Headline News

Saturday, 20/10/18
One of the great pleasures I’ve had while running MelodicRock Records is working with the HEARTS ON FIRE guys on this project.   The brilliance of Jean Funes, Richard Andermyr, Joel Mejia, Eric Rago & Dennis Ward have made a truly memorable melodic rock record.   It’s out officially today, digital will... + continue reading
Saturday, 20/10/18
  THUNDER's new album is called 'Please Remain Seated' and will be released via BMG (their new label) on January 18th 2019. It’s an exploration into our own music. Q. What’s that? A: After we reimagined and re-recorded Love Walked In in 2017 we decided to have a fresh look at the rest of our songs.... + continue reading
Saturday, 20/10/18
Tony Harnell, the critically acclaimed singer/songwriter and former vocalist of multi-platinum hard rock band TNT, and Magnus Karlsson, current Primal Fear, The Ferrymen, Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall guitarist extraordinaire, have rejoined forces for the release of the third STARBREAKER album, "Dysphoria". The album will be... + continue reading
Thursday, 18/10/18
  Frontiers Music Srl are delighted to announce the release of “Ride To Nowhere”, the third studio album by Inglorious on January 25, 2019. The debut single from the album, “Where Are You Now?” is released out now.     In amongst their touring commitments, Inglorious spent 2018... + continue reading
Wednesday, 17/10/18
  The brand new Christian Tolle Project album “Point Blank” will be released October 26 through Fastball Music. Again, Christian Tolle hits the 100% mark with his melodic rock songs and cooperates with well established musicians, e.g. Doug Aldrich, David Reece, John Cuijpers, Mathias Dieth and Morris Adriaens.... + continue reading