rosén (Hammerfall).
Magnus was at the time in the beginning of his career and that later would bring him to several successful years with Hammerfall. Göran had recently left Yngwie Malmsteen
band when he replaced Marc Boals in Billionaires Boys Club. During this rock festival, it was the
first time we all met and none of us had any idea that we 20 years later would team up together as
The Senior Management.
Dennis Heltorp: “In order to find our sound, we did some demos with different voices like Tony Martin from Black Sabbath and Jeff Scott Soto (Talisman, Soto, Sons Of Apollo). However, all pieces fell into place after the first demo run with Göran. He finally added with his voice and amazing vocal harmonies the missing piece to complete our sound.”
Some listeners say that The Senior Management sound like a blend of The Eagles and Thin Lizzy.
Others have said they sound like Journey or Bon Jovi.

RUST N RAGE - Tales From The Wasteland (Showcase)

Wednesday, May 30, 2018
Tales From The Wasteland
Release Date: 
May 30
Melodic Rock, Hard Rock
MelodicRock Records is excited to announce the signing of one of Finland’s youngest and most hard hitting bands, RUST N RAGE.
RUST N RAGE have been kicking ass in their native country, performing since 2010. Their debut album ’Showdown’ was released in 2013, but now it’s time for their mega-cool follow-up, ’Tales From The Wasteland’, which will be released by MRR worldwide outside of Finalnd.
PRE-ORDER RUST N RAGE "Tales From The Wasteland"
($15+$5 worldwide shipping)

(Both CDs For $30 & Pay Just $3 Worldwide Shipping)
Track Listing:
01. Midnight Train 04:10
02. Dancing On The Edge 04:34
03. Riding On The Storm 04:31
04. Hungry For The World 06:09
05. Lethal Injections Of Love 03:46
06. Maze Of Pleasures 04:01
07. Blood On The Cross 06:39
08. Take It Off 04:36
09. Dreamcatcher 05:43
10. Revolution 02:32

Rust n’ Rage - Biography
Rust n’ Rage is a rock band formed in 2010, hailing from Pori, the west-coast of Finland. Founding members of the band are guitarist Johnny and drummer Jezzie. The original line-up had a different singer, bassist and also another guitarist, Martti. In the early years of the band, Rust n’ Rage mainly played covers, all the while creating their own material. The bands true spirit and line-up started forming when Vince took the mantle of the singer and Eddy grabbed the bass. Not long after, there was a demo-session of three songs, and two of the songs ended up in the debut album later on. Rust n’ Rage was going on strong as a five-man band, until Martti decided to focus on his own projects and passions. The band decided to keep on going as a four-man group, with only the power of one guitar.
At this point, they already had a lot of own material, and it was time to record a debut album. The debut, ”Showdown”, was released in the start of 2013 via local record company, Ektro Records. Three music videos were released from the album, and the record got mainly good reviews from all around the globe. After intense touring around Finland, it was time to start going abroad. Rust n’ Rage went for a six-gig tour, that consisted of gigs in Sweden, Latvia and ended in Estonia, in the summer of 2014.
From here, the band had loads of new ass-kickin’ material, and after choosing which songs to record for a second album, all that was left was to start recording it.
In the summer of 2015, Rust n’ Rage started ”Nothing to Lose-tour”, which was done with another Pori based band, Serpico. This tour had gigs in Latvia and Finland, and ended up with eight gigs, all around England.

From the upcoming album, two singles have been released already: ”Riding on the Storm”, as a lyric video and ”Take it Off”, as a music video. Third video “Dreamcatcher” will be released on spring 2018. The planned release date for the second album, “Tales from the Wasteland”, is coming in May.



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