VINNY APPICE talks to Totally Driven Radio about LAST IN LINE

Monday, January 19, 2015

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Returning to Totally Driven Radio is Legendary Drummer Vinny Appice, formerly of Dio and Heaven n Hell,  now with The Last in Line

We talked to Vinny about…

**The great response The Last in Line has gotten for their debut album “Heavy Crown”
**How the Last in Line got together

**What it was like playing again with Vivian Campbell
**The sudden passing of Jimmy Bain
**The days leading up to his passing
**The sendoff they did to Jimmy on the ship
**Did Jimmy know or not about the cancer
**Having Eric Brittingham of Cinderella fill in for Jimmy on the cruise
**The explosion of the Rock Cruises, and if he enjoys them
**If they figured out whom the new bass player will be
**If Andrew felt any pressure to fill the shoes of Ronnie James Dio
**If Wendy Dio supportive of The Last in Line
**Playing “Rainbow in the Dark” recently at a benefit with Slash
**If he asked Slash if the need a drummer for GnR
**Any more Drum Wars with his brother Carmine
**He touched on Resurrection Kings with Craig Goldy
**He talked about the people from the cruise texted people back at shore, about Jimmy’s passing before his family was notified

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