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Friday, December 31, 2004

Christian hard rock band Guardian are reuniting to record new music for a May 2005 release. Three new songs, combined with past favorites, as well as an extensive DVD are in the works. Producers John & Dino Elefante will also re-team with the band. A new web site is currently being developed, but for now, fans can go to for updates.
The Guardian 2005 line-up is: Jamie Rowe, Tony Palacios, David Bach and Karl Ney.

Several covers albums are planned for 2005, with Styx, Def Leppard, Shaw/Blades, Ozzy Osbourne and Jake E Lee all working on CDs. Details of the Jake E Lee release are now available on the website:
The line-up for the album is: Jake E. Lee (Ozzy Osbourne, Badlands) guitars; Chris Logan (MSG) Vocals; Tim Bogert (Vanilla Fudge, Beck, Bogert & Appice) Bass and Aynsley Dunbar (Whitesnake, MSG, UFO) Drums.
Great White's Michael Lardie is engineering the tracks. The track listing is likely to be:
Way Back To The Bone (Trapeze) . I'll Be Creepin' (Free) . Love Is Worth Blues (Leslie West) . Evil (Cactus) . I'll Come Tumblin' (Grand Funk) . Hard Way To Go (Savoy Brown) . Woman (James Gang) . Rock Candy (Montrose) . Guess I'll Go Away (Johnny Winter) . Whiskey Train (Procol Harem) . I Can't Stand It (Robin Trower).
A Tribute album to the guitarist is also well underway, with full details of the 13 track release available at:

Fans waiting for the new Beautiful Creatures album Deuce can sample one track right now. Superfly has been posted online at the band's website: Beautiful Creatures bassist Kenny Kweens was recently interviewed by South Mississippi's and stated the album is: "a little heavier than our debut CD and different at times, too," continuing on , "but it still has the same spirit, it still sounds like Beautiful Creatures — two years, three producers and four studios later."
Deuce will be released firstly in Japan on the JVC label. "We expect to release in the U.S. early in 2005," Kweens said, "and we're also putting together a home DVD called Sometimes Pretty Ain't Pretty At All. It'll show us in the studio, sound checks, interviews — a behind-the-scenes look at the band. And the title is appropriate. Trust me."

Paul Chapman continues to monitor talk about the Waysted album - on which his guitar parts were replaced - and continues to offer his thoughts on the whole affair via his website:

You can now download new Mike Tramp live video from Australia 2004 at his website:

Head over to: for a clip to the band's new single Hero.

Reviews have been updated with a few titles out recently that needed covering. Online today are reviews for: Final Frontier, Waysted, Thunder (EP), Platens, Crown Of Thorns, Richie Kotzen, Creighton Doane and Johnnie Degiuli. Check them out.

MR-X has been updated. A bigger update next week, as many folks aren't working over the holidays and don't have their workplace high-sped connections! Good to see you all working hard! Online today are Rockline Radio Interview Shows with Heart and Mick Jones (Foreigner) - both from mid-2004 and 5 very cool MP3 tracks to check out, plus the following new videos: Kings Of The Sun - Serpentine, Lion - Powerlove, Michael Bolton - Everybody's Crazy, Mr. Mister - Something Real, Nevada Beach - Waiting For An Angel and Roko - One Night Stand.
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Well, that's it for 2004! Happy New Year folks....thanks for the amazing support in 2004 and here's to 2005 - which I am sure will present many challenges for this scene. It will be an interesting year. Lots of updates to report on, so stay tuned and watch for the 2004 MelRock Awards soon.




Thursday, December 30, 2004

I had the great pleasure of catching up with Journey's Neal Schon on Christmas Eve - not for a formal interview as such, but just to get an update on his always busy schedule, which includes the debut live shows for Soul SirkUS, the band he formed with singer Jeff Scott Soto.
First up are the Soul SirkUS shows, so I asked Neal about those. The band takes in seven Californian dates, including one in Neal's home town of San Francisco. It seems those attending the Fillmore show January 13 will be treated to a couple of extra special guests!
Neal spoke extremely positively about the band, stating that in hooking up with Jeff Scott Soto he has a really strong rock frontman to work with. Neal says he's "100% behind the band" and "is ready to turn the world upside down!" He talked with a passion for the chemistry between the band members, which also includes bassist Marco Mendoza and drummer Deen Castronovo, stating that it's unbelievable and he can't wait for fans to see that on stage. He added that the band would be "so much better again" than the record, as the charisma of those involved gets let loose on stage.
Fans will also see all 4 guys singing on stage, in what will be a massive display of harmonies - "The ability of this band vocally is incredible..." he says.
Neal is very proud of the Soul SirkUS record, adding that they recorded the majority of the album in just two days and can only imagine what they could have done had they had a recording budget equivalent to the new Journey album. World Play was recorded in Jonathan Cain's home studio on a totally analogue desk, which Neal is particularly pleased about. "No pro-tool fixes or added special effects!"
Once these live dates are completed, Neal returns to Journey the first week of February to record the highly anticipated brand new studio album. But he says won't be forgetting about Soul SirkUS, looking forward to really moving that band forward.
Neal was kind enough to let some of the Journey studio plans out of the bag, which I was very impressed with. The band head into the studio with producer Mike Frasier. Vocalist Steve Augeri has decided to work with the great producer Kevin Elson for his vocals.
The guys will start by rehearsing the new material written for 2 weeks and start the recording process in the 3rd week of the month, hoping to have it completed with the exception of the lead vocals by the end of the month!
Neal says he is very impressed with the material Steve Augeri has brought to the table, stating that throughout the 2004 tour (which he described as the best tour the band have had), Steve was always at work on new material and presenting ideas to the band.
What's most interesting is Neal's take on the direction for this album. "This is a brand new Journey sound. There's classic Journey of course, but also parts like The Who and it's all very melodic. It's also nothing like Red 13....some people didn't like that release, but it was necessary for us to do."
Neal says the new sound is "nothing like anything we've already done", before reiterating his enthusiasm for the work of Steve Augeri on new material.
And that folks is where I left things this time around, with the invitation to call again in the new year for an update. That I'll certainly do!
Remember that Journey will be inducted into the Hollywood Walk Of Fame on January 21, with a celebration gig at the House Of Blues on Sunset that night. And the Fillmore Soul SirkUS show will be filmed and feature special guests!
Wish I could be at the Soul SirkUS and Journey gigs - what a time to live in the ass end of the world where airfares are sadly a luxury! Anyone out there work for Qantas, Air New Zealand or United Airlines??!!
Stay tuned for further Soul SirkUS and Journey updates over the next few months. WebLinks: /

Skid Row are at work writing new material for a new studio album hoped to be released by mid-2005. Rachel Bolan is also working on a side project dubbed The Quazimotors. Rachel says the band is a 3 piece with 2 singers (himself and the guitar player) and has heard it described as "If Johnny Cash and Iggy Pop were to write songs on a 10 day bender."

Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony has once again proved to be the good guy in remembering the fans and along with vocalist Sammy Hagar, continue to keep in contact with fans. Anthony just posted this message on his official web site:
"I'd like to wish everybody a happy & bashing holidays and all the best for the new year to come! It was great to be out on the road again rockin' everybody's asses off! I would like to personally thank everyone for coming out and supporting the tour. Van Halen fans are truly the best and you guys are on the beach!'
"I'm not sure what the future holds for Van Halen, but I can tell you Sammy [Hagar] and I will be out there rocking together with the WABOS in 2005. Stay tuned for further developments."

And lastly for today, I try and make this site an oasis from the outside world and it's troubles. But the Earthquake and Tsunami disaster that has struck my neighboring countries in the SE Asian area is simply beyond comprehension and I'm sure everyone out there is behind all rescue and relief operations underway. I just wanted to say that I hope all readers of in the effected countries are as well as could be expected, and others from around the world that have friends in the region will all be kept safe from harm.
There are many organization sin many countries taking donations for relief operations and I'm pleased that the Aussie government has started with A$35 million, aircraft and personnel to get things started.
I've heard today that Linkin Park have opened their own fund, calling it Music For Relief and starting with a $100,000 donation. The full story at: and the fund's website is at:




Wednesday, December 29, 2004

After splitting with long time vocalist and founding member Michael Bormann earlier in 2004, German hard rockers Jaded Heart have formerly recruited their new frontman. The 4 remaining musicians Barish Kepic (guitar), Michael Mueller (bass), Henning Wanner (keys) and Axel Kruse (drums) have been looking for a suitable "substitute" and have just announced the role has been filled by former Scudiero vocalist Johan Fahlberg.
The 35 year old Swedish singer owns a very unique voice that the band state: "will add very new facets to the Jaded Heart sound."
At the moment the band are busy with the songwriting for their seventh, yet untitled new studio-album. The first demos will be done by January. It is anticipated that the new album will be done and released via Ulftone Music/Frontiers Records sometime in May. After the release Jaded Heart will take off for a club-tour that leads the band not only through Germany but through the rest of Europe as well.

In related news, former vocalist Michael Bormann has also been busy. His website has updated information stating that he will complete his new solo album during January, featuring 2CDs - one of new solo material and a second CD featuring all the songs that were already written for the forthcoming Jaded Heart album.
It will be extremely interesting to see how both artists fare in 2005.
Pictured below is new vocalist Johan and the completed new line-up for Jaded Heart.


2005, could very well be the best year ever for Tony Harnell and his fans. With an amazing new band and debut album soon to be announced, a new TNT album to follow up the critically acclaimed My Religion in the works, three songs on the upcoming Brazen Abbot CD, and a couple of other cool guest appearances, this is an exciting year for Tony and his fans.
Tony commented: "There will be lots of touring in the second half of the year and lots of surprises for sure. I can't wait to get out there again and see those smiling faces in the audience. I am so excited about 2005 I can hardly contain myself. I have written and recorded what I think is possibly the best album of my career so far with my new band and the new TNT songs are sounding great as well. It's going to be a tremendous year."
I have sampled a demo of one new tune and have to echo Tony's enthusiasm. Details of this project will be announced soon, but I really think it will impress fans greatly and perhaps bring in new fans for Tony from the heavier side of the melodic rock spectrum.
For frequent updates and details on all things Tony, check out his soon to be redesigned official website at

From Los Angeles — Bon Jovi want to give love a good name. The New Jersey rockers recently finished recording their ninth studio record, and singer Jon Bon Jovi calls it their most upbeat album ever.
"After these trying times in the States this last year, we're trying to get back to some optimism, people accepting each other," Bon Jovi said. Telling of their optimism is the title of the first single, Have a Nice Day, which the band performed at the American Music Awards last month. John Shanks, who has worked with Lindsay Lohan, Ashlee Simpson, Hilary Duff and Kelly Clarkson in recent months, produced the album.
"It's a big rock record that I think is gonna surprise a lot of people," Bon Jovi said. "It's a very contemporary sound, a real rockin' record."
A title and release date have yet to be set, but fans should expect a spring release. "I'm really going to take my time with [the title], 'cause the songs are important enough to think of something," Bon Jovi said.
In the meantime, the band just released the box set 100 Million Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong. "It's 38 songs no one's ever heard and 12 rarities that you have to be a diehard fan to know, so it's 50 songs," Bon Jovi boasted.
Compiling the material gave the band a chance to reflect on it career. "It's incredible," Bon Jovi said. "Who would've thought? Twenty years, 100 million albums, not in my wildest dreams."
MelodicRock note - Will upbeat = uptempo? And I do believe Jon called Bounce a big rock record at one stage! Here's hoping this one really delivers - the single is quite something, so it looks promising.

The Styx single I Am The Walrus is presently #2 on the Mediabase Heritage Rock Chart and debuts on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart at #29. The band is now receiving strong airplay on Q104.3 in New York and the track is on over 150 stations nationwide.
The band has now entered the studio to record a CD of some of their own favorite classic tracks such as I Don't Need No Doctor, Locomotive Breath, I Can See For Miles, and the 2005 bluesy version of Blue Collar Man to name a few. The CD will be released sometime in March and the Walrus single is now available through iTunes for downloading.
The video features a cameo by Billy Bob Thornton and is described by the band as "a lot of fun" and "shot on a production budget of ....nothing!"

Los Angeles, Dec. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- VH1 Classic Metal Mania: Stripped, an acoustic compilation of the biggest hard rock ballad hits of all time, is set for release February 8, 2005 on Sidewinder Music. Gathered from imports, live recordings, rare performances, hard-to-find albums, and six new recordings, Stripped is an extensive collection of acoustic tracks from hard rock's multi-platinum metal gods.
While Heavy Metal artists were known for their hard-rocking ways and arena rock anthems, it was often their ballads that crossed over and gave them more popularity and exposure, as well as their highest chart positions and mainstream recognition.
Stripped offers fans intimate, one-of-a-kind versions of such classic cuts as Poison's "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" and Queensryche's "Silent Lucidity"(from MTV Unplugged); Scorpions' "Wind Of Change" (from Acoustica Live), Firehouse's "When I Look Into Your Eyes" (from Good Acoustics), Warrant's "I Saw Red;" Slaughter's "Fly to The Angels" (from Stick It To Ya) and a solo performance by Kip Winger of Winger's "Miles Away." This rare power ballad compilation also features a live acoustic version of Tesla's "The Way It Is," and an acapella track of "More Than Words" from Extreme.
STRIPPED also features six new acoustic recordings including versions of Night Ranger's "Sister Christian"; Cinderella's "Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)"; L.A. Guns' "Ballad of Jane"; White Lion's "When The Children Cry"; Alias' "More Than Words Can Say" and Great White's "Save Your Love."
Jamie Talbot, compilation producer, A&R/Immortal Entertainment, comments, "If you look beyond the hairspray and leather pants that many of these metal artists are perhaps best-known for, you find powerful songs that stand the test of time. Many of these hits were written on acoustic guitar or piano and later transformed into more elaborate productions. We believe Stripped offers versions of these songs that reveal a warmth and intimacy that allow the melodies and song craft to shine through in a way not widely heard."
"'Metal Mania' is one of the most talked about programs on VH1 Classic," said Eric Sherman, Senior Vice President/General Manager, VH1 Classic and VH1 Digital Television. "We're excited that we can extend its tremendous popularity into this collection of acoustic performances that highlight some of the best of the metal genre. 'VH1 Classic Metal Mania: Stripped' is the first of many VH1 Classic-themed products that will allow us to strengthen our connection with our enthusiastic viewers."
VH1 Classic will support the release of the Stripped CD through extensive on-air promotion including an exclusive performance by Kip Winger of "Miles Away" taped in the VH1 Classic studio. The CD will also benefit from radio promotions and online support, and will also be available for purchase at
VH1 Classic Metal Mania: Stripped Full Track Listing:
"Every Rose Has Its Thorn" Poison (4:27) . "Sister Christian" Night Ranger (5:08) (New Recording) . "Wind of Change" Scorpions (5:30) . "Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)" Cinderella (5:09) (New Recording) . "Silent Lucidity" Queensryche (5:29) . "More Than Words" Extreme (4:09) . "I Saw Red" Warrant (3:44) . "The Way It Is" Tesla (6:03) . "Miles Away" Winger (3:58) . "Ballad of Jane" L.A. Guns (4:56) (New Recording) . "When The Children Cry" White Lion (4:30) (New Recording) . "When I Look Into Your Eyes" Firehouse (4:04) . "Fly To The Angels" Slaughter (3:22) . "More Than Words Can Say" Alias (3:51)(New Recording) . "Save Your Love" Great White (5:25) (New Recording).

Harem Scarem are knee deep in recording sessions for their new studio album. A couple of insights to the process are available via band member websites. Pete Lesperance has a clip of him supplying guitar work at his site and drummer Creighton Doane has a clip of him pounding away at his site. More news soon!

The third Antenna Magazine is now up for free download at and yet again it is packed with new interviews and reviews.
The new Antenna Magazine features in-depth interview with Illdisposed, studio report from the recordings of the new power metal masterpiece by HammerFall as well as interviews with Scott Ian of Anthrax and Johan Hegg of Amon Amarth. Furthermore Tristania, Iron Saviour and Manticora are featured with interviews and as usual there's loads of CD and DVD reviews as well. And all this is available for free and can be downloaded at this location:
Remember - Download Antenna Magazine # 1 for free or buy the print issue of Antenna Magazine # 2 [The second issue is not available for free]

I caught up with Journey and Soul SirkUS guitarist Neal Schon Christmas Eve - read what he had to say about the new Journey record and the future for Soul SirkUS, here tomorrow!




Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas folks! I hope everyone has a safe and happily holiday season. It's getting on here on Christmas eve, so here's one last update before the big day. Next update early next week - nothing Monday, but I expect to be online Tuesday/Wednesday with a fresh news update. Thanks to everyone that has supported the site during 2004.
With thanks to the always groovy Steve Brown and 40ft Ringo, here is a Christmas hello message and a special MP3 download from the guys!
Merry Christmas!
Download: 40ft Ringo - Merry Christmas and Rockin' Christmas Time.

Radio station 100.7 The Bay FM in Baltimore were yesterday reporting that Steve Perry had agreed to be at the Journey Walk Of Fame event January 21. I talked to Perry's management this morning local time and they had not heard this news and said that they did not expect Steve to be present at the event.

I caught up with Jack Blades on the phone this morning - he wishes everyone a Merry Christmas. I was sending him my best and took the chance to ask about a couple of things. Firstly, he asks me to pass on how much fun the boys had at the recent Damn Yankees re-union. He said that it has definitely inspired them to look at doing more together as they have so much chemistry together and it would be a waste not to continue in some way. So expect to hear more about that! Jack and Tommy Shaw have also just about wrapped up their Shaw/Blades covers album - featuring their favourite tunes from the 60's and 70's. And 2005 should also see work on a new Night Ranger album commenced - so look out Jack Blades fans, 2005 will be just as big as 2004 was.

MR-X has been updated!
Added today is tracks from the very cool unreleased Arti Tisi album, a selection of cool new MP3s from the likes of Motley Crue, TMG and more....Also added are some really cool new video clips for: Jeff Paris - Saturday Night, King Kobra - Hunger and Iron Eagle (Never Say Die), Motley Crue - If I Die Tomorrow, Marchello - First Love, Nelson - Love And Affection and Regatta - Wherever You Run.
Lastly - a new competition has been opened for MR-X members - on offer is one of 5 copies of the classic debut Heaven & Earth (Stuart Smith) CD.
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Another site move error has come to light, but is now working as normal. Feature Reviews has been updated. You can now add your own reviews for: Soul SirkUS / World Play, The Ladder / Future Miracles and Mike Tramp / Songs I Left Behind.




Thursday, December 23, 2004

AOR Heaven are very pleased to announce that they have struck a deal enabling them to purchase stock of the debut Soul SirkUS CD World Play. The CD to date has only been available via the band's official website - (and continues to be available).
AOR Heaven will have the CD in stock by January 10, when they return from Christmas break.


World-famous manufacturer launches 6505™ amplifiers, Carina™ guitars - December 21, 2004 - Peavey Int'l. Headquarters—Peavey announces it has parted with Edward Van Halen after a 13-year partnership. Peavey collaborated with the guitarist on his signature-model Peavey Wolfgang® Series electric guitars and Peavey 5150® Series amplifiers.
According to the company, Van Halen retains the rights to the names 5150 and Wolfgang, as well as certain design elements of the Wolfgang guitar, but the 5150's circuitry and tone will remain in the Peavey family as the 6505™ amplifier. Peavey will launch the new 6505—named in celebration of Peavey's first forty years, 1965 to 2005—at the Winter NAMM (International Music Products Association) Expo, Jan. 20-24, 2005, in Anaheim, Calif.
Peavey will also debut its Carina (Italian for 'beautiful') guitars to replace the Wolfgang. Carina™ Series guitars highlight many of the Peavey innovations used in the Wolfgang and other Peavey guitars, including computer-shaped necks that ensure all Carina guitars exhibit a consistent, comfortable neck radius and superior playability.
The hugely successful 5150 Series guitar amplifiers and Wolfgang electric guitars, which launched in 1991 and 1995, respectively, have become staples of modern rock music. Endorsers ranging from Ted Nugent, 3 Doors Down and Default to underground metal heroes Atreyu, Darkest Hour and God Forbid, and even power-punkers such as Visqueen, have lauded the contributions these Peavey products have made to rock 'n' roll.
"I'm very proud of the work we accomplished with Edward," says Peavey founder and CEO Hartley Peavey. "The 5150 Series has earned its place as a rock guitar standard, and the Wolfgang is a staple in the pantheon of rock instrumentation. They're both well respected pieces, and I'm glad we could bring those to life.
"As we enter our fortieth year of building innovative instruments, amplifiers and sound equipment, we're more focused on the future than ever,"
he remarks. "We've pioneered a lot of 'firsts' in this industry, including making guitars using computer-controlled machines, and even with more than 130 patents behind us, there's plenty of fertile ground ahead of us. It's an exciting time for Peavey."

After their appearance with the Olympia song One Team One Spirit on Swiss television during the election of the Swiss sportsman of the year, Gotthard were decorated with the "Diamond Award" for 1 million sold albums in their home country Switzerland! The same evening, the band signed a new, long term contract with Nuclear Blast Records. The cooperation will start with a first single, due on April 11th 2005, followed by a new studio album on June 6th 2005.
Nuclear Blast Records is very proud of its new signing, especially as Gotthard will tie up to "heavier times" with their new songs, ready to show once again that the band ranks among the top of the international Hard Rock league. "We're very excited about the signing of Gotthard. We heard the new material – the power and the quality of the new songs has convinced us completely", says NB label manager Matthias Lasch about the new cooperation.
Picture: Andy Siry (Labelmanager Nuclear Blast), Marc Lynn (Gotthard), Hena Habegger (Gotthard), Matthias Lasch (Labelmanager Nuclear Blast).


Steve Lukather just checked back in after a good holiday break, discovering on his return, news of the 'bootleg' Los Lobotomy's CD.
News to him it seems. Simon Phillips and Luke did not give their permission for an official release. This message was sent out for all: "This is not a record that Simon Phillips and I have approved! David Garfield and John Peña have taken it upon themselves to put this out even after BOTH Si and I said no we didn't want it out. They had no permission or license to do this therefore any and all ties are now severed. This ain't cool so if you buy it you are buying illegal material. It's not that it's bad, it's just NOT approved and it's totally lame that Garfield and Peña would take money in license fees without permission AND EXPLOIT Jeff Porcaro (yet again). There is now NO chance EVER that we will play together again. I am sorry anyone has been duped by these guys!!"

David Coverdale has been interviewed for his own website - The interview covers the 2004 tour and new Whitesnake line-up and also mentions the planned live DVD. It will be released by mid-next year, with the deal done barring the band from releasing any live CD for a period of one year after the DVD is released.
Coverdale also replied to a question asking after a new studio CD with the band's current line-up. He responded by saying: "I am very interested to see how everything takes shape...One very exciting aspect is that there will be no necessity for compromise in terms of accommodating radio, or MTV...Just let the song run it's course...I am curious if in today's musical world if there is a necessity for a full blown album...Maybe 6 very cool songs...Who knows what will happen...This is when it gets exciting...The dull part is when you know exactly what is going to happen...You know...the 'corporate' way of doing things...This way it keeps you on your creative toes...This is an explosive bunch of guys to take in a studio...I believe it will be kick arse in the most positive way."

The Classic Metal Show are running Christmas night (from 9p-3a EST) The Classic Metal Show Network's Top 20 Album Countdown Of 2004. It is hosted by Neeley of The Classic Metal Show, Hairball John of the Hairball John Show, and Chris Akin of Midweek Mayhem. The show counts down all three DJ's Top 20 Classic Metal Albums of 2004, and will feature music from each pick. Without giving any of it away, some of the artists that made the list are TMG, Jeff Scott Soto, TNA, Adriangale, Tesla and many, many more.
Also, if people missed it, they can hear the interview I recently did with Neeley at:

Europe The Final Countdown Tour 1986 is a DVD release due out in Japan January 21. The 9 track live release is a re-issue of an original VHS release.

I am yet to uncover any information on this release, but there is a Def Leppard DVD due for release in Japan February 25. Titled Rock And Roll Legend, it looks like an unauthorized documentary style release, as it's not through any record label I recognize and certainly not the band's Universal Label.

Arrow Classic Rock Festival is the premiere rock n roll event in the Netherlands. The 2005 festival has a line-up that so far includes: Styx, Kansas, Little River Band and MeatLoaf. More info at:

Danny Vaughn / Tyketto fans will find a very good read located at Danny's Official Website. While in the UK and Europe recently on tour with Tyketto, Danny kept a diary throughout the tour and his detailed entries make an interesting read and paint a vivid picture. Check it out at:

Tommy Shaw & Jack Blades continue to work on their album of cover tunes, featuring classic rock tracks from the 70's. A 2005 release is planned through Sanctuary Records. More news shortly.

Grand Entertainment Presents a Pre-Namm concert at BB King's Blues Club in Hollywood on January 14 with a new supergroup called Farm Fur. This band consists of Tom Petty's drummer Steve Ferrone, Stone Temple Pilots bass player Robert Deleo and brother Dean Deleo (guitar player From STP) and Alex Lighterwood -former vocalist of Santana. This is an 11 piece band that will play songs from STP and The Average White band and other covers. The doors will open at 6:00pm with Farm Fur playing at 11:00pm Tickets are $10 advance, $15 day of show.
Call 818-645-4140 ask for Dale Woodson or call BB Kings at 818-622-5464 to make reservations. The Band is preparing to perform at Namm the next week for the Industry. More info:

Cincinnati, OH. December 21, 2004 -- The hardest working metal players continue to demand the hardest working metal guitars, BC Rich! One of those hard working axe wielders is New York metal guitar workhorse Jack Frost who has appeared on more than twenty albums since he burst on to the metal scene in 1994 with his band Frostbite.
The list of musicians that Jack has had the pleasure to call fellow band members over the years reads like a who's who of the successful yet underexposed metal scene that thrives throughout Europe and Asia and maintains a solid fan base here in the US. He has recorded and/or toured with members of Overkill, W.A.S.P., The Misfits, Annihilator and Rainbow and has also been a member of metal favorites Savatage and Metalium. Most recently he has achieved success as the guitar player for the bands Seven Witches and The Bronx Casket Company both of which did well enough in the metal havens of Europe and Asia to enable the bands to secure worldwide record deals.
Jacks guitar of choice is the BC Rich Handcrafted Neck-Thru Bich Supreme in Trans Purple with a single EMG 81 pickup, gold hardware and an ebony fretboard with abalone cross inlays. His newest acquisition is the BC Rich Handcrafted Neck-Thru Archtop Bich Supreme in Trans Blue with a single EMG 81 pickup, black hardware and an ebony fretboard with abalone cloud inlays.
"I've always wanted to play BC Rich because to me they are everything that metal is - loud, original and screaming," said Jack. "I could've played other guitars but I wanted a BC Rich because I wanted the best!"
2005 promises to be another sleepless year for Jack. May will see the release of his sophomore solo CD as well as the new Bronx Casket Company CD. Also a new Seven Witches DVD entitled Years Of The Witch is scheduled for release in June.
"We are pleased that Jack has picked BC Rich guitars as his weapon of choice," said Rock Clouser- Product Manager for BC Rich. "He needs a guitar that will deliver and BC Rich will do just that."




Wednesday, December 22, 2004

In what is likely to be their last major press releases for the year, several labels have issued new updates. The first comes from MTM Music:

MTM Music have announced details and artwork for their upcoming February releases. They are as follows:
The Shy album is done! So far the feedback is very enthusiastic about Sunset And Vine - "Shy, the British Gods of hard rock...around exceptional singer Tony Mills...still know how to really rock it!" (Birgitt Schwanke / Rock It); "An AOR Hammer!" (Sven Lohnert / Break Out); "...Amongst their fans, these British rockers still stand for Grade A melodic hard rock. Songs & are truly great and on the same quality level for which SHY became famous. On this album, Shy did everything the right way and should be supported by all those who & love melodic hard rock full of hooks and very good vocals. To cut a long story short everybody who loves the good old school melodic hard rock, will be pleased by this album! ..." (Martin Römpp / Heavy, oder was!?)
And what do I think? I'll let you know first week of January when I kick of reviews for 2005.
The album's track listing is: High Time . Open your Heart . Soul Searching . Where is the Love . You could be Dreaming . Don't jump the Gun . First Love . I will be home tonight . Walk through Fire . Slowly.
Released February 07, 2005.
Seven Wishes' brand new hard rocking album Destination Alive is the other new studio release from MTM in February, due out on the 21st of the month.
The album's track listing is: Destination: Alive (Intro) . Cross My Heart . Won't See Me Cry . Fortuneteller . Follow The Stars . Goes Around Comers Around . Time To Say Goodbye . See Through The Lies . All That I Wanted . Picked Up My Pieces . Gone With The Wind . Like A Cardhouse.


MTM Classix have two titles lined up for February. Peo Look What I've Started is released February 14 as is Erika's In The Arms Of A Stranger. Following in March is the debut Black Star album on the 7th and Novak's Forever Endeavour on the 14th.

MTM Music and all artists are saying "thank you" to the fans all over the world!
At this very special time of the year, we would most sincerely like to thank our numerous fans from all over the world for their great interest and trust in us. All members of our team wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and successful New Year.
We hope you will still be satisfied with our work in the coming year. Thus, we will carry on giving young and unknown bands a chance, although this involves a much higher commercial risk and an extensive effort of time, let alone the often negative press coverage for newcomers.
Furthermore, we will spare our fans future releases of dusty demos according to the motto "Lost and Found". Actually, we want to give new bands a chance, as is their due.
Mpg, Greenhouze, Novak, Sin, Shylock, Brunorock, Northern Light, Human Temple, Token, Seven Whishes, Relapse, Edge Of Forever ­ are just a few of the bands, of which we believe they will establish themselves.
To achieve this aim, we need you ­ the fans. We would be happy if you would support us and give these young and highly motivated bands a chance as well. They really deserve it!
Let us use this opportunity and invite you to "Choose the MTM Newcomer of the Year". Simply tell us, which artist or band you would like to bestow this title upon. Among all participants, we will raffle 5 CDs by Greenhouze and 5 CDs by MPG - each signed by the band.
In this spirit, we send our best wishes from Munich. Your team of MTM Music.
Which one was the best MTM Music newcomer: Affair, Crossfade, Dogface, Dominoe, Edge Of Forever, Eternal Flame, Faro, Heartplay, Human Temple, Ignition, Loud & Clear, Safe Haven, Sayit, Shiva, Shylock, S.I.N., Token, Wicked Sensation, Zar.
Which one was the best MTM Music release in 2004: Crossfade, Danny Danzi, Dare, Edge Of Forever, Heartplay, Human Temple, Kick Axe, Mtm Compilation Ballads Vol. 5, Mtm Compilation Vol. 10, Pulse, Safe Haven, Shiva, Shortino / Northrup, Shylock, Silver, Street Talk, Tnt, Token, Wicked Sensation.
Which one was the best MTM Classix release in 2004: 707, Annica, Axia, Erika, Fate, Raw, Reckless, Rpm, State Of Mind, Zeno.
Please send your answers to:
If you want to receive our MTM newsletter please sign here. We are clearing our database so even if you already have signed up please do it again.
Enjoy your Christmas holidays and see you next year!

Anticipated by the release of the successful single I Love You More Than Rock n Roll, which entered the UK charts at No. 27 - becoming the bands 17th top 40 hit - Frontiers Records is pleased to announce all the details surrounding the European release of Thunder's new CD The Magnificent Seventh scheduled for February 21st 2005.
The new album is a strong collection of hard rocking cuts among the best ever written and performed by the British band. "We chose the songs we liked the best", explains singer Danny Bowes, "the ones that we felt would carry on from Shooting At The Sun and make a solid LP with no weak filler tunes."
The result is a real classic Thunder album filled with melodic songs, anthemic rockers and soulful ballads. British rock-icon Russ Ballard (Rainbow, Magnum, Argent) is also making an appearance co-writing the ending tune One Fatal Kiss with main songwriter and guitar player Luke Morley.
The Magnificent Seventh includes the following songs: I Love You More Than Rock 'n' Roll (click to see EP Showcase) The Gods Of Love (click to hear an mp3 sample); Monkey See, Monkey Do; I'm Dreaming Again; Amy's On The Run; The Pride; Fade Into The Sun; Together Or Apart; You Can't Keep A Good Man Down; One Foot In The Grave; One Fatal Kiss.
The line-up on the album features once again the classic lineup with: Danny Bowes on vocals, Luke Morley on guitars, Chris Childs on bass, Ben Matthews on guitars and keyboards and Harry James on drums.
The band has also confirmed the following European tour dates:
March 18 Holland, Weert Bosuil
March 19 Holland, Hardenberg Podium
March 20 Belgium, Vosselaar Biebob
March 22 Germany, Hamburg Fabrik
March 23 Germany, Bochum Zeche
March 24 Germany, Munich Metropolis
In Danny's own words: "Do yourself a favor buy the new Thunder LP, then buy a ticket to one of our shows in March, then tell all your friends to do the same. You won't be disappointed by either the LP or the show and all your friends will love you. Trust me, it's true!"


The new Miles Above album is due out from Escape Music February 14. milesABOVE are: Vocals & Keys - Tim Hicks; Guitars - Anthony Mancini; Drums - Adam Mancini.
Track listing: Faith Unkind . Little Miss Innocent . Thread . Close My Eyes . Careful What You Wish For . Faraway . August Ends . Lights Out . Gimme Nothin' . Burning Bridges . Live For Today . Watching the Picture Fade . God Help Us.
Thanks to Escape, you can preview a full length MP3 from the upcoming album! Download: Miles Above - Little Miss Innocent.


Hi folks…a few words and some updates….first up, this week has been a bit of a nightmare, but I think we have everything straightened out now. The move to a my new site server in the USA has brought out a few more problems in the last few days - the biggest problem being with MR-X.
As it turns out, the script driving the password and username administration needed updating and those that joined in recent days will have passwords that have yet to be activated. If you haven't yet contacted me about this, or received and e-mail with a temp log-in, then please do so! For any new subscribers from today, all should be sweet!

The move also saw some Review and Interview updates erased, but those too should now be back to normal and updated once more. If anyone finds any dead links, be sure to let me know. Thanks…

In between getting the site moved, set up and running smoothly, several updates have been featured, but some others have had to wait.
A couple more have been added today and you can expect more tomorrow before the Christmas break.
The most time consuming part of the site and easily the most popular part of the site besides the Newsdesk is the Reviews.
I have decided to do something a little radical in order to ensure 2005 gets off to a flying start and new reviews throughout 2005 come faster and more regularly than ever.
I do plan to add several more reviews for current titles that need to be featured next week. But there remains a bloody stack of other titles and re-issues that have not been featured – which I do regret, but there is only so many hours in each day.
What I am going to do shortly, is list each and every title sitting on my review shelf, with label and availability details, plus a few words on each title that will still clearly define the quality of each title and which fans they will be best suited for.
A mass review-in-brief if you will, but without the trappings of an album cover and extra graphics. Most of the titles have been featured on the Mini-Bytes page already, but this way at least they will still get featured and 'reviewed'. I won't add ratings for these titles, but there will be confusion as to their worth!
This way I can start 2005 with a clear shelf and a clear mind...At this stage I have about 10 titles to review that are released in the first month/s of 2005. Those will begin to be featured after January 1.

Speaking of Christmas, there will be updates as usual next week, so be sure to tune in. Obviously there will not be a lot of press releases, as most companies are on break until the first week of January, so updates may not come every day, but there will definitely be news and updates added.

The Best of 2004 So Far has been updated, listing the best songs and albums of 2004. I can probably fit in one more update of that page then it's on to the 2004 MelRock Awards! What will be the Album and Song Of The Year for 2004? That's coming up soon...




Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The new Judas Priest album has been appointed a title - Angel Of Retribution! Five tracks that make up the album have also been announced - Judas Rising, Deal With The Devil, Revolution, Worth Fighting For and Hellrider.
Angel Of Retribution will be officially released in the UK and Europe February 28 and on March 1 in the USA. There is also a release bulletin in Japan suggesting a world-first release date of February 2 (likely to be moved closer to International dates), complete with a first-pressing-only edition - featuring a bonus DVD containing live performance footage filmed in Barcelona on 24 June 2004.

This item from Pollstar News: There is one date confirmed for the 2005 tour of Queen with Paul Rodgers. The band will perform March 19 in South Africa at Fancourt for the Nelson Mandela 46664 AIDS Awareness Concert.
The show will open a tour that travels through England and Europe in the spring and North America in the fall. Rodgers, from the bands Free and Bad Company, impressed the remaining members of Queen when he joined them for several performances this year.
Rodgers and Queen guitarist Brian May performed Free's hit All Right Now at a concert in London to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Fender Stratocaster guitar earlier this year. May and Queen drummer Roger Taylor then asked Rodgers to stand in for singer Freddy Mercury, who died in 1991, when the band was featured on a British TV channel's music hall of fame program.
In a note on his Web site, May said there had been "amazing chemistry" when he played alongside Rodgers, adding "It seems blindingly obvious that there was something happening here."
Right now, it doesn't look like bassist John Deacon, the other member of the band, will join the tour.

Los Lobotomy's are set for a new release - a live recording dubbed The Official Bootleg. The CD is out now in Europe and Japan. This set of 8 jams recorded live is the third release from the band. Cuts 1-6 were recorded at Midtfyns Festival in Denmark June 24th 1994 and cuts 7 and 8 at the Baked Potato in Hollywood, CA on July 16th and 17th 1999 (by Bob Bradshaw). The CD cover drawing was made by Jeff Porcaro. The album is produced by John Peña and David Garfield and mastered by John Peña.
The track listing is: Smell yourself . Hero With A 1000 Eyes . Extinction Blues . Dismemberment . Never Walk Alone . The Bomber . Froth . Party In Simon's Pants.
Musicians: Steve Lukather - guitar, vocals, David Garfield - keyboards, Simon Phillips - drums, John Pena - bass.

Uriah Heep's Ken Hensley will release an album The Wizard's Diary early in 2005. There is a CD and DVD planned, both featuring new versions of Uriah Heep songs, recorded with the Presidential Orchestra of Russia. The DVD also includes 2003 rehearsal footage with the Orchestra, plus previously unseen Uriah Heep live performance footage from 1989 and live performance footage from 1983 featuring Blackfoot.
The releases will be available from Ken's website in January and also via a label release in Japan - CD due February 23 and DVD due March 16.

Ex-Harem Scarem drummer Darren Smith's new project Black Star will feature 3 bonus tracks for Japan - So Low, Taking On Water and Tomorrow. It's released in Japan January 21 and in Europe via MTM March 7.

The January 21 release of Martie Peters Group in Japan adds one bonus track.

Masterplan's new Aeronautics album adds one exclusive bonus track for Japan - Hopes and Dreams.

Ozzy Osbourne's upcoming box set has it's first release date set - it looks like fans will be able to buy the 4CD set the week of February 23. Disc 1 and 2 contains major hits and demo/live/B-side tracks. Disc 3 is a collection of duet songs featuring Therapy, Primus, Type O Negative, Was Not Was, Miss Piggy, Motorhead and Disc 4 features newly recorded cover tracks (Animals, King Crimson, Beatles, etc).

Steve Vai will release a new studio album titled Real Illusions early in 2005 (February 9 in Japan) featuring bass great Billy Sheehan.

D.A.D. are back with a new studio album early in 2005, with a Japanese release with bonus track due February 2.

EMI Japan are re-issuing a number of remastered Thunder titles on February 23. Back Street Symphony, Laughing On Judgement Day, Best Of: Their Finest Hour (And A Bit), Behind Closed Doors & Ballads all come as straight re-issues, but with bonus sticker for each release.

UK prog-rock band Arena will release their next album Pepper's Ghost in January.

Japanese hard rockers Loudness will release a live DVD of their 2004 performances, with a bonus poster for the first pressing. Rock Shows Live 2004 is due March 16.

Beautiful Creatures have signed a deal with Japanese label JVC for the release of their sophomore CD Deuce. The release date is yet to be determined.

I'll never hear the end of it unless I plug the great Howie Simon's website update. Yes, the guitar extraordinaire, who's talent is matched only by his attitude has a nice update for fans, including a full MP3 of him singing Long Train Running with Jeff Scott Soto from Sydney in September this year. There are also a ton of photos from the LITT tour and some other stuff. Check it out:

Two good reports from Alice Cooper's annual charity show, The Christmas Pudding Concert in Arizona, USA. As was announced a few months ago, the show would feature a full Damn Yankees re-union. Reports are as follows:
Stephen Christian reports: "I attended the Alice Cooper Christmas Pudding concert tonight, as I have every year for the past 4 years. This is was the longest show (4 hours and 15 minutes!) and definitely the best musical lineup. Rick Neilsen and Robin Zander from Cheap Trick played 3 tunes with Alice's band (I Want You To Want Me, California Man, Surrender) and rocked the house.
Near the end of the show, Ted Nugent came out and with Alice's bassist and drummer played Klusterphunky from Craveman, renaming some parts Merry Christmas, then played Wang Dang Sweet Poontang. This was a shock as this a relatively wholesome show every year, with religious affiliations and families attending. Although I like that song, I felt it was bad taste to play it at the show given it's lyrical content. But it's Ted. You have to expect him to shock people in one way or another. He then brought out a Damn Yankee named Jack Blades who played Cat Scratch Fever with Ted and Alice's drummer. Then brought out "some other Damn Yankees", namely Tommy Shaw and Michael Cartelone...a full Damn Yankees reunion!
It started with Jack and Tommy paying tribute to the man who instigated the reunion, Alice Cooper. Tommy had an acoustic guitar that he held up head level so it could be heard through the vocal mic as he and Jack sang a down home southern version of Eighteen. Not too far into it, Ted motioned with his finger to give him the guitar, which he then smashed to pieces. Then he told them to get some electric guitars and off they went.
The band played Don't Tread, High Enough and Coming Of Age and appeared to be having a blast. I saw the band "back in the day" and considering they probably just threw this together, they sounded damn good, harmonies and all. The spirit was there. You can tell that these guys love playing together.
Randy Christman reports: Got to see a great show on Saturday Night. Alice Cooper's Christmas Pudding which is Alice's annual charity show.
Rick Nielsen and Robin Zander from Cheap Trick played with Alice's band and did three songs I Want You to Want Me, California Man, Surrender. Arizona favorites, JD Simo (great blues guitar player), Gin Blossoms and Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers did great short sets. Glen Campbell (Rhinestone Cowboy) and Jessi Colter (Waylon Jenning's wife) played as well.
The highlight of the night was seeing Damn Yankees reunited again. After Ted Nugent did two songs solo, he introduced Jack Blades for the song Cat Scratch Fever. He then brought the rest of Damn Yankees - Tommy Shaw and Micheal Cartellone. In honor of Alice, Tommy and Jack started doing a countrified version of Eighteen. Ted walked over and took the acoustic guitar out of Tommy's hands and smashed the guitar to bits. Told Tommy to "grab an electric guitar, boy!"
They did Don't Tread On Me, High Enough and Coming of Age. I gotta tell you, these guys sounded great. I don't know how much they practiced before sounded like they have been touring with each other for the past 6 months. Jack and Tommy's harmonies are still great to hear together.
Alice of course came out with his band and rocked four or five songs, then came out for the encore with everyone else, Run, Run Rudolph and Jingle Bells."

Kansas are following Styx' lead and heading to Europe for select dates. Those dates (so far) are: 06-07-2005 Berlin, GER; 06-08-2005 Hamburg, GER; 06-10-2005 Solvesborg, SWE; 06-11-2005 Lichtenvoorde, NET; 06-12-2005 London, UK.

XYZ and Every Mothers Nightmare are hitting the road together starting January 6 on what is being named the Revived In '05 Tour.
XYZ will be performing such hits as Inside Out, What Keeps Me Loving You, Face Down In The Gutter, Come On And Love Me and tracks from their last studio release Letter To God - Tango, Rainy Day and more.
Every Mothers Nightmare will be performing such hits as Walls Come Down, Love Can Make You Blind, Long Haired Country Boy, House Of Pain and songs from their upcoming studio release.
The dates are: January 2005
6th - Hudson, WI - Dibbo's
7th - Cudahy, WI - Vnuk's
8th - Mt. Clemens, MI - Hayloft Liquor Stand
9th - Southbend, IN - The Heartland
11th - Williamsville, NY - Club Infinity
12th - NY - TBA
13th - Poughkeepsie, NY - The Chance Theater
14th - Allentown, PA - Crocodile Rock
16th - Clifton Park, NY - Northern Lights
19th - West Virginia - TBA
20th - Harrisonburg, VA -TBA
21st - W.Springfield, VA - Jaxx
22nd - Baltimore, MD - Thunderdome
25th - Cleveland, OH - House Of Blues
3rd - Akron, Oh - Voodoo Lounge
4th - Barrington, IL - Penny Road Pub
5th - Farmington, MO - The Rockhouse
25th - Alpharetta, GA - Rockstar Saloon
More dates will be announced soon. Stay tuned. WebLinks: /

A Twisted Sister DVD Still Hungry - Live at Wacken Open Air has an early 2005 release date through Demolition's Detonator Records.
Filmed with 16 camera's, during the bands headline set in front of over 40,000 fans at the 2003 Wacken Open Air Festival, this DVD shows the band at their live best. Also included is footage detailing the reformation of the line up after a 12 year sabbatical, and their first "secret" shows before their official reformation. The track listing is as follows;
What You Don't Know (Sure Can Hurt You) . The Kids Are Back . Stay Hungry . Destroyer . Knife In The Back . Under The Blade . You Cant Stop Rock And Roll . I Am, I'm Me . The Fire Still Burns . Ride To Live, Live To Ride . Shoot 'Em Down . We're Not Gonna Take It . The Price . Burn In Hell . I Wanna Rock . Come Out And Play . S.M.F.

In other Demolition Records news, PainmuseuM's Metal Mike and Bobby Jarzombek will once again reunite with The Metal God himself - Judas Priest's Rob Halford for a new Halford IV be completed in 2005.

The Mini-Bytes MP3 Preview page has been given a substantial update, with samples of new releases by: Masterplan, TMG (audio from the new live DVD), Goo Goo Dolls, Twisted Sister, Billy Falcon, Enuff Z Nuff, Saga, Chroma Key, Pain Of Salvation, Mike Dimaerli, Lost Fate, Ed James, Chris Church, Boogie Stuff, Ghost Machinery, plus samples from all 6 CD titles in the Mike Tramp/White Lion - The Bootleg Series release. Sample now!

The CD Release Dates have been updated, with a ton of new additions to look forward to in 2005. Check them out now.




Monday, December 20, 2004

Frontiers Records is particularly proud to present The Usual Suspects, the new studio album by Joe Lynn Turner to be released in Europe on February 21, 2005!
"I have been defined many times in my career and identified with many rock genres from blues to metal. This particular album is a return to my more melodic rock sound", states Turner, adding, "In a sense, it is where I come from according to people who first got to know my work with Rainbow. In some ways it is better written than my previous disc, JLT. It s got bigger choruses, stronger hooks and amazing production. Yet just because I am using the word melodic does not mean it is wimpy. It has a definite edge to it."
The title found its way through an interesting story - for those who may not know, The Usual Suspects is the title for a Kevin Spacey movie but that really is not where the album title came from. Joe: "My collaborators and I were sitting around having lunch and joked about how we have always referred to each other as 'the usual suspects'. And then we thought, what a great name for the CD!"
Players on the album include longtime friends and collaborators of the New Jersey singer such as guitarists Al Pitrelli (Alice Cooper, Megadeth, Savatage, Trans Siberian Orchestra) and Karl Cochran (Ace Frehley), drummer John O Reilly (Rainbow, Blue Oyster Cult), ivory tinklers Paul Morris (Rainbow, Doro) and Andy Burton (Ian Hunter) with David Z (Joan Jett, Trans Siberian Orchestra) on bass and Nancy Bender on background vocals.
Final track listing includes the following songs: Power Of Love (click to hear an mp3 sample); Devil's Door (click to hear an mp3 sample); Jacknife; Really Loved; Rest Of My Life; Into The Fire; Blood Money; All Alone (click to hear an mp3 sample); Ball And Chain; Live And Love Again; Unfinished Bizness (European bonus track).


Tommy Denander e-mailed in some updates for fans wondering what he has been up to. While not mentioned within these news pages for sometime, Tommy hasn't been idle. Here's what he had to report on:
Tommy has done quite a few live shows this summer and fall, mostly a special guest with other artists and serious plans are in the making for 2005 to bring out Radioactive live together with a real all star band. Some of the artists and musicians Tommy has performed with lately include Alcazar, Jamie Meyer, Sha-Boom, Carola Süzch (Fame Factory), Chris Catena, Mikkey Dee, Mikael Erlandsson, Mistheria, Sayit, Joel Starander, The Crashband and Can Do to name a few...One of the coolest shows was in Rome with Italian rocker Chris Catena and his band.
The new Radioactive album is almost finished and features a fantastic line up as always including Neal Schon, Yngwie Malmsteen, Bobby Kimball, Tommy Funderburk, Reb Beach, Michael Thompson, Jim Jidhed, Fergie Frederiksen, Mikael Erlandsson, Gary Barden, Dean Parks, Greg Phillianganes, Tony Franklin, Bruce Gaitsch, Michael Landau, John Keane, Mikkey Dee, Kelly Keagy and more!!! The title and artwork will be presented soon.
The DVD is also almost done and feature new interviews with Steve Lukather, Mike Porcaro, Bobby Kimball, Randy Goodrum and Greg Phillinganes plus lot's of rare stuff from the recordings with Toto in LA 1991 and 2000, Vince DiCola, Dean Parks, Dave Boruff, Greg Phillinganes, Fee Waybill, Bruce Gaitsch, Fergie Frederiksen and much more. With the plans of taking Radioactive on the road 2005 will be a great year for this project.
Tommy and his good friend Fergie Frederiksen (Toto) have joined forces and are recording an album together. You can expect a very good album with top class production and great guests, it will be released in the spring of 2005.
The Speedy Gonzales album is almost done, just some last vocals by Thomas Vikström remains. The musicians on the album are Tommy, Thomas Vikström, Marcel Jacob and Daniel Flores. You can expect a serious kick ass album and it will be out early 2005 through AOR Heaven.
The Sha-Boom - Big Bang album is being mixed right now by the great Bo Reimer (Backstreet Boys, The Darkness etc) and it's a total killer album featuring guests like Europe members Ian Haugland, John Leven, Mic Michaeli and Kee Marcello among others. The album will be out at the end of January.
And for the 3rd time in 3 years Tommy has placed one of his songs in the Eurovision contest! Details are officially announced in January.
Lastly, Tommy is working with Unruly Child singer Philip Bardowell on an album at the moment with fantastic songs by Mark Spiro, Stan Bush, Jim Peterik as well as great tune by Tommy and Philip.
More information and pictures at:

Randy Jackson, Felix Hanemann, and Guy Gelso are celebrating 30 years of Rock N' Roll by playing at The Downtown, January 28th, 2005, in New York. For those who can not be at this exciting event, can listen to it in the comfort of your own home! If you have Winamp (, and a broadband connection, you are in for a real treat. The exact show time has not been determined, but will be posted in the near future. Time for you to invite your friends over, hook up some good stereo speakers and jam to one of the best rock bands around. Zebra live, and in stereo, across the world. Zebra has toured with class acts such as Journey, Bryan Adams, Sammy Hagar, and Aerosmith. Their debut album entitled Zebra sold over 75,000 units in the first week alone, and were a huge hit on MTV in the early 80's. With 4 studio albums and 1 live concert album, Zebra plays all the classic tunes such as Tell Me What You Want and Who's Behind The Door to brand new songs from their 4th album entitled IV. Some say they cover Zeppelin better then Zeppelin. Tune in and see for yourself why this band has lasted for over 30 years. Go to and become a free member. From there you will find the link that will take you to the show on January 28th. The link will be posted the same day of the event, but don't wait to become a member. Sign up today and avoid the last minute rush to hear one of rock's elite groups. "Rock N' Roll hasn't died, it just found a new way to be heard".

Stryper are in the news for a number of reasons this week - not all good. But first the best news:
From the band's website: "It was announced today that Stryper is recording a new studio record. This will be the bands first full-length studio record since 1991. The release date and the label in which it will be released will be announced soon. Sign up on the email list at The release information on this record will be announced to the email list even before it is posted here on the official Stryper website. Get the inside information on this exciting new studio record. Sign up on the email list and receive information about a new studio record before anyone else."
Now, if you follow the link to the band's website, you will see a couple of open letters dealing with the band's recent troubles with a concert promoter in Mexico. The promoter has gone to some lengths to create public pressure on the band to return an advance for a gig they later pulled out of. There is a website with all the details at:
Stryper's replies can be found at their site frontpage -

Some apologies! The website is now fully transferred to my new host in Florida, USA. Due to a slight bugger-up, all Friday's site updates were erased early yesterday - that included the CD Showcase update, Friday's MR-X update and most importantly, new and re-subscribing MR-X membership details! Those affected are being e-mailed currently, if you do have problems logging in, please let me know ASAP!
All functions are working and all files and updates have been restored. Today's planned updates went out the window, as it took most of the day to restore the erased updates, not to mention tweaking the site since it's final move.
On that subject - most folks should be enjoying a faster load time and quicker download speeds - I'd be interested to hear some feedback on that to make sure that is the case!
See you tomorrow for what I hope is a day of smooth sailing and big updates!




Friday, December 17, 2004

Black Lotus is really proud to announce the signing of the legendary Crimson Glory singer, Midnight, who returns after 16 years in absolute silence!
Words are not enough to describe his truly unique voice, which has marked the history of recorded music and placed him among the most influential singers of the 1980's. The years have passed, but Midnight refused to get involved in any musical projects after the amazing Crimson Glory albums and the silence breaks so he returns to the frontline with his first stunning solo work titled Sakada to be released around April 2005.
In his comeback (always shall be referred as the comeback of the century!), he is surrounded by new musicians (Phil Anderson/ Hammer Dulcimer, Drums, Washboard, other percussion, Scott Gibson/ Electric Guitar, Bass, Mandolin) as well as old friends, like Ben Jackson (the rhythm guitarist of Crimson Glory) and other special guests.

MR-X has been updated. We are now back to the regular weekly updates. Members should grab everything currently on offer - if you haven't already - as next week will see a good clean out and fresh update.
Online today is a new Feature Album - Tour De Force's out of print 1995 album World On Fire, a new Feature Live - a flawless soundboard broadcast of a classic Don Henley solo show, released under the name Houston Summer 1989. A new Feature Single is online featuring Tiffany w/Tim Feehan (yes, you read correctly) and new videos are also online for: Brighton Rock - Can't Stop The Earth From Shakin' (Live), Craft - You're The Best Thing In My Life, Eric Martin Band - Sucker For A Pretty Face, Jackyl - The Lumberjack Song, Kix - Blow My Fuse and Nightwish - Over The Hills & Far Away.
MR-X Membership Details.

CD Showcases have been updated featuring 2 current and 3 upcoming releases for Frontiers Records in January. Online today are samples of new albums by Glenn Hughes, Tommy Funderburk and Last Autumn's Dream (all out January 24) and Crown Of Thorns and Richie Kotzen (out now). Check them out.


Coming up next week - a major Mini-Bytes updates, more CD Showcases, a Release Dates update, fresh new Reviews and some special updates on CD3 and the MP3 Digital Download Store. Lots still to come after that too - least of which is the always anticipated 2004 MelRock Awards and 2005 Outlook. I can't believe it's that time already! Stay tuned...




Thursday, December 16, 2004

Escape Music have announced the details of the new Heartland album Move On. The brand new studio album will be released in Europe April 11 and in Japan on March 23.
The track listing is: Hard Hearted Man . City of Lights . Take Me Alive . How was I to Know . I'm Getting Ready . Hell Or High Water . Too Sad To Cry . Remember Me? . Redemption (Instrumental) . Where Do We Go From Here? . One Fine Day.
The album details: Produced & recorded by Steve Morris at Ocean Reach Studio, Warrington, UK. Vocals Produced & Recorded by Anders Rydhom, Vaxjo, Sweden. Mixed and Mastered by Tommy Hansen at Jail House Studio, Denmark.
Line Up: Lead Vocals / Back Up Vocals - Chris Ousey; All Guitars, Keyboards - Steve Morris; Drums (all songs except Getting Ready) - Rasmus Duedahl; Drums (Getting Ready) - Bjarne T. Holm (curtsy of Dream Evil); Bass - Mathias Gregersen; Special guests on backing vocals - Peter Sundell / Per Svensson (courtsy of Grand Illusion).
And thanks to Escape Music, here's another 1 minute teaser! Download: Heartland - City Of Lights (Rough Mix).


Canadian rockers milesABOVE are ready to go with their second album Move Or Be Moved on 14.02.2005 via Escape Music. The album was once again produced by Corey MacFadyen (Brighton Rock) and offers 13 fine Modern Rock songs – this time focusing an a little heavier edge.
milesABOVE are: Vocals & Keys - Tim Hicks; Guitars - Anthony Mancini; Drums - Adam Mancini.
Track listing: Faith Unkind . Little Miss Innocent . Thread . Close My Eyes . Careful What You Wish For . Faraway . August Ends . Lights Out . Gimme Nothin' . Burning Bridges . Live For Today . Watching the Picture Fade . God Help Us.
milesABOVE on tour: 17.12.2004, CAN-Niagara Falls, Blue Martini Lounge; 21.12.2004, CAN-Brantford, Liquid Lounge; 22.12.2004; CAN-St.Catharines, L3; 23.12.2004, CAN-Guelph, Turtle's Jack; 26.12.2004, CAN-Brantford, Liquid Lounge; 28.12.2004, CAN-Brantford, Liquid Lounge.


Escape Music release schedule:
24.01.2005 Various Artists – Millennium Vol.3
14.02.2005 milesAboveMove Or Be Moved
07.03.2005 Liesegang/ WhiteVisual Surveillance Of Extremities
11.04.2005 HeartlandMove On
09.05.2005 BoysvoiceSerenity

Motley Crüe's Red, White & Crüe - Better Live Than Dead 2005 Tour begins February 17th and is turning out to be one of the hottest tickets around!
Here is your chance to enter an awesome contest to win a pair of tickets and back stage passes to any show on the upcoming tour. Click on the banner to go to the entry page.


The City of West Hollywood would not allow Mötley Crüe to hold their press conference to announce their reunion tour at the Whisky A Go-Go (the event was moved to the legendary Hollywood Palladium) and the L.A. Fire Marshal prohibited the band from landing their Red, White & Crüe helicopter (which was already approved by the FAA) at the Palladium (and again for the band's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live).
The bad boys of rock are still coming to pollute a city near you.
Mötley Crüe's new single, If I Die Tomorrow, is already a success. It is the #1 most added song on both Mainstream and Active Rock formats in its first week. Jim Richards of Clear Channel stated, "If I Die Tomorrow is a contemporary song. The radio stations are getting a big response from fans because they know they are part of something special."
Full Red, White & Crüe 2005 World Tour/Better Live Than Dead Tour Dates (so far):
If I Die Tomorrow Audio Links: Windows Media / Real Audio
If I Die Tomorrow Video Links: Windows Media / Quicktime / Real Video.
Tour Trailer:

And following comments from Tracii Guns on his dislike of the new Motley track, Nikki Sixx has replied: "I put my heart and soul into the new Crüe. So there, I said it… disappointed in a friend. As far as heart and soul, I put it into the Brides too. I used every connection of mine for the band (got us a record deal, merch deal and world tour on my name), pulled favors and funded it myself. So do I believe in it? Fuck yes, or I wouldn't have done that for us. Do I believe they can go on without me? Hell yes… and trust me when I say it will rock. Am I gonna do the Crüe the next 12 months? Fuck yes. What's after that? Who the fuck knows… cross that bridge when we get there." And on Brides Of Destruction: "I want them to go on and kill the world. I respect Tracii as a player. We have a friendship carved in flesh with razorblades (sometimes painful and very human)."

"Dimebag" Darrell Abbott has been laid to rest, with a host of rock figures paying tribute to the guitarist, including Jerry Cantrell, Zakk Wylde and Eddie Van Halen.
A couple of pics from the ceremony can be viewed via: and
Further details and more pictures can be seen via:
And 92.3FM's The Metal Show in Cleveland have dedicated their latest broadcast to Darrell, with show audio now online at:

Join Journey as they celebrate their Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Journey will perform at The House of Blues in Hollywood on January 21, 2005.
Pre-sale tickets will be available through Ticketmaster. The pre-sale event will begin at 10:00 a.m. (PST) on Wednesday, December 15 and end at 10:00 p.m. (PST) on Friday, December 17, 2004. There are a limited number of tickets available for this very special concert.
January 21, 2005, House of Blues, 8430 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069.
And further good news for fans, with guys hitting the studio in February to finish recording their new CD for release by mid-2005.

In related news, Soul Sirkus will play The Fillmore in San Francisco, California on January 13, 2005 - a gig which will now be filmed and recorded! Segments will be used for the shooting of a video for the song Coming Home which will be dedicated to and include footage the troops in Iraq.

I caught up with Von Groove's Mladen briefly, who says watch for the 8th Von Groove album in the new year - tentatively titled Watcher Of The Open Skies.
Mladen says he has been working on quite a few projects lately, the latest being female artist Scarlett -
And Mladen's pet project with Rob Moratti - Final Frontier have just released their new album High Tension Wire in Japan. Let me say that this is a kick-ass album of the highest quality traditional AOR. The guys get better and better with each release and the new album features the same catchy AOR with a beefed up production quality. Full review soon, but for now, check out some soundbytes online now in the Mini-Bytes area.


Kevin Chalfant has released his new solo Christmas album, Christmas With All My Friends, which is available now via his website:
The album features the following Christmas tracks: Silent Night . It Came Upon A Midnight Clear . Away In A Manger . O Holy Night . What Child Is This-O Come O Come Emanueal . Silver Bells . Please Come Home For Christmas . O Come All Ye Faithful-Little Drummer Boy . Merry Christmas Baby . Have Yourself A Merry Little (Polynesian) Christmas . 'Twas The Night Before Christmas (with Paul Morgan).


2004 has been a massive year for Australia's premier pub rock band The Screaming Jets and they are kicking off 2005 with a new single Right Place Wrong Time. After taking a three year hiatus in 2001, following over a decade of relentless touring and releasing, in February '04 the boys decided it was time to get right back into it. They booked the rehearsal room and settled down to three months of writing and recording. The new material was road tested over eight gigs in April which received overwhelming support from fans. Inspired by enthusiastic sell out audiences, the band culled the new songs to five and recorded their first EP in 12 years, Heart of The Matter, asking long time friend and producer Steve James to produce the tracks, which were then mixed by Roger Sommers in LA.
Following the release of Heart of the Matter in August, the guys headed back out on the road for a three month national tour, consistently playing to packed houses with crowds that lapped up their tight musical formula and Dave's witty and feisty on-stage antics. Their infectious energy and classic rock tunes (you're compelled to sing along with) reminded audiences why The Screaming Jets have super-ceded the critics and had the longevity to survive for over a decade.
Confident that they were at their best form yet, in November the guys decided to film a complete live show for their first Full Concert Release, due to hit stores on DVD in April/May 2005. To coincide with the radio release of the new single Right Place Wrong Time, the guys will commence another massive national tour, this time taking in WA and north Qld in addition to the Eastern States.
Heart of the Matter and Right Place Wrong Time showcase new more mature territory for The Screaming Jets and the Gleeson, Walmsley and Woseen writing team, keeping the band fresh, while retaining all the best elements of the jets classic hits. So jump on board the bus, hold on tight, there's a rocking and rollicking ride to be had by all!
Heart of the Matter, the single, was added to metro and regional radio around the country such as Triple M Sydney, Hot FM WA and FM104.7 Canberrra, so listen for Right Place Wrong Time to also hit your radio soon.
Heart of the Matter EP Out Now - MGM Distribution
New Single Right Place Wrong Time hitting radio December/January:
Screaming Jets Right Place Wrong Time Tour
Jan 5 Wynnum Hotel, Wynnum
Jan 6 Sands Tavern, Maroochydore
Jan 7 Parkwood Tavern, Gold Coast
Jan 8 Waterloo Hotel, Brisbane
Jan 9 Across the Waves, Bundaberg
Jan 13 Magnums, Airlie Beach
Jan 14 Dalrymple Hotel, Townsville
Jan 15 Brothers Leagues, Cairns
Jan 16 Fluid, Port Douglas
Jan 21 The Metro, Perth
Jan 22 Doodlakine Hotel, Doodalkine
Jan 25 Le Rox @ Bridgeway Hotel, Adelaide
For ticket info and start times call the venue and see:

The brand-new Melodic Rock compilation from Germany's No.1 Rock radio in the web 'Munich's Hardest Hits' is out now. Volume 6 features 4 hot AOR and Melodic Rock tracks incl. among other things prev. unreleased tracks from: Heaven, Joseph Lee Wood, Eva & Frozen Rain.
Tracks: Wayne Smart - Just Another Stranger; Raw Silk - Street Girl; [gæleri] - Blue Town; Frozen Rain - Waiting For You (from the forthcoming 2005 album); Requiem - Magic; Eva - One Day Without You (new 2004 studio-track); Secret Smile - Into The Night; Statement - Dancin' On The Edge; Platitude - Oblivion; Heaven - Rock Me Gently (prev. unreleased); Scott Sudbury - The Last American Dreamer; Subway - Into The Fire; Joseph Lee Wood - Are You Ready (new 2004 studio-track); Shannon - Wild, Wild, Wild.
For more information check out Available via:




Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Former Harem Scarem drummer Darren Smith has finished work on his long awaited solo project and MTM Music are proud to announce they have signed the album for a release in March.
The project will be released under the band name Black Star. The line-up of Black Star is: Darren Smith (Vocals, Guitars), Mike Hall (Killer Dwarfs, Helix)(Lead Guitar), Stan Miczek (Honeymoon Suite, Sass Jordan)(Bass) and Pat Carrano (Drums).
Harem Scarem main man Harry Hess has produced the album for Darren, who stands up as a frontman himself for this release. When deciding to forgo drumming duties, Darren's only oick for the role was friend Pat Carrano, an unseen gem up until this point.
The music of Black Star is described as swinging back to simpler times in Rock 'n' Roll and has stepped outside the trappings of politics and religion. A press release takes it a little further: "Life is about working hard and having fun and Black Star has embodied these ideals and delivers, to those of us who still look to the easier points of life, a message that will help keep our heads in a world that seems to be crashing in all around us. Music is a lot of things and escape seems the finest of them all."
The album is scheduled for March 7th on MTM Music.


Frontiers Records is pleased to finally announce the release of the Honeymoon Suite Gods 2002 Live CD and DVD simply entitled HMS Live for February 21st 2005!
Following the European release of their last studio album Dreamland in spring 2002, Canadian AOR masters Honeymoon Suite appeared for a special one-off show at the Gods Festival in Bradford, UK on June the 4th 2002.
With a line-up featuring founding members Johnnie Dee and Derry Grehan together with new members Peter Nunn (Alannah Myles, Gowan, Brighton Rock) on keyboards, Rob Laidlaw (Lee Aaron; Kim Mitchell, Rik Emmett) on bass and drummer Brett Carrigan, the band sounded tight and performed an amazing show which included such classic as Stay In The Light, Burning In Love, New Girl Now and brand new songs like What I Know and Touch The Sun (only available on the Canadian release Lemon Tongue).
All in all an outstanding performance which adds the Gods 2002 DVD series another gem for the melodic rock collectors around the globe!
Track listing of the CD and the DVD include the following tracks: Other Side Of Midnight; What I Know; Stay in the Light; Burning in Love; Wave Babies; Touch The Sun; Piano Solo; What Does it Take; Feel it Again; All Along You Knew; Lookin' Out For No. 1; Guitar Solo; Bad Attitude; New Girl Now.
The DVD will be released in NTSC Region Free format - Stereo 2.0.


The forthcoming full length album release of Brunorock Interaction is introduced by the release of a promotional single. The single features the song Pray For Rain as well three samples of Take The Trophy, Castaway and No More Promises. The album is scheduled for April 25th and each order at is getting the single for free.
The style of Brunorock could be described as Melodic Heavy Rock. The album feat. Paolo Morbini (ex-Eva and Exilia), Bobby Altvater (Affair), Alex De Rosso (ex-Dokken), Rachel Bolan (Skid Row) as well as Fredrik Bergh (Street Talk). The album is mixed by the mighty Michael Wagener!

The White Lion / Freak Of Nature DVDs pictured below are exclusively available now from AOR Heaven. Mike Tramp's website will also stock them shortly, but for now, AOR Heaven is the place to go. DVDs were manufactured by Mike and all titles play worldwide.


December 9, 2004 -- The highly anticipated debut album from Soul SirkUS, WORLD PLAY, has finally been made available exclusively at the band's website ( starting this week.
Soul SirkUS is a group of legendary talents born out of the ashes of Planet US, a band originally featuring guitarist Neal Schon and drummer Deen Castronovo of Journey along with Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony of Van Halen.
When Hagar and Anthony left the band to return to their roles in Van Halen, Schon and Castronovo joined forces with former Yngwie Malmsteen and Talisman singer Jeff Scott Soto (who also provided lead vocals for the feature character in the movie "Rock Star") and bassist Marco Mendoza (Ted Nugent, Whitesnake) to create Soul SirkUS which picks up where Planet US left off.
Thanks to the Internet, word about the band spread like wildfire when fans all over the world discovered six sound clips available on the band's website. Since then, sound clips of the entire album have been posted and the fan base is growing daily.
Here are some examples of the rave reviews emanating straight from the fans:
"Thanks Neal, JSS, Deen & Marco for the most rockin' CD I've heard in over a decade. Young musicians should pay attention to you guys!"
"Thanks for restoring my faith in ROCK!"
"Hearing Soul SirkUS is like a breath of fresh air."
"The best music I've heard this year."
"…a supergroup, formed by super musicians!!!"

WORLD PLAY was recorded at Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain's home studio (Wild Horse Studios) in San Francisco, CA in only two days. Cain engineered the project and Schon and Soto sat at the producer's helm.
Soul SirkUS came together in January 2004 when Schon and Soto met and jammed together at the Winter NAMM Convention in Los Angeles. Schon had also caught Mendoza performing at a showcase that weekend, which in turn sparked an idea to create "one of the coolest bands anyone's heard of in a long time," according to Schon. Once Castronovo and Mendoza were on board, Schon and Soto quickly got to work, collaborating on a number of songs, the results of which can be heard on their debut album.
Neal Schon recently commented on the vibe of the band: "The new stuff is cool, melodic and has plenty of edge. We are very much looking forward to getting it out soon and playing live. I definitely feel we have the goods. It is sounding very cool to say the least. It's raw, in-your-face rock…the way rock should be."
In touring news, Soul SirkUS has lined up their first batch of U.S. dates, with more to be announced in the coming weeks. Fans can check them out at the following stops:
Fri Jan 7th San Diego, CA Belly Up Tavern
Sat Jan 8th Los Angeles, CA House of Blues
Sun Jan 9th Anaheim, CA House of Blues
Tue Jan 11th Ventura, CA Ventura Theatre
Thu Jan 13th San Francisco, CA The Fillmore Fri Jan 14th Santa Cruz, CA The Catalyst
Sat Jan 15th Lake Tahoe, NV Cabo Wabo, Harrah's Tahoe
Order the CD - available now at:

PLEASE NOTE! I am in the final stages of moving the site to a new host and some small outages might affect some users over the next 48 hours. Please continue to hit refresh for site updates and confirm site files are being drawn from new host.




Tuesday, December 14, 2004

MTM Music have announced details of their anticipated January titles. The details and cover art is as follows:
Martie Peters Group - MPG is released January 31 and features the track listing: The Beast Inside . Riot On The 5th Floor . Only Dreaming . Number 1 . Takes Some Time . Heart Is An Empty Space . A World Without You . Take Me Over The Edge . Bird On The Wire . Hard To Choose . Dixie Toot.
Line-Up: Martie Peters - Vocals, Martin Slott - Guitar, Anthony Lledo - Guitar, BJ - Bass, Jakob Schlein – Drums.
After almost 10 years in the band Push it was time for a change for Martie Peters and the challenge to record an album with a solo group seemed like the next natural step forward. He teamed up with long time friend and multi musician (keyboards, guitar, bass) Anthony Lledo for the production while former band mate Martin Slott was invited in as the main guitarist for the new songs.
Martie wanted to cover more ground than what he had previously achieved in a band and so he also hooked up with guitarist Rene Shades, the two played together in the sleaze rock band Sateria from 1987 to 1991, to add different moods for different songs. Rene Shades has recently played with Mike Tramp's touring band. Christian Thiesen is an old school guitarist who added just the right feeling for the cover version of the 1974 Rod Stewart/Ron Wood track Dixie Toot. Various other musicians have been brought in and the result is a fresh album that varies from classic hard rock songs to ballads and mid-tempo tracks, more ground is covered!
MPG was recorded in Copenhagen during 2004 and mixed by no one else than Tommy Hansen who was recently responsible for TNT and Fate. The album, also officially released in Japan, contains of 11 great melodic rock songs and Martie's voice reminds to Mike Tramp at his best days in White Lion: the fans will love this album!

Greenhouze - Greenhouze is released January 24 and features the track listing: The Point . Waterlin . Here In The Air . Remember . Train Song . Insanity . Tall Grasses . Clouds (instrumental) . Rain . Snow On The Roof (instrumental) . Everything . Highway In The Sun.
Line-Up: Solli - Lead & backing vocals; Lars Levin - Electric, acoustic & bass guitars, keyboards, backing vocals; Additional musicians: Frank Tostrup - Drums & percussion; Celio de Carvahlo - Percussion on 4 & 7; Leif Johansen - Backing vocals on 7 & 11; Drums samples played by Mike Sturgis.
In 1999 guitarist Lars Levin (Second Heat, Session musician, producer) was recording a bunch of songs he had written the latest years. Solli (Sons Of Angels, Psycho Motel, 21 Guns) was hired in for backing vocals and it sounded so good they decided to work together on a long term basis. Early 2001 they started recording the first Greenhouze album. It was finished in November 2002. One year later they secured a 3-album contract with MTM Music.
The album features 12 tracks which has a huge, updated AOR sound for the 2000's and beyond. Both the music and the lyrics express urban alienation vs the deep sense of mystic harmony in nature. With this album the Norwegian Rockers have created a unique sound, but at the same time resembles bands as diverse as Pink Floyd, U2, Bad English, Whitesnake, Boston and Mr. Mister! Solli has a voice that goes from melodic and emotional to intense and plain aggressive. Lars Levin combines strong riffs with melodic leads and from time to time an acoustic guitar is in there to. He also plays the lush keyboard landscapes, deep bass guitar as well as singing back up vocals. The drums are handled by Frank Tostrup (Shirley's Temple) who has written the title song for Gene Simmons' new solo album, Asshole.
These Swedes have introduced themselves with a demo CD sent by mail. "Every day we receive demos from all over the world, but only once in blue moon the enthusiasm of the first soundcheck is as great as in Greenhouze's case," says Mario Lehmann, joint owner and managing director of the Munich based label MTM Music, who promptly put of copy of the CD into his car's stereo. There, it's on "heavy rotation" until it can be exchanged by the real pressing.
On this album every song is different from each other, thus maintaining a signature sound. The music of Greenhouze is likely to fit the Hard Rock/AOR audience as well as the mainstream market.

Rhapsody Sweden - Strange Vibrations is released January 24 and features the track listing: I've Done All I Can . Been so long . Crazy Dance . Belly Dancer . Strange Vibrations . The creepers . Take To The Highway. New & unreleased bonus tracks: It's Gotta Be Alright . Sweet Rock 'N Roll.
Line-Up: Peter Åhs - Keyboard; Kjell-Åke Norén - Guitar, keyboard; Benny Ahlkvist - vocals; Torbjörn Persson - Drums, percussion; Rudolf Janszky - Bass.
Rhapsody Sweden was formed as a 4-piece band back in 1974: Kjell-Åke Noren, Benny Ahlqvist, Rudolf Janszky, Torbjörn Persson.
1977 the band was joined by Peter Åhs on keyboard and the same year was fairly successful for the band and they were booked on tons of gigs in Sweden and Scandinavia. Later the same year they were also booked on a tour in Hungary for a month with over 25 gigs. They did TV-shows and a radio show for the national Hungarian radio and TV.
When they came back from Hungary they continued to play concerts in Sweden and the album became a hit on the chart and the album is still cult-rated for the Swedish hard rock/pomp/AOR - audience. Torbjörn Persson: "Now after all these years we're very proud that MTM wants to re-release our album again, and that we could get hold of the master tapes. We have remastered the old songs carefully and we have also recorded two brand new songs as bonus tracks for this re-release. When we recorded these new songs our old chemistry was back and it almost felt like if there were 4 teenagers back in the studio. It was great fun and we decided to record new songs for an album right away."


Further news from MTM Music:
The Northern Light project continues to develop. Kimmo Blom (Heartplay, Urban Tale) finished the vocals for the song Lay Down Your Defences written by mainman Tor Talle, Kimmo and Fredrik Bergh from Street Talk. Kimmo will go into studio next week to record vocals for two new songs. Terje Eide (On The Rise) and Tor have just finished the song High Upon The Sky and Fergie Frederiksen has booked studio and will record the vocal parts for Eye To Eye next week.
Also, Peter Sundell will soon start recording the vocals for Don`t Turn Away written by Tor and Jorn Lande. Tor Talle is happy to have another "Northern Light" on board, Mikael Erlandsson will also be one of the singers on the album, but it is not decided what song he will sing for the moment.
Drums will be played by a great session drummer from Norway called Jango Nilsen. He plays drums on the latest album to Kurt Nilsen. Keyboard will be played by Egil Orvedal, Fredrik Bergh and Tor Talle and Bass guitar will be played by Rune Ganderud and Tor Talle as well. Kjetil Nesheim will be the producer for the album. So all the guys are on board and working hard for an exceptional album which will be out mid of next year! Tor has a new website up soon:

After their great comeback album My Religion the boys are back at work. Ronni le Tekro and Tony Harnell of TNT have been writing a couple of new songs right after their live performances at Sweden Rock, Deep Impact and Lorca Festival. In December they come together for the first recording session. We keep you informed.

Brunorock is just finishing the recordings for the new album Interaction. As already announced, Michael Wagener will mix the album and early February the album is mastered at Independent Mastering in Nashville by Eric Conn (Ted Nugent, Dokken and 38 Special!) The album is scheduled for April 24, 2005 and there will be a single release available for free at shortly before Christmas.

A few days ago we received the finished album of Novak and we were blown away! He has done a very good album...but more about Forever Endeavour in an update soon. The album will be released in March 14th and in Japan a few days earlier.

Broke [N] Blue are back working on their follow up album. After some delay, caused by health problems, they are now mixing the first 6 songs.

SIN are reporting a finished recorded album, ready to be mixed and scheduled for spring next year.

Most of the new Nightvision songs are finished, but the vocals are still not done. They will have some raw materials at the end of January, and then the finished mixed songs are expected approx at the end of February.

We haven't heard back from Tommy Denander from some time but the new Radioactive album is supposed to be finished by mid of December and what else than a brilliant record can we expect from Mr. Denander!?!?

The Axe guys, Bobby Barth and Bob Harris are currently working hard in the studio for the upcoming Edge Of Forever album. Bob Harris finished his vocals and Bobby will start mixing the album right away. Let The Demon Rock 'N' Roll is the album title

Also, Faro is preparing a new album and last but not least the finished album of Zeno Zenology II is just waiting to be released. More news soon!

Here is the full Motley Crue re-union announcement for those that might have missed it when released December 6.
All Four Original Members of The World's Most Infamous Rock Band Release New Single and Video While Also Heralding New Anthology Album...
Los Angeles (December 6, 2004) - The raucous rulers of the sex-and-drugs-fueled nightlife on L.A.'s Sunset Strip have returned to their old stomping grounds. All four original members of Mötley Crüe, the glam-metal gods who ve sold more than 40 million albums worldwide and who paved the way for other seminal rock acts, have reunited for the first time in six years, announcing a new world tour VH1 & VH1 Classic Present Mötley Crüe Red White & Crüe Tour 2005 & Better Live Than Dead, and giving their fans a live taste of it. Tickets go on sale this Saturday, December 11th at Ticketmaster and
The event at the Hollywood Palladium began at 6:00 p.m. with a press conference announcing the tour, a new anthology album and the debut of a fresh single and video, If I Die Tomorrow. The new tour, it was revealed during the press conference, resulted not only from strong demand by homegrown audiences, but was largely fueled by the diligent efforts of Mags Revell, a UK promoter with Metropolis Music Group, who launched his own grass-roots campaign in the UK designed to get the band to reunite. Taking the unprecedented steps of placing advertising in UK media and putting a hold on concert venues in the UK for June, 2005, Revell's efforts quickly gained traction with fans all across the world who added fuel to the fire by taking to the internet and spreading the word.
Said Revell, "I honestly did not know until now whether Motley Crue would respond to our efforts. With the help of tens of thousands of fans in the UK and around the world, I wanted to show the band that there was a real demand for their reunion and I took a big risk. This is the band that we all never thought we'd have the chance to see live again and I strongly admire them for responding to their fans. It is the realization of a dream for so many people for whom Motley Crue represents what rock music is all about."
"Mötley Crüe are a gang of musicians that climbed the mountain of rock to success," Allen Kovac, CEO of Tenth Street Entertainment, said in a statement. "This tour and new music delivers to all those who love one of rock's most passionate and aggressive bands."
Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, Mick Mars and Tommy Lee, the original members of Motley Crue, whose stature as the world's most infamous rock band was made legend in their NY Times best-selling autobiography The Dirt, will be touring the world in 2005, beginning with arenas in the US and Canada in February.
The US portion of the the world tour, dubbed Red, White And Crue Tour 2005 - Better Live Than Dead, is being presented by VH1 and VH1 Classic and goes on-sale to the general public this weekend. Beginning today, however, are offering a limited number of seats on their website to fans wanting to beat the box office rush.
For dedicated Crüe fans it's all about the live show. In a marathon Motley Crue Style, the band will launch its world tour in February, starting in U.S. arenas and coming back for an amphitheater tour in August and September. The first leg of the tour will run as follows (* indicates a tentative date):
Feb. 17 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Office Depot Center
Feb. 18 Tampa, FL St. Pete Times Forum
Feb. 20 Greenville, SC Bi-Lo Center
Feb. 22 Cleveland, OH Gund Arena
Feb. 23 Toronto, ON* Air Canada Center
Feb. 25 Detroit, MI The Palace
Feb. 27 Ottawa, ON Corel Centre
Feb. 28 Hartford, CT Hartford Civic Center
Mar. 3 New York, NY Madison Square Garden
Mar. 4 Philadelphia, PA Wachovia Spectrum
Mar. 5 Boston, MA Fleet Center
Mar. 6 Washington D.C. MCI Center
Mar. 8 Columbus, OH Schottenstein Center
Mar. 10 Chicago, IL Allstate Arena
Mar. 12 Milwaukee, WI US Cellular Arena
Mar. 14 Minneapolis, MN* Target Center
Mar. 15 Kansas City, MO* Kemper Arena
Mar. 17 Dallas, TX Nokia Live
Mar. 19 Phoenix, AZ Cricket Pavillion
Mar. 20 Las Vegas, NV* The Joint
Mar. 22 San Diego, CA Coors Amphitheatre
Mar. 23 Los Angeles, CA The Forum (tentative)
Mar. 25 Reno, NV Reno Events Center
Mar. 26 Oakland, CA Oakland Arena

The rest of the 2005 world tour is scheduled as follows:
- May Latin America (exact dates to be announced shortly)}
- June UK Arenas & European Festivals
June 7 Helsinki, Finland Icehall Monsters of Millenium
June 8 Turku, Finland Rock in Turku 2005/Ellysee Arena
June 10 Oslo, Norway Spektrum Skooks Out 2005
June 11 Solvesborg, Sweden Sweden Rock Festival
June 12 Bologna, Italy Gods of Metal
June 14 Glasgow, Scotland SECC
June 15 Manchester, England Evening News Arena
June 17 Birmingham, England NEC
June 18 Cardiff, Wales International Arena
June 19 London, England Wembley, Arena
Killing Joke are announced as the opening act for the five UK dates. Additional dates in Europe will be announced shortly.

- Aug./Sep. Amphitheaters in 43 North American cities including Albany, Albuquerque, Atlanta, Birmingham, Boston, Buffalo, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Concord (CA), Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Hartford, Holmdel (NJ), Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Nashville, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, Raleigh, Sacramento, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Scranton, Seattle, Tampa, Toronto, Virginia Beach, Wantaugh (NY), Washington (DC) and West Palm Beach.
- Nov./Dec. Southeast Asia, including Japan, Australia/New Zealand (exact dates to be announced shortly).

In conjunction with the tour, the band s US & International record labels also announced the release of a definitive 2-CD Greatest Hits collection that chronicles the band s entire career. Scheduled for release on February 1st, the set, entitled Red, White & Crue, includes three brand-new Crue songs including the first single If I Die Tomorrow, which features a highly stylized and autobiographically-driven music video.
The Mötley Crüe saga began in a musical era when rock was still recovering from the emasculation of disco and the punk rebellion has already begun to take root. In 1981, bassist Nikki Sixx left his glam-rock band London and met drummer Tommy Lee, both strung-out adolescents with a penchant for the party life and a knack for creating fist-in-the-air anthems. With the recruitment of guitarist Mick Mars and singer Vince Neil, the band adopted the moniker Mötley Crüe and recorded their first album, Too Fast for Love, a paradigm-shifting effort which stoked the growth of the glam-metal movement based in Los Angeles. Picked up by Elektra, the Crüe released a string of classic albums through the 1980s Shout at the Devil, Theatre of Pain, Girls, Girls, Girls and Dr. Feelgood, generating hit singles from most of their cover tracks as well as Smokin in the Boys Room, Don t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) and many others. They were also selling out stadiums, eventually to the tune of over 10 million concert tickets.
Yet the forces that made Mötley Crüe's kick-ass music so authentic, namely their own reckless lifestyle of excess, gradually took its toll. In 1989 Nikki Sixx was revived after flatlining from a heroin overdose, the most extreme example of the band's indulgences.
The band's current reunion comes at a time of re-growth for all of its members Tommy Lee is currently shepherding his best-selling biography, Tommyland, along with a new NBC reality show to debut in 2005; Vince Neil, having toured continuously as a solo artist, has appeared on several TV sitcoms as well as the WB reality series The Surreal Life; Nikki Sixx has been touring and recording with Brides of Destruction, writing songs and is preparing to release his autobiographical The Heroin Diaries; and Mick Mars, having struggled since his teens with the chronic, degenerative illness ankylosing spondylitis, has been successfully recovering from hip replacement surgery.
A feature film based on the band's best-selling autobiography, The Dirt, is currently being developed by the band in conjunction with MTV Films/Paramount. The screenplay is being written by Rich Wilkes (XXX).
Red, White & Crue Track Listing:
Disc One - Live Wire . Piece of Your Action . Toast of the Town . Too Fast For Love . Black Widow . Looks That Kill . Too Young To Fall In Love [remix] . Helter Skelter . Shout at the Devil . Smokin' in the Boys Room . Use It Or Lose It . Girls, Girls, Girls . Wild Side . You're All I Need . All In The Name Of... . Kickstart My Heart . Without You . Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) . Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.) . Dr. Feelgood.
Disc Two - Anarchy In The UK . Primal Scream . Home Sweet Home ['91 remix] . Hooligan's Holiday [Brown Nose Edit] . Misunderstood [Successful Format Version] . Planet Boom . Bittersuite . Afraid [Alternative Rave Mix] . Beauty . Generation Swine . Bitter Pill . Enslaved . Hell on High Heels . New Tattoo [single version] . If I Die Tomorrow (new) . Street Fighting Man (new) . Sick Love Song (new).


On the subject of the new Motley single If I Die Tomorrow, former L.A. Guns guitarist Tracii Guns is not a fan! He posted a message on Metal Sludge's "Gossip Board", stating: "OK, I am the biggest Mötley fan in the world and this new song sucks donkey's ass, elephant's ass and my mom's ass. Vince's [Neil] voice has never been better and they made him sing this shit. I am embarrassed. Yes, Nikki's my best friend, but I ain't goin' along with this one 'cause I would look like a donkey's donkey."

Sweden Rock Festival have announced the first run of bands that will compromise it's 2005 show. Announced so far are: Mötley Crüe . Accept . Kansas . Styx . Dio . Magnum . Saxon . Hammerfall . Blackfoot . Nazareth . Vixen . Sonata Arctica . Robin Trower . Helix . Shakra . Hellfueled . Morgana Lefay . Satanic Slaughter . Symphorce . Crystal Eyes . A.C.T . Thyrfing.
More festival details at:

It seems the on again/off again release of Journey's Frontiers And Beyond on DVD is back on. Japanese retailers have begun listing the 1983 VHS release as due on DVD January 26. A catalogue number of CRBL-10015 has been assigned.

In related news, Soul SirkUS finally have a chance to blow audiences away with 4 Californian live shows. I've heard a little about the proposed set list and would recommend anyone in the remote vicinity make sure they witness these first shows for the band! The details are:
January 7, 2005, Belly Up Tavern, Solana Beach, CA
January 13, 2005, The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA
January 14, 2005, The Independent, San Francisco, CA
January 15, 2005, Harrah's South Shore Room, Lake Tahoe, NV.


Masquerade has just released their new album, entitled In Disguise which takes the listener back to the sounds from their highly regarded debut release. With all the positive reviews and brisk sales of In Disguise the band is already making plans to return to the studio for another new release in 2005 as well as a possible Live CD and DVD. Anyone purchasing the new CD through the bands website will get a free preview of the live DVD for next year.

Legendary vocalist Marcie Free has just opened up 'The Vault' on her website that allows fans that join access to download monthly updated high quality MP3's of all her recordings through the years which will include dozens of previously unavailable demo, studio, and live tracks.

Tony Harnell is off to Scandinavia for some recording, writing and a couple of little shows with Ronni Le Tekro and friends. "Hectic is a good word for my life right now, but it¹s all good. I can't remember a time in my career when I have done so much music. 2005 will be a very good year if you are a TH fan! Lots and lots of amazing music is coming your way."
A big announcement is coming soon about a secret project I have finished. Stay tuned!
Tony and Ronni are writing for the follow up to My Religion. Until then they have posted a new video download is available for My Religion. and

Canadian melodic rockers Emerald Rain have almost completed their next studio album, at this stage tentatively titled Sleepwalk. The album is due for a Northern summer release in Japan, with a European deal far from settled. The band, which will feature the original line-up from Broken Saviours, has a new Japanese deal in place, and continue to look for a European deal. The band's Murray says: "The band are in a position where, because of our careers over here, we don't need the money anymore." That's good news for fans, as he adds: "...we're gonna do whatever FEELS right."

Yngwie Malmsteen has named his new solo album Unleash The Fury. The title is a very tongue in cheek reference to a quote from an audio tape which leaked a year or so back, featuring Yngwie going nuts at someone on a US domestic flight. The band featured on the new album, due in early 2005 is: Yngwie Malmsteen - All Guitars; Doogie White - Vocals; Patrik Johansson - Drums; Joakim Svalberg - Keyboards. Official album release details will be announced soon at:

Styx have begun work on a new studio album - but not quite an official follow-up to Cyclorama. A covers album will be released sometime in the first half of 2005. Frontman Tommy Shaw had this to say: "Now we're cutting bass guitars, electric and acoustic guitars, and every stringed instrument we can find in my house. In doing these cover songs we are getting a lesson in old school arranging and recording and this will be resonate in whatever comes after these sessions. To see how bands did things before digital recording (not that we weren't one of those bands, but we've long since gotten on board the digital train) has been a real breath of fresh air, and a license to Rock, recklessly and unchained by styles which emerged over the last 30 years is downright emancipating."
Incidentally, Tommy is one of the many vocalists featured on the next Michael Schenker album, due in 2005.

The release of John Sykes' new solo live album, recorded on his brief Japanese tour in April of this year, has been delayed until December 29. Bad Boy Live features the following tracks: Bad Boy . We Fall Down . Cold Sweat . Crying In The Rain . Jellyroll . Is This Love . Look In His Eyes . I Don't Wanna Live My Life Like You . Please Don't Leave Me . Still Of The Night . Thunder And Lightning.
The band featured on tour and on this record are: John Sykes, Derek Sherinian, Marco Mendoza and Tommy Aldridge.


Queen guitarist Brian May has confirmed news of the band's plans for a 2005 tour with Bad Company singer Paul Rodgers in place of Freddy Mercury.
A post to states: "It really all came about because of the Fender 50th Anniversary gig that I did with Paul Rodgers. We were both so amazed at the chemistry that was going on in All Right Now, that suddenly it seems blindingly obvious that there was something happening here. The shows are a definite for the UK and Europe with the rest of the world still being considered. Barring accidents, Queen and Paul Rodgers will be on the road, pretty much for sure, around April 2005."
The tour will feature songs from both Queen and Paul Rodgers' history, plus other suitable material.

Velvet Revolver will tour Australia and New Zealand for the first time in 2005. The band will begin the tour in Christchurch, New Zealand on February 19. Tickets are on sale from December 17. The dates are:
Thursday 17 February 2005, Westpac Centre - Christchurch
Saturday 19 February 2005, Supertop at Ericsson Stadium - Auckland
Monday 21 February 2005, Brisbane Entertainment Centre
Wednesday 23 February 2005, Hordern Pavilion, Sydney
Saturday 26 February 2005, Adelaide Entertainment Centre
Sunday 27 February 2005, Vodafone Arena, Melbourne
Wednesday 02 March 2005, Challenge Stadium, Perth

Inxs' search for a new singer, achieved via the reality TV Show Rock Star will commence in January. The band and show will host auditions in 20 cities around the world, including Auckland, Sydney, Liverpool, Toronto, LA, Chicago, Boston, Seattle and New York.
The series will screen initially in the USA on CBS in July 2005. Full dates for auditions and conditions of entry have been announced and are available at the Official Rock Star site:

The Tygers of Pan Tang are pleased to announce there new vocalist. He is Jacopo Meille. Jack is also vocalist for Italian band Mantra.
Tygers' Robb Weir states: "We are over the moon to have found such a great vocalist .This is something we should have done 3 years ago, gone for a totally professional singer. He fits more into the Jon Deverill way of doing things and that suits me just fine. We already have 3 new tunes done with Jack which just came out of an end of rehearsal jam which we are really happy with. We will be going into the studio with John Mitchell (Arena) to record the new CD and I cannot wait."
Photo line up LtoR is Dean Robertson (guitar) Brian West (bass) Craig Ellis (drums) Jacopo Meille (Vocals) Robb Weir (guitar).


Kevin Cotter was kind enough to e-mail in, reporting from Y&T's show Sunday night at the Mystic Theater in Petaluma, California. The band recorded the show and the Monday night also, for a DVD release.
Kevin says the show was amazing and featured every member that has ever played in the band. "From the opening of Open Fire to the final encore of Forever, it was truly a great rock experience. I never understood why they never made that major breakthrough to super-star status."
The set list was: Open Fire . I'll Keep on Believin . Dirty Girl . Meanstreak . Beautiful Dreamer . Black Tiger . Sail On By . Eyes . 10 Lovers . 21st Century . Quicksand . Hell or Highwater . I'll Cry . Rhythm or Not . Barroom Boogie . My Way or the Highway . Hurricane . Rescue Me . Forever.

Former Motley Crue singer John Corabi's authorized autobiography is finished, and currently being bid over by several publishers. Expect a summer, 2005 release date. Co-author Jake Brown will begin work in April, 2005 with Hanoi Rocks on the band's authorized autobiography with Michael Monroe and Andy McCoy. In other rock biography news, in March, 2005 Brown-authored Behind the Boards Volume 1, the first installment of a 3-volume rock producers anthology will be released. Volume one features interviews with producers Scott Humphrey (Rob Zombie, Motley Crue, Methods of Mayhem) with Tommy Lee, Andy Jonns (Led Zepplin, The Rolling Stones, Van Halen, Joe Satriani), Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Kiss, Alice Cooper), Tom Werman (Motley Crue, Cheap Trick, Poison, Twisted Sister, Ted Nugent), Dave Jerden (Jane's Addiction, Alice in Chains, Social Distortion), and James Michael (Meatloaf, Motley Crue, Sammy Hagar)."

This update from Talisman's Marcel Jacob was recently posted at their official website:
"2004 has seen some activity...the releases of "the Re-Masters" has continued, with Humanimal, Life + 5Outof5, Truth + Live at Sweden Rock 2001, and finally the rerelease of the first Human Clay album on Closing the book on Human Clay seeing the light of day...the work on the DVD has progressed, to the point that all production parts have been assembled, meaning recordings, edits, mixing, mastering, paperwork's been no tea party...with for example the original tapes from Sweden Rock lost, and the only hard disc back up suffering an internal meltdown, thankfully Pontus had made a rough mix supposedly to be used as support for overdubs which was decent enough for usage...this of course means there are no overdubs for the SRF concert...TRUE LIVE :-)!
The show was felt to be pretty good, so despite no overdub fixes, out of tune guitars, and sound quality suffering from recording flaws and no balanced mix, it is still possible to listen to it :-)...everybody knows JSS released another solo effort, but Jamie and I got involved with Last Autumn's Dream to do their follow-up CD to their successful debut..."LAD" is the band with Mikael Erlandsson and Fair Warning guitar player Andy Malecek...looks like there may be some shows in Japan in March 2005 to support this album.
I have also been working with Tommy Denander on the upcoming Speedy Gonzales album, writing some songs and playing the bass...this to be released early next year... 2005......maybe a new Talisman album :-) ????"

Dakota's Rick Manwiller is following up the band's acclaimed Deep 6 release with his third solo album, titled Chocolate Detox. He is currently recording at Holy HandGrenade Studio in Antioch, Tennessee (outside Nashville) and plans to be finished mixing by roughly the end of January.
Rick says: "It looks like there will be 13 tracks, and possibly some guest stars appearing, but nothing official yet. I will have some song samples up on a website as we get into January, maybe sooner."

Glenn Hughes is currently in the UK (Wales to be precise), recording a brand new album with Tony Iommi for release through Sanctuary Records in the Northern Summer of 2005. Featured on the album will be drummer Kenny Aronoff.

The very first ever Ritchie Blackmore Convention (celebrating the forty year career of a guitar legend) took place in England in October. Two interesting reports about the convention are online now. One report also consists of an interview with Jessie Haynes, who flew in from the US to perform at the convention, ex-Blackmore's Night guitarist and singer. Check this out at the Blackmore's Night Official Scandinavian Fan Club:

Former 38 Special guitarist Jeff Carlisi has joined partners to open a studio complex in Atlanta.

MP3 samples of the upcoming Moonstone Project can now be heard at The CD Time To Take a Stand is due in early 2005.

I'm a Bluesman Virgin/EMI (Johnny Winter's latest release featuring Paul Nelson as guitarist/songwriter) has been nominated for a Grammy by the recording Academy for "Best Contemporary Blues Album 2004." The ceremonies will be held February 13 in LA and televised on CBS worldwide.

A stream for the Anthrax video Deathrider can be seen via this link:

Hanoi Rocks have finished work on their new studio album Another Hostile Takeover. The CD will be released in Europe in late January.

Sony Japan are re-issuing the first 4 Toto albums in the limited edition paper sleeve format, all featuring new DSD re-mastering. Toto, Hydra, Turn Back and IV are all due out March 2, 2005.

Axel Rudi Pell's web-shop "ARP Shop" has just launched! Here's the link Amongst other things, you are able to purchase brand new merchandise.

Mars Electric frontman Jacob Bunton has another band to his name. Lynam's debut Life in Reverse is out now. More details at:

Aussie pop rockers Noiseworks will perform for Triple M on Wednesday December 15 at the Gaelic Club in Sydney. The band has reformed for this one gig, with 4 of the 5 original members involved.

The Bon Jovi box set includes a hidden track at the end of the fourth disc (about 20 secs after the last track)... It's a cool funky/rock demo of Living On a Prayer.

The legendary drummer Carmine Appice and the great guitar player Pat Travers will appear in Chris Catena next album which will include 12 songs (10 originals and two covers) and which will be harder than Freak Out!. The provisory title is Busted.
Among the other players is worth to mention Doug Aldrich, Bruce Kulick, Kee Marcello, Tony Franklin, Marco Mendoza, Steve Salas and others to confirm.
In the same time Chris is still working on his album of covers Discovery: The Return of the Galactic Freakboy and to a live album Still Alive and Freakin' which has been recorded and will be mixed within December.

Mennen, the band around former Zintra frontman Joss Mennen, will see a world-wide (except BeNeLux) return with their new album Freakzoid via Escapi Music. The album was mixed by none other than Erwin Musper (Scorpions, Van Halen, Def Leppard) at world-famous Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum, The Netherlands.
Originally founded by singer Joss Mennen and guitarist Erik van de Kerkhof in 1994 as a project, Mennen in the time in between have become a real band which immediately – as like Zinatra before – made it straight to the top of the Dutch hard rock & metal scene and also gained wide success all over Europe.
Freakzoid, being their 5th album up-to-date, will once again let the hearts of any hard rock fan out there beat faster. Most recent support live shows with the likes of bands such as Dio, Dare, Whitesnake, Molly Hatchet, Gotthard and the Scorpions again showed the Dutch guys in amazing form and raised high hopes for more!
The Freakazoid album will include 3 exclusive bonus tracks and be released on 24.01.2005 in Europe and 08.03.2005 in the USA.
Mennen are: Joss Mennen (vocals), Erik van de Kerkhof (guitars), Alex Jansen (bass), Fon Janssen (drums).
Discography: Mennen (1994), Back To The Real World (1996), Age Of Fools (1998), Circle Of Live (2001), Mennen (re-release, 2003), Freakazoid (2005).

Escapi Music have signed Testament for their first ever official DVD release! TESTAMENT, the world's leading and most ground-breaking Thrash Metal band, has found a new home at Escapi Music for their first DVD release entitled Seen Between The Lines.
Originally released in 1991 on VHS, this fully re-mastered DVD contains live material of the band centered around founder members Eric Peterson and vocalist extra-ordinaire Chuck Billy. The footage shown was shot during Testament's 1991 world-tour at various places all over the world.
As an extra bonus, the DVD will also cover video clips for the songs Nobody's Fault, Practise What You Preach, Souls Of Black and The Legacy, rare video interview clips, "a dinner with Testament", scenes from the Japanese leg of the tour plus additional discography, image gallery & biography sections.
Seen Between The Lines without any doubt is a must have for any fan of this outstanding and highly influential Thrash Metal band and nothing else than a definite highlight release in the Bay Area heroes 25 years long career.
The DVD will be released world-wide on March 8th, 2005 through Escapi Music.
Testament are: Eric Peterson (rhythm guitar), Chuck Billy (vocals), Steve DiGiorgio (bass), Jon Allen (drums), Steve Smyth (guitar).

German progressive metal band Scenes are to release their debut album Call Us At The Number You Provide on Escapi Music.
Scenes originally started in 1995 as a two-piece project which turned out to become a real band when the line-up was finally completed in 1998. In the following year, the band recorded the demo New Beginning which sold about 600 copies inside Germany alone. After a couple of line-up changes – singer Nektarios Bamiatzis took part in one of the German versions of Fame Academy/ Pop Idols and made it into the finals there – and SCENES looked for new territories to approach.
The band these days consists of Chris Lorey (guitar), Florian Wentzel (keys), Hendrik Edelthalhammer (drums) and Jan Ebert (bass) plus new singer Alex Koch (ex-Powergod, ex-Spiral Tower). Their sound stands synonym for heavy, diverse metal with influences from various genres. Melodies and technical finesse nevertheless remain to be the guide. Playing live belongs to the biggest strengths of the band as it was proven many times in the past by supporting bands such as Uriah Heep, Bonfire and many more.
Scenes' first full-length release Call Us At The Number You Provide immediately raised the interest by Escapi Music and ended up in a multi-album deal for the band. Being produced by Chris Lorey, Florian Wentzel and Ecki Erlenbusch, the album was finally was mixed and mastered by Tommy Newton (Victory, UFO) at his Area 51 Studios in Hannover, Germany.
Call Us At The Number You Provide contains 9 highly-versatile but nevertheless catchy progressive metal tunes including a new, astonishing version of Talk Talk's smash hit Such A Shame. Former singer Nektarios handled the lead vocals on the songs Safe The Light and My Own Life whereas vocalists Dirk Thurisch (Angel Dust) and Marcus Juergens (Pump, ex-Brainstorm) took over the backing vocal duties for I Will Stay.
The CD will supposedly be released on Escapi Music in Spring 2005.
Track listing: 1. (So) Father, 2. You Walk Away, 3. My Own Life , 4. Start Again , 5. Deep Inside My Heart , 6. I Will Stay , 7. Safe The Light, 8. Such A Shame, 9. Nothing Left To Say (Unforgiven).
Current live dates: 30.11.2004 D-Aalen, Rock It (with Evergrey & Mercenary); 23.12.2004 D-Karlsruhe, Karlsruher Tempel (with Valet & Dialhard)

It looks like Joe Satriani is heading to Australia and New Zealand for dates in early 2005. Announced for March 2005 are the following dates:
12 Sat St. James Auckland, NZ
14 Mon Arena Brisbane, AU
16 Wed Enmore Theatre Sydney, AU
18 Fri The Forum Melbourne, AU
20 Sun Thebarton Theatre Adelaide, AU
22 Tue Metro City Perth, AU

Australian melodic pop/rock singer/songwriter Rick Price has issued a career spanning best of compilation. The Best Of Rick Price features the following tracks: Not A Day Goes By . Heaven Knows . Walk Away Renee . River Of Love . To Be With You . You're Never Alone . Bridge Building Man . Fragile . Tenterfield Saddler . If You Were My Baby . What's Wrong With That Girl? . A House Divided . Where In The World . Love Never Dies . All On Your Own . Goin' Through The Windows . Mary Red . Jessie.


Perris Records is proud to announce a giveaway of an autographed Ratt Invasion Of Your Privacy Gold Award. This is from Stephen Pearcy's own personal collection that was given to him in the 80's commemorating 500,000 albums sold. The first 50 customers that buy Stephen Pearcy's Fueler CD from Perris will go into a drawing to win the Gold record. The drawing will be held on December 21st.
The picture of the award and details regarding the cd is posted at Perris web site:
Meanwhile, back in the Ratt Camp, do I hear whispers of a 2005 re-union? It's possible, but apparently guitarist Warren DeMartini is a very long way from agreeing to any plans.
In further Pearcy news - (Los Angeles, CA - December 6) Ratt's former lead vocalist Stephen Pearcy will be bringing some home cooked rock n' roll to the crew of the world's largest aircraft carrier the USS Nimitz (CVN 68) this holiday season. On Friday, December 17th Pearcy will fly to the carrier off the coast of California for a concert and over night visit.
Pearcy graciously accepted the invitation to perform for the crew after receiving an invite from the Public Affairs Officer, Lieutenant Commander Brad Fagan. "This is a great honor for me. It's going to be an amazing feeling to perform for 5,000 men and women who are serving and protecting our country," says Pearcy.
The band will consist of crew members who will be performing such classics as Your In Love, Lay It Down, Round & Round, Walkin The Dog and the new single Drive With Me from Pearcy's latest solo album Fueler (Top Fuel Records).
For more information on Stephen Pearcy please visit:

Ted Poley of Danger Danger took a day out of his busy schedule to hang out with Secret Smile in the studio and lay down some smoking vocals for their upcoming new CD! The band are all huge fans of D2, and they look forward to meeting up with him again soon on the road!
The band's new CD is slowly coming along and will feature 13 new songs and a surprise cover song that Ted Poley and Jeff Cannata appear on! Cannata is also producing the CD for the band. The guys have a new Christmas song available - Have A Merry Little Christmas is complete and you can pick up a copy at

Legendary Rockers Blue Oyster Cult are making available a very limited edition set of prints (400 prints only) of the album cover art from their most recent live album and DVD Long Day's Night. The print is numbered and signed by founding members Buck Dharma, Eric Bloom, Allan Lanier and cover artist Ioannis (Deep Purple, Allman Brothers, Fates Warning, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Yngwie Malmsteen). It's on a first come basis and comes with a certificate of authenticity. You can view the print and order it at:

Quiet Riot will commence their 2005 world tour in England, where the group has not performed in twenty years, with the following dates:
2/11/05 Bradford, UK - Rio
2/12/05 London, UK - The Underworld
2/13/05 Nottingham, UK - Rock City
2/14/05 Dudley, UK - Jb's
Additional tour dates for Europe will be announced shortly.
Three MP3 music files have been made available from the Quiet Riot Live & Rare - Vol. 1 CD which will be released on Cleopatra/Deadline Records. MP3 downloads are now available at this location:
They include Metal Health (Bang Your Head) and Condition Critical both recorded live in 1984, as well as the studio demo of Thunderbird which was recorded by Kevin DuBrow and Frankie Banali along with Chuck Wright (Bass) and Bob Steffan (Guitar) in 1981.
Live & Rare Volume 1 is out January 4.

Nikolo Kotzev has sent me an update on the latest news about the new Brazen Abbot studio album. Nikolo says: "Everything has been recorded except the guitar leads, which are being recorded now. Mixing of the album is scheduled for January 09th, 2005 and will probably be completed by January 25th."
The album will have 12 tracks: Tracks with Joe Lynn Turner - Resurrection, More Than Money, Dreams, Rage Of Angels (featuring Erik Mårtensson).
Tracks with Göran Edman - Bad Madman, Flying Blind, Shades Of Grey, Beggar's Lane (featuring Erik Mårtensson).
Tracks with Tony Harnell - Another Day Gone, Can't Be Found, Godforsaken.
Tracks with Erik Mårtensson - The Shadows.


Robert Fleischman has announced the official release of his four latest musical projects for December 2004. This is an exciting time for Robert and his fans with lots of new music on the horizon. Though primarily known as a rock and roll singer/songwriter, much of his new music is a bold departure from the past and takes an exciting new direction that once again underscores Robert's trademark cutting edge and always-adventurous musical vision.
Dreaming In Tongues - A beautiful and sometimes surrealistic voyage with cello and acoustic guitar taking a minimalist instrumental approach. Robert's vocals bring the whole thing together making this CD a classic and an original by any standard.
The Lord's Prayer - In this Christian contemporary rock release, Robert writes and sings a hauntingly beautiful melody to the Lords Prayer.
Kinetic Phenomena - This Electronica release is a heavy duty mixture of pulsating rhythms and hypnotic soundscapes that will definitely alter your consciousness!
Electric Raindrops - A beautiful arrangement of soothing ambient sounds.
Coming up - New Order – AOR Fans are anticipating this work in progress which is Robert's follow up release to the World In Your Eyes album on Frontier Records. Featuring a bonus track with an acoustic guitar version of Wheel In The Sky.




Monday, December 13, 2004

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce details on the highly anticipated new studio album from Joe Lynn Turner - The Usual Suspects.
The track listing will feature the following songs (not final order): All Alone, Devil's Door, Really Loved, Rest of My Life, Unfinished Business, Blood Money (exclusive bonus track for Europe); Into the Fire; Jacknife; Ball and Chain; Live and Love Again; Power of Love.
The album was produced by Bob Held and Joe Lynn Turner and will feature a host of well known faces (hence the album title The Usual Suspects because many of his favorite friends/musicians wrote songs for and play on it) such as Al Pitrelli (Megadeth, Savatage) and Karl Cochran (Ace Frehley) on guitar, David Z on bass, John O Reilly on drums, Paul Morris and Andy Burton on keyboards with Nancy Bender helping out with some background vocals.
Joe Lynn has recently stated in an interview with Canadian magazine BW&BK: "I hope you like the new CD, because I really put a lot of heart and soul into it. It's a return to sort of Rainbow melodic rock. I took the time to dress up the choruses. So I have to say it's more hard rock but melodic, very melodic as I wanted a return to something that was part of me, part of my past. I have to say that it's shades of Rainbow in many areas. Because Rainbow really was a very hard melodic band."
Stay tuned for more info about release date and sound samples!

Thunder's new single I Love You More Than Rock 'N' Roll has entered the UK single charts at No. 27, becoming the bands 17th top 40 hit!
Frontiers Records wishes to congratulate and send the best wishes to the band for the great achievement! At the same time the band has announced the tour dates which will also include the following ones in the mainland Europe:
March 18 Holland, Weert Bosuil
March 19 Holland, Hardenberg Podium
March 20 Belgium, Vosselaar Biebob
March 22 Germany, Hamburg Fabrik
March 23 Germany, Bochum Zeche
March 24 Germany, Munich Metropolis
More tour dates to be confirmed shortly.
Thunder's brand new CD The Magnificent Seventh is planned for release in Europe on February 21.

To coincide with the January 2005 release of his new album Soul Mover, Glenn Hughes will start a European tour. First leg of the tour will be a previously postponed UK one, while the remaining European dates will be announced as soon as they are confirmed. Teaming up with Glenn for this tour is his shredding buddy JJ Marsh on guitar, other member(s) of the band to be announced asap.
February 11 JB's Dudley 01384 253 597
February 12 Rio's Bradford 01274 735 549
February 13 Liquid Room Edinburgh 0131 220 3234
February 15 Mean Fiddler London 08701 500 044
February 16 Waterfront Norwich 01603 508 050
February 17 Leadmill Sheffield 0114 221 2828
February 19 Roadmender Northampton 01604 604 222

The Mysterell debut album Sensational, starting the solo career of former PANGEA guitar player and singer Torben Lysholm has gathered an excellent press response over the medias!
Some of the comments and reviews include:
ROCK REPORT 6 / 6 It takes guts to call your first solo album Sensational, but hey, that s exactly what it is! (Chris Lambert)
MELODIC.NET A standing ovation and hats off for Torben Lysholm! (Kaj Roth)
MELODICROCK.COM 84/100 - A pleasant, easy going, feel good melodic rock release (Andrew J. McNeice)
ROCK HARD GERMANY 8 / 10 - A remarkable album. Recommended! (Daniel Böhm)
AOR HEAVEN A very well-done record (Marco Spath)
ROCK IT 8.5/10 - "This is one of the few hard rock releases of today which re-awakens memories on the glorious days of this kind of music!" (Tommy Becher)
The artist was also chosen as Artist Of The Week on the website, the first one ever from Frontiers Records!
Torben has launched a new website and would like to thank everybody for the lukewarm response to the album which follows almost two years of hard work. He sent us the following track by track comments:
Don't Ever Stop - This was the first song I wrote specifically for this album. When I finally decided to make a solo album the songs just started coming to me. It had been quite a long time since I really wrote music in this genre so it was kind of a relief to be getting back to that. Maybe that s why it has this positive vibe mixed with the sort of sad lyrics that yet seems to have an optimistic ring to it.
I Belong With You - I have written tons of love songs. This is one of several on this album too. I didn't really have a specific goal I was aiming for with this song. It s pretty much just a straight forward rock song. To me as a producer I didn t feel I had too many options for how to approach that side of it. Everything came naturally. Regarding the noise at the beginning, it oddly enough worked better to just leave it there.
Why? - This was the last song that was written for the album. For this song I wanted to do more of what I started doing on Don t Ever Stop . I wanted to make the verse break down even more so in went the Manfred Mann style chopping synth. Something cool that happened as a result of me trying out a couple of new compressors in the studio was the TNT-ish sound of the backing vocals in the bridge. Lene Riebau was getting used to new gadgets I needed to test whenever we were doing backing for new songs. and what new things are you gonna test on me today??, she'd say. What can I say & I'm a nerd!
When You Love - One of the 2-3 songs that I m most proud of having written. Yet another love song but with a twist. Sort of a way of reminding people about how essential it really is to keep the focus on how strong you are as a couple when you find the one that is truly your soul mate. One of the strongest choruses I've ever written. In my humble opinion of course.
Bring The House Down - Originally Lene Riebau and I wrote it for her to sing but her style took a drastically different turn shortly after. The lyrics and melody needed a few changes for a me to sing it obviously. Originally I came up with the idea for it by playing around with soundclips from AC/DC s Back In Black and Queen s We Will Rock You . The signature guitar riff from Back In Black over the ditto stomps and claps from We Will Rock You . Not long after a DJ told me that he just got a CD where a very similar combination was used on a big club hit. I hadn't heard it but even so I dropped that idea and did my usual thang instead.
There Was You - I wrote this song some time between the release of the two Pangea albums. I've always had this urge to explore my musicality deeper than what felt natural for that band so I have a collection of songs recorded that reflects that lying around. It s no secret that I squeezed the lemon too hard with the original idea for this Mysterell master. Some of the material was too soft and too far from what Mario and Serafino would like it to be, but still There Was You was too good to just leave out on that account. I m happy that they okay ed it for the final master. The lyrics are about how tough it can be when you re with the right one but influences from the outside world makes it impossible to stay together.
Remember Me - This one has a good story. When I told my good friend and colleague Torben Enevoldsen that I was going to start production of this solo album he immediately handed me a disc with ideas and riffs he had but never found a use for in his own projects. He played them to me and we didn't really talk very much about it after that. Then when I was done with the final master I invited him over to Tune Town for a final listen. I ve produced and mixed for him before and we use each other as sparring partners in many respects. He listened to the whole album and commented along the way. This song has a long intro and he was waiting to hear what kind of song it would turn out to be, and suddenly the riff starts. He knew he had heard it somewhere before but he couldn't place it. But when the song started he spotted it immediately of course and was hugely surprised. He had absolutely no idea, and he thought it was funny to sit and hear something that he wrote but had no idea had become a complete song.
Help Me Find A Way - Well, this is the song that I have the least part in writing. My contribution was adding to the lyrics that Lene Riebau had already written, and adding the bridge leading up to the guitar solo. However, I can tell you what I know about her approach to it. It s the only song she s written so far where she knew from the start that it wasn't for herself to sing and that it would have to be a man. When she first wrote it we made a demo of it and she asked me to lay down a cue vocal for it. Well, we ended up liking my version of it.
Sling Shot - Actually this is two different songs put together. I had the verse and bridge put together with a chorus I didn't like, and the chorus put together with a verse I didn't like. I got the idea to put them together when I was going through new material to choose songs for the album. What attracted me to the idea was the contrast between the pieces. It also inspired me to the somewhat philosophical lyrics about living in denial, suddenly facing the music, and taking refuge in ignorance again.
Take Me To The River - Rock n Roll. Pretty straight forward, yet telling a personal story. The lyrics are as deep as I m willing to go into it though.
The Challenge - Some time ago I was playing with the idea of making an instrumental album with more filmscore-like material. It s been a lifelong dream for me to make music for movies. Digging into a story and derive the music from it that I find in it. This piece is about preparing for a challenge that comes down to one critical moment. From the rush of knowing you will have to face this challenge, over the feeling of being torn between duty and hope, to the state where the world seems to disappear and it s finally just you and the challenge your presented with.

Stage Dolls will release a live CD called Get A Live on December 20th through MusicBusiness in Norway. The live CD was recorded at their anniversary gig in Trondheim last year. It will be released with a bonus DVD featuring 10 live tracks from the same show.
The track listing is: Stand By You . Love Cries . Hard To Say Goodbye . Commandos . Sorry Is All I Can Say . Still In Love . Wings Of Steel . Magic . Love Don't Bother Me . Left Foot Boogie . Ten Tons Of Rock 'n Roll . Money . Ammunition . Heart To Heart . Soldier's Gun.

It seems Queen will tour in 2005, with Roger Taylor and Brian May deciding on Paul Rodgers as the man to fill the mighty shoes of the late, great Freddy Mercury. The 2005 tour looks to take in Europe and the UK at this stage. No word as yet as to whether John Deacon will be involved. The moniker for the tour will be Queen And Paul Rodgers.
The guys are being quoted as saying the following: Roger Taylor: "We decided we gonna do a Queen tour. We're touring in Deutschland, in Germany, and Europe next spring. So, first time in many years: a Queen tour - brand-new news and we are very excited to do that. ... We have a fantastic singer ... his name is Paul Rodgers. ... He was one of Freddie's favourite singers - and one of our favourite singers."
Brian May: "We didn't finally push the button yet, but really we made the decision that we want to do this [a tour next year]. Finally we found a singer that we want to work with. It doesn't mean he joins the band. Nobody is replacing Freddie. ... Paul Rodgers ... we thought okay, this is somebody worthy of going out with and making something new. ... We want to make something new, we want to make something which means something now."

Heaven and Earth performed at the Rock City News Awards Show in Los Angeles on Friday, 3rd December and were presented with an award for "Best Overall Achievement by an LA Band." The band played a short set including Don't Keep Me Waiting, Screaming for Redemption and See That My Grave Is Kept Clean. Seen here in this pic by Ernie Manrique is, (L to R) Stuart Smith, Kelly Hansen, Richie Onori, keyboard player Scott Warren and bassist Joe Petro.


Styx are heading to the UK for some mid-year shows in 2005 - fabulous news guys. The announced dates thus far are:
06-14-2005 Glasgow, UK
06-15-2005 Manchester, UK
06-17-2005 Birmingham, UK
06-18-2005 London, UK
06-19-2005 Bristol, UK
The band's online release of their single I Am The Walrus, comes tomorrow via i-Tunes.

Plenty more news to be posted tomorrow – catching up on what was missed while away, plus some fresh output. Tune in…..



Friday, December 10, 2004

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- It looked like something out of a macabre heavy-metal video: The lights dimmed in the smoke-filled nightclub, the rock band Damageplan launched into its first thunderous riffs, and then a man in a hooded sweatshirt ran the length of the stage and opened fire, shooting the lead guitarist at least five times in the head.
In just minutes, the gunman had killed three others with his silver pistol before being shot to death by a police officer.
The rampage Wednesday night stunned the heavy metal world and left police searching for answers about what set the gunman off.
The slain guitarist, "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, 38, was the driving force behind the rock band Pantera, and police are looking into reports from witnesses that the gunman was a fan irate that the hugely influential group broke up.
Full Story + News Video:

While Pantera and Damgeplan haven't been covered by this site, the wider rock music community shares the grief of fans of Darrel's and those other innocent victims killed in this senseless murder and all their families. I remain shocked and dismayed such an event could occur and hope some good in the form of heightened security at shows might come from this tragedy. RIP Darrell.

Business as usual Monday AM. I haven't yet checked any e-mails/message boards - instead wishing to stay in a state of complete relaxation until Monday morning at least! All questions/problems/messages/updates will be dealt with Monday. Looking forward to getting back to business. Thanks for your patience during my absence.




Monday, November 29, 2004

January 24th, 2005 will mark the European release on Frontiers Records of Glenn Hughes' new solo album Soul Mover.


Soul Mover was recorded live at Sound Image Studios in Los Angeles in the Spring of 2004 and features Red Hot Chili Pepper's Chad Smith on drums, JJ Marsh on guitar and Ed Roth on keyboards. The album also features ex-Chili Peppers and Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro on the title track.
Glenn says "It is the most fulfilling album I have recorded in my whole career and will blow many of you away...", explaining furthermore: "Chad and I wanted an organic feel as it was necessary to capture the emotion that can only happen when all of us are playing live in the same room together. We were in a semi-circle with the amps bleeding a little into the drums just as I used to record when I first started playing."

Full track listing is as follows: Soul Mover (click to hear an mp3 sample), She Moves Ghostly (click to hear an mp3 sample), Change Yourself, High Road (click to hear an mp3 sample), Let It Go, Dark Star, Miss Little Insane, Land of the Living, Isolation, Last Mistake, Orion, Don't Let Me Bleed - Soul Mover (video).
January 24th 2005 - a musical and vocal extravaganza of the highest order - a Frontiers Records exciting exclusive for Europe!


Law And Order, the former MCA recording artists who released two critically acclaimed albums - Guilty of Innocence (1989) and Rites Of Passage (1991) - have returned with their long awaited third album entitled The Glass House. In light of this new release, the band - featuring all original members in Phil Allocco (guitar), Shane (vocals), Rob Steele (drums), and Sean Carmody (bass) - have signed a management agreement with the California based JEFF KELLER MANAGEMENT LLC, the company that currently manages 80's rockers, JAIME ST. JAMES and BLACK 'N BLUE, as well as progressive goth metallers, NICODEMUS.
At the height of their career, LAW AND ORDER garnered significant video airplay on MTV with their singles We Don't See God and Soul Inside. The band also received a 'KKKKK' review (the highest honor) in the UK's infamous Kerrang Magazine, as well as touring with the likes of Platinum artists such as Pearl Jam and Blind Melon. Their upcoming third album, The Glass House, was actually recorded back in 1992 and never released to the public as the band went its separate ways soon after the recordings. Guitarist, Phil Allocco, elaborates, "The band had lived together and the record was recorded in the house we lived in. It was a true collaboration- written, recorded and produced together. Much more experimental than the previous records, it was the band discovering our own voice. Due to the lack of support from MCA at the time, the band tried to get off the label - when the label refused to drop us, we declared bankruptcy to break all our contracts under the advice of our management. Soon after that our house burnt down, and we decided to end it before releasing the record." The band have remained friends ever since, and they decided that now would be the right time to release this great album that should be considered their greatest work together. The Glass House will see a European release on January 5th. Jeff Keller Management LLC will be seeking licensing agreements in the US and Japan, two territories that the band did well in with their previous releases.
In addition, the band has also started work on a new website at the following location While the site is still a work in progress, it will serve as the band's official site with regular news updates and other information. The European album cover art for The Glass House, as well as lyrics to the new tracks, is currently posted on the site. The Glass House is expected to have a different cover art for releases in the US and Japan.




Friday, November 26, 2004

The debut Soul SirkUS CD is released online December 7. Vocalist Jeff Scott Soto talked to me about the songs that make up the sensational World Play album. For a read of my world first review of the album, see today's reviews update.
Highest Ground - This 1 is the 2nd set of lyrics I wrote for us, it details the discomfort of being with someone you can't stand, in any situation whether it be an acquaintance, bandmate or lover. In this case, it's about a bandmate, not necessarily 1 of mine, that brought the 1 down who is now standing up & saying they won't put up with it anymore.
New Position - The lyrics here are about someone I had high respect for at 1 time, would have given anything to work with - time goes by & the fire & tenacity went along with it. Shortly thereafter, I get the request to do a project with this person & all I can think is 'pathetic' - amazing how fine the line is in admiration & disrespect.
Another World - This 1 is about the after life & crossing over, there are so many that believe they're being watched over after someone passes & this song describes their beliefs in this.
Soul Goes On - These lyrics are about the many negative aspects of life we've been faced with lately from Sept. 11 to the war in Iraq. It's so hard to find true contentment these days, but we form such a thick armor of skin that allows us to see a light at the end of the dismal tunnel.
Peephole - Sammy Hagar wrote these lyrics for this 1 which was originally for Planet US with Neal & Deen. I was going to re-write the whole structure of what I would be doing in the song but couldn't get away from Sam's version everytime I tried. I met him at Neal's birthday party & told him I thought I should just keep it the way it is which he then explained the 'heaviness' behind the subject matter. It's a true story about a little girl who was deformed & left for a monster by her mother who raised her in a closet as an animal. The only light this child saw was in the peephole of the door. Sam told me if I kept it as is, don't just sing about it, know about it & translate the ugliness behind this horrific story. It's the darkest, tragic thing I've ever sung about, you can feel my anger in the performance.
Periled Divide - This is the 1 everyone asks 'what are you saying in the chorus?'. It's about caught between right from wrong, a lie from the truth. So many times in life, we're divided by telling the truth to avoid hurting someone but the lie only hurts more in the end. The peril we go through making the decisions that divide the path we choose that's simple enough, isn't it?
Praise - Well, enough with negative, dark, reality songs, it was time to hit below the belt & the chorus says it all, 'I do declare, I wanna taste your body', is there really any reason to continue detailing?
My Sanctuary - This is the voyeur song, the Peeping Tom, perv lyric! I wrote this 1 after watching a movie called 'Happiness', a very disturbing movie which at 1 point features the total perv calling someone & jacking off. We all have our little perverses in life that take us beyond desire for someone to the point of obsession - this is normal, right?
Friends 2 Lovers - This lyric is about something we've all experienced in our growing years, having a friend of the opposite sex (or not, for some!) that leads to harboring feelings for that person. There's a line you don't want to cross as you know it could destroy the friendship but it's just as hard to see & be with them everyday, watching them go in & out of relationships & feeling that emptiness inside of never having the opportunity to take it to the next level.
Coming Home - This was the 1st song Neal & I wrote together, actually, he sent me the music from home & I dove into it. I knew I had to make the right 1st impression & after our discussions of wanting this group to be 'completely different from Journey', I thought of course I had to start with this 1! After it was done & before I let Neal hear my draft vocals, I apologized in advance - I had to clear his mind & make him not think all I wanted to do was be a Steve Perry clone but the melody, my tone, everything had the whole Journey overtone to it. He loved it, thought it was great as it was so I was relieved he saw the potential of the next ones we worked on instead of thinking I would turn every tune into a potential Journey tune.
Close The Door - This is about 2nd chances & learning from the many mistakes we bring upon ourselves. Sometimes in life you can meet someone who overwhelmingly influences you to find yourself & even want to emulate their way of living. This lyric is about wasting so many years doing it all wrong & having the chance to right the wrongs.


Press Release:
November 23, 2004 -- What could be next for a musician who's done it all? As the lead guitarist and songwriter for the multi-platinum band Journey, his work with guitar legend Santana and composer Jan Hammer, Neal Schon has lived the life of several rock gods. Still, he continues to reinvent himself, taking his own musical vision to new heights with his sixth solo outing, i on U, a dazzling collection of guitar instrumentals. It's due out February 22, 2005 on Steve Vai's Favored Nations label.
Playing with modern sounds and flavors, yet always staying true to his signature guitar sound, i on U pulls it all together. Says Schon, "this is the first album that encompasses everything and makes it brand new."
"Since I joined Santana," he continues, "I've always tried to go into every album in a different way. i on U is taking me to a new place and new sounds, but you can hear my years of work throughout the whole album. Sitting back and listening to it now, the history with Santana and Jan Hammer really shines through."
For i on U, Schon teamed up with keyboardist and songwriter Igor Len as co-producer, and drummer Omar Hakim.
"When I was on tour and trying to put the first stages of this record together," he says, "I called Igor Len, who I had worked with on my Electric World solo album, and asked him to be involved. He sent me some tracks that he was working on, and they were going exactly in the direction I wanted to go with my music. So I took his hooks, added all of the guitar parts and synthesizer solos, and embellished and tweaked them from there. Although I wrote Father, Moondust, and Highland on my own."
Each listener will experience the album differently. From the majestic opening of Blue Passion, and the soaring melodies of the title track, the songs suggest wide open spaces, an overview of what's to come, with tracks like the driving, passionate Burning Bridges. Then it's on to the far off reaches of the imagination, with the arpeggiated rhythms of Timeless Motion, the spicy funk of Loner's Dream, and the eastern flair of It Will Happen.
"The guitar is one of the most expressive instruments of our time," proclaims Schon. "I want the listener to be able to imagine whatever they want since there are no lyrics. And have the music take them to any place they want to be."


To celebrate 20 years of the release of On A Storytellers Night, Magnum are proud to announce 2 live shows. Both shows will consist of the entire Storytellers Album being played and then a new a Magnum shows including more classic songs and material from Brand New Morning. The two shows in one night will be recorded and filmed for a new Magnum Live DVD. The shows will be on the 22nd April at The Wulfrun Hall Wolverhampton and 23rd April at the Astoria in London. There will be no support act as the show will be a long one. We recommend you get your tickets ASAP. These will be the only two UK Storytellers Night Shows. We hope you can come along and join us to celebrate twenty years of a great album, a favourite with all Magnum fans.

Kiss Army Norway and Voices Music Entertainment will release a tribute album next year that will bring tribute CD's to a new level both musically and visually.
- Chart topping and award winning bands from Norway to perform their favourite Kiss songs.
- Ken Kelly who did the legendary painting for the Destroyer and Love Gun album has painted his third Kiss cover for this tribute CD.
- Kiss-guitarist Bruce Kulick salutes his Norwegian fans by joining glam heroes Wig Wam for the hottest version of I Was Made For Loving You ever recorded.
- The release will introduce you to Kissettes, a Norwegian all-female Kiss tribute act that will blow your mind.
KAN & VME have signed chart topping and award winning artists from Norway to cover their favourite Kiss classics. Some names who also has a strong international following. Most of the artists will be kept secret until early next year, but KAN & VME are now proud to tell you that such big artist as Stage Dolls, Surferosa,TNT's front-men Ronni & Tony, ULVER and Kiss-guitarist Bruce Kulick will be on the record. Kiss Army plan to reveal more names during an event for unveiling the historical cover painting by Ken Kelly in January.
Voices Music Entertainment and Kiss Army Norway have managed to come up with a historic album cover by hiring the man who painted the most classic Kiss album covers. VME have invested more money into the album cover than on any other releases in their 16 year history. Executive producer Stig Karlsen says that the music and the musicians obviously are most important, but that the package alone will be so special and historic that it will put all previous Kiss tributes aside. Posters and promotional sheets will be made of the album cover. The album might also be released on vinyl in a limited edition.
In Norway these bands needs NO introduction, but here's a short introduction for the international rock-fans:
Stage Dolls - Platinum selling and #1 chart topping rock band from Norway who also climbed to #43 on the Billboard singles chart in 1989 with Love Cries. Stage Dolls ironically worked with Kiss-producer Ron Nevison on their hit single Love Don't Bother Me in 1991. They have also toured the world with bands such as Faster Pussycat, Warrant and Mr. Big.
TNT's Ronni Le Tekro and Tony Harnell - TNT are yet another platinum selling and #1 chart topping band from Norway. They are also one of the few Norwegian bands to have entered the US billboard chart. Believe it or not Kiss manager Doc McGhee were once their manager as well. TNT are the most successful hard rock band in Norway and hard rock fans from the whole world should remember their album Tell No Tales and their hit single 10,000 lovers in one. The band have done headlining tours in USA, Japan and Europe and have also toured with Twisted Sisters and Great White. The two most important members of the group Tony Harnell (vocal) and Ronni Le Tekro (lead guitar) will record a song for this Kiss tribute album.
Surferosa - Surferosa is a synth-punk band with two top ten hits on the Norwegian charts; Saturday Night and Neon Commando. The band has a strong fan base and the band always deliver energetic live shows. Surferosa has recently toured USA and Japan.
Ulver - Nominated at the Norwegian Grammy Award twice (Spellemannsprisen 2002/2003). Strangly enough Ulver are more popular outside Norway than in it's own country. Ulver were originally a Black Metal band that has gone more into the direction of dark and mysterious electronica. They are also known to have done the soundtrack for huge Scandinavian motion pictures as UNO, Svidd neger and Lyckantropen.
More artist and bands to be announced in January.
More info and interview with executive producer Stig Karlsen at:

Frontiers Records is proud to present the new issue of Melodic Rock Fanzine. The fifth release of our successful magazine is available for free all over the world through record shops, mail orders and every fine dealer carrying the Frontiers Records releases.
Here are the previews of the two Melodic Rock Fanzine covers:


This new issue includes reviews and interviews of Pride Of Lions, TMG, RTZ, Arena, Mysterell, Zeno, Second Heat, Brazen Abbot, Fluid Sol, Lunatica, Mistheria, Silver, Blind Date, The Sign, Shadows Fade, James Christian, Platens, Higher Ground... and more!
Downloadable version of the magazine can be found here:
For every melodic fan, who is looking for past issues of MRF, it is now possible to order them for the price of 5 Euros. (Pay-Pal payment – use the address). Please send your requests to Elio Bordi at

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA – 16 November 2004 -- The Planet P Project was started in 1983 as a method for Tony Carey to put out a certain style of music that didn't fit in with some of his other work under his own name. The first album garnered the radio and video hit Why Me, a year later Tony followed it up with the 2nd Plant P album (a double) Pink World which has been compared to Pink Floyd's The Wall for its depth and intensity.
Tony has over 30 albums to his credit, including many radio and video hits, and as a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist has worked with some of the biggest names in the business. His searing Mini Moog work on the classic Rainbow album Rainbow Rising is legendary.
"What an amazing partnership for us. I'll never forget the first time I heard Tony's keyboard work on the 2nd Rainbow album 'Rainbow Rising' and then some years later hearing 'Why Me' from the first Planet P Project album and then finally figuring out it was the same guy. Tony is one of those rare artists that grab me at a real gut level. When I heard 1931, I enjoyed it at first, but by the 3rd listen I was absolutely blown away and played it for everyone I could find. I then spent a fair amount of time hunting down Tony and convincing him that we really wanted him with us, and I'm just excited beyond words that he agreed. This album is really powerful, you're going to love it." Said Shawn Gordon, President of ProgRock Records.
Tony Carey, who IS Planet P had this to say "I'm delighted to have found a new platform to deliver my admittedly esoteric stuff to y'all - CENSORSHIP SUCKS and I don't care for Top 40 either... and I'm excited to be working with Shawn and ProgRock Records. A Ford in every garage, a chicken in every pot, and a copy of '1931' in every CD player. There's more to come, keep on believing. TC".
1931 is the first in the trilogy of albums Go Out Dancing which will continue with Levittown, about the fifties, from drunken Joe McCarthy to the Birth of the Cool to the Kennedy Boys, and Part 3 Out In The Rain which according to Tony, will be all he has to say about the disgraceful state of the world's unfortunates - which of course is just about everybody... 1931 itself deals with the radical right, starting in Weimar Germany in 1923, right through to the Federal Building and including all that fun bunch of radicals, including Tim McVeigh and the militia movement! Tony hopes he doesn't pull any punches with his musical observations. Viciously satirical, at times quite lyrical and melodic at others. 1931 will be released world wide in mid-December 2004. The sequels will be released as they become available. You can order direct from ProgRock Records or from your favorite retailer.

A new Interview has been added to the site today. Ides Of March/Survivor and Pride Of Lions mainstay Jim Peterik talks about the spirit behind the music and the making of the new Pride Of Lions album, not to mention what else he has in store for 2005. Read the Interview.

Reviews have been updated. Online now are new reviews for: Soul SirkUS, Mike Tramp, The Ladder, Mysterell and RTZ. Check them out.

MR-X has been updated. Added today is several live MP3 classics, featuring Sammy Hagar, Billy Idol, David Lee Roth, Nelson and Survivor (2 tracks each). Also added are 9 unreleased demos from former Toto vocalist Joseph Williams (Man In Me, Children Of The Future, Hang On and 6 others).
The following videos have also been added: Final Frontier - Lydia, From The Inside - Nothing At All, Icehouse - Great Southern Land '89, John Farnham - Age Of Reason, Joanna Dean - Kiss This and Chicago - Explain It To My Heart.
A note to MR-X Members - Those that joined on launch date nearly 2 years ago, will again see their subscriptions automatically renewed on December 5. All Paypal accounts must have sufficient funds in them in order for the renewal to proceed without any problem.
I'll take this opportunity to thank all MR-X members - past and present, new and old. Your support is appreciated and essential! Cheers! I have every intention of making MR-X even bigger in 2005.
MR-X Membership Details.

I am away on a family vacation from Monday. I hope to present one more news update, but we are getting away for our first work free vacation in a long time and will return to updating the site Friday December 10. I'm looking forward to 8 days in New Zealand. Lovely stuff! There's a lot more still to be packed into 2004, so after a short break, the last few weeks of the year will be busy.

One last note! Anyone wishing to purchase either CDs - Volume 1 or Volume 2, today and this weekend is your last chance to do so if you want the CDs by Christmas. And what ideal Christmas gifts they will make! I'll ship any orders placed Monday before heading out on holiday. MRCD Order Page.




Thursday, November 25, 2004

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of Last Autumn's Dream new CD, simply titled II on January 24th 2005!


This time the European AOR supergroup has a new line-up. On the debut album Ian Haugland, Mic Michaeli and John Levén from Europe participated. Due to the reformation of Europe, Ian, Mic and John had no possibility of joining the recording and upcoming tour of Last Autumn's Dream and sadly left the band. But luckily enough there were more than competent alternatives available. This time, founding members, singer Mikael Erlandsson and guitarist Andy Malecek (ex-Fair Warning) are joined by Marcel Jacob (Talisman) on bass, Jamie Borger (Talisman) on drums and Thomas Lassar (Crystal Blue) on keyboards.
The resulting album synthesizes all of the principals' styles and is once again an unmissable affair for all lovers of classic Scandinavian Melodic Rock and AOR in the style of such bands as Europe, Bad Habit, DaVinci and early Treat.
Final tracklisting of II is: Brand New Life (Click to hear an mp3 sample); Lost In You (Click to hear an mp3 sample); Heat Of Emotion; So Much Love In The World; Helpless (Click to hear an mp3 sample); This Gotta Be Love; Up In Paradise; Over And Out; (Always Be) You And I; Running; Round And Round; Keep Falling; A Place to Hide In Town.


There seems to be hundreds of faceless pop/alternative acts that look, sound and think exactly the same. And then there are new Aussies on the block Square One. Forget the cheap thrills and shrink wrapped hype, here it's all about getting back to basics, keeping it real and getting back to Square One.
With a reputation as one of the brightest new talents from down under, the band with mountain sized melodies, huge harmonies and super strong hooks to their songs are now out of the wilderness with their debut album, Supersonic, soon to be released through UK label Now & Then, who after discovering the band promptly signed them to a multi-album deal.
Having made distinct waves in their home of Australia playing in front of no less than 10,000 people for their first live show as part of a radio station beach festival, winning major best unsigned band and song competitions, regular successful live performances at the Hard Rock Cafe in Melbourne, as well as having their song Sweet September most recently picked up by the Channel 10 television network to feature as the theme to their Australian Football League finals coverage in 2004 - Square One are on the move.
The Square One members are shameless in their appreciation of pop music. "There are so many influences ranging from the Knack, Rick Springfield, Def Leppard through to the glam rock of Kiss. Our sound isn't so much retro but having grown up on a diet of radio from the 80s and 90s the taste is no doubt there. We like to think of it as modern rock with the classic big hooks and strong vocals. We love harmonies and luckily all the band members can sing okay. We've been compared to everyone from The Goo Goo Dolls, Bon Jovi, Taxiride and even Nelson for the melodies".
The four piece band consisting of Jason Old - lead vocals and guitar, Stevie Janevski - guitars and backing vocals, Mikal Saleta – guitars and backing vocals, Steve Burns - bass and backing vocals (yes, all four guys sing which is where the huge harmonies come from!), have just opened for Hanson on their Australian tour and received a fantastic response from the crowd proving that this is one band that is definitely capable of crossing over from hard rock to modern power pop audiences.
Just as humbling was Square One coming out tops winning best demo two years running from UK Powerplay magazine scribe Rob Evans in his monthly melodic rock section.
"This is music that is designed for those long hot Australian summers as it simply shines with its pop-kissed, three minute bursts of pure energetic melody. ...One listen to the irresistible melodies of Dizzy Colour Blind , Free Flow Feeling, Love Struck Melody and Rock N Roll Hysteria and you will be heading for your nearest Qantas agent to book tickets for a one way trip to Oz." wrote Mr Evans.
Also, anyone who purchased the first compilation CD will be familiar with the superb Love Struck Melody which is a perfect example of the quality of Square One`s material.
Look for an official release date for the bands debut album, Supersonic in the near future and in the meantime check out some song samples at the bands website:


On January 14, 2005 Chris Catena and his band will have the honour to play a gig at Stazione Birra in Rome, Italy, having as guest star, Kee Marcello, the former Europe guitarist. For any further informations about the gig check the site of Stazione Birra (, the club where they are gonna have some fun and try to raise some hell. The concert will include songs of Chris Catena's Freak Out! album as well as three songs from Marcello's new album Melon Demon Divine and songs by Europe.

Mark your calendars now for Jan 1st 2005! Orphan Project is doing a benefit show for an orphanage in Malauwii, Africa...along with the help of friends Uncle Joe's Funeral and another new up and coming band!
Details are as follows: Saturday, January 1, 2005, Where: New Covenant Pres. Church, 128 St. Mary's Church Road, Abingdon, MD 21009
Time: Doors open at 6:30pm, show starts at 7pm
Uncle Joes' Funeral will be going on @ 7:50 Orphan Project will be playing @ 8:45-10:15
Tickets are $6 for ALL AGES with $3 of each ticket sold going to help fund an African orphanage. There will only be 400 tickets sold and they will available for purchase through e-mailing me at as soon as 12/1/04.
WE WILL BE RECORDING PARTS OF THIS SHOW LIVE FOR AN MP3 SAMPLE TO GO ON OUR WEBSITE! We are looking for alot of people to show up for this one ... nothing less than a sell-out!! Please bring a friend or two!




Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Van Halen's amazing 2004 came to a conclusion Friday night, with the band living up to expectations and managing to find themselves in the headlines yet again. Reports suggest Eddie Van Halen lost the plot, while others suggest stage antics were a planned part of the show.
So what really happened and where does this leave the future of Van Halen?
On October 25 I reported that tension in the Van Halen camp was high and was being fuelled by an interview singer Sammy Hagar gave to KSHE-FM. Shortly after, reports from several media outlets appeared, hosing down talk of trouble and painting a rosy picture. On November 5 I followed up those reports with news of my own from a source on tour with the band. Again, a rosy picture was painted, but not a trouble free one.
It seems everyone wanted the last remaining dates on the tour to go down well and end the 80 date trek on a high note.
Following the tour conclusion, KSHE-FM posted the Sammy Hagar interview in full via a MP3. Hagar was not in good spirits on the day of the interview and the news of Friday night's problems once again fuels the fire of negativity for Van Halen. The truth lies somewhere in between.
I have just had a follow-up conversation with my trusted source travelling with the band. What they had to say was very interesting.
First of all, the band as a whole are very happy with the success of the 2004 tour and can't thank the fans enough for coming along for the ride. They have witnessed some killer shows along the way - with the odd bad night outweighed by some of the best shows the band has ever played.
However, what exactly happened Friday night in Arizona? My source spoke frankly. Eddie Van Halen had a bad day. While no one knows exactly why, Eddie was drunk and turned up late to soundcheck, which angered Hagar. The two had words backstage, but managed to keep a lid on things on stage. That was until something else set Eddie off, including tripping on his guitar chord, which he really lost his temper over. He then smashed two guitars on stage - which has been reported already - but that was not a planned part of the show.
From this point everyone flew back to their respective homes.
I am told that there is hope the band will work together again, with Hagar continuing on as vocalist. But before that happens, my source states that some work will be needed to re-build some fences knocked over in the last few days.
Where does that leave Van Halen in 2005? Right now my source concludes that there is no plans at this stage for the band to tour in 2005 and while everyone wants to see a new Van Halen album, once again, at this stage there is no timetable for this to happen. Let's hope the new year brings a brighter outlook for all.

One of rock n roll's worst kept secrets right now is the Motley Crue re-union for 2005. An official "Motley" announcement is due December 6 - but seeing that I'm out of town that week, why not bring a bit a little news your way now, thanks to a document leaked to me today! Here's the news and information as laid out in the document on what will be one of 2005's most eventful re-unions:


The Biggest Musical Reunion of 2005
" Mötley Crüe has sold over 35 million albums.
" Mötley Crüe has sold over 10 Million concert tickets.
" Mötley Crüe's "The Dirt" spent a record breaking 10 months on the NY Times best seller list and is now being made into a major motion picture by MTV Films/Paramount.
" Mötley Crüe has had numerous chart topping hits including Girls, Girls, Girls; Dr. Feelgood; Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away); Smokin' In The Boys Room.

The Mötley Crüe Demographic
" Primary demo: Male 18-44; Core demo: Male 28-40
" Secondary demo: Female 18-44

Mötley Crüe Is Going To Be Everywhere…

Upcoming Releases…

Greatest Hits CD: Contains 1-2 new songs, Release Date: January, 2005.
Concert DVD: First ever Motley Crue concert DVD with all 4 original members, Target Release Date: July, 2005.
Tribute To Motley Crue: An all-star tribute to the most decadent band of all time Target Release Date: September, 2005.
"The Dirt" Soundtrack: Soundtrack to the forthcoming Paramount film based on the best-selling autobiography of Motley Crue.

US Arena Tour Cities (February/March 2005):
Seattle, WA; Chicago, IL; Philadelphia, PA; Los Angeles, CA; Columbus, OH; Boston, MA; Las Vegas, NV; Nashville, TN; Houston, TX; Tampa, FL; St. Louis, MO; Charlotte, NC; Portland, OR; Detroit, MI; New York, NY; San Diego, CA; Cleveland, OH; Denver, CO; New Orleans, LA; San Antonio, TX; Orlando, FL; Minneapolis, MN; Raleigh, NC; San Francisco, CA; Cincinnati, OH; Hartford, CT; Phoenix, AZ; Pittsburgh, PA; Dallas, TX; Atlanta, GA; Kansas City, MO; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Milwaukee, WI; Washington, DC.

Erika's 1992 album In The Arms Of A Stranger will be re-issued by MTM Classix on February 14.
Says MTM: Erika, still the undisputable queen of Swedish rock - and the headlines! Erika comments on one of the many romantic rumours about her and various leading men of heavy metal: "Men are like chocolate - the richer the better!" On the subject of her marriage to guitar legend Yngwie Malmsteen: "Good shopping is better than mediocre sex."
Erika's first album Cold Winter Night was first released in 1990, achieved gold status and was voted as the best Swedish rock album of the nineties. MTM Classix re-released and remastered the album in early 2004. In The Arms Of A Stranger was originally released in 1992 and sold out long ago.

German hard rockers Dark Sky are almost about to finish off the recordings for their new yet untitled album which will be released on AOR Heaven in late March 2005. Dark Sky are one of the most hopeful German Hard Rock bands and received fantastic feedback with their latest album Edge Of Time all over the specialized German Hard Rock press.

New in the AOR Heaven camp are Swiss hard rockers Mines - one of the hottest newcomers lately to come from Switzerland! The band most recently has completed the recordings of their debut album which will be released in late February 2005 all over Europe (except Switzerland). The production job was handled by none other than producer Achim Köhler (Primal Fear). This is a release to look on for any fans of bands suchs as Shakra, Krokus & AC/DC.
The track list goes as follows: 1. Can Stay In Hell, 2. Secret Garden, 3. Get It Live, 4. Sabrina, 5. Yesterday, 6. Steal My Baby, 7. Gotta Leave Your Mama, 8. Dark City, 9. Save Me.

Escapi Music (formerly known as Escapi New Media) will film a DVD on the coming tour of Danish/ English rockers Cornerstone for a release later in the year 2005. The band by singer Doogie White (Malmsteen, Ex-Rainbow, Liesegang/White) and former Royal Hunt bassist Steen Mogensen will rock the following venues:
20.01.05 CH-Uster, Rock City
21.01.05 CH-Olten, Schuetzi
22.01.05 Hu-Budapest, Wigwam
24.01.05 D-Munich, Garage
25.01.05 D-Berlin, K 17
26.01.05 D-Hamburg, Headbanger's Ballroom
28.01.05 Belgium, tba
29.01.05 Netherlands, tba
30.01.05 Netherlands, tba
01.02.05 D-Aschaffenburg, Colossaal

Cult Aussie melodic rockers Ice Tiger are back together for a reunion show in Perth this weekend. Tickets for the 26th & 27th November are selling fast for the shows at The Charles Hotel.
There is view to record & release new tracks that will be played at the shows, in the hopefully not too distant future! On the show nights, there will be the promo stand which will stock:
Traditional black Ice Tiger T's; a batch of recently uncovered/re-discovered Love N Crime tapes; a limited edition Love N Crime Special Edition CD including the 9 original tracks and new artwork.

CD Reviews have just been added for the following artists: Plunge, Iommi, Bang Tango, MTM 10, Frontiers RTB 2, Paul Gilbert, plus an updated look at Heaven & Earth, and overdue in-brief reviews for Dio and Megadeth. Check them out.

You can now add Your Reviews for the following titles: Plunge / Hometown Hero, Fluid Sol / Fluid Sol, The Sign / The Second Coming, Iommi w/Glenn Hughes / The 1996 Dep Sessions, Bang Tango / Ready To Go, Megadeth / The System Has Failed and Dio / Master Of The Moon. Add your reviews.

Still a few more reviews planned for the end of the week.




Monday, November 22, 2004

Adriangale will release their first ever live album December 15 through Kivel Records. This press release just in from the label:
Back in August of '03, Adriangale was to perform a show in Virginia which was to be recorded live. Unfortunately, as with life in general, circumstances arise to keep things from working out the way they should. A cancelled show, no refund on a hotel, a new guitarist, or possibly not enough Diet Coke for Jamie. Who knows?? Well - Jamie was in town, the band was ready to go...what do you do? You Make your Own Show! We rented out a NY warehouse for the night, invited some friends down, made some noise and committed it to tape for release. The CD was to be released that fall, then as usual...things happen! Live Program was pushed back in exchange for the unveiling of Crunch. After a LOT of emails, questions and letters as to when it would be released, we are ready to get programmed once again. What you hear is what you get - all of the fun, warts and all! We hope you will enjoy listening to it as much as we did doing it! Available Dec 15th!!
The first 100 pre orders will be SIGNED by members of the band! Pre-order your copy NOW just in time for the holidays! WebLink:


Carbon 13 is very excited to announce the signing of Hardway from Argentina!
After notifying the melodic rock world of their presence earlier in the year, Hardway have been hard at work finishing off songs for their debut album. With an average age of only 23, Hardway have musical virtuosity and song writing abilities way ahead of their years. Formed by brothers Charlie (26, Bass, Vocals) and Edu Giardina (22, Drums, Guitars) along with Guillermo De Medio (22, keyboards), Hardway are one of the only YOUNG bands embracing the melodic rock/ AOR genre. With a phenomenally classy sound along the lines of TOTO, MISTER MISTER, and more than a hint of TNT vocal style, Hardway are a complete breath of fresh air.
The band is currently in the UK recording their debut album for Carbon 13 under the careful guidance of Pete "Pee Wee" Coleman. For such a young band they have created a complete MONSTER AOR album that will leave listeners in awe.
Carbon 13's Graham Woodcock said "I am so excited by Hardway's material. They have a naturally melodic sound with totally amazing playing, singing and songs...Hardway are going to blow people away."


One of Britain's finest and best loved rock bands, Magnum, have agreed to take part in the "industry" launch of ARfm, the new Digital Rock station that will broadcast on Sky (Channel 913), across Europe on the Eurobird1 satellite, and 24/7 on the internet. (A number of stations in Europe will be relaying the shows on FM and AM). 7.4 millions homes in the UK alone can now receive ARfm directly via Sky.
ARfm will be broadcasting their launch shows from the NEC in Birmingham on Wednesday 24th November, commencing at 12 noon, from the Sound Broadcast Exhibition - the UK's only show aimed purely at the Radio Industry.
Programme Controller Steve Price said: "When we decided on the launch date for ARfm each presenter drew up a list of guests that they'd like to be part of the debut broadcast and we're honoured that Magnum have agreed to join us as they were on every presenter's list. I first saw Magnum in 1978, supporting Whitesnake, and I've been a fan ever since."
PLEASE NOTE: Magnum will NOT be performing and this launch is not open to the public. Fans can listen to the shows on Sky 913 or via the net at The phone lines will be opened during the Magnum part of the show so that fans can call in with their questions.
Other guests confirmed to appear on the NEC shows include Jim Peterik (Survivor/Pride Of Lions), Marillion, Pete Way (UFO/Waysted), Swedish rockers Million and Tara's Secret.
The "public" launch of ARfm and the first full compliment of shows will commence at 12 noon on Saturday 27th November and Danny Bowes of Thunder will be the voice to kick off the schedules. Other guests confirmed to appear on the Saturday include London Rockers Chariot.
Listen to ARfm on Sky 913 or the internet at European listeners can contact the studio for details on how to tune into the station.

(Cardiff, Wales, UK - 16 November 2004) Three quarters of the British band that took the world by storm in the early 90's with their powerhouse albums Bezerk (nearly a quarter of a million copies sold worldwide) and Banzai (released through Sony Music) have decided to give it another go with all new material and an endless array of possibilities for the future.
Tigertailz are back. Lead vocalist, Kim Hooker, lead guitarist, Jay Pepper and bassist Pepsi Tate, along with new drummer Mic Hourihan (formerly with UK metal band Desecration) had all been kicking around the idea of maybe contacting one another and seeing if anything could materialize from a fresh start.
Finally, the time felt right, the appropriate calls were made and before you knew it, they were back in action. "We don't need the money so the reunion isn't about anything like that," relates Jay Pepper. "We have all been writing for some time and the songs were coming out so great that we just felt we had to do another album."
With twelve songs on tap for their new album, Bezerk 2.0, the band isn't straying from what made them a cult favourite a decade ago - sticking to their hard rock roots, catchy melodies and massive choruses. The track listing for the new album will be Bezerk, Make Me Bleed (v 2.0), Get Real, TVOD, Do It Up, Falling Down, Dirty Needlez (v 2.0), One Beat Of Your Heart, I Believe (v 2.0), Sugar Fever, Annie's Gone and For Hates Sake.
Additionally, Tigertailz has acquired the rights to their back catalogue from BMG Music and will be re-issuing their landmark album, Bezerk and Banzai early in 2005. The band are currently speaking with several record companies both in The United States and in Europe in regards to both the re-issues and the new material.
The band is represented by Dave Tedder at US management firm Head First Entertainment.
For more information, please visit the band's official website at: or e-mail

I just want to correct a press release printed last week - sadly, despite being officially released press releases, mistakes are included. If I see that, I'll fix myself, but in this case, I missed one.
In regards to The Lizards press release, Riot vocalist Mike Dimeo is listed as former vocalist. No, Mike did not leave the band Riot. His publicist goes on to add: "He is in the band The Lizards as there singer, but this is Mike's side project and is recording the next Riot album that should be in stores by April 2005 as RIOT is celebrating the 25th anniversary and will tour as well."




Friday, November 19, 2004

Frontiers Records is pleased to present Tommy Funderburk's debut album Anything For You, to be released worldwide in January 2005!
Tommy Funderburk has been one of the most hired background singers in the history of rock! He has had recording sessions with artists such as Motley Crue, Whitesnake, Yes, Steve Lukather, Richard Marx, Rick Springfield, Starship, REO Speedwagon, Coverdale/Page, Jon Anderson and many others...
But he is also widely known in the melodic rock and AOR circles for the contribution to timeless classic albums such as Airplay (with Jay Graydon and David Foster) in 1979, The Front in 1984, What If in 1987 and for his two albums with King of Hearts the duo he created with Richard Marx's guitar player Bruce Gaitsch.
He also sang some lead vocals on Boston's 1994 album Walk On.
Tommy is now one of the founding members of the new US-based label Sovereign Artists who have recently released the Heart's return album Jupiter's Darling.


In the meanwhile he started to work on his first solo album recorded under the guidance of producer Fabrizio V.Zee Grossi (Glenn Hughes, House of Lords, From The Inside, Over The Edge, Vertigo). Aptly titled Anything For You, the album features several songs co-written by Tommy with the likes of Michael Thompson, Bruce Gaitsch and Greg Mathieson which are a delight for all lovers of classic melodic rock and AOR in the style of Toto, Richard Marx and King of Hearts.
Full track listing is as follows: Learning How To Love; Remember Our Love (click to hear an Mp3 sample - also featured on the Rock The Bones Vol. II compilation); Anything For You; Only You Can Give Me (click to hear an Mp3 sample); To Say You Love Me; You Got The Love (click to hear an Mp3 sample); Skin; The Garden; Second Chance; Say A Little Prayer.
Release in Europe is scheduled on Frontiers Records on January 24th 2005, while the Japanese release will happen slightly earlier on King Records.

Rumor suggests that a reformed Motley Crue will appearing at the Billboard Awards on Dec. 8th. A big "Motley" announcement is due December 6, as the banner ad campaign has been promoting. But, that doesn't stop Nikki Sixx from continuing to talk down the tour, recently stating: "It's nice to hear that fans, bands, promoters and agents would like to see a Motley Crue tour. But right now I know Vince is booking tons of live shows, Tommy is busy promoting a book and doing his reality show, and Mick is in rehabilitation after (hip replacement) surgery. It takes four guys to do it. All I know is all four of us haven't been in the same room in six years. In the world of Motley, I'd say, 'Don't hold your breath."
Dare I ask what planet is Nikki on?


Jesse Harms has announced his long awaited solo album is at the pressing plant and is taking pre-orders via his website.
The Best Of What I've Got features songs written by Jesse for the album and also for others over the years such as Sammy Hagar, John Waite, Eddie Money and Freddy Curci.
The track listing for the album is: Down on the Beach . Things've Changed . Chasing Down the Wind . Hold It . Both Sides . Walk on Water . Cadillac Ranch . Gypsy Road . Last Night . Make Me a Believer . All I Want is You.
Featured on the CD is: Ron Wikso - drums (Foreigner, Cher, The Storm), Ricky Philips - bass (Styx, Bad English, Coverdale Page), Jesse Harms - vocals, keyboards.
Jesse said of the album: "I think it came together well. I'm really proud of this CD and I hope you'll like it as well. You can order it from me at P.O. Box 2837 San Anselmo CA. 94960. Send me a check for $15 and that will cover the shipping and everything. I'll sign every CD that is ordered this way. Thanks for sticking with me through all this."

I'm sorry to say, but the more I hear from Def Leppard, the more I believe the band, their management and their record label have all completely lost the plot. Here's the latest from hometown Newspaper Sheffield Today.
Sun goes down on Leppard's favourite covers CD...CITY rock giants Def Leppard have put the brakes on plans for an album covering songs by their greatest heroes. 16 November 2004
"Fans of the record-breaking act had already had a taste of what to expect with the inclusion of Leppard's version of The Kinks classic Waterloo Sunset on a new Greatest Hits album.
But band members reckon a bigger project in the shape of a whole album of covers of less obvious gems by David Bowie, T-Rex, Free and even David Essex may not see the light of day.
Guitarist Vivian Campbell said the recordings were made earlier this year when the band came off tour: "The songs we cut were songs from our youth, songs that we grew up listening to on the radio - a lot of glam rock.
"And it was obviously a very different, more innocent era for music. I think we're going to allow ourselves to be carried along that particular way for the next record, have that influence our writing a bit."

According to comments on a Canadian website, however, it seems the passion for covering other people's songs didn't quite grip new bosses at the band's record label.
With their previous hits album Vault still shifting 10,000 copies a week in the USA and Canada, their record company Mercury decided not to release the new hits collection there, so Waterloo Sunset never made it across the Atlantic.
"They've heard a few songs from the covers record. Waterloo Sunset had probably the most single-potential. We cut 14 tracks of which Sunset is far and away the most Def Leppard-sounding of all. If you didn't know it was a cover you'd swear it was a Leppard song."
Blades fans got to hear it last Saturday when it was played at half time at Bramall Lane.
Bassist Rick Savage wasn't there but confirmed the future of the covers record is uncertain. "It started out as a bit of a laugh and started taking on a life of itself," he said from his Sheffield home.
"It is something we always wanted to do and had not really had the time. The record company started to get enthusiastic and it looked like they would want to put it out. Since then there have been a few changes of personnel."
With the success of Greatest Hits in the UK - it entered the charts at number six and has now gone gold - the covers LP has been shelved for now. "And we don't really want to give it away. But if Waterloo Sunset gets well received on the hits album it gives us a bit more leverage to put out the whole record. It was a vague plan and as things stand it is all up in the air. We are due to have a meeting with the record company. If they don't want to release it I have no hard feelings."
One theory is the record caught their label off guard. Leppard used to take years between albums - suddenly they are ahead of themselves. Rick said the covers would make it out in some shape or form, either as b-sides for singles from the next original album or as something sold via their official band website, if the label agrees.
"We never sat down and said 'let's do a covers album'," he added. "We said 'let's have some fun rather than being under that pressure of writing new material. If it turns out good, then great. If not, no-one is going to hear the songs'. It was always very open-ended."

Los Angeles--(Business Wire)--Nov. 17, 2004--Styx's version of the classic Beatles song I Am The Walrus has hit the Top Ten on the Mediabase Classic Rock chart within two weeks of the song's (date) release. The single will debut to consumers worldwide exclusively through Apple's iTunes Music Store beginning December 7.
When Styx was invited to participate in Eric Clapton's Crossroads benefit earlier this year, they changed up their set to include blues songs, such as their newly recorded version of their hit Blue Collar Man, as well as I Am The Walrus. The audience response to the Styx-styled version was overwhelming, leading to the group's decision to include the single as a staple to their set lists at future shows.
"After attending our Chicago homecoming performance at Vic Theater back in August, WLUP Program Director Greg Solk requested a live recording of Walrus to play on the air," said James "JY" Young. "There was definitely a groundswell happening with the song. We love playing it on stage, and the audience loves it."
Tommy Shaw added, "Just as we thought our year was winding down, we find ourselves in full response mode as this rocking track keeps climbing up the charts. Jim Ladd told JY and me, 'You guys captured lightning in a bottle...' Frankly we're pleasantly stunned by how little we've had to do with its success at radio."
Styx recorded the song on September 11th in Lincoln City, Oregon and it aired on WLUP on October 8th, followed by a West Coast debut broadcast by radio host Jim Ladd on KLOS. In just three weeks, the song is being played on more than 120 stations. Apart from WLUP and KLOS, the single has been added at KQRS in Minneapolis, WFBQ in Indianapolis, KSAN in San Francisco, KDBN in Dallas, WKLS in Atlanta, WNCX in Cleveland, KISM in Seattle, KKLZ in Las Vegas, WARW in Washington, D.C., KIHT in St. Louis, WMFO in Boston, WEGR in Memphis, and WONE in Akron, to name a few.
The song debuted at #24 on the Mediabase Classic Rock chart and jumped to #10 a week later. The band is putting finishing touches on a video for the song that includes a cameo by Billy Bob Thornton.

Honeymoon Suite have a few new tour dates lined up in their native Canada. They are - Nov 18 HMS London, ON - Norma Jeans; Nov. 27 HMS Buffalo, NY - Rock N Roll Heaven and Dec 11 HMS Niagara Falls, ON - Queen Victoria Park.
Additionally, guitarist Derry Grehan has a couple of solo shows planned, which are - Dec 10 Fat Jacks, Bloomington Illinois w/ the Dexrays and Jan 8/05 Cheeks, Bloomington Illinois Solo Acoustic.
More information at: and

What an update for MR-X this week!
The new Feature Album is the long out of print and hard to find self-titled one-off from the Michael Thompson Band, featuring class vocalist Moon Calhoun. The Feature Single highlights some tracks from Australia's Rick Price. The Feature Live section is once again double the value, or triple even, as 3CDs worth of material is featured!
First up is a 2CD set from Aerosmith - Just Push Play in Tokyo, a perfect audio capture from a TV broadcast of their FIFA World Cup Concert at Tokyo Stadium, June 27, 2002. Second up is another great audio capture of a Bon Jovi TV event - a 9 track show from the MTV Bounce World Premiere.
There is also a bonus track for fans of Jeff Scott Soto.
I also have featured a special compilation of 8 tracks from Japanese guitarist Pata - these 8 tracks are the vocal tracks from his two out of print albums featuring James Christian.
Also added is a series of some 20 tracks featuring some of the UK's best known vocalists (Jackie Bodimead, Lea Hart, Dennis Stratton, Paul Dianno, MIck White & more) doing their best "Soft Rock".
And if that isn't enough, then new videos are also online for: John Farnham - You're The Voice, Kiss Of The Gypsy - Whatever It Takes, Ratt - Dance, RTZ - Until Your Love Comes Back Around and Shy - It's Only Rock N Roll.
MR-X Membership Details.

The CD Showcase feature has been updated with preview of 4 upcoming titles due December 6 from Frontiers Records. Added today is showcases for: Mike Tramp, RTZ, Platens and Mysterell. Check them out.

Next Week: The latest reviews didn't quite get finished today, so watch for those Monday, as well as a few more late next week. Mini-Bytes will get a nice update and a special preview of tracks from the Mike Tramp Boxset will also be online early next week.
Also due next week is a new interview with Pride Of Lions mastermind Jim Peterik and a few other page updates before I head off on vacation for 10 days starting November 30.




Thursday, November 18, 2004

Black Star Records held a label launch party last weekend, which doubled as a signing event for Howard Leese, who will start recording his solo album shortly. Stuart Smith sent in this account of the night's activities:
"We had hired a friend's mansion in Bel Air for the event and spent the whole week planning and organizing it. As well as a band we had two bars with bartenders, caterers supplying the food, waitresses, valet and security. I arrived at around 9.00pm and the party was already in full swing. Press photographers were lined 3 deep around the door and I stood for pictures with Eddie Kramer, (Hendrix's Producer), Dick Dale and his son Jimmy. Howard Leese, who the party was in honor of arrived just afterwards and went through the same gauntlet.
By 10.00 there was around 300 people there including about 100 members of the press and it took me 45 minutes to get from one end of the house to the other with having to say hello to everyone. We had hired Thundherstruck, an incredible all girl tribute band to play the party and they performed a great set being joined by AC/DC's drummer Chris Slade for the last few songs.
At 10.30 everyone gathered in the back garden of the house and we had the official signing of Howard. Richie Onori gave a speech which was both well planned and inspiring and then I followed with mine which was totally unprepared. We then brought out Howard and introduced him to the crowd. At this point there was about 50 photographers crowded onto the lawn in front of us along with the party guests behind.
Howard gave a speech then we signed the contracts and gave him his advance check which he promptly went and lost but that's a whole other story. We ended the signing with a speech by Hurricane signer Kelly Hansen who helped us organize the whole event and then all stood for pictures.
After that everyone filed back inside to hear surf king Dick Dale and his son Jimmy give a performance which blew the crowd away and then Howard Leese, Richie Onori, Kelly Hansen, Dave Chamberlain and myself got up and played a couple of songs and were then joined onstage by Bobby Kimball of Toto. We played a couple of blues songs then I had the great pleasure to play Hold the Line with the guy who actually wrote and sang it. We played a few more songs including Superstition, Can't Get Enough and Smoke on the Water with both Kelly and Bobby sharing vocal duties along with Thundherstruck singer, Dyna Shirasaki. After that we handed the stage back to Thundherstruck who played till the end of the night being joined by Chris Slade again.
At this point I felt I'd done my bit and went out in the back garden to finally have a drink and talk to some friends. The limo picked me up around 3.00am and myself and a few friends went back to my house for a nightcap. It was a very successful party for us and judging by the e-mail's we got from people still hung over on Monday morning, one of the best in years. Wish you were all there.
All the best, Stuart Smith.

Pic 1: Stuart Smith, Howard Leese & Richie Onori
Pic 2: Eddie Kramer, Stuart Smith, Dick Dale & Jimmy Dale

Press Release:
11/1/04 – NYC – Hot off the heels of a successful tour of Europe, Scandinavia and Russia, hard rock monsters The Lizards have just released their third CD Cold Blooded Kings – a rock and roll masterpiece that will surely satisfy the hardest of rockers! Pounding rhythms, solid funky bass lines, blazing guitar solos and vocals that can cut through the murkiest of metal, Cold Blooded Kings will no doubt prove to be one of the hottest releases of the year! As evident in their skillful songwriting and performance, The Lizards authentically follow the path laid by classic rock groups of the past – Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Rainbow, Deep Purple, Free.
Drummer Bobby Rondinelli, who recently left Blue Oyster Cult to work full time with The Lizards, furiously pounds the skins whilst displaying some of the slickest chops known to man! "Cold Blooded Kings – I think it's some of the best drumming I've done to date."
Vocalist Mike DiMeo, formerly of the heavy metal group Riot, conjures up images of Robert Plant, Paul Rodgers and David Coverdale with his electrifying voice! "It's the type of music I grew up listening to…the stuff that I first started gravitating to as a singer is what we're doing in The Lizards."
Bassist Randy Pratt, who proudly boasts the largest and most unique custom built bass collection in the world, is the rock and soul that holds the group together. His virtuosic bass playing is evident throughout the new album, as is his intense harp blowing! "The guys pushed me to step out on the bass this time, and I'm pleased with the results. Bobby's drumming is incredible…it was like roller-skating through an earthquake!"
Guitarist Patrick Klein, who must have been reincarnated as a '70s rock guitar legend, plays with fluid innovation. His style and sound helps propel the group to new heights in performance! Klein also produces The Lizards – his position as studio whiz and guitarist is not unlike Jimmy Page's role in Led Zeppelin. "I feel Cold Blooded Kings is our finest work to date. It marks the crossroads of where we have been and where we are headed."
The Lizards Cold Blooded Kings is hard rock at its very finest – the band explores the depths of rock, metal, blues and soul. In the wake of their classic rock predecessors, The Lizards carry the torch in 2004, proving that they truly are 'Cold Blooded Kings'! (Watch for The Lizards on tour with legendary rocker Glenn Hughes, winter 2005)

Richie Kotzen (Mr Big / Poison) will appear at the 12 Bar Club, Denmark Place, London WC2 on Tuesday November 23rd 2004 to coincide with the U.K. release of Acoustic Cuts. This is a one-off intimate acoustic show in London. Acoustic Cuts features 10 of RK's most popular songs performed in a stripped down and acoustic form including High and Change.
12 Bar Club, 22-23 Denmark Place, London, WC2 8NL. Phone 020-7209-2248 / Tickets £10.00.




Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Peo's long out of print release Look What I've Started will be subject to re-issue via MTM Classix on February 14. Able to play a variety of instruments (Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drums, Harmonica, Mandolin) as well as being a great singer, programmer, arranger and producer, music has been a part of Peo Pettersson's life for many years.
Surrounded by beautiful Swedish countryside and a musical family, Peo graduated to his own recording studio at the age of 15, located in an old fort. Look What I've Started was recorded in 1989-1990 in his own studio and he produced the album by himself together with his friend and songwriting partner Rod West from Australia. During the 80's Peo produced and recorded over 100 albums! Peo Pettersson was also the main man behind the band Axia. Their self-titled debut album was re-issued on MTM Classix earlier in 2004. Look What I've Started is now being re-released including 5 unreleased bonus tracks.


AOR Heaven welcome two new bands into their roster.
German hard rockers Biss have found a new home at AOR Heaven. The band around guitarist & song-writer Doc Heyne is currently working on their third, yet untitled album. The even more 80's orientated sound will bring you a hook ladden album which will suit any fan of the era. Vocals this time will be handled by none other than singer extra-ordinaire Mark Storace of Krokus fame. The album will be produced by Michael Voss (Casanova). Working titles of a couple of songs are Rejected, D.S.O.D., Pyromania, Calling and Raise The Hammer (a fab remake of the Icon classic).

Heartbreak Radio is another crunchy, new AOR outfit coming out of Sweden. Mixing up sounds from Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Van Halen, Airplay, Foreigner over to Journey, the band around singers Pierre Weinsberg (Radioactive, Prisoner), who performs the vocals on 8 songs, and Mikael Erlandsson (Last Autumn's Dream), who took over the 3 remaining tracks, will be another killer release for all Scandi rock fans out there.
Joining forces on this CD are Mickey Dee (Motörhead), Magnus Rosen (Hammerfall), T'Bell, Claes Andreasson (Last Autumn's Dream), Sayit, Tommy Denander, Max Abbey (Ultravox, Paul Young), Joel Starander (Geisha) and Jim Jidhed.
The yet untitled release was produced by Torbjörn Wassenius & Claes Andreasson (Last Autumn's Dream) at Sunday Music Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Track list: Hard Rock City . Now You're Gone . Rockin' The Night . Let Me Have My Heart Again . Don't Look In Her Eyes . Only You . Knockin´On Hells Door . Love Don't Live Here No More . Dreamworld . Just 4 Love . The Way Of The World.

David Lee Roth has made the papers for all the right reasons. New York paper The Post ran an article on the Diamond One today, with Fox News online picking up the story. The story begins as follows:
David Lee Roth a NYC Paramedic, Tuesday, November 16, 2004, By Erika Martinez.
"Legendary Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth has stopped "runnin' with the devil" to do God's work -- riding ambulances in gritty neighborhoods throughout New York City to become a paramedic.
The famed rocker has cut his trademark blond mane and dropped his celebrity persona so he can ride unrecognized with ambulance crews in The Bronx, Manhattan and Brooklyn several nights a week.
Several weeks ago, the charismatic crooner saved the life of a Bronx woman who had a heart attack by shocking her back to life with a defibrillator.
The Post caught up with Roth last week as the 1980s icon grabbed a slice of pepperoni pizza after sitting for hours in an ambulance waiting for a call."
The full story and fresh Dave pic can be found at:

CD Release Dates has been given another large overhaul, with a stack of new dates and new titles listed. Additionally, DVD releases are now featured with the same section - highlighted accordingly, as are re-issues - given a slight tint to highlight those particular titles. Check the list out.




Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I had the good fortune of catching up on the phone with Night Ranger's Kelly Keagy late last week. Kelly has been quiet for sometime now and an update was long overdue. Although seemingly quiet, the reality is that Kelly has continued to be busy - mostly in his role as Night Ranger drummer/vocalist when the band tour - the most recent show being this past weekend in California.
The best news however, is that Kelly has been busy writing songs for his next solo album, which he expects to be released during 2005. I caught Kelly fresh back from a weekend writing with Jim Peterik in Chicago. 3 new tunes were written to add to the other tracks already completed. Also in the writing loop for this album is Kelly's former King Of Hearts band mate Bruce Gaitsch. Kelly is hoping he will have all songs completed and chosen for the album by the end of the year.
And it gets even better - at last weekend's gig, the guys in Night Ranger were due to discuss an offer from a Japanese record label for a new Night Ranger studio album in 2005. Kelly says the guys are ready to make a new album and the label is keen to get them to tour Japan to promote a new album in 2005. I'll continue to bring updates on both albums as they come to light - but I'm sure all will agree these are two albums that will be very highly anticipated.

Vocalist Chris Logan has left his post as MSG singer mid-way through the band's European tour, with Written In The Sand vocalist Leif Sundin looking like jumping in to complete the remaining shows. Here's the official news as it was posted at the singer's website overnight:
"I have had an absolute blast rocking with each and every one of you over the past few weeks, and I very much appreciate your support and good wishes.
Unfortunately, there was an altercation which took place after the show tonight (Nov. 14) (after a killer show at Klubben in Stockholm, Sweden tonight, I might add). I was attacked twice from behind by a member of our tour, who was too big a coward to face me from the front. I was severely injured in the process, and I cannot continue under the current conditions.
I want to thank all of the fans who have come out to each of our shows this tour. It has been an absolute blast rocking with you all, an I look forward to seeing you again in the future.
I'm sure lies and distortions will abound over the coming week regarding this issue. But until the time comes to address them, all I will say is thanks for coming out and making each of the shows I have been apart of such a BLAST!!"

Santa Monica, CA – November 15, 2004 – After winning the prestigious Award of Merit at the American Music Awards last night, Bon Jovi, one of the most popular rock artists in history, kicks off a massive promotional effort for the November 16th release of the band's groundbreaking "think outside the box" box set 100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong… (Island Records) with two major performances.
On Sunday, November 21st, Bon Jovi who regularly sell out stadiums around the globe will perform at Borgata Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City in a more intimate setting in front of just 3000 fans. But upwards of 1.5 million more viewers will also experience Bon Jovi as the concert airs live at 8 p.m. on INHD/INHD2, the world's most widely distributed all High-Definition network (available on Adelphia, Bright House, Cablevision, Comcast, Cox, and Time Warner cable systems). The innovative event, showcasing the visual excitement of HD and the unparalleled sonic experience of music in 5.1 surround, premieres "INHD's Center Stage" series, sponsored by Samsung. In addition, the concert will be fed onto the Samsung screen in Times Square, simulcast on the Web ( and replayed on INHD2 for viewers on the west coast immediately following the live show.
The concert series will be promoted by Samsung, the cable industry's OnlyCableCan initiative and INHD with a multimillion-dollar TV, print, radio, Internet and outdoor advertising campaign featuring Bon Jovi. The extraordinary push includes advertising and placement on Samsung's extensive network of 380 key Internet sites reaching 1.6 billion consumers per month.
Another cornerstone of the 100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong first-week promotion will be a band performance on Tuesday, November 23rd for the "Today" show. For that appearance, Bon Jovi will play three songs in the outdoor plaza of the NBC morning program, including one song to be chosen via a Viewers Choice Poll at The Today Show's website (
"Our ongoing celebration of Bon Jovi's 20 years at the very top of rock's pantheon continues to reverberate around the world this month," said Antonio "L.A." Reid, Chairman, Island Def Jam Music Group. "The band's ability to connect with their audience at every level - from album listeners and hard-working concert-goers to next week's global population of broadcast viewers - underscores the title of their historic box set 100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong."
Since 1984, Bon Jovi has performed more than 2,500 concerts in 50 countries before more than 32 million people--and sold more than 100,000,000 records. That monumental career milestone is celebrated with the release of 100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong…. The mammoth four-CD, 50-song collection features 38 previously unreleased tracks and a dozen rarities as well as a bonus DVD filled with never-before-seen interview footage with the band and personal home movies.
Bon Jovi was named the 31st winner of the Award of Merit on the 32nd annual "American Music Awards" telecast on ABC on Sunday, November 14th. The band also performed on the show from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.
The Award of Merit is presented to a member of the musical community in recognition of "outstanding contributions to the musical entertainment of the American public." The inscription on the trophy to Bon Jovi reads "For being the embodiment of rock music for the last 20 years, for inspiring countless musicians to follow in their footsteps and for elevating all of us with their musicianship and artistry."
Previous winners range from Bing Crosby, Johnny Cash, Ella Fitzgerald, Chuck Berry, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson to Loretta Lynn, Paul McCartney, Elvis Presley, The Beach Boys, Willie Nelson, Neil Diamond, James Brown, Prince, Little Richard, Frank Sinatra and Garth Brooks.

If you missed the band performing on the AMA show - they previewed a short portion of a brand new song from the band's upcoming early 2005 release. The cracking rocker Have A Nice Day sounds as if the band have learnt from the mistakes of This Left Feels Right and the down-tuning present on Bounce. Here's that 90 second sample if you are interested in taking a listen:
Bon Jovi - Have A Nice Day (Live Edit).
And if anyone manages to record this HD gig and the Today show appearance, drop me a line will you?

Believe it or not, Rock City Angels are back. The band are known for their unique take on the US sleaze rock sound with their classic Young Man's Blues album, released via Geffen Records in 1988. The new line-up features only vocalist Bobby Durango and bassist Andy Panik from the line-up that recorded that album, and are now joined by Stuart Casson and Jimmy James on guitars and Chris Samuels on drums.
Rock City Angels have recorded a new eleven song CD titled Use Once & Destroy. This CD is apparently "...a return to their "pre-Geffen" hard rock, punk influenced roots...."
A website has just been launched which details the band's short history and offers a full unreleased track called Sweet Ambition, which may be from another CD of unreleased material to be released titled Rock City Angels II.

220 Volt have inked a deal with Swedmetal Records. On the 25th of February, 2005 a new album will be released and a Scandinavian tour will follow in March. 220 Volt's next live appearance will take place on November 26-27 at Hotel Hammarstrand in Hammarstrand, Sweden.

Looks like Alice Cooper's Xmas Pudding bash will include a full Damn Yankees re-union, with news drummer Michael Cartelone will also participate.

Starz are back on the road and are available for booking! Details via this jpeg file: Starz-Available-For-Booking1.jpg.

The Hardrock Haven website has produced a downloadable PDF magazine. The quarterly download features Gary Hughes, Glenn Hughes, TNT, Blue Murder, Magna-fi, Alan Williamson, TNA and

The Goo Goo Dolls' Robby Takac is interviewed regarding the band's new live album at:

News from the Stryper camp...this in overnight: "After much prayer, deep consideration, conversations, and deliberation, it has been decided, by all four of the original members of Stryper, that bassist Timothy Gaines will not be performing with the band during any upcoming concerts. This was not an easy decision for anyone involved. The four recently convened to discuss this very heartfelt and difficult topic. The departure was an amicable one on behalf of everyone. Timothy Gaines was not asked to leave the band, nor was there a ceremonious resignation. It was simply a decision made by all parties, in an effort to in idually preserve their respective calling, personally and professionally.
Management has requested that the fans respect each member throughout what has been a difficult process. While a decision such as this one can often lend itself to speculation, idle rumors, and public discussions, we instead ask that you respect everyone involved, keep them in your prayers, and refrain from negative exchange, both privately and publicly. A replacement bass player will be named on a show by show basis until further notice.
Former Stryper bassist Tim Gaines has issued a statement explaining in greater detail his decision to leave the group this past August. His statement reads as follows "On August 13th, 2004 21 years to the day that I joined Stryper I have given my resignation. Without going into any great detail, I made the decision to 'retire' from Stryper in April of 2004, after what I felt was a successful end to a reunion tour and final concert in Puerto Rico the previous month. I wish the guys in Stryper all the best. As for the fans, some of you have written and voiced your disappointment, and some have voiced their support. To those who I have disappointed, I am sorry. There is a season for change, and now is my season. I know that the new bass player for Stryper will keep you well entertained. He is a great player and entertainer, and he is spiritually in tune with the Lord. For those of you who have voiced your support, myself and [wife] Irene do appreciate your prayers. Although I cannot personally write everyone back who has emailed me, I do read everything that comes in, and it makes me glad to see so much encouragement."

Y&T's Unearthed Volume 2 is now available via the band's website. The second in the series of previously unreleased songs in high quality demo form features songs either written or recorded between 1974 & 1989. The track listing is: Face To Face . Ashes To Ashes . Get Tough . Showdown . Love Has No Cure . Help Me Hear Me . New Kid In Town . Long Time Coming . Dance Dance Dance . Crazy Make Love . Over Under . Hands of Time (Acoustic) . Bad Bad Girls . Take Me . More . Lucky Night . Love Don't Come Easy . Cheap and Easy.
And via Dave Meniketti's e-Newsletter, comes news that this year's Y&T Mystic Theatre shows will be recorded for DVD, as will the Dave Meniketti 2nd Annual Birthday Bash. Unearthed Volume 2 can be purchased at:


Quiet Riot will be releasing their live CD Live & Rare - Vol. 1 on January 18, 2005, through Cleopatra/Deadline Records.
The material is a compilation of live recordings from various concert performances during their 1983 Metal Health and 1984 Condition Critical world tours. There are also three rare original and previously unreleased studio demo tracks recorded in 1981 which were later re-recorded and appeared on the group's debut record Metal Health.
Included in this release are live versions of two rarely heard Quiet Riot songs. Danger Zone which was part of the group's live set for a short time and recorded for the Metal Health record but never completed, and Gonna Have A Riot - originally a Randy Rhoads era Quiet Riot track - which was also part of the band's 1983 shows.
The track listing is: 1984: Let's Get Crazy - Condition Critical - Run For Cover - Swinging Lumber - Winners Take All - Cum On Feel The Noize - Metal Health (Bang Your Head); 1983: Danger Zone - Gonna Have A Riot; Demo Tracks: Thunderbird - Love's A Bitch - Let's Get Crazy.
Quiet Riot, the band who introduced the world to their groundbreaking #1 selling album Metal Health, are back after an eighteen month absence. Driven by vocalist Kevin DuBrow and powered by drummer Frankie Banali, both Metal Health founding members, the band is now fueled by longtime contributing bassist Chuck Wright and energized with Beautiful Creatures' guitarist Alex Grossi will once again bring you their prescription for Metal Health.

Spanish newcomers Bad Way are set to enter the studio on November 15 to record their debut album, tentatively titled From Zero to Hero. The band, winner of several contests in Spain and guest act for bands like Texas Terri and Twisted Sister among others, has become one of the big hopes in the Spanish hard rock circuit. Their last demo, Like A Shot 04, has received raving reviews among magazines and internet sites, and it has even been awarded Demo of the year in Spanish rock magazine Los + Mejores.
For this album, Bad Way has prepared 11 songs ranging from new hard rock ala Backyard Babies to the new breed sounds of Marvelous 3. From Zero To Hero will be recorded at Phantom 3000 studios in Barcelona and mastered by Jeff Northrup at Imadjen Studios, and the release date is scheduled for the end of February. After the release, the band will do an extensive tour through Spain. For more info, you can go to (English version will be ready soon, sorry), or e-mail




Monday, November 15, 2004

Frontiers Records is honored to announce that former Rainbow and Deep Purple singer, now successful solo artist, Joe Lynn Turner has joined the label's roster!
Joe Lynn is currently very busy putting finishing touches to the new studio album entitled Usual Suspects which is being recorded in New York under the direction of longtime partner and friend Bob Held.
Joe Lynn says about the new album: "It's coming along great & it's melodic rock & very commercial, with integrity, like a Foreigner 4 with a little Journey mixed in, but still has its tough edges!"
The production will be completed in early December for a release scheduled in February 2005.

Soul Mover - the highly anticipated new studio album from the Voice of Rock, Glenn Hughes has been finally completed! The album will be including the following tracks (not final track listing): Soul Mover; She Moves Ghostly; Change Yourself; High Road; Let It Go; Dark Star; Miss Little Insane; Land of The Living; Isolation; Last Mistake; Orion; Don't Let Me Bleed.
Glenn says: "This album, in my opinion, is simply the finest work I have ever recorded! I am extremely excited about this release and next year I will be very busy promoting this CD!"
The lineup on the CD also includes Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith as special guest on all tracks, while Peppers guitarist Dave Navarro is appearing on the title track and first single Soul Mover. The two of them also appear on the video for the song, which will be included as a special bonus on the album.

Daniele Liverani is starting work on production of the new Khymera album. This time the vocals for the melodic rock studio project - masterminded by the Genius Rock Opera songwriter and main performer - will be handled by Pink Cream 69 bass player Dennis Ward (who apparently kick-ass on vocals!)
The songs for the project have been offered from the likes of Jeff Scott Soto, Judithe & Robin Randall, Don Barnes, Tom & Jim Martin.
Some titles to be recorded are: Looking for You; After The Way; You Can t Take Me; Tomorrow Never Comes; Give In To The World; Let It Burn; All Is Gone; Alone; All That I Have; Field Of Fire; The Damage Is Done.
The recording is planned to be completed in early 2005 with a tentative release date penciled for late Spring 2005.

Erik Norlander and Lana Lane are very busy working on the new Lana Lane album for 2005. The plan is to complete the recording for mid January 2005 and have a release for April.
At this stage the band is still writing and demoing new stuff but, in Erik Norlander's words: "We are going for a heavier sound this time, closer to the Secrets of Astrology concept."
Plans are made to use the Dutch touring band for the album Peer Verschuren on guitar and Ernst Van Ee on drums plus the usual support from Mark McCrite and Neil Citron on guitar.

While the brand new Brazen Abbot live CD/DVD A Decade of Brazen Abbot, celebrating the first 10 year anniversary of the band, is going to hit the streets on November 22nd, Bulgarian guitarist and producer Nikolo Kotzev is already busy laying down the tracks for the new studio album.
The album will feature 11 or 12 tracks featuring a new line-up of musicians including: Nikolo Kotzev - guitars, violins, percussion; Wayne Banks - bass; Nelko Kolarov - keyboards, organs; Mattias Knutas - drums.
Singers will be: Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Deep Purple); Tony Harnell (TNT); Göran Edman (Yngwie Malmsteen) and Erik Martensson (Eclipse).
Nikolo is hoping to have the recordings completed within January 2005 for a planned release in Spring 2005.

Alias singer Freddy Curci has finally completed the recording of the Zion debut album. Some of the songs that will appear on the album are Crash The Mirror (Devil's Doing Me), No Surprise, Coming Home, Who Do You Think You Are, Sky Is Falling and Avalon.
As a special premiere we are offering a 1.30 minute mp3 download of an unmastered version of the song Dangerous. Check it out!
Release is tentatively scheduled for Spring 2005.

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce new distribution partnership with Rough Trade in Benelux and PIAS in France (with marketing and promotion handled via Sriracha Sauce/Active Entertainment). More news will be available shortly in regard to other territories.

Hardline guitarist Josh Ramos dropped me a line, updating me on the recording of the new Hardline album. Josh says: "...just wanted you to know that we've been in the studio for the last 2 weeks recording the 3rd Hardline CD, all the drums, bass and guitars are done, next week we'll start on vocals, keyboards and solo guitars, it's sounding incredible, I think the fans will really enjoy this CD, it's melodic, but at the same time it's in your face, Johnny voice will be more in front this time. Johnny's singing better than ever....please let the fans know it's coming soon."

Just a quick addition to the two Mike Tramp news updates of last week. For the upcoming Australian dates, Mike will be including White Lion and Freak Of Nature songs within the set - but this will be your last time to catch such tracks included in the solo set. A few tracks never played before are currently being lined up for the shows. 2 Melbourne dates have been announced, with other cities and dates still to come.

Damn Yankees are set to re-unite - well, three quarters of them and for one night at least! Alice Cooper's Christmas Pudding show in Phoenix, AZ is the place, the gig benefiting the Solid Rock Foundation. Other artists include Alice and band, Gin Blossoms and Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen & Robin Zander. Details:

Unrated Magazine have a nice write up on the new Bon Jovi box set 100,000,000 Fans Can't Be Wrong. The feature includes an overall review and an individual track by track analysis.

A change of plans....Marco Mendoza is now confirmed as part of the touring line-up for Thin Lizzy in early 2005.

Journo Dave Ling has descriptions of the Trevor Horn tribute show in London from last week, which amongst others, also included an appearance from Geoff Downes.

Maximum Metal have a nice Road Report online with pics of the UFO gig in New York on 9/29/04 ( and a Uli John Roth/Michael Schenker gig also (

Ann & Nancy Wilson (aka Heart) are behind an updated version of Lovemongers' A Lovemongers' Christmas, which has been remastered and rounded out with 2 new tracks. It's out in North America November 16. Details:

Fresh off their successful European club tour, L.A.-based power trio JKB, aka the Jeff Kollman Band, featuring guitarist/vocalist Jeff Kollman (Cosmosquad, Glenn Hughes, Mogg/Way), bassist Kevin Chown (Artension, Tony MacAlpine) and drummer Charlie Waymire (EGH, Speak No Evil), will be joining veteran UK hard rockers UFO for their Southern California appearance at the House of Blues in Anaheim on November 17. JKB are scheduled to go on at 8pm.
"We had a blast over in Europe inaugurating this line-up and I'm really looking forward to doing this gig with UFO and kicking some ass on the homefront. This will be our first local show and to be able to share the stage with Phil, Paul, Vinnie, Barry and Jason makes it even sweeter", enthuses Kollman. "I have fond memories of doing the 'Chocolate Box' album with the UFO guys as well as 'Dancing with St.Peter' with Phil - in fact, we've been doing 'Jerusalem' and 'Clap Hands' live with JKB. Vinnie (Moore) was cool enough to contribute a guest solo on 'Jam for Jason', the track we did with Cosmosquad for the Jason Becker tribute a few years ago, and Sparks is a dear friend as well as a much missed band mate. It'll be one big rock'n'roll family reunion!"
JKB's debut released, Bleeding the Soul, was released October 1 on Marmaduke Records and is available via the band website at and other outlets.




Friday, November 12, 2004

Robert White Johnson has talked to MTM Music about the re-issue of the debut RPM album, due November 22.
Robert says: "First and foremost, a heartfelt thanks to all the fans who have helped 'keep the music alive' by supporting bands like RPM as well as countless others over the years. It's a pleasure to now be able to share our first record project on CD as well as six additional tracks that have never before been released in any form.
The bonus tracks that have been included in this release lend a significant historical as well as musical perspective to RPM.
The songs, On Again, Off Again and Oh, Oh Pamela were recorded soon after touring to support our debut album sometime in 1982. This was the first time that the band had produced itself in the studio. There had been some creative differences with our first producer Brent, and being the classy first rate guy he was, he let us do our own thing. An inevitable chain of events I suppose. Anyway these two songs were recorded at Creative Workshop Studios in Nashville where we also did our first record so the territory was quite familiar. However, there are glimpses into the future with these recordings as we experimented more with special effects on the backing vocals in addition to the guitar work. These two songs could also be described as a musical bridge of sorts to the future as I'll describe more later. The instrumentation for these two songs were the same as this, our first record with Mark Gendel on guitars, Jimmie Lee on bass, keys and backing vocals and Tommy Wells on drums.
Something else that's noteworthy regarding our first record project on EMI, RPM, there were four songs from the project that were also covered by other major artists, an accomplishment that rarely happened back then in the rock world. A Legend Never Dies was recorded by the band Blackfoot featuring Ricky Medlock on Atco/Atlantic records. This was a fun but also a strange moment as I was asked to help sing and arrange the backing vocals for their version in Atlanta that was produced by legendary producer Eddie Offord. The track 2+2 was covered by legendary rock singer Johnny Van Zant of Lynyrd Skynyrd family & fame for his debut solo Geffen record release.
This event actually led to an almost 20 year creative and personal friendship between Johnny and myself. It was a couple of years later that I went on to produce and CO-write the Brickyard Road single and CD for Johnny on Atlantic Records that spawned the # 1 rock hit for 3 weeks in a row in the US. REndezvous, the third cover from our first album was also recorded by Tygers Of Pang Tang. This track was not only a successful single for them in the UK and Europe, it was also included in their Greatest Hits package. Interestingly enough a few years later while we were recording our second RPM LP in London at Trevor Horn's studio SARM, I was having dinner during a break and sitting next to me by complete surprise was Peter Collins, who had produced the Tygers Of Pang Tang version. It was a fun moment! Last but not least, the song YOU, was recorded by Mark Farner, lead singer of Grand Funk. This was for a solo project he was working on. It was a personal thrill for me since I had always been such a fan of his. Mark even tracked me down to discuss the song, so we were able to speak on the phone. He was very complimentary of the song, the band and my voice but asked me about the key of the song. Seems as though he had a bit of a tough time doing it in the same key as it was very high. He was relieved when he found out that I later demanded the band lower the key a half step so I could sing it live without killing myself!!! It was one of those things where you start out recording a track on a good day, then after the track is mostly done you start asking yourself ,"What in the hell did I do" am I going to sing this thing live?"?? Live and learn......
With regard to the other four bonus tracks, since I already described the first two; these were actually recorded in 1985 after our second project on Warner Brothers was released in 1984.
These were also the last things we did creatively as a group before we disbanded."
Our second record for Warner Bros. was recorded with Gary Langan (of Yes/Art Of Noise fame) engineering and CO-producing with the band, at Trevor Horn's studios SARM, in London.
We had spent upwards of a year and a half on writing and recording the second project in the hope of getting it just right. Because of massive competition within the label (Warners) at the time with releases from Van Halen / 1984 , ZZ Top Eliminator as well as Purple Rain by Prince, it just wasn't meant to be, even though the band received high critical acclaim.
The tracks Deeper Than Love / Hands / Every Heart You Break & How Do I Get You were recorded at the famed studio 'The Castle' outside of Nashville. Having recorded with Trevor Horn's right hand/engineer, Gary Langan, we were bent on delving even further musically and sonically speaking. All tracks were produced by Mark, Jimmie and myself as our drummer Tommy had left at that point. It was a very tough time for drummers in general at that time because of all the drum machines and of Fairlight (our particular instrument of choice at that time). Because I was also an ex-drummer, I overdubbed live cymbals & percussion to make these particular tracks feel more live. There are elements that are reminiscent of our first album especially in the tracks, Deeper Than Love as well as Every Heart You Break at times. Sonically speaking these bonus tracks rock since technology had come light years since our first project just a few years previous. The Castle Studios had purchased the latest and the best of everything.
The owners, the Nuyen family originally from Belgium, brought a very fresh attitude and creative mindset to town. It was perfect for where our heads were at. While we were able to spend a good deal of time putting down the rough tracks and the overdubs, mixing was another story. The 'A' room was getting booked solid and so we had to go for it. These four songs were mixed in one day and all night!
We had never done this before but the result was amazing. To this day, these mixes stand up remarkably. Our engineer Giles hung in there with us for over 24 hours.
Not long afterward, the group decided to split. I'm sure everyone has their own story or reason so I won't get into that, but it was a great experience while it lasted. Jimmie and I actually first got together in 1979 as a duo and started writing songs which led to Mark coming to town from Toronto, Canada in 1980 adding a tougher rock edge to what we did. Tommy, from Detroit had been originally our session drummer of choice and a natural fit for the band. I came from northern Illinois and told my wife when we first came to Nashville in 1978, "If I ever talk about joining/starting another rock band, swiftly kick me in the ass." She didn't kick me and I'm glad we formed RPM, a group of extremely talented individuals whom I'll always be grateful in knowing and having the chance to have worked with.
Enjoy the music, and as it loud!!!
PS. Thank you Mario Lehmann (MTM Music) for your unending appreciation for RPM and great rock music in general as well as for your perseverance in tracking me down to get this project done!"


Musicbuymail is proud to announce that Uli Lennartz has joined the company. The editor of the German classic rock print magazine Melodic Journey and writer for the German AOR magazine Break Out is well known in the scene in Germany and Europe. The Musicbuymail team is looking forward to a good and successful co-operation with Uli!

If you cast your mind back a couple of months, I mentioned word of a Tak Matsumoto Group DVD. The Tokyo show from the mid-2004 tour was filmed and details of it's release have finally been announced.
TMG - Dodge The Bullet is a 2DVD set which will be released in Japan December 15. Disc 1 is the live show featuring the following set list: Everything Passes Away . I Wish You Were Here . Signs Of Life . Trapped . I Know You By Heart . Train, Train . Red, White And Bullet Blues . Blue -Tak's Solo . Two Of Kind . Wonderland . The Greatest Show On Earth . Kings For A Day . Never Good-Bye . Encore - Rock In America . To be With You . Oh Japan.
Disc 2 is behind the scenes and backstage footage, plus other possible extras.
The DVD is at this stage only scheduled for Japanese release and will be NTSC Region 2 format. TMG's album TMG 1 is now available in Europe thanks to Frontiers Records.


Following the disappointment of seeing their guest slot on the cancelled Vince Neil UK dates evaporate before their eyes, M.ill.ion take their recently released and highly rated album Kingsize on the road later this month as guests on Michael Schenker's UK shows. Dates and venues as follows:
Tuesday 23rd November - Rock City, Nottingham
Wednesday 24th November -The Underworld, London
Friday 26th November - JB's, Dudley
Saturday 27th November, Rio's, Bradford

Australian melodic rockers Square One have just been announced as support for US band Hanson at the Hifi Bar in Melbourne next week - Wed 17 Nov 2004.
Hanson return to Australia on the Acoustic Tour to promote their latest album Underneath. Having sold 15 million albums worldwide Hanson are back with a long awaited and more mature third album. They hand picked Melbourne's Square One as tour support. Due to continued mass appeal from long time fans this show has already sold out and there will be no more added on the whirlwind tour, however , Hanson will be all over the TV and airwaves in Oz when they arrive here next week . Square One have also just added a new page to "my space" and can be joined at (song sample stream available).
Square One will have their debut album Supersonic released in 2005.

It seems Extreme will re-unite for a series of Japanese shows in January! The line-up of Gary Cherone, Nuno Bettencourt, Paul Geary and new bassist Carl Restivo will head to Japan for the following dates:
05/01/12 Tokyo Shibuya-AX 7:00pm
05/01/13 Tokyo Shibuya-AX 7:00pm
05/01/14 Nagoya Aichiken Kinrokaikan 7:00pm
05/01/16 Osaka Nanba-Hatch 5:00pm
05/01/18 Tokyo Shibuya Kokaido 7:00pm

Lionsheart + Statetrooper - live in the UK. Saturday 22nd January 2005 at Stripes Bar, Brentford FC, Braemar Road, Brentford.
A double headliner and a classic night of rock awaits! Lionsheart are fronted by the powerful vocals of Steve Grimett (ex-Onslaught/Grim Reaper) and will be performing a set of Lionsheart and Grim Reaper songs.
Statetrooper recently reformed after calling it a day in the late 80's. They are fronted by the vocal talents of Gary Barden (ex-MSG and now also in SILVER) and the reformed line-up includes original members Jeff Summers and Bruce Bisland (who is also the Sweet's drummer) plus bassist Tony O'Hara (also a member of the Sweet and previously Praying Mantis).
Plus as an added treat, rising UK melodic hard rock band Sacred Heart will be performing a short acoustic set.
WebLinks:, and

Pretty Maids; Nazareth; Hellfueld and Mika Järvinen will all play a special show for Swedish fans on November 26 at 18.00. The venue is Place Draken, in Stockholm.

Sammy Hagar has announced a few New Year's solo dates with his band The Waboritas. Those dates (all in Cabo San Lucas) are: 12-31-2004; 01-02-2005 and 01-04-2005.

House of Shakira will play the following dates in Spain: 2/12 Madrid; 3/12 Bilbao; 4/12 Madrid; 5/12 Murcia.
The band released this statement about the shows:
These shows will be very special, as the band will bring their sixth member Mikael Eriksson with them. The band will perform as a six-piece unit with both Mikael and Andreas on vocals. Mikael have continued to write a majority of the bands lyrics since his departure in 1996.
"We wanted to give the fans in Spain something special as we really been falling in love with Spain. For a long time we wanted to bring Mikael with us but our schedules have always crashed. These shows will be what House of Shakira is all about ­ we are a singing band and when you'll leave these shows the word "singing" will have a new meaning to you", according to Per Schelander. The band will also perform some material they never played live before and the shows will feature some other special moments.
House Of Shakira will have their long out-of-print cult classic debut album Lint re-issued by Lion Music in January. The debut album will finally be available again in a re-mastered version with 2 bonus tracks.

Taxiride are now comprised of original members Jason Singh and Tim Wild and new recruits Sean McCloud and Andy McIvor. The 4 piece is working on their new album due for release in early 2005, with a sound direction change described as a "rock based sound with influences from Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin creeping up slowly but those tradition Taxiride hooks and harmonies remaining" by Undercover News.

Sweden's Fatal Smile will have an exclusive showcase gig at the legendary Kool Kat Club (Stacy, Regeringsgatan 61, Stockholm) on December the 3rd. They are looking for a new label for the release of their second ass kicking album Neo Natural Freaks produced by Jonas Östman (Yngwie Malmsteen) and mixed by Stefan Glaumann (Rammstein, Backyard Babies etc...). The band also welcomes TG on drums.
For more information, please visit or

Reviews have been updated. Now online are reviews for new releases from: Fluid Sol (Mitch Malloy), Brazen Abbot (Live), Second Heat, Higher Ground and Harlan Cage (Best Of). Check them out.
Your Reviews and The Best Of 2004 pages will be updated next week and several more reviews will also be added.

Mini-Bytes have been updated with new sound samples from: The Ladder (Steve Overland), Casanova, 7th Heaven, Gary John Barden, Toyz, as well as samples from re-issues of Surrender, LA and Paul Janz.

The CD Showcase area has had new titles added, previewing some more up and coming titles. Added today are features on the new Heaven & Earth re-issue, Thunder's new single, Frontiers Records' new sampler (check out the great tracks from Lande/Allen and Tommy Funderburk), Tony Hernando and the first time on CD release from Shiva.

MR-X has been update for the week. Added today is a new Feature CD - an indie release from Lillian Axe's Ron Taylor. In 1997 he and Drew Smith put a project together called The Bridge and released a self-financed demo CD, which is featured in MR-X now.
New videos have been added for: Almighty - Free And Easy, Bret Michaels - Raine, Chrissy Steele - Love Don't Last Forever, No Sweat - Heart And Soul, RTZ - Face The Music and War Babies - Hang Me Up.
In addition to those updates, a further 14 miscellaneous MP3s have been uploaded, including some live tracks, b-sides and a few unsigned 'lost classics'.
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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Following the conclusion of Mike Tramp's European tour, the former White Lion and Freak Of Nature frontman has decided it is time to define his ongoing solo career in relation to his past history.
Only a week after the end of Mike Tramp's European tour, Tramp is announcing that this is the end of his band playing both White Lion and Freak of Nature songs in his solo live set. But at the same time Mike is announcing that he is forming Tramp's White Lion - a band dedicated 100% to the original sound and songs of White Lion.
"Now is the time for me to make the separation for real and make it all clear to everyone what it is I am doing. My solo career was always going to be a departure from both White Lion and Freak of Nature, and I felt I did that well with my first album Capricorn. But I feel that because I have been playing a mix of songs in my live set, I have also taken steps backwards in my solo career, when what I wanted to do was take many steps further away from what I was known as. With Tramp's White Lion, I now can perform that classic sound with no compromise, and at the same time take my solo career to the musical place that I want to go."
Tramp says he never got the chance to clear up last years mess with the White Lion re-union, but now have the perfect way to set things straight.
"Everybody jumped the gun last year before we even had a chance to confirm anything. Yes Vito and I was talking back and forth about a possible re-union, but from the first conversation and till the last, he always told me he would not do it. But before I knew it I saw the band's name announced on festivals throughout Europe. I heard other guitars players name mentioned as replacement and so on. But nothing was ever confirmed from our side. I am now making the final statement. There will never be an original White Lion re-union, and the only one performing White Lion will be Tramp's White Lion. I am personally contacting promoters around the world to let them know that this is the way it will be. I will also be handling the managing of Tramp's White Lion myself. At this moment I am talking to several players to take part in this band. But if the band will ever perform will totally depend on the interest of the promoters and the demand of the fans. But rest assure Mike Tramp is moving forward no matter what."

German hard rockers Casanova will appear live this Friday for a short acoustic live session at the Melodic Rock Night in Duisburg, Germany. Originally planned as a release party with a signing session by singer Michael Voss, the complete band has decided to return into the spotlight and to take over the stage again.
Location - Parkhaus, Duisburg, Germany (~ 50 km from the Dutch border!), Address - Bürgermeister-Pütz-Str. 123, Duisburg (highways near A3, A40, A42, A52, A57, A59). Date 12.11.2004, Doors open 8.00 p.m. CET; open end tix free entrance for everybody!
Casanova 2004 performing live - Michael Voss vocals & acoustic guitar; Stephan Neumeier acoustic guitar; Jürgen Attig contrabass; Michael Eurich percussion.
The Melodic Rock Night as always will be hosted by DJ Daniel Jung and kick off with a rock disco (everything from AOR to Melodic Metal) at 20.00 CET. Casanova will appear on stage around midnight for a maximum 30 minutes long set and be available for meet & greet and signing session after the show. During the evening, there also will be a give-away of some free Casanova CD's. The rock disco itself will continue until early in the morning...
The event as always is sponsored by Melodic Rock Station @ Radio Duisburg & Rock It!
Current album All Beauty Must Die, out now on Escape Music.

Rob Rock signs with AFM Records! Rob Rock has signed a worldwide record deal with AFM Records in Germany and continues with JVC/Victor Entertainment for Japan/Asia. Rock and his band are currently working on their AFM debut and their third album for JVC/Victor Entertainment, which is tentatively scheduled for a March/April 2005 release.

Perris Records will release The Glam That Stole Christmas Vol.1. The new Christmas CD will be on sale the Tuesday after Thanksgiving (Dec. 1st). Perris has gathered some heavy hitters (Lillian Axe, Big Bang Babies, American Heartbreak) as well as brand new bands for this project. Jason McMaster (Broken Teeth, Dangerous Toys) is featured on the CD Cover which will be posted soon on the Perris website. The complete track listing is as follows:
01. American Heartbreak "The Greatest Christmas Song Ever Written" featuring Billy Roe - Jetboy
02. Lillian Axe "Here is Christmas"
03. Kristy Majors "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" featuring Pretty Boy Floyd guitarist
04. Loud 'n' Nasty "Christmas Time"
05. Chris Heaven & Michael Gapys "I wish everyday could be like Christmas"
06. Big Bang Babies 'Winter Wonderland' featuring Keri Kelli - Vince Neil's new guitarist
07. Fizzy Bangers "Hooray for Santa Claus"
08. Decadenza "Dead by X-Mas"
09. Rockin' Scroundrels "Rock 'n' Roll Sleigh Ride"
10. Grayson Manor "Blue Christmas"
11. American Smash "Nuttin' For Christmas"

The highly anticipated record #2 from Circle II Circle is finally mixed and on it's way to AFM Records Germany. The new album is produced by Zak Stevens and co-produced by "The Masters" Jim Morris and Dan Campbell. Once again Zak Stevens, Jon Oliva and Chris Caffery have joined forces in writing this remarkable CD. Also contributing 2 songs is new song writing partner Bernd Aufferman.
Zak would like to thank the CIIC band for helping to make a GREAT RECORD! Paul Micheal Stewart (Bass / Vocals); Thomas Drennan (Drums / Vocals); Evan Christopher (Guitars / Vocals); Andrew Lee (Guitars / Vocals). Special appearances include Matt La Porte and Robert Wolf.
The CD is titled The Middle Of Nowhere and contains 10 Tracks with 56 plus minutes of modern, cutting edge heavy metal. The Middle Of Nowhere is a work of art that was painstakingly constructed over a 10 month period of recording seclusion, devastating hurricanes, and many of life's trials and tribulations. The record flows like a twisting tale of insanity, devastation, and illusion that takes you on a cynical roller coaster ride with a cleansing conclusion of triumph over diversity. A very important and "must have record" for 2005!
Song titles include: Intro In This Life . Chapter 1 All That Remains . Chapter 2 Open Season . Chapter 3 Holding On . Chapter 4 Cynical Ride . Chapter 5 Hollow . Chapter 6 Strung Out . Chapter 7 Faces In The Dark . Chapter 8 The Middle Of Nowhere . Chapter 9 Lost (The Cleansing).
The release date is scheduled for the end of Feb. 2005 and will be followed by an very special co-headline World Tour with several of the absolute best new bands found anywhere on earth! 2005 will without question be a huge breakout year for Circle II Circle!




Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Hollywood, CA – Local LA rock band Heaven & Earth took home two wins at the 2nd Annual All Access Music Awards held at the Key Club in Hollywood on Saturday, November 6. Rock guitarist, Stuart Smith of Heaven & Earth took home the award for "Best Guitarist" and the band won the big prize of the evening – "Best Overall Album of the Year" for their limited edition EP, A Taste of Heaven.
The awards came at an already high time for the band, having just released a star-studded new CD—Heaven & Earth, Featuring Stuart Smith on their new record label—Black Star Records—which is being distributed by Burnside Distribution and is just now being officially launched. They are also announcing this week the signing of their first artist—Howard Leese—formerly with Heart, now touring as guitarist/band leader for Free/Bad Company singer, Paul Rodgers.
There are still some EP's available. It's available for sale through the Heaven & Earth website The new H&E CD is available in stores nationwide as well as on the website.
For more information on Black Star Records see the website, still partially under construction.


Richie Onori & Stuart Smith.

Rock and Roll comes alive when Mike Tramp returns to Victoria with shows in Melbourne and Geelong after a 4 month absence having toured all over Europe and the UK since his last Melbourne show.
Becoming a regular around Melbourne, Mike has given his set list the biggest dusting yet adding new songs from all eras from his career including White Lion, Freak of Nature and tunes from his 4 solo albums.
At the show, Mike will be making available for the first time his brand new album, Songs I Left Behind which features tunes that have been recorded over the past 6 years but not seen the light of day as well as a much anticipated BOX SET called The Bootleg Series which features 6 CDs full of material dating back to 1981 with his first band Danish Lions right through to 4 CDs dedicated to White Lion as well as recent solo material – every track is a version never before heard. The box set is limited to 500 copies world-wide and Mike will have the discs available at these shows exclusively.
Mike will be available to meet his fans after the performances for photos and sign autographs for them. Joining Mike for all shows is Melbourne band Stand which are the same guys who tour with Bruce Kulick from Kiss as his solo band debuting new material as well as introducing a new frontman. Stand have been playing with Mike as well for 3 years and at every show people have been asking when Stand were going to start playing their own songs again – well, here they are!
Geelong – Barwon Club Thursday 16 December, 2004 Special Guests STAND
Melbourne – The Corner Hotel –Friday 17 December, 2004 Special Guests STAND
Ticket Information: Melbourne: Available in advance from The Corner Hotel, Or ph 03 9427 9198 or book online at All other shows – Tickets at the Door.
ArtistLinks: and

Jim Peterik is currently in Los Cabos all week with the Steve Dahl Radio Show this week - Steve is a radio talk show host in Chicago on WCKG 105.9. Jim sent me a message from the sunny shores of Los Cabos: "I am doing music in and out of commercials and solo spots too - it is beautiful here." I couldn't help but suggest Jim was in a hell of a position, to which he replied: "...yeah it aint bad work!" Jim will be featured in a new site interview coming shortly.

Atenzia Records releases Fluid Sol and Plunge are currently available in some outlets in Europe - they have been officially released in Sweden, but a full worldwide release is not planned until January. Atenzia are changing their distribution operations a little and will now be with Rough Trade/Zomba in the GAS (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and BeNeLux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) territories, RSK in the U.K. and Mastertrax in Spain and Portugal.

Thin Lizzy 2005 tour dates are now being announced. So far on the calendar are:
28-Jan Glasgow--Academy; 29-Jan Newcastle--City Hall; 30-Jan Llandudno--North Wales Theatre; 1-Feb Liverpool--Academy; 2-Feb Manchester--Academy; 4-Feb London--Shepherds Bush Empire; 5-Feb Sheffield--Octagon; 6-Feb Birmingham--Academy; 7-Feb Bristol--Academy; 8-Feb Nottingham--Rock City; 10-Feb Waterford--The Forum; 11-Feb Castlebar--Royal Theatre; 12-Feb Killarney--INEC; 13-Feb Cork--Everyman Palace; 15-Feb Dublin--Vicar Street; 16-Feb Dublin--Vicar Street; 17-Feb Belfast--Waterfront; 18-Feb Galway--Leisureland; 19-Feb Limerick--University Concert Hall.




Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Ted Poley has sent in a message about an upcoming solo gig he's planned during some time off from Danger Danger.
Ted writes: "I am still on tour with Danger Danger but we have a month off and so I have a rare gig planned with my great solo band (featuring Vic Rivera of Adriangale on drums, Joe Slattery of Norway on bass, Charlie Calv of Shotgun Symphony & Pleasure Dome on keys and Steve Massa guitarist extraordinaire) in NJ on Nov 27th at Double D's in Morristown.
I play lots of songs from all my CDs past, present and future. Some cool stuff and also some of the MTV favs of course. We always have a blast at Double D's so we hope to have a nice turn out and a great night. Also on the bill is Rocco Fury's American Angel and also Adrenalize the excellent Def Lep tribute band. Tickets are cheap, just $12 and its a great weekend to get out and rock after eating turkey! This will probably be one of my last live shows in 2004."
Thanks for the news Ted - anyone from NJ should definitely check the show out.

Rock & Roll Legends Perform 8th Annual Rock 4 X-MAS - A Christmas Charity Event with All Proceeds to Benefit L.I. Homeless & Fire / Rescue Widows & Children Fund. This year the event will be held at The Kings Club, Centereach, L.I. 631-716-2582 For Details. All proceeds will go to the Nassau, Suffolk Coalition for the Homeless & The Fire / Rescue Widows & Children Fund of Long Island.
For anyone unfamiliar with this annual event, Morrison Music & Production organizes shows to benefit less fortunate families at Christmas. Over the past eight years the Rock 4 X-MAS Foundation has helped many families and provided entertainment throughout the United States. Many rock legends have joined with the foundation in putting on memorable concerts to help the cause.
The performance this year will include members from Yngwie Malmsteen, Zebra, Quiet Riot, DIO, W.A.S.P., Great White, Mountain, Orleans, Geezer Butler Band & Public Secret, Beyond Blonde, Fallen Angel, Ira Black, Dan Acosta & Jake Live. The show includes local and regional artists with more to come! The show is a 12+ Hour Rock & Roll Marathon! It will begin at 1pm and continue till at least 1am.
For purchase of advance tickets please visit for all up dates visit For those who cannot attend the performance and would like to help, The Rock 4 X-MAS Foundation Inc. accepts contributions on the web site. Donations of any kind, cash (as little as $1.00) also frequent flyer miles. You may also contact there for corporate sponsorships, Ideas or to volunteer. Help will insure our growth so we continue help others.

Magnitude Nine are now in the writing process for their 4th CD, the follow up to this year's acclaimed melodic prog-metal release Decoding The Soul on Insideout/SPV. Also, Guitarist Rob Johnson is now working on his 2nd Guitar Instructional DVD Release Over The Top Shred Guitar. For more info, visit

The Bones are starting a rumble here in North America with the release of Straight Flush Ghetto. Liquor and Poker Music has released Straight Flush Ghetto with all new artwork, a bonus track and the music video for Do You Wanna that proves that The Bones are a band to be reckoned with. The infamous proclaims "As for the Bones' signature sound, it's a nearly perfect combo of 50's Memphis hip shake, tough-as-nails street punk, and Swede nu-sleaze…the songs are so goddamn catchy you'll think you wrote them yourself during your last week-long vodka binge."
If that does not get you to run out and by the record than maybe a free Bones t-shirt will. For a limited time only, Liquor and Poker Music will give you a free Bones t-shirt with the purchase of Straight Flush Ghetto from our Schwag section of the Liquor and Poker Music website. You can also get the same deal if you purchase the album from the Century Media Records website. Just go to and click on SHOP. Scroll down and you will see the offer for the free shirt. You really have no excuse at this point to experience all the sleaze and high-octane rock that is Straight Flush Ghetto. Grab your copy and free shirt now!
A radio interview with Beef Bonanza of The Bones can be found here Check out for an interview with The Bones.




Monday, November 08, 2004

Heartland have been busy working on their new album, due for release in early 2005 through Escape Music. The new studio album will be titled Move On and features the recording line-up of: Chris Ousey - Lead Vocals / Backing Vocals; Steve Morris - Guitars/Keyboards; Drums - Rasmus Duedahl; Drums (Getting Ready) - Bjarne T. Holm; Bass - Mathias Gregersen; Backing vocals - Per Svensson & Peter Sundell.
The album is produced and recorded by Steve Morris and mixed by Tommy Hansen. Vocal productions by Anders Rydholm.
Thanks to Escape Music I am pleased to present a preview of the album in the form of the song Where Do We Go. This is a full length preview track, however the track is not a final mix - just a great indication of what to look forward to.

Download: Heartland - Where Do We Go.

Looks like Journey hit the studio this week to begin work on their next studio album, which the guy shave all been writing material for over the last few months. It will the band's first album since 2001's Arrival and 2002's Red 13 EP. Guitarist Neal Schon has just announced that his new solo CD, I on U, will finally be released February 22, 2005!
Stay tuned for an update on both albums and Soul SirkUS also.

Following my report from Friday, Alex Van Halen has been hitting the campaign trail, selling the concept of Van Halen for 2005. Good news for sure. The article from the Journal Gazette reads, in part, as follows:
"Van Halen is a volatile band, and drummer Alex Van Halen is the first to admit it. "We're volatile only to the extent that we're as good of friends as we are," Van Halen says in a phone interview. "It's because we are so intense. It's part of our nature. As much as I love (brother and guitarist Eddie), if you put us in a room with no one else for 15 minutes, we'd be at each other's throats. But it's always about creative differences. Always. It's never personal."
"Music is a dialogue. It's about an emotional reaction. We're very needy people, you know," Alex Van Halen says, laughing.
Gary Cherone's short-lived stint as lead singer produced one of the worst albums of the band's career. Alex Van Halen has nothing bad to say about Cherone. "He was just the wrong choice. It's that simple. No harm, no foul," Van Halen said. "Nobody sets out to make a bad record. I just think the chemistry was wrong. It was just one of those things."
And the guys even touch on David Lee Roth: "Every time it looks as if Van Halen is about to take on a new or slightly used vocalist, there is always much speculation about whether the band's first frontman, David Lee Roth, will return.
Van Halen says Roth fans just need to accept the fact that Diamond Dave is history, at least as far as this group of guys is concerned. "I can say something comic, but let me preface that by saying, 'He needs meds.' I am very serious about that. It's that simple. It's not even his fault, really. Whatever our personal differences are, there are no bigger fans of this band than the people who are in this band. So we understand why people would love to see that sort of reunion. But that's just not going to happen. Some things are impossible. The Beatles will never get back together and David Lee Roth will never again sing with Van Halen."
And the best news fans could wish for: Van Halen says the band is currently writing material that he believes is its best in a great while.
"I can't put it into words, unfortunately, but the stuff is absolutely brilliant," he says. Alex Van Halen says the band has purged itself of angst over profits, pans and chart positions. Now it's just about the music. "When you leave the planet, you leave music behind. You don't leave behind box office scores or how many dollars changed hands. You come to the planet with nothing and you leave with nothing, so you'd better do some good while you are here."

And at the same time - this from the Wichita Eagle in Kansas:
"Known for their internal squabbling and singer-swapping as much as for their music, Van Halen set aside a nine-year war of words and egos with singer Sammy Hagar to return to the road. In July, the band released a two-disc greatest hits album featuring three new songs with Hagar at the helm.
While on a tour stop in Calgary last week, drummer Alex Van Halen said in an interview that the diverse faces in the audiences on this tour are a testament to the band's longevity. "It means the music held up," he said. "It's probably one of the most rewarding aspects of making music."
The cliche says that rock 'n' roll is the elixir of youth. Like the Rolling Stones, Van Halen is clearly a case study in this theory.
Singer Hagar, who replaced original vocalist David Lee Roth in 1985, turned 57 last month. "That guy's made of cast iron," Alex Van Halen said.
Guitarist Edward Van Halen has spent the previous four years battling tongue cancer. These days he jumps around on stage with an artificial hip. Alex Van Halen admitted that getting old is a fact of life. "At our age, you don't want to stop. Because if you stop, you might not get back up."
Speaking of stopping, the last date of the tour is Nov. 19 in Tucson. The buzz on radio and the Internet is again predicting the band's demise, saying internal tensions have taken their toll. Alex Van Halen tried to lay those rumors to rest.
"Our disagreements are about our music," he said. The band plans to take a break after the tour and then enter the studio to begin work on a new album, he said. With Sammy Hagar on vocals? "With Sammy," he said."

Congratulations to Stuart Smith who has taken out the All Access Music Award in LA for Best Guitarist, and also the biggie of the night - Best Overall Album for the Year for the Heaven & Earth album. The new re-issue of Heaven & Earth can be bought via the band's website:

Billy Idol has just about completed work on his new studio album - the first in more than 10 years - which will again feature his long time associate, guitarist Steve Stevens. The album is titled World Comin' Down at this point, but a website post from drummer Brian Tichy suggests the album title could change to Devil's Playground.
The album features the following tracks: World Comin' Down . Bleedin' Me Insane . World Comin Down . Rat Race . Sherri . Plastic Jesus . Scream . Yellin at the Xmas Tree . Romeos Waiting . Body Snatcher . Evil Eye . Lady Do or Die . Summer Running.
Keep track of album updates via Billy's website:

Drummer Brian Tichy updates fans via his website with this post:
"Billy Idol and I wrote together for few months at the beginning of the year, then in April we started rehearsing and recording the new record. His first since Cyberpunk in '93. Billy is singing better than ever. In September, while the record was being mixed, we did 5 warm up shows leading up to KROQ's Inland Invasion. Billy turned the day into a true rock show. He made 50,000 people sound like 50,000 people. Soon after, he and I got back into writing and came up with 4 new songs that have put us back in the studio. At least 2 of these will end up on the new CD. There should be about 7-9 "Idol/Tichy" songs on it when it's all said and done. The CD was tentatively titled World Comin' Down, but that looks like it is changing to Devil's Playground due to a new song we wrote called Super Overdrive that has "devil's playground" in the lyric. It also seems like it will be the lead off track on the CD. We are also playing KROQ's Acoustic Christmas in LA this year. The new CD should be out in March and the single in January."

Tickets are on sale now for Thunder's early 2005 UK tour. Buy online at: and the 24 Hour credit card hotline number 0870 400 0688
March 2005:
Friday 4th Sheffield, Foundry
Saturday 5th Birmingham, Academy
Sunday 6th Bristol, Academy
Monday 7th Southampton, Guildhall
Wednesday 9th Folkestone, Leas Cliff Hall
Thursday 10th London, Shepherds Bush Empire
Saturday 12th Newcastle, City Hall
Sunday 13th Glasgow, Academy
Monday 14th Manchester, Academy
Wednesday 16th Norwich, UEA

Vince Neil's solo UK shows are all but in the can after the singer was forced to surrender his passport after being involved in another scuffle, this time with a sound person in Texas. The UK dates are postponed for now, but I'm doubting any Vince Neil rep can see 12 months into the future to guarantee they will go ahead at another time.

A few 1 minute samples from the new U2 album How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb are now online in the Mini-Bytes area.




Sunday, November 07, 2004

Following the overwhelming success of the weekend CMRPulse Rock/Metal shows on AppleFM (Sky 913) it has been decided to re-launch the rock shows under their own unique brand with effect from 24th November 2004. The launch broadcast will be live from the Sound Broadcasting Exhibition at the NEC from where ARfm will broadcast for two days.
ARfm ("Apple Rocks Your World with ARfm") is a new all encompassing Rock and Metal service which will be available live on Sky (Channel 913) at weekends and 24/7 on the Internet. ARfm is backed by a consortium involving AppleFM, Chilton Broadcast and the Alice's Group. Sponsorship for the project has been arranged with Powerplay Magazine, Burn Magazine and Zero-Tolerance, amongst others. The service will broadcast from studios in London and Birmingham.
The team of presenters has been expanded and includes Adrian Juste (Radio 1, BBC7); Steve Price; Paul Baker; Simon Gausden; Paul Chamberlain; and John Reps.
Juste, Price and Gausden will be hosting the shows from the NEC and a number of current Rock stars have been lined up to join the team for the launch inc Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple) and the British Rockers Magnum.
Steve Price, who has been appointed as Programme Controller, said: "This takes the service one step further than CMRPulse and offers the listener the chance to listen to a true Rock and Metal Station 24 hours a day. There will be nothing like it in the UK and our shows will satisfy fans of Blink 182 through Marilyn Manson, Led Zepellin, Hendrix, The Stones, Journey, 80's classics like Giant to the extremes of Metal like Black, Thrash (old and new) and Hardcore. We are extremely pleased to have Adrian Juste on board with his unique brand of Classic Rock mixed with comedy."
For further information see our website ( or contact Steve Price on 01342 300181/; ARfm, P O Box 595, East Grinstead, RH19 1XX.

MR-X has been updated for this week. Featured are two more Rockline Radio Shows, one featuring Kiss from June 2004 and the other featuring Van Halen in their 2004 radio show comeback interview. Both shows/interviews run over 60 minutes.
Also featured is yet another unreleased album - the Honor Among Thieves album Grow - the and which of course turned into SR-71. This is another great album for fans of nu-breed/modern rock.
And lastly, new videos are online for: Bon Jovi - Misunderstood, Crissy Steele - Love You Til It Hurts, Gun - Inside Out, Kane Roberts - Does Anyone Really Fall In Love Anymore and Bobby Kimball - Woodstock.
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Friday, November 05, 2004

They say a week is a long time in politics, but it's even longer in the world of Van Halen.
I have written a lot of Van Halen updates over the time running this site, but none brought me more pleasure than the November 20, 2003 report breaking the news that one of the truly great bands in rock n roll history would finally return to action now that the much loved Eddie Van Halen was over his battle with cancer and singer Sammy Hagar had returned to the fold.
The band had a lot of work to do in order to mend past friendships and build bridges to the future. But the guys were well on the road to doing just that, with an 80 date North American tour the perfect foil for the boys to once again gel and show the world just what a great live performance is all about.
I was disappointed hear about rumors of recent turmoil and when listening to Sammy Hagar's recent radio interview, presumed the worst like just about everyone else had.
But not so!
Overnight Sammy Hagar has printed a personal update on his website, which addresses recent whispers of unrest.
And reports in from live shows this week highlight a warm chemistry between all on stage. Even reports from last night's show in Milwaukee have the band reaching a new level of enjoyment on stage and really soaking up the last few nights of this long tour.
My main reason for this update comes after getting a phone call yesterday from the USA.
It was from a source known to me who has been travelling with Van Halen on their current comeback tour. They wanted to set the record straight on a few things rumors which have been greatly exaggerated or formed for unknown reasons.
The biggest issue that needs to be put straight is Eddie's drinking and the perception he had been drunk throughout the tour. That is just not correct I'm told.
Eddie is in great shape I'm told and is having a blast on tour. Eddie has put in some amazing performances throughout the tour and one only has to check the 2004 Tour Forum at to take in eyewitness accounts. He has been loose and relaxed and blowing fans away with his impromptu solos.

This has been a long tour, but my source says right now everyone is still having a blast and putting on the best shows possible, but they are all looking forward to a good rest after November 19. The 80 show tour has been the longest tour any of the guys have done in a decade.
The guys will be taking a break and 2005 plans are yet to be worked out, but as far as my source says, the guys definitely want to do this again and they want to continue working as a band. That includes singer Sammy Hagar.

Sammy of course got rumors rolling with his interview on KSHE a week or so back. But in his own words posted overnight: "...all these crazy rumors flying around cyberspace are that. Plain and simple, I never said I was quitting Van Halen. There has been no discussion as to when or where we're going to pick this show up on the road and do it all over again cause quite honestly, 80 shows since June 11. Wow, I'm bushed ...HA!
But baby, we are rockin'. The adrenalin in pumpin'. We're having a blast and you need to come check it out for yourself. If you ain't jacked when you get there, I guarantee you you'll be jacked when you leave."

My source says Sammy was quoted in some areas as saying Eddie has been drunk and that is just plain incorrect. And having listened the interview myself, I can back that up. Sammy, like everyone, is tired after a long tour and his comments from that interview have been skewered towards the negative. This line-up wants to continue working and looks forward to doing just that.
I also spoke to a good friend of mine Steve Lukather, who of course, is best buddies with Eddie. I asked Steve about the rumors and how Ed was feeling. He commented "I spoke to Ed a few nights ago and he sounded great! No bad news from his mouth… As far as he's concerned its all good."
We got talking about Ed's impact on music over the years, to which Steve added "If he never did anything after Van Halen 1 he would still go down as one of the greatest EVER! I also believe he still makes amazing music and is a close brother to me. So leave him the fuck alone!"

I know I speak for many out there, but I am just thrilled the band is back out there working and touring. There have been times over the past few years where we thought it might not happen. I started a guestbook for those wishing to send Eddie Van Halen get well messages and general words of encouragement when he faced his cancer scare.
Entries continue to be added to the tribute page, (Located Here), as proof of the guitarists continued popularity.
Let's hope a well earned rest is followed by an even bigger year in 2005, complete with a kick-ass new studio record.

Frontiers Records is proud to present the new issue of their melodic rock fanzine. The second release of our successful magazine is available for free all over the world through record shops, mail-orders and every fine dealer carrying the Frontiers Records releases.
Here are the previews of the two Fanzine covers:


This new issue includes reviews and interviews of: Jeff Scott Soto, Jean Beauvoir, From The Inside, Zillion, Ring Of Fire, Kick Axe, Fate, Lana Lane, Gary Barden, Grand Illusion, Bonrud, Pulse, Millenium, Joe Stump... and much more!
Downloadable version of the magazine can be found here:

"This week on The Classic Metal Show, we venture to the land down under for a visit from our friends at!! They have put together a brilliant 2-CD set recently called The Beast Inside. Regular readers of will recognize this as the 2nd annual release from the site. It features great music, as well as the very much anticipated first music from Soul SirkUS - the super-hyped project featuring Journey's Neal Schon and CMS Favorite Jeff Scott Soto. Also, MelodicRock site owner, editor and the executive producer of The Beast Inside, Andrew McNeice, is expected to check in from Australia with an update on the CD, and more! It's gonna be a great show, so make sure you tune in Saturday!"
Yikes! Yep, that's me...under serious pressure to say something intelligent...

A few New Reviews have been added to the site. Online now are reviews of The Sign, M.ill.ion and Jon Stevens, plus TMG (updated for it's European release). Check them out.

An update for MR-X is currently underway and should be completed later tonight. I'll advise when it's online.




Thursday, November 04, 2004

MTM are proud to announce the signing of a new high class AOR band Northern Light featuring Tor Talle. Northern Light is a new super project from the Norwegian guitar player / songwriter Tor Talle. After being a session player and writing music for television, documentary, webmovies and other artists, Tor felt the need to go back to his melodic rock roots.
For the moment Tor is in studio recording songs for his first AOR album of Northern Light with well known singers as Fergie Frederiksen (ex-Toto, Mecca), Tony Mills (Shy), Peter Sundell (Grand Illusion) and Kimmo Blom (Urban Tale, Heartplay).
Tor has written some awesome songs in the melodic rock style, some by his own and some together with Fredrik Bergh (Street Talk), Jorn Lande (Masterplan), Terje Eide (On The Rise), Peter Sundell and Kimmo Blom. Release date for the Northern Light album will be spring 2005.
Fergie has picked a song called Eye To Eye. Tor says: "Today I have been in studio recorded the backing and I will send Fergie a CD tomorrow. Peter Sundell is in studio recording a new song. Kimmo Blom is also working with a song written by me, Fredrik Bergh and Kimmo Blom and two songs written by myself where Kimmo will finish the lyrics. Terje Eide and myself has just written a song together."
Tor continues: "First of all I will give Mario and Sebastian at MTM a big thanks for signing my new project...I'm really glad you liked my music and gave me the chance to realize my dream."
"I`m so excited about this project and I can`t wait to release the album. I'm really happy with the songs and I got some amazing singers with me on this album. It's an honor and a privilege to work with Fergie Frederiksen, Tony Mills, Peter Sundell and Kimmo Blom."
"I have written most of the songs myself, but some are co-written with Jorn Lande, Fredrik Bergh, Terje Eide, Peter Sundell and Kimmo Blom. So all of you AOR-lovers, I hope you are ready for some classic melodic AOR from Norway!"

Upcoming January Releases for MTM Music are: Greenhouze Greenhouze 24.01.2005; Rhapsody Sweden Strange Vibrations 24.01.2005; MPG Martie Peters Group 31.01.2005.
Upcoming February Releases: Shy Sunset And Vine 07.02.2005; Peo Look What I've Started 14.02.2005; Seven Wishes Destination Alive 21.02.2005.

Orders can now be placed for the debut Soul SirkUS album World Play. Orders placed directly through the Warner Bros. online store can be shipped worldwide. Order now:

Florida residents should take a look at this year's Ribfest in St. Petersburg, set for next week. Featured artists include: Greg Rollie, Lou Gramm, Jefferson Starship and The Nelsons. WebLink:

Hardline fans can check out Hardline Rocks for a streaming audio preview of tracks soon to be presented for sale through the site. Tracks there now are only online for a couple of days.

Expect to see a Riverdogs live DVD from their recent re-union shows. Work on new material continues.

Brides Of Destruction are likely to continue touring in 2005, replacing bassist Nikki Sixx with Steve Bruno while Nikki is away on Motley Crue duties he has yet to admit to!

If Only have a CD of all unreleased material available, featuring original singer Jackie Bodimead on vocals! The CD features extensive liner notes by guitarist Greg Hart, and also has some great unreleased pictures from his collection! Full details at:

Mini-Bytes has been updated today, with some very tasty previews from: Creighton Doane, Talisman (Life & Trust re-issues), Damned Nation, Fist, plus tracks from two new indie releases - Domeshots and Oceandrive. Check them out.

A CD Showcase previewing the new Waysted album Back From The Dead is now online. The album features the return of original vocalist Fin. Take a listen.




Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Atenzia Records have announced a few updates. First of all it appears Mark Spiro is currently preparing a new album to be released in early 2005.
New signing Stereolith played at the Hard Rock Café in Stockholm last week, the special occasion was hosted by Stockholm based SBS Radio Channel 106.7. The gig was broadcasted live and the band played in front of a full ecstatic house.
Progressive rock band A.C.T will play their one and only 2004 show at Malmo Kulturbolaget, Sweden Saturday, December 11th 2004. Tickets are on sale at:
And Plunge are on tour with SR-71 in Japan from October 13 through October 25 - supporting the release of their new album Hometown Hero. The band are currently in talks with national management companies, they also plan to go back to the studio at the end of the year.

7th Heaven are a band receiving a lot of attention - mainly thanks to a 30 track double CD release titled Silver, originally released in 2003. The album could be described as Def Leppard goes nu-breed, or doing 2004 style pop/rock. The 2CD release is available only via their website for the insane price of $15 (including shipping).
The band have just issued a new release - again via their website. Sampler - Volume 1 is an album of covers, albeit a little unusual compared to some other covers albums. The first track is Rock Medley - A Medley Of The Best Rock Bands Of The 70's & 80's; a massive medley featuring the tracks: Wanted Dead Or Alive, Tom Sawyer, Lovin' Every Minute Of It, Pour Some Sugar On Me, Back In Black, Sweet Emotion, Shout At The Devil, The Zoo ,Still Of The Night, Rock Of Ages, For Whom The Bells Toll, Wildside, Sweet Child Of Mine, Crazy Train, Ain't Talking About Love, Were Not Gonna Take It, Runaway, Talk Dirty To Me, Paranoid, Don't Tell Me You Love Me, Bohemian Rapsody and Stairway To Heaven.
Additionally, full versions of the following tracks complete the album: In The Air Tonight . Somebody's Baby . Boys Of Summer . Every Breath You Take . Fields Of Gold . First Cut Is The Deepest . Escape . You Spin Me Round.


Masterplan have completed recording of their new studio album. The material has just been mixed by Mikko Karmila and mastered by Mika Jussila in the Finnvox Studios. So studio work is over and on the 24th of January Masterplan will release their new album Aeronautics.
This flight is not expressed by a concept album, but the record has the fascination of flying as a core theme. In advance on November 29 the Masterplan EP Back For My Life will be released, containing the song Back For My Life as a single and album version, the song Crimson Rider taken from the upcoming album and the non album tracks Killing In Time (2 different versions) and Love Is A Rock. Additionally, there will be a multimedia section.
The upcoming tour, which is being planned at the moment, is anticipated to start in March 2003.
MASTERPLAN will do a short promo tour in December to answer all the journalists' questions about Aeronautics.


In other AFM Records news: Circle II Circle, fronted by Zak Stevens are still in the studio to finish the working on their newest album Middle Of Nowhere, as their work had been interrupted by several hurricanes, that ravaged on the American east coast. The release date of Middle Of Nowhere is scheduled for the end of February 2005.

Shaman, featuring ex-Angra frontman André Matos, are still in the studio as well, to polish their new, as yet untitled studio album. The album is planned to be released in February/March 2005.

Edguy's Hall Of Flames is a double Best Of release, due out December 6. The album contains all Edguy hits, remastered in the Finnvox Studio in Helsinki by Mika Jussila, as yet unpublished material as well as video clips, promo singles and Japan bonus tracks. The total playing time is about 140 minutes.

Former Noiseworks and Inxs vocalist Jon Stevens is due to release his new solo album in Australia next week. It will be Steven's fifth solo release, but follows two underachieving releases from the 90's - the last being Circle in 1996.
Ain't No Life For The Faint Hearted is unlikely to win him any new fans. For whatever reason, Stevens has decided to record an album featuring "soul, urban and R&B influences", which is described as "an exciting excursion" from his known style. I can think of a better description! The album also includes a horrendous cover of the Doors' Light My Fire. Then there's that album artwork...
The album track listing is: I See You Round . Let Me In . Light My Fire . Philosophy . Ain't No Life For The Faint Hearted . Rock With Me . Get Low . My Girl . Move . Stand Alone.
The album press blurb reads:
Jon Stevens, one of Australia's greatest rock and pop vocalists, is releasing a new solo album. Taking its title from Jon's twenty five years in the music biz, Ain't No Life For The Faint Hearted is a redefinition of this established artist's musical direction. With soul, urban and R&B influences, the record is an embracement of Jon's musical roots and an exciting excursion from his well known Australian rock background.
After three years touring the world fronting the legendary Inxs, Jon left the band at the end of December 2003 to fulfill a need to create new music; Ain't No Life For The Faint Hearted is the result.
Recorded and produced by Jon Stevens and Dinesh Wicks in Sydney and mixed and mastered in Los Angeles, credits include the multi platinum producer/writer Damon Elliot (Pink, Mya, Beyonce, Destiny's Child). Mix credits include Jon Gass (TLC, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Destiny's Child), Dave Pensado (Christina Aguilera, Mya, Li'l Kim, Pink, Destiny's Child, Macy Gray) and Neal Pogue (Outkast, En Vogue, Mystikal, Pink, Faith Evans).
Ain't No Life For The Faint Hearted will be in stores across Australia on 7th November 2004 with the first single I See You Round going to radio across the nation on Wednesday 13th October.
This record is a fully independent release, through Jon's label Circle Music in conjunction with 456 Records and distributed by MGM. Says Jon "major labels are shrinking worldwide and the internet takeover is just a matter of time. For me, the title track Ain't No Life For The Faint Hearted says it all."
ArtistLink: Audio samples available at:


Former Triumph guitarist and frontman Rik Emmett is apparently working on a new rock project with Von Groove's Mike Shotton. Where this leaves work on the new Von Groove album is anyone's guess, but Rik Emmett posted this comment in the members only area of his website: "...just wait 'til you hear the stuff I'm working up with Mike Shotton which is very much in a Led Zep, Velvet Revolver, SRV / Kravitz kind of ballpark so far [and SOOO much fun!]....Song titles so far include - Liberty, Cryin' Shame, Midnight Black & Blue, Find Your Way, and Addicted."
Rik has also contributed to another Mike Shotton's project - Mike's Garage - a kids‚ album, born from a TV show concept. Rik is featured on 4 tracks.

Tyketto kicked some butt in their one and only US re-union show October 29th. A couple of site regulars have e-mailed in feedback.
George writes: "The show at Dingbats in New Jersey USA rocked from beginning to end and the entire show consisted of songs from the first two albums only. I've been a Tyketto fan since Don't Come Easy came out in 1990 and they sounded as good today if not better than they did back then. All four original members played like the drama of member changes and breaking up as a band had never happened. All I can say is fans in Europe who have been craving to see Tyketto are in for the biggest treat of their lives and will not be disappointed in the least."
And Clint wrote in: "Tyketto played almost an 1hr and half. They played all of Don't Come Easy and about 3 or 4 songs off Strength In Numbers. Danny's voice live was awesome - he hasn't missed a step in all these years, his voice sounds better than it did 12 years ago when I saw them the first time. The guys all look good and the songs were really tight. Please pass along to the UK fans that this is the live show of the year and do not miss it if your a fan of Tyketto!"

Swedish pop/AOR sensation Martin Stenmarck has released his new album online. Think Of Me is another self-financed effort that should see a number of it's songs covered elsewhere if the debut was anything to go by. The track listing for the new album is: I Believe . You Can't Hide Beautiful . That's When I Love You . When You Think Of Me . Not A Day Does By . I Keep Falling . Good Morning Beautiful . Hold On To Me . 19 Something . Wild Horses . You Won't See Me Dancing For A While.

Terry Knight was murdered defending his daughter at his home in Killeen, TX on the night of Nov. 1. The updated story can be found at:
It is with sadness that Grand Funk Railroad issues a statement regarding the death of Terry Knight:
"We were shocked to here that Terry had been murdered. Even though we have not had a friendly relationship with Terry over the last 30 years it still was very distressing to hear of his death.
Terry Knight was instrumental in the birth and early success of Grand Funk Railroad from 1969 to 1972. Having been a former band mate in previous bands with Grand Funk's Don Brewer and Mark Farner (The Pack, and Terry Knight and the Pack) Knight later became manager and producer of Grand Funk Railroad. During those years Grand Funk sold millions of records and toured the world as one of the biggest rock bands of all time even selling out Shea Stadium in NYC faster than The Beatles.
There was a major falling out between the members of Grand Funk and Terry in 1972 and Terry was fired. This led to huge lawsuits and lasting discord between GFR and Terry. Grand Funk moved on and continued to have great success with million selling hits We're An American Band, Locomotion, Some Kind Of Wonderful and Bad Time. We have had very little personal contact with Terry over the last 30 years. We deeply regret Terry's death and our sympathy goes out to his family."
Don Brewer, Grand Funk Railroad, Nov. 2, 2004. RIP Terry.




Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Black Star Records, the label run by Stuart Smith and Richie Onori of Heaven & Earth, has signed Howard Leese for a solo album. Howard was the long standing guitarist of Heart and for the last four years has been the guitarist/band leader for Free/Bad Company singer, Paul Rodgers. Along with Paul, the CD will feature performances by some of the biggest names in Classic Rock and will be released mid-2005. Black Star Records will be holding an official signing party for Howard in Bel Air on November 13th.


Mike Tramp has put together a rather amazing release titled The Bootleg Series. This box set release features no less than 6CDs and covers a 10 year period in Tramp's life. Mike reached back into his personal collection to put together a collection of rare tracks covering the years 1981 to 1991. This set features some truly amazing material for fans of White Lion and Mike Tramp.
Each CD features lines notes by Mike and the set itself is limited to 500 copies. This item is for sale at Mike's live shows and shortly via his webshop, but also right now via AOR Heaven, who have a limited quantity in stock.
The full details of The Bootleg Series is:
Disc 1 - Studs & Danish Lions, 1981 - 1982: Rock You Tonight; She's Gonna Rock You; Girl You Gave Yourself Too Fast; Lookin' For A Feelin'; Take Me Home; The World Is Rockin'; We Will Make It Through; I'm Back Again; He's Always Lonely; When Rock N Roll Was Born; Bring It Home; Running With Night; Brookly Boy; Deep In Love; El Salvador; When Rock N Roll Was Born; Take Me Home; How Does It Feel; You're The Only Girl; Two People; Wild Boys; Bring It On Home.
Disc 2 - White Lion Unreleased, 1983 - 1985: Deep In Love With You; Two People; Rock You Tonight; Evil Angels; After A Broken Heart; How Does It Feel; Rock You Tonight; The Road To Valhalla; Wasted City; I'm On My Way; Tonight We'll Change It; The Rock Is Falling; Ride Through The Storm; Rock To The Top; The Last Time; We Rock All Night; Early Warning.
Disc 3 - Pride Take One, 1986 (the original first reocrding of Pride, before the band re-recorded it): Hungy; Lonely Nights; Sweet Little Lovin'; Say Goodbye; Turn It Up; Wait; All Join Our Hands; Hungry; Lonely Nights; Sweet Little Lovin'; Say Goodbye; Lady Of The Valley; All Join Our Hands; Tell Me; Turn It Up; Wait; When The Children Cry.
Disc 4 - Big Game Demos: Goin' Home Tonight; Baby Be Mine; Don't Say It's Over; Broken Home; If My Mind Is Evil; Cry Fro Freedom; Dirty Woman; Living On The Edge; Let's Get Crazy; Little Fighter; Till Death Do Us Part; Cherokee (acoustic); Cry For Freedom (acoustic).
Disc 5 - White Lion - Mane Attraction Start To Finish: Time To Wonder; Back On The Street; Love Don't Come Easy; Out With The Boys; She's Got Everything; It's Over; All That I Need; Broken Heart; Death Do Us Part; Leave Me Alone; Farewell To You; Lights And Thunder; Love Don't Come Easy; Til Death To Us Apart; You're All I Need; Like A Dog.
Disc 6 - Mike & Oliver - Brothers For Life: Get Out Of My Way; Ready To Go; Too Much To Drink; Real Life; Things Aren't What They Are Used To Be; Flowers; If You Gonna Hurt Me; Taking Out My Old Guitar; Walking The Thin Line; I Will Fight No More; Disturbing The Peace; Show Me The Way To Heaven; Get Me Out Of Here; Words Don't Count; One Love.


Thin Lizzy has announced plans for a UK and Ireland tour in February - the line-up has not yet been announced, although it will be built around John Sykes and Scott Gorham. Sadly neither Brian Downey, Darren Wharton or Marco Mendoza has anything to do with this tour.

Oni Logan will return to action with a new solo album in the early part of next year.

Kryah are a new UK hard rock outfit which completed their line-up through a plug for them right here on this site! The guys have a website now online at: - featuring new songs, photos and live dates.

Queen will soon issue a number of live releases via their website, The first three will be Last Stand May 15th, 1985, Osaka; Jazz Final June 5th, 1979; Life Is Real August 9th, 1982, Meadowlands, New Jersey.

Hot Tracks Import CD's ( new webstore is back and better than ever! With the emphasis on Rock, Metal and Classic Rock, the USA based on-line retailer surely has something of interest to everyone. Owner James Dubay says "We have implemented many of our customers ideas and music artists to bring what we believe is "Your best source for imports and more" in the United States".
The new webstore features a very powerful search engine, lower shipping rates for U.S. Orders (only $1.00 per item), and easy to use shopping cart (which always shows on every page what you currently have in your cart), Online tracking of orders, a wish list, sale products, pre-order specials and access to over 35,000 imports in all genres of music. Customers also receive a 5% discount on any order of $50.00 or more. Check out their webstore now at


Outland's new CD Long Way Home is out now in Japan and due out in Europe November 22. Rob Nishida kindly talks us through the songs featured on the album (see below). Log into the band at:
1. Borderline - Probably the heaviest song that we've done. The President of our label in Japan actually inspired this song. After hearing an early four song demo at a meeting in their offices in Japan, he asked us to come up with a heavy uptempo track to complement what we already had. I was so stoked on the idea, that I came up with the main riff and chorus melody on the plane flight home to LA.
2. Love Ain't The Answer - Love Ain't The Answer was among the early songs written for the CD. I wrote this song in about 10 minutes on an old Roland Juno. Definitely inspired by bands like Styx and Survivor. The lyrics basically speak about the difficulties people face in any relationship. This is still one of my favorite tracks on the CD.
3. The Hardest Part Of All - This song began life with the cool intro keyboard riff and chord progression that Jeff wrote. Although I wasn't so sure at first, I think Jeff instantly knew that this song was going to be special. Jeff kind of refers to this song as an AORish Every Breath You Take.
4. Madeline - We spent a lot of time on the bridge of this song -- doing layers upon layers of background vocals. This was one of the most fun tracks to record, and features some power drumming by Pat Torpey. Playing with Pat on this CD gave it a certain power and energy that really drives home on these uptempo tracks.
5. How Many Times - This song was actually written around the tail end of the recording of Different Worlds. We toyed with the idea of making it the bonus track for Different Worlds, but everybody that we played the demo of this song to, told us that it was far too strong to be a bonus track. You can listen to it and decide for yourselves. This song is about sticking it out in a relationship, sometimes having to remind your significant other that things are eventually going to get better.
6. Long Way Home - This song has some real interesting lead guitar by Jeff and is another barnstorming drum performance by Pat. It's our ode to classic 70's hard rock. We knew that we had our One More Night for this record as soon as we recorded it. The song originally started off with a guitar riff intro, but Pat suggested starting the song off with drums, which proved to be a great way to start the track.
7. Somebody Just Like You - Probably our favorite ballad so far. Jeff called me as soon as he wrote the keyboard riff because he was so excited about it. Jeff sings his heart out on this track. The label made it clear pretty early on that they wanted a big, classic sounding ballad for this CD, and I think we delivered with this one.
8. Turn Some Pages - The very first song written for this CD. It really was the song that sort of determined the course of Long Way Home, and sort of got the ball rolling in a songwriting sense. To me, this track would be right at home on Different Worlds.
9. Don't Turn Back - Probably the song that changed the most on the CD from beginning to end. We always knew that we had a strong chorus and verse melody, but we couldn't come up with an arrangement that we liked. I'm sure we went through six or seven completely different arrangements of this song. After changing the verse riff numerous times, and then coming up with a bridge that we really liked, I think we finally nailed it.
10. What In The World - Jeff and I are both suckers for mid-tempo ballads, and I wanted to write one that lyrically, had a sort of cinematic quality. I don't know if I actually achieved that but it's my personal favorite track on the CD. This is also a bit of a weird one, because I wrote the bridge section first, and wrote the rest of the song around that.
11. Hollywood - We had a lot of fun doing the Stage Dolls tune on the first CD, so we decided to do another cover for this record. Jeff and I have pretty varied tastes when it comes to bands that we like, but Thin Lizzy, UFO and a few others are the common ground. We knew that we wanted to do a Lizzy song, but we wanted to make sure that we picked one that we could do justice to, and also be a song that would fit well on the CD. After many heated discussions, we finally agreed on Hollywood.
12. Love Of My Life (Japanese Bonus Track) - This song was written in my head while people watching, waiting for a friend at a restaurant in Tokyo. This was before my meeting with the label, not knowing how they were going to react to the first four songs we had written. It definitely has a real upbeat, pop feel and to me, sounds pretty different from anything else we have done. It was a tough decision, making this the Japanese Bonus Track, knowing that the rest of the world wouldn't hear it. But in the end, I feel that it made the most sense, since this song was inspired by that day in Tokyo.


This year's Glen Burtnik Xmas Xtravaganza will be on Friday December 10 at 8pm at the State Theater in New Brunswick, NJ. Tickets for the 2004 Xmas Xtravaganza officially go on sale Friday November 5th. There will be a special PRESALE for our "Xtravaganza Friends" - that means YOU - on Thursday November 4th. You can purchase tickets (before the General Public) by calling 732-246-7469 (or toll-free 1-877-STATE-11) and give the password "Grinch".
After Thursday, Tickets can be purchased at The State Theatre Box Office (877-STATE11 or 732-246-7469) or ordered online from The State Theatre is located at 15 Livingston Avenue in New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1903.

Audiovision, the new solo project from Narnia frontman Christian Rivel, will release their debut album, The Calling, in Japan on December 22 via King Records. A European release date has yet to be confirmed. The Calling features contributions from some of the best musicians in melodic hard rock and heavy metal. Confirmed guests include:
Jeff Scott Soto (Talisman, Yngwie Malmsteen); Bruce Kulick (Kiss, Grand Funk Railroad); Tony Franklin (Whitesnake, Blue Murder, Firm); Mats Levén (Krux, At Vance, Yngwie Malmsteen); Mic Michaeli (Europe); Mattias "Ia" Eklundh (Freak Kitchen); Eric Clayton (Saviour Machine); Michael Höglund (Punchline, Thunder, Great King Rat); Thomas Broman (Hughes Turner Project, Glenn Hughes Band, Electric Boys); Thomas Vikström (Brazen Abbot, Candlemass, Talisman); Lars Chriss (Lion's Share); Tommy Denander (Radioactive); Carl Johan Grimmark (Narnia); Andreas Lindahl (Platitude); Jörgen Schelander (Mercury Fang); Michael Andersson (Cloudscape); Janne Stark (Locomotive Breath, Overdrive).
According to an official press release, the vision for the project was "to create good heavy metal with strong melodies and lots of harmony vocals like Queen, Uriah Heep & The Sweet. Everything will be packed in a superb production by producer and guitarist Lars Chriss from Lion's Share," who has co-written most of the songs together with Christian Rivel. Several MP3 clips (not full songs) are currently available for download from the following locations The Calling: (, The King Is Alive ( and Show Me the Way (
For more information, visit

From Dennis DeYoung's website:
Universal Pictures is currently filming a movie for an 2005 release entitled, "The Perfect Man" starring, Hillary Duff, Heather Locklear which features several of Dennis Deyoung´s songs.
But thats not the best part. One of the main characters played by Mike OMalley from TV's Yes Dear, is a Styx fanatic who takes Heather Locklear on a date to a Styx concert. Turns out its not actually Styx, but an 80's style Styx tribute band.
Mike and the patrons of the club where the concert takes place are lovingly but hopelessly trapped in the 80s. Guess who plays the lead singer in the tribute band? No, its not Robert DeNiro, its Dennis himself. Thats right, he plays a guy who supposed to be imitating Deyoung. What a hoot!

San Diego, California heavy metal band Cage have been confirmed on the line-up of the 1st ever Monterrey Metal Fest Vol. I, to be held on Saturday, November 13, 2004 at the Coca Cola Auditorium in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.
The festival line-up is made up of the following internationally recognized bands Twisted Sister, Dio, Dokken, Quiet Riot, Shaman, Hatebreed and Cage.
The Monterrey Metal Fest Vol. I will be the largest heavy metal festival ever to be held in Mexico. The outdoor Coca Cola Auditorium has a capacity for over 20,000 persons. The festival promoters Day Dream Productions and Dark Vission Entertainment plan on making the Monterrey Metal Festival an annual event.
To visit the Monterrey Metal Fest website, click on the following link:

(Los Angeles, CA - 26 Oct. 2004) California country fried southern rockers Judge Jackson will release their third album, One Diamond on November 2 through Curtis Joe Records / Dreamscape Music Group.
Comprised of ten songs laced with piss and vinegar, One Diamond is a 41 minute ride through Tesla's backyard with Lynyrd Skynyrd behind the wheel.
Tracks such as King and Salvation scream out at you while the album's first single, Amazing and Matt's Song (written in memory of a fan who passed away) hit the listener in the heart with meaningful lyrics and memorable melodies.
Hailing from Los Angeles, the quintet formed in 1995 when lead vocalist Todd McTavish met guitarist Lee Jackson through a mutual friend. The duo started writing together almost immediately and sensing a special magic existed between the two of them they began the process of putting Judge Jackson together. The band played the famed LA club circuit for the better part of the ninties and released their debut album in 1998.
Now, with One Diamond the band has reached a new plateau in their career, earning the respect of their peers and industry insiders alike. "I've always thought that if you have the 4 p's - product, passion, perseverance and patience people will begin to take notice. We've always concentrated on delivering good material and that's what has gotten us noticed by the movers and shakers in the business."
Judge Jackson are Todd McTavish - Lead vocals, Lee Jackson - Guitars, Tyler Nelson - Guitars, Ryan Rogers - Bass, Chris Pendelton - Drums.
More information on the band can be found at

The Interactive Reviews have been updated. You can now add your own reviews for the following titles: Pride Of Lions / The Destiny Stone (not released until next Monday), Charade / II, Butch Walker / Letters, Statetrooper / The Calling, Bryan Adams / Room Service and Straight Wired / Color My World. Add your reviews now!

An interview with James Christian has been added to the site. James talks about his new solo release Meet The Man, which includes a nice Track By Track commentary on the songs that make up the CD. Read the interview.




Saturday, October 30, 2004

Harem Scarem drummer Creighton Doane has completed work on his debut solo album - Learning More & More About Less & Less. The album is released through Bullseye Records Canada and features 10 tracks and is described as an album of power pop.
The track listing is: True Love Story . Unexplained . Give It Up . Dummy . Overacheiver . Ugly Bug . C U Next Tuesday . Dear Frankenstein . Expiry Date . Losers.
To order the album, visit the Bullseye store at: Soundbytes and a review will appear online here ASAP.


Crown Of Thorns will sum up their illustrious recording history with a new compilation through Frontiers Records that is set to take in all aspects of their career.
Crown Jewels is a stunning 3 CD Digipak, covering all the best songs from the band's repertoire (all remastered for this package) and adds plenty of rare material, plus two newly recorded Christmas tracks and one 25 minute video interview with band leader Jean Beauvoir. The cover art is an all new graphic specially designed by Sebastian Kozak.
The track listing for this set is:
CD1: Winterland; The Rain; Hike it Up; I Won't Wait; Dirty Walk, Dirty Talk (from The Black CD); Crown of Thorns; Dying For Love; No You Don't; Standing On The Corner For Ya; The Healer; Secret Jesus; Til The End (from Crown of Thorns); The Night; Never Enough; I'm Burnin' Up; Hang On Sugar; Killing Time; Man On A Tightrope; Little Stone House (from Raw Thorns); Are You Ready '95 (from Are You Ready '95).
CD2: Over My Head; Don't Let Me Down; Only One Who's Lonely; Breakthrough; You; Writing's On The Wall (from "Breakthrough"); Lost Cathedral; Live And Die; Lyin'; Greed Of Love; Wasted Prime (from Lost Cathedral); Birds On A Wire; End Of The Century; Here She Comes; Missionary Remedy.
CD 3: Heaven Tonight; Long Way Home (from Destiny Unknown); Believer; Til You've had Enough; My Sweet Lord; Shed No Tears; Before It Slips Away; I'm Sorry; Once In My Life (from Karma); Oh Holy Night; All I Want For Christmas Is You (new recordings 2004).
Crown Jewels is released December 6.


December 6 is also the release date for a new Richie Kotzen mid-price CD titled Acoustic Cuts. This is an album which was recorded by Richie Kotzen (ex-Mr. Big and Poison) originally to be sold exclusively at his shows and through the website. Due to the demand of the fans, he decided to make it available to the public and offered it to Frontiers Records who immediately felt was a good opportunity to show another side of the amazing talent of this artist.
The album features ten of Richie's most popular songs performed on acoustic guitar in a very stripped back and intimate form.
The track listing is: Change; What Is; High; Don't Ask; Where Did Our Love Go; Rust; I Would; You've Got A Fire; Don't Wanna Lie; Let's Say Goodbye.


The recordings for Hubi Meisel's next concept album were recently completed and during the next few months Hubi will work on the mixdown in his studio in Munich. The line-up for this release will be: Hubi Meisel - vocals, Vivien Lalu - keys (Shadrane), Marcel Coenen - guitars (Sun Caged), Jorge Salán - guitars (José Andrea, Mago de Oz), Daniel Flores - drums (Mind's Eye) and Johan Niemann - bass (Therion).
Mistheria's long-awaited album Messenger of the Gods (Lion Music) is out now! This great album features a huge array of renowned guest-musicians such as Rob Rock, Anders Johansson (Hammerfall), George Bellas, Matt Bissonette (Joe Satriani) and Barry Sparks (Dokken), just to name a few. Hubi Meisel has recorded lead vocals for the last track Eternity, which can be previewed in the audio section of Hubi's homepage

To celebrate the release of their new album Shine and website,, Edenbridge are giving you the chance to win one of 5 Ltd Edition signed versions of the new album, just click to the Official Fan Club at to take part.
The new album is available in a limited digipack version with the bonus track On Sacred Ground.




Friday, October 29, 2004

Platens (Latin word for Bringer of Light ) is a melodic rock project brainchild of Dario Grillo a young and talented singer, songwriter and musician born in Palermo, Italy.
Dario has been the singer in the Italian Power Metal band Thy Majestie with whom he has recorded two albums (The Lasting Power and Hastings 1066) and one EP Echoes of War.
Dario left the band in October 2003 in order to dedicate all his energies to Platens, his new musical project, where he plays all the instruments.
Frontiers Records president and A&R director, Serafino Perugino, heard the first demos and was enthusiastic with what he heard. The debut album is entitled Between Two Horizons and features a melodic hard rock approach very close to the sound of such bands as Fair Warning, Terra Nova and Grand Illusion.
Big bombastic hook lines, driving rhythms and magnificent keyboards tied together with incredible singing. The album was mastered by Mika Jussila at world-renowned Finnvox Studios in Helsinki, Finland (Stratovarius, Nighwish etc.)
This is what Platens has to offer to the dedicated listener proving that another talent to watch out for has born!
Track listing of Between Two Horizons is: Here I Am (click to hear an mp3 sample); Can Feel it; Your Heart Will Claim His Truth; Into The Fire (click to hear an mp3 sample); My Reason; Check It Out; Angel s Cry; The Last Kiss (inspired by the movie L Ultimo Bacio by Gabriele Muccino); Chasm Of Madness; Waves Of Sea (click to hear an mp3 sample); Between Two Horizons.
Release date is scheduled worldwide on Frontiers Records on December 6.


MTM Classix will re-issue the Rhapsody Sweden album in January.
The band was formed as a 4-piece band back in 1974 featuring Kjell-Åke Noren, Benny Ahlqvist, Rudolf Janszky & Torbjörn Persson. In 1977 the band was joined by Peter Åhs on keyboards. That year was fairly successful for the band and they were booked on tons of gigs in Sweden and Scandinavia. Later the same year they were also booked on a tour in Hungary for a month with over 25 gigs. They did TV-shows and a radio show for the national Hungarian radio and TV. When they came back from Hungary they continued to play concerts in Sweden and the album became a chart hit and is still rated as a cult release for the Swedish hard rock/pomp/AOR audience. The re-release on MTM Classix label features two brand new songs as bonus tracks and is scheduled for January 2005.

Here's the latest folks....Def Leppard now state their Best Of release will get a North American release, but not until "sometime in 2005". Good everyone managing to keep up with all this?

A last minute update for those thinking about seeing Tyketto in the UK and Europe (+1 USA date) starting next week - do it! The dates are:
Monday, Nov. 1 At Dingbatz In 615 Van Houten Ave, Clifton, Nj 07013, Tel 973-417-1145, USA
Friday, Nov. 5 At Wulfrun Hall In Wolverhampton, UK
Saturday, Nov. 6 At The Empire In Belfast, Ireland
Monday, Nov. 8 At The Rig In Rock City, Nottingham, UK
Tuesday, Nov. 9 At Trillians In Newcastle, UK
Thursday, Nov. 11 At The Corporation In Sheffield, UK
Friday, Nov. 12 At The Underworld In London, UK
Saturday, Nov. 13 At Jb's In Dudley, UK
Sunday, Nov. 14 At Earth In Thessaloniki, Greece
Wednesday, Nov. 17 At Dekade In Zaandam, Holland
Thursday, Nov. 18 At Biebob In Vosselaar, Belgium
Friday, Nov. 19 At Plato In Helmond, Holland
Saturday, Nov. 20 At Azkena In Bilbao, Spain
Sunday, Nov. 21 At Arena In Madrid, Spain
Tickets selling well - call the venues for details - please get your tickets in advance as some venues will be sold out prior to show time.
E-Mails to with any enquiries.

Two more titles will be available in December from Demolition's rapidly growing catalogue of Japanese releases.
The first will be from Mantas, founder member of Black Metal legends Venom and the man responsible for much of the bands classic early material He releases a new solo album, Zero Tolerance, which sees him taking his own brand of Heavy Metal to new levels of brutality. A bonus track for the Japanese release contains a re-recording of the Venom classic, Black Metal. Recorded in the North of England, mixed and produced in Italy by Dario Mollo, this is easily the heaviest album we have heard from Mantas.
The second is from Electric Eeel Shock, a Japanese band that has been garnering rave reviews from the leading music press all through Europe. Titled Go Europe!, the band will be in Japan for December and January to promote it. Two bonus tracks and a DVD will be included in the Japanese release. EES have toured consistently for three years and their arduous schedule has seen them gain many fans throughout the 20+ countries they regularly visit. This has led to more and more fans back home discovering the band via appearances on MTV and in magazines such as NME, Kerrang! and Rolling Stone.
MP3's of both bands as well as Demolition's other latest releases are available at their website

Due to unforeseen circumstances, it is with much regret that we have to announce that the Glenn Hughes/Chad Smith UK tour in December has been cancelled.
We will be rescheduling the dates for February 2005 - As Glenn Hughes Solo Shows, before we undertake a long Glenn Hughes European tour which will run until early April 2005.
Unfortunately, Chad has had to pull out due to the recording of the Chili's new album running behind schedule. Chad is absolutely devastated; he did everything he could to make this tour happen, as well as trying every option available so that we would avoid having to cancel. Sadly, the fact remains that his schedule just does not allow us the opportunity to do the tour with him.
Glenn, however, will tour the UK in February 2005, playing at most of the same venues that were originally booked for December. Please contact the venues for refunds, and as soon as the new dates are confirmed, we will let everyone know through the websites, national advertising, news features in the press, etc.
For now I can only say sorry, on behalf of Glenn and Chad, for the inconvenience and disappointment that everyone will be feeling, and trust me, no one is more upset at the cancellation of this tour than Chad and Glenn themselves.
Cancelling shows is an awful business and does nobody any favours, but we will be positive, move onwards and we will see you all in 2005. Thank you for your patience, understanding and support.

New issue of Fireworks will be out on 2nd week of November, and should hopefully be on sale on the upcoming Tyketto UK tour dates.
This issue contains Exclusive cover feature with Ritchie Blackmore, as well as in-depth interviews with Ronnie James Dio, Europe, Danny Vaughn, Jeff Scott Soto, Asia, The Ladder, Michael Voss, Sonata Arctica, Time Machine, Bowling for Soup, Gotthard, Sonic X, Kick Axe, Bonrud and more! Also comes with free Z Records cover CD containing many excellent songs. Available in UK from all Borders Stores and selected Virgin and HMV Megastores. Or direct from Fireworks HQ.


Reviews have been updated. Online today are new reviews for: Pride Of Lions, Charade, Silver, IronHorse, Statetrooper, Ivory Tower, Trixie and Renegade. Check them out.

MR-X has been updated with the following new Video Clips: Duran Duran - Reach Up For The Sunrise, Lou Gramm - Just Between You And Me, Magnum - Heartbroke & Busted (US Version), Rik Emmett - Anything You Say, Steve Perry - Foolish Heart, Butch Walker - Mixtape and Triumph - Spellbound.
And this is your last chance to join before many of the features from earlier in the month are removed to present a fresh update next week! Thanks for everyone's continued support! The feedback from MR-X has been awesome.
MR-X Membership Details.




Thursday, October 28, 2004

Copies of the Black Star Records release of the first Heaven & Earth CD with the bonus tracks featuring Bobby Kimball of Toto and Joe Lynn Turner singing a version of Gary Moore's Still Got The Blues are now available for sale from the bands website at

In celebration of the upcoming European tour in 2005, InsideOut has decided to release a special CD Single. Long Way From Home will be released January 10 as a European release only. First Edition (3,000 copies) will be in an extensive digipack featuring the track listing: Long Way From Home (Radio Edit), What About Love (Radio Edit), Silent Nation (Acoustic), Long Way From Home (Acoustic).
The acoustic versions of Silent Nation and Long Way From Home (featuring Geoff and John) were recently recorded in the band's new home, Siren Studios.

Sadly, the release of the Journey Houston Live 1981 DVD seems to have been cancelled. No reason has been given for this decision.

(Los Angeles, CA) Hot off the heels of their standout performance at the recent Metal Sludge Extravaganza, MADISON PAIGE will be making their final live appearance of the year supporting BANG TANGO on November 4th at Club Vodka (7969 Santa Monica Blvd.) in Hollywood, CA. The melodic hard rock band plans on spending the remainder of the year writing and demoing material for the follow up to their well-received 2004 debut release, Famous Last Words. Advance discount tickets for the Club Vodka show can be purchased from the band's website at

New CD Showcases have been added today for the 3 MTM releases due out in November. They are the RPM and Zeno re-issues and the new 10th volume of the MTM Compilation.




Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Frontiers Records is pleased to introduce Mysterell's debut album Sensational. Mysterell is a new project by Torben L. This first album entitled Sensational reveals new depths of his musical mind and it's only the beginning. To the public it will seem to be a solo release from the master mind of Danish hard rock trio Pangea, and to some it will appear to be the logical next step. However, it's much more than that...
Fans of Pangea will surely recognize the unmistakable style of some of the material on Sensational but they will also get to see different sides of Torben L as a performer and as a songwriter.
Of course you have the groovy hard rocking, the powerful ballads and the pretty straight forward rocker Don't Ever Stop (which gathered great acclaim on the Rock The Bones Vol. 1 sampler) that you would expect from a Torben L album. But you also get the film-score-like instrumental The Challenge and much more, so when you sum it all up you get... Mysterell!
Sensational includes the following eleven tracks: Don't Ever Stop (click to hear an mp3 sample); I Belong To You (click to hear an mp3 sample); Why?; When You Love (Click To Hear an mp3 sample); Bring The House Down; There Was You; Remember Me; Help Me Find The Way (Back To Your Heart); Sling Shot; Take Me To The River; The Challenge.
Release date for this new smashing melodic rock sensation is settled for December 6, worldwide on Frontiers Records.


Zeno Roth is pleased his debut album Zeno is finally being re-issued. He has talked to MTM Music in some detail about the release and about some of the individual songs which made up the album.


Zeno: "My main reason for re-mastering the first Zeno album was to "unearth a hidden treasure". A "treasure" which had been "buried" for a considerably long time now. The production of this album in the mid 1980's was indeed a lengthy and arduous process, taking us on a journey through countless recording studios around the world. It was in a way an "Odyssey", filled with pressures and problems that only a project of such enormity could expect and (thus) encounter. Yet despite all this, the album has since become (what is considered by many to be) a "Classic" rock album.
Over the years and particularly of late, we have had countless worldwide enquiries from fans both old and new, asking us how they can get hold of the album…(which brings us to date…!) I do feel that Zeno I contains a great deal of inspiration and real musicianship, which however are not entirely prevalent or represented in what was (considered at the time) to be the "final outcome". This was mainly due to shortcomings in the mixing process.
I was never really happy with the way this album was mixed, and felt that only a radical re-mastering would be able to raise the standard of its sound to a much more exciting and contemporary level. The main concern was the "mega-loud" drum presence, which typified most of the Rock music being produced in the 80's. Unfortunately this had the tendency to "smother" the rest of the music, (especially the guitar parts…!) In fact so many subtleties, sound effects and "side performances" struggled within the mix, simply falling by the wayside.
This re-mastering has redressed and resolved those problems. With no loss of clarity, all of those "hidden" parts are now audible for the very first time and convey the impression of a complete band recording, with appropriate guitar levels and a much "bigger" sound overall.
I am also grateful for this opportunity to be able to comment on some of the songs and (again, for the very first time) to be able to "shed light" on to the lyrical content and meaning of them. These were not simply "love songs", or just songs about love, as they initially may seem to be, but beneath the surface, lies in addition our endeavour to inject some more of a "universal" approach into Rock music, which I have tried to carry on ever since.

Eastern Sun - This was (to me) perhaps the best song I had written at that time (back in 1984), and it was (and is) a homage to my love for the Japanese music and culture, which was always inspirational to me. There was a definite Hendrix feel about the main riff of this track, but the song itself was carried further by its melody and lyricism.
"You gotta move on - no second left to rest, 'Cause there is nothing - that's standing still
The sun will shine on - no matter what you do, The wheel is turning - it's not your will
You hear the wind cry - calling for you to come, You see the red glow - of ancient truth.
You meet a dead-line - before you've found your way, But there's a woman - smiling at you..."
We all are part of the ever-turning wheel of Creation, but once we are able to perceive the voice of our destiny, we will find Truth and Love as an "anchor point" ­ a woman smiling at us like the Sun, which shines upon us eternally, enlightening our Existence and filling us with life.
Love Will Live - Also a rather early song, with perhaps a slight "Queen" influence. It depicts Love as a principle, rather than an emotion. ("Love will be living on" / "Loving is more than a feeling.") It assures us of God's presence and blessing, which are poured upon us, once we "lay our Soul into His hands" and start to trust in His loving care for us ­ which amounts to Faith. This song is an anthem of Universal Love, a prayer almost, but certainly some sort of affirmation, which we chose to share with Humankind. ("It may shine over you and all those to come.")
Signs On The Sky - "People walk up and down the streets, They exist but their hearts don't beat, Empty eyes drawing border lines, Faces fade as you try to give a sign."
We are asleep, and our "modern" life-style with its emphasis on "surface" rather than "substance" keeps us from seeing through the veil of Existence. It is down to us to come to understand the truths of our Human reality by reading those signs written on the sky ­ (like the signs of Alpha and Omega). Someone has to "take them down" and "translate" them for us, which was done by great Redeemers like Jesus or Buddha. However, it is not enough to just sit back and wait for some kind of a Saviour, as eventually each and every one of us has to walk their way out of their own effort, finding their own path and belief in life. ("If the night comes over you, you're the only judge of what is true.")
Heart On The Wing - A song about the struggle of the North American Indians and the ignorance and arrogance of their Western suppressors. A warrior's Soul is hovering above a battleground, contemplating about the hardship his friends and people had to go through, and the illegitimacy of the "White Man's" cause in usurping their territory and desecrating their holy land. I always had great love and respect for the Native American culture, which comes with a lot of true spirituality and wisdom, based on a deep understanding and living in accordance with Creation.
Sent By Heaven - This song was written at a later stage, which is reflected in its slightly more "progressive" approach. It almost has a Dylanesque feel to it in places and deals in a philosophical way with the questions of our being here. It is mainly about "finding oneself" and one's true and own way on the human journey. Our capacity for Love was a Divine gift, "Sent by Heaven", as a consoling echo of the Eternal Principle with our Human Existence.
"Water grows a blossom, Summer comes and goes, Leaves turn into snowflakes, That make the waters grow"
All Existence takes place in cyclic processes, which we are part of. All four seasons are contained in this verse, beginning and ending with "Water", the eternal life force, which not only "nurtures" us, but all things that exist. Life is brought into being, takes place in time and space and fades away, re-emerging into the everlasting course of Nature ­ and the cycle begins anew…

Zeno was always ­ and still is ­ a long-term project, a "labour of love" trying to "defy" time and fashion, and consequently going it our own way. (And yet a "way" that we ultimately hope and pray that others will join with us…!) It was a dream of mine to re-launch this album, and it fills me with pride and happiness that this now takes place in such an enhanced and comprehensively revised form.
At the time, we dedicated this album to all those "who care for World Harmony" ­ which is just as valid today as it was then. I would like to invite all Zeno fans (and others) to join my vision of a world, coming to peace, reconciled and united by the healing power of music and the Universal Power of Love.
Some signed booklets of Zeno are available on

Swedish hard rock act M.ill.ion will be promoting their new album Kingsize in the UK in November as opening act on the regional shows by Motley Crue vocalist Vince Neil. The shows the band will open on are as follows:
November 18th Town & Country club, Bradford
November 19th Dudley JB's
November 20th Newport City Live Arena
November 21st Nottingham Rock City
As well as the above, Swedish fans will get a chance to hear tracks from the Kingsize album played live before anyone else when the band play a launch party in Gothenburg on Thursday, October 28th. The venue is the Musikens Hus (The Music House), Gothenburg, Sweden. The doors open at 21.00 with M.ill.ion onstage at 22.30-23.30. There'll be some freebies up for grabs as well, so if you can manage to get along on the night, a good time is guaranteed!

Starwood fans are about to get the big "break" they deserve the Metal Blade recording artists have confirmed they will begin a world tour for their label debut, If It Aint Broke, Break It! in their hometown - Hollywood, California - on November 15, sharing the bill at the House of Blues with the legendary UFO. The next day, Starwood is off to the U.K. for a series of dates with Vince Neil [with M.ill.ion also on select dates].
The tour announcement comes just as Starwood is shooting the first video from If It Aint Broke, Break It! According to vocalist/guitarist Lizzy, who produced the recording with band mate Joey Scott (drums & percussion/backing vocals), the song, "Subculture," is an invitation to those who will never be in the elite of society to join Starwood and others like them in the subculture of Hollywood.
The video mixes performance footage with scenes celebrating the Hollywood scene Starwood celebrates in their music. Subculture is just one of several tracks on If It Aint Broke, Break It! garnering nationwide airplay and favorable notices. Others include All My Girlfriends Have Boyfriends, Whats Your Damage and Backlash.
"A simply entertaining disc of high octane pop metal material... Starwood plays it like it is with songs that.. kick you in the ass and might even get your head banging," states the Music Connection, adding "This is an album for anyone who kneels before the Gods for the return of carefree arena rock." According to Metal Edge, Starwood "leans heavily to 70s era icons like KISS, Cheap Trick and New York Dolls, but they pummel forth in a very sleazier version of the above. The production is very raw yet polished in all the right spots making it a very strong rock record." Crave claims If Ain't Broke, Break It! boasts "an impressive old school rock feel" and hopes Starwood is "the band that brings back those Hollywood rock bands that got swept away so many years ago," while Metal Invader comes right to the point "simple 70s-style, goodtime RNR, glamy, sleazy and filthy as hell, catchy, full of simple hooks and driving rhythms with attitude that kicks ya in the face."
Lizzy says he chose to name the band after the famed 70s Hollywood club because the Starwood was where fans started seeing metal, but the venue continued to host shows by rock, pop and punk bands, all elements that can be heard in the bands music. Along with Lizzy and Joey Scott, Starwood features Marten Andersson on bass and backing vocals and Joe Steals on lead rhythm and slide guitars and backing vocals. Starwood is planning an extensive tour for the new year.
Confirmed Tour Dates:
11/15 Hollywood, CA Hollywood House of blues with UFO
11/17 London, ENG Astoria Theatre w/Vince Neil
11/18 Gradford, ENG Town & Country w/Vince Neil
11/19 Dudley, ENG JBs w/Vince Neil
11/20 Newport, WALES City Live Arena w/Vince Neil
11/21 Nottingham, ENG Rock City w/Vince Neil
For more information go to

New Bon Jovi Studio Album, Tour Due Next Spring By Christa Titus.
NEW YORK (Billboard) - A new Bon Jovi album due in the spring will be a "loud guitar, big rock record," Jon Bon Jovi told Billboard in a recent interview. "We're very excited about it, and I'm very confident it's going to be a big record for us."
Guitarist Richie Sambora added the band will launch a world tour in the late spring to support the album, dates for which have not yet been announced. "I think we stumbled upon something again on this particular record, kind of like what happened with It's My Life,' Sambora said. "When (that) came out, it seemed to give Bon Jovi a whole new audience. We've always had a vast audience base, but with this new record, what I'm feeling (is) it's kind of a new direction. It sounds very fresh, yet it sounds like us." It's My Life was the first single from Bon Jovi's 2000 album Crush, which went double-platinum (shipments in excess of two million copies) in the United States.
The band worked with producer John Shanks (Michelle Branch, Melissa Etheridge), who also co-wrote tracks with Jon Bon Jovi and Sambora. The album was recorded late this summer. Jon Bon Jovi noted changes in the climate of the country, and the state of the music business, influenced the songwriting on the new album. The songs reflect "personal and introspective views on issues I may have had growing up that I certainly would have never discussed publicly before. I've always kept this 'chin up, glass is half-full' kind of optimism, and (now) I showed some chinks in the armor."
The song Last Man Standing depicts the band leader's unhappiness with the music industry. He said it reflects his "disgust of the music business in general, and its lack of true vision when it comes to supporting the artistry of developing a song, the songwriter and the bands on the road." "Instead of creating what Andy Worhol once called '15 minutes of fame,' I think it's down to just three minutes and 30 seconds," he says. "I don't know how this industry is ever going to have another Bob Dylan when it's all about the single, (not) the album and the vision and that inspiration. (It's) all for the sake of a 99-cent download so they can sell bulk and make their bonuses. It's heartbreaking."
A four-CD/one-DVD box set, 100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong, will be released Nov. 16 via Island. In conjunction with its release, the band will stage a Nov. 21 concert at the Borgata in Atlantic City, N.J. The show will be the basis of the premiere episode of "INHD's Center Stage," which will be broadcast live on the high-definition cable network INHD and its spin-off INHD2. It will also be cybercast on Samsung Electronics America's Web site. Bon Jovi is also confirmed to make a Nov. 23 appearance on NBC's "Today" morning show. Reuters/Billboard.

Robin McAuley will be signing autographs at Impulse Music in Roselle Saturday Nov 6th from 2:00pm to 5:00pm.
Robin is in town to headline the Rainbow Foundation annual toy drive concert, 7:30 p.m. on Friday, November 5, 2004 at Synergy, located at 243 W. Roosevelt Rd., in West Chicago.
This concert features Robin McAuley, former lead singer of McAuley Schenker Group, and Amy Schugar, making her Chicago debut - featuring songs from her new CD co-written with Michael Schenker titled Under Construction.
Helping Amy with her debut will be Dave Uhrich. Dave was the winner of Chicago's hottest guitar competition five years in a row. Dave has toured with Deep Purple, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and REO Speedwagon as well as several others. Opening the show will be the number one tribute band in Chicago, MST Michael Schenker Tribute.
Admission to the benefit is $12 at the door and $10 with a toy. For more information, call 847-891-5035. All toys brought to this concert will be donated to the Children's Home and Aid Society in Schaumburg.

A web page has just been launched offering a sneak peak of Rivera/Bomma's new release I Am God. Check the samples out at:
The accompanying press release reads: "This CD will blow you right out of your chair. Well at least those of you who aren't glued to your chair with the "it doesn't sound like everyone else" syndrome. They had a bigger budget for this CD creating a huge wall of sound!!! The vocals are clearer and more powerful than ever and overall the recording is cleaner. This is high class technical/epic metal in the realm of Narnia, Symphony X & Ronnie James Dio. But you also have to check out the very Santana influenced stuff too. You can't pigeon hole this band."

Influential British DJ John Peel, has sadly died of a heart attack whilst holidaying in Peru. RIP John.

1 minute samples of tracks from The Ballads III by Axel Rudi Pell have now been posted on

Thanks to everyone who voted for this site in the DMA Awards this year. Not quite as good a result as last year, but coming in at #24 is still a hell of an endorsement for quality music. Thanks all. The Top 500 sites are ranked at:

I have whole bunch of items up on E-Bay, hopefully someone out there is interested in a few! Check them out. E-Bay Link.




Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I am pleased to present the cover art for the debut Soul SirkUS album World Play, which will be released via online sales December 7. Soul SirkUS features Neal Schon (guitars), Jeff Scott Soto (vocals), Marco Mendoza (bass) and Deen Castronovo (drums).
Direct links for the sales will be posted closer to the release date. Samples for the songs can now be heard via the band's website:
The track listing and finalized running order for the album is: Highest Ground . New Position . Another World . Soul Goes On . Peephole . Periled Divide . Praise . My Sanctuary . Friends 2 Lovers . Coming Home . Close The Door.


I have stated before that Jim Peterik is one of the true good guys in the music world. He is a truly genuine character and is also one of the most passionate performers and supporters of the melodic rock scene. The second Pride Of Lions album The Destiny Stone will be released November 8 on Frontiers Records. I am privileged to present Jim's insights into the music featured on this album. Jim has kindly sent me a very detailed synopsis of each track, which show how each song came alive. To sample the tracks, go to the Destiny Stone Showcase.
There is one additional bonus! There is one track recorded for the album that did not make the final cut - Dark Angel. That has just been uploaded to the MR-X Members Area. With thanks to Jim and Frontiers, members can download the full track now. And the synopsis for Dark Angel is included below.

Behind The Songs: Pride Of Lions - The Destiny Stone.
The Courage To Love Somebody - This was one of the last songs I wrote for the new Pride Of Lions album. I wanted a rocker to lead off the record. I thought about the real barn-burners from my Survivor days - Feels Like Love, First Night, Can't Give It Up - even Chevy Nights (although that one is in a class by itself!). One morning just before a session I opened my notebook and a phrase that I had recently written down leapt off the page. I started working at my jacked up Les Paul much to my family's chagrin (it was like 7 in the morning - oh well!) the music and words just all fell together. I have long thought that love is a lot harder than people think. At least staying in love after the initial rush. Especially if we have loved and lost, it takes courage to want to take the plunge again. That is what this lead off track is all about.
Parallel Lines - another uptempo song. The record label was telling me - "we need another "It's Criminal" as if I could pull one out of my hat! That just doesn't happen. But fortunately I found the inspiration in a fairly simple concept - parallel lines never cross. I thought about various relationships l've had throughout my life that for one reason or another that never quite jelled. It's usually because of pride, ego and stubbornness of one or both parties. Whether it's with a girlfriend or a band mate or a would be friend - you may be going in the some direction but not realizing that your goals are really the same. Musically the music follows the words. There is one wacky chord change in the chorus that I think kind of sets it apart. It's the chord underneath "never cross". It's a strange one that my hands messed up and found when I was working of it on the piano. Sometimes the mistakes are the best part!
Back To Camelot - This is a big ballad in the man against the world mode. Very few singers could have pulled this one off but I think you'll agree that Toby came to the mark. Ever since I was 18 and saw the movie Camelot with my future wife Karen I have been inspired by the myth, legend and reality of Camelot. It was a day underscored by romance and chivalry, intense rivalries and loyalties. It really made an impact on me. I watched this movie again on DVD recently and it motivated me to write this song about going back to this noble age when "men were brave and honest and honored their promise - in the spirit of all for one".
Born To Believe In You - this uptempo rocker echoes with the energy of Eye Of The Tiger. It features the double bass drum work of Hilary Jones. This tiny female is a literal powerhouse on the kit. She plays with some of the hottest musicians in Los Angeles including Lee Ritenour and Robbin Ford. Anyway - this tune was inspired by a track on the latest Glenn Hughes album. It's fast, fast fast. And we cut it fast - one take to be exact. If it's right - don't mess with it! It's another of my odes to stick together and not lose sight of what 2 people have together. It's easy to forget, believe me.
What Kind Of Fool - this is easily one of my favorites on the Destiny Stone album. I love the melody I found for the verse and the big chorus. I would have to acknowledge my debt to the wonderful songwriting of Jonathan Cain with this song. It probably couldn't have existed with out his influence. Talk about a great and somewhat under appreciated writer! I used the synths the way Journey would use them also and the big tom toms of mighty Ed Breckenfeld's kit. The fool theme seemed to go with the whole somehow medieval overtones of the Destiny Stone album. And oh yeah - Toby sounds like a dead ringer for Jamison in the verse!
Man Behind The Mask - One of my faves. The seeds of this song I found buried in my cassette slag heap in the basement - countless black tapes - some labeled – some not - with pieces of songs for the dark and light ages. This was a seed I had to find. I started it in '83 as I was writing material for Caught In The Game by Survivor. I remember the moment back then when I fell on a very Supertramp kind of piano progression. My wife walked in and on the tape you can hear "What is that? It's really cool!" With that encouragement I started writing a tune about living in the spotlight as I had been recently and realizing that many people were more interested in a person's celebrity status than who they were as a person. The grand illusion if you will of being onstage. I came up with the title "Man Behind The Mask".
As I continued working on it I was driving in my car and the new one by Styx came on the radio - in the lyric of "Mr Roboto" - Dennis referred to the "Man Behind The Mask" - I was devastated. I figured the originality of the idea had been compromised and people would assume I borrowed Dennis's idea. I shelved the tune and played it for no one. Flash forward to '04. I figured enough time had elapsed (!) so I made it my mission on a trip to Michigan to find that cassette. I must have brought about a thousand cassettes form that general time period. Late one night - there was one tape left in the box - guess what I found. By the way - by this time the song had totally escaped my memory - only the vibe remained. When I found the seed, it didn't disappoint. I discovered the elements that had captivated me at the time and I set about finishing the lyric, writing a musical bridge and arranging it in my head. Hope you like it!
Light From A Distant Shore - this is a very new song written in Saugatuck Michigan at my summer place. I had gone there with my family to write some songs for the Destiny Stone - but I must say I had come up dry. I resigned myself that it just wasn't the weekend to write a new song. So my family is in the car waiting for me to get to the car to drive home when I sat down at the piano just one last time. I turned on the tape recorder just in case and this song just happened. I thought about the turmoil in our daily lives and the anchor point that true love can be. As I drove home down I-196 I worked on the lyric (God has protected me for years in my driving habits - thanks!) writing down phrases as I drove along in the notebook I keep on the console. By the Burr Ridge exit I pretty much had the whole thing finished. I saw this as kind of the heir apparent to Survivor's "Across The Miles" from Too Hot To Sleep - so I called a friend of mine, Kurt Howell, to program the track (as opposed to using a live drummer) to get that late 80's feel. I handled the piano and live guitar and Kurt did all the keyboard sweetening. And Toby - well you can't program soul - he blew me away on this one!
Letter To The Future - I need one more track for the record. My label, Frontiers, is very tough on me - and I like that. They will accept only the best songs from me. So it makes me work harder. They had just rejected a few songs that I felt were very strong - but they felt they were out of the mainstream of what Pride Of Lions was all about. And I guess they were right in retrospect. Anyway - I needed that last upbeat positive track. That day I received a letter from some good friends of mine - Lannie and Leigh Cates. He is my music attorney and a really good guy. He and his wife just had a baby girl named Cameron and the letter they sent was a "letter to the future". It's a custom here in America for good friends of the family to create a time capsule for the young child to open up at his or her 18th birthday. In the letter you give your life philosophy, a little advice, lessons you've learned, and a little about yourself and you connection with the parents. The title on the page "letter to the future" just leapt out at me. I knew I had found the title to the song I had been looking for. I decided to take the approach that this song is my letter to the next generation. I think the track has a great energy to it - kind of like the feeling I get from Rebel Son which Frankie me and Jaimo wrote for When Seconds Count. Hopefully there is a little wisdom in this song that anyone can hang onto.
The Destiny Stone - This song is really the touchstone of the whole record. With out it, I don't think I would have found the motivation to write and record a whole album in basically a 3 month period. It became my gasline because finally I decided to verbalize and share an experience that I am still trying to figure out. When I was about 3 or 4 years old I had a series of terrifying yet intriguing visions in the middle of the night. They were not at all like nightmares - they were far more intense. In the visions I seemed to sense infinity - I was falling though a void endlessly. It's as if I was sensing my own mortality or perhaps seeing God. As I matured I wondered if I could have been seeing glimpses into past lives - normally shielded to our consciousness. As I was gathering material for this record I came across a book that told the legend of the stone of destiny - a sacred rock that now resides in Edinburgh Castle that has been around since the time of Christ. For centuries kings and rulers and common folk would sit on this stone and receive messages for go about their future and their past. I decided that someday I too would visit this stone to try and unravel these early experiences. The music of this song came to me on the plane on the way to Spain for a promo tour with Toby. As I wandered the dark and colorful back alleys of Barcelona I worked on the lyrics. The Spanish guitar which Mike Aquino plays on the record was definitely inspired by some of the sounds I heard in Spain. The song captured the feeling I was searching for - a man searching for his ultimate destiny.
Secondhand Life - This was the first song I wrote in this song cycle which became the Destiny Stone album. The title and initial idea came from a conversation I had with Joe Lynn Turner in '91 when we were writing for a Deep Purple album. We discussed how often times we adopt our parents vision as our own without questioning if it is right for us. In other words - we live a second hand life. That idea stuck with me all these years because I believe it to be true. On Jan 1 of 04 it was time to set the idea to music. It is a very melodic song with a driving beat but I think the lyric has something to say for anyone who has found themselves unquestioning the mold that they have been cast in their life.
Falling Back To Then - This guitar started as the guitar riff that you hear in the intro and underneath the verses. The song flowed from there. The original title "every now and them" just didn't cut it. It said it right but it had no vibe. I kept scratching my head until I came on "Falling Back To Then" - same idea but much better. Now with some mojo going for me I got excited and decided the song needed a Pink Floyd section where the guy is drifting in a memory induced reverie reflecting on a love gone by. When he come out of it - it's such a shock - that's my favorite part of the song - coming out of the dream. It reminds my of magic carpet ride by Steppenwolf - I was 15 years old. I used to listen myself to sleep to the top 40 radio station. Magic Carpet was playing and in the psychedelic section I started drifting to sleep. When the verse came back in I was mercilessly jarred back to reality. That's how I planned this section on falling back to then.
The Gift Of Song - What can I say? This is my love song to music and how it's saved my life a thousand times. Musically and melodically it was inspired by John Miles and his epic "Music". When I first heard that song in the 70's it literally changed my life and stayed on my turntable for months. My song started life in '87 in Tokyo on tour with Survivor. I had just gotten I and I was totally jet lagged. I couldn't sleep and even the pill the hotel gave me was doing no good. I decided to get out my guitar and see what would happen. I started singing "I place my gift upon the altar". It was a beautiful melody - very Catholic. I worked on the idea for a while and finally went to sleep. Over the next few years I worked on this song. I have countless incarnations of it on tape - one version that I actually sent to Michael Jackson's engineer - Bruce Swedien. He played what was then called "my gift" for Michael. He said "he wrote that song about me - that is my life". He carried that cassette around with him for weeks but never recorded it. It just wasn't meant to be - perhaps because it's actually my story. But it wasn't until this record that I finally got it right. It became "the gift of song" and my vision of it was finally realized. When Toby did the final take there wasn't a dry eye in the control room - he made it his own. To me the defining line of the song - and one of the recent additions is, "just let me leave you with one melody the world can sing when I am gone". If I can do that then I've lived my dream.
Reckless Love (bonus track) - I love the energy of this track. When I played the God's Festival in 2001 with Kevin Chalfant, Kelly Keagy and friends, I got off on the energy at the venue the night before we played. The dance floor exploded when a song by one of my faves thunder cranked through the mega sound system. I went back to the tiny hotel room and got out my acoustic and tried to harness some of that raw sexual energy. The result is "Reckless Love". My dream would be to hear it cranked at a similar club and see the people getting off on this one!

Dark Angel - I set out to write something really different for Pride Of Lions - something heavier - something darker. It was a song where the chorus came first - that chord progression that I stumbled on haunted me. It sounded very gothic somehow - almost medieval. I knew the theme had to be dark. I played around with "fallen angel"- that was the working title for about a week- when I came up with "Dark Angel". The verse came automatically one evening when I was watching TV! I just heard it in my head and stormed over to my trusty Sony recorder and started humming. Thank God I did - cuz in the morning i couldn't remember it at all. I wrote the heavy guitar riff and decided to cut it the following day. I wanted a vehicle for Toby to show off his harder side. One thing I learned over the last couple of years working with Toby is that he has a harder side that I didn't know about at first - he can be both choir boy and demon in one song! In "Dark Angel" I told him to go for the jugular on the chorus. To me his voice is a bit reminiscent of the guy with Scorpions or the dude on that one Yngwie Malmsteen record. Of course that's me on the verses. Because the song was a little too out of the mainstream of the rest of the Destiny Stone album - we left it off. We are thrilled that it is included here and will get heard after all. Hope you enjoy it and we look forward to your comments. Keep rocking!


A small plug for the CD Compilations. Volume 2 - The Beast Inside is selling well and can currently be found in stock online at AOR Heaven, NEH Records, Music Buy Mail, Perris Records and in Disc Union stores in Tokyo.
Naturally, it is also still available direct from this site via Paypal at this link. Currently there is about 200 units left. Once it has sold out - that's it folks!
Last year's Volume 1 - Revealed & Revisited is also still available, but I am down to just 30 units! Yes, Volume 1 is almost sold out and therefore out of print. You can buy this CD individually or as a twin pack with Volume 2 to save shipping. To order and sample the discs, visit the MRCD Page.
I'd like to give thanks again to Jeff Northrup for doing a killer job with mastering for both of the compilations. Jeff can be contacted for other production and mastering projects via his website:


Atenzia Records have re-launched their website - The website does list the due anytime releases of Fluid Sol and Plunge as now due in January 2005. I'll confirm that ASAP.

The newly formed Tamnug Records is putting together a Nelson tribute CD! The label is seeking artists for the CD - any interested artists should e-mail:

Loud 1 have a "rather splendid deal" currently running on Escape Music titles. It's simple - buy two, get a third free. Details:

It seemed the whole reason for putting together a new Def Leppard compilation was to flog it to a North American crowd via a newly promoted release of the single Long Long Way From Home. think again...the 2004 Best Of release is no longer scheduled for release in that territory. Same goes for the planned DVD release. The sad saga continues...

I have an update for the long delayed upcoming Lec Zorn Project album. Contributing musician Michael Riesenbeck states: "Things are about to be wrapped up. I'm awaiting two vocal tracks of the last two songs to finish the mixing. I'm pleased that we were able to add Morgan J. Johansson (Crystal Ball) on lead vocals and Phil Vincent on backing vocals to the list of guests! Mastering will be done by Alan Case."
Lec himself updates me further: "It Began In The Underground will hopefully be released in January 2005. More info The musicians on the album are: Lec Zorn, Eli Hludzik, Mike Walsh, Tracy White, Michael Riesenbeck, Eric Ragno, Lars Safsund, Ivan Arnold, Tommy Denander, Pierre Wensberg, Chris Demming, Morgan J. Johansson, Phil Vincent."
The final track listing is: 1. Lecoverture, 2. Long Time Coming, 3. Second Chance, 4. Play the Game Tonight (Kansas cover), 5. Eternal Flame, 6. Fighting Chance, 7. You Keep Me in the Dark, 8. Starting All Over Again, 9. The Rush of Passion's Fire, 10. Perseverance, 11. Going the Distance. Bonus tracks 12. Second Chance (alternate version), 13. Interview with Lec Zorn.

Hot on the heels of the release of Asia's latest studio album, Silent Nation, the second edition of David Gallant's band biography "Asia The Heat Goes On" is now available. Asia's debut album, featuring the smash hit Heat of the Moment, sold well over ten million copies.
Three years after the release of Gallant's sold-out first edition, the author has released what he considers to be the definitive version of the book. "In many ways, this is the book that I wanted to do the first time out, but financing was a problem. When a publisher couldn't be found to take on the project, I had to go it alone. As a result, we had to be somewhat conservative in how we spent our money on the first edition. Hopefully the readers will agree that this second edition is a superior product."
· The new edition features several changes and additions
· Larger 8.5" by 11" format
· New chapters updating the band's activities 2001 to present
· 50+ new photos from all stages of the band's history
· A complete two page spread Asia family tree
· Track-by-track commentary by John Payne and Geoff Downes on Silent Nation
· New track-by-track commentary from John Wetton and Geoff Downes on the creative process behind the debut Asia album
· An exclusive interview with legendary A&R man, John Kalodner, who was at ground zero as Asia formed back in 1981
· Amazing new cover design
Gallant, webmaster of the band's official web site, is also the creator of the weekly Armada newsletter - now in its ninth year of publication.
For all of the details on the new book, please drop by the official Asia web site at or contact the author directly at

MR-X has been updated with a couple of new files. Firstly, already mentioned is the exclusive Pride Of Lions track Dark Angel, which is there to download now.
Also added is 2 extra files to complete the Andy Taylor feature from Friday. The tracks Be Good To Yourself and the regular version of Take It Easy round out all the tracks available.
And one last special feature! A 10 minute promo interview disc featuring Tony Iommi and Glenn Hughes talking about the 1996 DEP Sessions release. The responses from the guys are featured in MP3 format.
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Monday, October 25, 2004

The world of Van Halen is a fickle thing and the band have never been far from a headline. The guys are currently working their way through their last weeks of 2004 tour dates - shows that some never thought would happen.
But they did, after the feud between vocalist Sammy Hagar and the Van Halen brothers was laid to rest earlier in the year. The guys finally hit the road again on the back of a new compilation that featured 3 new tracks.
There have been numerous reports of problems within the band and just as many reports of Eddie Van Halen drunk on stage.
Rumors flared again last week after Hagar appeared on US radio station KSHE, stating in an interview that he thought the Van Halen re-union was fun, but it bought closure to that chapter. He went on to voice his unhappiness with the high ticket prices from the tour and how he wished some members of the band were into fan interaction as much as he was. It was implied that once the current dates were completed, Hagar would return to touring with The Waboritas and the future of VH would again be up in the air.
What really is going on? What's next for Van Halen?
The reality is that at this point - no one knows. But I for one am not hopeful of anything continuing once this leg of the 2004 tour concludes.
Everything I am hearing from my sources - past, proven sources that have all contributed to past Van Halen reports - is negative.
Everything I hear points to a band that is managing to function despite inner turmoil. And it seems all that turmoil is centered around Eddie Van Halen.
It is no secret that Eddie is drinking heavily and has been since the start of the tour - that drinking and his subsequent behavior has put a major strain on relationships within the VH organization. As one source put it - Eddie is "unstable".
As a result, there are no band commitments planned past next month. Sammy Hagar is planning to tour with his solo band The Waboritas and could be playing solo as early as December, with further plans being made for summer 2005.
Apparently Hagar did not want the re-union to play out as it has, but would rather return to being a solo artist than tour with Van Halen under current circumstances.
I am told there are no 2005 tour plans and no album plans. All will become a little clearer once the tour concludes next month.
To sum up, everything I have heard points towards confirming what Sammy Hagar said on KSHE-FM last week. Once this tour is done, another chapter of the Van Halen history will close with it.

Tyketto's Michael Clayton Arbeeny has written another letter to fans ahead of the band's 2004 re-union tour. It reads:
"Hey everyone. In less than 48 hours, my home will be invaded once again by Jimi, Danny and Brooke for phase 2 of pre-production for Tyketto's 2004 Reunion Tour.
The buzz surrounding our sole US show at Dingbatz in Clifton has been amazing. People are checking in from all parts of the country. Our good friends at WDHA's, The Tour Bus have certainly been hyping the date well. Look for Danny and Brooke on air on Sat, Oct 30.
Ticket sales for ALL of the international shows are incredible. In addition to our old stomping grounds of England, Holland, and Belgium, we will perform debut shows in Greece, Spain, and Ireland. American XM radio had been playing Tyketto relentlessly over the past few weeks as well. Its good to be back!
After much harassment from our ever-persistent crew, we will have tour shirts (sorry US fans, the shirts wont be ready until Nov 3 for the UK dates).
The tourbook is incredible! Hundreds of Pics and an insider's look into the heyday of Don't Come Easy's release. We're all very proud of it, and think the die-hard TYKE fans are going to love it. OK, I guess I should clean this place and buy some food! See you in a week!
Michael Clayton Arbeeny, Belmar NJ, October 24, 2004."

Pop rockers Sixty-10 are planning to give their next EP away for free. News will be added soon to the band's website:

After almost 6 years of absence from the live scene, legendary Swedish rockers Bad Habit will make a guest appearance at Gloris's Club in Malmö on Oct. 29th 2004!

Final Frontier's website - - has been updated to include news of their upcoming release High Tension Wires and a promo video of the song Lydia.

Styx drummer Todd Sucherman is conducting a Chicago area clinic - Tuesday, November 23rd 7PM, Cutting Hall, 150 East Wood Street, Palatine, IL. Info at

Painmuseum, the band fronted by Metal Mike Chlasciak (most commonly known as the guitarist who helped Judas Priest singer reclaim statue as the True Metal God) have their debut album released in Japan through Demolition Records on December 15th.
Metal For Life features Top-Notch Metal talent and brilliant production that easily cuts through the grease. As a member of Rob Halford's Halford, Metal Mike wrote, recorded and toured behind the group's three album deep history. From stadiums around the world to the world's most famous arena Madison Square Garden, Metal Mike proved that drive, dedication and charisma is what it ultimately takes to be on top of the Metal genre.
Painmuseum's Metal For Life album is the ultimate answer to the art of solid memorable songwriting, ripping guitar assault and a top notch breathtaking musician line-up that reads like who's who of Metal talent. The Japanese release will contain a bonus track: Scars In Black.
Album Line up: Metal Mike Chlasciak – Guitars (Testament, Halford); Bobby Jarzombek – Drums (Iced Earth, Halford, Riot); Steve DiGiorgio – Bass (Testament, Death, Sadus, Vintersorg); Tim Clayborne – Vocals (Hatred).




Sunday, October 24, 2004

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of RTZ Lost and Found and the self-titled Delp & Goudreau album for a 2CD release due December 6.

RTZ (Return To Zero) began as a collaboration between singer Brad Delp and guitarist Barry Goudreau around 1989. Goudreau and Delp were both part of the original Boston line up, and after Barry's departure from Boston the two stayed in close contact with Brad contributing both to Barry Goudreau's solo album and also to a lesser degree on the Orion The Hunter album.
RTZ landed a deal with Giant Records and the first album Return To Zero was released in 1991 with excellent results from the press and fans alike. RTZ got released from the contract and later released a record called Lost in 1999 made up of songs from various sessions to create a follow up to the debut album.
Lost and Found is another step of the collaboration from Brad and Barry. The record is made up of never before released tracks that were recorded before the first RTZ CD. These cuts also feature the other original RTZ members David Stefanelli, Brian Maes and Tim Archibald. The songs were recorded in Barry s home studio and show the development that lead to the first RTZ release. The tracks were recorded on various formats and although some of the recordings reflect the sounds of that time, it includes great melodies and performances that are a must have for Boston fans.
Track listing is as follows: One Step Away (click to hear an mp3 sample); Fool For Love (click to hear an mp3 sample); Such A Feel; Rise Above It All; Social Disease; I'm On A Roll; Rock The Night; Better & Better; Power of Love; Show Me.


As a special bonus to the RTZ CD, Frontiers Records is pleased to give an official European availability to the latest step of the partnership between Brad Delp and Barry Goudreau, that is to say the album aptly entitled Delp & Goudreau.
The CD, recorded in Goudreau's home studio, features all new tracks written by Delp and Goudreau with the intent of making music for the pleasure of making music. Fans have insisted on hearing more rock music from these two 1970's icons that are known to produce their own projects without the sugar coating of over produced studio enhancements. The Delp & Goudreau CD features exactly this pure delight for the melodic rock ears!
Track listing of the bonus Delp & Goudreau CD is: What You Leave Behind (click to hear an mp3 sample); Hands Of Time (click to hear an mp3 sample); Let It Roll; Out Of My Hands; Keep On Runnin'; Everyday; I Need Your Love; The Rhythm Wont Stop; Reconciliation; My One True Love..




Friday, October 22, 2004

FireHouse are about to head out on the road for a few more live dates. The band are also hitting Canada for the first time in a long time. The dates are:
10/22/2004 Toledo OH * Toledo Sports Arena * Singing National Anthem, for Toledo Storm hockey game with full production gig after the game!
10/23/2004 Bay City MI * Westown Theater * 615 East Midland Street / tel 989.895.9005
10/29/2004 Menasha WI * Waverly Beach * N8770 Firelane 1 (1 Block South of Jct. 10 & 114); Venue Phone (920) 733-9721
10/30/2004 Wausau WI * Tommy O'Shanes * T814 County Road WW / tel 715-675-5707
10/31/2004 Milltown WI * The Hall * 22 West Main Street / tel 715-825-4255
11/05/2004 Fenton MO * Stratford Bar & Grill * 800 South Highway Drive / tel (636) 343-5757
11/06/2004 Bethalto IL * Hollywood Nights * Texas Boulevard / tel 618.377.4653
11/21/2004 Regina SK *The Pump*
11/22/2004 South Calgary AB *Outlaws*
11/23/2004 Edmonton AB *King Night Pub*
11/24/2004 Saskatoon SK *Ryly's*
02/11/2005 Woodbury MN * Major's Sports Bar * 1690 Woodlane Drive / tel 651.739.8770
02/12/2005 Amery WI * Tac Night Club * 1361 100th Street / tel (715) 268-6262,

Irving Azoff Management has announced that the Soul SirkUS CD will be released online December 7. Priced at $16.99, the CD will initially be available for sale via the band's official website - and also via the Warner Bros. Store website. More details shortly.

Sebastian Bach has announced several UK tour dates. Bach's band includes guitarist Ralph Santolla. The dates are:
Thursday 14th - Rio's - Bradford TBC
Wednesday 15th - Dudley JB's - Birmingham
Thursday 16th - Mean Fiddler - London
Friday 17th - Torquay Town Hall - Devon

Glass Tiger's November 12 and 13 live shows at the Orillia Opera House will be recorded for a future project. The band head out on a national Canadian tour in February March 2005 in support of the recently released No Turning Back 1985-2005 compilation.

Vixen's self titled re-issue has been pushed back to 11/16. Rev it Up will stay on the 11/2 release date.

Chris Catena will make his live debut at Totemvillage ( on October 30, 2004 as headliner of the third edition of Rockfest80 (
The line up will be: Chris Catena on vocals and percussion, Tommy Denander on lead guitars and backing vocals, Daniel Flores on drums and vocals, Marko Pavic on lead guitars and backing vocals, Aleks Ferrara on bass and backing vocals, Jimmy Bax on Hammond organ and synthesizers and backing vocals, ValeG and Daniela Skunk on backing vocals.

Vinny Records is proud to announce the transfer of one of it's bands, 91 Suite, to the Vicious Records label. This label is a personal bet by the ex-promotion director of companies like Sony, Universal and Horus in Spain during the last 30 years.
91 Suite is the second signing of the label which is already promoting the German singer Maike Ludenbach ( in national radio, TV, in concerts, etc.
The main reason for this deal is the conviction that with this change the band will continue growing and showing it's music to a larger amount of people due to the power and experience of this new label.
From now on Vinny Records will be the management office for the band so we will continue by their side and we will keep on serving you the way we have been doing it until now.
91 Suite will begin recording their new album on November 15th and if everything goes as planned it will be finished three months later so it's release date could be at the end of February. The band will record 14 of the 18 Demoed songs.
We want to thank in our behalf and the the band's to everyone who has supported the band in any way, to all the fans and journalists who have spread the word about all the bands movements. Also thanks for those who hasn't helped because you have given us more reasons to progress.

A huge MR-X update this week - and I have not yet deleted anything from the past few weeks, so simply put - there has never been a better time to join, as there have never been so many things on offer!
This week sees a double Feature Album upload. Andy Taylor's classic out of print albums Thunder and Dangerous are both featured, with no less than 7 additional bonus tracks, featuring Andy's soundtrack and B-Side output.
And there's a double header in the Feature Live section. This week it's a double dose of Lou Gramm. Featured is his essential 1987 Radio Broadcast from RKO Studio's and also Foreigner live from Electric Ladyland Studio's in 1993, promoting their Very Best...And Beyond release.
New videos have been uploaded for: Bad Company - One Night, Foreigner - I'll Fight For You, Little Angels - I Ain't Gonna Cry, Lou Gramm - True Blue Love, plus a Triumph double header - Somebody's Out There and Hold On.
And if that isn't enough, still online for one more week only is the two Tommy Denander releases Skeleton and Less Is More, the live HSAS video and much more....
MR-X Membership Details.

MiniBytes have been updated with lots of new previews from: Outland, Fortune, Glass Tiger, Hideous Sun Demons, John 5, A Guitar Supreme, Vox Tempus, Star Rats and Daryl Hall. Check them out.

Next week - more news hopefully! Boy, it's been a slow news week. I'll kick things off Monday with some thoughts on Van Halen - there are a lot of rumors going on and I've been trying to get to the bottom of what's been happening and what will be happening next.
Also next week - lots of reviews and an interview with James Christian.




Tuesday, October 19, 2004

While preparing for brand new European tour, Mike Tramp, former singer of White Lion and Freak of Nature, decided to look through his archives and compile some of the songs that were either demoed or recorded during the sessions of his solo-albums and simply were "left behind" for various reasons. Hence the titles of the new album Songs I Left Behind.
"Looking back at it, it is not that these songs are any better or worse than the material that ended up on the albums but they simply did not make it on the albums at that time", says Tramp. "Sometimes a song just does not fit the sequence or the mood of the album even though it is a great song. Listening back to them I realized that this material was still better than a lot of the albums that are being released today and also felt that I had to get these out of the way before I could start working on new material".
Ranging back from 1992 to 2002, these songs are unique and classic and will leave any Tramp-fan beaming with happiness. A welcome bridge to the next studio-album which will be released in 2005 on Frontiers Records.
Full track listing of Songs I Left Behind is as follows: Sometimes (click to hear an Mp3 sample); Do It While You Can (click to hear an Mp3 sample); Over And Out (click to hear an Mp3 sample); Love Won't Wait On Me, If I Was Real, One For Anger, Two For Pain, Before The Night, I Won't Walk Away, Show Me, I'll Be There, I Don't Believe Anymore, What If I, Love Me Somebody, Think About The Times, Falling Down, Darkness.


Frontiers Records will release the album in the whole of Europe on December the 6th 2004. In the meanwhile, the European tour started finally last week with guitar ace Lance Keltner joining the Tramp-ship.
"This set will feature many songs I couldn't do on earlier tours and is also the longest set we have played so far", says Tramp who is thrilled to have such a killer band also featuring Kasper Foss on drums and Claus Langeskov on bass.
Tour Dates:
Tuesday October 19, 2004 Hamburg, Germany Logo.
Wednesday October 20, 2004 Munich, Germany Garage.
Thursday October 21, 2004 Stuttgart, Germany Röhre.
Friday October 22, 2004 Berlin, Germany Quasimodo.
Saturday October 23, 2004 Bochum, Germany Matrix.
Sunday October 24, 2004 Uster, Switzerland Rock City.
Monday October 25, 2004 Frankfurt, Germany Nachtleben.
Tuesday October 26, 2004 Hellendoorn, Holland De Lantaarn.
Wednesday October 27, 2004 Verviers, Belguim Spirit of 66.
Thursday October 28, 2004 Paris, France Le Plan.
Friday October 29, 2004 London, England Underworld.
Saturday October 30, 2004 Sheffield, England Corporation.
Sunday October 31, 2004 Newcastle, England Trillians.
Thursday November 4, 2004 Copenhagen, Denmark Pumpehuset.
Saturday November 6, 2004 Vordingborg, Denmark Stars.
Tickets can be obtained in advance by contacting the venues or at the door.

Escape Music have signed Danish rockers LA. Founded in the early 80's with an average age of below 20, the band centered around vocalist/ bassist Jan Achmann and guitarist Lars Impgaard soon succeeded to become one of the hottest acts in their home country of Denmark. Even Pretty Maids frontman Ronnie Atkins for a short time was a member of LA and a first demo was produced by Skagarack bassist Morten Munch. Those demos resulted in a record deal with Teleag Records and the debut album LA finally was released in 1985. LA started to play live to support the release and new songs were demoed soon. Due to the breakdown of their label and other business affairs, the band disbanded from the scene in 1986 before the 2nd album was finished.
A massive amount of e-mails by fans through the internet requesting LA on CD got the band together again in 2003 and made them remaster their debut album. After several meetings, it became obvious that the old chemistry still was there. The 80's demos still had their charm and LA hit the famous Jailhouse Studios in Copenhagen to re-record those songs with well-known producer Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Pretty Maids, Grand Illusion etc). Danish National TV2 picked up on the news of the now middle aged 80's rockers and LA was headlining the prime time news with the story of making the album and the CD to come. A deal with Escape Music followed shortly and here we go the new album Unfinished Business will see the light on the British based label on December 6.
The strictly limited edition of Unfinished Business will come along as 2-CD and exclusively include the LA album as bonus on the second disc. Even though the band's home base is Denmark, their sound can be described as American type hard rock and will please any fan of bands such as early Riot, early Virgin Steele, Leatherwolf and Driver.
Track list Unfinished Business: 1. Creditcard Lover, 2. High On You, 3. Down The Cross, 4. Last Night, 5. News On the Loose, 6. Point Of Uncontrol, 7. Sweet Georgia Brown, 8. Wheelchair 'n' Ragtime, 9. Gates To The Sky – Live, 10. Hunted - Live.
Track list LA (bonus disc): 1.Gates To The Sky, 2. Hunted, 3. 20th Century, 4. Second Dawn, 5. Times Coming Up, 6. Breakdown, 7. The Oldest World (Part 1), 8. Winners 'n' Sinners, 9. The End.
LA are: Vocals & Bass Jan Achmann; Guitars Jens Impgaard; Guitars Lars Impgaard; Drums Henrik Rohde Jensen; Keys Soren Impgaard.


Re-united German hard rockers Boysvoice are right in the middle of the recordings for their comeback album Serenity which will supposedly be released in Spring '05 on Escape Music. As a special gift to friends, press and fans, the Munich rockers will host an 'open door' studio report session on December 5th, 2004 (15.00-18.00 CET) at Sky Studio Taufkirchen, Germany (near Munich) for the recordings of the backing vocal choirs for the new song All About You. All "backing singers" will get a honourable mention in the booklet of the coming CD! Band members Mani Gruber (v/ g), Jochen Mayer (b) and Peter Diezel (g) will be available for a meet & greet at the event as well as some other well-known musicians/"choir members" coming from the German hard rock scene. We hope to see many of you there!
For more infos and details Thanks go to Bobby Altvater @ Sky Studio for his support!

Casanova's Michael Voss will appear at a signing session and meet & greet for fans as part of the "Melodic Rock Night" at the "Parkhaus" venue in Duisburg, Germany (not far from the Dutch border!) on 12.11.2004. DJ Daniel Jung will host the event and as always play melodic stuff ranging from AOR to Melodic Metal. Also, there will be the chance to win some CD's by Casanova and THE LADDER that night!
More infos will be available soon on

Bill Liesegang (guitar, ex-Nina Hagen) and Doogie White (vocals, ex-Rainbow, Malmsteen, Cornerstone) will release their album Visual Surveillance Of Extremities under the Banner Bill Liesegang/ Doogie White on Escape Music on January 24th, 2005. Fans of hard rock in the tradition of bands such as Rainbow should watch out for this gem which was mixed by Tommy Hansen!

Classic British hard rockers Heartland have completed the recordings for their brand new album which is supposed to be released in February 2005. Steve Morris (guitar, ex-Gillan) and Chris Ousey (vocals, ex-Virginia Wolf) once again have delivered a brilliant recording full of catchy hooks and melodies. The yet untitled CD was produced by Steve Morris and mixed by Tommy Hansen.

Change Of Heart have during the last couple of years established themselves as one of the leading AOR bands coming from the UK. The Brits are currently working on their brand new album which is produced by Steve Morris (Heartland) and Steve Overland (FM, Shadowman, The Ladder). Something to watch out for in 2005!

Please, take over the following events into your schedules:
Signing Session Casanova (Michael Voss) 12.11.2005 D-Duisburg, Parkhaus (as part of the 'Melodic Rock Night')
Studio Session Boysvoice (incl. choir vocal recording session, open for everyone) 05.12.2005 D-Taufkirchen (near Munich), Sky Studio (15.00-18.00 CET) contact
Release Parties Casanova:
23.10.2004 D-Munich, Garage; 29.10.2004 D-Ingolstadt, Rockclub U2; 01.11.2004 D-Ludwigsburg, Rockfabrik; 12.11.2004 D-Duisburg, Parkhaus * * with signing session Michael Voss.
Release Parties The Ladder:
12.11.2004 D-Nürnberg, Rockfabrik; 12.11.2004 D-Duisburg, Parkhaus; 12.11.2004 D-Ingolstadt, Rockclub U2. Note the bands will not appear at the parties unless stated!

Release Schedule Escape Music:
20.09.2004 Toyz - House Of Cards
25.10.2004 Casanova - All Beauty Must Die
15.11.2004 The Ladder - Future Miracles
06.12.2004 LA - Unfinished Business
24.01.2005 Bill Liesegang/ Doogie White - Visual Surveillance Of Extremities
Feb 2005 Heartland - t.b.a.

A little bad news for those hanging out for the long awaited Diving For Peals album Texas. It will now be released in early 2005. Also delayed until early '05 on Atenzia Records will be the new Swirl 360 album.

MetalShrine is a Swedish based website that features a whole range of interviews - the most recent being Tony Clarkin (Magnum), Eddie Ojeda (Twisted Sister) and Tony Martin (Black Sabbath) to name a few. WebLink:

Doug & The Slugs vocalist Doug Bennett died on Saturday, October 16th at the Foothills Hospital in Calgary. He was admitted to hospital on October 9th, suffering acute symptoms from a long-standing illness. Bennett formed Doug & The Slugs in 1977. The Slugs had many hits including; Too Bad, Day By Day, Making It Work, Tomcat Prowl (featured on the Iron Eagle II soundtrack), among others. The Slugs toured extensively throughout Canada and the US over the past 27 years. RIP Doug.

Population 1 (featuring Nuno Bettencourt) has rescheduled its NYC club debut at Tribeca Rock Club (16 Warren Street -- 1 block south of Chambers Street, between Church & Broadway) for Monday, Oct. 25th at 800pm.

The Steve Dorff Original Demos CD, featuring Warren Wiebe, is now on sale, exclusively at The site is accepting credit card payments via PayPal as well as other payment methods such as IPMO, bank-to-bank wire transfer, etc.

The new site for the fan club of Rhapsody - Algalord Chronicles is located at: Here you can find a lot of information on the activities of the band as well as space devoted to the merchandise, images, a forum and whatever else can concern the musical kingdom of Rhapsody.

XYZ's Letter To God is part of the Top 15 best selling independent artists this month with one of the largest indy distributor's in the USA:

UK fans can check out dates for Rush Tribute act The Spirit Of Rush at: You can also stream/download copies of the band's four studio-recorded demo tracks.

The second title from Demolition Records Japan is by the NWOBHM artists Fist and is released on November 18th. Titled Storm, the Japanese release will contain a bonus track, written especially for their Japanese fans.
Fist have always had a strong fan base in Japan (their first single on Neat Records, Name, Rank and Serial Number is still a much sort after item at record fairs) and they wanted to say 'Thank You' for not having been forgotten. The track was recorded at Demolitions' UK studio in Newcastle and titled The Land Of The Rising Sun.

Motley Crue have now lined up approximately 60 dates for their 2005 re-union/farewell tour.

Press Release:
Due to the phenomenal success of last years Kiss Expo 2003 we have decided to do it all over again! Kiss Expo 2004 will take place at Nottingham RockCity on Nov 27th 2004 (Main Hall). This years guests will include Bruce Kulick, Jesse Damon, Iain Lee (C4's rise, the eleven o clock show) and Dressed To Kill, playing a 2hr live set with guest guitarist Bruce Kulick. More guests TBC.
Dealers from U.K -- Europe -- U.S.A, Mainstream Rock dealers also welcome.
Question and Answer session with Bruce hosted by Iain Lee. Guaranteed Autograph & Photo session with Bruce, plus Signed Guitar raffle, quiz, face painting (all usual activities). Working Bally Pinball Machine on site for Sale / Auction.
Tickets £14.00 in advance. 1pm Entry. VIP Laminate, includes exclusive early entry £24.00. 12pm entry (ltd to 50). Entry to Saturday night Rock Night also included in ticket price. Children over 14 welcome. Hand stamp pass out system.
Tickets and dealer information available by calling 07971 984144 or e-mail or the RockCity box office on 0115 9412544.
A big thank you to everyone who attended last years event, I hope to see you all again this year. Don't forget to check and for updates.

Guitarist John 5, known for his work with Marilyn Manson, David Lee Roth, Rob Halford, etc., delivers his first instrumental solo record, Vertigo. John 5 shows phenomenal diversity as a writer/guitarist and "Vertigo" further showcases him as one of the most technically advanced guitarists today. Fans of driving rhythms and ear-catching, over the top, guitar work will keep this in their CD player for months on end. John 5 appears on the cover of Guitar Player Magazine and Total Guitar magazine and has one cut each on the CD giveaways found in Guitar World and Guitar One magazines.

John Coltrane's musical virtuosity not only influenced sax players, but also composers and soloists on many other instruments. A Guitar Supreme brings together the creme de la creme of jazz/fusion guitarists with Mike Stern, Larry Coryell, Eric Johnson, Steve Lukather, Greg Howe, Jeff Richman, Frank Gambale and more, paying a guitar tribute to one of the most influential jazz musicians of all time. These phenomenal guitarists approach their lead solos with a respect and energy which renders their contributions to A Guitar Supreme among their greatest individual works to date.

Morten from Rock Power in Denmark was kind enough to send in another gig review: "Just got home from the Saxon gig in Copenhagen, and I can honestly say, it was their best performance in our city for the last 13 years. Their show at Wacken Open Air this summer was very promising, and tonight they certainly delivered a performance as tight as en elephant in a flamingo's swimsuit. Though the set didn't offer any real surprises, they did play 6 songs of the new album Lionheart, and played for as long as 2 hours + 15 min." The setlist:
Lionheart - Backs To The Wall - Motorcycle Man - Flying On The Edge - Beyond The Grave - Power & The Glory - Never Surrender - Man And Machine - Searching For Atlantis - Heavy Metal Thunder - Dallas 1 P.M. - Dogs Of War - Solid Ball Of Rock - Witchfinder General - Princess Of The Night - Crusader - 747(Strangers In The Night) - Strong Arm Of The Law - Denim And Leather - Wheels Of Steel.

Kevin Cronin has stated on his website, via the "kC Newsletter", that REO Speedwagon will be performing live on XM Radio very soon. REO is currently taking time off from recording tracks for their new record to rehears and re-learn the entire Hi Infidelity record for XM radio. Here is the comment kC made from the "kC Newsletter":
"We have been in rehearsals here in Hollywood for the past three weeks working on new songs, as well as preparing for our live performance of the Hi Infidelity album for XM Radio. We will be in Washington, DC, following our three shows next weekend, to tape the special at the amazing XM studios. There will be fifty invited guests, many of whom were contacted by way of their being on our website mailing list. See it pays to join up at We will play every cut on the record, tell stories about each song, and attempt to bring everyone in to relive the recording of our biggest selling record... kC"
You can keep up with this and other news on REO Speedwagon at as well as the official REO website at

Press Release:
New York --- Amy Lee's passionate vocals, combined with the band's aggressive muscularity have helped Evanescence's debut album Fallen sell over 12 million copies worldwide. Beyond the slew of awards received, which included two Grammy Awards in 2003 (Best New Artist, and for "Bring Me to Life," Best Hard Rock Performance), the band became a touring phenomenon across The World. In cities across The United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia, Evanescence sold-out venues, which by the Summer of 2004 regularly averaged 15,000 fans a night. Few other bands saw each appearance bring out exponentially larger turn-outs with each new visit, and by the end of the run Evanescence had performed live for over a million fans.
On November 23, 2004, Wind-up Records will release Evanescence's Anywhere But Home, capturing one night of the magic as cameras entered The Zenith in Paris to capture the phenomenon. The two-disc DVD/CD features Evanescence's recent sold-out European tour and is offered in both 5.1 and two-track audio mixes. In addition to the live concert DVD, which was directed by Hamish Hamilton (U2, Peter Gabriel), anywhere but home also includes a CD of the concert presented in a two-track mix, and the previously unreleased studio recording of the composition Missing. The DVD features the bands four music videos ("Bring Me to Life," "Going Under," My Immortal," and "Everybody's Fool,"), an hour-long behind-the-scenes program, and some special surprises in addition to the concert film. The special surprises will be discovered by the viewer as they navigate the menus designed exclusively for this special release.
All of the hits are included on anywhere but home, in addition to a cover of Korn's Thoughtless which has become a fan favorite. The track listing of the performance in running order is Haunted, Going Under, Taking Over Me, Everybody's Fool, Thoughtless, My Last Breath, Farther Away, Breathe No More, My Immortal, Bring Me to Life, Tourniquet, Imaginary, and Whisper.

Press Release:
Fastlane Records/CD Smash Records are finishing up the audio portion of The New York Dolls tribute titled Jetboys Of Babylon. The audio tracks have turned out unbelievable and really give a modern feel to the old classics, we feel this tribute captures the vibe, swagger and energy of the Dolls. Avid New York Dolls fan will be impressed by these classics made new again. Were hoping these new versions will help turn a new generation of music fans into New York Dolls fans. We were fortunate to obtain David Johansen to re-record his classic Babylon with Frankenstein 3000, before he took off to England for the first ever, New York Dolls reunion in 25 years. Other great bands on the tribute include Flipp w/ Steve Jones, Dogs D'Amour, The Alarm, Blackbird, Slow Motorcade, Killingbird, R50, American Anthem, just to name a few. Slated for a Oct release.




Monday, October 18, 2004

It's done...the Jeff Scott Soto Oz 2004 Tour write up is finished and online. Hope you enjoy the read...Check it out.


Bon Jovi's new studio album is in it's mixing stage. Yep, that's's written and recorded and will be out in the 2nd quarter of 2005. Style and sound has not yet been talked about.

The long awaited re-issue of Shark Island's classic Law Of The Order album is finally due out in Europe next week. The re-issue features the rare bonus disc Live At The Whiskey plus a couple of studio bonus tracks from the band's soundtrack appearances. The package basically ties up everything that was officially released.
CD 1 - Law Of The Order - Paris Calling . Shake for Me . Somebody's Falling . Bad for Each Other . Passion to Ashes . Spellbound . Get Some Strange . Why Should I Believe . Ready or Not . The Chain . Bonus Tracks - Father Time . Dangerous (Both from BIll & Ted's Excellent Adventure soundtrack) . My City (From Point Break soundtrack)
CD 2 - Alive At The Whiskey, Bastille Day, 1989 - Paris Calling . Ready Or Not . Shake for Me . Get Some Strange . Passion to Ashes . Make a Move . Bonus Tracks - Spellbound (Live) . Sanctuary (Live)(Both from the Tied Up And Held Down Promo Single)

NEH Records announced today that they have reached agreement with XM Satellite Radio to sponsor a one hour radio show on XM Radio channel 41 (The Boneyard). The format of this radio show will be Melodic Rock and will consist exclusively of recordings offered in the NEH Records online music store. Mike McPherson of NEH Records will determine programming and will also host the show. A request page will be added to the NEH Records web site in the near future which will allow visitors to vote on which songs they want to hear played on the show. The results of voting will be programmed as a countdown of the most requested songs and aired monthly. Details concerning the air times and other information about the NEH Records sponsored show will soon be announced. XM Radio is the largest satellite radio provider in the United States with over 2 million listeners serviced with coast-to-coast radio coverage provided by two satellites in Geo-synchronous earth orbit. NEH Records is the largest online retailer in North America that specializes in the Melodic Rock musical genre.

Cinderella/ Naked Beggars guitarist, Jeff LeBar, recently took time off his hectic work schedule to talk with Mitch Lafon about both bands and encourage fans to check out Eric Brittingham and his new band, Naked Beggars.
Mitch: Tell me about Naked Beggars -
Jeff: "It's a totally new band with new music. Live we do a few Cinderella songs, but it's not to be confused with Cinderella. We're doing the material off the Naked Beggars CD as well as new material we've written since I've been here."
Mitch: Second album?
Jeff: "We have almost another CD worth of material written, but I think we'll record it at our leisure. Towards the end of this year… beginning of next year we'll go in and record another CD."
Mitch: Why did you decide to join Eric's band?
Jeff: "Cinderella hasn't worked in over two years. I was home dabbling in other things, but nothing really worth my time. I had played on one Naked Beggars track and I was really into it. So, when he threw down that offer [to join] I was into it. I'll make the band better!" And adds "I have more input in this band than I ever did in Cinderella"
Mitch: What's going on with Cinderella?
Jeff: "As far as Cinderella and Sony – they signed us (I believe) in 1998 for three records, but they never put us in the studio. So, we finally went back on tour with Poison in 2000 – they said ' we'll definitely put you in the studio after that'. They still didn't put us in the studio and a year after they dropped us. Since then, we've been in a lawsuit with them. We're not restricted by that lawsuit to do anything else (I believe), but since then Tom has decided to work on his solo project – so Eric & I continue on with Naked Beggars."
Mitch: Since '98 – we've heard that there's been 40, 60, etc. Cinderella songs written and ready - why are those songs not on an album? Why can't they be released?
Jeff: "Well, we did have a lot of songs written and we had a lot of songs recorded (as far as demos)… I really couldn't tell you why they've never been released. We probably could have done it on an independent label or in Tom's studio, but that's not really Tom's style. He wants nothing but the best and if it's anything less – he's not going to put it out. So, that being said – he apparently decided to go on recording as a solo artist. Not sure how he went about it, but that's what he's pursuing. People keep asking me about Cinderella and whether we're going to get back together or tour again and my answer to that is that we've never broken up and we will tour again (I guess) if Tom sees fit. In the meantime, all my energies are focused on Naked Beggars."
Mitch: Is Tom estranged from the band? Does he consider the band broken up?
Jeff: "There's no animosity and we were supposed to tour this summer, but like I said – the ball's in Tom's court… he put the kibosh on the summer tour. So, I don't know. It's not much of an answer, but that's the answer. I just don't know and with me booking Naked Beggars… I get the offers everyday. People are willing to pay us big money to go out as Naked Beggars, but under the name Cinderella. We won't do that. It's a new band… I know there's a demand for Cinderella to tour, but like I said Tom doesn't want to do it. He's got all his energies in a solo record so who knows – who knows what next year will bring?"
Mitch: If you can't convince Tom to ever do Cinderella again – would you say to the other guys – 'let's just find a new singer'?
Jeff: "NO no no no… we decided a long time ago that if all four members weren't in the picture then Cinderella wouldn't happen. We wouldn't do that."
Mitch: How's Jeff LeBar doing personally?
Jeff: "I'm doing better than ever now. For the past couple of years I've been floundering at home – doing studio work here and there and working on houses (I do construction work as a job). As far as drug abuse – I've been clean for eight years now! I did have my share of legal problems and drug abuse, but that's in my past. Had we publicized it back in the day – we may have become as big as Guns 'N Roses (he said laughing). We kept our dirty laundry to ourselves even though it may have given us more publicity, but we chose not to. What happens to us is our business and what happens to me as far as legal problems and personal problems is my business. This is definitely the older wiser Jeff."
As for Naked Beggars, Jeff concludes, "I'm having a fucking blast with this band. It's a really cool dynamic having a couple of girls in the band and it gives me something to look at when I'm playing 'cause I was never really into Tom's ass (laughing). We'll keep touring until we cover all the markets and then get back in the studio and record another CD and check out the website

Press Article:
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Ozzy Osbourne has returned to his satanic roots by recording a version of the Rolling Stones' Sympathy for the Devil for an upcoming covers CD.
The disc, one of four to be featured in a boxed set due next February, also includes fresh takes on the Beatles' In My Life, King Crimson's 21st Century Schizoid Man and Arthur Brown's Fire, Osbourne told Reuters in an interview at his Beverly Hills home on Thursday.
Mott the Hoople singer Ian Hunter shares vocals with Osbourne on the glam band's signature song All the Young Dudes. Leslie West reprises his guitar work on power trio Mountain's Mississippi Queen, and he "still absolutely kicks ass," Osbourne said.
The three other discs will include demos, rarities and outtakes from Osbourne's solo career, which began after he was kicked out of the pioneering heavy metal band Black Sabbath in 1978.
"I've done a lot of choruses and verses on other people's stuff, and I've actually sung with other people," Osbourne recalled. "I goofed around with Dweezil Zappa one time" on a version of the Bee Gees' Stayin' Alive, which has been dusted off for the boxed set.
"For die-hard fans it's a real good overview of Ozzy's career," his wife and manager Sharon said during the interview.
The Stones cover is appropriate fare for a man somewhat reluctantly linked with devil imagery in the decades since he co-founded Black Sabbath in 1968. Their 1970 song "N.I.B.," featuring the line "My name is Lucifer, please take my hand," echoes the sentiment of 1968's "Sympathy for the Devil" with its chorus "Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name."
But Osbourne's first musical love is the Beatles. Books on the Fab Four vie for shelf space with weighty tomes on World War II at the house. His version of In My Life will be released as a single in Europe in November. Sharon Osbourne said she did not know if the track would be sent to U.S. radio outlets for airplay consideration.
Fans who still have money left over also can buy the DVD of We Sold Our Souls for Rock 'n' Roll, the documentary shot by Penelope Spheeris during the 1999 edition of the Osbournes' annual Ozzfest road show. It will also come out in February.
Originally intended for theatrical release, but never bought by a distributor, the film has rarely been seen in public. It features interviews and performances by such acts as Black Sabbath, Rob Zombie and Slipknot, scenes of religious protesters and topless female fans, and a touching backstage portrait of Osbourne and Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi warming up with an acoustic run-through of Paranoid.




Friday, October 15, 2004

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the worldwide release of the highly anticipated second album from The Sign entitled The Second Coming for November 22.
The Sign is a band made up of some very talented stars of American Hard Rock music including Mark Mangold (Drive She Said, Touch) on keyboards, Terry Brock (ex-Strangeways) on vocals with Jon Bivona (Trans Siberian Orchestra) and Mark Hermann joining the line-up on guitars and bass respectively. Guitarist and singer Randy Jackson (Zebra) once again also took part of the recording and songwriting.
The Sign debut album Signs of Life was voted as #2 best album of the year in the readers poll of the year 2000, with top 5 placements in other categories such as best singer, best keyboardist and best song of the year.
Once again based around the story of Aryon, a girl saved from a coma, the new record unfolds as a concept album confirming The Sign as the only real Pomp Rock purveyors of the new millennium.
Final track listing of The Second Coming shall include the following songs: Aryon Overture; Stained (Gone); The Morning After (Time To Run) (click to hear an Mp3 sample); Motorcycle Messiah; Shine; Bliss; If For One Moment; Flame Of The Oracle; The Ooze; Inner Child (Exorcise); Black Mountain; Keep On Breathin'; Shine (Finale); Rapture (Ode To Aryon); Maniac (click to hear an Mp3 sample).
Once again a new pomp rock masterpiece is ready to hit the market!


Los Angeles, CA--(Market Wire)--Oct 12, 2004 -- The Goo Goo Dolls, a band whose dedication to their fans is matched only by their fans' devotion to the band, will release an extraordinary live DVD/CD collection worldwide November 23rd on Warner Bros. Records titled Live in Buffalo July 4th, 2004.
The deluxe package will feature both a 20-track audio CD and a 19-song concert DVD, both recorded live on the 4th of July in their hometown of Buffalo, New York. The audio CD of Live in Buffalo July 4th, 2004 will highlight the studio track cover of Supertramp's Give A Little Bit, while the Live in Buffalo July 4th, 2004 DVD will offer 19 live tracks recorded in 5.1 Surround Sound during the historic July 4th concert on the steps of Buffalo's City Hall; as well, the DVD will include an exclusive half-hour behind-the-scenes documentary and voice-over commentary from the band.
Aside from the above mentioned highlights, Live in Buffalo July 4th, 2004 includes signature Goo Goo Dolls selections such as Here Is Gone, Big Machine, Tucked Away, Sympathy, Dizzy, Naked, Name and We Are The Normal.
"The July 4th concert was a great homecoming for us as a way to thank our fans and reconnect with our roots," said Goo Goo Dolls frontman John Rzeznik. "Now with 'Live in Buffalo,' we can thank the world for giving us the opportunity to let our music be heard. We hope the album will give our fans everywhere something to remember us by until we're back in their town."
The full track listing for the CD/DVD package is: Big Machine . Naked . Slide . Think about Me . Smash . Tucked Away . Black Balloon . Dizzy . Name . Cuz You're Gone . Sympathy . January Friend . Here is Gone . What A Scene . Acoustic #3 . Two Days in February . Broadway . Iris . Give A Little Bit.
The CD also adds the studio version of Give A Little Bit as it's first track.


The new Venice CD is titled Pacific Standard Time, and will be released in the Benelux (Belgium/Netherlands/Luxembourg) on November 15. The first single is Everybody's Opium. The band's Mark Lennon had this to say about the release: "I personally believe that this album will be our best. The way we are recording it is really making it sound more intimate, like we're in your house, and also at the same time, more like we are live. It's definitely not over-produced."


Press Release:
Hollywood, CA ­ October 5, 2004 -- The hard-rocking female glam metal band Vixen roughed LA's club circuit throughout most of the 1980s before signing with EMI Music in 1987. Known as 'the female Bon Jovi,' Vixen enjoyed national exposure with the 1998 release of their self-titled debut album and MTV's embrace of the band's first mega-hit, Edge Of A Broken Heart. The band's long out-of-print EMI albums, Vixen and Rev It Up, are set for reissue by EMI Music Catalog Marketing on November 2. The two albums have been fully remastered and will be in stores in time for the reunion of all of Vixen's original members on VH1's popular show, "Bands Reunited."
Vixen's self-titled debut was released in 1988, and fueled by heavy radio and MTV rotation of the single, Edge Of a Broken Heart, the album surpassed the Gold sales mark in the U.S. and went on to sell over one million copies around the world. Vixen's follow-up album, Rev It Up was released in 1990, and the singles How Much Love and Love Is A Killer spent some time on Billboard's Hot 100 Chart.
Next month, Vixen's original members, Janet Gardner (vocals), Jan Kuehnemund (guitar), Share Pedersen (bass) and Roxy Petrucci (drums) will all appear together on VH1's "Bands Reunited" to reminisce about their start on LA's Sunset Strip and their rise to fame in the late 1980s, before the onset of grunge in the early 1990s displaced metal at the top of the charts.
Track Listings:
Vixen - Edge Of A Broken Heart . I Want You To Rock Me . Cryin' . American Dream . Desperate . One Night Alone . Hell Raisers . Love Made Me . Waiting . Cruisin' . Charmed Life.
Rev It Up - Rev It Up . How Much Love . Love Is A Killer . Not A Minute Too Soon . Streets In Paradise . Hard 16 . Bad Reputation . Fallen Hero . Only A Heartbeat Away . It Wouldn't Be Love . Wrecking Ball.

Kivel Records would like to apologize to any customers that have pre ordered the Straight Wired. Due to manufacturing delays the CD was pushed back a few weeks. However it will ship on Oct 15th to all customers that pre ordered it. Now, are you upset that you missed Straight Wired in NH!? Well guess what! Straight Wired will be playing LIVE this month in Yonkers NY!
Straight Wired Local Record Release/Concert party! Come down and hang with the guys, and pick up a copy of Color My World at the show. Fun night to be had by all. Oct 23rd at Barney McNabbs 600 Tuckahoe Rd, Yonkers NY 914-961-8960.


A nice big MR-X update again today. Added today - the unreleased 14 track second Marchello album The Power Of Money. Also added is two Rockline Radio Shows in MP3 format. One is Van Halen's classic 1984 appearance on the show and the other is Tesla's 2004 feature, which also includes 3 live in the studio unplugged tracks.
I have also just completed uploading a compilation of classic tracks: Soundtrack Classics - Volume 2. Log in to check out all the latest offerings.
Also added - new videos: Europe - Got To Have Faith, Gun - Shame On You, Little Angels - Young Gods, Sons Of Angels - Cowgirl, TaxiRide - I Don't Know How I Got This Way, Van Halen - Dreams (Blue Angels Version) and Yngwie Malmsteen - Alone In Paradise.
MR-X Membership Details.

Reviews have been updated! Online today are new reviews for: Bryan Adams, Straight Wired, McQueen Street, Goodnight Gracie, Work Force, Ring Of Fire and Millenium. Check them out.

Next week - I didn't quite the Jeff Scott Soto Oz Tour wrap completed, but believe it or not, that will be online Monday! Next week will also see more reviews and MP3 showcases added. I also have a ton of e-mail to get through. If I have not yet replied to you, sorry, it's on it's way.




Thursday, October 14, 2004

Journey's Live In Houston 1981 DVD looks like arriving into stores during November. It's tentatively scheduled for release November 16. Stay tuned for confirmation.
In related news, Journey will receive their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on January 21, 2005. The ceremony will begin at 11:30 a.m. The exact location will be announced at a later date.

Popular Florida melodic rock band Teer are now taking pre-orders for their upcoming EP, Bullets and Beer. The band is gearing up for a nearly sold-out November tour of the UK with Tyketto, Jeff Scott Soto and Deadline and is releasing the EP in conjunction with the tour. The limited edition CD features three new songs and two live tracks recorded during their summer reunion shows. The official release date is November 1st.
Teer gained the international spotlight when they performed at the Gods of AOR concert in 1999 in England. With the release of their self-titled CD on Frontiers Records in 2000 Teer became a fan favorite in the melodic rock genre.
Due to several factors Teer disbanded in 2001 abruptly ending the momentum they had created. In 2003 co-founding member Shane French resigned his position as guitarist of Circle II Circle, a band featuring Zak Stevens of Savatage fame. This set the stage for a Teer reunion. Teer reformed in early 2004 with original members Shane French and Nathan Boone (guitars), John Teer (drums) and Dan Michaels (vocals), and recruited a new bassist, Rob Devore.
Teer's new EP features their first new recordings in over 4 years. The first 100 pre-orders will be signed and buyers will be entered into a drawing for a Teer prize package.
The EP is available only through Teer's official website and at their live shows.
And Teer are pleased to offer a teaser MP3 from the EP. Sample: World Gone Insane.

There is an in depth interview with Stuart Smith from Heaven & Earth up at:
Also Stuart has been nominated for "Top Guitarist" at the L.A. All Access Music Awards along with Heaven & Earth for "Best Melodic Rock Group/Artist" and "Best Overall Album of the Year" To vote for Stu, please go to:

Charlie Sexton is playing himself in a new movie currently in post-production. The storyline of McCartney's Genes tells of an Austin rocker past the peak of his career overcomes fertility problems to conceive, but in the process causes problems for all around him. The movie also stars Guy Forsyth, Spencer Gibb and Charlie's brother Will Sexton. The information did not clearly spell out if Charlie's role was a primary one.

Aerosmith will release a live DVD from their Honkin' On Bobo 2004 tour. You Gotta Move is due for release in November and was filmed live at TD Waterhouse, Orland, Florida, on April 5, 2004. And first reports indicate that some versions will come with a bonus CD containing 6 live tracks.

Triumph will re-release the CDs of Allied Forces, Never Surrender, Stages and Thunder Seven via their own label TML on November 9. Distribution in North Americas is through ADA.

Gary Moore Live At Montreux 1990 is a DVD due to be released through Eagle Eye in November.

Queen On Fire At The Bowl is a 2CD and 2DVD set due for release in the UK October 25 and in the USA November 9. The press blurb reads as follows: "This double collection is from the band's 1982 concert at Milton Keynes Bowl. It captures perfectly one of the world's biggest rock acts at their performing peak - a full three years before their Live Aid masterstroke. Brimming with confidence, the tracks include a fast version of We Will Rock You, Now I'm Here, Save Me, the rarely performed Under Pressure, Roger Taylor's full-throttle punky Sheer Heart Attack and, of course, Bohemian Rhapsody."


Classic Rock Direct have a new release in their "Inside Series". Inside Rainbow - A Critical Review 1975-1997 is a 2DVD+Book set of the music of Rainbow tracing the entire career of the band from the heady days when the creative partnership of Ritchie Blackmore and Ronnie James Dio took the band to the very top of the rock world, to the final concerts on The Stranger In Us All tour.
This unique DVD uses rare footage of Rainbow on stage coupled with the incisive views of a leading team of music critics, working musicians and former Rainbow front man Doogie White to discover the influences, which shaped some of the greatest hard rock ever recorded. More information:




Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I caught up with Harem Scarem's Harry Hess this morning to chat about a few things. Harry is currently finishing up work on former Harem Scarem drummer Darren Smith's solo record. News on that shortly.
But my main interest today was in what we could expect from the next Harem Scarem album, writing and recording of which is already underway.
Harry is actually pretty excited about this release. He says he liked the Higher album, but really prefers Weight Of The World and can see something more in line that direction. And while the band never really writes or records the same album twice, Harry sees this next record getting much heavier and says it will be a more technical and complex record, with lots of heavy riffing. Pete has apparently been working with some new gear and will have a slightly different guitar sound too.
To summarize Harry says the band is "...really going out of their way to create something stunning..."
The guys expect to have recording finished by the end of January 2005.

Metal Hammer Magazine in the UK have scooped Motley Crue at their own announcement - releasing first details of a re-union tour that will see the classic line-up of Nikki Sixx (bass), Tommy Lee (drums), Vince Neil (vocals) and Mick Mars (guitar) together again.
The magazine announced via their website UK tour plans for mid-2005. The dates are:
Jun. 14 - Glasgow, UK @ SECC
Jun. 15 - Manchester, UK @ MEN
Jun. 17 - Cardiff, UK @ Int'l Arena
Jun. 18 - Birmingham, UK @ NEC
Jun. 19 - Wembley, UK @ Arena

Johnnie Degiuli has been signed to EMI Canada and his solo CD Songs In Dee will be officially available on November 9. The first single from this solo effort Out Here has been released and sent to radio. The indie release that is currently available on Johnnie's personal website at is selling quite fast. This limited edition is no longer in production and will become a collectors edition very shortly.

They've made it! Not only their debut Charade I saw a release in the Land of the Rising Sun in 1998, even the brand-new follow-up Charade II found a new partner for Japan. The long player will be released on December 12th on the well known Avalon label including the bonus-track Keep On Fighting (but the Japanese version of Charade II will not be a double-CD including I like the European edition which will be released on October 25th via Drakkar/BMG).
Angel Schleifer (guitar & songwriting) says "I never thought that we can do this a second time. You just have to take look at the bad market-situation. Therefore we have to be even more thankful to have this contract inked – this speaks for the trust and confidence all the guys at AVALON have in us."


The new Outland CD Long Way Home will be handled by Melodic Symphony In Europe, with exclusive distribution via Frontiers Records. A tentative release date of November 22 is set.

The Riverdogs have launched their new website, which includes samples of the three new tracks completed so far - World Gone Mad, Big Steel Town and Best Day Of My Life.

Cinderella's Tom Keifer has updated his website with news that he has finished the recording of his upcoming solo album and has moved to the mixing process. Tom has also recorded an acoustic version of Don't Know What You Got (Til it's Gone) for upcoming VH1 Immortal CD titled Stripped, which will include unplugged versions of power ballads from the 80's.

Bon Jovi's website is offering a full length streaming preview of the tracks The Radio Saved My Life Tonight and Why Aren't You Dead from the upcoming box set.

Y&T news! Dave and Phil are pleased to announce that they have wrapped up the UnEarthed, Volume 2 CD! This second in the UnEarthed CD series of CDs of previously unreleased Y&T recordings and demos should be available to ship sometime in mid-November. It's the perfect holiday gift for the Y&T fanatic! More info:

Press Release:
Throughout their infamous 20 year career, the mighty Anthrax has always prided themselves on being a band of the people, for the people and by the people. This being said and with 2004 being an election year, Anthrax have taken that ideal one step further with their upcoming release, The Greater Of Two Evils, an all out assault on their history with each song being voted on by their fans via the Internet.
Recorded "live" in the studio over the course of two days, The Greater Of Two Evils stands out, as guitarist Scott Ian puts it, "As a raw, balls out, and in your face representation of how brutal this band is, was, and will always be."
Covering their history from 1984 ­ 1990, The Greater Of Two Evils is made up of fourteen classic Anthrax songs the fans demanded by way of the thousands of votes from all over the world received on the band's official website, Based on those votes, the band entered Avatar studios in NYC one cold and snowy weekend last winter and took a trip back in time to revisit songs from their formative releases Fistful Of Metal (1984), Spreading The Disease (1985), Among The Living (1987), State Of Euphoria (1988), and Persistence Of Time (1990).
"It was just the five of us in a room ripping. It was intense," Ian continues, "like when we first wrote these songs and started playing them for the first time. Except now the songs have evolved after years of playing them live to where I wish they were when we first recorded them. Like good whisky, they've aged wonderfully. There's so much energy on this record. Busting the tracks out live in two days was definitely the way to do it. What's crazy is when I listen to it it's like I'm listening to it from outside the band because it's made up of all these old songs that we haven't played much over the years and I really only know the studio versions so when I hear John singing them, it's like I get to here it from your point of view if that makes any sense. And let me tell ya, John and Rob are killing on this."
"Our fans have been so loyal over the years that we wanted to give them something special," explains drummer Charlie Benante, "so we came up with the idea of letting them pick the songs for this album. Not to take away from our past, but ever since John has been in the band, people are always coming up to us and saying 'I wish you would re-record this' or 'I would love to hear John sing that,' so we did it and it came out great."
A point that lead singer John Bush expounds upon, "When I joined Anthrax 12 years ago we wrote and recorded Sound Of White Noise. Although, at that time, we felt we were going to play a lot of those tunes live, there was still a giant catalog of older songs for me to learn. From that time until now I've embraced those older songs like they were children of my own. Taking nothing away from the original versions, because they definitely stand tall on their own, it felt like a good idea to give the fans the choice if they wanted to hear new versions of these songs and which songs they wanted to hear the most. This is not an attempt to relive the past, just an attempt to kick 'em out with the 21st century line-up of Anthrax."
And kick 'em out they do. Well known songs like "Caught In A Mosh," "Madhouse," and "Indians," get the update as well as lesser know songs such as "Panic," "Gung Ho," and "Deathrider," with the latter getting the biggest over-haul. Charlie Benante explains "While we didn't want to deviate too much from the original recordings, we didn't want to be strapped to them either. There are a few changes here and there with "Deathrider" being the one that stands out the most. On our first album, Fistful Of Metal, that song is a blast from the beginning to the end, one speed, that's it. On the new version it's still fast, but we pull-up a bit in the verses going to half-time, which makes it heavier and flow better. No one will be disappointed…Trust me."
All the artwork for The Greater Of Two Evils was done by Shepard Fairey, the subterranean legend best known for his Andre the Giant inspired OBEY graphics. "We wanted something different this time out," says Benante who serves not only as drummer and songwriter but as the resident art director as well. "Our last two releases we used famed painter Alex Ross who did two unbelievable covers for us (2003's critically acclaimed We've Come For You All and their live DVD/CD Music Of Mass Destruction which was released earlier this year.), and we wanted to go in a slightly different direction. The cover is very 'flat,' in a good way, and the colors are striking. It will work great as the cover, in posters, t-shirts, whatever, it's just a cool image."
Anthrax hopes that The Greater Of Two Evils serves as a history lesson and a starting off point for the whole new generation of fans who were turned onto the band over the course of the last couple of years, something that was quite evident during their never-ending 2003-04 Music Of Mass Destruction World Tour. On that tour, which took them to virtually every continent on the planet including shows in Russia, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary, the members of Anthrax were noticing that their crowds were being made up of kids who were not old enough to be around when the previously mentioned Among The Living was released some years ago. "Its weird," says Benante, "when I talk to our fans I find myself amazed that we have made such an impact for all these years. When we first started we were kids with nothing to do who just wanted to play. The fact that we have been around for a generation and continue to play to thousands of kids all around the world 9 months out of the year, I would have never have believed it. I think this album brings it back full circle."
The CD is released November 23 via Sanctuary Records. Track Listing: Deathrider . Metal Thrashing Mad . Caught In A Mosh . A.I.R. . Among The Living . Keep It In The Family . Indians . Madhouse . Panic . I Am The Law . Belly Of The Beast . N.F.L. . Be All End All . Gung-Ho.


Press Release:
We are pleased to announce that Jurgen Blackmore (son of former Deep Purple/Rainbow guitarist Ritchie Blackmore) has just released an exciting EP of instrumental rock. The EP contains four tracks which will be part of a CD which is being worked on at full blast and will be finished by spring 2005. Here is what Jurgen had to say about his latest release:
"After a long break we are proud to present a brand new 4-track EP from our upcoming album. Because of the continuous positive responses on our first album from 1990 and the overwhelming mass of mails from our fans, I decided to bring out a new album. By my side I have my keyboarder and long-time friend Malte Rathke. To shorten the time of waiting, we put an extraction of 4 songs on the EP. With the music from JR Blackmore we try to open up a new dimension of rock. An instrumental work, which includes modern elements from different cultures besides classical and baroque influences, orchestral arrangements and groovy guitar riffs united in many different melodies. We both wanted to combine our love for melodic rock and classical music in a unique way. To all our fans who encouraged us to work on this project THANK YOU!"
The EP is currently only available though his website along with remixed edition of his previous album Still Holding On (remixed in 2003). You can also hear sound samples of the EP on the website.
Alongside this new project Jurgen is also busy working for his label "Musikerei" where he produces his albums and does commissioned works for everyone. Music for diverse occasions like birthdays, declarations of love or apologies; but also soundtracks or songs for bands or singers in any desired style. Please take time to visit

More new MP3s online today, with Mini-Bytes now available from: Evidence One, Meatloaf, Rick Knowles, Tal Bachman, Doro, Pryamaze, John Young Band and JR Blackmore.
And there is another CD Showcase update, with a special Million Showcase online highlighting the band's 4 previous albums, all re-issued in preparation for their new release Kingsize, due later this month. Also featured are two new Lion Music releases: Mistheria and Smeer.




Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Frontiers Records proudly announce they have signed a multi album worldwide deal with Nikolo Kotzev and Brazen Abbot! The first step of the new partnership will be the release of a Live CD / DVD package aptly entitled A Decade Of Brazen Abbot.
Following the release of the last Brazen Abbot studio album, the critically acclaimed Guilty As Sin, the band had for the first time the possibility to be embarked on a tour in Nikolo Kotzev's home country Bulgaria.
The shows held in Varna, Sofia and Plovdiv were both filmed and recorded by a professional crew and the result is the testament to a great tour with amazing shows and great performances by all.
The line up featured on the album and the DVD includes: Nikolo Kotzev on guitars; Joe Lynn Turner on vocals; Wayne Banks on bass; Lars Pollack on keyboards and Thomas Broman on drums.
The musical documentary on the DVD is 1 hour and 47 minutes long, featuring images and sound from the various concerts held, TV appearances as well as some older pictures and interviews with Nik and all the singers that were part of Brazen Abbot during the years (Jorn Lande, Glenn Hughes, Goran Edman and of course Joe Lynn Turner), apparitions on the Bulgarian TV and more!
The songs performed live on the DVD include: 1. Mr. Earthman, 2. Slip Away, 3. Supernatural, 4. Feeling Like A Rolling Stone, 5. Jamsession (Nik, Joe, Jeff Paris and Jorgen Carlsson) 6. Stone Cold, 7. Guilty As Sin, 8. I Surrender, 9. Can't Let You Go, 10. I'll Be Free, 11. One Life To Live, 12. Road To Hell.
The DVD will be released on the NTSC Region Free format.


Final track listing of the CD is instead: Intro; Mr. Earthman; One Life To Live; Slip Away; Guilty As Sin Part 1; Guilty As Sin Part 2; Supernatural; Keyboard solo; Can't Let You Go; I'll Be Free; I Surrender; Drum Solo; Road To Hell; Love Is On Our Side (studio acoustic bonus track).
Guitarist and producer Nikolo Kotzev had to say about the new venture: "I have a great pleasure to announce my new business relation with Italian label Frontiers Records. We will work together on quite a few of my future products - a DVD, a live CD, a new Brazen Abbot studio album and a brand new Rock Opera, which I have already started working on. The people in Frontiers are among the best professionals I've worked with and I am looking forward to a great future with the label as they are true lovers of rock music. I believe my new stuff will find a good home with them. We are already working on the first releases, so look around for new Brazen Abbot music with the Frontiers logo on!"
The DVD/CD-Audio release coincides with Brazen Abbot's ten year anniversary and will hit the streets worldwide on Frontiers Records on November 22nd 2004.


After receiving a number of requests for copies of the forthcoming Waysted Back From The Dead album with the two Japanese bonus tracks included, Majestic Rock Records have agreed with their Japanese distributor Art Union that a limited number of the Japanese version of the album can be made available directly from the Majestic Rock web site ( at a price of £13.99 inclusive of postage and packing anywhere in the world.
Majestic's Geoff Gillespie says: "Following a few comments that were made to me in the Noticeboard and some enquiries made directly to the label, we thought that it might be a good idea to try and broker something with our Japanese distributor. Luckily, as long as we keep it pretty limited, they don't have a problem with this."
The album, recorded in the Buckingham, UK & Detroit and Florida, USA and mixed in the UK by Robin George, is available in Europe on October 25th and Japan on November 10th.


Metal Heaven, sub-division of AOR Heaven, are happy to announce the signing of Swedish Melodic Metal act Cloudscape who already have gained a massive fan base in the underground during last couple of years!
Cloudscape, the self-titled debut album of the band, will hit the stores on January 31, 2005 and will be definitely something to look after for any fan of high versatile but catchy Swedish Metal. Cloudscape themselves perfectly describe their sound as 'melodic, semi-progressive, symphonic Heavy Metal'. The album was produced by Anders "Theo" Theander (Pain Of Salvation, Last Tribe, Pathos etc) and Pontus Lindmark at RoastingHouse Studios, Sweden.
Cloudscape are: vocals Micael Andersson; guitars Björn Eliasson; guitars Patrik Svärd (Second Heat); bass Hans Persson; drums Roger Landin (Second Heat).
Track list: As The Light Leads The Way . Under Fire . Aqua 275 . Witching Hour . In These Walls . Out Of The Shadows . Everyday is Up To You . Dawn Fury . Slave . The Presence Of Spirits . Scream . Losing Faith.


Michael Vescera talks about his new album Safe Haven: "I'm very excited to be able to work on this CD. It's a departure for me vocally from what I'm most known for, 'Metal'. In the vein of Journey, Foreigner, etc. it should surprise and excite my already die hard fans, and hopefully gain a large number of new ones. This CD will also show my appreciation for other styles of music. It will be great to work with Eric and the rest of Safe Haven and create what we hope will be a masterpiece. I'm also excited to work with MTM on this CD and hope for great success with everyone involved." Sample the album via the CD Showcase.

WildSide has inked a deal with RLS Records. Their 3rd disc The Wasted Years has an official street date of October 12th. The 14 track release includes various demos, a few live tracks and B-sides that did not make their 1992 Capitol Records debut Under the Influence. WildSide rose from the streets of Hollywood, and looked to have a lot of things on their side, but like many others, fell victim to the grunge wave. The band had played the circuit in various forms and eventually caught the eye of Barry Levine (Kiss, Motley Crue) who went on to manage the group.
UTI was produced by Andy Johns (Led Zepplin), was recorded at Eddie Van Halen's home studio (5150) and they even did some co-writes. The Clock Strikes (live version) which appears on The Wasted Years was penned with Paul Stanley (Kiss). Another stand out track Crash Diet sounds very Guns n' Roses like, and it should, it was an Axl Rose co-write with the late great song writer Wes Arkeen. Growing up in the valley guitarist Brent Woods took lessons from the late great Randy Rhoades (Ozzy/Quiet Riot) and his ripping skills show those lessons paid off. Woods had also done several years as the Lead Guitarist in The Vince Neil Band during the WildSide downtime. The band also released WildSide Wildside on TNT Records in 1995.
They have reunited with 4/5 of the original line-up. Drew Hannah (vocals), Brent Woods (guitars), Marc Simon (bass) and Jimmy Darby (drums) will do select re-union dates this fall. At press time they are scheduled to play Salt Lake City, Utah October 22nd & 23rd.
The Wasted Years - track Listing: Sintro . Hemi-Cuda . Easy as 1,2,3 . Crash Diet . City of Love . Dance - Swing . Sweet Little Sinner . Just Another Night (Demo) . Makin' You Bleed . Killing Machine . Hair of the Dog (Demo) . Kiss This Love Goodbye (Demo) . Dear God (Live @ Whisky-a-Go-Go) . The Clock Strikes (Live @ Summerfest-Milw.WI).

RLS Records is also proud to announce the first of a new series to be issued by the Indy label. The title is Kings of Sunset Strip - Volume 1. KOSS Vol.-1 has 3 tracks by each Angora (feat John Corabi - The Scream, Motley Crue, Union, Ratt), Jailhouse (feat ex. Rough Cutt members / Orgy, Neve), Tommi Gunn Produced by Toby Wright (Motley Crue, KISS, Korn), & Young Gunns (who later became WildSide). This will be hitting the streets November 2nd.
The Kings of Sunset Strip series will give the old school fan of the Hollywood scene a real treat. These tracks are originals recorded by the bands during their hey day and have now been taken from demo status to high end CD masters. These tunes will take the fans back to those nights of collecting flyers, hanging outside on the Gazzarri's wall and being a part of a time they will likely never forget. The Hollywood & Sunset Strip scene of the 80s was no doubt one of the greatest musical melting pots the world has ever known. The scene brought us Motley Crue, Van Halen, Poison, Ratt, Janes Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns n Roses, Warrant, LA Guns & dozens of others. But there were a lot of other bands as well. Very cool bands who sold out The Roxy, who headlined the Whisky-a-Go-Go, who played the world famous Cathouse, and helped shape the scene. Bands who ruled and once walked like Kings of the Sunset Strip. So, they too deserve a place on the CD shelf. Look for Kings of Sunset Strip - Volumes 1, 2 & 3.
Kings of Sunset Strip - Volume 1 - Track Listing: Angora - Shake-Shake . Angora - Weekend Love Affair . Angora - Jailbait . Tommi Gunn - Feel the Heat . Tommi Gunn - On the Road . Tommi Gunn - Sheila . Young Gunns - Sweet Little Sinner . Young Gunns - Dance-Swing . Young Gunns - City of Love . Jailhouse - Sweet Angel . Jailhouse - Stand Up . Jailhouse - Tell Me Why.

The Tuff DVDs are finally here. What comes around...Goes around - The Videos, Religious Fix - The Making of Videos, Decade of Distant Memories - 85/95 & a newer piece Rock n' Rarities combine for 6+ hours of footage in all. The first 2 are 60 minutes, while the 3rd & 4th are 120 minutes each. All DVDs & CDs are priced for individual sale, but there are also combo packs and Box Set choices as well. The Tuff CD/DVD Super Box Set includes 7 CDs & 4 DVDS and costs $ 125.00 (individually priced = $ 185.00). The TUFF CD/VHS Super Box Set includes 7 CDs & 3 VHS and costs $ 99.00 (individually priced = $ 150.00).
For more information on these releases please visit and


Scottish Melodic Rockers Cry Havoc are currently writing and recording the follow to the 2002 Chavis Records release Fuel That Feeds The Fire at their own studio in Glasgow. The band, Stevie A. Durrand (Vocals), Paul Logue (Bass) and Davey Harkness (Drums), now a three piece since guitarist Graham McLeod's departure in October 2002, are using the working title of Caught In A Lie for album number two. It sees the band carry on in the same vien with high octane guitar and vocals being the key ingredients to their sound.
The album is being produced by vocalist Stevie A. Durrand and will feature titles such as Waiting For You, Time Has Come, 22-11 a song penned about the death of Michael Hutchence and title track Caught In A Lie to name but a few.
The sound is very much what Cry Havoc is all about, but we've matured as songwriters and the material should appeal to fans of Tesla, Winger, Queensryche and Y&T. Album completion is scheduled for Spring 2005.
The group, currently without a record deal will concentrate all efforts on completing the record before talking to interested parties. No decision has been made on whether they will release it themselves or through a third party. Interested parties should contact CataLogue Media Service at

Updated CD Showcases for some big upcoming titles are now online! There are some seriously good tunes available amongst this lot, so click on the album covers to sample melodic rock at it's best! We have top rate AOR with Pride Of Lions, classic hard rock with Second Heat and Tak Matsumoto Group (Feat. Jack Blades and Eric Martin), and for those that prefer their sounds updated a little, some fine modern melodic rock from Fluid Sol (Feat. Mitch Malloy), Higher Ground and Plunge.

pride of lions - the destiny stonexxxfluid solxxxhigher ground-a thousand pieces

xxxplunge - hometown heroxxxsecond heat



Monday, October 11, 2004

I am very pleased to announce that will soon expand operations to include a specialized MP3 Digital Downloads Store!
MP3's @ will serve anyone wishing to offer their music for sale via authorized paid download.
There has been a building demand for authorized MP3 digital downloads from the Internet. A number of outlets run by major companies now do this successfully and some artists from the rock genre have embraced this.
But there still isn't a one-stop online portal dedicated to melodic music.
Rock music fans wishing to participate in authorized paid downloads deserve a dedicated system that will enable them to browse, pay and download; all with the knowledge that only artists representing our favourite genres will be featured. will be the home of the Digital Download Store and will be open for all to participate in. Set up and design continues and I hope to launch the new service sometime in November.

For some time I have been working towards establishing this and looking for the best way to run the store. There were a number of different paths I could have chosen to take, but those one I chose utilizes the Paypal system as its e-Commerce partner.
All transactions will go through Those with established accounts with Paypal will know what to expect, while others without accounts can quickly establish one by opting for the quick sign-up system.

The MP3 @ Store will be fully functional and will allow artists to choose whether to offer exclusive one-off songs, full albums, or a choice of tracks from within those albums for sale. In turn, users can make similar choices on what to purchase and download.
All details will follow a little closer to launch date.
I will be doing my best to minimize restrictions and conditions placed upon participating artists and shop users. Prices for downloads and all the finer details of the system are currently being arranged.
Unlike some of the major label run MP3 services, the files available from this store will be in no less than 192kbps quality. And all those purchasing full albums for download via the Store will also be sent a link to download the artwork for the release. The Store also offers those browsing through the site the opportunity to listen to 1 minute samples from all tracks featured.

While this is not likely to challenge iTunes for popularity, I am sure melodic fans will appreciate the opportunity to shop in an environment dedicated to rock music and with the support and co-operation of labels and artists; I hope to be able to provide a worthwhile service.
I expect to feature a number of independent artists that would otherwise not be able to offer their music via download.
To gain access to iTunes and other such major label run services, one has to be signed to a label. The Store is open to anyone that wishes to embrace the technology.

This is not a replacement for pressed CDs available from the great retailers and labels featured on this site. It's just an alternative way to reach fans, some of which would rather download or gain instant access to a particular track.

I will talk to the various rock labels over the next month to gauge their interest I participating in this proposal. I hope to use site resources to build the store into a sizeable catalogue of songs and albums. At this point in time it looks as if I will have a solid selection of titles and tracks available for the grand opening of the Store. What those artists and titles are will be announced soon.

Besides making site users aware of the upcoming store launch, another point of this advance press release is to invite any artists or labels interested in learning more about MP3s @ to contact me for more details.
Readers interested in commenting on the MP3 Digital Downloads Store; please use this E-Mail Link.
Artists & Labels interested in learning more details about the store; please use this E-Mail Link.

I look forward to hearing feedback and trust that readers will look forward to forthcoming updates!

Last week, rehearsals for Mike Tramp's upcoming European tour started in Copenhagen, Denmark. Mike welcomed guitar ace Lance Keltner aboard the Tramp-ship and they are having a great time. "This set will feature many songs I couldn't do on earlier tours and is also the longest set we have played so far.", says Tramp who is thrilled to have such a killer band. Attached photo shows the full band: Tramp, Claus Langeskov (bass), Keltner and Kasper Foss (drums).
This is the dates any other listings are incorrect. Tickets can be obtained in advance by contacting the venues or at the door.
Friday October 15, 2004 Kolding, Denmark Godset.
Saturday October 16, 2004 Sommersted, Denmark Banehuset.
Tuesday October 19, 2004 Hamburg, Germany Logo.
Wednesday October 20, 2004 Munich, Germany Garage.
Thursday October 21, 2004 Stuttgart, Germany Röhre.
Friday October 22, 2004 Berlin, Germany Quasimodo.
Saturday October 23, 2004 Bochum, Germany Matrix.
Sunday October 24, 2004 Uster, Switzerland Rock City.
Monday October 25, 2004 Frankfurt, Germany Nachtleben.
Tuesday October 26, 2004 Hellendoorn, Holland De Lantaarn.
Wednesday October 27, 2004 Verviers, Belguim Spirit of 66.
Thursday October 28, 2004 Paris, France Le Plan.
Friday October 29, 2004 London, England Underworld.
Saturday October 30, 2004 Sheffield, England Corporation.
Sunday October 31, 2004 Newcastle, England Trillians.
Thursday November 4, 2004 Copenhagen, Denmark Pumpehuset.
Saturday November 6, 2004 Vordingborg, Denmark Stars.


New Releases Out October 22:
MistheriaMessenger Of The Gods: Messenger Of The Gods, the debut release from Italy's premier keyboard player Mistheria is home to 12 tracks of epic neo-classically tinted progressive metal. The album is packed full of guest appearances including Rob Rock, Alex Masi, Anders Johansson, Barry Sparks, George Bellas, John Macaluso, Marcel Coenen and Thorbjorn Englund and many more. Messenger Of The Gods is sure to appeal to all fans that appreciate epic flair.
SmeerDischord: Canada's hottest new band Smeer follow up to their successful debut release Loud & Clear with Dischord. The album is a vibrant mix of bone crunching riffs and melodic vocals. Fans of original modern metal will feel right at home with Smeer's energy and expertly crafted songs reminiscent at times of Nickelback and Godsmack.
New Releases Due November 11:
Give Us Moore – A Tribute To Gary Moore: Gary Moore is the latest artist to be paid tribute to by Lion Music artists.
Joop WaltersSpeed, Traffic & Guitar Accidents: The lead guitarist of Arabesque returns with his second solo release on Lion Music.
ZelloFirst Chapter, Second Verse: A release full of elaborate themes, rich arrangements and sophisticated orchestration.
Releases Coming Soon:
Alex Masi - In the Name of Beethoven; Metal Majesty - 2005; James Byrd - Crimes of Virtuosity (reissue with bonus tracks); Iron Mask - Hordes of the Brave; Torben Enevoldsen - Flying Solo; Mike Terrana - Man of the World; Tony Hernando - III; Winterlong - Winterlong; Lalu - Oniric.
Studio News: Metal Swedish melodic hard rock sensation Dogpound are currently in the studio finishing their second album which will be released during the first quarter of 2005.
Tour News: House of Shakira will tour Spain in December in support of their latest album First Class. Expect re-issues of their first albums with bonus material during 2005.
New Signings: Spearfish (Sweden); Locomotive Breath (Sweden); Virus (Germany); Listeria (Italy).
For more information contact: Log into:

Liberty N' Justice wants to "invite you" to stop by where they have updates on the follow up All-star CD to Welcome To The Revolution. The site all so has hints on a couple of singers as well as the name of the new CD. The "new" CD is in a melodic hard rock and are very pleased at the way the CD is turning out. Starting to think about Christmas?

The official Domain website has been completely re-launched. In addition to new pictures; new advance soundfiles of the upcoming album Last Days Of Utopia, which will be released at Feb. 7, 2005, have been uploaded. There is also lots of news, and you have the chance to buy almost all Domain albums just by a few clicks at our "Legal Download" partners.

The new Fortune re-issue CD is now on general release and is now available at AOR Heaven and NEH Records, plus other melodic outlets.

Kofi Baker, son of Creem drummer Ginger Baker has his own drum school in Los Angeles, CA. Kofi Baker is currently playing in the rock fusion band, OHM, with former Megadeth guitarist, Chris Poland. More info at:

A new Aquila website has been launched at:

Classic rock artists Jethro Tull will be treating American audiences to a unique show this November at some of the finest performing arts centers in the Mid West and East Coast.
The band's show will be in two parts (or two acts, as many diehard fans appreciate the conceptual artistry of Tull.) The first part will feature acoustic works by the band. According to Ian Anderson, "Some familiar, some less so. Some never even played before at a theater near you!" There'll be some solo songs from Ian's recent collection, Rupi's Dance, as well as original and traditional Christmas tunes heard on The Jethro Tull Christmas Album.
Anderson explains the second part, "The electric 'Rock' set with, again, some material not yet played live. We have some lost delights from the Aqualung album to schedule into the shows like 'Hymn 43,' 'Slipstream' and 'Up To Me' - none of which ever has ever been played since the original recording in 1971." And the band will included even more seasonal tunes from the Tull Christmas Album.
Ian acknowledges that the song selection changes nightly "so there are always some surprises. Sometimes I even surprise myself."
Jethro Tull are singer/flutist/multi-instrumentalist Ian Anderson, guitarist Martin Barre, keyboardist/accordionist/multi-instrumentalist Andrew Giddings, bassist Jonathan Noyce and drummer/percussionist Doane Perry.
Tour dates are: November -
1 Des Moines, IA Civic Center of Greater Des Moines
3 Madison, WI with Willy Porter Overture Center for the Arts
4 Milwaukee, WI with Willy Porter Riverside Theatre
5 Toldeo, OH Stranahan Theatre
6 London, Ontario John Labatt Centre
7 Erie, PA Warner Theater
8 Stamford, CT Palace Theater
10 Ottawa, Ontario National Arts Centre
11 Montreal, Quebec Bell Centre
12 Quebec City, Quebec Grand Theatre
13 Orono, ME Maine Center for the Arts
14 Hampton Beach, NH Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
16 Verona, NY Turning Stone Casino Resort
17 Reading, PA Sovereign Performing Arts Center
18 Burlington, VT Flynn Center for the Performing Arts
19 Albany, NY Palace Theater
20 Providence, RI Providence Performing Arts Center
21 Indiana, PA Fisher Auditorium - IUP Campus

Just for the record - there could be a few small changes to the layout of the site as I have finally upgraded to a new monitor and in-line with changing standards, will design the site with a 1024 x 768 resolution in mind.




Friday, October 08, 2004

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of the brand new Thunder single I Love You More Than Rock n Roll for November the 8th 2004.
I Love You More Than Rock n Roll anticipates the release of the new LP entitled The Magnificent Seventh to be out in early 2005. The track listing of the single on Frontiers shall be:
I Love You More Than Rock n Roll (radio edit), Closer To The Fire (not on any album), Loser (acoustic) (not on any album), The Pride (taken from the forthcoming album The Magnificent Seven).
Sound samples of the songs included on the maxi single can be heard at
Continuing the positive partnership started with the release of Thunder's last full length album Shooting At The Sun, Frontiers will handle the release in Europe excluding the UK.


Great news from the Tesla camp: "We are very happy to announce that Tommy Skeoch is doing very well and will be rejoining us for the Scorpions/Tesla tour, beginning October 21st. We would like to thank all of our fans for their tremendous show of support during the last few months. We'd also like to extend a special thanks to Scott Johnson for filling in during Tommy's absence."

Los Angeles, CA - Outland's anxiously awaited second effort, Long Way Home will be released in Japan on October 21 via Avalon / Marquee. This time with ex. Mr. Big drummer Pat Torpey on board, Outland's principals Rob Nishida and Jeff Prentice have produced the follow-up to one of last year's best reviewed AOR releases Different Worlds.
The eleven tracks on Long Way Home retain all of the classic AOR elements that made Different Worlds one of 2003's melodic rock favorites, and shows some of their harder rocking tendencies on tracks such as Borderline and the Outland-ized cover of the Thin Lizzy classic, Hollywood.
Check out sound bytes for some of the new tracks in the Music section of Outland's website to see what the guys have been up to. Stay tuned for U.S. and European release dates for Long Way Home.
Stop by and for further information.


Perris Records is extremely proud to announce the release of the new Broken Teeth CD Blood On The Radio. Broken Teeth features Jason McMaster & Paul Lidel of Dangerous Toys fame. Blood On The Radio was recorded LIVE in 2004 in Austin, Texas and features 15 tracks spanning both studio albums "Broken Teeth" & "Guilty Pleasure". "Blood.." also features a brand new track called "Bonfire". Look for the release "Blood On The Radio" just in time for Halloween 2004!
Also, look for Broken Teeth on tour this fall with Stephen Pearcy & Joey Belladonna.CD was engineered by Chet Himes (Ted Nugent). Track Listing: 1. She's Gonna Blow 2. Pull the Plug 3. Stick it in 4. Chaingang 5. Devil Money 6. Hangin' by the Skin 7. Down to the Fire 8. High on Danger 9. Shangrila 10. She dances Evil 11. Bonfire (unreleased) 12. Undertaker 13. Crashlanding Affair 14. Guilty Pleasure 15. El Diablo.
CD cover and more details at

MR-X has had it's weekly update completed. Online today is a new Feature Album - a cult Aussie release by local melodic rockers 21 Guns (Not the Euro band) and a new Feature Single - the out of print Japanese EP from Giant It Takes Two, which features 4 radio edits and 3 live tracks.
Also online is one of the great acoustic live shows I have ever heard - Hall & Oates, Live Unplugged in Japan 1991, on their Acoustic Power tour. The track list for this great live show is: Out Of Touch, Say It Isn't So, Starting All Over Again, Change Of Season, She's Gone, One On One, Everytime You Go Away, Wait For Me, I Can't Go For That (No Can Do), Maneater, So Close, Private Eyes, Rich Girl, What's Goin' On, When Something's Wrong With My Baby.
And 5 new videos are online for: Little Angels - I Ain't Gonna Cry, Michael Monroe - Man With No Eyes, Neal Schon - Big Moon, The Law - Laying Down The Law and Gun - Higher Ground.
This is also your last chance for the awesome HSAS Live in San Jose 1983 Video download and those two classic out of print Tommy Denander albums!
MR-X Membership Details.

Last year I did an extensive interview with legendary record producer Andy Johns. Sadly there was no time until now to get it organized and typed out (thanks to my good mates Ron & Don Higgins for the hard yards there...). Andy talks candidly about some of his experiences over the years, sharing some stories about working with Van Halen, Eddie Money, Rod Stewart, Led Zeppelin, Cinderella and even The Rolling Stones.
Check it out and let me know how you enjoy it!

Next week - more of those reviews I have been working on. Only got a few up this week. That Jeff Scott Soto Oz tour write up will finally be up for those hanging out to read that and a ton of MP3s are waiting to be uploaded too.
One last thing - tune in Monday for that big site announcement - I didn't quite get the press release fine tuned in time for printing today.




Thursday, October 07, 2004

Quiot Riot, the band who introduced the world to their groundbreaking #1 selling album Metal Health, are back after an eighteen month absence. Driven by vocalist Kevin DuBrow, powered by drummer Frankie Banali, both Quiot Riot founding members, the band is now fueled by longtime QR contributing bassist Chuck Wright and energized with Beautiful Creatures' guitarist Alex Grossi to bring you their prescription for Metal Health.
Quiot Riot have entered into an equitable and legal agreement with bassist Rudy Sarzo, now with Dio, making it possible for the continuation of the group. Former guitarist Carlos Cavazo has chosen not to participate. Everyone concerned wishes each other continued success.
Quiot Riot will be releasing their first ever official live CD Quiot Riot Live & Rare in January 2005. It will include tracks from their 1983 Metal Health tour and the 1984 Condition Critical tour as well as three rare 1981 "demo" tracks for their Metal Health release.


Sound samples for the new Thunder single I Love You More Than Rock 'N' Roll and all B-sides are now online at
Clips of the following tracks are now available in Windows Media and Real Player formats:
I Love You More Than Rock 'N' Roll, The Pride, Closer To The Fire, Love's An Easy Word To Say and Loser (Acoustic Version).
Pre-order the singles now at:

Demolition Records, an independent record company in the UK, are very pleased to announce they now have distribution in Japan through Art Union and will be releasing domestic versions of their newest titles from November.
The label boasts an impressive array of metal acts including their latest signing Twisted Sister. They intend to release a minimum of two titles per month which would include bonus tracks for Japan only.
The label also has it's own metal broadband TV show called Detonator TV, featuring video clips, interviews and shows filmed by and available exclusively to Demolition Records. Detonator TV is accessible through Demolition's homepage at A Japanese version of the Homepage will be available soon.
The first two releases will be available from November 11th & November 18th; namely Twisted SisterStill Hungry and FistStorm.
The Twisted Sister album is a re-recording of their classic album 'Stay Hungry' and will feature as a bonus track for Japan, a thirty minute video interview with Dee Snider and Mark Mendoza from their reunion show in London earlier this year.

It seems EMI Records is re- releasing the first two Vixen albums Vixen and Rev It Up. Both albums have been long out of print and are tentatively scheduled for a November 2 release. ArtistLink: has pictures and video from one of the latest Whitesnake shows.

Guitar shred fans have a new axe-slinger to check out. Find her at:

A new online radio station for classic rock can be found at:

A brand new interview with Dennis Churchill-Dries of White Sister/Tattoo Rodeo is now online at The Fuze. In it, Dennis discusses the origins of White Sister, the changes the band went through, and the band's legacy in melodic rock circles. Check it out at

Jamie Rowe is heading to Columbia of all places for a series of solo dates. They are:
NOV. 03 Pereira Miercoles; NOV. 04 Ibague Juev; NOV. 05 Cali Vier; NOV. 06 Bogota Sab; NOV. 07 Medellin Dom.

One of Australia's hottest melodic rock acts Red Circle take to the stage this Saturday night in support of Electric Mary who is Erwin Thomas (Jack Jones) and Rusty Brown from Mr Brown.
The gig is at the Duke of Windsor Hotel and is expected to be a sellout! Door open around 8pm and Red Circle will hit the stage with a full show at 10.30 to introduce the new line up and new songs.

Morten from Rock Power in Copenhagen e-mailed in with a report from the U.D.O. gig last night in Copenhagen:
"U.D.O. played a fantastic show in Copenhagen´s "Small Vega" club last night in front of just 200 people. This was their first show in Denmark since the farewell show of Accept in 1996. The band were in absolute top form performing for just about 2 hours. Just check out this amazing setlist:
Thunderball - The Bullet And The Bomb - Metal Heart - Living For Tonite - Independence Day - Pull The Trigger - Love Child - Drum solo - Metal Eater - Restless And Wild - Son Of A Bitch - Blind Eyes - Neon Nights - Man And Machine - Guitar solos - Midnight Highway - Up To The Limit - Animal House - Balls To The Wall - Holy - I´m A Rebel - Princess Of The Dawn - Fast As A Shark."

MTV reports that Mötley Crüe guitarist Mick Mars is recovering after undergoing hip-replacement surgery on Tuesday.
"Mars, 53, has been suffering from a chronic degenerative illness, ankylosing spondylitis, for some time and underwent the surgery to ease the pain of the damaged joint, according to his spokesperson.
"The surgery went extremely well," Mars' surgeon Dr. Brad Penenberg said following the operation. "I expect him to be walking with the help of a physical therapist as early as Wednesday morning."
Individuals afflicted with Mars' illness suffer from a fusing together of some or all joints and bones of the spine. The affected area becomes inflamed and some of the bone may erode, but only about six percent of sufferers of the disease need to undergo hip-replacement surgery. The illness cannot be cured but the pain can be minimized with anti-inflammatory drugs, according to the National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society.
A spokesperson for the group was optimistic about Mars' recovery from surgery. "Mötley Crüe are a gang of musicians that climbed the mountain of rock to success," Allen Kovac, CEO of Tenth Street Entertainment, said in a statement. "A healthy Mick Mars gives hope to all those who love one of rock's most passionate and aggressive bands."

Having toured the world as David Lee Roth's band and appeared on his Diamond Dave CD, The Hideous Sun Demons will release their self-titled debut album of all instrumental tracks. From very structured pieces to wide open jams, The Hideous Sun Demons cover a vast array of styles.
Formed by longtime Roth drummer, Ray Luzier, the band began to take shape when Japanese guitarist, Toshi Hiketa, was brought on board. DLR bassist, James Lomenzo, became interested in the project and the three players began to write material together.
Each member has recorded extensively with household names from the world of rock 'n' roll. In addition, they have all been involved as music instructors at prestigious music schools such as GIT, Osaka School Of Music and PIT.
With a love of classic science fiction and horror movies, The Hideous Sun Demons have vowed to stake their claim in the musically high tech world inhabited by such musical super heroes as Liquid Tension Experiment, Niacin and Bozzio Levin Stevens. As a result the group naturally gravitated to Magna Carta as their musical home.

Artrock band Alias Eye from Germany will support Saga during their German part of the upcoming European tour the band will do in November. No less than 16 shows are confirmed, a perfect way for Alias Eye show their talents for a bigger audience. The band will do 2 warm-up gigs before the tour, on October 16 they will play in Germany, in Reichenbach (the venue is called Bergkeller). On 23 October Alias Eye will do their only show in The Netherlands, the band will play in the basement of Sjiwa in Baarlo (capacity 250 people), and the entrance will be free.

Time again to add your reviews for some new titles. New Interactive Reviews are online for: James Chrstian / Meet The Man, Shadows Fade / Shadows Fade, Europe / Start From The Dark, Glenn Hughes / Soulfully Live In The City Of Angels and don't forget to add feedback on Volume 2 / The Beast Inside - all feedback welcomed!




Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I am very pleased to offer a few more previews from the upcoming Pride Of Lions album The Destiny Stone, which is bound to feature atop of many Best Of 2004 lists.
Jim Peterik and Toby Hitchcock have taken the blueprint from the debut Pride Of Lions release and constructed a follow-up release that is every bit as enjoyable as the classic debut, while also moving forward and creating a more intense record that will send these guys right over the top!
Download: Born To Believe In You, Second Hand Life and Light From A Distant Shore.


Majestic Rock Records have announced final details of their October 25 releases.
The priority release is Million's new studio release Kingsize. After three years away from the scene, Gothenburg, Sweden's Hard Rock monsters Million return with their highly anticipated fifth studio album. With a new label and new management under their belts, things are looking good for the band…and they have delivered their finest album to date! Recorded in Gothenburg, the album is pure hard rock, steeped in the very finest traditions of the genre. Lovers of classy European melodic hard rock will find much to admire here!
Anyone who bought the excellent 2004 EP will already know On And On and Fight You Forever. Now, prepare to get up close and personal with classic hard rock tracks like Eyes Of A King, Rock n' Roll Nation and Those Eyes. Make no mistake, these are the finest songs the band has ever written!
Expect the press reaction to this album to be extremely positive, as the 2004 EP has given everybody some idea of what to expect. You can also expect to see the band out on tour in support of this new album…
Full track listing: Eyes Of A King . Room No.3 . On And On . Zombies . Killing The Messenger . Backdoor Queen . Rock N' Roll Nation . Forbidden Fruit . Fight You Forever . Prison Of Power . Those Eyes.

Waysted return to recording duty October 25 with their new studio album Back From The Dead.
Rising phoenix like from the ashes, Waysted return to active duty in 2004 with the comeback record to end all comeback records! Back From The Dead is explosive and exciting, hard rocking and joyous. With the classic bad boys club of Pete Way, Paul Chapman and original vocalist Fin back together…you know it's gonna be fun!
Recorded in the USA and the UK and mixed by AOR demi-God Robin George, this is that rare beast – a reunion album that was well worth the wait!
Track Listing: Lost In Cleveland . Garden Of Eden . The Alternative . I'm Gonna Love Ya . Breakfast Show . Must B More 2 It Than This . Price Of Love . Dreams.
The Japanese version of the album - available through Majestic Rock Japan - will contain two bonus cuts in the shape of covers of UFO's No Place To Run and The Wild, The Willing And The Innocent.

Originally released in 1982, Shiva's [not the Swedish band] debut album for Heavy Metal Records Firedance is widely regarded as a NWOBHM classic. Now, twenty-two years later, comes the band's follow up release Continuance.
Culled from the recordings that were begun for the band's proposed second album for Heavy Metal Records and demos recorded at various times during that period, the album shows the band's vaguely Rush styled hard rock in it's best possible light. Shiva were a class apart from the average NWOBHM act – and this album proves it!
Track Listing: Power Of Persuasion . Not There . Eden (Silent Running) . Burning Bridges . Cut Me To The Quick . Questions . Ring Of Fire . Window On The West . The Runner . The Gallery . Thief . En Cachent.


Dennis DeYoung has signed with Rounder Records for a wide release of his The Music of Styx Live with Symphony Orchestra release. The 2CD set was previously available via his website, but is now in stores thanks to the new deal.
The brief label press release reads: "Dennis DeYoung, singer, songwriter, keyboardist and founding member of Styx, presents the Music of Styx Live with Symphony Orchestra, recorded live at the Historic Chicago Theatre. The CD features Dennis DeYoung with a 40 piece symphony orchestra and special guest the Voices of the Chicago Children's Choir. This 2 CD set is a retrospective of Dennis De Young's career and includes 3 brand new songs.
More info and a track listing at:


Twisted Sister have re-recorded their break through Stay Hungry album for Spitfire Records and re-titled it Still Hungry. The new track listing is: Stay Hungry . We're Not Gonna Take It . Burn In Hell . Horror-Teria: Captain Howdy Street Justice . I Wanna Rock . The Price . Don't Let Me Down . The Beast . S.M.F. . Never Say Never . Blastin' Fast & Loud . Heroes are Hard to Find.


Michael Schenker Group will release a new live DVD October 26. This DVD features the recording of MSG supreme performance at Metalmania Festival 2004. The track list includes highlights of all stages of Schenker's career: from UFO hits, through MSG classic tracks, to his solo compositions. It also includes a 25 minute interview in which Michael talks about his whole career. The first 3000 units will be packaged with a free full length CD!

The CD Release Dates page has received a substantial update, with many titles added, shuffled and edited. Check it out.

Change of Phone Number! PLEASE NOTE - There has been a slight change to my contact phone number. Please call: Within Australia - 03 6229 3110 From Overseas - +61 3 6229 3110.




Tuesday, October 05, 2004

MTM are not releasing anything in December, but the new year is waiting with some great releases. Here is a short recording / release update:
Former Push singer Martie Peters already finished his debut solo album MPG - Martie Peters Group which will be scheduled in January 31st worldwide. He will perform a few shows together with Mike Tramp in Denmark in October.
The Greenhouze album which was already announced for November is now scheduled for mid January / February.
Shy finished their new album Sunset And Vine and the band has the mastering date this Wednesday so that the album is ready to be released most probably in early February. Check out the new MTM Compilation Volume 10 which features a new Shy song!
After the re-release of the Zeno cult debut Zeno, his brand new album Zenology II is already recorded and the release will be parallel to the Japanese release date.
Also scheduled for early 2005 - Seven Wishes Destination Alive, Novak Forever Endeavour, Brunorock Interaction and the new Edge Of Forever album Let The Demon Rock 'N' Roll is already recorded and Bob Harris will do the vocals late October.
This album is produced by Bobby Barth who will do another great production! This album should be ready for a release in May 2005. More news soon.

Heartplay talk about their brand new release Where The Deadends Meet:
Kimmo Blom and Sakari Salli: "The whole project started actually last year when our first album gained some attention. This brought us together after a few years silence. Sakari had already some musical ideas waiting for the right context. When the details concerning our deal were settled we started the pre-production in Sakari's studio. Basically we "jammed" the songs throwing ideas in and arranged them following our instincts and not being tied to some certain style or genre. This is the general idea behind Heartplay. We want to explore our musical ideas wherever it might lead us, take for example Silhouettes.
Recording itself went smoothly and was mainly a great fun. The songs really started to fly and we seemed to have a mutual understanding how each song should be played. Speedy Saarinen (our recording and mixing engineer) really did an excellent job given the time he had.
There's plenty of emotional variety on this album, from a straight forward rock to deeper moods. Every song stands on its own and has certain edge. No fillers on this album!!! The title is about standing in the crossroad and being able to get another chance to start over again". Helsinki, October 2004.
Some signed Heartplay booklets are available on:

Due out from MTM in November is the following three releases:


To coincide with the release of Soulfully Live In The City Of Angels on CD and DVD Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple) and Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) will be playing a string of dates in the U.K:
3rd Dudley - JB s; 4th Bradford - Rio s; 5th Sheffield - Leadmill; 7th Edinburgh - Liquid Rooms; 9th Norwich - Waterfront; 10th Northampton - Roadmender; 11th Nottingham - Rock City; 13th London - Mean Fiddler
The album and DVD feature versions of Purple classic's Mistreated, You Keep On Movin and Gettin Tighter as well as Hughes / Thrall's First Step Of Love plus Seafull and Medusa from Glenn's Trapeze days and songs from last years Songs In The Key Of Rock.
Far from simply guesting on the album and tour Chad Smith has been involved in the writing, arrangements and production of the releases and his enthusiasm and commitment has been pivotal in making this U.K. only tour a reality. Chad is looking forward to playing great shows in (by his standards) unusually intimate venues. He also drums throughout on the upcoming Glenn Hughes album Soul Mover (Released on Frontiers in early 2005).
Also appearing on the title track of Glenn's new album is Dave Navarro (Jane's Addiction / Red Hot Chili Peppers) and a video has been filmed featuring the trio in the California desert. Via his website, Navarro described Soul Mover as: "It's killer with a kind of harder Lenny Kravitz vibe to it..."
Glenn, Chad and John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers) recently recorded a phenomenal version of Nights In White Satin. This amazing song features one of Glenn's greatest ever vocals. Both this song and the track Soul Mover have been mixed by world famous engineer Jim Scott (Audioslave / Red Hot Chili Peppers).
Glenn has also recently appeared at the L.A. premiere of We Will Rock You along with Brian May & Roger Taylor of Queen and Steve Lukather of Toto.

Following the excellent press and fan responses after the release of Lost In The Translation, Jeff Scott Soto spoke about the songs included on his brand new album:
Believe In Me - This 1 is about having someone you can truly trust in a world where it's difficult to find. It's also about letting your guard down with someone new after coming out of a bad relationship.
Soul Divine - This 1 is about not realizing what one has until it s gone. Sometimes in life we take for granted how good things really are & stop working to make it grow, but once you lose it, you realize the grass is NEVER greener on the other side.
Drowning - This 1 is about being a very controlled, imprisoning relationship where the partner gives no room to walk or breathe.
If This Is The End - This is about a relationship that has inevitably come to an end, yet there seems to always be reason found not to completely close the book.
Lost In The Translation - This is about an offering to so many woman in society today just looking to have fun without commitment. The lyrics vow no need to worry about falling in love or getting attached. Pure fantasy.
Doin Time - This is about the sexuality & the love combined, the animalistic side of a loving relationship.
High Time - This is a subtle lyric about escaping the stranglehold of drugs. I wrote it about so many I've known & seen addicted to substances but finally broke free from it.
Beginning To End - This 1 was written as a tribute to all the men & woman who have recently left their loved ones for the call of duty. So many years I can only relate leaving home to tour with a band so the emotions in this are 1000 times harder when there's a chance you may never see each other again.
On My Own - This is about not putting up with someone's lies anymore, finally breaking away to live a normal life.
Find Our Way - This is about losing your way, your faith in life & love, about reaching for someone to help you come back to the innocence you once knew as a child when everything was easier & happier.
Sacred Eyes - This 1 is about escaping with your partner to another world, a paradise that only exists in dreams, a getaway from the dark realities we live everyday.
Dulce Lady - This 1 is another sexuality lyric that just gets to the point in what everyone wants every once in a while.

As hoped, vocalist Michael Bormann did touch base with me regarding his split with Jaded Heart. It seems tension has been present for a little while now and the issue to bring things to a head was a dispute which arose from the rest of the band registering the rights for the band's name and logo without Michael's knowledge.
Here is a few comments about the split and his future to come:
"Well, it is true with Jaded. I thought after 14 years, that we're friends... They saved the rights and the logo on the name Jaded Heart, behind my back..... What can I say? I broke my arm (they didn't even believe that) and I was out....
Anyways, at the moment I am fixing my new studio, which will be done by tomorrow. Right after I'll record my 2nd solo-album and then I have to produce 3 bands in my studio. So, until March I'll be very busy...There's gonna be a new Rain album next year, too. We've written a couple of songs, but we're not done yet."

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was been interviewed by host Dave Fanning on 2FM Radio in Ireland last Friday, stating for the record that the band will indeed release a covers album - a 14 track collection of hits from the 70's. The album is due in April/May 2005.

100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong... (Island Def Jam/UMe), released November 16, 2004, is a "thinking outside the box" box set from one of the most popular and successful bands in rock.
Another landmark in Bon Jovi's history of pioneering events, the mammoth four-CD, 50-song collection (plus a DVD) is not a greatest hits collection but instead is comprised largely of previously unreleased recordings from the band's vast archive--in other words, the band's "greatest hits you never heard."
Along with the 38 tracks that make their debuts are a dozen rarities from around the world. The earliest songs hail from 1985, the latest from 2003. Yet each CD was sequenced by the band as a complete album experience rather than chronologically.
Also included is a bonus DVD featuring exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. In addition, the hardbound collector's box set package boasts a 64-page booklet with rare photos, fan testimonials, exclusive interviews, and personal content from the band.
Marking the 20th anniversary of the band's debut album, 100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong... is the group's first box set and, in typical Bon Jovi fashion, breaks new ground.
Whereas most such packages recycle a greatest hits album and add a few previously unreleased bonuses, this collection offers fans the chance to discover their own never before released favorites by presenting dozens of songs that, for whatever reason, never made an album. Typically, this prolific band records upwards of 30 songs for an album; matters of time, style and personal preference often result in difficult choices. In fact, Jon Bon Jovi jokes that he would make a poor A&R exec because he wanted to leave what turned out to be a monster hit, Livin' On A Prayer, off the landmark album Slippery When Wet.
The full box set track details are as follows:
CD 1: 1. Why Aren't You Dead? Previously Unreleased . 2. The Radio Saved My Life Tonight Previously Unreleased . 3. Taking It Back Previously Unreleased . 4. Someday I'll Be Saturday Night (Demo) Demo; Previously Unreleased (Final Version Included On' Cross Road' Album) . 5. Miss Fourth Of July Previously Unreleased . 6. Open All Night Previously Unreleased . 7. These Arms Are Open All Night Previously Unreleased . 8. I Get A Rush Previously Unreleased . 9. Someday Just Might Be Tonight Previously Unreleased . 10. Thief Of Hearts Unreleased Studio Track (Live Version Available Only On TLFR DVD – Audio Never Released) . 11. Last Man Standing Unreleased Studio Track (Live Version Available Only On TLFR DVD – Audio Never Released) . 12. I Just Want To Be Your Man Previously Unreleased.
CD 2: 1. Garageland Previously Unreleased . 2. Starting All Over Again Released As A Bonus Track In Japan Only On 'Keep The Faith' Album . 3. Maybe Someday Previously Unreleased . 4. Last Chance Train Previously Unreleased . 5. The Fire Inside Previously Unreleased . 6. Every Beat Of My Heart Previously Unreleased . 7. Rich Man Living In A Poor Man's House Previously Unreleased . 8. The One That Got Away Previously Unreleased . 9. You Can Sleep While I Dream Previously Unreleased . 10. Outlaws Of Love . Previously Unreleased . 11. Good Guys Don't Always Wear White Released On The Soundtrack To The Motion Picture 'The Cowboy Way' . 12. We Rule The Night Previously Unreleased.
CD 3: 1. Edge Of A Broken Heart Released On The Motion Picture Soundtrack To 'Disorderlies'; Also Released As A B-Side) . 2. Sympathy Previously Unreleased . 3. Only In My Dreams (Featuring Tico Torres On Vocals) Previously Unreleased . 4. Shut Up And Kiss Me Previously Unreleased . 5. Crazy Love Previously Unreleased . 6. Lonely At The Top Released As A B-Side Singles From And On Special 2-CD Edition Of 'These Days' Album . 7. Ordinary People Released As A B-Side From The 'Crush' Album . 8. Flesh And Bone Previously Unreleased . 9. Satellite Previously Unreleased . 10. If I Can't Have Your Love (Featuring Richie Sambora On Vocals) Previously Unreleased Solo Track . 11. Real Life Released On The Motion Picture Soundtrack To 'Edtv' . 12. Memphis Lives In Me (Featuring David Bryan On Vocals) Previously Unreleased; From The Musical Production 'Memphis' . 13. Too Much Of A Good Thing Previously Unreleased.
CD 4: 1. Love Ain't Nothing But A Four Letter Word Previously Unreleased . 2. Love Ain't Nothing But A Four Letter Word (Demo) Previously Unreleased . 3. River Runs Dry Previously Unreleased . 4. Always (Demo) Demo; Previously Unreleased (Final Version Included On 'Cross Road' Album) . 5. Kidnap An Angel Previously Unreleased . 6. Breathe Released As A B-Side From Bounce Album; Released On The Target Exclusive CD In The US 2003 . 7. Out Of Bounds Previously Unreleased . 8. Letter To A Friend Previously Unreleased . 9. Temptation Released As A B-Side On Singles From The 'Crush' Album . 10. Gotta Have A Reason Previously Unreleased . 11. All I Wanna Do Is You Previously Unreleased . 12. Billy Previously Unreleased . 13. Nobody's Hero Previously Unreleased.
Disc 5 - DVD. Released November 16.

Straight Wired lead vocalist Larry Cooly talks about the tracks that make up the new release out now through Kivel Records.
Wasting Away - The war between greed and a more peaceful and environmentally safe universe. We're wasting away and destroying mother earth as a result. I wanted to express our disgust with political and governmental decisions in the world today.
Gently - This song is not the typical generic type love song. "Do we believe in love like we believe in fantasy" -This line describes how our actions do not reflect what we preach. The song is an escape from reality. "Gently she whispers" - SHE is whatever you want her to be. This song has become a big favorite with a lot of people and is always a pleasure to do live, for both the band and the fans.
Carat Jam - The title came out of a rehearsal one night. We use to rehearse in this building in New Rochelle NY, directly across from a 24-hour A&P Supermarket. One night Scott bought a bag of baby carrots to munch on. That night, Scott created the bass line heard at the top of the song. He played that line and the rest of the band came jamming in. Hence, "Carrot Jam". Shortly after, I wrote the lyrics based on a solidly imagined fictional relationship going through a crisis at the engagement stage - the "Carat diamond". Live, this song has A LOT of energy.
High On You - This song was created in the same way as we came up with "Carat Jam." Scott's bass line you hear at the top of the song laid down the foundation, and we were able to build off of it from there. The lyrics were written for the reader to interpret anyway they'd like. With just a hint of sexual fantasy.
Walk Alone - This song was written out of my compassion for a good friend, who lost his father at a young age from cancer. This is my sentiment to him through his struggle in dealing with the loss of his beloved father.
Color My World - The band's personal favorite! It's a message to people. A message that we believe is not taught or supported strongly enough. If we were to put more education and effort into understanding one another, and accepting each other's beliefs and values. Then there would be more understanding and respect, and less fighting or war. Ultimately a more peaceful world- ethnocentricity and prejudice breeds hate and war. The songs message inspired the albums artwork. A young boy coloring a world full of different people on a chalk board in a empty classroom, the whole time not seeing the GREY sky around him. All he sees is a world full of COLOR.
I'm Away - "I can stay, I'm away" - the song describes the insanity in getting over a relationship. It is based off anyone's first love and long relationship coming to an end.
Those Days - This song is based on a true story of my first heartbreak. "Did you realize you replaced all the lines that you used to refuse to believe in." Basically, everything she claimed to believe in, she proved the opposite by leaving me on Valentine's Day for a rich man. Hey, at least a good song came out of it, right?
Johnny - This song was written for every artist that refuses to lose faith, and continually follows his or her dream. Some say I wrote this one about myself. A fun fact about this song, one night on Bleecker Street in Greenwich village NY. We set up in the middle of Bleeker Street and started playing Johnny. It wasn't long before we had had a nice size crowd filling the street and singing the words. Also shutting down traffic in the process! It's another fave song for us to play live and always goes over well.
Do I Do - A story from the point of view of a blue-collar husband and an overworked housewife, faced with financial struggles, who are just trying to "get by" in life.
Airplane - When we started this album, Kivel Records felt that the other song we had in place didn't really fit and that the album was missing that "ballad" hit. After demoing this song and giving it to the label, they loved it and said it had to be tracked for the album. This song holds a special place for me and I was very happy to see it make the album. I wrote this song for my friend Andy (God rest his soul). This is my expression of accepting a tragic death. "Every beginning is in every end." In some ways he is more alive to me now than ever.
Turn You On - This one almost didn't make the album! It is another song that to my surprise after playing for the label, they fell in love with it instantly. They said it was a bit different from their customer base usual tastes, but couldn't ignore how infectious it was and had to include it on. Simply put… it's about turning "ON" someone, who may not see the sexual or passionate potential the two can have together. We ended our set recently doing this song opening for Ted Poley of Danger Danger. This song goes over very good with the crowd, and takes on a whole new life when performed live.

McQueen Street are planning a new enhanced McQueen Street 2 CD. The disc will include new packaging, full lyrics, 2 never released bonus tracks and the full length music video of Money, which appeared on MTV. Meanwhile there is also a plan to reform live for a December 2004 concert in Alabama.

WildSide are returning to active duty for a release titled The Wasted Years, a 14 song CD which will pair rare b-sides with a range of unreleased tracks from sessions for a never finished second album. Tracks included are: Crash Diet . Hair of the Dog (demo) . Kiss This Love Goodbye . Easy as 1,2,3 . Dance Swing . City Of Love (haven't heard) . Sweet little Sinner . Hemi Cuda . Killing Machine . Clock Strikes (Live) . Dear God (Live).

Arena is currently promoting their first album which has been out in Germany for a couple of weeks now. Hal also continues to work on writing songs for the Eurovision Song Contest and the very first Bad Habit DVD! WebLink:


A few updates from Japan:
Megadeth's The System Has Failed release will contain the video clip for Die Dead Enough and is packaged with a bonus CD slipcase.

Casanova's All Beauty Must Die album contains one bonus track for their October 21 release.

Evidence One will release their brand new album Tattooed Heart October 21 with the bonus track Wall Of Lies.


The Ian Gillan Band releases Clear Air Turbulence and Scarabus are available in limited edition paper sleeve releases from October 20.

Billy Sheehan will release his brand new solo album Cosmic Troubadour on November 3 in Japan. The album is preceded by a single - Toss It On The Flames, due October 6, which will include two additional non-album tracks: A Million Tears Ago and Within An Inch.


The Hollywood Rose release - which features the few original demos from the band that pre-dated LA Guns and Guns N Roses - gets a more value added release in Japan. This version will also include a Japan-only DVD (Region 2) containing previously unseen footage. The limited edition is out October 20.

Stevie Salas is back with another new release - albeit for Japan only this time around. The Soulblasters of the Universe Cosmic Fluties A Party Mix for Underdog (yes, that is the title) is a Japan-only collection of remixed and remastered funk tunes. 14 tracks including two brand new tracks (Pumpin' It Up and Spanish Castle Magic), with two CD-Extra promotional clips (Soulblaster and Break It Out). It's released November 17. Full track listing: Pumpin It Up . Free Up . The Grooveline . Break It Out . Soul Ecstasy . Soulblaster . Body Slamm 2001 Intro . Body Slamm 2001 . Born To Mack . What Do I Have To Prove My Love To You . Dogboy Blues . Ralo`s Boogie . The Harder They Come . Good To Your Earhole . Spanish Castle Magic . Soulblaster . Break It Out.

Aussie metallers Dungeon have their new (fourth) studio album ready to go. One Step Beyond gets it's initial released in Japan, with one bonus track on November 25.

Press Release:
Damned Nation have finished the recording of the new album Sign Of Madness, the 4th of their career. It took something like 1 year and a half in order to get this completed, due to many studio problems and difficulties. But everything comes to an end and the result of Sign Of Madness is amazing!
Produced by the father of the Swedish Death Metal sound Mr. Tomas Skogsberg, Sign Of Madness reveal a modern and raw approach, still linked to the old and traditional Damned Nation classic melodies. Melodic Heavy-Hard Rock with an extra-added energy! The superb vocals are done by Matti Alfonzetti, a top-class singer already known for his solo projects and for being one of the most talented guest in various bands. Check the MP3 Wall Of Illusion and you understand perfectly what we mean! We're currently looking for a deal in Japan but we can consider 100% confirmed a release date for mid-November 2004.
Weblinks: and

Pop/Westcoast singer/songwriter Taylor Mesple has updated his website The site has been completely redesigned and now offers a wealth of free sound clips from very early rare career moments to the New CD, Songs For Autumn; Taylor's very first "solo" instrumental CD. The new site also features in depth stories about songs, lots of pictures and some good laughs. Please take a moment of your spare time and come visit.

Long Island, N.Y. -- October 4, 2004 – Rock and Roll music legends team up with Morrison Music and Production. Together they bring to you the 8th Annual Rock 4 X-MAS. This seasons Christmas Charity event held at Wildwood Bowl. Phone. 631-727-6622 and is located at 3951 Lake Avenue, Riverhead Long Island, NY 11901.
The concert is part of the 8th Annual Rock 4 X-MAS, which will raise money for Nassau, Suffolk coalition for the Homeless & Fire / Rescue Widows and Children fund of Long Island. The event is scheduled for December 4th from 1pm till 3am.
For those of you unfamiliar with the charity, Mark your calendars! Over the past eight years, this 509a2 Federal Charity, Rock 4 X-MAS Foundation raised money and provided entertainment for families in need throughout the United States. The winter holiday event promises to be the best show ever!
This year's Rock 4 X-MAS concert line up draws from top classic rock musicians! Legends from the 60s to current including members of Zebra, Quiet Riot / Rough Cutt, Mountain and Frehley`s Comet, WASP, Loudness & Yngwie Malmsteen, Belladona, Anthrax, Orleans, Metal Church & Gezzer Butler Band, Shocka ZooLoo & T&A with other local and regional acts such as Public Secret, Sister Blind, Diver Down, Beyond Blonde, Signal 2 Noise, World War Peace, Sound Bender, Big Top Vertigo, Dan Acosta, Jake Live and many more.
The Rock 4 X-MAS Foundation exists to help those less fortunate while providing music fans with Rock solid entertainment value. The organization carries out its mission in part through donations. We seek assistance from private and corporate sponsors, philanthropists and musicians. Donations of frequent flyer miles are appreciated and accepted on the charity web site. Efforts require transport of crew and performers between locations throughout America. In addition, select high profile sponsorships for the upcoming 2004 events are available. Donations of money or services for this year's event are appreciated.
For more information and the latest updates, a complete list of performers, dates, venues, sponsors and contributions please visit the Rock 4 X-MAS Foundation's Website at:

Reviews have been updated. Online today are just a few, with more to follow. Now featured are reviews of: James Christian, Shadows Fade, Heartplay, Safe Haven, Lunatica and the new Europe album. Check them out.

A new and in-depth e-Interview is now online featuring Jeff Northrup, the man behind Shorino/Northrup, XYZ and The Cage. Jeff talks about all his projects and the job of production and mastering, which he undertook with the current compilation. Read the interview.




Monday, October 04, 2004

Vocalist Michael Bormann has left Jaded Heart! The vocalist made a very low key announcement via his website a month back, but it seemingly went unnoticed until late last week! Posted at is the following brief statement: "After almost 14 years together, JADED HEART and me are going separate ways. Details will follow."
Jaded Heart are yet to announce this officially and Michael himself has yet to follow this news up. I have requested a statement from him, but have not yet heard back.

Jesse Damon has launched his new Website to coincide with his latest CD entitled Nothing Else Matters. Samples of his latest album are posted, as well as all the albums Jesse has released and played on. Anticipation's been high while Jesse spent the last several months finishing his latest CD, and had these words to say; "This album is for my fans and all who have believed in me, I poured my heart into this CD!"
Go check out upcoming tour dates and other information at

Thanks to Delbert, who sent me the following e-mail:
"Jack Pemma, the lead singer/guitarist from the US band, White Eagle passed away on August 23. His former secretary e-mailed me yesterday to confirm and told me Jack had been feeling ill for about 2 weeks and went to the doctor on the Friday just before he passed away. Results of a blood test were returned only a few hours after his death which confirmed he was diabetic. The cause of death was extremely high sugar levels in his system which was a complication of diabetes. Jack wasn't aware he was diabetic.
White Eagle had three US indie releases and an early cassette only release in the early 1990's. Their CDs were Bustin' Ass (1993), The Need To Know (1997) and A New Beginning (2002)."
Sad news - RIP Jack.




Friday, October 01, 2004

An update on the forthcoming Shy album, due from MTM Music in early 2005:
Tony Mills says: "There are a variety of tempos on the album, but the ballad Where is the Love is a real corker. I like it, I like it!! Soul Searchin & Open Your Heart, are two classic AOR mid tempo trax, I Will Be Home is a downtempo moody track, Don't Jump The Gun, the anthemic track out of them all if there is one, First Love is a big harmony fast mover and the other trax are still being finalised."
The album is called Sunset And Vine and will be released January / February 2005. The new song taken from the Sunset And Vine will be released on the forthcoming MTM Compilation Volume 10, due next month.

Blabbermouth ran a news item this week regarding a new album from the pairing of Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner. It is indeed true! I got some further details on the project today. The release will not be Hughes Turner 3, rather it will be an exclusive Russian only release with Hughes and Turner collaborating with the deputy mayor of Moscow - Mikhail Men. Mikhail is a bit of a rocker and has written a number of songs for the album, which will feature Hughes and Turner writing lyrics and piecing it all together with producer Alexander Berezhny.
Stay tuned for updates!

I've heard that TMG recorded one of their recent Japanese shows for a live DVD! No official announcement has been made yet, nor has a release date been set, but the Budokan show was recorded! For the record, the set list from that show was:
Everything Passes Away . I Wish You Were Here . Signs Of Life . Trapped . I Know You By Heart . Train, Train . Red, White And Bullet Blues . Midousuji Blue (Tak Matsumoto Solo) . Two Of A Kind . Wonderland . The Greatest Show On Earth . Kings For A Day . Never Good-Bye . Encore - (You Can Still) Rock in America . To Be With You . Oh Japan ~Our Time Is Now.

News from the boys in Thunder:
As reported last week at, ILYMTRNR will be the first killer single lifted from the new Thunder LP. Released on Monday November the 8th, the single will be released in 3 formats - CD Single: ILYMTRNR (radio edit), Closer To The Fire; Maxi CD Single: ILYMTRNR (radio edit), Love's An Easy Word To Say, Loser (Acoustic Version); Limited Edition Numbered 7" Vinyl: ILYMTRNR (radio edit), The Pride.
All songs (with the exception of Loser) are brand new and exclusive to this release. The Pride is the only song that will be on the new LP when it comes in early 2005. Artwork for all 3 copies is totally different, there have been no shortcuts here.
The vinyl version is limited edition and all copies will be individually numbered, so this is hopefully going to be a collectors' item. It's also our first vinyl release since we formed our own STC label and we're very excited because it sounds fantastic. Vinyl is definitely the best way to listen to Rock 'n' Roll, so make sure you dig out that old turntable and get a copy.
You can pre-order your copy or copies (why not buy all three? After all every sale will count towards our chart position) online from Townsend Records as of right now, or you can pre-order it from all good record shops. All the information you'll need for that (oh so helpful) shop assistant is on our handy downloadable voucher, but remember to make a note in your diary to collect it from the shop during the week of November the 8th or it won't count towards the chart, and we'll all be crying in our beer....
More information at: and

Vote for MelodicRock! Yep, it's that time again folks....the annual Digital Music Awards are underway again and you can vote for in the People's Choice category.
2 years running I have landed the #14 spot, which is nothing short of sensational! This year - let's go Top 10! The difference between last year's result and a possible Top 10 finish this year is only a handful of votes. It doesn't take a second to vote and a good result will prove to those in the industry watching that good music ain't dead yet!
Vote Now by clicking on the logo. Thanks to all!


MR-X has had it's weekly update. Online this week are a range of miscellaneous live tracks, a few new preview tracks and a couple of extra MP3 goodies.
There is also the opportunity to win 1 of 5 copies of the new Survivor compilation The Ultimate Survivor.
And finally, new videos are online for: 40ft Ringo - Anyway, Alaska - Headlines, Circus Of Power - Motor, Fate - I Won't Stop, Gun - Don't Say It's Over, Hurricane - I'm On To You, John Farnham - That's Freedom and John Norum - Together We'll Be Strong.
MR-X Membership Details.

Reviews, reviews and more a large and detailed interview with producer Andy Johns and wise words from JK Northrup. Plus the usual updates, including new Showcases, MP3 Mini-Bytes and a long overdue CD Release Dates update. Plus a big announcement about what's next for!




Thursday, September 30, 2004

The very classy Higher Ground (Swedish modern melodic rockers) have signed to AOR Heaven for the release of their long awaited second album A Thousand Pieces. The new album will be released November 29 and features the following tracks: Inside Me . Speechless . I Feel Alive . Goodbye . She's Gone . Falling Apart . Cry . Another Day . She Plays . Believe . The Genius.
Kepe up to date at:


David Coverdale was featured in a Portuguese newspaper interview this week quoted as saying that a new live double CD will be released next year, with material from Whitesnake, Deep Purple and Coverdale Page featured.
And 2005 will see work on a new studio album commence. Great news, but wait and see, as that live album was initially due late in 2003.

Florida rock band Teer is putting the final touches on a new limited edition EP. The release will feature three entirely new studio recordings and several live versions of songs from their highly acclaimed 2000 release on Frontiers Records. The members of Teer are producing this project themselves with longtime friend and engineer Bruce Edwards.
The new songs from Teer are among the best yet from the band and feature a slightly more aggressive sound than previous releases, but retain the great melodies and musicianship that you would expect from Teer.
Those who have experienced Teer live know that the band is at home on the stage, and these live recordings capture the energy that they are famous for in a live setting. The live recordings were made during Teer's summer reunion concerts over the past few months.
Teer is working franticly to have the CD ready for purchase on their upcoming UK tour with Tyketto, Jeff Scott Soto and Deadline. The production has been delayed several times recently due to the onslaught of hurricanes in Florida over the summer. Internet pre-orders for this release will be available soon, so please check regularly for more info.
Teer would like to thank all the fans in the US and abroad who have supported them during their return over the past nine months. The fans are the main reason for Teer's reunion and the band feels the best is yet to come.

Quiet Riot vocalist Kevin DuBrow has launched his fully functional website at To kick off the site he has included a free for download track of a never before released Quiet Riot with Randy Rhoads song titled Come And Gone - (Click on Randy Rhoads Years).
The song was recorded live in the studio in 1975 and features DuBrow, Rhoads and original QR bassist Kelly Garni. The site also features rare photos, tour dates and a "message from Kevin" feature that will be updated regularly.

Norwegian rockers Street Legal are currently in the studio, recording their long awaited second studio album with an all new line-up that consists of: Bjorn Boge - vocals, bass; Rolf Bjorseth - guitars; Tommy Kristiansen - guitars; Oystein Boge - drums. This week Tommy and Bjorn will work on guitars and Saturday will see Oystein laying down the last drum tracks.
For more info visit:

Population 1 (featuring Nuno Bettencourt) will make its NYC club debut at Crash Mansion (199 Bowery @ Spring Street) on October 11 during its 12 city East Coast tour.
Their current EP, Sessions From Room 4, debuted at #16 on the Billboard/Soundscan Internet chart and remained in the top 20 in its second week at #17.
Population 1 will perform songs from the "Sessions" EP as well as new material they've recently recorded.

Perris Records is proud to announce the re-issue of the highly sought after CD from Philadelphia's Gun Shy. After Dark was produced by Michael Kelly Smith (Razamanaz, Britny Fox) and contains the 8 original album tracks as well as 8 bonus tracks. Recorded in the mid 90's, 'After Dark' had a small pressing run in the Philadelphia area and was not widely distributed, until now! Gun Shy features Tommi Crash (American Sugar Bitch, SINN) on guitar and the band has that Philadelphia hard rock style ala Heavens Edge, Cinderella & Ivory Tower. The 8 bonus tracks consists of live tracks and demos check out for info on track listing and how to order.

Pictures from the recent Riverdogs shows can be found at:

There will be a benefit concert held for Ricky Parent, on October 17 at the Metro in Chicago IL. Enuff Z'nuff is playing, and a bunch of other bands, and jams.

Drama Queen Die just recorded Never Say Goodbye for the upcoming Bon Jovi tribute on Versailles Records, and are working on a new record She's The Kill which will be done later this year.

Guitarist Ron Thal has posted this message on his website: "30 SEPT - since, the rumors are already flyin', I might as well say... I was asked to join Guns-n-Roses two months ago. It's not definitely happenin', we're just feelin' it out. When decisions have been made, I'll let y'all know :)"

Release news just in from Japan - Yngwie Malmsteen - TBA - New studio album due October 21. Yngwie Malmsteem's first release on Universal Music. Advanced release in Japan.

Mini-Bytes have been updated with new samples from: Kevin Moore, IQ, M&R Rush and Population 1.




Tuesday, September 21, 2004

MTM Music are happy to announce the track list for the compilation MTM Volume 10.
Volume 10 features unreleased material only! Track 1 is a sensation with a band called Relapse, which is better known as former CITA or Guild Of Ages!
Also Shy is contributing a brand new song of the forthcoming album and the Dare & Fate tracks are live recordings from the Deep Impact Open Air Festival in Munich. The MTM artists Shylock, Sin, Zeno, Edge Of Forever, Seven Wishes, Rpm are contributing a new and unreleased track. New MTM signings are introducing themselves and their forthcoming releases with advance tracks Martie Peters Group, Brunorock, Rhapsody Sweden and more.
Here is the track listing:
01. Relapse - All In All (Rough Mix unreleased / forthcoming album t.b.a.)(New band of Danny Martinez ex-CITA / Guild Of Ages, feat. members of the original CITA line-up)
02. Martie Peters Group - The Beast Inside (unreleased / forthcoming album "Martie Peters Group")
03. Shylock - Farewell (unreleased - dedicated to Thomas Häßler - forthcoming album "t.b.a")
04. Fate - Everything About You (unreleased / forthcoming album "t.b.a")
05. Brunorock - Pray For Rain (unreleased / forthcoming album „Interaction")
06. SIN - Never Change (unreleased / dedicated to Thomas Häßler - forthcoming album "t.b.a")
07. Shy - I Will Be Home (unreleased / forthcoming album "Sunset And Vine")
08. Seven Wishes - Cross My Heart (unreleased / forthcoming album "Destination Alive")
09. Zeno - Call Of The Heart (unreleased / forthcoming album "Zenology II")
10. Edge Of Forever - Snake Eyes (unreleased / forthcoming album "Let The Demon Rock 'N' Roll")
11. RPM - How Do I get You (unreleased / recent album "RPM")
12. Rhapsody Sweden - I've Done All I Can (unreleased / forthcoming album "Strange Vibrations")
13. Novak - Save Me (unreleased / forthcoming album "Forever Endeavour")
14. Jani Lane - Lay Your Hands On Me (unreleased / forthcoming album "Tribute To Bon Jovi")
15. Misty May - Reality (unreleased / forthcoming album "t.b.a")
16. Dare - Into The Fire (Rough Mix / live recorded at Deep Impact Festival Munich 2004)
17. Fate - Everything About You (Rough Mix / live recorded at Deep Impact Festival Munich 2004)

MTM have also signed Brunorock.
Brunorock is the solo project of former Nightpride and Dark Sky singer / guitarist Bruno Kraler. Two albums have been released under the name Brunorock so far the self-titled debut in 1994 and X-Over in 2002! Due to his incredible charisma, Bruno created an own style in the melodic heavy genre. On the new album Interaction, Bruno has been supported by terrific musicians. There is Paolo Morbini (ex Eva and Exilia) on drums, Bobby Altvater (Affair) and Alex De Rosso (ex-Dokken) on guitar. Other guest musicians include John Billings, Rachel Bolan (Skid Row) on bass as well as Fredrik Bergh (Street Talk) on keyboards.
Interaction was recorded in 3 different studios (Sky Studio Munich - Ufo Studio Bruneck and Wireworld Studio in Nashville). The final mix was done by the legendary Michael Wagener, who ranks among the most famous rock and metal producers worldwide... Dokken - Ozzy Osbourne - Metallica - Alice Cooper - Accept or Extreme are only a few of the bands and artists who realized their most successful albums with him!

Million have now confirmed the track listing for their up and coming fifth studio album Kingsize. The running order for the album is as follows:
Eyes Of A King . Backdoor Queen . Room No.3 . Rock´ N Roll Nation . On And On . Forbidden Fruit . Zombies . Fight You Forever . Killing The Messenger . Prison Of Power . Those Eyes.
The Japanese edition of the album, available through Majestic Rock Japan, will feature the bonus track Blues.
Kingsize is released in Europe on October 25th and in Japan on October 27th.


Harem Scarem have begun working on their next studio album. A release is expected in 2005.

Doug Aldrich's band Burning Rain have signed to Frontiers for a new studio album in 2005.

Brazen Abbot have signed to Frontiers for the release of their live CD and DVD - A Decade Of Brazen Abbot Live. With former Deep Purple and Rainbow singer Joe Lynn Turner handling all vocal duties, the album is a storming collection of Brazen Abbot's best tracks with the addition of some of Rainbow's classics, while the DVD combines live performances, together with in depth interviews and TV apparitions.

Tommy Funderburk's upcoming solo album Anything For You including songs written with such AOR luminaries as Michael Thompson, Bruce Gaitsch and Greg Mathieson. It's described as an absolutely brilliant and classy release destined to please all the fans of Toto, Richard Marx and Journey.

Jorn Lande of Masterplan and Russell Allen of Symphony X have teamed up for an album together LANDE / ALLEN. The album is still in the recording stages, but is backed up by a stunning set of songs provided by swedish guitar hero Magnus Karlsson of Last Tribe.

Alex Van Halen featured on a new interview with radio station Q95 (Indianapolis) this week. Alex suggested the band plans to record a new studio album in the near future. Current Van Halen rumors suggest a slew of tour dates outside the USA for 2005, including Europe, Japan and Australia and also that Eddie Van Halen might have parted company with Peavy guitars.

The upcoming Martie Peters album will be released under the moniker MPG - Martie Peters Group.

Bands/Artists wanted who recorded a cover of a Toto song. Please send you details to Michael Riesenbeck:

Black Star Records, the new label run by Heaven & Earth's Stuart Smith and Richie Onori, has announced that they have signed a distribution deal for the U.S. with Burnside Distribution and will be re-releasing the first Heaven & Earth CD with 2 previously unheard bonus tracks. The first song Life on the Line, which was written by Joe Lynn Turner, Bobby Held and Stuart Smith, was recorded back in 1997 during the original Heaven & Earth sessions and has been updated to feature Toto's Bobby Kimball on vocals. The other song is a remake of Gary Moore's Still Got The Blues, which features Joe Lynn Turner giving one of the best performances of his career. The CD will be in stores across the States on November 2nd and be available from the band's web site: For fans that already have this CD and just want the new tracks, they will be available on iTunes, Napster and MusicMatch.


A couple of weeks back I posted a press release updating the recording plans from US rockers Legs Diamond. There was one detail within the press release that was not correct and here to clear up that fact is an e-mail from the band's Roger Romeo. Roger writes: "I wanted to thank you for mentioning our band in the latest news. We are definitely doing a new CD for AOR Heaven and hope to have it out soon. One correction though, the band consists of 4 original members - Jeff Poole, Mike Prince, Rick Sanford and myself. Unfortunately Michael Diamond, the original bass player, can no longer play due to tendon problems in his wrists. We are more than happy to have Adam Kury in the bass position. Thanks again for the mention."

Damned Nation's new album Sign Of Madness is due for release in November. The band's Roger Jern sent in an update, stating "...we've changed the sound quite a bit compared to our previous albums....It's much rawer and heavier..."
A sample of the album, in the form of the track Wall Of Illusion can be heard now a MP3 download from the band's new record label website:
The full track listing is: Innocence . Stranded . Wall Of Illusion . Consequences . Bringer Of Light . Sign Of Madness . Facing The Enemy . Human Sacrifice . Still Alive . Wake Up . Slave . Going Blind.

ELP keyboardist Keith Emerson is to join a tour headed by the Scorpions and Tesla. This from Keith's website:
"I am very pleased to announce that I have been invited by the Scorpions to tour with them and Tesla in October, November and December throughout North America. I will be playing with my band, Dave Kilminster (Gtr), Phil Williams (Bass) and Pete Riley (Drums).
I have seen The Scorpions in action several times, notably their concert with orchestra at the Greek Theatre in 2000. Apart from being an exciting creative band, as individuals they are also a very great bunch of guys even though their last bass player tried to pull my last girlfriend. Together with Tesla it should be an interesting tour."

Dates and further info at:

Starcastle bassist Gary Strater passed away after a long fight with Cancer on September 19th. He was 51 years old. The Starcastle web site has been updated with a condolence guestbook for his family at
Starcastle recorded four albums for Epic/CBS in the late 70's, toured with the major bands of the day (Journey, Rush, Styx, Boston) and in recent years have seen a resurgence in popularity with both progressive rock and AOR fans through reissues, solo projects etc. The new Starcastle album (with Gary) is finished, and the remaining members are currently in talks with labels to see it's release. RIP Gary.

The brand new Hall & Oates "soul classics" album, Our Kind Of Soul, will be released on October 26 on U-Watch Records!
This new effort will contain 14 classic soul songs, stripped down and re-worked as only H&O can! In addition are 3 original H&O studio tracks. The first single will be the H&O version of The Spinners' classic I'll Be Around. On Sept. 28th, it will be released into stores a limited edition commercial single. It will also feature Let Love Take Control and You are Everything.


Steve Lukather appears on the new solo album of Derek Sherinian (of Dream Theater, Planet X and Billy Idol fame). Besides Luke there is a hell of a superb cast Simon Phillips, Steve Stevens, Zakk Wylde and Jerry Goodman, to name a few contributors. The album will be out in November this year on Insideout Music in Europe and the USA and on Avalon/Marquee in Japan.
Lukather: "Derek's record is really good as always. Simon is mixing it for him. I played one ballad and it was fun!" Derek Sherenian "The album is called Mythology. Mythology is along the lines of Black utopia and Inertia. Unfortunately there is only one Luke track on this, but it is great!"
More Lukather news always available at:

News from SIN: "We are very proud to announce that we could get no one less than Mr. Michael Voss to contribute his voice to our following album Equilibrium. M. Voss, who is the driving force behind such great bands as CASANOVA, SILVER and DEMON DRIVE added backing vocals to five songs on the record. And on top of that he did one song as a duet with Jason Marks. Watch out for the new CASANOVA and SILVER albums and be prepared that you will here some great stuff of him on our new CD. We are also happy to find a guitar solo of Michael Klein (Wicked Sensation) on one of the songs. He fought quite a nice duel with Wolfgang Frank."
Visit for more information.

As promised, the CD Showcase area has been given a healthy update with some big titles, all due out next month. Click on the CD covers to preview each release. Previews include the new Kevin Chalfant project Shadows Fade and the new Michael Vescera project Safe Haven.

james christian-meet the manxshadows fadexheartplay-where the deadends meetxmillenium-best of
silver - addictedxsafe havenxlunatica-fables and dreams



Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Universal Music will release a definitive John Mellencamp best of on October 19.
Spanning 25 years, 1979 to 2004, Words & Music - John Mellencamp's Greatest Hits celebrates the most popular and important roots rocker of his generation, including the upcoming single Walk Tall and Thank You, -- two new songs -- both produced by Mellencamp and Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds. Words & Music will also be featuring 37 digitally remastered selections and boasts all 22 Top 40 pop hits of his career to date, with 10 Top 10 hits, culled from 14 albums. The package also adds liner notes by Rolling Stone founder/publisher Jann Wenner, extensive track information and photographs.
Walk Tall Audio Streams: Windows Media, Real Audio
Track Listing:
Disc 1 - Walk Tall . Pink Houses . Lonely Ol Night . Jackie Brown . Rain On The Scarecrow . Love And Happiness . Check It Out . Peaceful World . Paper In Fire . Your Life Is Now . Human Wheels . When Jesus Left Birmingham . Authority Song . What If I Came Knocking . Crumblin' Down . Small Town . R.O.C.K. In The U.S.A. . Cherry Bomb . Pop Singer.
Disc 2 - Thank You . Martha Say . Key West Intermezzo (I Saw You First) . Hand To Hold On To . I Need A Lover . Hurts So Good . Get A Leg Up . Wild Night . Dance Naked . Teardrops Will Fall . Ain't Even Done With The Night . Just Another Day . Jack & Diane . Rumble Seat . I'm Not Running Anymore . Again Tonight . This Time . Now More Than Ever.


Red 37 is a new project featuring Matthew Nelson (one of the Nelson Brothers), J.J. Farris (ex-Tories) and Brian Burwell (ex-Neve). The modern rock project was recorded in recent months and was produced by Jim Wirt (Hoobastank, Incubus and Live).
The track listing is: Crawl My Way Out . Evermore . To Be Loved By You . Tell Me Why . Movin' On . This Time . Model American . Ticket To Find It . Stop The Fighting . If You Try . On My Side . Here I Am Again . Heaven Knows.
The project has not been signed to any label yet, but for a limited time it is being offered for sale from the Nelson Brothers website. But be warned! The price tag is currently US$25 and the packaging does not reflect finished product quality.


New Wave pioneers The Cars will get the tribute treatment this November on Substitution Mass Confusion - A Tribute To The Cars. The CD will be released by indie label Not Lame Recordings. Among those taking the wheel for the tribute are Butch Walker, Jason Falkner, Jon Auer (The Posies), Damone, Bleu, and Johnny Monaco (Enuff Z'nuff).
A portion of the proceeds from the CD will be donated to The American Cancer Society in memory of Cars bassist Benjamin Orr, who passed away from the disease in 2000.
The Cars were the most successful American band of the new wave era. From their self-titled debut album in 1978 until their final album, 1987's Door To Door, the band racked up a long string of hits, including Just What I Needed, My Best Friends Girl, Lets Go, Touch And Go, Shake It Up, You Might Think, Drive, and Tonight She Comes.
Combining elements of the British Invasion, art rock, and the burgeoning punk scene, The Cars were a breath of fresh air on a musical landscape that had grown stale and bloated. Songwriter/singer/guitarist Ric Ocasek was able to couple strong hooks with literate lyrics that made for highly accessible songs. Combining that with singer/bassist Benjamin Orr's cool vocal delivery, Greg Hawkes other-worldly synthesizer flourishes, Elliot Easton's fluid, melodic guitar lines, and David Robinson's cutting edge drum sounds, and you had a band that was completely unique.
In their time, The Cars were able to appeal to a wide range of the music listening public. Hard rock, punk, and pop fans alike were taken with The Cars sound. Not everyone had a metal album in their collection, but chances were they had at least one Cars album. This fact is driven home by the artists involved in Substitution Mass Confusion. The set features 21 tracks from a wide array of rock, power pop, punk, and electronic artists.
Even though their last album came out 17 years ago, The Cars influence is still being felt in 2004. Substitution Mass Confusion is proof enough of that.
Artist and track details:
Jason Falkner - Touch And Go; Butch Walker (Epic Records) - My Best Friends Magic Girlfriend; Bleu (Aware/Columbia Records) - You Might Think; Jon Auer (Pattern 25 Records) - Misfit Kid; Damone (RCA Records) - Just What I Needed; Owsley (Lakeview Entertainment) - Got A Lot On My Head; The Argument - Hello Again; Gigolo Aunts featuring Kid; Lightning - Im Not The One; Spiraling - Bye Bye Love; Action Action (Victory Records) - Tonight She Comes; The Millions - You're All I've Got Tonight; Chris von Sneidern - Drive; PurrBox - Shake It Up; Johnny Monaco - Dangerous Type; The Bravery (Island/Polydor Records) - It's All I Can Do; Doug Powell - Candy-O; The Andersons! - Since You're Gone; Dum Dog Run - Lets Go; sparkle*jets uk - Slipaway; The Cautions - Nightspots; The Daybirds - Good Times Roll.
More information at:




Monday, September 27, 2004

Atenzia Records introduces Fluid Sol!
A collection of rock songs too catchy to be overlooked by the average pop fan! Outstanding vocal harmonies with songs that groove in the potential hit category, catchy melodies and bold vocals that stays with you long after the song ends.
The songs of the album features all the simplicity and melodic wallop to settle neatly between smart and powerful even after repeated listens. The band consists of Victor Broden on bass and Joakim Eckberg on drums while the groups main man Mitch Malloy handles guitars and vocals - he also penned all the songs and produced the album.
Mitch grew up in the small town of Dickinson, North Dakota, his gift was discovered at the tender age of six, when a first grade teacher noticed that his voice stood apart from the rest of the class.
At 12 years old, he picked up his sister's guitar and never turned back - "The thrill I got from hearing and feeling my guitar through an amp made it so clear to me that music was definitely what I wanted to do for the rest of my life."
Mitch later secured a deal with RCA/BMG and recorded his first solo album in Los Angeles with producer Sir Arthur Payson, entitled simply Mitch Malloy. The record sold very well and generated two top 20 singles, landed Mitch a spot on "The Tonight Show" and produced a video with the hit Anything At All which was played on MTV Europe and is now on VH-1 Europe.
The second record, entitled Ceilings & Walls was produced by Christopher Neal and it took a mellower approach. That album had a top 20 hit in Tumbling Down and is still highly sought after by fans worldwide.
A third album was released in recent years titled Shine.
Mitch moved from New York to Nashville to write songs under a publishing contract with Chrysalis Music.
After writing with the top songwriters in town, Mitch felt the urge to record his own songs again and Fluid Sol saw the light of day. Straight ahead basic rock provides the foundation for Fluid Sol's sound, simply a virtually flawless collection of melodic rock songs that should dominate radio for years to come.
Fluid Sol's debut album is all about big hooks and irresistible riffs. From the enormously infectious I'm On Your Radio (click here for an mp3 sample) to the energy that is King Of Nothing (click here for an mp3 sample), nearly every song is made for cranking out of the car stereo while racing down the coastline.
Fluid Sol will be Released October 20.
Track Listing: Just Human . I'm On Your Radio . No Fear . Shelter . King Of Nothing . Be With You . Down . Empty . Can't Stop . I Want You . There Was A Mountain and Fly.


MTM Music have signed Swedish rock act Novak.
Novak is fronted by singer and guitarist Andreas Novak, who previously released two albums with the band Mind's Eye, and recently participated in the Swedish TV show Fame Factory. Novak is inspired by bands like Queen, Van Halen, Journey and Def Leppard, but also acts like Mr. Mister, Toto and Sting, so the forthcoming album Forever Endeavour will contain a balanced mix between hard and soft elements influenced by the quality rock scene - all with a modern sound and a strong sense of melody.
The song Save Me has already been released in Sweden on a compilation that sold 16,000 copies in Sweden and the song will be released on the forthcoming MTM Compilation Volume 10. The album will contain some interesting guest musicians, and is produced and co-written by Daniel Flores (Fare, Mind's Eye). The release is expected in early 2005.

One for US readers - Tom Keifer of Cinderella will be on Extreme Makeover, Thursday at 8 pm ABC. Tom will be helping a fan' s dream come true by helping him write a song. Clips of Cinderella's music will be featured as well.

Jet Red are preparing the release of their shelved second studio album, simply titled Jet Red 2. Fans of the band and their first album from 1989 will be pleased to get a solid dose of US hard rock in the same vein as the band's debut. Some samples are online now at:

Guitarist Jason Hook (Hilary Duff, Vince Neil, Mandy Moore, Bullet Boys) has completed work on his first instrumental solo release Safety Dunce. This energetic EP (which was recorded in Hook's own California based studio) has already been nominated for Best Instrumental Record at this years L.A. Music awards. Safety Dunce is currently for sale at

Graham Bonnet will be just one of many vocalists that will line up to sing on the 25th Anniversary Michael Schenker album, which is being written and recorded currently.

Billy Falcon recorded a studio album for Mercury Records which was never released. The album, titled Released - which was then to be his third - is now available to buy via Billy's online webstore, located at:

Music Video Distributors and 2RS Studios are pleased to announce the home viewing release of Quiet Riot - 89' Live in Japan for North American distribution on DVD, due out November 16.
89' Live in Japan was filmed during a tumultuous period for Quiet Riot. With singer Paul Shortino at the helm, the band quickly displayed their versatility and resilience, and rocked crowds the world over on their tour for the release of "QR". This footage serves as a glimpse into a very interesting and complex chapter of one of the greatest Metal bands of all time.
Track list: Party All Night . I'm Falling . Stay With Me Tonight . Run To You . The Wild And The Young . The Joker . Drum Solo . Coppin' A Feel . King Of The Hill . Cum On Feel The Noise. Bonus Video - Stay With Me.
Drummer Frankie Banali has issued the following statement concerning the DVD release:
"I think that for fans of Quiet Riot, this release will be entertaining as well as showing what worked and what didn't work for this incarnation. This is the only visual musical documentation of that version of Quiet Riot which included myself, Carlos Cavazo, Paul Shortino and Sean MacNabb. It was shot on the last date of the "QR" Japanese tour of Japan, in Tokyo, and it was also the last date for that version of the band as I decided not to continue with the group during that tour and after that show the group consequently officially disbanded the following day.
As far as this DVD being released, the current band members collectively signed off on this at the time it was filmed in 1989, so there is no controversy over it's release since whoever owns the rights can license it for commercial purposes. This is no different from the plethora of releases that are made available of just about any band from time to time. As long as the writers get paid whatever the rate is for song writing, then so be it.
Quiet Riot has meant a lot of different things to the fans over the years both good and bad. It's most revered member was the late Randy Rhoads in the 1970's. It's most vocal member has been Kevin DuBrow, it's most well known line up was that of Kevin, Carlos, Rudy and myself. It's least known was the version of which this release focuses on which was a good version of the band, but not what anyone would characterize as classic Quiet Riot. The band through the years developed and changed in many ways just like most bands naturally do and one just never knows what could happen next."




Friday, September 24, 2004

Great news for Waltham fans. The band has finally signed a deal that will see their classic Permission To Build album receive a wide release. And it looks like the band are planning something special for the album's release.
The guys have signed to Ryko. Band drummer Mike had this to say about the deal: "...the people at Ryko are the best people in this industry, we're very fortunate!"
Stay tuned for release date news (early next year) and further details.

It all sounds a little too familiar for UFO fans. Following their first set of US dates being cancelled due to Work Visa problems, the band has run into trouble yet again. This from the band's official website:
"Pete [Way] unfortunately did not get his working visa for the USA tour due to having overstayed the number of days he was there on his last visit. His temporary replacement is Barry Sparks (ex MSG, Ted Nugent and currently in Dokken). Barry previously played with UFO at Donington in 2001, and has also worked with Vinnie Moore. He is a welcome addition to the UFO family."

Perris Records will be releasing Enuff Z' Nuff ? CD October 12th. Featuring all original members Donnie Vie, Chip Znuff, Derek Frigo, & Vic Fox. ? will satisfy any EZN fan with their contagious style and song writing skills. This CD will have 11 tracks same as the Japan Pony Canyon release. Additional players include Ricky Parent.

Copies of CD2 are now hitting mailboxes all over the globe. Now is your chance to add your thoughts on the CD and nominate your favourite tracks from the new compilation. The MRCD2 Reviews Page is now open.
I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback.
Work on Volume 3 for early 2005 will start soon.

MR-X has been updated. This week a new Feature Album has been uploaded - the classic 1990 album Into The Street by Boulevard. Also added is a solid 1987 audience live recording of Tesla from their debut tour and tracks from new Aussie modern rockers Maeder.
There are also a few extra MP3s featured and as a special bonus, the entire 14 track 1984 live show from HSAS - Hagar/Schon/Aaronson/Shrieve has been added to the Video Downloads.
MR-X Membership Details.

Mini-Bytes have been updated yet again, this time with a preview of the brand new classic melodic rock album from Charade.




Thursday, September 23, 2004

Anyone who loves AOR and the thought of a small, intimate concert setting and lives within the Chicago/Mid-West USA area should definitely keep reading this and show your support for the artist.
Kevin Chalfant and band are appearing at the Chicago Street Theatre in Valparaiso, Indiana (about 45 minutes SE of Chicago) for an acoustic/electric "One Night Jam" on October 3rd.
The tickets are just $25 a piece and it is going to be at least a 3 hour VERY INTIMATE setting with a maximum of 140 people in the theatre (plush seats and remodeled).
There are only 11 rows total, so even someone in the very back will have a great seat. Kevin is going to be doing a lot of acoustic songs, but some electric stuff as well.
Plus there are plans to filming the event for a live DVD for future release.
Call the Box Office now for tickets on: 219-464-1636. More info:

An updated second edition print of Dave Gallant's Asia book is now available for pre-order via the Asia website. The direct link for the book page is:
All those that pre-order can have their book signed and personalized (on request) by the author, and will receive guaranteed postage rates.

Due to unforeseen circumstances Manfred Mann will not be appearing on the UK tour with Uriah Heep.
The replacement support band is White Noise, the new project fronted by former Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow front man Doogie White.
Keeping up the Rainbow connection the White Noise project features members of Mostly Autumn, including Ian Jennings, Liam Davison and Blackmore protégé Bryan Josh. Since first being offered the support slot with Blackmore's Night, Bryan has toured extensively and jammed on stage with Blackmore watching and learning from the master.
The White Noise performs a white-hot selection of Purple and Rainbow classics from Doogie's tenure with Rainbow, which saw the creation of the brilliant Stranger In Us All album. With musicianship of this calibre, the band are also more than capable of performing little performed classics such as Burn, I Surrender and a truly awesome live version of Stargazer. So a dynamite selection of Purple and Rainbow classics with a few surprises for good measure... For tickets contact: 01926 332641 or visit:

Songwriting has been Jesse Damon's legacy as a musician not only with Silent Rage, but with such music legends and artists such as Gene Simmons, and Kiss! Now, with the release of his forthcoming album Nothin' Else Matters, this CD features a new recorded version of the Gene Simmons song Your My Reason For Livin, originally from the Sex, Money, Kiss Audio CD, and is produced by Jesse Damon and The French Brothers.
Jesse's vocals, and guitar performance on this song are mesmeric, and commanding, and also features an acoustic solo! Originally Silent Rage got together with music legend Gene Simmons to record and perform the music from the first version that was released in 2003 of the same Simmons song "Your My Reason For Livin," one of the two songs from the "Sex, Money, KISS Limited Audio CD, produced by Gene Simmons. The band performed all the music, and Gene sang lead and back ups! A must for KISS fans!!!

Press Release:
The sessions of the forthcoming Chris Catena album Discovery - Return of the Galactic Freakboy goes on. Some of the finest artists are recording their parts for this new project. Catena announces this will be the most courageous work people can even imagine.
Blues Saraceno (Poison) recorded his parts for the covers "Always on the run" (Lenny Kravitz) and "Won't get fooled again" (The Who), Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio) for "Rock Steady" (Bad Company) and an original song still without title, his buddy Marco Mendoza (Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy, Ted Nugent) added his great bass on "Sail Away" (Deep Purple) and "Funk it up" an original song, Dick Wagner (Lou Reed, Alice Cooper, Kiss, Peter Gabriel) recorded his solo for "Theme for an imaginary western" (Mountain version), Kee Marcello (Europe) played on "Saturday night is alright for fighting"(Elton John) and recorded a rearranged acoustic version of "It's just the beginning" (Europe), Bruce Kulick (Kiss) added his killer solos on a brand new song still without title, Tommy Denander (Radioactive), helped Chris co-writing with him two brand new songs and arranging "Toxic" (Britney Spears......OH YES!!!!), Stevie Salas (Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart) recorded "Heartbreaker" (Rolling Stones) and "Deeper Underground" (Jamiroquai) while Jimmy Crespo (Aerosmith, Rod Stewart) added his solos on "Cry me a river " (Aerosmith version), Doug Bossi (David Coverdale) recorded a great solo for "Queen of hearts" (David Coverdale) while James Christian (House of Lords) shared with Chris the vocals on this song.
Chris is recording on some other new material, so it seems the album will be a double one.
"I wanna raise some hell!!!! The Freak Out! album seems to have been forgotten too early and it's a pity because this album includes some cool stuff. Great reviews followed its release and they have made me really proud!!!
"Freak Out!" is an album expressing myself, my emotional sphere, the blues in me. It includes great artists who are actually doin' really good like John Taylor who is living this magic moment of the reunion with his long time buddies Duran Duran who just released a brand new album, like Tommy Aldridge who's hitting the road with the great Whitesnake, like Stephen Ferrone goin' on touring with great names such as Tom Petty or Robin Williams, like Chester Thomspon who is busy taking part to the Phil Collins Farewell Tour in the Stadiums, like Dave Meniketti actually busy with the reunion of his great Y & T, or Bruce Kulick now involved in the forthcoming release of Paul Stanley solo album or Eric Singer, officially the new Cat of one of the greatest bands of all times, Kiss, Myron Dove tourin' the world with Santana and many more.
I am proud of it and feel really lucky I had the chance to host these great musicians in my album and hope the best to my new projects Anyway "Freak Out!" is still available in shops and on the web and the great label Nippon Crown released in July, 2004 in Japan. Anyway I am ready with my band to hit the road. I will debut in Rome next October 30, 2004 headlining the second editions of "Rockfest '80" which will take place at Totem Club at the border of Rome.
This will be a good chance to test the band and see what is possible to do."

Line-Up: Chris Catena - vocals and percussions, Tommy Denander - Lead guitar and backing vocals, Aleks Ferrara - Bass guitar and backing vocals, Marko Pavic - lead guitars, Leonardo Porcheddu - Lead guitars and backing vocals, Daniel Flores - drums and vocals alternating with Giancarlo Pieragostini, Jimmy Bax - keyboards and backing vocals plus some guests.

More new Mini-Bytes have been added today. This time from: Heaven & Earth, Chris Caffery, Guitar Shorty, Bowling For Soup and Without End.
The CD Showcases have also been updated with more new and re-issued melodic titles.




Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Photos from former Deep Purple/Black Sabbath singer Glenn Hughes' video shoot for the title-track of the Voice of Rock's forthcoming studio album, Soul Mover have been posted online at Appearing with Glenn in the video, which was filmed on Saturday Sept. 18, are Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith and ex-Jane's Addiction/Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Dave Navarro.


Commented Hughes: "It was great to have my friends Chad Smith and Dave Navarro perform with me. Dave and Chad's performance on the video was absolutely monumentally show-stopping. These guys are modern-day rock gods. I am very privileged and honored that they could break away from their busy schedules to appear on my next phase of my career. I have to pinch myself because things are going according to plan. I am really in a good place at the moment and I am glad that I can have loving nurturing friends beside me. The song and video rock and it is going to open many people's eyes. I am on my way to Moscow on Monday and then I shall be in the U.K. in October to promote my DVD. I want to thank you all for your encouragement in this, my transformation period."

42,000 miles (67,000 km), 34 dates, 4 continents, ten countries in 74-days it almost reads like the tag-line from a Jules Verne novel, but this is no mere work of fiction, it s the itinerary for the impressive Jeff Scott Soto world tour to promote his new album Lost In The Translation.
A recent claim made for Jeff Scott Soto is that he is the front man every band wants to have, his energy, vocal ability, writing talents more than substantiate this claim and are all evident in new CD, Jeff's third solo album released on 20th September across the world from Frontiers Records. The European leg of the Lost In The Translation World Tour 2004 kicks off in Spain on 7th October and finishes in London on 9th November.
Moving from Spain to Portugal on to a major show for the Dutch Queen Fan Club at the Theater Vlaardingen close to Rotterdam, the pace of the European tour is unrelenting, but Jeff and the band will, by then, have polished off successful tours in the USA, Australia and South America so the 4,800 mile leg across Europe ought to be like a trip to the seaside in comparison. But it takes in seven countries and 23 venues with tour support from five different bands in a mixture of gigs combining pure JSS in electric and acoustic format and a number of Queen based shows enough to whet the appetite of any melodic rock fan.
What will the audience get for their money? A show that combines pace, ballad, subtlety and sheer exuberance - this tour will have something for everyone who likes their rock hard, those who like it slow and those who like it hot! Each shows will combine some newer material, some from previous two solo albums as well as covers from Jeff's illustrious past.
Jeff's career has many phases, from his roots with Yngwie Malmsteen, the foundations of Talisman to performances for film sound-tracks such as Rock Star, Jeff has performed with Queen and Spike Edney's SAS Band. His subsequent solo career has shown that Jeff Scott Soto has gained a reputation as one of the classier and more polished AOR / Melodic Rock artistes around. Add to that his many collaborations, not the least of which is the most recent with Neal Schon of Journey on the new project Soul SirkUS, and Lost In The Translation represents a new performance high for Jeff Scott Soto that many believe show him to be the artist that he truly is.
Jeff commented recently Playing in front of live audiences is the biggest kick an artist can have it provides instant feedback. I know that people who saw us on our last tours will look for something different this time round and hopefully many will have come back for more and we won t disappoint them!
The European Itinerary is listed below:
Thursday 07-Oct-04 Valencia Spain Sala Republica II
Friday 08-Oct-04 Madrid Spain Sala Akenza
Saturday 09-Oct-04 Vitoria Spain Sala Arena
Sunday 10-Oct-04 Gijon Spain Teatro Albinez
Tuesday 12-Oct-04 Barcelona Spain Sala Mephisto
Thursday 14-Oct-04 Lisbon Portugal Paradise Garage
Saturday 16-Oct-04 Vlaardingen Holland Queen Fan Club
Sunday 17-Oct-04 Helmond Holland Rockpodium Plato
Monday 18-Oct-04 Verviers Belgium Spirit of 66
Tuesday 19-Oct-04 Zaandam Holland De Kade
Friday 22-Oct-04 Vosselar Belgium Biebob
Saturday 23-Oct-04 Eloyes France Espace Culturel
Sunday 24-Oct-04 Paris France Le Batofar
Tuesday 26-Oct-04 Dortmund Germany Live Station
Wednesday 27-Oct-04 Hamburg Germany Headbangers Ball
Saturday 30-Oct-04 Hellendoorn Holland De Lantaarn
Sunday 31-Oct-04 Valenciennes France Backstage Club
Tuesday 02-Nov-04 Munich Germany Garage Rock Club
Thursday 04-Nov-04 Liverpool UK Cavern
Friday 05-Nov-04 Wolverhampton UK Wulfrun (on Tyketto bill)
Saturday 06-Nov-04 Belfast UK Empire (On Tyketto bill)
Sunday 07-Nov-04 Crewe UK Limelight
Monday 08-Nov-04 London (Sutton) UK Boom Boom Club

Following the excellent press and fan responses after the release of Perpetual, Kingdom Come frontman and band leader Lenny Wolf was kind enough to send his personal point of view on the songs included on the album.
Gotta Move Now - Picturing an army of KC-fans all playing the same riff and marching towards Kingdom Come, being interrupted by a little girl picking up ice cream she just dropped.
Hang Em High - Another KC-riff supporting the argument regarding people sitting in high places, who should be responsible for their actions just like everyone else with less power. Sounds kinda naive but it's overdue.
Crown of Moscow - Loving the most when you don t know her. Started out as a low key shabalaba-song with cool drums played by a ten-foot-tall, 300 pound-heavy drummer, trying to pick a flower while he s sitting on a butterfly. By the way a true story...
Time To Realign - A sign of our times. Impoliteness, aggression, regrets, false hope and coolness. Someday, somehow, you ll know what I ve talked about. Can t wait to play the chorus in a 20-minute-loop till I drop. A lighthearted verse meets the brutality of the chorus.
Silhouette Paintings - The intro/verse-melody came about two seconds after having discovered the sitar/piano-sound. Thank god. One aspect of how I feel being gone quite often. Not always knowing where to go catching the rainbow, reaching ground. Still feeling kinda peaceful inside, knowing my calling.
With The Sun In Mind - Mean and heavy meets innocent and light. Lenny doing some serious Twilight Cruising late at night. Feeling connected with myself, can't be bothered with the sun in mind. German flower power.
King of Nothing - Listen you all, please just listen! Jamming, building sounds, creating, changing, connecting, rearranging night after night after night. One of my all-time favorite outros. The end of all times can feel pretty good. Rather die than betray your brother.
Borrowed Time - No revolution meant. Just feels good in a sense of whatever . Who has the loudest amp, or cheap-ahead can work, too. No concept, no chorus, no idea what I did. Rock and Roll.
Connecting Pain - I dislike the song as much as I like it. A reflection of my surroundings. Never wanted to preach or smart-ass. Unlike most rock n roll clichés who celebrate drugs as being cool and necessary to get your creative climax or subconscious urge to fit in , I feel nothing but disgust and no pity for drug-users. Sorry, I ain't cool. A cheap f**king excuse for the weak. As hard as I may sound, as double-hard I am with myself. Life ain't a free ride. Get used to it.
Watch The Dragonfly - Thank god, whatever you may be. Shut down for a minute till I pick you up again. Float with me. Sadness feels so good. It s not just you, we re all in it. Working with atmospheric sounds continuing the Twilight Cruise. Compressed drums with a raw, monotone wall of guitars. Gentle temptation meets f**k-you-all. Madness in disguise.
Inhaling The Silence - So much trendy shit around. So many tough people around. So much monkey-movement around. Soon I m gonna throw-up and drown. Just my distant friend playing the cello and somebody behind the mountain beating the toms, while the fool on the hill is talking to butterflies and minding his own business. Hey John, thanks for helping me through my youth.
Free Bird - Here come the strings. Feeling connected with all of you, without touching. Rather keep on falling before hitting ground. Again and again. Lots of fun, building sounds (listen carefully to the colors). A grey song with lots of indefinable sparkles. Couldn't resist the typical KC-drama at the end. The final rise. This one's for free. Stand up and crawl. Look at me now, I'm doing all right. It s so uncommercial it should be forbidden. The distant guitar is guiding me to a peaceful emptiness that can bring so much energy. Could re-mix it for the next two years.

Color Your World with Straight Wired and their hard hitting music that blends a sound of Tesla and Extreme, with a bit of Ritchie Kotzen styled R&B influenced hard rock. Straight Wired was one of only 4 unknowns picked to play at Woodstock 94. Color My World is slated for release Sept 25th on Kivel Records.
A band that is needed to be experienced live with their unique rock/vocal sound, of BIG guitars, intricate 4 part vocal harmonies and energetic live show! Straight Wired will be performing LIVE in Keene NH at the Colonial Theatre as special guests of Ted Poley Sept 25th. Check back for more LIVE dates due this fall.
You can pre order your copy now at:
A note from Kivel Records: "We would like to add to this by saying, that we have always prided ourselves on several things here above all else. Pleasing our customers with great fun melodic hard rock. Quality releases with their production, performance and artwork, and we have been fortunate enough to work with some excellent designers and photographers through the years, from F3 Design to Mike A Designs and Design by Droid. Well we are excited to welcome both a new addition to our gallery of art, along with its creator Martin Hausler! Known for such releases as Pink Cream 69, Hillary Duff and Udo to name a few. Special thanks to Martin for bringing this concept to life and surpassing our expectations."


From the pen of Tyketto's Michael Clayton:
"Instead of putting the guys up in a hotel as originally planned, we opted to all shack up at my place. Remembering that I only had one bed and no food, that afternoon was spent running around buying things! Brooke arrived first, and he and I got to catch up (eight years is a long time). Funny how quickly we slipped back into brotherhood mode. We compared notes on music, divorce and the attributes of dating younger women.
By the time Danny and Jimi arrived later that night, I was at one of my band's gigs and Brooke was out partying! Yes, we all wasted no time going back to old habits!
Rehearsals were scheduled in a small place in Woodbridge. The first two rehearsals were (lets see..... how do I put this??).......rusty at best. My first thought was, "I wonder if I can get a refund on the plane tickets!". Jimi was the only one fully prepared (Nice job Jimi!). That's pretty funny since Jimi never even heard Strength in Numbers and played the tunes better than the three of us! We all laughed at each other, and the mood for the entire week was jovial and relaxed.
By day 3 we had all remembered how to play our instruments, and by the fifth rehearsal it was as if no time had passed since 1991. The old magic was back, and the machine was up and running. On the last rehearsal, we ran down the whole show flawlessly.
Out of the studio, we worked for many hours on an incredible 52 page commemorative tour book that will be available on this tour. All 23 pages of text have been written by the band, giving a detailed accounting of the magic, mayhem and mania that was Tyketto. From Danny and I meeting in 1987 until Tyketto's farewell in 1995. We have also included almost 200 personal photos (many of which have never been published). A truly fitting way to remember Don't Come Easy.
The whole week was a perfect combination of being caught up in the wonderfully nostalgic part of Tyketto, as well as looking forward to kicking some major ass in November. The die-hards will not be disappointed. Fans will hear all of Don't Come Easy as well as five of our faves from Strength (and as always - a surprise or two up our sleeves).
See you in a few weeks..." Michael Clayton, September 20, 2004 Belmar, NJ.
Tyketto's 2004 tour dates are:
Monday, Nov. 1 At Dingbatz In 615 Van Houten Ave, Clifton, Nj 07013
Friday, Nov. 5 At Wulfrun Hall In Wolverhampton, Uk
Saturday, Nov. 6 At The Empire In Belfast, Ireland
Monday, Nov. 8 At The Rig In Rock City, Nottingham, Uk
Tuesday, Nov. 9 At Trillians In Newcastle, Uk
Thursday, Nov. 11 At The Corporation In Sheffield, Uk
Friday, Nov. 12 At The Underworld In London
Saturday, Nov. 13 At Jb's In Dudley, Uk
Sunday, Nov. 14 At Earth In Thessaloniki, Greece
Wednesday, Nov. 17 At Dekade In Zaandam, Holland
Thursday, Nov. 18 At Biebob In Vosselaar, Belgium
Friday, Nov. 19 At Plato In Helmond, Holland
Saturday, Nov. 20 At Azkena In Bilbao, Spain
Sunday, Nov. 21 At Arena In Madrid, Spain

This week on THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW (heard weekly on Saturdays from 9p-3a EST at we've got two great releases - one from a band getting back together and proving they can still rock, and one of the most bootlegged and long requested official releases ever. First off, Europe has regrouped after a decade apart to record a brand new album called Start From The Dark. This is a real rocker, proving that this band is far more than the syrupy cheese that they showed on songs like The Final Countdown or Carrie. Amped up and ready to rock, Start From The Dark stands as a great return for this band, and we'll bring you a New Music Listening Party to prove it.
If that isn't enough, Tony Iommi and Glenn Hughes have decided to officially release what at one time was to be the follow-up to the Black Sabbath release, The Seventh Star. The project was scrapped for some reason, but somehow snuck out of the studio and became the all-time great bootleg known as The Eighth Star. Iommi and Hughes have taken these classic tunes, polished them up a bit, and now will release them as THE 1996 DEP SESSIONS. To say that these tunes are excellent is a massive understatement, so see for yourself on Saturday night as part of our second NEW MUSIC LISTENING PARTY.

Recording of the next Final Frontier album is well underway and will be titled High Tension Wire. Expect a Japanese release towards the end of the year and a European release after that.

Mini-Bytes have been updated, with previews of new tracks from: Bryan Adams, Bang Tango, Robin Beck, Iron Horse, American Hi-Fi, Travers & Appice and Screaming Jets. Check them out - more to come!




Monday, September 20, 2004

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the European release for the hard rock revelation band of 2004 Tak MATSUMOTO GROUP - TMG for November the 8.
TMG is a group founded by guitarist, songwriter and producer Tak Matsumoto, an artist who earned an enormous fame in his mother land playing with the band B'z. The B'z have sold over 80 million units in Japan alone, making them Japan's biggest selling rock band in history.
In late 2003 he formulated a new band venture billed as TMG - Tak Matsumoto Group a collaboration featuring Night Ranger and Damn Yankees bassist Jack Blades and ex-Mr. Big vocalist Eric Martin. Drums on the album were performed by ex-Foreigner, Slash's Snakepit and Pride & Glory man Brian Tichy and Lenny Kravitz drummer Cindy Blackman, with Chris Frazier taking over for live work.


Some early reviews in the international press describe the album as follows:
"This is a perfect slice of hard rock, with a super heavy and in your face production that updates the sound, melodies and style to 2004, while keeping the best elements of the classic debut's from Mr. Big and Damn Yankees." -
"TMG drag melodic hard rock kicking and screaming into 2004." Fireworks Magazine, UK
"TMG is a good, solid, catchy and diverse melodic hard rock record with tons of market potential" -
Track listing of the European release will be as follows:
Oh Japan - Our Time Is Now (click to hear an mp3 sample); Everything Passes Away (click to hear an mp3 sample); Kings For A Day; I Know You By Heart; I Wish You Were Here (click to hear an mp3 sample); The Greatest Show On Earth; Signs Of Life; Red, White And Bullet Blues; Trapped; My Alibi; Wonderland; Train, Train; Two Of A Kind; Never Good-Bye.

Frontiers Records will release a new Label Sampler Rock The Bones Vol. II, to be released on October 18. This label sampler includes 18 songs for over one hour and 15 minutes of great music. All styles are covered from classic melodic rock to hard rock and melodic heavy metal. CD includes tasty world premieres of the new albums from Pride of Lions, Brazen Abbot, Tommy Funderburk, The Sign, Delp & Goudreau, Lande / Allen, TMG and Platens.
The compilation track listing is as follows: Pride Of Lions - The Courage To Love Somebody ; Jeff Scott Soto - Find Our Way ; James Christian - After The Love Has Gone ; Shadows Fade - Speak ; Bonrud - The Phoenix ; Glenn Hughes - Can't Stop The Flood (Live); Tak Matsumoto Group - Oh Japan Our Time Is Now ; Lunatica - Avalon ; Brazen Abbot - Supernatural (Live); Richie Kotzen - Get Up ; Ring Of Fire - Change ; Tommy Funderburk - Remember Our Love ; From The Inside - Nothing At All ; Kingdom Come - Time To Realign ; The Sign - The Morning After (Time To Run) ; Delp & Goudreau - What You Leave Behind ; Lande / Allen - On My Own ; Platens - Waves Of Sea.


The Baltimore three-piece Plunge has with Hometown Hero recorded a collection of songs that meld the power of punk with an innate sense of melodic pop and rock.
The young band has been taking the US East Coast club scene by storm, playing close to 250 shows a year since they debuted. The groups front man Mike Ruocco is also the bass player and backing vocalist of RCA gold recording artist SR-71. Having spent nearly a year writing, recording and touring with this major label band Mike has brought these experience back to Plunge, and together with his partners bass player Brian Magill and drummer Mac Calvaresi he has been working hard creating this massive debut album.
The album was produced by the band together with Scot Spelbring (Marvellous 3, SR-71) and was mixed by Jeff Juliano (Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Jason Mraz).
A release is planned for October 20. Songs: Running Away, Wasted on Your Love, Hometown Hero, Part Time Girlfriend, Scared, Fall Into One, Ordinary Girl, One More Time, Stuck in Madison, Understand, Hope and Heaven.
The true beauty of Hometown Hero is the way in which the band manages to maintain a delicate balance of blistering guitar and irresistible hooks, resulting in the perfect pop of Part Time Girlfriend (click title for mp3 snippet) and the gentle twang of the title track Hometown Hero (click title for mp3 snippet).
With all that is inside the album; the song-forms and production reveal sublime new facets upon each hearing, straight ahead rock with elements of alternative, punk and pop presented in a jaw-dropping musical package. With a host of infectious pop tunes, tear jerking ballads and balls to the wall rock anthems - Plunge got it all and is ready to show you all how it's done!


I'll have more news shortly, including full track listing details, but expect the long awaited Diving For Pearls album to see the ligth of day via Atenzia on November 24.

Just a quick message to everyone to advise I am back to a somewhat normal routine now the amazing debut Jeff Scott Soto Australian tour is over.
I'll do a full tour write up later this week (with any luck), but wanted to say a special thanks to everyone that came out and supported the shows and introduced themselves to myself and to Jeff.
Jeff and band had an amazing time and the tour was memorable to say the least.
On a personal note, it was awesome to meet so many people that I've been corresponding with forever and to also meet many others who just took a punt on the shows. I didn't meet anyone that wasn't blown away.

Now it's back to daily news updates and watch for a big news and MP3 update tomorrow and further page updates during the week, including MR-X and the all important Showcases.
There are a ton of e-mails to get to – I'll be doing those throughout the week.

One last bit of good news. Copies of CD2 should be arriving in mailboxes any day now. Cathy worked tirelessly while I was away to get them ready for shipping, so they were sent out the day I got back, which was Thursday. Enjoy!
Anyone else awaiting an official release - it's here! All orders shipped same/next day. Details.




Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Tonight at The Corner Hotel in Melbourne is the last show of the Jeff Scott Soto Australian tour. The last couple of weeks have been unforgettable and I'll be sure to talk about the tour in detail when business as usual resumes next week. I've met some unbelievable people out on the road and it's been an absolute pleasure to meet so many fans of the site.
There are a stack of MP3 updates due to be featured from Monday, so tune in then.

Monday is also the day CD2 is due to be officially released. Final stock only arrived yesterday after several manufacturing delays. All pre-orders will be shipped Monday. Please take note that the next few days are the one and only last chance to pre-order the CD and receive access to the 10 additional MP3 bonus tracks. Full details at the MRCD2 Page.
From Monday, all general orders will be shipped when placed (once pre-orders have left), but will NOT include the bonus tracks available to those that pre-ordered. Many thanks to those that have ordered it and in doing so, have supported the website. Much appreciated folks!


707's Jim McClarty: "At last! For the first time in 20 years, our fans can hear our long-lost third album, The Bridge. By the way, that title comes from the fact that every song we ever wrote had a "bridge" section - with the ironic exception of the instrumental song bearing that name. This is truly one of my favorite 707 records because it came about during a very productive, happy period for the band.
We had spent several months as the opening act on the REO Speedwagon Hi-Infidelity tour. It was huge. Tod had joined the band just prior to starting that tour and with each night we became more confident and creative. We left moments in each night's show where we could improvise, jam and stretch out a bit. It was risky on such a big tour, but we enjoyed the feeling of playing our instruments and the interplay of ideas that flowed between us.
Anyway, we finally got a break from touring and our label was anxious to hear new tracks. They had essentially dropped the ball with The Second Album. We were part of the biggest rock show in America and we still didn't have sufficient product on the shelves. Very frustrating. They promised they'd make it up to us on our next record. Anticipation was high. So, we hunkered down in the Record Plant in Sausalito, California and started writing. We recorded every rehearsal and tossed around every idea we came up with, including odd time signatures and more intricate harmonies. Kevin and I had written the majority of The Second Album, but now Phil was coming up with songs and Tod's influence is immediately apparent on this record.
The first session produced the three songs that comprise the bonus tracks on this disk. The Plant's recording rooms were smaller back then and the sound was more compact than we were accustomed to. But, the songs had a new feeling. They were more complete, more thought-out than The Second Album was. And we were experimenting with "stacked" vocals and guitars, recording several layers of voices and instruments. John Stronach was very helpful in that process and to this day I utilize tricks and recording techniques I learned from him during those sessions. John had worked with a veritable "who's who" in the record business, from George Harrison to Joe Walsh. And John brought in a young engineer named Mike Clink who later went on to produce million-selling records for Guns-N-Roses.
Well, no sooner did we get these songs on tape than we had to return to the REO tour. I remember playing these tracks for the Speedwagon boys. I think their influence, especially in the form of "power ballads" had a definite effect on us. Now, during this time the ownership of Casablanca Records changed and Polygram brought in their own people to run the label. Tour support was cut. Everything was in a state of flux. The new label management was not happy with the new tracks. I recall the new president saying that he wanted AC/DC-type rock, and that REO had wimped us out. In response, Kevin wrote Head Over Heels. They loved it. On the strength of that new showing, we finally settled in to write and record our third album.
When it was done, we were told that the powers-that-be didn't "hear a single." They said that Message From A Friend was close, but that we ruined it by not repeating the chorus after the second verse. Oh well. I wrote it like I wrote it. In the end, they refused to distribute it. In the meantime we had been talking with the folks at Boardwalk Records and had come to a new agreement. We jumped ship from Casablanca and The Bridge languished. A few weeks of touring later we were back in the studio beginning what would become Megaforce. But we knew that we had just poured our hearts into the record that no one would hear.
So now this piece of rock'n'roll history makes its better-late-than-never debut. And I am exceedingly grateful to MTM Records for putting it out. In retrospect, there are bits and pieces I would have changed. The drums don't "boom" enough for my taste. But, this record does include some of the best writing and playing of our brief career. Thanks for picking it up. I hope this music makes you smile, leap in the air and bust out your best air-guitar ... or air-drums, if you're like me. Rock on." Nashville, TN. USA. July 2004.
Kevin Russell: "The Bridge is one of my favorite 707 records of all time! The Bridge was the record in which we felt like a real 4 piece band again! The magic had returned within the band once again with the addition of Tod (keyboards, guitar & vocals). We now had a real fourth member in the new 707 line-up.
Tod, Jim, Phil & Myself wrote some really wonderful songs on this record! Leader has always been one of my personal favorites. After you listen to it I am sure you will agree! Message From A Friend is a true classic 707 song. Phil's vocal performance throughout "The Bridge" is truly one of his finest ever! I like every song on this record and I really can't say that for all of our records! We also took some chances on this record. It does have it's progressive/rock fusion moments!
I had a wonderful time making The Bridge with my dear friends Jim, Phil & Tod. These are the 3 people that I loved to make music with!
So, to my fellow band mates.....I love you guys and you are truly some of the finest human beings and musicians I have ever had the pleasure of playing with in my life! God bless you guys....To all the 707 fans - I want to sincerely thank you so much for staying with us all these years! I do hope you enjoy The Bridge as much as I do ... I hope to see you soon on tour......Kevin."


When monumental musical talents collide, the result is magic. Tony Iommi and Glenn Hughes offer proof in the form of the album The 1996 DEP Sessions set for release by Sanctuary Records on September 28, 2004. The album is being released under the banner Iommi with Glenn Hughes.
The 1996 DEP Sessions features eight electrifying songs recorded by these two legends. Iommi is the lead guitarist in Black Sabbath, the groundbreaking originators of pure heavy metal; he has led every lineup of the band. Iommi is one of the most influential and widely recognized guitarists in the history of rock music. Hughes was a member of Trapeze before achieving worldwide superstardom as the co-lead vocalist and bass guitarist in Deep Purple in the mid-1970s. He has enjoyed a prolific and diverse solo career.
The two friends had worked together a decade before on 1986's Seventh Star album, which the record company at the time credited to Black Sabbath Featuring Tony Iommi for marketing purposes. The underrated Seventh Star certainly had its highlights, but it featured a then-contemporary 1980s sound. The 1996 DEP Sessions has a much grittier, forceful, timeless sound.
The eight tracks on 'The 1996 DEP Sessions' are: "Gone," "From Another World," "Don't You Tell Me," "Don't Drag The River," "Fine," "Time Is The Healer," "I'm Not The Same Man" and "It Falls Through Me."
The story of how this project came together began when Iommi was working on a solo album and he asked Hughes to collaborate with him as a singer and songwriter. They worked on demos and recording for most of them commenced at DEP Studios in Birmingham, England. DEP is a renowned facility owned by the British reggae band UB40. Among those joining in were joined by keyboardists Don Airey (a respected veteran who has played with Rainbow and Ozzy Osbourne and is currently a member of Deep Purple) and Geoff Nicholls (who played on many Black Sabbath albums in the 1980s as well as 'Seventh Star').
No mixing was done at the time and Iommi and Hughes pursued other projects. They still kept in touch personally and occasionally brought up the subject of finishing and releasing those songs recorded in 1996. Unfortunately, a poor-quality bootleg CD made from an incomplete cassette surfaced.
Earlier this year, Iommi reviewed the tapes at his home studio with the idea of completing them and releasing the songs so that fans could enjoy this music in finished form. New drum tracks were recorded by Jimmy Copley, who played on Iommi's acclaimed, all-star-laden 2000 solo album Iommi. Original engineer Mike Exeter and Iommi mixed the 1996 tracks and stripped them down to the basics to help add to the clean, raw feel.
These songs have percolated and ripened over eight years. Now collected as The 1996 DEP Sessions, they are taking their rightful place among the finest, most exciting work Iommi and Hughes have ever done.




Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of the highly anticipated new album from Pride Of Lions entitled The Destiny Stone for November, the 8th 2004.


"Pride Of Lions is my vision of the best elements of the great melodic rock era of the 80s, updated of course with more modern production sounds."
These are the words of Jim Peterik, a man who just might know what he's talking about when it comes to great melodic rock having been a member of Grammy-award winners Survivor and songwriter for Sammy Hagar, 38 Special, Van Zant, Aerosmith, John Wetton, Cheap Trick, Uriah Heep, REO Speedwagon and many more.
"When Serafino Perugino, Frontiers Records President, called me in February and asked if we could have a new Pride Of Lions album ready by July for a November release - I just about dropped the phone - that's exactly one year since the release of our debut!" exclaims Peterik, "I composed myself and always one for a good challenge I said, No problem!"
From that moment on Jim and Toby Hitchcock have been living and breathing Pride Of Lions.
Their second album, The Destiny Stone is now complete and if early response is any indication, it just may surpass the first in artistic vision and world acclaim. "We set out to top ourselves, to write songs with the great uplifting messages and melodies that have become our trademark", says Peterik. "To have a great singer like Toby to co-sing these songs is a songwriter's dream come true. It lets me explore the full range of melodic vision."
Toby Hitchcock, a relative newcomer to the rock scene, at age 26 has made an indelible mark as a singer's singer with echoes of some of rock's finest voices in his distinctive tenor. "I had a blast recording this album. We kept the basic team the same, same band, same studio, same production team (Jim and Larry Millas), behind the board. I say, if it ain't broke, don t fix it!"


The Destiny Stone is a song cycle that Jim Peterik started in January 04. Many of the songs were inspired by the mysterious visions he experienced as a child of four. "The only way I can describe it was that it felt like I was falling through a crack in time. It was far different than a dream - much more vivid and intense. The Destiny Stone is the musical embodiment of these journeys."
The range of material on the album goes from majestic orchestrated ballads such as Back To Camelot and Light From A Distant Shore, to hard as nails rockers such as Born To Believe In You, Parallel Lines and the lead off track The Courage To Love Somebody. "As usual, I wear my influences on my sleeve, like with the Styx inspired, Man Behind The Mask and my tribute to John Miles, The Gift Of Song. But I always try to inject my own style to the blend and make it unique", states Jim. "My favorite on this record is Falling Back To Then", says Toby.
Final track listing is as follows: The Courage To Love Somebody (click to hear an MP3 sample); Parallel Lines (click to hear an MP3 sample); Back to Camelot (click to hear an MP3 sample); Born To Believe In You; What Kind of Fool; Man Behind The Mask; Light From A Distant Shore; Letter To The Future; The Destiny Stone; Second Hand Life; Falling Back To Then; The Gift of Song.


In a computerized world where great melodies and passionate feelings are hard to come by, put on your head phones, turn up the volume, dim the lights and get ready to ride The Destiny Stone.
The release in Japan will be handled, like for the first album, through King Records.




Monday, September 13, 2004

MTM Classix is proud to announce the re-release of Zeno's debut album Zeno: Zeno Roth is the younger brother of Uli John Roth, who played with Scorpions. In 1974 he formed the band BLACK ANGEL. In 1984 he formed the band Zeno with Ule Ritgen (Fair Warning). They started recording for the first album Zeno in 1985 by using many recording studios all over the world. Chuck Burgi, Stuart Elliot, Carl Marsh, Don Airey and also Chris Thompson joined this recording. Zeno toured with Black Sabbath, Krokus, Keel and also played a festival with Queen in UK. In 1993 the album Zeno was released in Japan. It caused a sensation in the current music scene, selling more than 25.000 copies. In 1995 Zenology was released and sold over 30.000 copies and reached the charts. In December 1997 the third album Listen To The Light was completed and released in Japan in January 1998. Sales until March: 40.000 copies! First appearance on Japanese charts: 26 in the whole album charts. 6 in Foreign Music Charts, Number 2 in Rock Music Charts.
MTM Classix is now re-releasing his debut album Zeno which is known as a sold out and sought after AOR Highlight. The album is completely remixed and remastered and features one bonus track Don't Count Me Out. Beside this Zeno features unreleased versions of the songs Signs In The Sky, Far Away, Don't Tell The Wind and Love Will Live which were recorded to get the deal with EMI.

Because of some delays we have to postpone the long awaited release of Greenhouze. Here are the November releases:
Zeno Zeno release: 08.11.2004
MTM Compilation Volume 10 release: 15.11.2004
RPM RPM release: 22.11.2004

Mike Tramp ( will be on tour at the end of October. Dates are:
Friday 29th October Camden Underworld, London
Saturday 30th October The Corporation, Sheffield
Sunday 31st October Trillians, Newcastle on Tyne
Support on all dates is provided by Yorkshire band Deadline ( who will have copies of their new CD Mind The Step available that night. Opening band is classic rockers Silverjet.

The artwork for the forthcoming Axel Rudi Pell release The Ballads III CD has been released. Again it was done by the great Marc Klinnert at Studio Oxmox Australia. The album track listing is: Don`t Say Goodbye . Forever Angel (Acoustic) . The Temple Of The King . Heartbreaker . The Line . Sea Of Evil . The Curse Of The Chains . All The Rest Of My Life . Forever Angel . The Temple Of The Holy . Under The Gun.
At the moment it is planned that the Band will do a few "Acoustic Events" in Germany in the week of the release date (October 25th) , where the fans will have the chance to "meet and greet" the Band and get their autographs and the boys will perform a few acoustic songs live. The entry will be FREE! Watch the site for the dates very soon. Therefore the second leg of the "Kings And Queens" Tour is cancelled, so the acoustic events will be the last chance to hear Axel & Co playing a few songs live this year.
We would like to inform you too about a brand new Axel Rudi Pell Webshop, which will open in a few weeks, where you can get older and brand new merchandise.




Thursday, September 09, 2004

After an a couple of years long break, Legs Diamond finally return to the scene – incl. 3 members of the original line-up!
The signing of a record deal with AOR Heaven marks a new era for the band. Founded in 1975, Legs Diamond in between all the years have released 10 albums and shared the stage with fellow rockers such as Kiss, Ted Nugent, Y&T, REO Speedwagon, Sammy Hagar, Triumph, Rush, Nazareth, Bob Segar, Riot, Styx and Moxy.
After the release of the best of compilation Legs DiamondFavorite Ones through the band's own label Diamond Records earlier this year – which already has included two new, exceptional songs - the band currently is working on more song material for a new studio album to be released on the AOR Heaven label in Spring 2005.
Legs Diamond 2004 are: Rick Sanford (Lead Vocals); Michael Prince (Keyboards & Rhythm Guitar); Jeff Poole (Drums); Roger Romeo (Lead Guitar); Adam Kury (Bass).

Website re-launch! Most parts of the new web shop of AOR Heaven's mail-order are now online. The address hasn't changed of course and remains to be the same – check for more details.

Swedish melodic rock band Masquerade is releasing their latest album In Disguise on September 9. Most of the material on In Disguise is very much in the same vein and style as the bands debut self-titled release from 1992 which has been highly regarded in the melodic rock circles and often compared to Intuition era TNT.
The bands Official website was just redesigned and has been relaunched this past week. Pre-orders are being taken immediately for hardcopies of 'In Disguise'. But if you can't wait, the album is available and can be purchased and directly downloaded right from the bands site -
Track Listing: Main Attraction . Alone Again . A Lonely Cry . In Your Eyes . The Rose . Stop . Running Out Of Time . Nippon Symphony . Damn You Too . Suicidal Idol . So Surreal . Wash Me Clean.


Details of the new Def Leppard compilation Best Of have been released. The track listing is:
CD1: Pour Some Sugar On Me . Photograph . Love Bites . Let's Get Rocked . Two Steps Behind . Animal . Heaven Is . Rocket . When Love And Hate Collide . Action . Long Long Way To Go . Make Love Like A Man . Armageddon It . Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad . Rock Of Ages . Hysteria . Bringin' On The Heartbreak.
CD2: (for the Special Edition) Rock Rock (Till You Drop) . Waterloo Sunset . Promises . Slang . Foolin' . Now . Rock Brigade . Woman . Let It Go . Too Late For Love . High'n'Dry . Work It Out . Billy's Got A Gun . Another Hit And Run . Stand Up (Kick Love Into Motion) . Wasted . Die Hard The Hunter.


Liquor and Poker Music is proud to announce the signing of Toronto's Crash Kelly to a roster that has proved to be nothing less than the very best! Crash Kelly has been making waves in the rock 'n' roll world from Toronto to London to New York to L.A. with a sound and live show that is rooted firmly in the vintage style and sound of the late '70s and early '80s that amazingly sounds fresh and electrifying for today's rock fan.
With a beauty of a line-up that includes Sean Kelly on lead vocals and guitar, veteran Toronto guitarist Allister Thompson, transplanted American drummer Eric Hermann and multi-platinum artist Jeff Pearce on bass, Crash Kelly is a band that is hell-bent to put a smile on your face, a ringing in your ears and rock 'n' roll salvation in your heart. Liquor and Poker Music will be releasing Penny Pills with a brilliant cover of Cheap Trick's ELO Kiddies as a bonus track and a video for the leadoff track She Gets Away on January 25th, 2005. Get on over to the Liquor and Poker Music website right now where you can see the Crash Kelly band page and listen to "She Gets Away" in MP3 format. Keep checking the band's page 'cause I guarantee you will see Crash Kelly rockin' your town soon. Penny Pills will without a doubt set the standard for all other "rock" releases to beat in the New Year. Trust me, it will be no easy feat by any means!

Two new e-Interviews have been added today. Both are aimed at introducing the artist to you, so please check out the interviews with Token and Zillion.




Wednesday, September 08, 2004

The Noticeboard and phpBB Message Boards are both back online. The new server/host for the site is in Florida and was knocked offline due to the recent hurricane. Everything, including affected MR-X content is back to normal now.

MTM Music have released all details surrounding their planned October releases. The details are as follows:
Heartplay Where The Deadends Meet - Released October 11.
Track Listing: Don't You Ever Fall . That Kind Of Girl . Never Again . Grateful . Tempted . This Time . Silhouettes . If There's A Way . Running Man . Bridges Burning.
Line-Up: Kimmo Blom (Urban Tale) - vocals; Sakari Salli - keyboards; Tuomas Wäinölä - guitar; Kalle Torniainen - drums; Simo Saastamoinen - bass.
HEARTPLAY was founded by Sakari Salli and Kimmo Blom in 1997 and it took four years to produce the first album, cleverly titled The Album. Heartplay achieved success in Finland when many radio stations have played the song I'll Be Your Shelter. Also a music video was shot by director Jyri Kähönen and the band made a live appearance in the pop music show "Jyrki".
After the release of The Album, the band took a break as all members had other interesting projects going on. Sakari Salli started composing music for films, TV series and commercials; Kimmo Blom recorded great music with the AOR gurus Urban Tale; Kalle Torniainen established himself as a top producer in Finland and Simo toured and recorded an album with his incredibly successful band Jean S. Tuomas Wäinölä was touring with the very popular band Nylon Beat.
But last spring something happened, the band did not expect - there was an urgent need for making music with Heartplay again coming up from the shadows of the northern lights.
Sakari Salli has been composing new songs in the past few years and now Kimmo Blom takes care of the lyrics for these songs. So this time the album is a strong cooperation between band members when it comes to song writing.
The new album Where The Deadends Meet can be described more as Westcoast rather than a hard rock album. Strong songs featuring the incredible vocal performance of Kimmo Blom and the extraordinary guitar ability make this album a highlight.

Safe Haven Safe Haven - Released October 18.
Track Listing: Do You Remember Me . In Your Heart . It Could Happen To You . Sorry Baby . Nothin' Like This Feeling . Fly Me Away . Have Faith, Believe . Now That Your Gone . You're Movin' On . Need A Change . I Forget The Words.
Line-Up: Vocals - Michael Vescera (Loudness, Yngwie Malmsteen, MVP, Obsession); Bass - Chris McCarvil (Jeff Scott Soto Band, XfactorX); Guitars - Eric Riordan; Keyboards - Mike Mongillo; Drums - Phil Suarez (Soundscape).
Michael Vescera is well-known for working as a singer for various bands and projects like Loudness ('Soldier of Fortune', 'On The Prowl', 'Live at the Budokan'), Obsession ('Marshall Law', 'Scarred for Life', 'Methods of Madness'), Yngwie Malmsteen ('The Seventh Sign') or his own band MVP "Mike Vescera Project". Besides being a vocalist, Michael also works as a record producer: his recent collaborations include artists such as 'Metal Mike' Chlasiak and Bobby Jarzombek (Halford) and their soon to be released Pain Museum album, Bobby Blotzer's (Ratt) & John Corabi's (Mötley Crüe, Scream) Twenty4Seven CD, Magnitude Nine's new album Decoding the Soul - just to name a few.
Bass player Chris McCarvil has already played with played with Eddie Ojeda (Twisted Sister), Rob Affuso (Skid Row) and Sebastian Bach on various projects. He was also a member of the Jeff Scott Soto band and has done seven bass instructional videos released by Rockhouse, Peavey and Silvertone to his credit.
Former Soundscape drummer Phil Suarez is an extremely talented musician and very popular in the local scene of the Northeast of the USA.
Although Guitarist Eric Riordan (MVP) may be relatively unknown to the melodic rock scene, it's only a matter of time before his name is known for his incredible melodic guitar work and song writing.
Keyboard player Mike Mongillo is a guest musician on this album and the co-writer of "Fly me away". Mike studied music at Boston College and is currently working as the Director of Artist Development for a major New York based label.
But let's hear what the voice of Safe Haven, Michael Vescera himself, has to say: "I'm very excited to be able to work on this CD. It's a departure for me vocally from what I'm most known for, 'Metal'. In the vein of Journey, Foreigner, etc. it should surprise and excite my already die hard fans, and hopefully gain a large number of new ones. This CD will also show my appreciation for other styles of music. It will be great to work with Eric and the rest of Safe Haven and create what we hope will be a masterpiece. I'm also excited to work with MTM on this CD and hope for great success with everyone involved."

Silver Addiction - Released October 25.
Track Listing: Never Let Me Go . Angeline . I Saw . Finish What You Started . Why Did You Come Back . Addiction . This Is My Life . Leaving Tonight . Breathe . You Are Mine.
Line-Up: Gary Barden - Vocals (ex-MSG, Statetrooper, Praying Mantis); Don Airey - Keyboards (Deep Purple, Ex-Ozzy Osbourne, Rainbow, Whitesnake, Gary Moore); Michael Voss - Guitars (Demon Drive, Casanova, Mad Max, Ex-Bonfire); Marco Minnemann - Drums (Paul Gilbert, Ex-H-Blockx); Special Guest: Andreas Broon - Bass, Backing Vocals (ex-Sisters Of Mercy); Tommy Denander - Guitar (Radioactive).
The main men behind Silver are singer Gary Barden, guitarist Michael Voss, and current Deep Purple keyboard player Don Airey.
Besides the fact that the Silver debut album Silver (2001) had sensational sales figures in Europe, it even held the number 1 position in the Japanese import charts for about 5 weeks. Many people may have thought Silver was one of those "all star projects" that are history after just one album.
On Intruder, the band invited well-known guest musicians such as Bertram Engel (Peter Maffay, Bruce Springsteen, Robert Palmer), Bob Daisley (Ozzy Osbourne, Rainbow, Gary Moore), Colin Hodgkinson (Whitesnake) and guitar wizard Tommy Denander from Radioactive is playing a guest solo on Addiction as well.
The SILVER line-up 2004 reads like a "who is who" of rock history! The new album is called Addiction and scheduled for October 2004. Beside Barden / Airey / Voss the drums have been played by Marco Minnemann (Paul Gilbert, ex-H-Blockx).
For fans of the European style of classic melodic hard rock, this album has a lot to offer: a strong feel for melodies combined with perfect musicality of top-notch artists.


MTM's November releases will be: Greenhouze Greenhouze (Featuring Solli of Sons Of Angels), Due November 08.; MTM Volume 10, Due November 15; RPM RPM, Due November 22.

Pulse guitarist Vince O'Regan has commented on the tracks that make up their new album World's Apart:
1 Nothing I Can Do About It, this song had been locked away in the vaults for a long time, basically its about life & fate & if something's meant to be there's nothing you can do about it. a great opening song.
2 Worlds Apart, this is the first song Simon & I wrote specifically for this album its a very up tempo song, its about as people we all live together in the same world but couldn't be further apart if we tried.
3 Price Of Loving You, to be honest this is a song i didn't think we'd finish…but I'm so glad we did, its basically a love song about sacrifice etc its also my favorite.
4 Talk To My Heart, this is the first song we wrote after finishing the first album in 2002, its another love song very bluesy with a great hook.
5 Lost Without You, this song came together very quickly we wanted a bluesy rocker in the middle of the album something with a bit of grit, its about not realising what you've got until its gone.
6 You're Not Alone, this song is about friendship & trust & staying by someone's side through the good times & the bad, its also one of the heaviest songs on the album.
7 Feels Like The First Time, this is another song we wrote just after finishing the first album, its another one of Simon's love songs but its got a great hook & chorus.
8 Break The Chain, this is Simon's favorite song on the album, its about breaking ties & moving on it came together very quickly & basically wrote itself.
9 Do It All Again, this songs about the mistakes we make in our lives but wouldn't change a thing, because its what makes us what we are. a very catchy song that will go down very well live.
10 In Your Eyes, this song was written in 1988 & was hidden away until the time was right, Simon rewrote the lyrics & its worked out very well it should be a very good live song.
11 No Turning Back, we were trying to write an easy listening track to finish the album but we were getting nowhere, so we had a break & basically wrote this song in the time it takes to make a coffee, but it turned out very well & seems to be the one our families like the best.

The new Stramonio album Time Will Tell is due out shortly and will be available through Exclusive Worldwide Distribution by Frontiers Records.
Stramonio is a highly successful Italian progressive metal band who plays a very technical mixture of the sound of bands like Dream Theater, Fates Warning, Threshold and Rush.
Time Will Tell is their third album and is their most mature effort so far. Blending a unique technique and excellent song writing this band is clearly a winner for all the fans of well played progressive metal. Flash magazine in Italy wrote a studio report saying this is Stramonio's ultimate album pure genius!


In the Spring of 2005, Versailles Records will return to hard rock form with the first new and most current Bon Jovi Tribute to date, to hit the street in conjunction with the band's new album. Featuring current and former members of Motley Crue, Ratt, Love/Hate, Warrant, LA Guns, Cardboard Vampyres, Adler's Appetite, Union, Dangerous Toys, The Scream, Whitesnake, Winger, as well as Richard Kendrick, Straitjacket Smile, Tony Janflone Jr., Jasy Andrews, Shane Volk, and others, this tribute will feature hits spanning Bon Jovi's entire 20+ year history!
Additionally, in the summer of 2005, Versailles Records will unleash the long-awaited debut CD from Straitjacket Smile, featuring (and produced by) Richard Kendrick on lead guitar, and Ross Stephens on lead vocals. The band will support this double-disc debut with a co-headlining tour to be announced in the early spring! Visit or for updates on both of the aforementioned releases."

Paul Mangone reports back with his first solo CD after his departure from hit-machine Extreme. As a founding member of Extreme, Mangone showed his skills on their debut CD as a song writer and musician. His involvement in the harmonies that made Extreme stand out was significant. Paul presented his follow up Pat Badger to leave and expand his horizons as a pilot.
When Nuno Bettencourt called him in 1995 to jam and join his new band project Mourning Widows, he picked up his guitar and the flame was ignited once more. Although he never laid down his pen, he wanted to make his way back into music, where his heart was.
Fly By Wire is the fruit of his hard labour and years of work. It revives the vibes of Extreme and his singer songwriter feeling. Matt McKay, Paul's former guitarist from Montage (and former Adrenaline guitarist) sat in for the acoustic solo on Wish You Had Someone Now, and with the exception of the harmonica and drums, remarkably Paul plays all his own instruments. He co-produced Fly by Wire with Mike Pietrini and performed all of the vocals, as well, wisely inviting Gary Cherone to join him on harmonies with Fly Like A Bird.
The songs that make up Fly By Wire represent what was happening in his life, at the time he wrote them. Paul explains, "I've included different songs that mean different things to me. My grandparents were a very important part of my life and The Rain was written after the loss of my grandmother."
Paul wrote, Fly Like a Bird on July 16, 1999, in memory of John F. Kennedy, Jr. That's the day JFK, Jr. died which, ironically, is also Paul's birthday. "I always felt like he was my kindred spirit. I mean, we were very close in age, liked a lot of the same things and had an immense respect for our own fathers…and he loved to fly. I really felt terrible when I heard his plane went down and writing this song was one of the ways I coped with the grief."
It seems for now Paul has reconciled his feelings towards the recording business, explaining, "Releasing an independent CD has allowed me the artistic freedom and individual control I felt was lacking when I was with Extreme."
For Paul, releasing "Fly By Wire" is not only a personal achievement, it shows he's finally consummated the two major forces that drive him his music and the wild blue yonder.


The newly crowned "official" Hardline website - - has announced details of some upcoming bootleg releases and details of a competition for some signed Johnny Gioeli goodies. The details are:
Decisions have been made to sell Hardline and Brunette Demos and Bootlegs through the Official Hardline Website. There is also a Hardline contest where Fans have the chance to win a big CD package of Hardline and many Gioeli projects like Crush 40, Axel Rudi Pell and others, this package is personally signed by Johnny Gioeli.
It is now also confirmed that all interested Fans can buy Hardline and Brunette Demos and Bootlegs through the official website. The Price for one CD is 10. A complete list of all Bootlegs and Demos that will be for sale are online soon.
This is your chance to get some of these rare items including many Live Bootlegs from the Double Eclipse Tour along with Demos and even Brunette Demos and a complete Brunette concert!
Be sure to sign in to the Hardline Rocks Mailing List to be involved in the Hardline Contest and get all the latest news.
There will be the Chance for one Fan to win a special package of CD`s signed by Johnny Gioeli himself (including CD`s of Hardline, Crush40, Axel Rudi Pell and Brunette, such as normal Albums, Demos, Promotional Copies and more!). All you have to do is sign in to the Hardline Rocks Mailing list which can be found on the Main Site by clicking on the coloured Box saying "Join the Mailing list".

The search by Inxs to find a new singer via the reality TV Show Rockstar will go into production in November and air worldwide mid-2005.

Population 1's first major U.S. tour is about to go into full swing. The Los Angeles based Population 1 will return to their native New England and Mid-Atlantic area in support of its current EP release, Sessions From Room 4.
The tour starts with its first date confirmed for October 7th at the Crocodile Rock club in Allentown, PA and continues until October 24th. The tour mixes major markets and small towns alike. Additional dates will be added this week as routing for the tour unfolds.
The "Sessions" EP release is garnering specialty show airplay at Q-104/New York City, WFNX/Boston, WBCN/Boston, WYSP/Philadelphia, and others. At retail, the EP is selling briskly at various independent (Newbury Comics/Boston, Vintage Vinyl/New Jersey, Looney Tunes/Long Island) and chain retailers, as well as the Internet (the EP debuted at #16 on the Billboard/Soundscan Internet chart and remained in the top 20 in its second week at #17).
Currently, Population 1 is recording new music for a full-length CD; scheduled for a first quarter of 2005 release date and will perform new songs from their forthcoming CD on this tour.
Find out why Troy Nelson, Editor-in-Chief of Guitar One magazine, finds Nuno Bettencourt, Population 1's singer/guitarist, one of his "all-time faves" when they tour in October.
Full tour dates and further details can be found at:

Issue #17 of Fireworks out this week, with yet another bumper 68 page issue including the following: 4 page full-colour in-depth interview with Alex Lifeson of Rush; Ralph Santolla talks in detail about Millenium, Iced Earth and Sebastian Bach; Don Dokken and Jeff Pilson both talking long and deep; plus Tony Clarkin on all things Magnum.
Plus interviews with Nightwish, Marillion, UFO, Kee Marcello, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Threshold, Mickey Thomas, Ayreon, Grand Illusion, Phil Vincent, House of Shakira, Mike Rutherford, Flower Kings, House of Mirrors, Magenta, a look back to the origins of the NWOBHM, live reviews from Sweden Rock and Deep Impact, loads of reviews and much more!
Available in UK from all Borders outlets and selected HMV and Virgin Megastores. Or order direct from our good selves via the link.


W.A.S.P. front man Blackie Lawless is quite possibly the busiest man in hard rock currently. Having just completed a North American and European tour in support of the first act of the band's 2004 2-part conceptual opus The Neon God, W.A.S.P. is planning yet another run around the world to support the forthcoming conclusion of said epic entitled The Neon God Part 2: The Demise, which is slated for release through Sanctuary/Nose Records on September 27th.
Produced & mixed during this summer, Blackie was ardent in his mission to make The Neon God Part 2: The Demise as potent and intense as its story dictates, so much so, that he was flying back & forth between venues and his Fort Apache studios in Burbank, CA during the first two weeks of the band's summer tour! The Neon God addresses a tale of deep emotional quandary and revelation, the intoxication of power and the consequences of corruption. It is a story that everyone has experienced at one time or another - the need to belong, the quest for love, the desire for control, and the futility of vanity. Lawless, forthright and ever evolving as a musician and a human being, drew influence for the album's concept through extensive observation of the world and numerous soul-searching journeys through the deserts of America's Southwest. Part 1: The Rise was met with radiant applause, heralded as "compelling" by Metal Edge Magazine, "peerless" and "bombastic" by the Las Vegas Mercury, and Hit Parader Magazine attested that it "rarely ceased to entertain". LA Weekly embraced the concept with vivid appeal, testifying the album as "a lavalike mountainside flow that pulls you inexorably from track to track."
Deplorably renowned for his lewd behavior coming up through a music community where 'excess' meant 'success', Lawless frequently engages in musical endeavours that strip his soul and offer glimpses of the man beneath. In a way, each progressing W.A.S.P. release is another chapter in the uncompromising life of Lawless. With a catalogue spanning nearly 20 years, early titles, such as the self-titled debut and The Last Command represent youth and the indulgence of freedom. Releases like The Crimson Idol, Unholy Terror, and Dying for the World peel the blinders from society's eyes and reveal humanistic truths and offer foresight into an unwritten future.
Ambitious in design, but no less persuasive than previous work, W.A.S.P. has reached a milestone many years in the making. The powerful, high-emotion story is set to the backdrop of W.A.S.P's trademark nail-biting, theatrical style, from the guitar and soul-searing vocal performance of Blackie Lawless to the intense percussion work of returning drummer Stet Howland, the bludgeoning bass work of Mike Duda, and the rampaging lead guitar styling of Darrell Roberts.
A second leg of The Neon God World Tour is anticipated to commence in early October, bringing yet another inimitable performance to rabid, music hungry fans, for a W.A.S.P. concerts are no average performances. As Orlando Weekly humbly states, "they know that 'rock show' is comprised of two equally important words."
WebLinks: and

Adagio has the great pleasure to announce that the band has found a new voice and friend in the person of Gus Monsanto. Out of the many demos that the management received came out a great version of the song Chosen from the Underworld album ... and all the guys have fallen in love with the Brazilian voice.
Gus arrived from Brazil on Sunday August 29th at Marseille Airport in France and the band will start the rehearsals for the upcoming shows on September 1st. After all the line up changes the band has gone through, Adagio is now 100% ready to rock and spread its music over the world.
Gus first show with Adagio will take place in Toulouse on September 11th and few days later, the band will fly to USA to play at the Prog Power Festival in Atlanta on September 18th (
Another series of shows will take place in Europe starting from the European Prog Power on the 2nd in Barloo, Netherlands. Besides these shows, priority is given to composition of the new album which has already begun. The 3rd studio album of Adagio is to come early next year.

To celebrate the new Blackmore's Night release have teamed up with Playground Music Scandinavia & SPV to bring you an exclusive competition to win copies of the promo edition of Beyond The Sunset - The Romantic Collection.
Three lucky readers can win a promo copy of "Beyond The Sunset - The Romantic Collection". To win simply answer the two questions correctly and you might be the lucky winner.

Perris Records is now accepting music for our very first Christmas CD The Glam That Stole Christmas. This will be Volume 1 of a continuing series. If your band is interested please contact us and send your Christmas tracks to the address below! You can cover a Christmas classic or write an original holiday song! The deadline for submissions is Oct. 12th, 2004.
Perris Records, Attn GTSC, P.O. Box 841533, Houston, TX 77284-1533, USA.




Saturday, September 04, 2004

Frontiers Records is finally pleased to confirm the release of the Millenium album The Best of... And More for October the 18th 2004.
Millenium are a hard rock band founded by Ralph Santolla (ex-Iced Earth and Death, now with Sebastian Bach of Skid Row fame) in 1995. They have released 3 studio albums on Frontiers Records - Millenium, Angelfire and Hourglass.
Millenium have had in their line-up some very well known musicians of the hard & heavy scene including vocalist extraordinaire Jorn Lande (Masterplan) who sang all lead vocals on the Hourglass album and guitarist Shane French (who was also involved with Circle II Circle) along with vocalist Todd Plant (Doobie Brothers), Manfred Binder on bass and Oliver Hanson on drums.
This Best Of release covers tracks from each of the studio albums adding some very tasty surprises starting from the infamous Covers album sessions, which featured the Hourglass lineup (with Jorn Lande and current Deep Purple keyboard player Don Airey) performing well known rock and hard rock classics such as MSG's On & On, The Sweet's Love Is Like Oxygen, Jefferson Starship's Jane, Rainbow's I Surrender, plus 2 unreleased tracks from the Hourglass sessions and demo tracks for the band's last studio CD Jericho, for a total of 10 unreleased songs!


The final track listing is as follows:
CD1 - Power To Love; Hourglass; Superstar; I Still Believe; Masquerade ; Chasing Time; Shaman; Beyond The Pain; End Of Time; Angelfire; Heaven Sent; Run; Saving Grace; The Colour of the Night.
Tracks 1-6 taken from Hourglass / Tracks 7-14 taken from Angelfire.
CD2 - Together As One; Believe In Love; Almost Made It To Heaven; Invincible; On And On; I Surrender; Jane (click to hear an mp3 sample); Love Is Like Oxygen; Rain (click to hear an mp3 sample); Anybody (click to hear an mp3 sample); Gone Are The Chances; I Lost It; Heresy; Sea Of Sadness.
Tracks 1-4 taken from Millenium / Tracks 5-14 Previously Unreleased.


Duran Duran's new studio album Astronaut is due out worldwide in October. The first single - the album's opening track - is out now. The album track listing is: (Reach Up For The) Sunrise . What Happens Tomorrow . Want You More! . Nice . Bedroom Toys . Taste The Summer . Still Breathing . Point Of No Return . Finest Hour . Chains . Astronaut . One Of Those Days.
Bonus DVD: (Reach Up For The) Sunrise (Live Video) . Hungry Like A Wolf (Live Video) . What Happens Tomorrow (Live Video) . New Religion (Live Video) . The Wild Boys (Live Video) . Behind The Scenes Footage.


I received a cool update from Jesse Harms - the solo album he has been recording is almost done. Jesse has been in the business for almost 30 years, much of that as Sammy Hagar's keyboard player, in-between writing songs for the likes of Eddie Money, BB Steal, Freddy Curci, Heart and Hagar himself.
Jesse writes: "I just wanted to let you know that I'm finishing up my CD. The songs are done and I'm working on artwork. I wrote some new songs and re-recorded some of my favorite old ones that other artists had recorded, so I'm calling the CD The Best Of What I've Got.
I'm really proud of all 11 great tracks. I had the mighty Ron Wikso play drums, I even spiffed up All I Want Is You [from CD1] and threw it on there. I'll keep you posted as I get closer to releasing it."

Midwest group Faith Nation are back and working on a new CD. The group released two albums during their career Faith Nation and Ordinary People to critical acclaim. The band are now are working a third release with original members Hewey Peterson on guitar and Lewis Sego on keyboards with new members Matt Malone on bass, George Hamilton drums and Pete Meados on vocals filling out the line-up. Faith Nation are currently in their Minnesota studio and have a new web site with a free download of their new song Western World. More details soon....

The new 20th Anniversary Fortune CD is due to ship by the middle of September. The release comes with a new front cover. Further info at:


VAN HALEN's Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony are preparing to open the first-ever Mad Anthony Pepper Bar at the Cabo Wabo Cantina in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
"Mad Anthony's Pepper Bar will be bringing you all kinds of tasty and exotic chili pepper concoctions featuring Mad Anthony's Hot Sauce as well as other killer foods to wrap your lips around and light your bellies on fire," reads a posting on Anthony's web site. "Those of you with two assholes could even make the Wall of Flame! There will also be a special drink menu featuring Cabo Wabo tequila, the brand new MA Shot and other unique delights. What's even better, we've begun to assemble the menu, and want you to have a hand in it!
"So, all you aspiring chefs and pepper connoisseurs out there start whipping up your best recipes made with Mad Anthony's Hot Sauce. Come on....impress us! Michael and Sammy will personally re-create and sample each submission and the ones that kick the most ass will be included on the Mad Anthony's Pepper Bar menu!"

In other news, Anthony has confirmed that he will be making the trek down south of the border to take part in Sammy's annual Cabo Wabo "Birthday Bash" in in Cabo San Lucas. Los Tres Gusanos, featuring Michael, Sammy and David Lauser, will perform on October 12. Anthony will also be joiningSammy Hagar And The Waboritas on October 11 and 13 "for a little extracurricular activities "just in time to celebrate the Red Rocker's birthday in true Cabo style," reads a posting on Anthony's site. "Just what you need to get that VH fix while the band is on a short break."
VH Has also added new tour dates starting Oct.19.




Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Frontiers Records has the honour to announce all details surrounding Kevin Chalfant (of THE STORM, 707 and Two Fires fame) s new studio project entitled Shadows Fade.


The project was started when Frontiers Records president Serafino Perugino proposed Kevin - one of his own favourite singers ever! - a set of songs which he happened to like a lot. "Great job picking songs", said Chalfant adding a very personal "I have learned more about you through this".
So they both started to exchange ideas on how to make the project succeed and together they put the production job in the hands of former Dokken guitar player Alex DeRosso, who gave the songs a silky and classy melodic rock approach. Alex also wrote a few tracks exclusively for this project with a sound purposely crossing the boundaries between the tradition of melodic rock a là The Storm / Journey with more updated sounds.
Alex recorded in his Italian based studio all the music backgrounds on his own and exchanged files over the net with Kevin. Contrary to many of those long-distance co-operations, the Shadows Fade album sounds fresh and full of sparkling energy which will showcase many different sides of Chalfant's vocal abilities. From the lush and smooth sound of songs like the opening number Twisted Again, to the amazing sensibility showcased in the closing ballad Speak, Chalfant proves once again to be a real diamond when it comes to sing quality melodic rock.
Track listing includes the following eleven tracks: Twisted Again (click to hear an Mp3 sample); Sooner or Later; Run To Me; My Ocean (click to hear an Mp3 sample); First Love Song; Without You; Give It In; Masquerade; I Won't Look Back; Now That You're Gone; Speak (click to hear an Mp3 sample).
Shadows Fade shall be released worldwide on October 18 on Frontiers Records.


Ok folks, this is the last site update for a few days. I'm on the road with Jeff Scott Soto from tomorrow morning and hope to see you at the upcoming Aussie gigs, starting with Jeff's Queen show tomorrow night in Sydney, followed by Jeff's regular show Thursday night and Brisbane on Sunday. I'm travelling with a laptop, so will continue to update the site when possible and also provide coverage of the shows as they come and go.
Full show details at: JSS in Oz.
I'll be checking and reading e-mail, but may not have the chance to reply. I'll get back to everyone ASAP. MR-X won't be updated for 2 weeks, so log on and make sure you have everything on offer there, as once I get back, I'll do the biggest page/content update seen yet.
Should anyone need anything urgently, either related to the JSS tour or the site in general, I can be reached via this number: 0403 922 016 (Within Australia), or +61 403 922 016 (if dialing from outside Australia).
That's it for now I think!

Jeff played a warm-up show in LA on the 28th. A couple of site regulars filed reports:
Hey Andrew, it's Eric Ragno from Vox Tempus. Tonight marked Jeff Scott Soto's last U.S. show of the summer, a warm-up date for his upcoming tour of Australia next week. If tonight was any indication, the band is going to be the thunder that rolls down under! Jeff sounds better than ever, Howie Simon's guitar is sizzling, with Gary Schutt tearing up the bottom with new drummer Dave Dzialak. It was a site to see! The crowd was filled with diehard fans who went wild from the opening notes of Break Your Chains, as the set wound through Jeff's entire career. There were Yngwie fans, Talisman fans, Journey fans, and straight-out rock fans - and if you check the complete set list (which you can find here, along with pictures), you'll see why nobody was disappointed! Among the attendees in the packed house were Neal Grusky (Takara), Alex Papa (JSS), Brian Young (David Lee Roth) and Glen Sobel (Ken Tamplin, Impellitteri) - both of whom joined Jeff for an encore.
After the show, Jeff took time to shake hands and sign autographs for everyone who stuck around. It's been an amazing year for Jeff, who has worked with the likes of Neal Schon over the last few months. And he's still as humble as ever. The band is visibly excited to be performing in Australia for the first time, and will be mixing up the set for these special shows.
As for Vox Tempus, the CD (featuring special guest Gregg Bissonette) will be released next month through Progman Records, and will likely be unveiled at next month's Prog Power festival in Atlanta. Those who pre-order directly can still receive MP3 bonus tracks unavailable elsewhere. For more details visit And visit this site for Jeff's fall's tour dates, as the band rolls through Australia, Brazil and Europe over the next few months. Trust me, this is something you won't want to miss. - Eric.

And Jeff at sent in a few pix:


I'm sorry to say, despite intending to, I neglected to mention the sad passing of a superb pop singer over the weekend. Laura Branigan died suddenly at the age of just 47. I was a big fan back in the day, and was saddened to hear this news. Here is just one of the several press stories on Laura:
By MADISON J. GRAY .c The Associated Press.
NEW YORK (AP) - Laura Branigan, a Grammy-nominated pop singer best known for her 1982 platinum hit Gloria, has died. She was 47.
Branigan died of a brain aneurysm Thursday in her sleep at her home in East Quogue, said her brother Mark Branigan. He said she had complained to a friend of a headache for about two weeks before she died, but had not sought medical attention.
Gloria, a signature song from her debut album Branigan,' stayed atop the pop charts for 36 weeks and earned her a Grammy nomination for best female pop vocalist, the first of four nominations in her career.
She also made television appearances, including guest spots on ``CHiPs,'' and in the films "Mugsy's Girls'' and "Backstage.''
Branigan released seven albums after her debut Branigan, including Self Control, Hold Me and Touch. Her songs also appeared on soundtracks for the films ``Flashdance'' and ``Ghostbusters.''
Branigan was born July 3, 1957, and grew up in Brewster, N.Y. She attended the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Manhattan. During the late 1970s, she toured Europe as a backing vocalist for Canadian singer and songwriter Leonard Cohen. She signed as a solo artist with Atlantic Records in 1982.
After her run of success in the 1980s, her releases in the early 1990s attracted little attention. In 1994, she sang a duet with David Hasselhoff called ``I Believe'' for the soundtrack of the television show ``Baywatch.'' She released a 13-track ``Best of Branigan'' LP the next year.
After the death of her husband, Lawrence Kruteck, in 1996, Branigan stopped performing but returned to the stage in 2001. In 2002 she starred as Janis Joplin in the off-Broadway musical ``Love, Janis,'' which earned her rave reviews.
Branigan recently had been working on material for a new release. She is survived by her mother, two brothers and a sister. Funeral services were scheduled for Monday.
And log into Laura's official site for more details:

In early 2002, Dave Mustaine suffered a debilitating nerve injury to his arm (literally after sleeping on it the wrong way), bringing his career--and the nearly 20-year history of his band, Megadeth--to a crashing halt. His prospects for playing guitar again uncertain, Mustaine retreated into seclusion, effectively ending the band and leaving behind a ten-album legacy as one of metal's most important, innovative, and intelligent acts. But the story did not end there, and it seemed undeniable that the long, colorful, and dynamic history of such a relentless and groundbreaking act could be curtailed so abruptly.
Now in 2004, The System Has Failed, the tenth studio album released under the Megadeth banner, is set for release September 14 on Sanctuary Records. The forthcoming first single "Die Dead Enough"--set to arrive at radio on June 26 --features a stalking rhythm and urgent riff alongside an infectious chorus and a taste of strings adding texture and depth. Look for Megadeth--with returning drummer Nick Menza--to tour this fall in support of the album (dates TBA) as well as their soon-to-be-reissued catalog of platinum and gold albums (due July 27 on Capitol Records), which has been impressively remixed, remastered, restored--and in some cases reconstructed--by founder, singer, guitarist and primary songwriter Dave Mustaine to bring it as close to his original vision as possible.
The System Has Failed is pure, unfiltered, uncompromising Megadeth. The album is a virtual compendium of everything that made and continues to make Megadeth one of the most unique entities ever in the history of heavy rock. From opener "Blackmail The Universe," with its classic, chugging riff, to the politically charged, turbulent "Kick The Chair," to the painfully personal "Truth Be Told," this is a record that could only be written by one person, with one singular worldview.
Mustaine selected nearly a dozen songs from some 150 that he had compiled over the years, keeping them under wraps for the ideal opportunity. With members of Megadeth's best-known lineup (which lasted from 1990's Rust In Peace to '97's Cryptic Writings) either unable to appear due to scheduling issues, or unwilling to meet the demands of Mustaine's vision for the record, the singer and guitarist cast away all preconceptions and recruited bassist Jimmie Sloas and drummer Vinnie Colaiuta. Co-producing with Jeff Balding, who had engineered Cryptic Writings and 1999's Risk, Mustaine took an approach to recording that he found liberating. "I took a real casual pace with this album. We started out working about three hours a night, four days a week. I know this is such a cliché, but it was like being reborn. I don't have three other guys that I'm gonna disappoint if I don't listen to their stuff. I was in there calling the shots and it was a lot like when (the band's first two albums) Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good! and Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? first came out. It was me making my music, I had guys in the band listening to me, and I was the boss."
One amazing surprise for longtime Megadeth fans would have to be the presence of original guitarist Chris Poland, who played on those first two albums and contributed lead work to nearly every cut on The System Has Failed. "It was so much fun having Chris come down and play," says Mustaine. "He's a great person and there's a reason why we took a fork in the road back then. When he came in and listened to this record, I didn't know what to expect from him. I didn't know if he was gonna listen and say, 'I'm not digging this,' or whatever, because he's all into his jazz-fusion stuff. But he gave me a really great compliment, because he said somewhere, 'some of you guys are gonna have to break out your slide rulers, because this is definitely Rust In Peace-type music.'"
1990's Rust In Peace, Megadeth's fourth album and possibly most successful after '92's Countdown To Extinction (which charted at Number Two on Billboard's Top 200 Album Chart), is held by many fans as the gold standard against which all Megadeth releases are judged, for its heaviness, intricacy, and tunefulness. "Everybody's wanted me to make Rust In Peace 2, and I don't think I did," says Mustaine with his usual candor. "But I think what I did was make an album that was a natural progression from Rust In Peace."
That progression is evident on The System Has Failed. "Back In The Day" delves into one of Mustaine's many influences, the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, with its galloping guitar work and frenetic tempo. Album closer "My Kingdom Come," meanwhile, sounds like no other band out there. Its doom-laden, sinister beginning gives way to another vintage, crunchy Megadeth riff, before descending into a haunting, almost Eastern finale. Lyrically, Mustaine is back with some of his sharpest political and social commentary yet, cooking up a nightmare nuclear crisis in "Blackmail The Universe," tackling criminal justice in "Kick The Chair," and painting a picture of ticking international tensions in "The Scorpion." It's Mustaine at his songwriting best, making electrifying, incisive new metal while refusing to stick to any single formula.
"I think that I've been able to transcend some of the pigeonholing that takes place with a hard rock band," agrees the maestro. "The head of my record company said something to me that really lit a fire under my butt. He said, 'Back when you wrote Rust In Peace, you owned heavy metal. That flag was yours. It's time for you to go back and claim that flag.' I'm excited that there really isn't anything out there that I believe can compete with this record. I think I really have a chance of making a statement."
That statement will be heard around the world on September 14, when The System Has Failed arrives in stores, and after that, when Mustaine takes Megadeth out on the road for the first time in three years. Fans can expect some surprises as well in the touring lineup. "I can't wait to play again and have it be about fun," says Mustaine. "Towards the end, the music became a lot about formula. It became so predictable. I'm looking forward to things being unpredictable, and things being fun and just going for it." The system may have indeed failed, but Dave Mustaine and Megadeth is alive and well and firing on all cylinders.
Check out for the latest news and stay tuned for tour dates.




Monday, August 30, 2004

Mike Tramp is about to hit the road again, playing one last Australian gig before heading to Europe. Mike will be releasing a new album consisting on 14 unreleased tracks, with two additional bonus tracks. The album will be called Songs I Left Behind. The album should be available at the upcoming European Tramp shows.
Tramp says that he felt he wanted to give the fans some new songs to listen to while he is slowly preparing for a new studio album which could possible see the daylight mid next year.
Texan guitar slinger Lance Keltner, ( who plays with Rod Stewart among others, will be Mike Tramp's guitarist for the European tour, joining the Danish rhythm section of Claus Langeskov on Bass and Kasper Foss on drums.
The Dates are:
Friday September 10, 2004 Geelong, Australia Aus. Barwon Club
Friday October 15, 2004 Kolding, Denmark Godset
Saturday October 16, 2004 Sommersted, Denmark Banehuset
Tuesday October 19, 2004 Hamburg, Germany Logo
Wednesday October 20, 2004 Ludwigsburg, Germany Rockfabrik
Thursday October 21, 2004 Munich, Germany Garage
Friday October 22, 2004 Berlin, Germany Quasimodo
Saturday October 23, 2004 Bochum, Germany Matrix
Monday October 25, 2004 Frankfurt, Germany Nachtleben
Tuesday October 26, 2004 Hellendoorn, Holland De Lantaarn
Wednesday October 27, 2004 Verviers, Belguim Spirit of 66
Thursday October 28, 2004 Paris, France Le Plan
Friday October 29, 2004 London, England Underworld
Saturday October 30, 2004 Sheffield, England Corporation
Sunday October 31, 2004 Manchester, England Jilly's Rock World
Thursday November 4, 2004 Copenhagen, Denmark Pumpehuset

Here are a couple of CD covers for upcoming September releases for Europe and Bryan Adams.


MTM Classix is proud to present the release of RPM's debut album on CD for the first time. The men behind RPM are the American AOR stars Robert White Johnson (vocals), Mark Gendel (guitar), Jimmy Lee Sloas (bass) and Tommy Wells (drums).
The self-titled debut was released by EMI in 1982 on vinyl only and has become a rare and hard to find collector's item. Fans will be happy to know that the new CD reissue by MTM Classix includes 5 previously unreleased bonus tracks.

Singer Danny Vaughn and producer Fabrizio Grossi have both been interviewed to promote the release of the From The Inside project, which is released today via Frontiers Records.
To read the interviews, follow the links: Danny Vaughn and Fabrizio Grossi.


The Classic Metal Show, as heard weekly on Saturdays from 9p-3a EST, will be featuring new releases from Kick Axe and Saxon on Saturday, September 4th. Saxon's Lionheart and Kick Axe's IV will be featured in their entirety on the show, and Kick Axe guitarist Larry Gillstrom will be calling into the show to talk about the new album and everything going on in the Kick Axe Camp. Anyone interested in listening can listen at Saturday night.

A small, ok large, glitch in the manufacturing process has resulted in a small delay in the release of the new Melodic CD.
The official release date of September 20 still stands, but pre-orders will be delayed by a week due to this delay and the fact I will be on the road with Jeff Scott Soto and unable to do the mail out before departing on Wednesday.
I'll pick some finished copies up in Sydney on Wednesday, so those attending the JSS shows will be able to purchase the compilation as planned. on my arrival back in Hobart, all pre-orders will be shipped out! Hopefully on Friday Sept. 10.
I have also had some requests from retailers to stock the CD and am very pleased to announce that copies will be able to be bought from AOR Heaven, Music Buy Mail, NEH Records, Disc Union Japan and Perris Records.
These stores will receive their copies towards the end of the month. Pre-orders will be the first to ship!
So, this is your last chance to pre-order your copy and obtain access to the 10 bonus tracks before copies arrive for shipping and the CD is officially released. Only those pre-ordering get access to the extra tracks.
Full details of the CD and the Bonus Tracks can be found at: MRCD2 Page.

One last detail - there was a small mistake with 1 MP3 sample, that of Red Circle. The band's track was actually that of Next Big Thing. That has since been corrected, but if you are yet to sample these classy Aussie rockers, download the sample - Red Circle - Cry.




Friday, August 27, 2004

Frontiers Records is very proud to announce the signing of the new Symphonic Metal sensation Lunatica for the worldwide release of their second album Fables & Dreams!
Lunatica is a Swiss band put up by drummer Sandro D Incau and keyboard player Alex Seiberl during the winter of 1998.
After a long search for a lead singer, in 2001 the band found Andrea Datwyler. With her beautiful voice, she has given something special to the songs and she immediately recorded the lead vocals for the debut album Atlantis.
Atlantis has been very successful and Lunatica was booked for many concerts and festivals. Playing at Metaldayz festival (the biggest metal open air festival in Switzerland), Lunatica was elected best newcomer band and gained a lot of new fans.


For the second album Fables & Dreams, Lunatica worked together with the successful producer Sascha Paeth (Rhapsody, Kamelot, Angra, After Forever, Edguy and Heavens Gate). He was able to create the powerful production the band desired.
Lunatica will definitely please all the fans of such bands as Kamelot, Nightwish and Royal Hunt with a very personal interpretation of a symphonic and melodic metal sound.
The final track listing of Fables & Dreams will include the following songs: The Search Goes On; Avalon (click on the song title to hear a mp3 sample); Elements (click on the song title to hear a mp3 sample); Fable of Dreams; Still Believe; The Spell (click on the song title to hear a mp3 sample); The Neverending Story; Hymn; Silent Scream (2004); A Little Moment Of Desperation.
Fables & Dreams will be released on Frontiers Records on October 18th 2004, while the Japanese release will happen on Marquee / Avalon.


A few days back I ran news of Sean Harris' departure from Diamond Head; guitarist Brain Tatler replacing him with newcomer Nick Tart. Apparently this is all news to Sean! He sent me the following statement:
"I am shocked and dismayed by this abuse of the name Diamond Head. As co-founder of the band, I am and will always be a member of Diamond Head and see no reason for this to change. Therefore I refute these claims for what they are; categorically untrue. I have not left, stepped down or resigned from Diamond Head, nor was I aware that Brian and I had amicably parted company. While I have no desire to play these games in public, it is obvious certain choices have been made without my knowledge or consent.
I would like to offer my apologies to the true fans of Diamond Head who are once again being denied an opportunity to know the truth, by those who would betray the principles and integrity of an artistic vision.
I would also like to thank those same fans for their patience and constant support.
Anyone want to join my band? Sean Harris, August 2004."

Saga have a new album titled Network due out September 20 and vocalist Michael Sadler has a new album Clear that has just been released. More info at: and

NYC - 8/25/04 - Blue Oyster Cult drummer Bobby Rondinelli has officially quit the group in order to pursue his work with hard rock ensemble The Lizards. Rondinelli, who has also played with the likes of Black Sabbath, Rainbow and Riot, has toured and recorded with The Lizards for several years now and is looking forward to exclusively dedicating his drumming talents to the band. Most recently Mike DiMeo of Riot has taken over the lead vocal spot for The Lizards. The group is currently preparing for a major tour with T&A - a new supergroup featuring Pat Travers and Carmine Appice. Plans to perform in Scandinavia, Russia, Germany and Denmark in October 2004 are in the works (tour dates to be posted soon). For more info: and

Reviews and the Interactive Feature Reviews have been updated.
New reviews are now online for: Jeff Scott Soto, Van Halen, Sammy Hagar, Asia, Kingdom Come, Jean Beauvoir, Bonrud, Kick Axe, Pulse, Glenn Hughes, Lana Lane, Richie Kotzen and Million. Read Reviews.
You can also now add your own reviews in the Feature Reviews are for: Jeff Scott Soto, Van Halen, Sammy Hagar, Asia, Jean Beauvoir, Kingdom Come, Kick Axe, From The Inside and Magnum. Add Reviews.

Europe - Start From The Dark (Sony Music Sweden, September 20) - Wow, this one is going to split fans right down the middle and I don't see anyone sitting on the fence. The long awaited return of Europe has resulted in an album that has little in common with the Europe of the past and more in common with how both Joey Tempest and John Norum have sounded on their updated individual solo releases.
This is a heavy, dark and modern record. The single Got To Have Faith and the other previewed track Start From The Dark are great examples of a band updating their sound, but keeping in touch with their past. But these are probably the best tracks on the album, with only the rocking ballad Hero and the feel good Sucker matching those tracks in the melodic stakes.
I've given this album a flogging over the last couple of days and I can't say that it's a classic or even an album that the majority of old school Europe fans are going to love.
This album rocks for sure, but the decision to go with the modern tuned down guitar sound will not please many. A couple of the heavier tracks like Flames and Wake Up Call are cool, but I don't think the songs are strong enough over the entire album and there is certainly a lack of big choruses. A couple of tracks, such as Song #12 are just plain awful. Expect a full review soon...a few MP3 Soundbytes have just been added to the Mini-Bytes page.




Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce all details for the release of the new James Christian solo album entitled Meet The Man.
James Christian is best known as singer and songwriter for House of Lords. With them, he sung on four studio albums including the most recent The Power & The Myth. He has also built during the years a fine reputation as a songwriter and producer in his own right.
His first solo album entitled Rude Awakening was originally released in 1994 (later reissued on Frontiers Records with 6 bonus tracks) and included some of his best collaborations with such writers as Mark Baker (Signal), Bruce Gowdy (Unruly Child), Bob Marlette, Mike Slamer (Streets) and Steve DeMarchi & Freddy Curci from Alias. This album is still regarded as a delight for any lover of first class AOR.
After the successful reunion album with House of Lords, Christian wanted to make a come-back also as a solo artist in a more traditional melodic rock vein.
To do so he chose the best possible set of songs from his repertoire that could make up an amazing new album. The result can be heard on Meet The Man - a classy melodic rock CD that includes songwriting contributions from his House of Lords band mates Chuck Wright and Lanny Cordola (After The Love Has Gone; Hold Back The Night); the songwriter of one of House Of Lords biggest hits Love Don't Lie, Stan Bush (who offered Strong Enough to the album) and, of course, songs from the late Judithe Randall (Mark Free, Khymera, FM, Starship etc.), James Christian's artistic mentor.
The final track listing will include the following songs: After The Love Has Gone (click on the song title to hear an MP3 sample); Know You In The Dark (click on the song title to hear an MP3 sample); Surrender Your Love; Meet The Man (click on the song title to hear an MP3 sample); End Of Time; Love Looked Into My Life; Leave Well Enough Alone; Strong Enough; You Should Be Blue (All I Could Feel Was Blue); Circle of Tears; Hold Back The Night.
The release date has been set for October 18 2004 on Frontiers Records, while the Japanese release will be handled via Nippon Crown.

There's a little extra news just to hand in regards to Frontiers. I have just learnt that the label has agreed on a deal to release the utterly sensational debut Tak Matsumoto Group CD in Europe.
TMG as they are otherwise known released their debut TMG1 in Japan a couple of months back. The core of the band is guitarist Tak Matsumoto, singer Eric Martin and bassist Jack Blades. A release is likely to happen in November, but stay tuned for an official announcement.


MTM Music are proud to announce the signing of Zeno, for his new studio album! The new album is called Zenology II and is expected for late this year / early next year.
Zeno Roth, the younger brother of Uli Jon Roth, is back with a brand new album! Zeno was released in 1985 and the band toured with Black Sabbath, Krokus, Keel and played a festival with QUEEN in the UK. In 1995 Zenology was released which was a huge success the album reached the Japanese album charts. Listen To The Light was completed and released in 1998 followed by chart entries #26 in the Japanese album charts, # 6 in Foreign Music Charts and # 2 in Rock Music Charts. Now MTM Music is releasing this amazing new record - another step forward to push the come back of Melodic Rock!

Press Release:
Sammy Hagar's new album The Essential Red Collection hit stores August 10th! He's a family man, a business man, but mostly he's a slave to rock 'n' roll and having more fun making music than ever before. "As an artist, you have to let your insides out," he says. "You go to that deep part of the soul, the things that hurt you, the things that carried you to manhood, and reveal them; and that's hard to do. Now I have the confidence to be myself as an artist, to be totally free within myself."
The label promo dept. has sent out these links to streaming audio:
I Can't Drive 55 - WMA or Real / Eagles Fly - WMA or Real Official websites: and

Cult melodic rockers from Perth, Western Australia Ice Tiger are reforming for a number of shows! The band is bets known for it's one and only studio release - Love N Crime, back in 1991.
Here's a statement from the band: With meetings underway to plan the return shows, all the necessary elements for staging such a series of gigs are being brought together. The band's agent Russell Crosby is the man in the hot seat, making sure everything is in place and running smoothly. The Ice Tiger repertoire is certain to feature all the classic songs, including tracks from the album, Love 'n' Crime. More details of developments as they come to hand. Stay tuned for more from the I.T. camp!
Updates and dates will be posted to a new website at:

A clarification of the announcement from Reptile Music and Tyketto's involvement in the pre-show party in Greece on Nov.13th. Tyketto will NOT be there as they are playing JB's in Dudley on that night and won't travel to Greece until the morning of Nov 14th.

Only 1 week to go folks until Jeff Scott Soto touches down in Australia. I must thank site regulars for being patient while I plug the hell out of these shows! Understandably, a lot is riding on the success of these shows and many others are watching to see what the turn out to these gigs is, to determine if it will be possible in the future for more melodic rock artists to head down under.
If you are in one of the cities being visited, please support good live music and for the price of a cheap concert ticket, get your ass rocked!
Ok...for locals interested - a few updates for you.
Jeff plays Brisbane on September 5 - Indie Temple (07) 3852 2851, Tickets: $25 pre-paid or $30 at the door, available from Skinny's Music, 85 Elizabeth St, Brisbane, 4000. (07) 3229 2389.
Joining Jeff on stage in Brisbane will be guitarist Simon Croft, from the Queen musical We Will Rock You, who have just started their run in Brisbane. The guys will jam on a suitably rocking Queen tune! Get your tickets now and save on the door price.
Same goes for Sydney - buy tickets now from Utopia Records and save on the door price on the night. The Sydney details are:
Wednesday, September 1 (Queen Tribute Show)
and Thursday, September 2 - The Marquee (02) 9557 0221, Tickets: $27 pre-paid or $30 at the door. A special combo deal of $45 for both gigs is available, but only if buying both in advance of the gig. Tickets available from Utopia Records, 525 George Street, Sydney. (02) 9283 2423
More news on other shows and a few media appearances in the days ahead. Full tour details here.
I might remind folks that I will be touring with Jeff as Tour Manager for this leg of the Lost In The Translation Tour, but will remain in touch with the site and with e-mail.
I will continue to provide news updates throughout the tour, as well as first hand reports from each gig.




Monday, August 23, 2004

Danish singer Martie Peters has signed to MTM Music for the release of his new solo album.
Martie started out in the glam/sleaze band Sateria from 1987 to 1992. Even though they didn't get a recording deal they did leave their mark on the Danish rock scene securing opening slots for Little Angels and Europe. In 1994 he formed a new outfit, Push. The band released 4 albums from 1996 to 2002 with On The Run from 2000 being the most memorable release.
The band played shows in Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Sweden (at Sweden Rock Festival) England, and they opened for Dio, Royal Hunt, Pink Cream 69 and Pretty Maids. Martie has also worked with fellow Dane Mike Tramp in the studio on several occasions as backing singer, he appeared on several songs on the Remembering White Lion release from 1999.
The brand new album is produced by Martie and long time friend Anthony Lledo. It was mixed by Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Fate, TNT, Pretty Maids) at Jailhouse Studios. The album also sees Martie team up with his former Push band mate Martin Slott who plays guitar on several tracks. One song (The Beast Inside) can be heard on the forthcoming compilation. Great hard rock in the vein of White Lion!

Kivel Records is happy to Present Saturday Night SLAM!
SATURDAY Sept 25Th A night of first class hard rock, with three bands bringing you the best in hard rock - all for the price of one!
Featuring: Ted Poley of Danger Danger in a rare exclusive area SOLO date appearance.
Ted will be performing a very special set of songs spanning his career. Including brand NEW material, as well as some of your favorites from his MTV days and MORE!
Special Guests - Kivel Recording Artists Straight Wired & Metal Mayhem Recording Artists Secret Smile.
Sept 25th at the Colonial Theatre, 95 Main Street Keene, New Hampshire, USA. Tickets go on sale August 24th and are $12 IN ADVANCE AND $13 Day of Show.
FREE CD sampler of Straight Wired and Secret Smile with your ticket purchase.
Prizes and giveaways at show! Every ticket purchase will automatically enter you a chance to win passes for you and a friend for the pre show meet and greet party. DON'T MISS IT! / / / Contact 1-877-548-3511 Toll Free.


London – They have performed to well over half a million fans over the past year, with a series of sell out arena and stadium concerts across America, Japan, Australia and the UK, and have been honoured with no less than three prestigious Lifetime Achievement music awards since they got back together in 2001. Now the excitement continues to grow as the five original members of Duran Duran prepare to unleash (Reach Up For The) Sunrise - their first single together in 21 years.
Set for release on September 20th – just six weeks in advance of the band's eagerly awaited new studio album - Astronaut (October 4th) – (Reach Up For The) Sunrise was written by Duran Duran and recorded at London's Sphere Studios, with co-producer Don Gilmore (Good Charlotte, Linkin Park, Avril Lavigne, Pearl Jam). Jeremy Wheatley (Massive Attack, Sugababes and The Dandy Warhol's) mixed the track at Olympic Studios in London.
(Reach Up For The) Sunrise – which was one of the first tracks to be written for the band's new album, during a month-long writing and pre-production session in the South of France, some 18 months ago - is a classic Duran Duran anthem in-the-making - a real feel-good record that comes to life with boundless energy and emotion. Rich with the distinctive sound of LeBon's powerful vocals, Nick Rhodes' familiar keyboard landscape and the reunited Taylor Trio rhythm and bass grooves, 'Sunrise' is signature Duran Duran for the new millennium.
And the video for this new song is no less exciting…
Shot in the US, the UK and Spain, by acclaimed feature film directors The Polish Brothers ("Twin Falls Idaho", "Jackpot" and "Northfolk"), this ambitious concept was filmed in five different formats (35mm, 8mm colour, 8mm black and white, high definition and mini-DV), to reflect the individual personalities of each of the band members. In post production this footage will be cut together to make a seamless composite that is both visually spectacular and quite unique.
Filmed both in the studio and on location, the band members worked with Mark and Michael Polish to develop their own separate story-lines, which show each of them on a journey to get back together for a stunning performance of the song as the sun rises. The results promise to live up to Duran Duran's unparalleled reputation for making spectacular videos.
Day One, John Taylor was filmed walking through the arid Californian desert in searing heat. Day Two, Nick Rhodes could be seen in a spaceship, flying around the streets of London as the Capital's Friday night rush hour traffic came to a standstill. Day Three, Roger Taylor drove a vintage E-Type Jaguar, filming some of the video footage himself, as he sped through London's winding one-way streets. Day Four, the crew relocated to the Spanish Pyrenees to film Simon LeBon - who performed all of his own stunts - riding a rare, off-road racing bike through rugged mountain terrain. Day Five, for the final day of filming, Andy Taylor was captured working his way through a 10,000 capacity crowd at Ibiza's legendary Manumission nightclub.
Duran Duran's upcoming album, which was recorded in its entirety in London, has been co-produced by the band with both Don Gilmore, with whom they collaborated on nine tracks, and Dallas Austin (Madonna, Christina Aguilera, TLC, Usher, Pink and Gwen Stefani) who they worked with on three.
The Brilliant New Single (Reach Up For The) "Sunrise" 20.09.04 on Epic Records
The Spectacular New Album "Astronaut" 12.10.04 on Epic Records.

Reptile Music is Greece is celebrating their 4th Anniversary by holding a special melodic rock concert on the 14th of November in Thessaloniki, Greece.
The line up as it is confirmed up to this moment is: Redrum (Greek act, the will be recording an album early autumn with German singer Michael Bormann of Jaded Heart); Bonfire & Tyketto.
Bonfire and Tyketto will be co-headlining this show, so fans must look forward to a full length, best off, performance from both bands. The venue is called "Ydrogeios".
Tickets will be available early September, priced at 30 Euro. Tickets would be available at: Reptile Music, Al.Svolou 31, Thessaloniki, Greece. Tel +30 2310 221 333 e-mail:
On Saturday 13th of November there will be a pre-show party where people can meet the bands and drink a few?? beers. The name of the club will be announced soon.
Any members of the press who wish to attend the press conference, and the show can also contact the company via the above details. More info at:

Wounded Bird Records have just re-issued the debut Joe Lynn Turner solo album Rescue You. The 1985 album features the following tracks: Losing You / Young Hearts / Prelude/Endlessly / Rescue You / Feel The Fire / Get Tough / Eyes Of Love / On The Run / Soul Searcher / The Race Is On.

U2's as-yet-untitled new studio album will be released Nov. 22 internationally and a day later in North America via Interscope. First single Vertigo will hit radio in late September, to be followed by a video. A commercial single is tentatively due for a Nov. 8 international release.

Michael Schenker has a new website online, detailing just why that came about and also updating fans on the Thank You 4 release and what's ahead for MSG.

Girlschool are set to release a brand new studio album, produced by Tim Hamill. Believe is due to hit the stores late August. A video of the opening track Come On Up has been made and the Girls continue touring throughout July. This will be followed by a US tour Aug/Sept. The 2004 line-up is: Jackie Chambers (guitar/vocals), Kim McAuliffe (guitar/vocals), Enid Williams (bass/vocals), Denise Dufort (drums).
Visit the Girlschool website:

The last days are remaining on my current personal E-Bay auctions. Check them out at: E-Bay Auction!




Friday, August 20, 2004

Following their very disappointing release This Left Feels Right and the equally poor recent live album One Wild Night, there were some fears among fans that the band's upcoming Anniversary Box Set would fail to live up to expectation.
The exact details are yet to be released, but on the surface, it looks like being a thoroughly impressive set, as details released today at Here is the press release and details thus far:
August 17, 2004 - (New York, NY) Island recording group Bon Jovi, who released their debut recording in 1984, will celebrate the first their continued love affair with audiences around the world on a mammoth 5-disc box set entitled 100 Million Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong, a premiere collection composed almost entirely of unheard and unseen materials from the band's vast archive.
The top secret box set project has been personally supervised by Bon Jovi at every stage. It will comprise three CDs of songs previously unreleased by the band, a fourth CD with many of Bon Jovi's favorite previously released rarities (from movie sound­tracks and a variety of sources here and abroad), and a DVD of never-before-seen behind-the-scenes film and video footage. The deluxe box set will arrive in stores internationally on Monday, November 15th and in stores in the US and Canada.
In what is considered a first for any box set of this magnitude, Bon Jovi will reach out to its fanbase across the globe and ask them to submit brief written comments via email, a number of which will be incorporated into the booklet accompanying the box set. Fans may email anecdotes, opinions, recollections and personal essays to
The entire contents of the box set are in the final phase of production, but the band now confirms that among the previously unreleased materials (many of which are completed tracks that never made it onto albums) will be songs even the most hard-core fans have never heard, including Why Aren't You Dead? One To Say Goodbye, and Gotta Have a Reason. Similarly the fourth disc, containing songs which have been released in limited formats previously, is slated to include the movie tracks Good Guys Don't Always Wear White (from The Cowboy Way), Real Life (from EDTV), an original demo of the hit single, Always, and international B-sides such as Temptation.
Further details on this extraordinary box set will be revealed in the weeks ahead.

There are a number of big melodic titles still due this year and several have already been scheduled for their Japanese release. Here is a summary of a few new listings in Japan.

Def Leppard - Best Of / Best Of Special Edition. 2CD Set, due October 6. No further details or track comments listed.
Blackmore's Night - All For One-The Finest Collection Of Blackmore's Night. Due September 1, Japanese original best-of compilation in CD-Extra format with promo clip(s).
Sonata Arctica - Don't Say A Word (Single). Due September 22, a single preceding their 4th album. Contains 4 songs including 2 previously unpublished covers (not included in the 4th album). For the first press only, comes with a photo book and comes housed in a box.
Sonata Arctica - Reckoning Night. The new album, first up release in Japan, due October 6.
Duran Duran - TBA [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]. New studio album finally has a release date! Due October 6. Original members' first album in 19 years. This limited edition comes with a DVD containing live footage filmed at Wembley Arena, London in 2003 and behind-the-scenes featurette. *Unless otherwise indicated, DVDs are region-2 encoded.
Dream Theater - Live At Budokan. CD & DVD - Due October 6, the CD comes with a bonus sticker and a laminate pass. Filmed live at Budokan on April 26, 2004.
Simple Plan - TBA. New studio album due out first in Japan on October 20. In CD-Extra format (for Japan edition only) and bonus track(s) expected. Features a remixed version of Don't Wanna Think About You.
Richie Kotzen - THE BEST OF. Japan-original compilation. Tracks selected by the artist himself from his solo albums (1994 onwards). Tracks include: Wave of Emotion, Something To Say, Rust, What Is, I'm Losin' You, The Feelin's Gone, Slow, Don't Wanna Lie, Let's Say Goodbye, Don't Ask, Change, High, Shine etc.
Richie Kotzen - Acoustic Cuts +1. Acoustic album, consisting only of guitar and vocal. Contains a Japan-only bonus track Stand. Other tracks include Change, What Is, High, Don't Ask, Where Did Our Love Go, Rust, I Would, You've Got A Fire, Don't Wanna Lie, and Let's Say Goodbye. Both Kotzen albums due September 22.
Jon Lord With The Hoochie Coochie Men - Live At The Basement. Due September 15. Live album by the ex. Deep Purple keyboardist, recorded in Australia. With former Ozzy Osbourne/Rainbow bassist Bob Daisley, guitarist Tim Gaze etc., with special guest Jimmy Barnes.
Bowling For Soup - A Hangover You Don't Deserve. New studio album due October 6. 3rd major-label album by the melodic punk band from Texas. Produced by Butch Walker. Special low-price item. Japan-only bonus track expected.

A couple of items from Both have received wide coverage in the last 24 hours, so I haven't printed the full stories. Follow the link to get further detail.
- Van Halen is suing the Baltimore Orioles for at least $2 million in damages, charging that the Major League Baseball team reneged on an offer for the band to play a concert Sept. 2 at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Story Link.
- John Mellencamp has drafted producer/artist Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds to co-produce two new songs for his upcoming retrospective Words & Music. The new cuts Walk Tall and Thank You join 35 Mellencamp catalog selections on the double-disc set, due Oct. 19 via Island/UME. Story Link.

Jeff Pilson has posted comments online from his recent gig with Foreigner's Mick Jones and the "Mick Jones All-Stars", performing at a MDA charity show.
Comments from
"Wanted to make a quick mention of the fabulous time Ravinder, Olivia and I had at the Foreigner show a few weeks back. It was such an honor to play with that band, and I've gotta say we seriously kicked ass! There's talk of more shows at some point in the future, and a live DVD, so more on that later. But I hope you will all get to see it at some point. What an evening of hit songs!"

My E-Bay Auctions have been refreshed with another lot of titles. Not too many left to go now, so check these out and bid with vigor! E-Bay Auction!

MR-X has had it's weekly update uploaded! Today I'm featuring the absolute classic AOR release - the one and only (so far) Diving For Pearls album.
Also featured is Mr. Big - Live In Japan 1999 - a 2CD, 20 track recording of a live radio broadcast. And as per usual, a stack of new videos have been uploaded. They are: Steelheart - I'll Never Let You Go & Can't Stop Me Lovin' You, Stone Fury - Break Down The Walls, Taxxi - Still In Love, Tyketto - Standing Alone, Vandenburg - Burning Heart, Warp Drive - Bang The Drum and Y&T - Contagious & Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark.
Coming up next month - MR-X: Best Of The Best and MR-X: By Request specials!
MR-X Membership Details.




Thursday, August 19, 2004

Don Dokken will soon be featured on That '80s Show with Codi Jeffreys, on radio station Majic 100.3 in Ottawa - airing in September. Majic is broadcast Live over the Internet also, so watch for details.
Don Dokken, Codi Jeffreys and Mitch Lafon pre-taped a co-hosting 'segment" for the Majic 100 radio show, a preview of which I am pleased to present now.
Mitch starts off: "Let's talk Internet and George [Lynch] for a sec. Lots of stuff going on about he's begging you to come back and he's saying that you're begging him to come back to the band. It's like a back and forth tennis match – Where's the reality?"
Don Dokken – " There is no reality on that. I don't want him back in the band at all and we will never play together again because the magic is not there. There's too much… it would be like trying to get back with an ex-wife. I mean – our biggest problem I had – unfortunately – we had a spiritual disagreement and the disagreement was that he thought he was GOD and I disagreed. I ran into him a few months ago and I hadn't seen him in years and we talked for a minute and we talked about doing a project down the road and he said maybe we should do something and I was very honest and I said that I was very happy with Jon and I don't think we could. I know the fans might like it, but I don't see that we could ever make a good record again. So, there's no point in it."
Mitch"When he said a project, did he mean Dokken?"
Don – "No, he meant a side project. He will never play in Dokken again. It would never work. There's too much spiritually, emotionally… our whole views on life are completely different. We're just not compatible."
Mitch"What about Jeff? Any hope for Jeff?"
Don – "Jeff – nah. From the day he joined the band he's always wanted to be a lead singer and a guitar player – not a bass player. So, he was very frustrated for all those years in Dokken and never enjoyed being the bass player. He wants to be a lead singer and that's what he's doing. If you're not content playing bass in a band then you shouldn't be doing it. This is the most magical line-up [with Jon Levin & Barry Sparks]… I've had a lot of guitar player changes to find the right ingredient. Like anything – try to paint a painting or put a team together – Sometimes, you have to change members of the team to get the right baseball team to win the World Series… and this is finally the one and that's the way it goes."

Tickets for the Jeff Scott Soto Hobart show are now on sale. Tickets are priced at $20 per show, or $35 for the combination of both shows - [Saturday September 11 and Sunday September 12 (Queen Show)].
Hobart tickets can be purchased from the The Republic Bar (03 6234 6954), Tracks Music (03 6236 9699), or directly from myself (03 6229 3113,
Details for the other Australian Shows can be found at: JSS Oz Tour Page.

A note from Kieran Dargan, who has put together the upcoming Tyketto tour of the UK:
"Well folks, it's eleven weeks to show time and things are getting busy in the Tyketto camp. The band will start rehearsal shortly for their November European Tour, and they are all looking forward to it. It's been a while since all four guys stood in a room together , let alone played together, but that will all change on November 5.
Tyketto kick off their European Tour in Wolverhampton Wulfrun Halls on November 5th with support from Deadline (an up and coming Yorkshire based band with just a hint of classic Thunder about their sound) and American melodic hard rock act Teer who have played the UK previously on two occasions at the prestigious Gods Of AOR Festival, and released a well received album through Frontiers Records in 2000. Whilst the support acts are very strong and make!
Tyketto / Deadline / Teer - European Tour 2004, UK Leg:
Friday November 5th………………Wolverhampton Wulfrun Halls ****
Tickets The Little Civic, North Street, Wolverhampton 10.00am to 6.00pm Tel 01902 552121
Saturday November 6th…………….The Empire, Belfast ****
Tickets Virgin Megastore, Royal Avenue, Belfast
Monday November 8th……………..The Rig, Rock City, Nottingham
Tickets Rock City Box Office TEL 0115 9588484
Tuesday November 9th………………Trillians , Newcastle Tickets T.B.A.
Thursday November 11th…………….The Corporation, Sheffield
Tickets Classic Rock Society box office Tel 01709 702575
Tickets for all shows by credit card available from / - 08700 600 100 / - 0115 912 9000 / - 0114 2517000.
Friday November 12th………………..The Underworld, Camden, London.
Tickets Tel08700 600100 / Tel020 7734 8932 / Tel 020 7734 3331 / or in person from The Worlds End Bar adjacent to the venue.
Saturday November 13th………………JB's, Castle Hill, Dudley
Tickets Tel 020 7403 3331, 24 Hour Credit Card Hotline 0115 9129000 in person from the venue during opening hours.
**** Jeff Scott Soto band will appear as special guests on shows as indicated.
In keeping with the no bull tradition , here's the current state of play regarding tickets so far:
Wolverhampton……….nice and steady
Belfast…………………30% already sold
Sheffield ……………….50% already sold
London…………………Over 50% sold and selling extremely quickly
Dudley………………….Selling extremely well, just like the good old days according to the venue owner!
So if you are intending to pick up a ticket or two, please do so as early as possible as it looks as if we will sell out three venues well before show day and we don't want to see anybody disappointed. Not only that, but if we can show the venues a strong demand for tickets again on this tour, we may encourage them to book more melodic rock acts for future shows. If you have any queries or comments (good band of indifferent) you can drop a mail to and I'll do my best to help you out. Thanks for your support.

This item just in...Diamond Head are being re-launched with a new singer Nick Tart. Founder member Brian Tatler has amicably parted company with Sean Harris due to musical differences.
The band remains Brian Tatler (guitar), Karl Wilcox (drums), Eddie Moohan (bass), Mills (rhythm guitar) and now with Nick Tart on vocals.
Nick has re-energised the band with his phenomenal voice and fresh song writing input. A new album has been written and recording will begin in September and due for release Spring 2005. See for updates.

A post script to last week's WASP troubles. This past week seems to have been much clearer sailing for the band, with a few reports being e-mailed in following last week's less favorable press:
"Just wanted to drop you a quick note that it looks like WASP's touring problems are over. I saw them 8/17/04 in Indianapolis and they played their full set and were full of energy. According to reports on the WASPNation message board, they played the full show the night before that in Nashville as well. I was wary of going to the show due to all the bad press of late, but it really was fantastic and hopefully people will go check them out....Mike."
And, "It sucks to hear about all these problems that WASP and the concert goers are having with this tour. I just wanted to drop a positive note. I saw them early in the tour here in New Orleans. The show was great. They didn't seem to have any problems and rolled through a great set and encore. The only issue that arose was after the second time Blackie got hit in the face with raw hamburger. But you have to half expect something like that with these guys. Anyway, great set, great show, great time. Would love to see them again....B."
And my god mate Chuck wrote in: "The show at the Exit/In went off without a hitch last night. I've got a friend that attended the show...He said that the show was really good, and very well attended."

(Hollywood, CA) - Young hard rock hopefuls Madison Paige have just been added to the party on September 18th sponsored by the infamous Metal Sludge website. These Extravaganzas, which are held periodically across the country in honor of the parody site and the artists it covers, have reached near legendary status and will easily be the hottest ticket in town. You simply never know which famous (or formerly famous rock star) will show up and jam on a song or two.
Also on the bill that night are modern rockers Killingbird, a reformed WWIII (with Mandy Lion, Jimmy Bain, Vinnie Appice & Moni Scaria) and METAL SKOOL (formerly Metal Shop), the ultimate '80s hard rock tribute band. Madison Paige will start the festivities, which will take place at Paladino's (6101 Reseda Blvd., Tarzana, CA), promptly at 800 PM. Admission is $15 at the door, but Madison Paige are now offering discount admission through their website at Note that this show will sell out, so if you don't get there early, you won't be able to get in later (a good tip for you out-of-towners that will be flying in).
Madison Paige, which features Paul Caroul (vocals), Will Arkosy (bass), Richie Rivera (drums), Damon Valley (guitar) and new keyboardist Jonathan Rheuben are supporting the release of their Without The World Records debut album, Famous Last Words. The band has been playing live throughout the Southwestern US all summer and has recently completed work on the video for the album's first single, Hold Me Over.

Kevin Lee is currently at Rax Trax studio recording tracks for a new CD to be released in 2005 with producer/engineer Rick Barnes.

A neat little tribute album to Joe Satriani has just been completed. Recorded entirely by fans of Joe a tribute to Joe - all original music inspired by Joe. All proceeds go to the International Red Cross. For more info:

No Life Til Leather 10 will take place on Friday August 20 at the Marquee in Camperdown (Australia), and not only will you be treated to the sounds of LA Guns, Motley Crue, Ratt, Slayer, Van Halen etc, but there will also be special performances throughout the night by the No Life 'Til Leather Dancers, featuring Mia Mortal, in their inaugural appearance at the club.
We will also be bringing in the big screen and will be playing your favourite classic videos all throughout the night!

Maryland Heights, MO, August 18, 2004. John Langenstein, Director of Security for several bands including Phish, CSN, and The String Cheese Incident, has teamed up once again with David Shulman and The Mimi Fishman Foundation to raise money for The Station Family Fund.
The Station Family Fund is an all-volunteer, 501 c 3 recognized, tax exempt, nonprofit organization, founded to offer assistance and relief to people directly affected by the fire at The Station nightclub in West Warwick, Rhode Island. 100 people perished, close to 200 severely injured, and more than 60 children lost one or both parents in the horrific fire on Feb 20, 2003.
Todd King, a survivor himself of the fire, is the VP of the Station Family Fund. "It's vital we don t forget the families left behind. The Station Family Fund was formed to help those families, as well as the survivors" , said King.
The auction, which began August 17, is the third in a series of Langenstein/Shulman on-line auctions, with the first two raising over $27,000. Like the first two auctions, there are many Phish items, as well as other gems donated by Mick Jagger, The String Cheese Incident, Jackson Browne, Bruce Springsteen, REM, David Bowie, CSN, Brian Wilson, Patti Smith, Kid Rock, and a host of others.
"Our first two auctions were just a small step towards the help that is needed. Our efforts are now in overdrive as the needs of the families affected far outweigh the help the Station Family Fund has been able to provide. I am more determined now than ever to help out the survivors and the families of the victims", said Langenstein.
The Station Family Fund will distribute every dollar raised by the auction in an effort to address the needs of the survivors and the families of victims.
"This is one of the most exciting lineups of items we have ever had on one of our auctions. We are honored to once again be able to help such an important organization", says Shulman. "There is sure to be something of interest for fans of all music types. John (Langenstein) has done a wonderful job pulling his resources together."
For more information the auction can be viewed at
Information on the Station Family Fund can be found at




Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Music Buy Mail is very happy to present the re-launch of their online store. The following improvements have been done:
· Customer-friendly service.
· Pre-listening mp 3 files of 3 songs to a lot of our CDs.
· Strong search engine.
· Payment via PayPal.
· Possibility of retrieving the status of the order by entering your e-mail address and a password.
· Lower shipping costs.
· Printed catalogue plus a free promo sampler for each new order.
Some minor parts are still under construction but the guys are completing it quite soon. Check out the site and have fun!

As a surprise for the re-launch MUSIC BUY MAIL have two long awaited and very rare releases.
Annica - Badly Dreaming finally on CD!
2004, Badly Dreaming was the title of the first and only album released by the Finnish artist Annica Viclund. For the time being, it was only released on vinyl. Being a fan of bands like Van Halen, David Lee Roth, Dio or Havana Black, it was clear for Annica to devote herself to rock music. So, an album in the vein of late 80 s hard rock was created. Annica impresses the listener with her strong, expressive and husky voice. All songs and lyrics on Badly Dreaming were almost solely penned by Annica herself. Later, the album was released on CD but it was only available for a short time and in very limited quantity. Fans from all over the world paid lots of money to get hold of a copy, which was mostly sold on internet auctions. Now, Badly Dreaming will finally be re-released - fully digitally remastered and including 5 bonus Tracks taken off the very rare album by Annica's later band PINK FLAMINGO.
Mike Reno - Renovation now and finally available!
2004, Renovation was recorded in the early 90's as Mike Reno's solo debut, but due to industry politics was never released. The album features a line-up of top LA session guys and was co-written and produced with Mark Spiro, who also handles a lot of the music. Popular guitarist Tim Pierce is featured throughout. The 10 songs on offer here showcase Mike Reno at his very best and are amongst the strongest songs he has committed vocals to in his recording history. It s an astoundingly good selection of classic early/mid-90's melodic rock. This is a hard edged melodic rock album and tops Loverboy for heaviness in places such as the opening rocker Affection, Dream Machine and I Say Go. Then there is the sentimental AOR side to the album, such as the stunning power ballad Still In Love and the ultra smooth Take Me Back. The one exclusive track to this release is the raw, vocal/piano version of the classic ballad All I Ever Needed. The track was written and recorded with David Foster. If you don't own this album and are in any way a fan of Mike Reno or Loverboy, then you definitely should get it. It's a melodic rock monster, that's for sure and Mike has seldom sounded better or more in control.
The first 50 orders are getting the booklet signed!


The release date for Europe's new album is nearing closer. The album is due out in Japan Sept 22 and throughout Europe and Scandinavia September 26. The first single is Got To Have Faith, which is out August 21.
The album track list looks like being:
Got To Have Faith . Start From The Dark . Flames . Hero . Wake Up Call . Reason . Song No.12 . Roll With You . Sucker . Spirit Of The Underdog . America . Settle For Love . Seven Doors Hotel (Live At Sweden Rock)* . Wings Of Tomorrow (Live At Sweden Rock)*
* Japan bonus tracks.

Jeff Scott Soto live - 2004 Lost In The Translation World Tour Preview show. Paladino's Los Angeles, August 28.

Jimmy D. Presents The long awaited return of...Tuff. 1st California appearance in nearly 3 years! Playing the #3 MTV hit I Hate Kissing You Goodbye, the super smash American Hair Band & many more...."Paladinos Lounge", Friday August 20th 2004. 6101 Reseda Blvd. Tarzana, CA 91335 For Info (818) 342-1563

On Aug. 21st at The Blue Café in Long Beach the Godfather of Rock and Roll Ike Turner and the Kings of Rhythm will make a rare club Appearance. Showtime is 10:00pm and 12:00pm.
Get any other info on or Tickets are available by e-mailing Ike was nominated for a Grammy in 2001 for his new album Then and Now. Tickets are 20 dollars and this is a rare chance to see a living legend up close.
The Blue Café is located at 210 Promenade the website is
On Sept 17 we will celebrate the 8th annual B-day of Jimi Hendrix at BB Kings Blues Club Hollywood. Special guests include Randy Hansen, Greg Wright, Guitar Jack and a special surprise guests. In years past the show has included guests like The late Noel Reading, This event is once a year and sells out early. Please contact or log onto for more information.




Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Larry Gillstrom has talked to MTM Music about Kick Axe's long awaited return to recording duty with the album IV, due out in September.
Larry says: "So why now. why are we reuniting at this particular point in time? Quite simply, it was not possible to do so until now. Kick Axe was forced to disband in the late 1980's due to financial and legal reasons. We all remained close, but the members went off in different directions. Then in early 2002, we all found ourselves back in Vancouver out for dinner together. We talked about reuniting and agreed it was time to deal with some unfinished business.
Some people ask me why George isn't on this album. It would have been great if George could have performed on the album, and I know he would have liked to, but the timing wasn't right for him and he had other long-term commitments. We still remain in contact with George and he was one of the first people to get a pre-release copy of the new album.
It may seem a bit strange for us to say that we are all original Kick Axe members, since Gary Langen has replaced George Criston in this incarnation of the band. But it was Gary, Vic and I that started Kick Axe back in the 70's and Gary was the singer and drummer for many years before personal reasons forced him to leave the group.
Unfortunately for Gary, that was just prior to our first record deal and George ended up being the first Kick Axe singer on record. The great thing about this formation of the group is that we've all known each other for at least three decades and feel very comfortable with each other both on and off stage.
This is the first album where the songs were not written while the band was on the road. On the first three albums, the whole band always got together in someone's hotel room and we wrote the songs together. On this album, individual members brought songs to the project that had been written prior to the reunion. There are also several new songs that are collaborations between two or more members of the band, and we also collaborated with a couple of outside artists (Laurel Aura and Floyd Ray).
The songs on Kick Axe IV are a little more serious and melodic than on our previous albums. I guess that's because we are older and wiser now. Well . at least we are older. Several of the new songs were written about real life experiences. Rockin' Daze is a song about the band's demise in the late 80's.
Consolation and Turn to Stone are songs about moments of pain and grief. But there are also light-hearted songs like Slip Inside My Dream and Rock n Roll Dog. We produced the album with the guitars loud in the mix, which is the way we have always been live. I think the whole record has a very live feel to it.
At first we weren't sure if we would tour live for this new album, but as we neared the end of production on the album, we felt a growing desire to get out and perform again.
We're going to do our first live show in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. This is the city where most of us were born and raised. As soon as we announced the show, we had all the old crew calling us up offering to do the show with us. We expect it to be a blast!
We've had a lot of people contact us trying to find a copy of Rock The World on CD. I hear copies are selling on e-bay for $100+. It's our intention to re-issue the Rock The World CD in early 2005. There will be new cover art, because the original cover art was forced on us by our record company at the time.
They rejected our initial cover, and created one without our input while we were on tour. We've never really liked that cover and now we have a chance to put things right. That will also leave the original "Rock The World" CD as the unique collector's item that it is.
One of the things that really inspired us to reform was the continuous fan-mail we received over the years, which increased dramatically with the re-issue of the Vices and Welcome to the Club albums. And we were also encouraged by the numerous fan web sites that appeared, especially the one created by Vlado from the Czech Republic:

Lawrence Gowan has his Homefield album re-issued through Majestic Rock in August. Current