Blue Tears Mad, Bad & Dangerous Suncity Records
Produced By: Gregg Fulkerson

Running Time: 72.52

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: Melodic Rock

Links: Suncity Records
Songs: 93%
Sound: 85%
Suncity Records is the new kid on the block as far as record labels go, but what a way to make an impact with your first release!
Blue Tears won over a lot of fans with their cult classic debut, but in what can only be deemed bad luck, never broke through for mainstream success. The band worked on material for a second album, but sadly it was never finished or released.
Frontman and band principle Gregg Fulkerson has kept busy over the years, most recently presenting the more contemporary sounding Attraction 65 project which to my ears retained the classic moody Blue Tears sound, just updating it for a modern rock market.
The legend that was Blue Tears however would not die and the trading circuit was alive with bad quality and mislabeled demos from the band, most recently appearing on E-Bay.
It was this development that prompted Gregg Fulkerson into action and a well timed call from Suncity put the two into partnership.
Mad Bad And Dangerous is the first of two volumes of classic unreleased Blue Tears material. When I say classic, I mean classic these tracks all hail from a time frame that surrounds the release of the debut album. Some tracks were recorded for that release, but later left off, others were part of session that would have evolved into the band's second release and some even pre-date the debut.
To best appreciate these tunes one must put oneself into a late 80s/early 90s mindset - a time where songs were big, fun and not to be taken too seriously unless the song was a hard hitting, emotion filled power ballad.
This album contains some fine examples of each. Granted they are a little dated in places, but considering their age and the various sources, as a compilation of unreleased tracks, you will not hear better.
Blue Tears fans especially will be thoroughly impressed, I have no doubt.
Highlights of the release for me would be the opening track Long Way Home, an energetic hands-in-the-air rock anthem which surely would have been a hit had it been released when recorded in 1992. Stylistically it matches the best tracks from the debut album.
The moody anthem Kisses In The Dark is another real gem and is everything Blue Tears fans will love, with a great sound to match.
The title track is something that Def Leppard could have released in the early 90s and is again reminiscent of the sound of the debut.
Follow Your Heart matches the big uptempo rock of the opening track, with a nice Bon Jovi feel to it.
Ballads are well represented on Mad Bad & Dangerous - With You Tonight is a killer track Bon Jovi never recorded; Evidence Of Love is a dark and moody Def Leppard styled track and Russia Tonight is a heartfelt acoustic driven track with poignant lyrics still relevant today.
Best of them all is the haunting and emotion filled Misty Blue another track from the never recorded second album. What an opus that would have been!
Not quiet working for me is Girl Crazy and Love Machine both tracks not quite competing sonically and certainly not lyrically no offence intended.
A live track Live It Up closes the album perfectly with hands in the air and feet tapping along.
The Bottom Line
Blue Tears and Gregg Fulkerson prove themselves as a band that had everything needed to be huge, but sadly weren't. Thanks to this release we can see what might have been and appreciate it in retrospect.
This is big, multi-layered, keyboard friendly 80's melodic rock and I think the target audience will eat this up and anticipate Volume 2. A perfect snapshot of the glory days of pomp melodic rock.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Blue Tears
Mad, Bad & Dangerous
Attraction 65 - Attraction 65

Line Up:
Gregg Fulkerson: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Bryan Hall: Guitar, Vocals
Charlie Lauderdale: Drums
Michael Spears: Bass, Vocals

Essential For Fans Of:
Blue Tears
Attraction 65
Def Leppard - Euphoria
Bon Jovi - Slippery When Wet
Track Listing
Long Way Home*
Girl Crazy
With You Tonight*
Mystery Man
Rock You To Heaven
Evidence Of Love*
Mad, Bad & Dangerous To Know
Misty Blue*
Kisses In The Dark*
Everywhere I Go*
Midnight Train
Follow Your Heart
Russia Tonight*
Love Machine
The Last Serenade
Live It Up
--*Best Tracks

06/12/05: Justin -
Rating: 80
I had this cd on in the car and my girlfriend looked at me and said, "I don't know these Bon Jovi songs"...

That sums up how a lot of people will feel about this band, but really they do have their own sound and lots of great songs are included on this collection of demos.

The sound quality is amazing, regardless of whether you consider them demos or not.

Half the songs are excellent. We've got total AOR classics. (Long Way Home, Rock You to Heaven, Kisses in the Dark, Follow Your Heart( and some touching ballads...power ballad With You Tonight, the Springsteen sounding Midnight Train, the quiet Misty Blue and the beautiful, very emotional The Last Serenade.

The remaining tracks don't stand out for me personally, but the quality of the songs mentioned above as well as the excellent liner notes, photos and lyrics including in the booklet...makes this CD very much worth buying and a very welcome re-introduction to Blue Tears!

30/11/05: Axe Machine -
Rating: 93
Finally these things have seen the light of day. Certainly a must buy album for long time fans of the band, as this album accomplishes what Attraction 65 failed to do - satisfy Blue Tears fans. Long Way Home, Live It Up, Mad Bad & Dangerous, With You Tonight, Kisses In The Dark, and especially Rock You To Heaven are what fans have been waiting to get their head around in more than fifteen years. What really amazed me though was how GREAT the production of this 'demo' actually is. I would certainly put it up alongside the dedut in terms of sound, and it sounds better than most of the current releases. Bottom line is, Fulkerson should have been a star and Blue Tears should have sold millions of records. Their new album also sounds like it will be amazing as the track Let It Rain on the AOR Heaven sampler is a peach. As for Mad, Bad & Dangerous - buy wont be disappointed!

26/10/05: Restless One -
Rating: 85
The first BLUE TEARS album was a favourite of mine, BON JOVI X DEF LEPPARD. This release is worth getting for the superb track KISSES IN THE DARK. I now have a great sounding version of this gem of a song compared to bad quality version demo i own. Gregg Fulkerson should have been a STAR!

20/10/05: Toiv -
Rating: 92
Blue Tears first album is one of the best ever released. With that said, this release is not quite as good as that one, but it still has lots to offer. Songs like Rock you to Heaven, Kisses in the Dark, Follow you Heart and Long Way Home are awesome. The ballads are also amazing. In fact, 4 or 5 of them sound amazing if the listener gives them time. Overall, this is a greatr release from an extremely talented individual in Gregg Fulkerson. I can't wait for the new album.

30/09/05: Dag H Moldskred -
Rating: 88

As i love the first Blue tears album(big sound and fat B vocals) i was very exited to hear this.Its good when its good and even though its not as big sounding its worth buying.They should have left out 4-5 tracks though as it has fillers.

01/09/05: johnk5150 -
Rating: 90
I hate every ballad. But oh wow the rockers were worth the wait.

31/08/05: Stevel11 -
Rating: 82
Definitely some fabulous songs on here that harkens back to the heyday of melodic rock. Songs like Long Way Home, With You Tonight, Rock You to Heaven, and Kisses in The Dark would have been right at home on the first Blue Tears CD. Follow Your Heart is excellent as well, but clearly suffers from a demo sound. I would love to hear this as a finished product. Interestingly, it is the only song that really sounds sub par production-wise, but it is so good it is still a great listen.

Unfortunately, as you would expect with a sixteen track disc of unreleased material, there are definitely a few fillers, and the CD lacks the continuity and flow of a regular album. The running order does not help matters, with Girl Crazy (one of my least favorite tracks) at spot number two between two of my favorite tracks at one and three. I find myself hitting the skip button more than I would like.

I still plan on buying the next volume, because I am sure it will have a handful of standout tracks, as well. Then, I'll probably take my favorites from both and make one great ten or twelve track album to sit alongside the original 1990 release. I also look forward to the new studio album next year.

30/08/05: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 86
Great melodic rock release, and much better than the BORING Attraction 65 !
This is how Blue Tears should sound.
Melodic, with keys and with SONGS !
Strong release !

30/08/05: AOR -
Rating: 0

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