TERRY CAROLAN EPs Combined Into Album For MelodicRock Classics Release

MelodicRock Classics Label
MelodicRock Classics is excited to unveil the last of 4 new reissue releases due out May 26.
Terry Carolan ‘Inbalance’ is the last piece of the puzzle and is the 3rd of the 4 titles coming that will be part of the 500 Series of titles – meaning one pressing, 500 units, then done. When it’s sold out its gone forever once again.
American singer/songwriter Terry Corolan made his start as a drummer in Florida in the 70s, before taking up guitar and songwriting and moving around the country in various bands before moving to Los Angeles with Just Boys in the late 70s before transforming to a new solo artist.
He started his solo career by recording two separate EPs, one titled ‘Inbalance’ (1988) and the other ‘River Of Promises’ (1989).  
His career has been busy and full, but for his collaboration with MelodicRock Classics, Terry and the label have coupled those 2 classic melodic rock EPs, both freshly remastered by JK Northrup and with the addition of 4 special bonus tracks – the details of which we will announce shortly.
JK is still at work on these tunes, so today we will present the original audio, not yet remastered.
Designer Nello Del’Omo has crafted a new cover art using one of the original EP graphics.
For now, here is the planned sequence:
Track Listing:
01. Somethin’s Right
02. No Conscience 
03. Bad Breaks
04. Throw Your Wings Away
05. Souls Of Fire 
06. Hold On 
07. Ride Away 
08. Mountains 
09. Big World 
10. We Don’t Talk
11. All Comes True 
+ 4 Bonus Tracks TBA