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Friday, December 23, 2005

Toto - Frontiers Records is pleased to unveil the first music sample taken from Bottom Of Your Soul, the first single from the upcoming Toto album, Falling In Between.
The song, in the words of the band's keyboard player David Paich, is a prayer for peace lyrically inspired from the tragedy of the Sudan civil war victims. Paich explains: "The song started out from a 6/8 African groove I had in mind with Simon Phillips, and Steve Lukather later came up with the chorus chords."
Featured on lead vocals during the chorus is former Toto singer Joseph Williams, together with two other very special guests Jason Scheff (Chicago) and Shenkar (Peter Gabriel). Percussion work is courtesy of Simon Phillips and Lenny Castro.
Enjoy the 1 minute mp3 sample at the following link!
Bottom Of Your Soul will be launched on all European radios in the first half of January 2005. Other sound samples from the upcoming shall be posted right here, on the audio page on the and websites.

Survivor - The band has finished recording 11 songs for the new studio album in the works. The entire album tracking is completed. After Christmas Frankie Sullivan is scheduled to record some missing guitar overdubs and then Jimi Jamison will add his vocals. The mix is planned during January for a release planned in the spring 2006.

Hardline - Recording of the third Hardline studio album entitled Just Add Water has been completed this month. Singer Johnny Gioeli is enthusiastic of the results. "I think this is extremely radio and melodic... Van Halen-ish, like Sammy Hagar meets Journey... with some GREAT Ballads... really a new twist for Hardline!"
The renewed lineup on Just Add Water includes Johnny Gioeli on vocals, Josh Ramos on guitars, Michael T. Ross on keyboards, Jamie Brown on bass and Atma Anur on drums.
Some of the song titles to be included on the record include My Heart, Hold On, Hole In My Head, Save Me, Falling Rain. Release is planned for late spring 2006.

Kelly Keagy - Night Ranger drummer / singer Kelly Keagy is busy working hard to complete his new studio album. Some of the songs he has been working on include Call In Another Day, In The Back of Your Mind, All In The Blink of An Eye, The World Before and After, When Nobody's Looking, I'm Alive, Where The Road Ends, One, A Life Worth Remembering, Stolen, You're Everything In A Woman.
Kelly has written many songs together with Jim Peterik (ex-Survivor, Pride Of Lions). The record will also feature Kelly's The Mob bandmate, Reb Beach on guitar while the mix will be handled by none other than Kip Winger.
Frontiers Records plans to release the new as yet untitled album in mid-2006.

Vertigo - Former Toto singer Joseph Williams is currently busy recording the vocals of the second Vertigo album. The songs which will be included on the record include in no particular order: Not Gonna Live Forever (written by Joseph together with Joey Carbone), Save It All Alone, All For You, Goodbye So Long, Part of Me, In The Blink of An Eye, There's A Reason, Picking Up The Pieces, Hold Me.
This time the lineup includes drummer extraordinaire Virgil Donati (Soul Sirkus, Ring Of Fire) and guitar virtuoso Alex Masi, with Fabrizio Grossi handling again bass and production duties.
The album is scheduled for release in mid 2006.

Stan Bush - The well-respected singer / songwriter is currently busy writing new songs together with his songwriting partner Holger Fath (who will also handle the production of the album) and Tommy Denander, who will also co-produce his album. "I am very excited because these are some of the best songs I've ever written, and I think this will be my best album ever!", says Stan. The artist is planning to start the recording during January 2006 with the label hoping to release his new record after the summer.

Genius - Daniele Liverani is completing the recording of the third and final chapter of his Rock Opera Genius entitled The Final Surprise. With the release of this final episode, the complete story and music of the trilogy can be finally enjoyed in its entirety. An incredible cast of singers and mix of different music styles from fast power metal to straight AOR and crazy progressive rock tunes will lead the listeners to the final events of Genius' amazing trip into the dreams world parallel reality.
Once again singers Mark Boals (Ring Of Fire; Ex Malmsteen) and Daniel Gildenlow (Pain Of Salvation) are taking the major roles (Genius and Twinspirit32 respectively).
The other amazing singers appearing include this time Eric Martin (ex-Mr.Big) as Mr. Niko, Jorn Lande (Masterplan) as Apikor, Andrea Datwyler (Lunatica) as Kokeshi, Toby Hitchcock (Pride Of Lions) as Senator Jeramus. Oliver Hartmann will care once again about the choruses while the narrator role will be covered by Philip Bynoe as usual.
The album is going to be mixed in January 2006 for a release tentatively planned in the spring.

Hartmann - Oliver Hartmann shall perform a special show TONIGHT at the Colossaal in Aschaffenburg, Germany.
The set list will include the whole Out In The Cold album plus some new songs which shall be included in the forthcoming album to be released during 2006! Don t miss him!

Green - Following the good critical acclaim that blessed the release of the new album, Green's guitar player and singer Fabrizio Pieraccini gives an insight on Of Love And Soul:
Receive Me - The opening track clearly sets the new course of the Green sound. A huge riff made by almost NU metal guitars interacting with sampled drum grooves, opens what can be defined a modern rock song with an unforgettable chorus and a breathtaking final guitar solo.
Fight for Truth - A powerful mid-tempo. Changes the mood of the record towards a modern sounding power rock, with strong lyrics, a fantastic bridge and some serious guitar playing going on.
Do it Now - Melody was dominant in our previous record "Life". With this song goes up to a higher level with a refined arrangement of strings. The verse looks for a more intimate musical dimension while the chorus is full of energy, the lead voice is both harmonic and captivating. Definitely the softest song in the album.
Hate Me - The seventies hard rock background of the band emerges here. Mostly inspired by The Who, this song features a cutting guitar riff which plays with a dynamic bass line and is supported by a very Purplish Hammond organ sound. The 7/8 rhythm in the middle of the song brings out some Rush influence with a virtuoso-style guitar solo.
There's No Wind - The verse is in 5/4 with acoustic guitars and strings; this takes you to the elegant and relaxing chorus which explodes in a strong finale.
Freedom - Again a strings melody is supported by two guitars playing in harmony. Luscious vocal exercise and self-conscious lyrics emerge later in a typical rock'n'roll fashion.
No Return Journey - An intense and peculiar moment of the record. Listen to this song keeping a close eye to the lyrics and allow the ethereal keyboard atmospheres win you over.
Baby Tell Me Why - Again Marshall and Hammond here, but this hard rock song goes beyond classic 70 s Hard Rock adding a modern sounds and melodic effects.
One Day - A celestial atmosphere is introduced by the piano; the vocals have a big feeling here and the guitar scratches and comes out in an exciting solo with an atmosphere similar to the one in Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb.
Of Love And Soul - The title track the ultimate manifesto of the new Green sound. It's undoubtedly a progressive tune a 9/8 riff followed by a complex verse like Yes; when you think everything is set then& you get a metal oriented keyboards fugue chasing guitars and vice versa; a kaleidoscopic progressive whirlwind a là Dream Theatre, but not so complicated. Emotions build up in a breathless crescendo ending with the two guitarists playing some pretty impressive solos.

Season Greetings - Frontiers Records would like to wish to all partners, artists, journalists and fans a Merry Christmas and a successful and happy new year 2006! We thank each and everyone for the faith and the support showed during this year and we look forward to a stronger and better year! Cheers to everyone.

Shadowman's new studio album Different Angles will be released by Escape Music March 10, 2006. The new CD - available as a limited edition beautifully packaged CD in ecolbook - will feature the following songs: Learn to Live Without You / Take Me Home / Cry Wolf / When Its Gone / The Way of the World / In The Shadows / Did It For Love / Chains / Dreams Die Hard / Runaway Girl / Satellite / Shine On.
Album Details: All songs by Steve Overland and Steve Morris. Line-up: Steve Overland (FM) – Lead Vocals; Steve Morris (Heartland) - Guitars; Chris Childs (Thunder) – Bass; Harry James (Thunder) – Drums.
Produced by Steve Morris for T.O.M Productions. Mixed by Pete "Peewee" Coleman. Recorded at Ocean Reach Studio, Warington UK and Jelly Jam, Runcorn, UK.
Bio: It is some two years since the debut album by Shadowman was released (Land of the Living ESM098). The album was warmly received by all who had a penchant for good old British melodic hard rock. As you would expect Shadowman had elements of both Heartland and FM deeply embedded in its grooves, yet it was highly original and was often touted as the best British melodic release of 2004.
Two years later and we have an eagerly awaited follow up called Different Angles, an important album for this quartet that also includes both Harry James and Chris Childs of Thunder. A few chords into the song Learn to live without you and it is fairly obvious that we are in for a real treat. That unmistakable guitar trademark sound of Steve Morris and the vocals of Steve Overland shine through at a very early stage. Somehow they make their music sound effortless; the driving riff throughout "In the Shadows" is testament to this making it such a classic song.
As we all very well know Steve Overland has a remarkable vocal range, not only does it suit the classic melodic rock genre but he has a very bluesy side to his talent. Try listening to such songs like Cry Wolf and Did It For Love; the latter being a perfect ballad in every sense of the word. Shadowman certainly know how to captivate their audience, make no mistake. Hard rocking songs like Chains and Shine on are solid melodic rock tunes that will delight any audience, whilst Runaway Girl has a chorus that will have you singing along to in a very short space of time.
Shadowman is all about great rock music that will win you over with its charm. Quality rock music is so hard to find these days and it is reassuring to know that it hasn't lost its way. It is always hard to follow on from a near perfect album like Land of the Living, but these guys have done just that, this is an essential piece of British melodic rock music.


United-Forces-Of-Rock Festival Ludwigsburg, Germany Oct. 29, 2005...By Sven Horlemann, on location on behalf of

An extraordinary festival for melodic rock. Fans from all over Europe came to see some of the best melodic rock bands available –
Hartmann (German newcomer)
Pump (German newcomer)
Blanc Faces (melodic rock highlight from US)
Casanova (veteran German melodic rockers come back)
Jaded Heart (veteran German band with new singer)
Legs Diamond (US heavy rock legend)
Seventh Key (featuring Billy Greer of Kansas, Mike Slamer & Terry Brock)
Wetton/Downes (founding members of Asia)
Pride Of Lions (Survivor successor featuring Jim Peterik)

A full review of the show is now online. My apologies for the delay in getting this formatted and uploaded and thanks to Sven for covering the event in my absence. There are several interviews Sven conducted on the day still to feature. I'll add those on my return after the holiday break, along with a few pictures from the festival.
For now - Read The Live Review.

On February 10th 2006, the legendary American rock formation Toto will release their brand new album Falling in Between.
In order to celebrate this memorable event, Fanclub Toto Headlines organizes a huge release party! This event will take place on February 9th at De Boerderij in Zoetermeer, Holland. It's going to be a totally Toto–evening!
Because the band unfortunately won't be able to make it over in the flesh we've arranged really sparkling replacement by a live performance of the Toto cover band Toto Touch. But of course there will be (even) more for the real Toto fan:
The CD Falling in Between will already be on sale that evening! Also on sales, among others wonderful Toto merchandise and pictures of Toto in all sorts and sizes. There will also be the opportunity to swap things from your personal Toto collection (so don't forget to bring your own stuff along!) And we will hold a lottery with some stunning Toto prizes!
Besides that we have another big surprise in store but we can't yet spill much about that at this point.
Tickets for this event cost €5 and are available via and in the Boudisque CD/DVD stores in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Nijmegen. (Ticketsales through Boudisque starts at beginning of January). Doors open at 19.00 pm, event starts at 19.30 pm.
For more info and changes or

Greek melodic music site Rockpages recently added a new interview with Neal Schon from Journey. Check it out at:

It is with great pride that Cathy and I announce the arrival of our second son!
Zackary John McNeice was born on Thursday December 22; 7:17am local time. Jnr #2 is doing extremely well, as is his mum :)
Pictured is Nicholas with his new baby brother…


I promised one last news update before the holiday break – so here it is. I did also say that I would have one last MR-X update, but I simply ran out of time. There will be no MR-X updates while I am on holiday, but as many are away from their computers or high-speed connections, I am sure the majority will be content with my promise of a massive all-new update first week back. All recent uploads are still online, so take this opportunity to grab whatever you have not yet had a chance to download. The section remains open for new members to join on at any time.
I do have to announce the winner of the Mega-Pack competition. That is Cory Manferd. Congrats Cory – e-mail coming your way.

There's a lot going on for everyone at this time of year. Let me stop to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy and safe holiday break (and a warm one for those north of the equator!). Have a great new year's eve and I hope Santa delivers some suitably tasteful melodic rock CDs and no nasty tartan socks, or the like...
I'd also like to conclude the 2005 year with a heartfelt thanks to all those that have supported this site over the course of the year. All MR-X Members, all site sponsors, all artists that have kept in contact and everyone that logs on for their daily dose of news.
2005 was a challenging year and man, have I got a lot to talk about in my end of year wrap up contained in the upcoming MelRock Awards.

What to do while I am away dealing with the messy business that is babies? You can post on either of the message boards – the Noticeboard or The Forums.
You can read all of the 2005 CD Reviews, starting here and add your own comments here. There is also the Feature Interviews area and the shorter e-Interviews section. Or, just browse back through the news of the past year.

So, to conclude – the next site update (unless something amazing happens...) will be Monday January 10. From that point it will be business as usual…well, as much as normal can be with a new born around!
I'll keep an eye on the message boards and e-mail, so drop me a line should any need arise. All e-mail sent between now and then that isn't dealt with, will be done so during that first week back.

So cheers for now and once again, have a great holiday season wherever you are!




Wednesday, December 21, 2005

After reading through the fan reaction to the debut of the first clips from Toto's February 10 released album Falling In Between, guitarist Steve Lukather penned this open letter for me to post. For the record - the fan response has been amazingly positive!
Over to Steve - "Well, thanks for all the great press but I am afraid of all the hype as NO ONE lives up to huge hype! We have done the best I think we could do at this time in our lives and it was a labor of love and to prove to ourselves and whomever likes the band that we still have something left to offer besides the old hits, hey, they have been very good to us but I am more sick of them than ANY of you could EVER be! hahaha
I dig this site a lot [thanks Steve!] and I certainly don't expect everyone to like me or Toto or agree on music in general.
It's hard as most of us "old guys" make our $$ on the road and therefore taking the TIME it takes to make a GREAT record (very subjective I might add) is difficult. This time Toto had the TIME to make what WE wanted to make and took the 10 months, on and off, and used it, and said we were not gonna put it out till WE thought it was good enough.
I just would like it if you actually heard the WHOLE thing before making an opinion either way. If you like what LITTLE you have heard then you are gonna love the rest of it. For those riding the fence, please give it a shot.
I just want to thank everyone who has been so kind and patient and even thank those that hate us, at least we got SOME reaction. We ain't curing cancer here's just music. There is plenty of different styles and players from ALL eras to go around!!
God Bless and Happy Holidays...Lukather."

Press Release / Quiet Riot will be holding a one day only audition for a bass player that is based out of the general Los Angeles area. If you are interested but not in the area, please do not apply.
The basic requirements are for a bass player that is well versed and rooted in British late 60's and 70's music. John Paul Jones, Andy Fraser, the style of music such as Led Zeppelin, Free, Humble Pie, The Baby's, etc.
We are looking for a finger player that is also musically knowledgeable of funk roots. The new material has a lot of these influences as a basis, but applicants would also be required to perform the Quiet Riot songs that are expected from the band.
If interested and qualified, please e-mail
Include all your contact information, bio, images etc. Quiet Riot will begin recording the new CD in late January and into February 2006.

Dante Fox's Tim Manford dropped me this little note and update: "There is live footage on of the band recording the first song for the third album. The song is called Breakin Me Down and features our new harder style. It was premiered on the Steve Price show on ARFM on Saturday and Sunday last week.I'm Steve will play it again if anyone out there would like to tune in.
We will be playing with Shy on 26th January @ Limelight Club in Crewe and will be doing the Z Rock fest again @ the Limelight on 2nd April.
Please say sorry to the fans who turned up expecting to see us with Vaughn as we had no hand in not appearing. Sorry again."

Australian progressive metal band Vanishing Point have announced the addition of bassist Steve Cox to the group's ranks. "Steve has fitted in with his new role quite nicely with his great sense of humour and professionalism towards Vanishing Point is most welcome," the band write on their web site.
"We would also like to take this opportunity to thank those who did try out but who were unfortunately unsuccessful. We wish all the very best for your future and know in whatever you chose to do you will be successful."
Vanishing Point's latest album, Embrace the Silence, was released in Europe this past May through Dockyard 1, the new German company/record label formed by Dirk Putzke, Christine Stephan (both ex-Sanctuary/Noise Records) and Piet Sielck (Iron Savior). Embrace the Silence is available in Australia and New Zealand through Modern Invasion Music.

Foreigner will hit the UK in 2006 for 2 shows. They are: June 30th London Shepherds Bush and July 1st Manchester Carling Apollo. Further European dates are possible, so stay tuned.

Bruce Kulick has asked for the following to be posted and has a special deal for readers. Anyone who orders the new shortsleeve Union Chikara T-shirts from his site ( and mentions that they saw it on will receive TWO FREE Bruce guitar picks with the order.
A Message From Bruce Kulick - Happy Holidays to you all! I had a very exciting November and December, so here goes with a report on my travels to Europe with UNION and Mexico with Eric Singer.
We started in a town called Sion, Switzerland which is in a valley of the Swiss Alps where my friend and tour manager Nicolas lives. First time for John Corabi, Fred Coury (Cinderella) on drums and Chuck Garric (Alice Cooper) and they were quite impressed. I have been there so many times it was great to show the guys around. We rehearsed courtesy of our opening act Crystal Dusk. It was very cool to get to hang out in the town, and the guys from Crystal Dusk helped show the guys around. After Sion, off on a regular touring schedule which is very hectic.
Off to Zurich for our show at Alpenrock, and we really had a great first show. I love that venue as it is quite unique with its "in the Alps look." Next day off to Germany for our two shows. We had a travel day on Thanksgiving, and a meal that was fit for a king when we finally arrived 6 hours later. Heike the promoter was very sweet to prepare such an amazing feast for us Americans long from home. That night we saw snow, and living in LA of course, I don't get to see it often. My hotel room had a heated water bed!! The next night in the city was show day, but Fred and I got to walk around a bit and see the beautiful German City of Babenhausen after sound check. Bought German pastries and pretzels. They rule!
Read the full message and view all the pictures from the tour at:

Added to the site today is MP3 MiniBytes for new releases by Akira Kajiyama + Joe Lynn Turner, Last Autumn's Dream and Square One. Check them out.

CD Showcases have been updated for two MTM releases due in January. They are Faro and AOR. Check those out.




Tuesday, December 20, 2005 :pm update

How about we kick the day off with two previews from the new Toto album Falling In Between? The single Bottom Of Your Soul is the track which will kick off the album at radio, so what better way to kick things off online than a snippet from the track which also features former vocalist Joseph Williams.
Download: Toto - Bottom Of Your Soul.
And here is another new sample - the rocking classic Toto sound of King Of The World. Download: Toto - King Of The World.

Speaking of Toto - the official websitehas had a neat overhall to coincide with the new album design and details. Log on at:

Lion Music are proud to announce the signing of Satyrian, an international gothic rock band, combining dark atmospheric lyrics with new wave, rock, classical orchestration elements for a truly unique sound.
The new album Eternitas consists of 12 songs covering a wide variety of musical styles. From pure dark rock to danceable industrial beats, folk elements to classical atmosphere, the album runs the gamut of musical tastes. Satyrian also display contrast between the two male and two female voices which define the band's sound. The guitar work varies from rock and metal riffing to melodic leads, often combined with piano. The lyrics are dark, atmospheric and offer a close look into deep personal emotions. It's an album about life and death, desire, fear, loss and eternity - the Eternitas.
SatyrianEternitas is scheduled for release in March 2006.
WebLinks: and


The very cool session legend Phil Soussan has completed a new solo record, titled Vibrate. Readers here will recognize Phil's name from Beggars & Thieves, Vince Neil Band, John Waite and Ozzy Osbourne among many others. Guests on the album includes Steve & Trevor Lukather. Details at:

German Melodic Rock Online Magazine features new interviews (in German only) with Michael Bolton, Khymera, Philip Bardowell and Francis Buchholz (Ex-The Scorpions).

Butch Walker is playing a one-off acoustic solo show at The Barfly in London on January 31, 2006.

Log onto for a Best Of 2005 feature, with the contents gathered from 111 influential artists of the metal scene. Check it out at:

A new interview with the very groovy Jay Graydon can be found now at:

Guitarist/producer great Dann Huff is featured on a new episode of CMT's In The Moment - showcasing the debut album from American Idol winner Carrie Underwood. Dann co-produced the album.

Music writer for the Georgia Straight newspaper Lucas Aykroyd has published his 10 Best releases for the year. Some interesting titles make an appearance, including Philip Bardowell's In The Cut. Check it out at:

Shy have a new forum for fans online at:

Surrender's Kenny Hamberg is featured in a new interview at:

Last but not least for today - Phil Vincent has two new releases available via his website. Poetic Justice by Tragik and One by Circular Logik are now available for purchase at: Just follow the simple instructions or send an e-mail with your request to to pay using PayPal.

News from the record label website for Jon Butcher - Jon Butcher and Ben Schultz are performing around the US & Canada in support of their new Barefoot Servants 2 CD. If you are able to catch a performance, you'll hear songs from the Jon Butcher Axis, the Jon Butcher solo arsenal, both Barefoot Servants records and a few choice cover tunes. An Acoustic Evening With Jon Butcher promises to be a special event. Dates are being booked frequently, so keep an eye on, for current listings. However, here are some shows already confirmed...
WebLinks: and


YNGWIE MALMSTEEN AUDIO INTERVIEW POSTED ONLINE: has posted episode 28 of their "Talking Metal" podcast. The episode, entitled Yngwie Malmsteen Special, features a ten minute interview co-host John Ostronomy conducted with legendary guitarist and musician, Yngwie Malmsteen. Topics include Yngwie's Concerto Suite album, his feelings on religion, and his participation in Metal festivals with Slayer, Hammerfall, Dio, and Zakk Wylde. Hosts Mark Strigl and Ostronomy also discuss topics including Yngwie's history, Mike Varney, Steeler, Johnny Cash, and King Kong. The episode also features an Yngwie Malmsteen multiple guitar pick giveaway. Pictures as well as the 30 minute podcast can be downloaded at this location ( iTunes users can also subscribe to "Talking Metal" for free at this location (

The Progrock Records debut by Oliver Wakeman Mothers Ruin is now available from the following and a lot of other on-line stores;,,, and, .uk & .de.
Sound samples can be heard from either visiting the Progrock or Oliver's own site (where you can find out lots more about Oliver and his band).
The band are next due to perform on the 28th January 2006 at The Oakwood Centre, Rotherham alongside Damian Wilson supporting Arjen Lucassen's new band Stream Of Passion. Tickets can be purchased via The Classic Rock Society. Tickets are priced at £15.


Rob Wylde, Teenage Casket Company lead singer, hooked up with Hardrock Haven to talk about the band's ongoing efforts to open up for Bon Jovi (Punk Rock Bon Jovi Tour!), their first tour of the States, their month long U.K. tour coming up, heading into the studio in January, and a lot more. Head to: to hear the entire interview! (You will need Windows Media Player to stream the interview.)

Grand Entertainment's 2nd annual Namm Show Concert will be held at The Blue Café in Long Beach Ca. on January 21. This year will be another host of great players including Barry Sparks Acoustic (MSG, Dokken) and Steve Ferrone (Tom Petty, Eric Clapton) and His All-Star band. More special guests will be announced soon!
The Blue Café's information is at: or call the Promoter Dale Woodson at 818-645-4140, or email or visit:
On Saturday Jan 7, Mike Campbell - Rock and Roll Hall of fame Guitarist from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, will make a rare club appearance at The Blue Café with The Dirty Knobs. Check out, Or call 562-983-7111 for tickets.

Another good read for those interested in and following the issues surrounding the music industry.
Holiday Buyers Spurn Tunes As Industry Picture Worsens; 'Cesspool of Really Bad Bands' By Ethan Smith
Staff Reporter of The Wall Street Journal, December 16, 2005; Page B1
"The holiday season has traditionally been a time for the music industry to relax and watch the money roll in as big-name releases all but sell themselves. The stocking-stuffer effect is generally strong enough that the season generates 40% of the industry's annual revenue.
This year, though, there's little Christmas cheer to go around. During the crucial Thanksgiving week, for instance, the top 10 albums sold 40% fewer copies than the top 10 albums the same week in 2004. Album sales so far this year are down 7.8%, according to Nielsen SoundScan, compared with the same point a year ago. Sales of individual digital tracks on services like Apple Computer Inc.'s iTunes Music Store have increased -- but not nearly enough to offset the slide in CD sales. According to an estimate from SoundScan, overall sales of recorded music are down about 4.5%, if one considers 10 individual tracks the equivalent of an album.
"It's sort of a bleak holiday season at the end of a bleak year," says Jim Urie, president of Universal Music Group's Universal Music & Video Distribution arm.
Retailers who specialize in music say that their outlook is worse than bleak. Music sales at Virgin Megastores' 20 North American locations are down nearly 20%, according to Simon Wright, chief executive of Virgin Entertainment Group. Other music retailers report similar numbers.
Things are so tough that Rob Roth, owner of the Vintage Vinyl music store in Fords, N.J., says that being able to simply keep pace with last year's sales puts him among the lucky few. His new motto: "Flat is the new up."
This season's slide is evidence that, despite a brief uptick in music sales at the end of last year, the music-industry meltdown that began more than five years ago is far from over. The long decline has been fed by a combination of factors -- including online piracy, CD burning, high prices and competition for consumer dollars from videogames and DVDs.
Lately, people in the music industry have said the same basic issues have been intensified by the growing popularity of pricey gadgets like Apple's iPod and Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360, as well as the rising prices for games that go with the new platform.
In the near future, the introduction of next-generation DVDs, which carry high-definition TV signals, is likely to eat into the shrinking space retailers allot CDs. The arrival of Sony Corp.'s PlayStation 3 videogame platform threatens to further erode music sales. And despite some heavy holiday discounting on CDs, many retailers say their customers believe they are still too expensive. Now, there is even competition for digital-music sales within the iTunes store itself from $1.99 episodes of network-television shows.
But many retailers and label executives alike point to a more fundamental problem this year: A lack of hit acts. Don VanCleave, president of the Coalition of Independent Music Stores, says blame lies with "an absolute, gigantic cesspool of really bad bands."
Consumers seem to agree. This year has seen more albums come and go from the No. 1 sales spot than any year since SoundScan began keeping score in 1991 -- a sign that few hits have staying power. This year's album charts have seen brief reigns, often followed by rapid tumbles, by more than two dozen artists, including Kenny Chesney, Hilary Duff and Rob Thomas.
The music industry hasn't connected broadly with fans since the late-1990s heyday of the teen pop performed by the Backstreet Boys, 'N Sync and Britney Spears. "It's almost like we need a new genre of music," says John Sullivan, chief financial officer of Trans World Entertainment Corp., which operates music stores under the FYE and Coconuts names, among others. "There hasn't been anything fresh to get consumers excited in a while." [Amen John!]
The biggest sellers during the current holiday season include Green Day and Mariah Carey, whose albums have been out for months. "These are not as big as the albums we had last year," Mr. Sullivan says. Last year's big sellers included new albums by U2, Eminem and Shania Twain.
None of the four global music companies has been immune to the slide. Vivendi Universal SA's Universal Music has managed to keep its dip to just 2%, but the company has seen disappointing releases by rap stars 50 Cent and Eminem, whose latest releases have done far less well than many retailers had hoped. Mr. Sullivan of Trans World says the soundtrack to 50 Cent's movie "Get Rich or Die Tryin' " was "a disappointment, no question." The disc sold just about 317,000 copies its first week in stores, compared with over 1 million copies in the first week for the rapper's previous album, "The Massacre."
.....Mike Dreese, co-owner of New England entertainment chain Newbury Comics Inc. and a board member of the National Association of Recording Merchandisers, says that pricing remains a major problem for the music industry, especially compared with DVDs. "The new Harry Potter movie came out and they're offering $7 videos from the previous movies," he says. "You don't see any $7 Beatles albums."
Full Story:

And in keeping with depressing articles, here is Rolling Stone Magazine's Top 50 albums of 2005. Do I even need to make a comment about their list? Perhaps the work 'Yikes' sums it

A quick note - yes, no update yesterday, but we're still waiting for this baby to arrive here! It seems it is in no hurry :) Any minute now...
Before the new addition comes home, I will post one last update on the site before taking a holiday for a couple of weeks. I don't think much will be missed as just about everyone closes down over this holiday period, so there will be very few press releases or announcements made from the labels around.
There are already a stack of titles building up for reviewing come January and I will start those on my return. What I do want to mention is a few titles from 2005 that are still to be reviewed. Those will be added next - whenever that is. Those titles are: Retrograde, The Way, Frost, Dean Howard, Christian Tolle, Big Cock, Crimsonfire and Danny Tate. Just wanted to let those awaiting these reviews know that they are coming!
And of the early 2006 releases due, expect reviews for Toto, Bob Catley, Warrant, Ten, Ambition, Tony O'Hora, Faro, AOR, Speedy Gonzales, Lydian Sea, Mad Max and Phenomena all during January.
I continue work on the 2005 MelRock Awards....the last 2 years they have been published second week of February, but this time I very much hope that they will be online well before January ends! We shall see!
That's about it for now. A few new MiniBytes, a MR-X update and a CD Showcase or two to be added before I take off, so tune in over the next couple of days for these.




Friday, December 16, 2005

Pre-View: Toto - Falling In Between (Frontiers Records, February 10, 2006) - Toto is one of my all time favourite bands. I have every record and just about every one of the many side projects.
Despite being a massive fan, I have been pretty hard on the guys in my most recent reviews of Mindfields and Through The Looking Glass. Not this time. This is what it is all about folks. This is the exact reason I do this site - this is genius.
While offering a preview of the tracks that make up Falling In Between, I almost feel as if I'm writing the official review for the album. I'm not - a more detailed final review will follow soon...but at the same time, I find it impossible to edit down any of my current thoughts, as there is just so much music going on within this record at any given single minute, that it takes a description this long just to summarize it!
Again, without prefacing my final review - this is a stunning record. Already I would rate it as one of the very best records of the band's entire career. I have only had the full album a few days - it might just end up their best. I have spent a month with 6 tracks and a few days with the remaining four songs. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Falling In Between features a little of everything Toto have ever been and will, without doubt, appeal to every single fan the band has ever reached out to.
I'll make a number of additional observations in the final review, but a couple of particular points should be made now. This is a record with an amazing sound. The production is layer upon layer deep and the individual performances are some of the best I have heard from the guys.
The percussion on this record is second to none as far as Toto's history and the songs are just as diverse, yet perfectly cohesive in the scheme of the album's flow.
Something else which I am seriously in awe of, is the seamless way the different vocalists appear and work with each other through the record. There are 5 lead vocalists on this record and sometimes 3 or 4 in any given track! Yet never once does the record sound disjointed or a song appear out of place.
I have added this special feature because from time to time there is a record due that captures the attention of a lot of people. This 50 minute record has something for every Toto fan old and new and then something.


Falling In Between (4:08)
With a grand Seventh One style instrumentation, the album begins it's journey before Lukather blows the song apart with one of the heaviest riffs I have ever heard from him. The song is very progressive and together with the hard crunch of the guitar and some amazing swirling keyboards, the song reminds me of the best from Dream Theater.
The band has really gone out of it's way to be different, yet in a way that is going to appeal to fans. Take this track - the heaviest of the album - when was the last time you heard an album title track that features two verses, two quick choruses and no further lead vocals past the 2 minute 20 mark! The last 2 minutes of the song is a mix of Luke's heavy riffing and layers of keyboard and orchestral/progressive instrumentation. Not only that, but Bobby Kimball sings the verse like I have never heard him power and new boy Greg sings the chorus.
Dying On My Feet (6:13)
The intro to this song gives absolutely nothing away - you have no idea where the song is going and if I wasn't sitting here listening to it myself, I'm not sure I could possibly believe the description! This is a stunning track that highlights the genius that is this album.
A laid back mid-tempo verse with a subtle riff and prominent piano riff doubles in pace for a bridge that features another heavy (and in your face) guitar rip before the song reverts back to it's original pace. This is a perfect contrast, but what I couldn't believe is the u-turn taken after the second chorus. From out of nowhere a massive orchestral break drives this song into the audio equivalent of cinematic widescreen. There are instruments and layers flying every which way and can only be described as glorious. Without warning the song reverts back to how it started, but now with a Lukather solo to accompany.
Ok, so we are back to chorus time, but there is still another u-turn awaiting. No, not to the first anthemic interlude, but rather an even more complex, progressive instrumental outro that lasts close to 2 minutes. Before you even realize, the song is bursting with heavy guitar riffs and then a massive horn section! On my count that's about 5 different vibes within a 6 minute song. I have never heard anything like it and suggest that fans of the oldest formation of Toto will really dig this track.
Bottom Of Your Soul (7:00)
This is the longest song of the album and the lead single. Easily the most commercial number, this will be the most familiar sound to fans of 80s Toto. This mid-tempo ballad reminds me of the moody I Will Remember from Tambu - certainly the vibe and the percussion is very reminiscent of this track. The kicker is the chorus. A mellow Lukather sung verse gives way to one of the biggest choruses of the record, but with none other than the masterful Joseph Williams up front. It's a definite return to Seventh One as Williams and Lukather duet through the rest of the track. It closes out with another long instrumental passage featuring some speaker shattering rhythms and a real tribal/African vibe - with Luke and Joseph adding sporadic vocal melodies alongside a very melodic, band supplied, chanting harmony vocal.
King Of The World (4:06)
This is another very commercial track. This is the most 80s sounding track of the album and again reminds me of the uptempo melodic rock moments from Seventh One and Isolation. David Paich features as lead vocalist during the verse and Lukather takes the bridge into the chorus, where Bobby Kimball takes over and supplies another short, but memorable powerhouse vocal. The very catchy and commercial chorus is everything anthem loving Toto fans will be hoping for!
For whatever reason, the track reminds me of the ultra high-tech feel and sound of Mr. Mister's Welcome To The Real World album - very 80s, but so high-tech that the sound appears timeless.
The instrumental break is again something that I have never heard before, yet it remains so recognizable to fans and true to the Toto legacy.
Hooked (4:38)
Very different this again...5 tracks in and 5 different individual styles, yet it gels together perfectly. That takes talent. This is a somewhat more stripped back track than some of the multi-layered orchestral parts of previous tracks. The song is a guitar driven slow-to-mid tempo groover, with a real swagger. But the chorus is once again bathed in multi-layered glory. Basically, this is very heavy come chorus time, but relatively organic and features a blazing guitar solo.


Simple Life (2:24)
Another change of pace...I asked Luke where the rest of the track was! He basically said he wanted people to want to play it again. That they will, as it is over way to soon! A Luke sung ballad, the song builds with subtle rhythms and a prominent piano part, then explodes into a single massive and passionate chorus and in a blink of an eye it is all over.
Taint Your World (4:03)
Wow, time for another guitar driven rocker, but this time it's played out at double speed, with this infectious little hard rocking boogie! Yes, Bobby Kimball suggests "you don't want to fuck with me" during the chorus! And who would argue with his statement at the end of the track?? (You'll have to wait for that!). One thing springs instantly to mind the second this track fires up - Van Halen! Yep, this is Lukather at his Eddie Van Halen best and man, he sounds good. This is Toto's Hot For Teacher. The chorus is fast and furious, the vocals are layers deep and again the band take a side trip for a curious instrumental break.
Let It Go (5:02)
Yet another track that offers something new in a familiar environment. Greg Phillinganes sings lead on this track, drawing in all of his soul/R&B influences with Stevie Wonder. He fits into the band perfectly. What is most enjoyable about the track is the fact it continues the pace of the last track, but runs mainly on a snappy rhythm section. The track takes several twists during its running time, but the heart of the song is a funky/jazzy rhythm that reminds me of Tambu in places and very early Toto in other areas. Lush instrumentation and multiple use of a pre-chorus bridge keeps things hopping around!
Spiritual Man (5:24)
Wow...where do I start with this one? This soulful and spiritual ballad is stunning...subtle at times and completely over the top towards the end. Greg, Bobby and David Paich all sing on this, each one taking a verse (there is no definitive chorus as such). This is the ultimate build-up song. Starting slowly, the vocals are hauntingly passionate and really capture the emotions of the listener. The bridge between the verses is multi-layered and is short, yet even more intense. With each passing minute, more layers of vocals and instruments are added to the song and when a simply stunning Bobby Kimball bursts through the speakers, every single hair on your body will be standing on end. The last minute of the song is so thick in vocals, sax and keyboards, you will need that 5.1 mix to work out where it is all coming from.
No End In Sight (6:15)
Another taste of something out of the ordinary. Steve Lukather sings the verse, while Bobby Kimball delivers the chorus. The transition is so smooth you'll have to go back to hear where one takes over from the other. The tempo starts slow, but builds and jumps around. The chorus and song itself takes a few listens to get into and getting a handle on the layered percussion takes another listen after that! Some of the instrumental passages remind me of Seventh One again...the CD definitely has the lush orchestral feel of that album.

So that's a look into the most anticipated release of 2006. I'll spend some further time with the album and deliver a more extensive full review in a few weeks time. As for soundbytes...stay tuned for details.


E-Online are claiming Van Halen are again looking for a new lead singer. Their story is just not correct. More a commentary on the state of guitarist Eddie Van Halen's personal life, the piece incorrectly speculates that the band no longer features vocalist Sammy Hagar.
Not true and management have again confirmed that with this short statement delivered to me this afternoon: "Not looking for a new tv show...same old answers...seems like someone has too much time on their hands....ALL RUMOURS are FALSE."
Yes, all rumors are false as you need to be doing something to create rumors in the first place! There is no activity in the Van Halen camp, nor is there any planned activity for the foreseeable future.
In related news, Bass player Michael Anthony appeared on LA radio promoting his new hot sauce. Anthony stated that the band was on hiatus and that he hasn't talked to either of the Van Halen brothers for sometime. The very respected bassman will instead tour with Sammy Hagar's solo show in 2006.

Quiet Riot vocalist Kevin DuBrow and drummer Frankie Banali are pleased to announce the group's line-up for 2006. Joining the group on guitar is axe slinger Tracii Guns, formerly of L. A. Guns and Brides of Destruction. A new bass player will be announced shortly.
The newly revamped Quiet Riot will enter the studio in January to record new songs for their next studio release, the first new material from the band since the release of Guilty Pleasures in 2001. Look for Quiet Riot on tour in 2006!
It may not even need to be said, but the future of Brides Of Destruction is in serious question.

Guitar genius Michael Thompson is back with a new instrumental solo album. MT Speaks is available now via his official website:
The introduction message from Michael delivers more good news: "Welcome to all of you that have been checking out the site and ordering the new album. I've got some cool stuff planned for the future. I'm planning to re-issue my last album The World According To M.T. with two new songs that were recorded for the new album but wouldn't fit on "Speaks". I'm also planning to re-release my album MTB How Long also containing two previously unreleased tracks plus a new song written by singer Moon Calhoun and myself. This long out of print CD has been spotted on E-Bay selling for over $100."


More signs of an industry in turmoil and still trying to figure out what it is doing! This lifted from Business Week Online. Full Story at:
...As has been true since the start, iPod owners mostly fill up their players from their own CD collections or swipe tunes from file-sharing sites. Now legal downloads may be losing their luster. According to Nielsen SoundScan, average weekly download sales as of Nov. 27 fell 0.44% vs. the third quarter. Says independent media analyst Richard Greenfield: "We're not seeing the kind of dramatic growth we should given the surge in sales of iPods and other MP3 players."
Which brings us to a grand irony: Apple, which launched the digital music revolution, may now be holding it back. Critics say Apple's proprietary technology and its refusal to offer more ways to buy or to stray from its rigid 99 cents a song model is dampening legal sales of digital tunes. "The villain in the story is the iPod," says Chris Gorog, CEO of Napster Inc. (NAPS ), which sells both subscriptions and downloads. "You have this device consumers love, but they're being restricted from buying anything other than downloads from Apple. People are bored with that."

Locomotive Records have announced a March 6 US release date for Uncreation, the debut album by San Diego, CA based power metal band Benedictum, featuring powerhouse vocalist Veronica Freeman, guitarist Pete Wells, drummer Blackie Sanchez, keyboardist Chris Morgan, and bassist Jesse Wright. The European release has been pushed back by one week and is now scheduled for January 27.
Produced by Jeff Pilson (Dokken, Dio, Foreigner) and mixed by Pilson and former Warlock bassist Tommy Henriksen under the ZuZu Recordings Ltd. banner, Uncreation features guest appearances by former Dio axeman Craig Goldy on the 9-minute epic, Valkyrie Rising, and bassist Jimmy Bain (ex-Rainbow, Dio, WWIII) on the band's cover of the Black Sabbath classic, The Mob Rules, set for inclusion on the limited edition first pressing of the album.
Benedictum will preview their album live when the band takes the stage in support of George Lynch at Brick By Brick in San Diego on Wednesday, December 21. 3 songs from Uncreation are currently in rotation on the group's My Space page at:
Uncreation track listing: Uncreation . Benedictum . #4 . Misogyny . Ashes to Ashes . Wicca . Heaven and Hell . Them . Two Steps to The Sun . Valkyrie Rising . The Mob Rules (bonus track).

MR-X has been updated. Online today is a very special set of tunes: Acoustic Classics - Volume One and Volume Two. This 2CD set of songs features 38 tracks - all stripped back and delivered as organically as can be done! Fans of the Metal Mania releases will find a lot more cool stuff here, with some new, recent and rare unplugged tracks gathered into two collections - rockers & ballads. Among the artists featured are Night Ranger, Harem Scarem, Billy Idol, Takara, Eddie Money, MSG, Kip Winger, Firehouse, Eric Martin and Waltham.
New Videos have also been added. They are: XYZ - What Keeps Me Loving You, Billy Squier - Two Daze Gone and The Big Beat (both Live), John Waite - New York City Girl (VH1 Unplugged) and Steve Perry - I Stand Alone.
MR-X Membership Details.




Thursday, December 15, 2005

Suncity Records have announced three new singings for the new year. The details are as follows:
Canadian hard rock band Dirty Rhythm, best known for their excellent first full length CD released back in 1991 entitled Hard As A Rock. The yet to be titled Dirty Rhythm CD will be a five-track album with a bonus multimedia video. These are the five tracks that JRS Records left off the Hard As A Rock album to the bands dismay.
The label describes the tracks as "...sounding like they were left off Skid Row's first CD....obviously apparent that Skid Row were Dirty Rhythm's major inspiration but who else do they sound like you ask? Well Heaven's Edge, Cry Wolf, XYZ, Hardline and Dokken all come to mind."


The second new signing is Sweet Teaze. This band will deliver the never before released album Groovin' On The Backside. Recorded in January 1991 for Capital Records, this "is the CD Skid Row should released instead of Subhuman Race..."
In the label's words: "[Vocalist] Matt Mathews sounds very similar to Sebastian Bach, such a power house behind the mic. With perfect hooks and melodies to have these tunes in your head for weeks. Smokin' guitars, which is synonymous with all Suncity Records releases. What also really struck me with this material was the sensational late 80's, early 90's big stadium ballads which have to be heard to be believed. The sound can be describe as a cross between Sweet Teaze's Do It Till It Hurtz and Skid Row's Slave To The Grind, I can't speak highly enough of this release! Perfectly crafted hard rock."
To here what the label is raving about, click on the link to hear the first ballad in full off Groovin' On The Backside entitled Broken Heart.


The third signing is of Detroit's premiere Hard Rock band Heaven's Wish. Forming in 1984 as a five-piece, it was ten tough years of touring, writing and recording until these boys stuck it big time when they got signed to Universal Records USA. Again in the label's words: "Heaven's Wish were never given a real chance as 1994 was the break through year for Grunge. Over the first ten years as a band Heaven's Wish achieved some quite substantial highlights, which included picking up the 1990 best band award for 101.1 WIF beating over 1,500 bands. 1991 was another good year for the band as they won the 1991 best live band award once again for Michigan's top hard rock station 101.1 WIF.
In 1995 the band were getting ready for a tour of Hawaii when tragedy stuck. Jim, the bass guitarist committed suicide. After that fateful day the band never really recovered and the band really suffered having Heaven's Wish split up."

Lead singer Ronnie Vanlip describes the band's sound as a mix between Whitesnake, Def Leppard, Aerosmith, and Motley Crue. The band currently does one-off shows in their hometown of Detroit and still getting great reviews everywhere they play. Gathering up tons of unreleased material over the years, It is now time for the boys to get back in the studio and belt them out on another full length album.
Heaven's Wish signed up for a two CD deal, which will please fans to no end. Some of the songs you can look forward to hearing are: Ridin' High, Stay The Night, Let's Dance, I Just Wanna Die, She's Hot, Just Lookin', Lonely Nights, Talk Talk, Something About You, plus many, many more.

Also with the label - things are moving along very nicely with South Station and you can expect a release date for their first album early in 2006.
More information on all these signings at the label's website:

Bloodbound was formed on midsummer's eve 2004 by Fredrik Bergh (Street Talk; Bass, Keyboards & Backing vocals) and Tomas Olsson (Lead & Rhythm Guitars). The pair had been blood brothers for many years and set aim to create the best and true metal music that had ever been created!
The line-up was completed by Urban Breed, the amazing singer and extraordinary frontman from the band Tad Morose and the young and extremely talented drummer Oskar Belin.
The debut album from Bloodbound called Nosferatu was recorded and produced by Tomas Olsson and Fredrik Bergh. This ambitious project took over one year to finish and not a single track on the album is less than one hundred channels! On Nosferatu the band is combining the musicality and the classical elements of bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Helloween!
Nosferatu will be released in Japan on December 16 through Marquee Inc./Avalon and on February 24 in Europe through Metal Heaven.
Nosferatu will feature the following tracks: Behind The Moon . Into The Dark . Nosferatu . Metal Monster . Crucified . Desdemonamelia . Fallen From Grace . Screams In The Night . For The King . Midnight Sun . On The Battlefield.
Visit Bloodbound online and leave a comment in the guestbook:


American progressive-power metal record label Nightmare Records has announced the release of 3 CDs featuring vocalist Lance King (Ex-Balance Of Power) with the bands Avian, Shining Star and Pyramaze.

Avian is the American progressive-power metal band of guitarist Yan Leviathan and vocalist Lance King. Musically, Avian plays music that will appeal to al fans of Iron Maiden, Hammerfall and Edguy.
The band's debut CD From The Depths of Time has recently been released world-wide via Massacre Records (Europe, Australia, Canada), Hot Rockin' Records (Japan), and Nightmare Records (United States).
Avian is currently hard at work on the follow up to From The Depths Of Time which will be recorded in 2006 with famed producer Tommy Hansen (Helloween).
To download the new full MP3 song Single Blade of Vengeance from their new CD, go to the bands official website at the following location: or the band's website on MySpace at the following location:

Shining Star is the Brazilian / American melodic heavy metal band of Legendary Brazilian guitar virtuoso Fabio Rocha and vocalist Lance King.
The band has previously released the internationally acclaimed CD Fatal Mistake via Megahard Records in Brazil.
Shining Star 'S brand new CD titled Enter Eternity is a super melodic and heavy record that will appeal to all metal music fans of bands such as Scorpions, TNT and Balance Of Power.
To download the new full MP3 song Insanity from their new CD, go to the bands official MySpace website at the following location:

Pyramaze is the Danish / American progressive power metal group formed by Danish guitarist Michael Kammeyer (Ex-Damion); drummer Morten Gade; bassist Niels Kvist; keyboardist Jonah Weingarten, vocalist Lance King and Guitarist Toke Skjønnemand.
Having released their impressive 2004 debut CD Melancholy Beast, Pyramaze is now ready to unleashed on the world their follow-up CD Legend of the Bone Carver.
Pyramaze will appeal to all fans of Iced Earth; Kamelot, Angra and Symphony X.
Legend of the Bone Carver will be released in the United States via Nightmare Records on February 21, 2006; Japan via King Records on February 22, 2006; Korea and the rest of Asia via Melodic Heaven Records on February 22, 2006; Europe (Except France) via Massacre Records on February 27, 2006 and in France via Replica Records on February 27.
To download the new full MP3 song Souls in Pain from their upcoming CD, go to the bands official website at the following location: or to the band's website on MySpace at the following location:

The Screaming Jets have just finished a 5 week tour in support of their debut live DVD, Rock On. The band rocked it s way down the East Coast from Brisbane to Melbourne and along the south to Adelaide playing 25 shows in a taking it back to the fans tour breaking some new territory along the way. The initial limited edition double disk sold out pretty quickly and rumour has it that the disc has now gone gold. Jets live on Channel 10 - Now's your chance to see the Jets live on TV for the first time ever. Due to be shown Monday 26th December, the Jets Rock On Channel 10 for a half hour show on the Up Late Music Special. The Jets have also just set up a new myspace site: There are currently 4 tracks from Rock On on-line - Reputation, Living in England, October Grey and Better. So check 'em out!




Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of Lana Lane's brand new CD/DVD package celebrating her first 10 years of recording!
After 10 years of recording CDs, Lana Lane proudly releases her 10th Anniversary Concert DVD containing the full concert from her final show in Tokyo on the Lana Lane 10th Anniversary Tour.
Recorded on June 30, 2005, The 2-hour dual layer "DVD-9" disc contains all 19 songs from the concert along with a Video Tour Diary containing candid "behind-the-scenes" footage of the entire tour from Europe to the USA to Japan. Both stereo and the wonderful sounding DTS 5.1 surround audio tracks are offered. The DVD will be released worldwide in NTSC format in Region 0, to ensure maximum compatibility.
The 10th Anniversary Concert package also includes a bonus 78:54 audio CD that contains most of the concert. Due to the space limitations of the CD medium, the songs Astrology Prelude and Secrets of Astrology were cut from the audio CD. Producer Erik Norlander explains in the booklet's liner notes that he and Lana made this decision since live versions of these two songs already appear on the Return to Japan CD released in 2004.
The 10th Anniversary Concert is the perfect companion to Lana's Storybook DVD released in 2004 which was more of a documentary release. Since the 10th Anniversary Concert contains one complete concert performance, the two DVDs go hand in hand with no redundancy. Lana and husband / producer Erik Norlander chose the 10th Anniversary Tour set list carefully to add many new songs never before played live. With stellar vocal and musical performances along with brilliant visuals and production, this title is a must have release for all fans of Lana Lane!
DVD Tracks: 1. Astrology Prelude (instr.) (Erik Norlander); 2. Secrets of Astrology (Erik Norlander); 3. LIAA Overture (instr.) (Erik Norlander); 4. Into the Ether (Lana Lane / Erik Norlander); 5. Curious Goods Part One (instr.) (Erik Norlander); 6. Emerald City (Lana Lane / Erik Norlander / Neil Citron); 7. Athena's Shadow (Lana Lane); 8. Nevermore (Lana Lane); 9. Garden of the Moon (Erik Norlander); 10. In the Hall of the Ocean Queen (instr.) (Erik Norlander); 11. Souls of the Mermaids (Lana Lane / Danelle Kern); 12. Romeo and Juliet (Lana Lane / Erik Norlander); 13. The Vision (instr.) (Erik Norlander); 14. Redemption Part One (instr.) (Erik Norlander); 15. Tears of Babylon (Lana Lane / Mark McCrite); 16. Someone to Believe (Lana Lane / Neil Citron); 17. December Moon (Erik Norlander); 18. Destination Roswell (Erik Norlander); 19. Symphony of Angels (Erik Norlander / Neil Citron); 20. Terminus Pro Tempore (Erik Norlander) used in "Video Tour Diary"; 21. Avalon Reprise (Erik Norlander / Mark McCrite) used for end titles / credits; 22. Adrift on the Fire Seas of Orion's Shield (Erik Norlander) used as menu soundtrack.
CD Tracks: 1. LIAA Overture (instr.) (Erik Norlander); 2. Into the Ether (Lana Lane / Erik Norlander); 3. Curious Goods Part One (instr.) (Erik Norlander); 4. Emerald City (Lana Lane / Erik Norlander / Neil Citron); 5. Athena's Shadow (Lana Lane); 6. Nevermore (Lana Lane); 7. Garden of the Moon (Erik Norlander); 8. In the Hall of the Ocean Queen (instr.) (Erik Norlander); 9. Souls of the Mermaids (Lana Lane / Danelle Kern); 10. Romeo and Juliet (Lana Lane / Erik Norlander); 11. The Vision (instr.) (Erik Norlander); 12. Redemption Part One (instr.) (Erik Norlander); 13. Tears of Babylon (Lana Lane / Mark McCrite); 14. Someone to Believe (Lana Lane / Neil Citron); 15. December Moon (Erik Norlander); 16. Destination Roswell (Erik Norlander); 17. Symphony of Angels (Erik Norlander / Neil Citron).
Release shall happen in Europe on Frontiers Records in March 2006.
WebLinks: / /


New Jersey metallic rockers Teos today announce their new line up featuring vocalist Danny Knight. Danny brings a powerful melodic dimension to the Teos sound, as well as the longest hair. The band is currently writing material and recording demos for a forthcoming release. New tracks can be heard on their MySpace page, and photos are on the official website. Tour dates for January and February will be announced shortly.
WebLinks: and

News from Kevin Russell - the release of 707's The Bridge for the USA (Renaissance Records) is due January 2006. Also coming is 707's The Fourth Decade (Renaissance Records) due for release early spring of 2006 followed by a tour expected to run fro several months following the release...For further updates please visit

From the opening riff it s clear old-school melodic hard rock is what Walk The Sky is all about.
Founded by Rick Hunter-Martinez (Soldier, Regime), Jeff Lemas (The Infinite Why), Rob Bonstin (Press, Ruffians) and Tom Young (Marshall Coleman, 500 Hats), Walk The Sky makes no apologies about the kind of music they play. Lightning guitar riffs, bombastic drums, melodic vocal harmonies and driving bass abound on their debut CD. From the opening riff of Castles in the Sand, to the brilliant vocal harmonies on the cover of the Touch classic Don't You Know What Love Is , to the fading feedback of Love Comes Down , they never let up with the rich guitar tone and catchy melodies.
It began as the brainchild of Rick Hunter-Martinez from the ashes of Regime and Soldier, 80's bands that Rick felt the material was just too good to forget about. Rick decided some songs needed to be given the full studio treatment and recruited the drum duties of his good friend Jeff Lemas. With a few gems from his previous bands and many new tunes as well, Rick and Jeff began crafting what would become this new CD. They enlisted the help of Rick's old high school pal and studio virtuoso Tom Young, owner and president of Mohair Productions Studio. Tom says "Come on over guys and let's make a CD!" Rob Bonstin, fresh from recording the first Press CD at Mohair, was then recruited for vocal duties - "I was honored to be involved . I jumped at the chance to work with Tom again and work with Rick, who I knew in passing from his Soldier days." What followed can only be described as magic.
After several months of recording at Mohair, Rick and Jeff took on the dubious task of mixing these songs at Final Mix Studios with Don Budd (Strata). World renowned Mastering Engineer, Ken Lee (Queen, U2, Eric Clapton), was then brought in to put the finishing touches on this disc.
Heavy, melodic, bluesy and always catchy, the music is reminiscent of West Coast commercial hard rock bands of the 80's, with a hint of 70's. Rick's fast-as-lightning soloing highlights the tracks, while Tom and Jeff keep to heavy grooves and rock solid rhythms. Rob's vocals are extremely melodic with lots of background harmonies. Hooks abound in the songs that flow from heavy, shredding riffs to bluesy grooving with a few moments of clean, slow balladry.
Fans of fist-in-the air anthems and infectious melody will not be disappointed.

MiniBytes have been updated today with new preview MP3s from: 8084, Prey, Phantom X, Arthemis, Killer, Custard, Jasy Andrews, Glass Wolfe, New English and a new David Lee Roth tribute release. Check them out.

Coming up - a special report with interviews from the recent United Forces Of Rock Festival in Germany, thanks to Sven Horlemann who was my on location reporter for the day!




Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A lot of questions are being asked about the upcoming solo album from Kiss frontman Paul Stanley. The long delay in its release has partially been the fault of Sanctuary Records, who Paul signed a deal with. Sanctuary is in serious financial woes (see below story) and a number of projects have been delayed or have ground to a halt. For instance, the planned tour by Tony Iommi and Glenn Hughes, in support of the Iommi record never eventuated due to the label's woes.
Here's an update from By journalist Martin Popoff - Special Report:
Paul Stanley: "I'm just looking and talking with various labels to see where it will wind up. I mean, it's done, mixed and ready to go, and according to everybody who's heard it, it's damn good."
"Modern is a scary word," opines Stanley, when asked for a characterization of the record. "I would certainly say that it is very much in keeping with my personality and keeps a very consistent viewpoint, but it sounds really big and the songs are great. The singing is great and the songs are great and the playing is great. You know, so far so good."
Quite diverse like Gene's album, or is it a fairly unified sound? "Well, it certainly? you know, not to be smart, but it's consistent in its diversity. There's enough divergence in terms of the songs, and yet they all sound like they belong on the same album. There's nothing that's experimental and there's nothing that is out of character, but after doing this as long as I have, I've covered enough bases that I think I've just brought them all home on this album."

Independent 4 December 2005 Sanctuary, the beleaguered music promoter, will announce a £100m emergency rights issue this month in a desperate bid to keep the group afloat.
The deeply indebted company, which on Friday's close had a market value of just over £12m, is expected to make the announcement in about a fortnight, probably reporting its annual results, usually delivered in January, at the same time. The issue will have to be deeply discounted and will almost wipe out shareholders' existing holdings.
Bankers said that it was unlikely that shareholders would subscribe to the issue. Unless a strategic buyer bought the shares - Sanctuary said in August it had terminated takeover talks - it is likely its banks would take control.
Sanctuary is also likely to announce a management reshuffle this month, promoting executives with financial rather than creative expertise. It could also recruit new non-executive directors with proven track records to reassure the City it can overcome its current difficulties. Sanctuary is already looking for a non-executive chairman after its executive chairman, Andy Taylor, agreed to split his roles.
Analysts also expect the company to announce a massive restatement of the income it has booked because the company is no longer expanding.
Sanctuary, the UK's largest independent record company, has a £135m loan and credit facility with HBOS which is believed to be almost used up. It also has a £30m convertible loan repayable in 2008.
Analysts blame Sanctuary's woes on over-ambitious global expansion, epitomised by the acquisition in 2003 of Music World Entertainment, the US urban music management company owned by Mathew Knowles, father of pop diva Beyonce. Sanctuary has traditionally signed rock acts such as Iron Maiden.
On Friday, Sanctuary announced an extraordinary shareholder meeting for 20 December, stating that it may have breached its borrowing limits.

Guitarist and producer Tommy Denander recently spent some time in LA and has written up an extensive diary of his trip. It makes for a great read, but I did enjoy this part especially: "Another of my favorite friends for many years is Bobby Kimball, lead singer in Toto. We spent a great half day together driving around the nice parts of Sunset Blvd, having lunch and listening to what i honestly believe is the greatest album I've heard in more than 15 years....the new Toto record!!!
I haven't been this floored by music in so long that I had forgotten how great that feeling is....OH MY SWEET ASS what a killer album they have done!!!!!!"

From what I have heard so far, I agree! I hope to hear the fully completed album Falling In Between this week, so stay tuned for that advance track by track commentary.

A little more information is available for the new Last Autumn's Dream release Winter In Paradise. The line-up for this release is: Mikael Erlandsson Vocals; Andy Malecek Guitar; Marcel Jacob Bass and Jamie Borger Drums.
The track listing is: Love To Go . Don't Let Our Love Go Down . The Way You Smile . It's Alright . My Heart Keeps Stalling . Echoes From The Past . Winter In Paradise . I Don't Want To Hurt You . All I Want Is Rock N' Roll . If You're The One . 'Till The End Of Time (Bonus Track Japan).
The CD is out now in Japan, but there is yet to be any updates on a possible European release.

A note about a couple of upcoming releases:
Bloodbound - Nosferatu is released on Metal Heaven February 24. "A new Melodic Metal band with Urban Breed (Tad Morose) on vocals and Fredrik Bergh (Street Talk) on bass & keys!"
Platitude - Silence Speaks (Metal Heaven, February 24) - "Third album by one of Sweden's leading Melodic Metal bands."
Shadowman - Different Angles (Escape Music March 10) - Steve Overland (FM) - Steve Morris (Heartland) - Chris Childs (Thunder) - Harry James (Thunder) - "The British all-star band returns with their new album - the AOR highlight to watch out for in Spring!"
Altaria - The Fallen Empire (Metal Heaven, late March 2006) - Now with JP Alanen (ex-Celesty) on guitars.
Pump - Breakdown To Breakthrough (Metal Heaven, late March 2006) - New album by the band of ex-Brainstorm singer Marcus Jürgens.

This in from Honeymoon Suite's guitarist Derry: "We have also just confirmed a mini-tour of Western Canada with our old friends Glass Tiger starting in Vancouver on January 20, 2006. We are all quite excited as both bands have recently celebrated 20th Anniversary's and this is the first time we have toured together in as many years! The show will be called "An Evening With Glass Tiger and Honeymoon Suite" and both bands plan to deliver power packed sets full of all the hits. You don't want to miss this one. For those of you in Eastern Canada, we hope to bring the tour your way later in '06.
We are also hard at work on the first ever HMS best of DVD, slated for release in early 2006 on Warner Music. It will contain all the video's, some classic live footage, interviews and more. Take care and have a great Christmas!"

Wow, they are already calling the new Darkness album a flop! This is one of a few articles I have seen this past week - From: Darkness Go To Hell and Don't Come Back by Paul Cashmere December 12 2005.
The Darkness has been given a gigantic thumbs down by the record buying public with their second album One Way Ticket To Hell and Back.
In the UK, where the expectation was for a #1 debut, the album came in at #11 last week and fell to #34 this week. Ireland started at #20 and this week dropped to #37.
In the second week on the Australian chart, the album dropped from a lukewarm debut last week of #25 to an embarrassing #48 this week.
In the USA, One Way Ticket To Hell and Back didn't even debut in the top 50. It came in with a thud at #58. Canada did slightly better with a #43 debut.

German-Japanese powerhouse high tech trio Code Of Perfection is proud to announce that they have signed to the well-known German record label Limb Music Products, a label of Diversity Media GmbH! The band consists of guitar virtuoso Thorsten Koehne (ex-Demon Drive), bass wizard Keisuke Nishimoto (Kelly Simonz, Hideous Sun Demons) and drum genius Frank Kraus (ex-Demon Drive/-Letter X). Their debut CD Last Exit For The Lost takes the listener on a journey back to the days of classic guitar heroes of bands such as Cacophony and Racer X. Last Exit For The Lost also features guest appearances by vocalist Carsten Lizard Schulz (Domain/Evidence One), guitarist Alex Beyrodt (Silent Force/Ex-Sinner), keyboard master Ferdy Doernberg (Axel Rudi Pell/Rough Silk) and the legendary shred-master himself Michael Angelo (ex-Nitro). Produced by Domain/Casanova bassman Jochen Mayer, the CD will be in store February/March 2006!
More info:

News is filtering through that 2006 will see Gotthard release a live CD/DVD - recorded last week in fact in Zurich (Switzerland).
There are apparently also plans to release an Gotthard Anthology CD with rare tracks in autumn 2006 with the next studio album planned for early 2007.

Guitarist Nuno Bettencourt has another new project about to be released. Dramagods will have their album released in Japan through Victor Entertainment on December 16.
The band also has a website under design at: (audio available).
Track listing: Megaton . Lockdown . Bury You . Broken . Pilots . Interface . Heavy . Something About You . Fearless Leader . Sometimes . S`ok . Replay . Nice To Meet You . Sky.


UK rockers Cry Havoc have announced their two new members. They are Jimmy Johnstone and Simon Badham. Bio details are available now at the band's website:
Jimmy was the band's live guitarist and is now a permanent member and Simon is the new lead guitarist.

Eden the new band featuring Nick Workman (Kick) & Vince O'Regan (Alibi / Bob Catley) now have three MP3 soundbytes now online for you to listen too. Head over to check out Love / Hate, Incomplete & Fools Parade.

The webstore Loud Metal is now an internet radio site. Check it out and tune in at:

Both Sy Klopps Blues Band albums are now officially re-released and available from the Ross Valory online store. The line-up for this cult project is: Neal Schon, Kee Marcello, Prairie Prince, Ross Valory, Norton Buffalo and Gregg Rolie. WebLink:

Guitarist Randy Ellefson says: "If you enjoy instrumental guitar, check out for free MP3s, concert videos, free guitar articles, tab, and other stuff."

Mitch Lafon has another new interview feature online - Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell. View at:

The Prism webpage features a new interview with Al Harlow who announces that the band are working on a new album with the working title Full Circle. WebLink:

The Breakdown Room ( is the Queensryche Tour History Archive website. But it also has a discussion forum now open at: It is now open for all fans of Queensryche, and is completely free to use.

Chinese Whispers are a new young modern pop/rock outfit whose debut 7 track EP will feature material co-written and produced by the great Danny Wilde. More info at:

Dennis DeYoung has updated his website with details from a recent appearance on Canadian TV and news of Canadian tour dates in early 2006. Check it out at:

The 2006 Monterrey Metal Fest will be held on Saturday, June 3, 2005 at the Auditorio Coca Cola in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. 6 International metal bands will play on the Main Stage and approximately 10-12 International and Mexican metal bands will play on the 2nd Stage.
To view the new Monterrey Metal Fest webpage on My Space, go to the following link:
To view the picture gallery from the 2005 Monterrey Metal Fest, go to the following link:

McQueen Street members Derek Welsh, Richard Hatcher, Pat Bailey and Kane Bowden have formed a new side project and will be performing select dates throughout the Southeast. The band is called The Cold Hard Truth and the first live performance will be in Montgomery on this Friday - December 16.
Details: Off The Wagon, 62 Dexter Ave, Montgomery, AL 36104, Located in downtown area. Phone (334)263-0102
More information available at:

The new album from Mind's Eye is titled Walking on H2O and will be released in Europe on January 20 via Lion Music. At the band's official website, you can get more details plus a full length MP3 to preview the album with. The song The Nazca Lines can be downloaded via: The band's website is:
Drummer / keyboard player Daniel Flores comments: "This is somehow the one song that shows most of all the great aspects appearing in the entire record, this is the closest we come to making the record of our dreams, enjoy!"
Check out the album medley too via:


This update from Britny Fox's website:
"Hey everyone!! It's been a while since we updated the website. Not too much going on in the BF camp as of right now. We would like to inform everyone that Bite Down Hard is being reissued in the US on Wounded Bird Records in January 2006. Apparently Wounded Bird bought the rights to a slew of bands from Atlantic Records and is going to reissue them as straight reissues and will not be remastered. Unfortunately the members of the band have no input to this release whatsoever. At least it will be back in the stores though!!!! For more info check out:
The official release date is January 17, 2006. You can pre-order your copy at CD Universe for $9.79."

Guitar virtuoso Michael Angelo Batio (ex-Holland, N.I.T.R.O) has recently released his new solo effort entitled Hands Without Shadows which is a mix of covers and originals. He has been featured in many guitar/rock periodicals lately including the July 2005 issue of Guitar World, and the upcoming February 2006 issue of Guitar Player.
More information on Michael can be found at the following sites: or

Amid his busy recording and touring schedule, Billy Sheehan took out time this past fall to contribute the liner notes to just released Just Like Paradise A Millennium Tribute to Diamond David Lee Roth. Among other things, Sheehan praised Dave for "changing my whole point of view on communicating to the audience from stage, of balance between showmanship and musicianship, and of the importance of living life like you mean it." Sheehan is presently touring with Steve Vai in support of the bassist's recently released solo album, Cosmic Troubadour.

Forget Santa, forget presents, forget egg nog, forget Christmas – this is serious. Sydney's original and best '80s glam metal night, No Life Til Leather, is here to kick off the holiday season with the biggest hair metal bang in history! And unlike Santa, we only care about the bad boys and girls. Actually, we mainly only care about the bad girls!
On December 23 at the Marquee, No Life Til Leather presents The Nightmare Before Christmas: One huge night of ass-shakin', beer guzzlin' '80s metal, with DJs Thunders, Colonel Knowledge and The Sultan Of Sin playing all the '80s metal hits, from Bon Jovi, Warrant, Vain, Ratt and the Crue to Testament, Dio, Slayer, Megadeth and much much more. Sydney rockers Torch le Monde will also be playing a set of glam metal classics, there'll be big screens playing '80s metal videos, and there'll be giveaways of the new Darkness album One Way Ticket To Hell And Back and the 25th anniversary editions of Mercyful Fate's Melissa and King Diamond's Abigail.
So lock in the 23rd, cos No Life Til Leather is bringing the biggest party of the year to the Marquee. You know it makes sense.
No Life Til Leather, Friday December 23, The Marquee (Cnr Bridge and Parramatta Rds, Camperdown), 9pm - late.

Press Release / Ft. Myers, FLORIDA, December 9, 2005 - Jim Irsay, the owner of the NFL Indianapolis Colts, has donated $12,000 - $1000 for each of the Colts' 12 wins thus far in the season - to the Hurricane Relief Concert, to take place on December 15th in Ft Myers, Florida. The concert is to feature performances by many major rock stars. Mr. Irsay's donation, in addition to the funds raised through ticket sales, will be used to support the victims of Hurricane Wilma.
The December 15th concert will feature rock greats Brian Johnson and Cliff Williams of AC/DC, Buck Dharma of Blue Oyster Cult, Robin Zander & Rick Nielson of Cheap Trick, Joe Lynn Turner of Deep Purple, Eddie Money, Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad and the entire Loverboy band. Tickets are still available though Ticketmaster for $25, by calling 239/334-3309 or visiting
The concert will take place at The Germain Arena, 11000 Everblades Parkway, Estero, Florida (by Ft Myers, FL). For additional info about the show and tickets, please visit
Jim Irsay was 12 years old when his father, Chicago businessman Robert Irsay, acquired the Baltimore Colts. At 24, he became the general manager of the Colts and at 37, the youngest team owner in NFL history. Jim loves music and is often found quoting rock music lyrics, and has built a recording studio in his Indiana home.

"The Concert for Hurricane Relief" will benefit the people who are still homeless and hungry from the most recent round of devastating storms in Florida. It is sponsored by The John Entwistle Foundation.our foundation reached out to several artists and everyone that was available agreed to donate their services and perform without question.
Event Details: Germain Arena In Ft. Myers, Florida / Date/Time: Thursday, December 15, 2005 AT 5:30PM
PRICE $25.Tickets are available at, Ticketmaster outlets & the Germain Arena box office.
Celebrities Scheduled To Perform
. AC/DC lead singer Brian Johnson & bass guitarist Cliff Williams
. Cheap Trick lead singer Robin Zander & guitarist Rick Nielsen
. Eddie Money
. Loverboy (the entire band)
. Mark Farner (formerly of Grand Funk Railroad)
. Joe Lynn Turner (formerly of Deep Purple)
. Buck Dharma (of Blue Oyster Cult)
. Steve Luongo (drummer for the John Entwistle Band)
This show promises to be an evening of endless hits. For additional info about the event or the foundation, please visit

From the San Francisco Chronicle a week or so back - The End Of CDs? "They're overpriced, ugly and don't even make good rearview mirror ornaments. Now that we know they are also potentially poisonous to personal computers, thanks to Sony BMG's rogue copy-protection technology, there's really no reason to buy another compact disc ever again.
With sleek iPods rapidly becoming the hi-fi system of choice, satellite radio offering hundreds of specialty stations, and the Internet overflowing with all kinds of free and cheap legal digital music, suddenly the thought of owning an awkward polycarbonate plastic-coated disc that holds only an hour of tunes by just one artist seems positively prehistoric -- even if it comes with a hastily produced "bonus" DVD.
It's clearly time to move on. Think about it: No more nails-on-chalkboard-style skipping. No more secret tracks that scare the stuffing out of you 15 minutes after you think an album has stopped playing. No more fumbling around with those impossible-to-unwrap jewel cases. It was fun while it lasted. The music industry has declared war on its customers. Now it's time to fight back. Below we explain the 10 best ways to get the most out of the next musical revolution."
Full Story:

Press Release / "Dazed and Confused" about what to get your friends and family this holiday season?
Well, as we all know, the holidays are rapidly approaching and we wanted to make you aware of a gift sure to please any rock fanatic! A Led Zeppelin ticket set from their last slated shows in 1980!
Just to make sure there's no "Communication Breakdown," Metro Pulse, Inc. has just announced a new toll-free phone number – 866-LED-ZEPP (866-533-9377) – whereby customers can order a Led Zeppelin ticket collector set featuring a single ticket or set of tickets from the Zepp's last scheduled concert appearances at Chicago Stadium in November of 1980.
Tell your "Friends" and don't get "Trampled Under Foot!" The tickets make for a fantastic and memorable gift and are only a phone call away!
866-LED-ZEPP! Last September marked the 25th anniversary of the passing of one of rock's greatest drummers, John Bonham.
On September 25th, 1980 (before the news hit the U.S.), Chicago radio stations announced that tickets for four November Led Zeppelin shows – November 10th, 12th, 13th and 15th -- were going on sale the following morning. The only way to get tickets was through a special order form that would run in the Chicago Tribune.
On the morning of the 25th, fans mobbed paper outlets across the city to get their chance to see Led Zeppelin. But later that same day, news broke from across the ocean that the Led Zeppelin drummer had died the night before.
The Led Zeppelin era was over and the concert appearances never happened. For six years, the unused tickets sat in the now demolished Chicago Stadium until Metro Pulse, Inc. acquired the entire quantity. The tickets were purchased and held until 1994 when a quantity was sold to collectors when the Chicago Stadium was torn down. Now, the remaining tickets are available to Led Zeppelin fans everywhere.
Metro Pulse, Inc. is now offering a variety of rare collector sets ranging from $34.95 to $799.00 (the super deluxe ticket set), all with certificates of authenticity, in conjunction with the 25th anniversary of the death of John Bonham and the slated performances at Chicago Stadium.
The first 41 super deluxe ticket sets sold feature the rarest ticket, which is the aisle box of the old stadium. Additionally, Metro Pulse, Inc. is creating a unique digital certificate for this release. Using variable-data printing technology, each certificate will display the seating section and performance night for the specific tickets that have been ordered.
These rare items are a tribute to the legend of Led Zeppelin and the frenzy they caused every time they came to the old Chicago Stadium.
No need to further "Ramble On." Share a "Whole Lotta Love" throughout the holidays! For more information, please call the new toll-free 866-LED-ZEPP line or view the official website at:




Monday, December 12, 2005
Feature Interview: Bruce Turgon
Bruce Turgon is yet another exceptional musician that has spent a lengthy career making other people look good, working with Lou Gramm and touring with Warrior, Billy Thorpe and eventually Foreigner - who he also recorded with. Finally he gets the chance to shine under his own name, with his debut solo album for Frontiers Records.
Outside Looking In is like a sequel to the cult Shadow King album, but it offers a lot to classic melodic rock fans. Bruce talks about the work behind the album and his long time partnership with the great Lou Gramm.
Bruce on Shadow King: "A band wasn't my personal druthers. If it had developed organically, it might have made more sense to me, but Shadow King was a completely manufactured situation.
I have great respect for Lou and his accomplishments and I really didn't feel that whatever success we had achieved to that point, needed to be watered down with a new band identity to promote - it was like starting over to me. However, because I had both a friendship and a business obligation to Lou, I tried to find a middle ground between our original vision and what was now expected, but with varying degrees of success."

Read the Interview.
Feature Interview: Steve Perry
No, I still haven't scored a much desired interview with former Journey great Steve Perry (still I live in hope...), but good bud Mitch Lafon did. Canadian journo Mitch talked to Steve late last week and with thanks to Mitch, I am presenting it here in full - right now!
Steve seems like he was in a chatty mood and talks about the new Journey archive DVD/CVD release Live In Houston 1981, among other topics.
Steve on Journey circa 1981: "When I joined them they were a band and when we replaced Ansley Dunbar with Steve Smith – it became a bigger band. When Jonathan Cain came along and I started writing with him... I had written all songs with Neal from 'Anyway You Want It' to whatever and that was one kind of band, but when Jonathan came along we turned another corner in the evolution of the band. This particular tour (Escape) was the first time Jonathan was onstage and it turned the corner. The work we had done previous had built a fan base and now that they were really showing up we were turning a corner musically and they just liked it. We didn't have any calculated things. There was nothing pre-calculated about the music ever..."
Read the Interview.

Press Release / In the history book of Rock 'n Roll Danny Peyronel has its place as the original keyboard player and background singer of UFO who also had the "privilege" to write songs for the 1976 album No Heavy Petting.
By this we are already talking about the songs of Danny's excellently produced first solo album, because after almost 30 years we can finally listen to the ultimate version of Highway Lady a Peyronel-song from No Heavy Petting that let's every biker feel the cool breeze in his hair. The song is a great showcase for the power of Danny's band, guitar player Luca Verde is playing some really rockin' riffs and a furious guitar solo, drummer Mario Zapparoli is setting the drum set on fire and it sounds like he would be auditioning for The Who while bass player Max Zaccaro is featured on the significant song intro.
Danny is left to be mentioned, he is beefing up the sound with his Hammond B-3 and naturally he also handles the lead vocals. Other songs with a similar Classic Rock sound with big riffs and catchy hooks are the opener Room For Noah with an additional cool Rock'n Roll piano, Never Been Cool, which is rocking forward like a great Cheap Trick tune, Happy and the title track. The power ballad department is represented by Ships In The Night and When I'm Dead, Affection, This Heart Is Broken and Bigger Than Love are some more songs in a slow or mid-tempo. 8.25 is a Rock'n Roll shuffle and the band seems to have fun playing it.
Then there are the two best known songs on the album and they are without a doubt also among its highlights, Lie For A Lie was a success in the 80s with Pink Floyd's David Gilmour on lead vocals. Danny's version rocks a little more and with its ultra catchy hookline it is destined for radio airplay. Every Rock fan knows Meatloaf's rendition of Midnight At The Lost And Found and it was about time that the world gets to hear the version of co-author Danny Peyronel. (Comments by Gregor Klee)
The album is now available through Target Records. Make The Monkey Dance is a breath-taking collection of thirteen new songs and Danny and his boys' own versions of the classics Lie For a Lie and Midnight at the Lost and Found, as well as the DEFINITIVE rendition of Highway Lady.
For all things Danny Peyronel, go to: or


A big CD Showcase update today to round off the year for several labels! Click on the album pictures to visit the Showcase and preview the upcoming albums. If the pictures are not visible, chances are they are being blocked by an anti-virus program. Click on the links in this case.
The January 27 releases for Frontiers Records are represented by: Ambition, Bob Catley, Tony O'Hora and Ten.
The next Escape Music release is Phenomena's Psycho Fantasy, due February 10. There is one indie release - Italian rockers Pavic - check that one out and support indie artists. And AOR Heaven have two January releases due on the 13th - Mad Max and Speedy Gonzales.

bob catley-spirit of manxten-the essential collectionxambition
tonyohora-escapeintothesunxphenomena - psycho fantasyxmad max - night of white rock
speedy gonzales - electric stalkerxpavic - taste some liberty



Friday, December 09, 2005

MTM Music is proud to welcome Warrant - one of the most popular and successful American rock bands of the late 80's and early 90's - to their roster of artists.

The band was formed in the mid-80's and its first official line-up featured vocalist Jani Lane, guitarist Erik Turner, guitarist Joey Allen, bass player Jerry Dixon and drummer Steven Sweet.
In 1989, the band released their classic debut Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich, which immediately entered the charts and launched the hit singles Down Boys and the power ballads Sometimes She Cries and Heaven which climbed up to number two in the US charts. The band then started touring with other artists and bands such as Paul Stanley (Kiss), Cinderella, Poison, Queenryche and Mötley Crüe.
In the summer of 1990, their second album Cherry Pie, produced by the legendary Beau Hill, was released and featured popular guests such as members of Poison, Danger Danger and Fiona. The album turned out to be an even bigger success, featuring the Top Ten hits I Saw Red and the rock anthem Cherry Pie, which was receiving massive airplay on MTV.
With the arrival of grunge in the early 90's, Warrant turned to a harder edged sound and released their third album Dog Eat Dog in 1992. Although the album also went gold, the fans were confused about the new musical style.
Now, after some changes within the band's line-up and three more albums, Warrant is back to rock you again featuring all the original members from the first two platinum-selling albums except original singer Jani Lane, who is currently pursuing his solo career.
The album's title Born Again is perfectly describing the band's current state. With their new singer, Jaime St. James - best known for his role as vocalist of Black 'N Blue - and internationally acclaimed producer and engineer Pat Regan (Kiss, Deep Purple, Mr. Big, La Guns) at the mixing desk, Warrant have recorded an album that will surprise their old fans and definitely attract some new ones.
Born Again delivers classic 80's hard rock with the band's trademark touch, or as the band itself puts it: "It's the classic hard rockin' "Born Again" sound that we all want to hear - Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich and Cherry Pie with a new twist!"


MTM Music managing director Mario Lehmann commented on the new high priority signing: "It was a German journalist who told me, Warrant had been working on a new album. So I managed to get in touch with Erik Turner, before waking up the sleeping dogs and interest somewhere else … When I called Erik for the first time, his wife picked up the phone, and it surprised me a lot, Mrs. Tuner talked to me in German fluently!
Talking to Eric, he realized that he just got in touch with the managing director of MTM Music, a devoted, long time fan of Warrant! After a few minutes, both parties agreed on releasing the new album in February 2006. Remembering all the great songs by the band, especially Uncle Tom's Cabin, I'm even more proud of the new co-operation!"

The final tracklist of Born Again is: Devils Juice (MP3) . Dirty Jack (MP3) . Bourbon County Line . Hell, CA. . Angels . Love Strikes Like Lightning . Glimmer . Roller Coaster . Down In Diamonds . Velvet Noose . Roxy . Good Times.
Line-Up: Lead Vocals - Jaime St. James; Lead Guitar - Joey Allen; Rhythm Guitar - Erik Turner; Bass Guitar - Jerry Dixon; Drums - Steven Sweet. Release Date: February 17.


Majestic Rock are proud and privileged to be able to announce the signing of Melbourne, Australia's finest sons Anarion to a world wide recording contract that will see their first internationally released album Unbroken in stores in February 2006.
Majestic Rock A&R Director Geoff Gillespie says of Anarion: "This is a band for the here and now and the future. Anarion is the most exciting young band I've come across in twenty-five years in the business. The maturity of the bands music is staggering and those who have yet to hear what the band have to offer are in for a real treat. I think we can promise the metal community something a bit special!"
Anarion's guitarist and vocalist Riccardo Mecchi has this to add: "We are very exited about the signing of our new album, we know we are in good hands with Majestic Rock. We can't wait to get out on the road. Be prepared, we will be destroying your town next!!"
Unbroken is released by Majestic Rock in Europe and America on February 20th 2006 and Japan on February 22nd.

Majestic Rock have just released a new compilation by Black Rose titled Bright Lights Burnin` - The Anthology.
"Maybe third in line after Def Leppard and Heavy Pettin', Black Rose had the stadium riffs but never got the producer nor the studio time they needed to break radio big..."Martin Popoff, 'The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal Singles'
That says it all – Black Rose where a band that, given the breaks, could genuinely have been amongst the big boys. Sure, that may have been true of a lot of bands...but listen to this disc and tell me we're wrong here.
Covering their complete career and containing a number of rare tracks and previously unseen photos plus sleeve notes from respected NWOBHM scribe John Tucker, this goes some way towards redressing the balance and giving Black Rose the kudos they so richly deserve….
Track Listing: No Point Runnin' . Sucker For Your Love . Red Light Lady . We're Gonna Rock You . Boys Will Be Boys . Stand Your Ground . Fun & Games . Baby Believe Me . Party Animal . California U.S.A. . E.Z.L.Y. . Walk It How You Talk It . Wanted . Bright Lights Burnin' . I Want Your Love.

Many thanks to Kurt Torster for bringing this fabulously insightful article by American music Journalist Bob Lefsetz. He posted it at his blogspot, received via Bob's e-Newsletter. I have decided to re-print it in full here, as it is incredibly insightful and very true to point.
The music industry as we know it is in the toilet. The melodic music scene covered here is a slightly different beast, but this article remains relevant to us all due to the ever changing playing field we find ourselves in and the fact we are all music lovers. For the wider industry Bob speaks of - these are wise words and all should take away something from this. Read on....

"The complaint of the major labels is very real. Their business is evaporating. Last week's sales were off 12.9% from the comparable week in 2004. This on top of sales decreases for the past half decade. Which now seem to be ACCELERATING!
First explanation. Dearth of superstar product. Only one problem here. No one's figured out how to BUILD a superstar in 2005. Oh, the majors WANT ONE, they're praying for MANY, but the hits just don't keep coming. The formula was solid. Get the act on MTV. All over radio. And in every publication known to man. Unfortunately, no one's paying attention anymore. MTV gave up on videos. Radio's become so predictable that the younger generation has tuned out. There's no central place to break a record.
This is not a music business condition. It's an American business condition. It's the result of choice. Everybody's off in his own self-interest world. And, the barrage of hype from other worlds just rolls right off him. Think of the movie business. Have you noticed you stopped paying attention to the new releases? That you no longer watch "Ebert & Roeper", barely peruse the reviews? BECAUSE THERE'S JUST TOO MUCH DAMN PRODUCT! (Never mind that most of that product sucks.)
You don't read about this in "BusinessWeek". But the customer is fatigued. He's only got twenty four hours in a day. He just can't pay ATTENTION to all the marketing messages. I remember when new release day was a personal HOLIDAY! When I'd trudge down to the record shop and check out the new albums. Now, there isn't a single album I'm waiting to hear. I figure they're all crap. I wait for someone I trust to weed through the detritus and tell ME what's good. All the old filters? They're bought and paid for. Eliot Spitzer only confirmed what the public already knows. That big league infrastructure is a domain of publicists and hand-outs and people on the take. That there's no entertainment NEWS, just fabricated stories. And, if people truly want real news, they go online. To To Where renegades not beholden to the system speak their truth.
But be clear, it's not just a disgust with business as usual. We live in a Tower of Babel society. The center no longer holds. There IS no center! Jessica Simpson is not the Carpenters, she's not even Olivia Newton-John. There are vast swaths of the public who don't know who she is and don't CARE that they're out of the loop. As for Lindsay Lohan can complain she's got no talent, but your protestations are cries in the desert. The ONLY people paying attention are prepubescent girls, everybody ELSE knows Lindsay's got no talent and doesn't give a @!#$ whether she had her boob implants removed or not.
Think about this. This is HELL if you're a major label. You're all about the machine. Ramping up records to TAKE OFF! But they can't take off. Let's just happen to say you get a record moving on Active Rock. That track ain't never gonna cross to Top Forty. There's no path anymore. That record begins and ENDS at Active Rock. The format's not a starting place, it's its own little BACKWATER! Budget accordingly. Don't plan to make a profit after one million, because you're never going to REACH one million. Not the way of the last twenty years, through ubiquitous exposure. That game, if not completely through, is completely MARGINALIZED!
Everybody knows a real musician plays. Nobody thinks all the so-called divas have any talent. And, they might want to buy rap music, but they certainly don't want to hear it performed. Then again, rap music has got a home. In da club. That's where they break acts today. It's like the rock road of thirty five years ago.
But what if you're not a rap act. What can you do? Either you've got to be satisfied selling a whole bunch fewer records, OR you've got to attack the market a different way. Everything's viral now. That doesn't mean you should hire a viral MARKETING team. What that means is word SPREADS, but slowly, from one trusted source to another. I tell you, you tell your friend, top down marketing is on the decline, because of the lack of trust. So, it comes down to quality. How can you reach one person who will tell everybody else. Reread "The Tipping Point" for instruction. BUT, major labels don't want to start a trend, they want an act to emerge FULLY-GROWN! Like Britney Spears. They want a new act to DEBUT at number one. What they call artist development is reaching platinum in a year. Whereas the old artist development, building something credible over time, is the only game that's left. But, it's a game the majors don't want to play and aren't prepared to play. Because revenue comes in VERY slowly and it takes A LOT of people to fuel the enterprise.
But it gets worse for the major label. Because their model is to sell recorded music. As an album. The album is dead. History. Oh, believe me, acts will still make more than a single. But, the music will be released constantly on the Web. This is the only way they'll be able to keep their fans' attention. But how will you acquire this music? How much will be charged? All we know for sure is everybody will have a lot of music and it will have a low aliquot per track price. That's DEFINITIVE! The buck a track iTunes pricing is as irrelevant and FALLACIOUS as the $100 videotape. Yup, that's right. Videotapes used to cost a C-note. Because studios didn't get a cut of rental revenue. But then, when formats changed and the price dropped, DVD became an OWNERSHIP format. But don't equate movies with music. They don't make a thousand movies a year, whereas that many music tracks are cut every day before lunch. Which brings us back to the original point, who's gonna wade through the @!#$? And, we all don't have the same taste, so you've got to be able to LISTEN to all the recommendations to decide what you want to keep.
Which brings us to piracy. Is piracy hurting the major labels? Sure, but less than they say. I'm not talking about PHYSICAL piracy, the counterfeiting of discs, I'm talking about P2P and burning. You see, a great percentage of the material traded is on a TRYOUT basis. The threshold of acquisition is so low that you might as well go through everything everybody recommends. This is good for music, but bad for the labels as they see the market. They've lost control. What's a track worth? How are they going to stop this? Even though it CAN'T be stopped.
Call it the iPod effect. There are now enough of the players out there. It's like broadband. Remember when the goal was to keep the site simple, because of 56k surfers? Now, @!#$ the slow surfers, if they can't afford a broadband line, they can't afford to buy your product ANYWAY! There was a tipping point. At about 25% broadband penetration. Now, at approximately 50% broadband penetration, we've got video ALL OVER the Web. It's even being SOLD! (Remember how long it used to take to DOWNLOAD a tiny clip back at 56k?)
People no longer want the CD. At ANY price. And, as we've seen above, a buck a track makes no sense. It doesn't fit their desire. To check out and own more music. Sure, there's rental, i.e. Rhapsody & Napster. But the dominant iPod is not rental and we're an ownership society. This battle cannot be won. So, the major labels are geared up to sell a product nobody wants in an ineffective manner. That's like driving a truck towards a cliff.
Sure, catalog will be worth something once the new paradigm is monetized. But how long will they leave the P2P money on the table. How long until they realize everybody ALREADY is acquiring a vast personal library far exceeding the size of all those previous? You know the major labels are off their game because they can't seem to generate stars anybody wants to see. Billy Joel can sell 50,000 seats at an indoor stadium in SYRACUSE and Eminem and every other hot rapper TOGETHER can't even sell out an arena in a metropolis. Wow!
Will we have stadium shows in the future? I'm not sure. I wouldn't bet on it. Then again, modern word of mouth is on steroids. Because of e-mail. You can reach more people very quickly. But, as stated above, the main criterion is quality. And, development is VERY slow. For once you push the button on something, you kill its credibility.
The game has changed forever. We're seeing the evidence now. With lousy CD and ticket sales. It's not just a matter of hanging in there. The days of yore are NEVER coming back. No matter how many people the RIAA sues. No matter HOW low you make the ticket prices on new acts. One must get down in the pit with the people. Where they live, on the Internet. And, you must KNOCK on their door, not beat it down with a battering ram. And ASK them whether they'll check out your new stuff. And, not bug them thereafter, hounding them to buy a remix album or the same album one more time with two new tracks. You're going to have to leave it in the consumer's hands. And, if the consumer likes it, if Mikey likes it, he'll tell everybody and will buy EVERYTHING you're selling. This is the majors' worst nightmare. Because they have very little control. But the dirty little secret is they've ALREADY lost control.

This week on your Classic Metal Show, we will once again visit the Black Sabbath camp. We've had tons of current and former members on the show this year - Ronnie James Dio, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler - and now we'll have a 4th...Tony Martin. Many of you probably remember him from the later era Sabbath records like Forbidden or TYR. What you probably don't know is that he's a fantastic vocalist. Tony will be in to talk about his new album, Scream. We'll also feature the album in a new music listening party in between talking to Mr. Martin. As a recent inductee into the Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame, he should have something good to say.
If you heard the show last week, you know Chris missed half of it while venturing out to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra live. Well, their ringleader Chris Caffery will be checking in on the show. Chris has a new solo album called W.A.R.P.E.D. We'll feature it on the show, and will welcome Mr. Caffery to the show to discuss it, touring, TSO and the current status of Savatage. It should be very interesting.

MR-X has been updated. Online today is the first part of some popular Jimi Jamison demos from 1999/2000. Also online are two very cool live radio shows from - Warrant (Live Florida 1991) and LA Guns (Live California 1991).
Additionally, I have added the latest Crappy Covers compilation: Volume Four - Yabba Abba Do, featuring hard rock acts covering some of the great Abba songs around.
The new Videos added today are: King's X - King and It's Love; Freak Kitchen - Speak When Spoken To and Nobody's Laughing; plus a Dennis DeYoung 4-Play - Don't Wait For Heroes, Desert Moon, Call Me and Boomchild.
MR-X Membership Details.

Those that changed credit card or personal Paypal details during the year would have received a subscription cancellation at the time of doing that. I know...Paypal suck. But, for those that did change details and who signed up during this initial week, will find their subscriptions expire. To get back in - you will have to sign up fresh and receive new username and password.
Thanks to all for your continued support of this site. Without the additional support of the MR-X concept, THERE WOULD BE NO SITE!




Thursday, December 08, 2005

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce all details of highly anticipated Toto's brand new studio album entitled Falling In Between.
The record will include ten songs in the following track listing: Falling In Between . Dying On My Feet . Bottom Of Your Soul . King Of The World . Hooked . Simple Life . Taint Your World . Let It Go . Spiritual Man . No End In Sight.
Release date in the whole of Europe and Australia has been set on February the 10, 2006. Domestic releases have been finalized in Japan (on King Records), South Korea (on Pony Canyon Records) and Russia (on IronD Records) with more deals to be announced in Eastern Asia, South America and South Africa.
The line-up for Falling In Between is: Steve Lukather guitars and vocals; David Paich keyboards and vocals; Mike Porcaro bass guitar; Simon Phillips drums; Bobby Kimball lead vocals; Greg Phillinganes keyboards and vocals.
Special guests appearing on the album are: Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), the Chicago horn section with Jason Scheff, L. Shankar (Peter Gabriel), Lenny Castro, Tom Scott and former members Joseph Williams and Steve Porcaro.


Toto will kick off on February 25, a 2 year long World Tour. Dates confirmed so far include:
25 February 2006 - Hammersmith Apollo, London (UK)
26 February 2006 -Zenith, Lille (France)
01 March 2006 - Icehall, Helsinki (Finland)
03 March 2006 - Ishallen, Stockholm (Sweden)
04 March 2006 - Spektrum, Oslo (Norway)
06 March 2006 - Lillebæltshallerne, Middelfart (Denmark)
07 March 2006 - Valbyhallen, Copenhagen (Denmark)
09 March 2006 - Ahoy, Rotterdam (Holland)
10 March 2006 - Grugahalle, Essen (Germany)
11 March 2006 - Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt (Germany)
12 March 2006 - Hallenstadion, Zurich (Switzerland)
14 March 2006 - Patiniore, Bordeaux (France)
15 March 2006 - Zenith, Toulouse (France)
17 March 2006 - Dome, Marseille (France)
18 March 2006 - Mazdapalace, Milan (Italy)
20 March 2006 - Zenith, Paris (France)
22 March 2006 - Forest National, Bruxelles (Belgium)

The album release will be anticipated during January 2006 by the launch to radio of the single Bottom Of Your Soul a song which - in the words of Toto guitarist Steve Lukather - "is total radio" and that features Joseph Williams (Toto singer on The Seventh One and Fahrenheit) singing in duet with Lukather himself.
WebLinks: / / / / /

Adding a little to this update - the Japanese label has this to say about the album: "This is their first release of new, original material in nearly seven years, and is set to show off the amazing skill and power of one of the longest living names in rock and roll. Set to be a masterpiece." Japanese edition also includes bonus track. [title: Reefer Man].

Steve Lukather previewed the album's title track Falling In Between on Rockline last night - quite a revelation wasn't it! Like nothing you have ever heard from Toto before, yet wrapped up in the familiarity of the band's classic, intense and multi-layered approach to music! I have previously mentioned that I will add pre-view comments for the album's track before a formal review. Rather than comment on the 6 rough mixes I have - I'll wait for the final master to arrive and comment on all tracks before adding a full extensive review in January.

On January 18, Sony Japan will release another Toto compilation - Best Ballads. The tracks featured are: A Secret Love . I`ll Be Over You . Africa . 99 . Mama . Somewhere Tonight . Takin` It Back . I Won`t Hold You Back (Album Version) . Anna . Georgy Porgy (Album Version) . Lea . It`s A Feeling . Rosanna (Album Version) . Angela . Only You . Out Of Love (Album Version) . 2 Hearts.

Longtime fans of Harem Scarem might remember that the band had a fan club back in the early-mid1990's called The Harem. It was the typical fan club of the era - You'd send in your money and get a band bio, an autographed photo and a few newsletters. After a couple of years, it more or less faded away. But if you ever found yourself saying "Sometimes I Wish" there was a new Harem Scarem fan club, then your wish has been granted!! Change Comes Around and The Harem is back and has been updated for the 21st century and is better than ever!
There are two membership levels for The Harem fan club:
The BASIC level of membership to the Harem Scarem Fan Club gets you access to special Fan Club portions of the website, fan-club only forums, newsletters and breaking news e-mail alerts. But … This Ain't Over - there's also one other important perk to the BASIC membership – your very own copy of Harem Scarem - Live At FireFest (The Official Bootleg). Even better, the BASIC membership package is absolutely 100% FREE!!! Honestly, there's no reason not to sign up!
What will you get with the BASIC membership?
1. Live at FireFest 2005 (Official bootleg) in hi-res MP3 format with CD artwork in printable quality.
2. Fan Club announcements and newsletters.
3. Access to special fan-club only forums.
The second level of membership is the GOLD level. With a GOLD membership, you get everything in the BASIC membership, plus a lot more. These aren't just Empty Promises – you'll get an Overload of extras, advantages and exclusive content and events. You can sign up for a GOLD membership with a one-time payment of $50 (Believe us, you'll never pay anything more in the future, not even if the price increases for some reason).
What will you get with the GOLD membership?
1. Access to extra website features and EXCLUSIVE content!
2. Access to an extra forum area for GOLD Fan Club members.
3. An EXCLUSIVE Harem Scarem Fan Club T-Shirt!
4. Laminate Fan Club ID/backstage pass
5. Autographed band photograph
6. Huge discounts for future Harem Scarem Fan Club merchandise
7. Exclusive news and updates
(and of course …)
8. Live at FireFest 2005 (Official bootleg) in hi-res MP3 format with CD artwork in printable quality.
Sounds great, you say??? You want to sign up right now??? If you're going through Mood Swings trying to decide which level of membership is right for you, head over to for all the details. Listen to the Voice Of Reason, and sign up now!! You can always sign up for the BASIC level now and upgrade in the future. BASIC memberships are available immediately, and GOLD level membership applications should be ready in January, 2006. Keep checking back at and on the Harem Scarem Forums ( for any updated information as it becomes available. Be sure to sign up soon, so you can say that you were one of The Lucky Ones to be a member from the start!


Press Release / World Premiere Musical Opens at Vanguard Hollywood in Late January Los Angeles (November 29, 2005) -
The rising nostalgia for the 1980s, the timeless songs of that era, and the classic "hair bands" whose sonic power filled the airwaves and the clubs on L.A.'s Sunset Strip have led to the creation of Rock of Ages; a rock musical that depicts Hollywood in 1986 as Guys and Dolls captured Times Square a half-century prior.
Set for an initial four-week run at The Vanguard in Hollywood beginning January 26, Rock of Ages is a Prospect Pictures World Premiere production directed by Kristin Hanggi (bare, Pussycat Dolls: Live at the Roxy) written by Chris D'Arienzo (Barry Munday). The producers are Matthew Weaver, Carl Levin and Marcos Siega (Pretty Persuasion); general manager is Michael Gill (Mamma Mia!, Hairspray, Phantom of the Opera); executive producers are Hillary Weaver and Janet Billig Rich; and the associate producer is Daniel A. Miles.
In the 1980s, Los Angeles was a Mecca for bands whose power ballads became a staple of sold-out arena rock tours across the country. Within five blocks on the legendary Sunset Strip, there were a multitude of clubs - among them the Whisky-A-Go-Go, The Roxy, Rainbow Bar and Grill and Gazzarri's - where acts like Guns 'n Roses and Night Ranger got their West Coast start. Rock of Ages weaves a fictitious story set against this musical backdrop, dominated by big dreams, big chords and big 'dos.
Rock of Ages features such recreated classic songs as "Don't Stop Believin'" (Journey), "Sister Christian" (Night Ranger), "Renegade" (Styx), "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" (Pat Benatar), "Can't Fight This Feeling" (REO Speedwagon), "I Wanna Rock" (Twisted Sister), "I Hate Myself for Loving You" (Joan Jett), "Here I Go Again" (Whitesnake), "Heat of the Moment" (Asia), "Harden My Heart" (Quarterflash), "Nothin' But A Good Time" (Poison), "High Enough" (Damn Yankees), and "Oh Sherrie" (Steve Perry).
"In revisiting the standards of the era, it quickly became clear that songs like 'Anyway You Want It' and 'Sister Christian,' with their soaring melodies and rich orchestrations, were ripe for dramatic interpretation," explains Matthew Weaver, producer of such feature films as this year's Sundance favorite Pretty Persuasion and the acclaimed documentary Searching For Debra Winger, as well as executive producer of the VH1 reality series "Rock The House."
"The music of the '80s is inherently theatrical and lends itself to a stage show such as Rock of Ages. We set out to develop a show that captured the essence of the Hollywood rock scene as it was in 1986. But we also wanted to make sure it was not simply a revue of '80s hits, rather a cohesive, character-driven story," says Carl Levin, a former talent manager who co-founded Prospect Pictures. "Toward this end we brought on board a brilliant librettist whose background was not in theater, but in film."
Executive producer Janet Billig Rich, a 15-year music industry veteran who managed such artists as Nirvana, Hole and The Breeders, also shepherding various stage shows and TV projects through her management and production company, affirms that Rock of Ages is created in the mold of successful Broadway musicals including Movin' Out, Mamma Mia!, and Hairspray. "It's a classic story about dreams: those that are fulfilled, those that are unfulfilled and those that evolve over time. It's a story about a girl who comes to the big city to pursue fame and fortune, discovering that the key lies in the persistence of the human heart; the lead characters learn a shared lesson - don't stop believing."
More information is available online at:

Press Release / Los Angeles — Queensrÿche returned to the studio this summer to record the long-anticipated sequel to 1988's acclaimed concept album Operation Mindcrime. Praised by critics and certified platinum, the original remained on Billboard's album chart for more than a year and its dynamic music and powerful message still resonate today. Rhino Records helps unravel the mysteries of the original with Operation Mindcrime II. The album is available March 14 at regular physical and digital retail outlets and at for a suggested retail price of $18.98.
Operation Mindcrime II contains a 15-song story and is performed by the Seattle-based quintet ­ singer and chief songwriter Geoff Tate; guitarists Michael Wilton and Mike Stone; bassist Eddie Jackson, and drummer Scott Rockenfield.
Tate says the current political and social climate inspired him to revisit the storyline. "I left the original open-ended with the intent to come back with a sequel to finish the story up," he says. "Considering where we are today and how little things have changed, it was too ironic not to continue the story."
Operation Mindcrime's intriguing and complex plot revolves around Dr. X, a political puppet master who brainwashes Nikki, the story's main character, to assassinate corrupt public figures. The story also includes Nikki's lover, Sister Mary. A former teenage prostitute who becomes a nun, Sister Mary is murdered mysteriously, leaving the cliffhanger "Who Killed Sister Mary?"
Set 20 years after the original, Operation Mindcrime II explores Nikki's fate after being released from prison and reveals the identity of Mary's killer. "I tried to put myself in Nikki's shoes and imagine what it would be like for him to come back to society after spending 20 years in jail stewing about what happened to him," Tate says. "I became fascinated with the concept of revenge and what that would do to a person like Nikki. The story is ultimately about how Nikki wrestles with his conflicted emotions. On one side, his base instincts are pushing him to kill those who wronged him. On the other side, his conscience ­ represented by the spirit of Sister Mary ­ urges him to learn from his past mistakes and find salvation."
Earlier this year Queensrÿche launched a sold-out tour featuring the original Operation Mindcrime performed in its entirety with actors on stage portraying the characters alongside the band. Tate says the band plans to launch a tour in 2006 that will feature a stage performance of both Mindcrimes in their entirety. "The actors on stage with us add a new dimension to the music," he says. "It's different than your typical rock show, but the audiences really got into the Mindcrime I tour. It's exciting to have the opportunity to combine both albums into one show. It's going to be epic."
Since its formation in 1981 near Seattle, Queensrÿche has released nine studio albums. Empire, the 1990 follow-up to Operation Mindcrime, sold more than two million copies thanks in part to the enormous success of the hit, Silent Lucidity. Released in 1994, Promised Land was certified platinum and featured the hits I Am I and Bridge.
Operation Mindcrime II track listing - I'm American . One Foot In Hell . Hostage . The Hands . Speed Of Light . Signs Say Go (Will I Surrender?) . Re-Arrange You . The Chase . A Murderer . Circles . If I Could Change It All . An Intentional Confrontation . A Junkie's Blues (Everything Will Be Alright) . Fear City Slide . All The Promises.

Rock Cover artist Ioannis has just made available, a limited edition line of merchandise of his artwork, this includes t-shirts, 2006 Rock calendars, mugs, Mousepads and other products of his most popular cover artwork for such acts as Deep Purple, Styx, UFO, Quiet Riot, Boc, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers and many others.
To view and order click:

The boys from Inxs have done well first week of release in the USA. The album Switch will debut at #17 with sales of 75,000 units.

A long rumoured guest appearance by Joe Lynn Turner on the new Blackmore's Night album Village Lanterne, has been confirmed. Joe will duet with Candice Knight on a remake of the classic rainbow track Street Of Dreams.




Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Press Release / Each year during the holiday's Rockline Radio (Playa Del Rey, California, USA) present a show based upon the songs of the season. This year the honor goes to Steve Lukather on December 7th (later today US time). Rockline: "SantaMental is a good glimpse into the mind of the stalwart guitarist with the wicked sense of humor and a killer Sammy Davis Jr. impression. Btw, Luke's cool if we play a couple of Toto rockers from the past and he'll also bring some new Toto music from their forthcoming album, Falling in between, due in February 2006 which he describes as "more Prog than Toto". No doubt Steve Vai will want to come along too. Mr. Lukather and Mr. Vai will go live at 8:30pm PT and wrap at 10pm PT." More info at the website of Rockline Radio.

And for the record - Toto completed the mixing and mastering of their hugely anticipated Falling In Between album today!

More Firefest II feedback! I have no idea why, but I forgot to run this yesterday! So here it is - direct from House Of Lords vocalist James Christian:
"Dear Friends, I have just returned form Europe and the first thing I wanted to do was send out a thank you to all the great fans who attended the Firefest II show. The boys and I had an incredible time meeting and performing for you. Each band there displayed a sense of pride to the Melodic Music evening. I thought all the bands did a great job. I wanted to thank Kieran and Bruce for inviting us to this very special event.
Being onstage with the House Of Lords after 15 years was very emotional for me. As I stood backstage right before we went on, I literally went back in time and thought about all the great gigs we did together. Now we were doing it again and with only three rehearsals which we had in Nottingham. A truly great moment for me. I loved meeting up with Chuck, Lanny and Ken and catching up on all of our road stories. We laughed, we drank and we never stopped smiling while we were rehearsing. It all came back to us so quickly. It was as if we never stopped.
It never ceases to amaze me that the Melodic Rock audience in Europe has remained so dedicated. They deserve the best that we can give them, and I know we gave them our all. There were many obstacles in our way prior to this show but surely the biggest was my accident the day before I left for England. While putting up hurricane shutters on my two story house, I fell and broke a few ribs. The consensus from the physicians was to not do the shows as the amount if pain it would cause would not be pleasant.
I told the doctor that If I don't show up, the amount of pain I would feel from the fans would be worse. The breathing was very difficult, but with the aid of a few medications that evening I was able to go on. In closing let me say thank you again for all the support you have given us through the years. I plan on making as much music as the fans can handle.
Take Care, James Christian."

And this report just in from Stelios Basbayiannis, reporting on the Firefest Greece show in Athens!
"Near 400 people gathered, last Tuesday night to attend the festival. With some alterations to the line up, we had as opening act the Northern Greeks Red Rum, with the ex-Jaded Heart Michael Bormann on vocals. A straight hard rock band, tight and full of passion, at their first gig with their current line up, they were amazing. The small club and the stage let the crowd be in immediate contact with the bands, along with the well based fame that Greeks support melodic rock music, made the night an unforgettable experience.
Red Rum, played mostly songs from their forthcoming album. They close their set with a cover of Phil Collins, Easy Lover, interesting choice, I must add.
The second band Blue Tears, were warmly received, as they have acquired a cult following through the years. The band were professionals and didn't let people down, although in my and a lot of others opinion, were not well rehearsed. Still their Bon Jovi style music, was well received and the front rows went mad.
By the time Danger Danger went out the people were full of anticipation. The band with a new guitar player and a poor sound form the first two songs killed! They were fantastic - professionals, even in front of 400 people they played with the attitude and the experience of a hair metal legend. The songs choice Rock America, When She's Good, a semi acoustic version of I Still Think About You, Monkey Business, Bang Bang, Boys Will Be Boys was a real blaster.
The new guitar guy was playing beyond imagination and Bruno Ravel, although he had some problems with his bass, was the best PR man for the band along with the over energetic Ted Poley. By the end of their set we were wondering can HOL be better?
The answer was close...when the masters of professionalism came on stage The time was near 12.00 when Chuck Wright, James Christian, Lanny Cordolla and Ken Mary set foot on Greek stage.
This was a night to remember, having seen Steve Vai and The Breed one week before, I had the chance to compare the professional virtuosos and the virtuosos working in a song/band situation. The guys storm the house. Almost all their first album was played with the highlights of Love Don't Lie and Slip Of The Tongue showing to the audience who's the boss, along with a breathtaking drum solo from Ken Mary.
A few songs from Demons Down and the Power And The Myth's The Rapture complete the set, with only one encore with Can't Find My Way Home from Sahara.
The guys although the place and the sound could be better, were brilliant and made us cry, for not seeing them at their glory days. Still James Christian is a singer with big balls, for he continues performing at the highest level, beyond all personal problems. The only absence was the keyboards that were from tape, but Hurricane's cannot be beaten easily. All the bands were supportive of each other and the best thing they stayed and enjoy the others show, especially the guitar player of Danger Danger was near Lanny Cordolla, exchanging jokes and tips, maybe (?) during the whole HOL show.
For melodic rock fans at Greece this was a show to remember, and I think for the bands also. We have to thank Nikos Saroglou and Reptile Music for that."

For those that did not get them on the day, there is a limited number of Firefest 2 T-Shirts available. The purchase link is:
Details - T-shirts £10, Baseball tops £15.



It's been a busy year for keyboardist Eric Ragno. He's currently working on a new project with some AOR favourites, stating that "In the absence of a new Takara album I've been aching to get back to my melodic rock roots and it's been a real shot in the arm! I am writing my heart out and the guys are demo'ing their parts with every spare moment they can find!" Details on that project soon.
Eric continues: "This year has been amazing. I have written and recorded for the new Seven Witches album and live DVD, both due next year. I also did some recording and arrangements for the new Jack Frost solo album, including a killer version of Cold as Ice with Jack on guitar, Terry Illous (XYZ) on vocals, Mike Duda (WASP) on bass and Chuck White (Ion Vein) on drums that is just killer! This is out now on Mausoleum Records."
Rounding off, Eric also performed at this year's Prog Power festival with DC Cooper and has become the first endorsee of the new Keyboard Guitar!
In Eric's words: "it's a real guitar that just frets like a keyboard (for people like me that want to play real guitar sounds but can't handle frets on a guitar neck). There is no midi, only guitar electronics!" See it for yourself at
Keep up to date with Eric at:

I sent out a few e-mails to get updates on a couple of different projects previously mentioned. The news is as follows -

Hardline - Johnny Gioeli reports: "All is well here...the album is almost finished...!!! Sounds awesome...some great radio tunes...I'm proud." I'm told mixing will start in January.

Von Groove - Malden reports: "Mike [Shotton] has been working hard on a record with Rik Emmet and I have been busy with a few projects of my own and As far as Von Groove goes, we will be back at the recording in the New Year."

Zion - I asked vocalist Freddy Curci how the project was shaping up and his reply: "Almost done!"

I got word overnight that the 1st official Robby Valentine Website is now live and online. The address for all things Robby related is:
The website is run by two long time Valentine fans from Germany, with Robby's full support and co-operation. The site has lots of personal exclusive stuff from Robby after suggestions from the guys behind the site. This includes background stories to all his solo albums where he shares some personal memories and insights, plus lots of photos from his private collection.
Check it out at:

Another new review is online for the Balance II boys! Check it out at:

Word has it that former Bonham singer Daniel Macmaster will appear as vocalist on an EP by unsigned act Emerald Monkey. Keep up to date via:

Pink Floyd's David Gilmour will release a new solo album titled On An Island worldwide in the week of March 6, 2006.

Lost 80s AOR act Surrender are featured in a new interview at:

New pictures from The Staircase Dakota 25th Reunion Show from November 23rd can be viewed at:

Journey's Ross Valory is interviewed at:

The Fuze features a new interview by Todd Seely with the great Jean Beauvoir, who speaks at length about his past with Plasmatics, his work with Ramones and Crown of Thorns and his latest collaboration with Little Steven.

An update overnight from the Ginger camp, regarding the solo album Valor Del Corazon:
"Sorry for all the confusion surrounding the release of the new album, a few things have cropped up along the way that have meant making a few changes but we can officially announce the following - Valor Del Corazon is now available to pre-order from HMV online:
It will also be available very soon from and The album is released on 19th December and is available in limited numbers online until January, when you will be able to purchase it from all good record stores.
Additionally, management is looking for UK based people to help with flyering and posters - please email at the usual address - with contact details / location etc.

Starship will issue a live album in Japan on January 25. Duo Music Exchange Presents: World Premium Artists Series 100's: Starship Live may be an eyeful for a title, but reflects the popular club where the live show (and others) were recorded. A DVD of the show is already in release.
The track listing is: Wild Again . Jane . Sara . Find Your Way Back . Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now . Winds Of Change . Stranger . Fooled Around And Fell In Love . It`s Not Over . We Built This City . No Way Out . Somebody To Love.

A quick word about two things - firstly MR-X. To those that joined up over the very first few days of it coming online - your memberships will automatically renew starting Friday (I think). If there are not sufficient funds in your Paypal accounts, one further attempt will be made to renew after 2 days and then the membership will be cancelled! If you do not wish to incur any outage in access to the area, please make sure sufficient funds are available ASAP!

Holiday coming up - And one more reminder that my wife and I are only days away from the arrival of our new baby, so if there are no news updates for a day or two - that's where I am! I will round up all the latest news and supply page updates before going on leave for a couple of weeks (hopefully over the Christmas holiday period!).




Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The details of MTM Music's January releases are now available. MTM will release new albums from AOR and Faro during the month, with the details as follows:
Faro - Angelost - Released January 27. Line-Up: Lead Vocals - Chitral "Chity" Somapala (Firewind, Avalon); Guitars - Barish Kepic (Jaded Heart); Bass - Michael Müller (Jaded Heart); Drums - Dominik Hülshorst (Bonfire).
Faro is a new musical project that takes it's shape from the collaboration of well-versed musicians. Just like the band ensemble, the music comes disparate. It integrates varied influences and an exotic bouquet of styles and braids them all into the never-aging grand sound of Melodic Hard Rock. The Faro mainman is the charismatic lead singer Chitral "Chity" Somapala who is well known as the lead singer of the melodic progressive metal band Avalon. He was born in Sri Lanka to a famous musicians family and his parents were well respected artists. Track Listing: Desdemona . Desert Moon . World Of Fools . The Forbidden Land . Heavenly Light . Strange Dreams . Damned Eternally . Where Did It Go . The One . Destination . Dancing in the Dark.

AOR - L.A. Attraction - Released January 27. Line-Up: Frédéric Slama – Guitars, Keyboards; Tommy Denander – Rhythm & Lead Guitars, Keyboards, Bass (Radioactive, Prisoner); Joey Heredia - Drums. Guest musicians: Steve Lukather, Philip Bardowell, Rick Riso, J.Lynn Johnston, Dane Donohue, Peter Friestedt, David Diggs and Michael Landau.
Frédéric Slama actually is a music journalist from France and had lived in L.A. for more than 10 years. He was mainly responsible for bringing Westcoast music to his native country in the late 70's by hundreds of interviews, radio shows and several thousand reviews in different music magazines. After having done a couple of solo albums and having produced some French and American artists, Frédéric decided to start a "one man band". This marked the birth of his project AOR, always utilising the cream of US session players.
Track Listing: How Could I Ever Forgive Her . Don't Ever Say Goodbye . One More Chance . Like An Open Book . The House Of Love . Tears In The Rain . I Won't Give Up On You . The Spark Of My Soul . Last Chance At Love . L.A Winds . Give A Little Love . Lost In Your Eyes. LabelLink: MTM Music.


Blue Tears' Gregg Fulkerson sent in a PS to his Firefest comment from yesterday. He writes: "Andrew...there are a few guys i have to thank with all my heart....that's the new blue tears guys.....Robert Streets, Bryan Wolski, and our special guest musician, Dr. Paul Hodson......I have really never rocked so hard in all my life as with these you guys, thank you from the bottom of my heart. thanks man, i think that needed to be said." Gregg Fulkerson.

A new e-Card promoting the upcoming release of Whitesnake's live DVD is now available at:

Guitar virtuoso Zakk Wylde has played a significant role for Ozzy Osbourne, who handpicked Wylde in 1987 at the age of 19 to be his new axe slinger. In addition to his responsibilities as Ozzy's main axe slinger, Wylde was responsible for co- writing many of Ozzy's best-selling multi-platinum albums including, the albums No Rest for the Wicked, No More Tears, and Ozzmosis. Wylde started his solo career in 1994. In 1998, Wylde formed his own band, Black Label Society, while still maintaining his role as Osbourne's lead guitarist. To date, Black Label Society has released six albums and has sold in excess of one million units worldwide. Wylde's musical mastery has spawned numerous instrument product endorsements. His signature products include four custom Gibson guitars, a custom Epiphone guitar, a limited run Marshall amplifier, EMG Picks-Ups, GHS Strings and Dunlop Pedals. Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon Osbourne, Jim Ladd and more celebrity guests to be announced will be in attendance to congratulate Zakk as he is inducted into Hollywood's RockWalk.
Hollywood's RockWalk is the only sidewalk gallery dedicated to honoring those artists who have made a significant impact and lasting contribution to the growth and evolution Rock 'n' Roll, Blues and R&B. Zakk Wylde's handprints and signatures will reside alongside other equally accomplished musicians and innovators such as Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Lou Reed, Johnny Cash, Aerosmith, B. B. King, Van Halen, James Brown, George Martin, Sonic Youth, Brian Wilson, Carlos Santana, Carl Perkins, John Lee Hooker, The Ramones, Bonnie Raitt and Holland-Dozier-Holland among others.
Where - Hollywood's RockWalk, 7425 Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, CA; When - Tuesday, January 17, 2006 at Noon; *This event is FREE and OPEN to the public.

It's time for Dan Clavadetscher to check in with another concert review - this time Night Ranger at the Boulder Station Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Saturday, Dec. 3.
Setlist: This Boy Needs to Rock . Touch of Madness . Rumours in the Air . Sing Me Away . Seven Wishes . The Secret of My Success / Hey Jude / Lovin , Touchin , Squeezin (Partial) . Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer . Highway To Hell (AC/DC cover) . Eddie's Comin Out Tonight . Once Bitten, Twice Shy (Great White cover) . Night Ranger . Can't Find Me A Thrill . Sentimental Street . Let Him Run (acoustic) . High Enough (acoustic - Damn Yankees cover) . Forever All Over Again (acoustic) . Goodbye (acoustic/electric at end) . Four in the Morning . When You Close Your Eyes . Don't Tell Me You Love Me . Sister Christian . (You Can Still) Rock In America.
"Popular music fans have been trained in recent years to expect the expected when they see a band or performer in concert. Some choose to roll out the same songs, but others, such as Night Ranger, enjoy the spontaneity of the stage. This was evident on Saturday, Dec. 3, at the Boulder Station Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, as the group thrilled diehard fans by playing six songs that were not listed on the original setlist.
Performing at the venue for the second time this year, Jack Blades opened the show by referring to Boulder Stations as the band's home away from home. Following spirited versions of This Boy Needs to Rock, Touch of Madness, and Rumours in the Air, Blades, Jeff Watson and Brad Gillis stepped off the stage and traversed throughout the crowd during Sing Me Away.
When order was restored, the three guitarists exited and turned over the stage to Kelly Keagy for a short drum solo that led directly into a harder-edged version of the title track from the band's third album, Seven Wishes. After completing the soundtrack hit, Secret of My Success, Blades led the crowd through an a cappella sing along that featured snippets of the Beatles classic, Hey Jude, and Journey hit, Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin.
Inspired by a necklace handed to him from a fan in the front row, Blades then announced that the band was going to sing Christmas carols. True to his word, the Sonoma County, Calif., resident, along with Watson, Gillis, Keagy and keyboardist/Las Vegas resident Michael Lardie (formerly of Great White) launched into a rocking version of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.
In one of the most bizarre, yet effective transitions in rock history, the band moved from the birth of Jesus to the fires of Hades when they tore through an unbelievable cover of AC/DC's Highway to Hell. Summoning the ghost of Bon Scott, Blades provided one of the evening's many memorable moments by hitting all of the late/great singer's hard-to-reach high notes.
After playing its namesake Night Ranger, Blades looked at his bandmates and said let's play something we don't know.
Keagy, Gillis and Watson then began to play the album track Can't Find Me a Thrill from Dawn Patrol. After completing more than two-thirds of the song, Blades said they should play something that Kelly sings well and went into Sentimental Street.
Straying from the setlist, the group opened a four-song acoustic set with Let Him Run. Gillis, who left the stage for the Midnight Madness tune, returned for a cover of the Damn Yankees hit, High Enough. Following the Beach Boys-like harmonizing of Keagy and Blades, the drummer/vocalist said they should do a Ted Nugent song. Instead, the quintet went off the planned setlist again with an acoustic version of the opening track from Neverland entitled Forever All Over Again. The acoustic portion of the evening then concluded with Blades waxing philosophical on the genesis of the song Goodbye before launching into the live staple.
Two songs later, the evening s Spinal Tap-esque moment occurred when Watson tripped on Keagy's drum riser seconds before his solo on Four in the Morning. Undeterred, Watson collected himself, completed the guitar part, and successfully made the leap on to the riser during the next song, When You Close Your Eyes. True to the playful spirit of the band, Gillis grabbed Watson's hand and helped him down.
All told, the concert managed to satisfy those ticket buyers who were in attendance just to hear Sister Christian for the eight millionth time and the diehards who want to hear deep album tracks.
Of the 22 tunes played, six were from Midnight Madness, and five each were culled from Seven Wishes and Dawn Patrol. The band also included single songs from Big Life and Neverland, as well as four covers.
In addition to ignoring the albums Seven and Man in Motion, the other slight disappointment was that the band made no mention of the recently released collection, Hits, Acoustic & Rarities. Who better to preach to than the converted?"
Thanks for the review Dan!

This update just in from Wildheart's frontman Ginger: "Hey there, been a while I know. Been waiting for final confirmation of a whole bunch of legal stuff before letting everyone know about the release of Valor Del Corazon.
The release date is set to be January 8th, with a full launch to be exclusively available in HMV stores. There will be a limited run of 1000 copies available, for die hard supporters of my music, to be released December 19th, again exclusively through This is to thank everyone for being so patient, and supportive throughout the whole year.
To say that I am proud of this album would be to cheapen its profound effect on me. This recording has enabled me to enlist the talents of an amazing array of people, who's support has made this album possible. This is the most adventurous work of mine so far, as well as the most personal.
Challenges like this come from the least expected of circumstances, and the experience ultimately makes us stronger and our lives richer. To be able to finally make available this most musically challenging and lyrically honest set of songs to you all is the final reward.
And I really hope you enjoy the living fuck out of it!
The album Valor Del Corazon, will feature 19 brand new songs, and is released through Round Records. Get out there, December 19th, and treat yourself to an early Christmas.
Thank you for your kindness and faith. Ginger." Courtesy of

Rick Springfield has tekn up his temporary residency in General Hospital and the following was lifted from the December 4 LA Times.
Brief Encounter - Musical, medical. After more than 20 years, Rick Springfield returns to 'General Hospital.' By Susan King.
A familiar face is roaming the halls of ABC's daytime soap "General Hospital" - Rick Springfield.
The 56-year-old actor-singer is reprising his role as Dr. Noah Drake on the long-running drama. The Australian-born Springfield starred as the hunky Dr. Drake on the series from 1981 to '83. During this stint, Springfield also became a Grammy Award-winning pop star with his best selling album Working Class Dog and its No. 1 hit, Jessie's Girl.
Since leaving "General Hospital," Springfield has continued to act on such series as "The Human Target" and "High Tide" while releasing albums and touring.
His latest CD, The Day After Yesterday, features him performing songs by Human League, Foreigner and Mr Mister. Springfield also took several years off from acting and recording to be with his sons, now 20 and 16.
"It went on and on and on," he says. "I became a house-husband. I went through three years of therapy. There was a lot of stuff I wasn't dealing with when I was on that early rocket ride. My dad died at the very start of it, and I had to push that aside."
Springfield, who began his return engagement on "General Hospital" on Friday, will continue on the series through the first week in January. Word has it, though, that he may return for more episodes.
So they have extended your stay on "General Hospital"?
It was originally for four, and then they called up and said, "The writers are having so much fun, we want to write some more episodes." They asked, "What are you doing the rest of the year?" I said we were going to Japan in December and I'm going to Australia for Christmas and we have a show in New York. We sent them all the dates, and they booked more shows around that. I am written in for about five more shows. I have done seven.
Has "General Hospital" asked you over the years to come back?
No, not at all.
I was looking at alternate ways of getting it known that my record is out because radio is such a mess now. Simply Red had a record out and appeared as Simply Red on a soap, in a club playing a song, and it really sparked record sales. We contacted a couple of soaps to see if there was anything like that.
We heard back from "Days of Our Lives," and I went to meet with them, actually, and they wanted to bring me on as a character. Well, I said, that is the next best thing. But it wouldn't work out because of my schedule.
We had approached "General Hospital" about it, and they said they write so far ahead they didn't have anything that could be in a club. They called back in mid-October and said, "Would Rick be interested in recurring his role for a couple of episodes?" I thought about it, and it seemed like it was too good an opportunity to miss. I don't know if there has ever been a character that re-occurred after 23 years.
But it must have been weird to return after two decades.
The weirdest thing was seeing the clothes hung up in the dressing room with a tag saying "Noah Drake" on them. That was the biggest kind of "wow."
It is at a different studio, and only about eight or nine people who are there I remember from before.
What brings Noah back to "General Hospital"?
There is a main character that needs a neurosurgeon, and one of the doctors who is attached to his case goes looking for this great surgeon who used to be in Port Charles to come back and save this guy. She finds him in a bar. His life has gone to hell. He's in New York.
What happened to him?
They gave me some back story, and I don't know how long I'll be on it to bring it out, but it's interesting stuff. It is all stuff I can relate to, having lived another 23 years.
I have gone through a lot of stuff myself, and as an actor it only helps to bring it to your character. He has a son whom he doesn't have a very good relationship with. He's divorced, and something bad happened to the family. He basically brings his son in to do the operation because he knows he can't do it.
Are you going to sing on the show?
We talked about that originally when I first was on it. I was hired as an actor, and then they found out I was a singer and then the record hit. But it didn't fit with the character.
How many weeks a year do you tour?
We have done as much as 150 shows a year. We go out for four days and then we come home for a week, which is great.
We all have families, and we have homes we like to be in and other things we want to do. We don't want to go out three months to Europe and come back a completely different animal.
Do you try to release a new CD every year?
No, it's hard for me to get writing again every time. I've got to wait until I have something to say, until I am dragged in there.
Do you enjoy playing your old songs in concert?
I love playing the old stuff. I love the attention they get. They are like favorite children, especially since I wrote them I have a deeper connection to them. But [touring] just can't be for that. For me, it's got to be something new that I am excited about.
I am very humbled by my fans. I used to take them so much for granted. Probably the biggest thing that has changed about me since the early days is my attitude toward the people who like my music or are interested in me as an artist.

Press Release / New York, NY (October 13, 2005) Die-hard heavy metal fans (and those who are just plain curious) now have the opportunity to take a behind the scenes glimpse at the longest running rock tour in history with the DVD and bonus live CD release Ozzfest 10th Anniversary. Celebrating its decade anniversary on the road, this DVD brings fans up close and personal to what has become a mosh of togetherness for the artists and fans. Clear Channel Entertainment Home Video and Ventura Entertainment Enterprises proudly present the special DVD premiere of Ozzfest 10th Anniversary for only $19.98 on November 22, 2005.
Filmed at the Donington, UK show which was attended by over 100,000 fans, and the back lots of Camden, NJ where the temperature struck 103 degrees, Ozzfest 10th Anniversary DVD and CD feature radical performances from Black Sabbath, Velvet Revolver, Anthrax, H.I.M., Trivium, and Rob Zombie, among others.
Not only will viewers have a backstage pass to the hair-raising antics at the shows, but they will also get up close and personal with the Osbourne family, as the DVD features interviews with Ozzy, Sharon and Jack. They tell the whole story about the history of Ozzfest with a special walk around tour with behind-the-scene footage of the concert.
Bonus features include exclusive interviews with Ozzy Osbourne, Jack Osbourne, Slash and Zakk Wylde. Plus concert performances by Alter Bridge The End Is Here Bowling For Soup 1985 and The Mad Capsule Markets Pulse.
The exclusive special LIVE CD features performance songs from the 2005 Ozzfest Tour including Black Sabbath's War Pigs Iron Man and Paranoid; H.I.M.'s Soul On Fire; Rob Zombie's Dragula among others.
As a special extra feature, the DVD offers the whole story or a play performances only feature.
More info at: and e-Card:




Monday, December 05, 2005

Legendary rocker - founding member of Survivor and Ides Of March and now leading force behind Pride Of Lions - Jim Peterik, announces the completion of the recording sessions of his brand new solo album entitled Above The Storm.
"My last solo album came out in the spring of 1976" says Peterik, "It was called Don't Fight The Feeling. I still am very proud of that record, but I felt that 30 years later it was time for another solo record."
In Above The Storm, Peterik expresses many personal views of life and love. The title itself he says, "refers to that place we hope to find in our hearts above the chaos and confusion of this crazy world", adding "I had written some songs lately that did not quite fit into the soaring Pride Of Lions mold or the R&B influenced Ides Of March. Three of these songs are co-written with Johnny Van Zant of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Donnie Van Zant of 38 Special. The rest I pretty much wrote on my own."
Of course this new solo album does not mark the end of the Pride Of Lions chapter of Peterik's career. He explains: "As much as I love writing and performing with Pride Of Lions and World Stage - sometimes I like to go back to the very beginning, just getting into a room and writing from the heart about what really matters most to me. This is where this new solo album comes in. The songs have a really wide range of feelings from sensitive ballads like the title cut, to power ballads such as A Kiss To Remember You By and totally hard rockers like Live Life and Stand and Be Counted."
On Above The Storm, Jim Peterik is backed by the musicians from Pride Of Lions Ed Breckenfeld on drums, Klem Hayes on bass, Mike Aquino on guitar and Christian Cullen on keyboards, with Peterik taking care of most of the lead guitar work, as well as a lot of the piano work. Lisa McClowry (the girl who appeared in Pride Of Lions Sound Of Home video) cares of background vocals work.
On a related note, Jim Peterik and his production partner Larry Millas are also very busy in mixing in 5.1 surround stereo the Pride Of Lions upcoming DVD Live In Belgium and at the same time he is writing songs for the third Pride Of Lions studio album tentatively entitled The Roaring of Dreams.
Frontiers Records will release Above The Storm in March 2006, with King Records taking care of the release in Japan.
Jim Peterik live picture courtesy of Franky Bruyneel - Rock Report Magazine.


Here is a Track By Track comment on the new Khymera album A New Promise out today (Dec 5) by multi-instrumentalist and producer Daniele Liverani.
- A New Promise This is a short instrumental intro that shows the great talent of the new Khymera member Tommy Ermolli on guitars. The melodic expression of this new young talented guitarist shines since the first note of this intense instrumental introduction!
- Alone A straight-ahead uptempo rock song, with a catchy chorus. One of the more direct songs of the albums. Dennis Ward performance is unbelievable here ! Dario Ciccioni delivers some cool drumming here and some passages almost have a progressive feel.
- Let It Burn Great choirs by Dennis Ward on this one. This song is one of the more classic melodic rock tunes of the whole record.
- Looking For You Pure AOR song, with lots of keyboards atmospheres and nice piano arrangements. A song that is very much in the 80's feel, with a touch of modern sound.
- All That I Have A ballad with piano arrangements that explodes in a straight rock mid tempo song, taking off after the first hook.
- The Damage Is Done The most powerful song of the album, with Dennis showing an incredible vocal range. A very heavy guitar riff tuned in D gives this song the right power to satisfy the heavier listeners. This is the heavy side of the new Khymera line up.
- After The Way A mid tempo song that melts elegance and straight rock sound. A very mature guitar arrangement from Tommy gave this track the proper feel and approach. This tune has the best guitar solo of the whole record.
- You Can't Take Me (Away From You) A straight rock 'n roll song of the album, penned from Jeff Scott Soto. This is happier and brightest song of the entire track list.
- Tomorrow Never Comes Another piano rock oriented song, very melodic. I particularly dig the ending of this one, very musical and emotional.
- Fields of Fire An uptempo rock song, with some of the great choirs of the whole record. Another great performance on one this by Dennis.
- If You Dare To Dream A great version of this Judithe and Robin Randall song. Dennis really gave to this one the right mood and the result is really very melodic and strong at the same time.
- Give In To The World Somehow a little more modern sounding than the rest of the material, this song was anyway translated into a more straight rock sound. Some weird guitar and keyboards sounds here.
- All Is Gone The only real ballad of the record, the most intense and atmospheric one. Here Dennis shows all his potential giving a lot of colours to the song with his inspired vocals.


I've delivered a little Firefest II feedback already - time for a little feedback from a couple of performers on the day! House Of Lords drummer Ken Mary was kind enough to drop me a line and asked that I pass this message on to all:
Ken writes: "I have been reading some of the posts, and wanted to say thank you to all the fans, Kieran and Bruce, the crew,, and all that were involved in making the Firefest show successful. The band was overwhelmed by the response of the fans, and on a personal note it was awesome to play with brothers that I love after so many years.
We had a great time seeing each other and jamming again as a group, and we made many excellent friends in the other bands that played Firefest as well. There was a great spirit of cooperation between everyone, and I loved hearing so many talented bands. It was an evening we all will remember, I am sure.
Along with the many supportive and glowing posts about our performance, I have read a couple items that I would like to set straight. I am not sure if everyone was aware of just how injured James Christian was and still is. When I met him after coming off the plane in London, I was pretty sure we were going to have to cancel the show. He could barely move, and was wincing in pain with every breath and every step. It was hurtful to see him in that much pain without being able to do anything to help.
Contrary to what has been said, James did not have three cracked ribs, but three completely fractured ribs. He fell off of a second story ladder over 14 feet up and fell directly on his left hand side. How he made the 8 hour flight over to the UK after getting hurt like that two days earlier, I'll never know.
During rehearsal, every time he took a deep breath, he would get a stabbing pain in his chest, so he did have to keep his activity down to a minimum. Again, we contemplated just canceling the show and making it up to everyone at a later date. Knowing that we had fans that had flown in from Australia, Germany, Italy, and Spain, as well as all the wonderful people in the UK that were coming, we felt we had no other choice than to go ahead. It was for that reason alone we decided to put our tails on the line, and try to make the show work.
Anyway, I had seen an item or two that complained about us not doing an encore, and how James was a little restricted in movement, and how our instrumental jams were a little extended to give him a needed break. Granted, all those things are true, and I will agree with all of them. But what they don't know or say is how much heart it took for James to get up there at all, how much pain he was going through before, during, and especially after the show, when the swelling caused by his movement made it look like someone shoved a grapefruit under his ribcage.
I wanted to cancel our appearance, as well did all the other members of the band. We really felt we could not let all our friends and fans down like that. Fortunately, it seems that everyone agrees it was a very professional show and all we saw were smiles all around. What more can you ask for??
Obviously, the show would have been even better with a James Christian that was 100%, but hopefully at least everyone will now understand exactly what he was up against.
This was not an easy show for him to perform at, and I hope the critics will take a step back and give him, and us, a little bit of a break here.
Thanks so much for all your help and support, and hopefully we ll be playing again in the future!
All my best, Ken Mary.

And this in today from Blue Tears frontman Gregg Fulkerson, who was really blown away by the fan response over the weekend:
"Andrew...just wanted to let all the folks at Firefest know how much fun we had...and how much I appreciate everyone involved...most of all Kieran Dargan....also Tony, you know who you are buddy, incredible job...and to the fans that made the shows.....our first shows in fifteen years were a little rocky, and heavenly....who cares man....we were actually live.....everything was live...I met so many great people....this is the first of many, many shows, new albums...etc from Blue album comes out in April on my friend Georg's label, AOR Heaven......take care everyone and thank you again for making it the great experience."
Gregg Fulkerson.

A new British record label is about to get underway. They have big plans and big ideas, which is always welcomed in this ever shrinking scene. Here's a little about them.


Label owner Andy Bramhall writes:
"Angel Milk is a small new record label. We like to think of ourselves as an alternative to the majors labels, both for artists who are recording, and for listeners who are interested in excellent music and sound. We don't confine ourselves to any particular genre or style-although we do Rock and Roll very well indeed, we have an incredible diversity in taste here at Angel Milk.
We are artist friendly and forward thinking, that means that we don't sucker musicians into "stitch up" recording contracts, we have an open policy regarding contracts.
Angel Milk is not about making mega bucks; it's about recording good music and getting good music out there. We finance the recording process and pay for it by taking a percentage of sales which is far lower than any major label, and much lower than most independents. Our artists will engage in a partnership with us toward the marketing and promotion of their work. That's it.
Why? Because we are artists ourselves and we want to put our energy towards creating art which does not have to bend to the marketing pressures of big money which is financing its production. Because we are all tired of hearing commercial radio, which is becoming increasingly centralised and homogenous, and public radio which is marginalised or indeed unavailable. And because its now possible!!
I am determined to have Angel Milk associated with not only great music but "Sonically profound" Music. We are only to aware these days of how cheapened sonically albums are now sounding. Many released albums sound no better than demo's to me at the moment and that is a shame, a big shame. I can assure you whatever Angel Milk release will sound "Huge Sounding" and have very much of an "Old school" quality about them sonically, for me this is massively important, we must raise the bar again in this department!
The label has just signed Nexx a fantastic Spanish hard rock band that I believe are really going places - and there is some other great news coming within the next few weeks into the AOR community, so please stay tuned.
If there are any artists out there who would like to submit Angel Milk Records material please contact me on or
The label new web site is under construction but there is a holding page for the moment which is at and I can be e-mailed from there.
Many Thanks for your time, and I thank Andrew for allowing me the opportunity to bring this great news and what I hope to be a breath of fresh air to the community. Best Regards to you all and have a great Christmas!!
Andy Bramhall / and

Check out Damage Control - the new project from Pete Way (Waysted, UFO) and Robin George (Notorious).
The official website is at and has news, soundclips, interviews, photos and a regular progress report from Pete and Robin about how their debut album Raw is coming together.

The first group of acts for the 2006 Sweden Rock Festival have been officially announced. More details at:
The bands are: Deep Purple (Headliner) . Journey . Celtic Frost . W.A.S.P. . Krokus . Jeff Healey Band . Stryper . Cactus . George Thorogood & The Destroyers . Cathedral . Doro . The Sweet . Easy Action . Nevermore . Metal Church . Lord Belial . Evergrey . Firewind . Jaded Heart . Raise Hell . The Storyteller.

Press Release / Rhino Bucket, the Bon Scott-era AC/DC sound-alike band that recorded two albums for Warner Bros/EMI back in '90 and '92 and an independent album in '94 with former AC/DC drummer Simon Wright, have set And Then It Got Ugly as the title of their fourth album, due in March 2006 via Acetate Records. The CD was mixed at Soundface Studios in Hollywood, California and was produced by the band and Stephan Siggurson. Pre-orders will be handled two weeks before the release. More information is available at or
As previously reported, Rhino Bucket have posted a new video for their song Blood, Sweat and Beers at this location. The track appears in the new film "The Outdoorsmen" and will also be included on Rhino Bucket's upcoming CD.

Press Release / In late April, 2006, Versailles Records will release Its So Easy - A Millennium Tribute to Guns N' Roses, featuring current/former members of Heart, Guns N' Roses, Ozzy Osbourne Band, Love/Hate, Adler's Appetite, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Riot, Lillian Axe, Warrant, Every Mother's Nightmare, Faster Pussycat, Pretty Boy Floyd, Ratt, LA Guns, Lita Ford Band, Metal Church, Slash's Snakepit, Brides of Destruction, etc, along with tracks by Versailles artists including Richard Kendrick, One Bad Son, Jasy Andrews, and the RadioVipers, as well as Marko Pukkila, Chris Catena, and Chris Heaven among others.
That same month, Versailles will release the debut LPs of Canadian rock act One Bad Son, and Italy's hottest rock act, the RadioVipers. Described by Metal Hammer as "a cross between Motley Crue, AC/DC and Faster Pussycat!... (RadioVipers are) powerful sleaze-rock…a tribute to the hair glam and the alcoholic hard rock of the '80s'." Later that summer, Versailles will issue Three Lock Box - A Millennium Tribute to Sammy Hagar, featuring current/former members of Poison, Hanoi Rocks, Skid Row, Lillian Axe, Dio, Saigon Kick, Richard Kendrick, and others!!! Pre-orders for the Guns N' Roses Tribute may be emailed to a special address at

Swedish metallers Cloudscape will enter the Roasting House Studios on December the 26th in order to record their second album. The release in Europe is scheduled to June 2006 and in Japan/Asia some time before that. Once again the producers will be Anders "Theo" Theander (Allen/Lande Project, Pain Of Salvation, Last Tribe etc) and Pontus Lindmark. All cover art will be handled by Mattias Norén ( For more info please visit the Cloudscape at

Press Release / Once in a while a great project comes along our desks, a project that we just want to help spread the word about or get out to the public and to the fans. That project recently came to us here at Roxx Productions in the form of a book, a biography of a legend.
On December 6, 2006 we mark what would have been the 50th Birthday of a true guitar hero and legend. That legend is Randy Rhoads! Roxx Productions in association with Empire 4 is bringing you the limited edition biography of Randy Rhoads entitled Randy Rhoads ­ A Life.
Throughout the years many people have wondered and looked for a biography on their Guitar hero and the legend that was and is Randy Rhoads! That book never transpired for many reasons, some good, some not so good. Whatever the reason there has not been a successful publication on the life and times of Randy Rhoads, until now.
The author of this book, David A Bene, as well as many others has asked that exact question, "Why has there not been a good biography on the man we all love?" Well David put pen to paper and began to collect information from many sources and eventually pieced it all together to get the book we have before us, 'Randy Rhoads ­ A Life.'
While it is not an officially authorized biography, it comes to us with many contributions from those closest to Randy. Some of these sources include Kevin Dubrow, Kelly Garni and Bob Daisley just to name a few.
When you read this book you will get to know the man that became a legend to millions of faithful fans, and while it paints a picture that may not be as angelic as most would like to think, it paints a real picture of a man that would come out of a world that we all have known at one level or another to become the Legend that we have today!
This book was self-published and only 300 initial copies have been pressed as it has been used as a marketing tool to seek a publishing deal. 150 copies are gone and we have 150 copies left that we are making available to the public for a limited time.
Visit for all the details.

Press Release / Judge Jackson - One Diamond - One Diamond is a 41-minute ride through Tesla's backyard with Lynyrd Skynyrd behind the wheel. Tracks such as King and Salvation scream out at you while the CD's first single Amazing and Matt's Song (written in memory of a life long friend of the band who died) hit the listener in the heart with meaningful lyrics and memorable melodies.
Hailing from Los Angeles, the quartet formed in the late 90's when vocalist Todd McTavish met guitarist Lee Jackson through a mutual friend. The duo started writing together immediately and sensing a special musical chemistry, the two began the process of putting Judge Jackson together. The band played the famed LA club circuit for the latter part of the 90's and released their debut in 1998.
The band has appeared on Fox's "30 Seconds to fame" and Ed McMahon's "Next Big Thing" (and won!) and with the addition of new drummer J.J. Garcia (formerly of the Blues/Rock band Stone), they have been touring for the better part of 2005 supporting One Diamond. The band is in pre-production for the next CD which should be out in Spring 2006.
Judge Jackson: Todd McTavish - Vocals, Lee Jackson - Guitars, Ryan Rogers - Bass/B.vocals, J.J. Garcia - Drums.
Soundbytes online at:

Gainesville, FL's Sister Hazel is currently recording a new album, due in stores in 2006. The band has offered video clips of their progress to fans, links below:
Sister Hazel In The Studio - Quicktime - Low, Medium or High.
Sister Hazel is best known for their smash hit All For You as well as the hits Happy, Champagne High, Change your Mind and others. The band is also currently headlining a series of destination concerts, including the The Rock Boat VI which is set to ship from Galveston, TX this January.

Guitarist Brain Moritz and vocalist Vince Claps talk Balance II to website Grande-Rock - More Balance II news soon.

Melodic music website Glory Daze has had a makeover and can be viewed at:

Rockdetector have a new Glenn Hughes interview online, where the singer talks of his desire for a 2006 project with former Purple band mates Jon Lord and David Coverdale. View the interview at:,




Friday, December 02, 2005

Press Release / Y&T is excited to announce the domestic release of both Black Tiger and Mean Streak albums on CD.
Fans have been asking the band for decades to get Y&T's classic records out on CD in the U.S. and now it they are finally available. These new Black Tiger and Mean Streak CDs were carefully digitally re-mastered at a high sampling rate directly from the masters. These new re-releases sounds closer to the actual master tapes than any version available. These are not over compressed, EQ'd and hard sounding products like many re-mastered CDs--they are just loud, clear, dynamic and accurate to the original tapes!
Along with the original songs, there is an additional bonus track on each CD that was taken right from the 24-track master reel from the Black Tiger recording sessions, and finished in 2005 with new lyrics, vocals, and guitar solo, then remixed.
These are currently available exclusively through our web site. Pre-Order yours now! Shipping first week of January.

Hubi Meisel has now finished his new concept album Kailash, which will be released through Lion Music on February 27, 2006. This time the concept story is all about the Himalayas, Tibet & the secrets of ancient Buddhist/Hindu culture and mythology.
Like already on his previous concept disc EmOcean, Hubi Meisel closely cooperated with French keyboardist/composer Vivien Lalu again. The new line-up features top-class musicians from five different countries: Hubi J. Meisel - vocals; Vivien Lalu (Lalu) - keys; Marcel Coenen (Sun Caged) - guitars; Jorge Salán (Mago de Oz) - guitars; Daniel Flores (Mind's Eye) - drums; Johan Niemann (Therion) - bass.
Watch out for further news & updates on

Rivera Bomma has a new home in the world wide web @ This site features up to the minute news & tour dates, Rivera Bomma's personal & professional press photos, a web store w/ tons of official Rivera Bomma merch (CDs, DVDs, posters, stickers, t-shirts, buttons etc...) and of course music clips of the upcoming Rivera Bomma CD I Am God, due out on Mausoleum Records in February 2006.

Press Release / UK melodic rockers Tara's Secret have recorded a new 2 song demo at Mad Hat Studios, Wolverhampton, with the aim of sealing a record deal and launching a full blown album in the new year. Drive Me Home and In Movies have already picked up plenty of airplay on and numerous most favourable comments are coming in from rock journos, rock websites and fans. A number of copies were sold at Firefest without even being on the bill and again the very positive feedback has been most appreciated.
The band has written more than 2 hours of new songs over the last year since releasing a demo album after only 3 months together in July 2004, many of which have gone down so well at the 30+ shows the band has so far played around the UK in 2005. We're big fans of Van Halen, Journey, Styx, Whitesnake etc, and don't deviate far from the script, so if that's your lot, come along and say hello.
Clips of both songs can be heard on and the band can be seen live over the next couple of months...
11th Dec - Coalville Victoria, Leicestershire
7th Jan - The Forresters, Scropton, South Derbyshire
4th Feb - The Alexandra, Wolverhampton
23rd Feb - The Golden Diamond, Sutton In Ashfield, Notts
If anyone wants some big vocals and, big guitars to come rock their nearest rock pub/club, please get in touch and we'll do our best to get there.

From the current Rik Emmett e-Newsletter comes the following updates:
Airtime Update - Mike Shotton has been out west to Winnipeg recently singing some "Queen" shows with orchestra, hot after donning some face paint and singing "Kiss" shows with the orchestra in London - so the project has been waiting for him to get back at the background harmony overdubs on the Airtime project in the studio. Even so, some 5.1 surround sound mixing has begun on a few tracks with Rick Andersen, and Cory McFayden has also taken a track to work on as a mix master. Jim Bullotta in Philadelphia has now got all of the graphic elements he needs to put together the CD package, so the production only really requires the final credits & liner notes, after the mixing gets finished.
Guitar Duet Project - Rik and Dave have got a nice long list of material written, and currently there are four tracks that are up and running and headed for mixing. You'd think a duo thing would be simple to mix, but all that exposure sure does make two musicians get picky about performances, and the subtleties of digital masters. Some early song titles for you Dos Arroyos [two small streams - a gently flowing melodic conversation between two classical guitars], Cross Country [a real hoedown between a strummer [Rik], and a picker [Dave] --- both are grinning], Quintessence [a very modern sounding "hybrid" guitar duo, on nylon strings, but set mostly in 5/4 time, with a lot of "rock" energy in it] there are also a few vocal tunes up now, a ballad that Rik wrote entitled State of Grace, and a jazzy thing called Old Sweet Song. Dave has contributed a funkier groove and mood with a tune called Good Thing, and has a really cool little country song called Light of Day. This project still has a ways to go, but has definitely hit the ground running.
Rik With Orchestra London - Keep your eyes and ears open for the 2nd weekend in April 2006, as Rik will join some other notable Canadian singers to perform with Orchestra London once again on two special nights that will be a Tribute to Abbey Road, performing the entire album.

Glenn Hughes has talked to Undercover News here in Australia regarding his possible February visit. Check it out at:

Dennis DeYoung has recorded a new Christmas song. When I Hear A Christmas Song will be available from his website as of next week. Order direct from:

MR-X has been updated. Online today is a new Feature Album - Marc LaFrance's 1994 cult Canadian release Out Of Nowhere. The album enlists the help of Loverboy's Paul Dean, Mike Reno and Matt Frenette to get the job done with songwriting help also coming from Dean and Reno and Cheap Trick's Robin Zander.
There is also a 1990 release from American comedian - the late Sam Kinison. On top of a 30 minute stand up routine, Kinison sings lead vocals on 4 quite superb hard rocking cover tunes. Produced by Richie Zito, the tunes feature musical backing from the likes of - Randy Jackson, Lanny Cordola, Kim Bullard, Leslie West, CC DeVille, Billy Trudel, Eddie Money, Dweezil Zappa, Mike Baird, Robert Sarzo, Slash, Jimym Bain, Fred Coury, Tommy Funderburk and Rudy Sarzo!
But this week's biggie is the brand new 2005 radio broadcast concert from The Hooters! This World Cafe Live 25 track show is online now and covers their whole career and adds 4 brand new songs which the guys have written for an upcoming album. Thanks to the mighty Matt for capturing this for me - one of my favourites bands ever. Man, what a show and what truly great musicians with an almost incomparable buzz on stage. This concert RULES!
As per usual, the following new video clips have also been added: Billy Idol - Eyes Without A Face, White Wedding and Rat Race (All acoustic 2005), The Outfield - Everytime You Cry, Graham Bonnet - Night Games, Ken Tamplin - Falling Houses and Gorky Park - Peace In Our Time.
Additionally - this is the last chance for a stack of videos, the rare exclusive House Of Shakira videos and live radio show concerts from Joe Lynn Turner, Foreigner, Survivor and Bad English.
And finally the mega competition has been extended until Monday. Get your entries in for your chance to win the following pack of goodies: CDs - Heaven & Earth Heaven & Earth, Xsavior Caleidoscope, Glenn Hughes Soul Mover, VTR VTR, No Nation Illumine, Balance II Balance II, The VU, House Of Shakira Live+ (with a guitar pick from the band) and a Promo CD from the very cool Bad Way and their debut album From Zero To Hero. Thanks to the participating artists for their CDs!
On top of that little booty, 2 tickets to ANY upcoming Motley Crue show and a copy of the new Double Live Motley Crue DVD Carnival Of Sins! What a prize package!
MR-X Membership Details.




Thursday, December 01, 2005

Firefest 2 has of course just taken place last weekend in Nottingham UK. On location was Powerplay Magazine's Rob Evans, who was kind enough to get this review back to me in speedy time. Thanks Rob! A few pix are also featured - click on them for full size shots. Thanks to Bruce Mee and Fran from Nexx for the pix.
Over to Rob for the report -
"I must admit that when I saw the final, confirmed, bill for Firefest Two I wasn't exactly enamored by the line-up. Balance Of Power, Shy and Vaughn aside, the rest, and this is just my opinion, I could certainly live without. But that's the beauty of festivals.......something for everyone! And this festival was just that, and then some!
The Friday night warm-up was at a delightfully intimate little venue called Via Fosse. Compact and bijou, but if you weren't in the front row then you had a hard job to see much. Tonight's opening band were called Crimes Of Passion. This is basically Deadline with a new singer. I must say that the new look and sound...impressed me. Songs like "Exit Wound", "Pretty In Blood" and the impressive "Die Alone" were solid slabs of Skid Row meets Skin style rock. Chuck in a couple of covers by Skin and Warrant, and they left you impressed.
Nexx, on the other hand, will do nothing but impress you. Having just secured a record deal only days before this gig, they were certainly in the mood to party. Patricia Tapas is a bona-fide star. Whether she's in the small confines of a club, or on the big stage, she shines brightly. A healthy balance of old ("A Good Time Comes") and new ("Hey Dad") material, plus some choice covers ("Sentimental Boulevard"), left you in no doubt of this bands pedigree.
Blue Tears finished the evening with some rousing, but very stereotypical AOR. Gregg Fulkerson's Bruce Springsteen fixation was in full flow as the band played a healthy mix from both of their albums [the debut and the new demos release], with an anthemic "Blue Tears" taking top honours.
Saturday's main event was held in Nottingham's Rock City, what is arguably the home of melodic rock. Hell, there were hair casualties all over this place, which made it an inspired choice of venue, if ya ask me!
The band who had the honour of kicking of the whole day were the Anglo/Italian hotshots, Powerquest. Full of galloping rhythms and choreographed headbanging, they delivered a set of tight, well rehearsed metal that, at times, left you spellbound and at others splitting your sides with laughter at their on-stage antics. As opening bands go, this lot were one of the better ones!


Balance Of Power have been around for nearly ten years and have released several classy albums. Tonight, however - in my opinion - they picked the wrong set and should have dropped the heavier, Heathen Machine, material. Older material such as "Blindman", "Daybreaker" and "Searching For The Truth" saw the band in full flight. New vocalist, Corey, gave a performance that left you in no doubt that he is the best person to ever front this band. Pete Southern and Lionel Hicks are also superb performers and deserve more credit than they get.
After two sets of intense power-metal it was time for a dose of the fluffy, pink stuff - AOR! Shy were late additions to the roster and gave an abject lesson in how to steal a show. I will just state that this was one of the greatest sets of the day. Tony Mills commanded the stage with an arrogant charm as the band belted out the likes of "Breakaway", "Emergency" and "Break Down The Walls". By far and away the band of the day.


After that performance, Blue Tears had a helluva lot to do. Their AOR seemed to pale in comparison to Shy's huge, bombastic approach. They tried their hardest to entertain this predominantly AOR crowd, and in the main they did. But after Shy, most bands would have suffered the same fate. I actually thought they were better on the Friday night.
Danny Vaughn was nothing short of inspirational. Backed by his UK band, Danny stormed through a set of his greatest moments. Songs from the likes of Tyketto, Waysted, Vaughn and Flesh & Blood were given a damn good seeing to, that's in a rock 'n' roll kinda way, of course! Second best band of the day.


What can you say about Danger Danger? What they do, they do well. Ted Poley is still a charismatic frontman who can hold a crowds attention. Their brand of cock-sure melodic rock was just what this crowd wanted and in the song "Rock America", they had the anthem of the day. A fun-time band who delivered a good set, at just the right time.
Harem Scarem may be world class musicians and technically proficient, they have also released some mighty fine albums. It's just a pity that they don't have that fun-time factor that the likes of Danger Danger and Vaughn have in abundance. I personally didn't enjoy them but Rock City welcomed them with open arms. By playing a greatest hits set, they had the audience eating out of their hands.


The last time I saw tonight's headliners, House Of Lords, was way back in 1989, on the Scorpions tour. Boy! Have things moved on since then, or what?! James Christian was hardly recognisable, but luckily for him, he's still got the voice. With Chuck Wright, Ken Mary and Lanny Cordola completing the line-up, they thumped out the likes of "Sahara", "Pleasure Palace", an immense "Love Don't Lie" and "Slip Of The Tongue". They were the perfect band to finish the day.

As Festivals go, and compared to Firefest 1, this one was a damn near perfect event. The sound was crystal clear throughout, and the event ran like a well oiled machine, hell, it even finished early!
Judging by the amount of time and effort that went into this gig, the organisers must have been well and truly impressed with the venue and healthy turnout. As I said earlier, the beauty of festivals is that there is something for everyone, and while I may not have been looking forward to some bands, I will state that none of them were poor, they just weren't my taste. It was good to see House Of Lords prove a lot of people wrong by putting in a strong performance and it was equally as good to see Tony Mills return to his majestic best. It was a fantastic weekend, and I would like to give a huge round of applause to Keiran, Bruce and everyon involved in Firefest. Here's to Firefest Three, next year!"
Rob Evans. Powerplay Magazine.

Now, those were Rob's thoughts - several more reviews have been added to the Noticeboard, which start with this thread: Harem Scarem, Vaughn & House Of Lords all getting big wraps from fans - but see for yourself and post a new topic should you wish to add your own comments.

Appearing at Firefest II was Vaughn - and Danny Vaughn has e-mailed in after the show with a few thoughts, which I will pass along here in full for you all.
Danny writes:
"It's been a day or two to recover from all of the events that made up Firefest 2. From the Friday night pre-show, to the show itself, to the party in the Rig afterwards, it was a simply fantastic time. I was so glad that I got to see so many friends both on stage and in the audience.
A HUGE thanks goes out to everyone that took the time, saved their money, and turned out, to make sure that this privately funded event was a complete success.
I wanted to rant just quickly about some of the stuff that led up to the weekend. It came to all of our attentions that there were some fools out there that had nothing better to do than spread incorrect rumours, and plain old sour grapes about the whole event. My advice to all of you reading is, don't believe everything that anyone posts on the internet. Try to go to the source if you can. [All Firefest news and facts will be printed here]
I heard rumours that the bands advertised weren't all going to be there, that there were only a couple of hundred tickets sold, that the whole event was going to be crap, blah, blah, blah.
So here's my rant - If you have nothing better to do than grind a personal axe with someone in the very small and intimate world of Melodic rock, if you are so small that you can't find anything better to do than try and shoot down one of the only outlets all of us have, both as players and fans, to hear the music that we love, than please, with all due haste, go and f**k right off!
This is a very small pond we are all swimming in. Both fans and players all know each other and we are all trying to do our best to continue making the music that we love. If we can't ALL work together on this (record companies, bands, magazines, promoters, journalists, radio stations, and fans) then the whole thing is going to go belly up. Let's face it, this is the biggest event we've had so far (over 1,000 tickets sold on the day) and it is privately funded!
No Clear Channel logos to be seen at our gigs. No corporate sponsorships. Just hard working people who love the music. How in the world can we all NOT consider cooperating with one another? So, consider this a plea to all the record companies involved.
Please, drop your egos and get more behind these packages. It's the only way all of us will continue to attempt to thrive. And all the naysayers, just please, find something else to do. There are a lot of people to thank and most of them are already mentioned on the message boards but I'll tip my hat to Kieran and Bruce (of course) along with all of our friends that pitched in to help them, as well as Pete and STS, Everyone from ARFM, and David Herron and Nottingham Rock City, a CLEARLY better choice of venue.
The Rig was great fun (but maybe no more of that "living legend" stuff, eh Dave??? I felt like a WW2 vet! Most of all, thanks to all of you that turned out. It was a great time and so much fun to meet you, sign cds (my hand still hurts) and share a few drinks. This is an event that we all made a success, so good on all of us and let's do it again next year!!!! All the best, Danny Vaughn.

Thanks Danny! Now, to our third point of business - Due to popular demand for the Firefest CD's, Crimes of Passion have decided to place the entirety of the CD online for you to download as MP3's. The last song is Dream of Me which is available right here. For the middle track, Pretty in Blood, and to complete the EP, you need to visit their website, create a free user account and you'll find it under *downloads*"
Thanks! Kris Hudson-Lee, Crimes of Passion.

Journey recently passed through Montreal and BW&BK's Mitch Lafon was there to cover the event. Mitch talked to guitarist Neal Schon before the show, the transcript of which appears below - with thanks to Mitch. I have printed this in full - as Neal makes some interesting comments. Comments I think that will require some following up with in due course.
Neal Schon - My Journey, By Mitch Lafon. The last time Journey got to say "Bonjour Montréal" was about 25 years ago. Much has changed, of course, since then with one exception – Journey still delivers a memorable night of brilliant melodic rock and showmanship. With a new album in tow (Generations), Journey's Neal Schon sat down with BW&BK to warm things up on a recent cold Montreal November evening in order to fill in some gaps.
BW&BK: Let's start with you. You started off with Santana and more recently released Soul Sirkus and I On U. Why go outside of Journey?
Neal Schon: "It's just something I started doing back in the '80s with the very first records with Jan Hammer. I miss some of the instrumental type stuff I was doing in Santana and there's no reason to cram in down Journey's throat. Journey is a song oriented band and this is what you have solo records for - to avoid becoming bored and trying to make the band something it isn't."
BW&BK: Soul Sirkus is a vocal album and some songs could have worked for Journey.
NS: "There was a couple songs that did end up on Journey's Generations that I wrote during the same time period that I wrote that material like Faith In The Heartland and Out Of Harm's Way. They were all written in the same month. I wrote about twenty songs that month and it was all going to be for the project that I was doing with Sammy Hagar."
BW&BK: You mean Planet Us. With Van Halen in limbo is Planet Us going to come back?
NS: "I think pretty much Sammy is retired. I saw him in Vegas a couple of weeks ago and we jammed and had some fun. We talked a little bit about doing this and that, but he's hanging out in Cabo and he nets a lot of money off of his tequila every year. He's got a beautiful house down there and he digs hanging out with his kids. I'm not saying he's done playing, but I think he's slowed down a lot his touring and that kind of stuff."
BW&BK: So, it's nothing you're going to revive soon.
NS: "It's nothing that I know about. If he calls me up and says 'Schon – let's go'. I'm gone and it'll be fun."
BW&BK: You just released the Journey: Live in Houston 1981, The Escape Tour DVD and put former vocalist Steve Perry back to work for you. How was that and why would you do that?
NS: "It wasn't me that did it. I okayed it, but only as long as I could hear the end result and have my vote on it. I don't have the time to do something like that. I've been out on tour with these guys and I've never really left touring since last summer. When I got done with the Journey tour. I went in and did the new Journey record Generations, then I went straight into rehearsals with Soul Sirkus did that tour and then straight back into rehearsals for this Journey tour. I've been out for almost two years now."
BW&BK: You never take a vacation, eh?
NS: "I need too (laughs)! I'm a little fried around this point."
BW&BK: Is it just a need to be creative?
NS: "You know, I didn't plan on putting out three CDs in a year. It was a fluke that it happened. The I On U record was sitting in the can and I sent the 8-tracks to Steve Vai. He called me back and said 'this would really work on my label (Favored Nations). Can you go back in the studio and do three new songs?' So, that's what I did, but eight of those songs had been done for three years. The Soul Sirkus thing came about real fast. I'd hooked up with Jeff Scott Soto (who I met at the NAMM show as well as Marco Mendoza) and Dean (Castronovo – Journey's drummer) was playing with us. I wanted to do something with this material that I had written with Planet Us. So, I decided to re-group and put it out with some guys that I think are 'happening'. And that's what I did. I sent Jeff all my material and he wrote all the vocals. When he got eight songs done, we went into the studio and knocked it out in a couple of days."
BW&BK: Is it (Soul Sirkus) a one-off or is it going to go on?
NS: "I would love for it to go on and I've said that it will go on, but something's got to happen for me to make it go on because I'm in the hole right now for about 300 000$. I'm the bank for the project. I set it up as a band and everybody gets an equal share, but everybody wants to get paid and I'm not getting paid. I'm paying to play. I'd love to see something happen with it, but we've had no luck getting it on a label in the States. It's out in Europe and we did well when we toured Europe."


BW&BK: Let's talk Journey. You've been doing this for 30 years and not many bands survive a vocalist change. Why do you think the fans keep coming back? What is it about Journey?
NS: "I don't know. I don't know, man. We refuse to go away, so I guess they keep on coming. They definitely like what they are seeing. Augeri is singing now and he conveys the songs in a positive way to which the audience is responding. As a band, we're kicking a lot of ass right now (musically) and we don't sound as old as we are (laughs). So, the spark is still there. You know guys like Jeff Beck sound like he's still 16, but then you got (Eric) Clapton that sound like he's taking a snooze. I used to love him when he had the fire inside, but now it's like 'man, c'mon play that Goddamn thing."
BW&BK: The band has toured pretty much every summer. Have you decided to go the live route and put out albums less frequently? What is the game plan?
NS: "That's where this band lives – on tour. We've actually done more touring this year than normal. Usually, we only do about three and half months in the summer, but now we're into our fifth month. I'm a little fried with the road right now."
BW&BK: You're also hitting markets you haven't it in ages...
NS: "Well, I went to management and said 'look if we're going to play more dates. Let's go to markets we haven't been.' We're also going to Mexico which we haven't played in about three years. We played Puerto Rico and sold out the Coliseum. I want to get over to Europe and play markets we've never played. It's virgin ground for us."
BW&BK: You really are the "American" band...
NS: "The fact is that we have been an 'American' band all of this time. They've never seen the different incarnations of Journey, so it'll be all brand new to them, but also our new audience in the States is all young kids. So, they never saw anything we were before either and they're checking us out going 'wow, these guys have got it going on.' There's guitar playing, there's drums – it's actually rock 'n roll. It's not what's all over MTV or whatever."
BW&BK: You're not like the other bands of your era that are doing clubs tours. You still play arenas and sheds...
NS: "We completely kicked ass in the sheds this year. In Detroit, we'll do two days in the sheds with 20 000 each night. Journey broke out of Detroit. That was the first city that hit our record (Infinity) really hard and it just spread from there."
BW&BK: Detroit is big for everybody. It broke Alice Cooper, Kiss, Ted Nugent...
NS: "It's a rock city. It's the rock capital. I don't know why it is, but it is."
BW&BK: Detroit Rock City as they say. Now, the new record "Generations" was just released up here...
NS: "We did something real interesting with this one and because of what we did – we actually made money on it. We built it in to the ticket price."
BW&BK: That's right – you gave it away at all the summer shows...
NS: "We tried to keep the ticket prices down, but we got a portion of the ticket price that went right into our pocket for the CD. I saw Prince do it. I went to his show in Minneapolis and I got pulled aside and was told to check this out: when you buy a ticket – you get his new record. So, I was like 'how does that work?' He gets 10$ off the top of every ticket. When you're with a major label... If you get 2$ a record that's a very high royalty and then you split it between five or six guys. So, it's not much and you have to sell millions and millions of copies to make any money. That's why bands tour – because you make more money on tour and selling swag. Everybody needs to make money and as much as we made - inflation hits everybody."


BW&BK: Giving CDs away at the door – is that something you see as the future of rock?
NS: "You know I'm going to try and do it exactly as we did it this time. We've got 350,000 or so copies out there. I have no idea if they're even selling in stores. People come to the concerts and they're singing the new songs without them being on the radio. That's pretty incredible. You give your audience the music. They don't have to go find it..."
BW&BK: Don't have to download it...
NS: "Right, I saw Prince do it and I thought it was one of the coolest things I've ever seen and especially for us because we hadn't been signed in years with a major label. We were free to go, but had a huge built-in audience. It won't work for a lot of bands because they don't have that built-in audience. Then we decided to license it after the biggest portion of the tour was over. So, we still own it and got some money up front for it."
BW&BK: Are you proud of the album? Is it a good Journey album?
NS: "I think it's a great Journey record. I really do. I think it's different, but I think it's better than the one we did before. "Arrival" was a good record, but it was an expensive record to make. It cost us so much money to make that record, some songs were good, but I didn't like the way every thing turned out in the end sound wise. I'm not crazy about my guitar sound on "Arrival" at all. Sounds like a buzz saw."
BW&BK: This one sounds like classic Journey...
NS: "This one is nuts & bolts. Some of it is right back to "Escape" or "Frontiers" with the Motown rock vibe with the blues guitar and only one guitar – no overdubs. I went back to that because that's what I've been a fan of for years. Everything today sounds like there's ten zillion guitars and they're all fuzzy – why all the overdubs?"
BW&BK: Everything now sounds stale. There was a magic to early Aerosmith, early Clapton, early Beatles... there was a vibe and now with digital we've lost "the vibe"...
NS: "The fidelity is not the same and a lot of people critiqued our sound on Generations because we went back to analogue. We went back to the old style."
BW&BK: We're you trying to go back a re-capture the old sound or is this just what comes out of you... your soul?
NS: "That's what the music sounds like. That's the era we come from and we're not trying to be the flavour of the month. We're not trying to re-invent ourselves."
BW&BK: But it wasn't a contrived attempt to be Journey 1981...
NS: "We prefer the sound of our older records. We like analogue as opposed to pro-tools. I think for bass, guitar and drums – you can't beat analogue."
BW&BK: Where does Journey and / or Neal Schon go from here?
NS: "I'm going to go do a blues record with a lot of different female & male singers. I might redo a few Journey tracks in a different way like Walks Like A Lady, Living To Do, I'm Crying and redo some Ray Charles tunes. We also have a ton of old Journey stuff in the can that'll just keep on coming and we (this band) shot a live DVD in Dallas (2005). We went all out - we brought in pyro... we did everything and did our three hour show that we were doing earlier this year and that'll come out next year, but I don't know what I'm doing right now other than I'm moving from the Bay area to Minneapolis. My wife is from there and I love that town musically. All of Prince's ex-boys live there, great clubs to go jam in and great people in general. COLD, but I'll get used to the snow easy. I'm just ready for a change."
For more visit:

Butch Walker has updated his MySpace page with a new post - in reads in part:
"i'm gonna go into the studio this year and bang out 2 new records for you to chew on next spring. one will be a new Butch Walker record, and the other will be a new Band record (i will reveal more on this later). should be a cool thing and you can have your cake and eat it too, cuz they will probably definitely maybe be released at the same time. enjoy that...
also, sooner than that, i will be releasing a DVD of the tour from Japan this past year. Live at Budokan will be released on Dec. 13th, and you can preorder it online at the Sony store right now for pretty cheap at: this little gift i made for you has the concert from the Budokan arena, as well as some silly, cliche, "ooh look at the band being funny", backstage footage... oh, there's also a cool little bonus! there's the live concert video from '03's This is Me... Justified and Stripped acoustic show at the Variety Playhouse Theatre in Atlanta!!! now you can see it instead of just listen to your little CD you have of it.. yay. i'm nice.
The band Butch refers to is his new side project LSD (Lead Singer's Disease) and the track listing for the DVD is as follows:
Live at Budokan - Intro . Sober . Promise . Race Cars and Goth Rock . Diary Of A San Fernando Sexx Star . Mixtape . Don't Move . Best Thing You Never Had . Cigarette Lighter Love Song . Suburbia . Grant Park . Over Your Head . Every Monday . Freak Of The Week . Let Me Go . Take Tomorrow (One Day at a Time).
Stripped Bonus - Intro . Radio Tokyo . Uncomfortably Numb . #1 Summer Jam . Last Flight Out . Mixtape . Best Thing You Never Had . Lights Out.


Aussie power pop outfit Square One will release their debut album in Japan December 14. Supersonic is the long awaited album which was signed for a European release some time back, but unfortunately that never eventuated. The Japanese release is the world first for the band via the label Stay Gold.
The Track Listing is: Tonight . Sweet September . Wings To Fly . Hazy . Love Struck Melody . Free Flow Feeling . Colour Me Blue . Dizzy Colour Blind . Supersonic . Ups And Downs . Rock N Roll Hysteria . Seven Witches (Bonus Track For Japan) . Always With You (Bonus Track).


Yesterday I announced Queen + Paul Rodgers would hit the USA in early 2006. Unbeknown to me, some ticket prices are as high as US$200. Sorry guys, but that's outrageous.
It seems many agree, with guitarist Brian May already posting on his website to defend the high prices. Billboard have picked up on this also, which certainly isn't the best bit of PR for the tour. This from: -
"Yesterday, guitarist Brian May took to his official Web site to address some fan concerns about the price of tickets for the upcoming shows, which top out at around $200.
"Well, I sympathize, guys, but I know our tickets are nowhere near as expensive as the Stones, or Elton, or whatever (they COULD be!)," he wrote. "People are under no obligation to buy these things! We've made a decision to work indoors rather than outdoors, so that the fans get a better show. Most bands elect to go out and do the 'sheds' in the summer to make money. This is about doing the maximum show that is possible, in arenas, which are conducive to a show of the magnitude of ours. Of course the capacities are less this way, so ticket prices will be higher. But, sound-wise, view-wise and show-wise, I'll personally guarantee it will be worth it!"

Press Release / The date for the 6th Annual Cruefest Hollywood has been finalized! We are now searching for 8 more great bands to perform at this wonderful Charity Event! All bands must be able to perform at least one complete Motley Crue song!
If your band is interested in playing Cruefest Hollywood 2006 please email All band submissions will be considered! This is an excellent opportunity for you to have your band and music showcased at the World Famous Whisky A Go-Go!
For more information, please check out or email

The CD Release Dates page has been given an update - once again, possibly the last big update of the year before new titles and dates flow through in January. Check it out.




Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Former AOR favourites Norway have announced their return. Jim Santos sent in the following update. "Well, we finally have finished recording the new record (Still untitled). I'm busily mixing it right now. I have no doubts that it will be the best Norway record yet.
Recorded at my home studio, we had a great ambiance, a roomful of guitars amps and keyboards, and enough time to get it right. We have a new singer on this outing, former Tradia & Departure vocalist Dave Baldwin."

That's certainly good news for fans and I'll be sure to pass on additional information as it comes to light. Some of the songs lined up for this album include: The Power of Gold, Save Me, American Girl and Only One I Need.


Perris Records is proud to announce the signing of Beautiful Creatures for the Europe market. Their new album Deuce will be released in Europe in February 2006. Deuce will contain 4 bonus tracks for the Europe market only. The album was released in Japan in the early spring 2005 and released with different tracks in the US this past summer. Now, It's time to rock Europe! Look for the full page ad coming soon in Classic Rock Magazine. More news shortly.
WebLinks: and

John Waite looks like he will take to the stage in Europe as part of the Arrow Classic Rock Festival in Lichtenvoorde on June 10, 2006.
He wil then play in Holland again on June 11. A little more information at:

Vocalist Robert Mason (Lynch Mob, Cry of Love) and Dave Henzerling (a.k.a. David Michael-Philips - King Kobra, Keel, Lizzy Borden) of Big Cock did a hilarious interview on the Hairball John Radio show which airs all this week. Check it out if you get the chance:

There is a 15 minute clip of VH1's Metal Mania, Stripped Across America Tour on the video page of the website:

Passing along some new Journey full length video clips from the new Live In Houston DVD for you! Check out Don't Stop Believin' via - Quicktime, Real Media or Windows Media.

Check out the new web site and it will give you a link to CD Baby where you can listen/order Danny Tate's new CD, Destination X.

Daize Shayne will be a featured surfer in a Net Zero national television commercial. The commercial will be shot at SurfRider Beach in Malibu his Dec. 5th and 6th.

Dave Navarro (Jane's Addiction/Red Hot Chili Peppers/RockStar: Inxs) has just launched his new website as well as a streaming live audio broadcasts from his home. The radio site has been up for a few days and already has included some appearances from Carmen Electra, Courtney Love and The Start. Tune in to spread radio via his website at:

Vocalist Keith Slack wants to share some new tunes with you. Check out: and his other project

The Living Loud CD and DVD is being released in the US on Jan 10 2006 via Capitol EMI -- The tracklisting is the same as the overseas releases but with TWO added bonus tracks: Last Chance . I Don't Know . Every Moment A Lifetime . Crazy Train . In The Name Of God . Flying High Again . Pushed Me Too Hard . Mr Crowley . Tonight . Walk Away . Over The Mountain . Gimme Some Lovin' . Good Times . Bonus Tracks: Crazy Train (live) . Good Times (Live).
DVD Bonus footage - Documentary . In The Name Of God (film clip) . TV Commercials . photo gallery . biographies.

Press Release / Some of rock's greatest anthems are to be heard performed live again across America after more than 20 years, as rock legends Queen, now joined forces with Paul Rodgers, singer and songwriter of Bad Company/Free fame, announce they are to play a 23 date tour of the USA and Canada this coming Spring.
The tour announcement comes only a matter of weeks after Queen and Rodgers ignited sold out box office and strong media attention with two showcase performances at Meadowlands, NJ, and the Hollywood Bowl on a stop-off along the way to their recent sold out Japanese tour.
Away from the North America concert circuit for more than two decades – an enforced retirement brought on by the tragic loss of lead singer Freddie Mercury, Queen with Rodgers will launch into their coast-to-coast tour Friday March 3 in Miami, Fl at the American Airlines Arena.
Spending six weeks on US soil, the band will closely re-route it's triumphant '82 North American tour, bringing it back to the Queen-heartlands Washington, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, Seattle, Portland, among other US cities, plus Canadian stops in Toronto and Vancouver, where the tour winds up on April 13, 2006.
Tickets for these much-anticipated shows go on sale earliest December 3 with on sales across the country at different dates up until December 17.
Tickets can be purchased via Ticketmaster with a Special Presale starting November 30th at,, or
A little further news on this is available at:

Glass Wolfe is a new project featuring vocalist Maria Glass and keyboard player/producer Philip Wolfe (Impellitteri, WASP, Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Rox Diamond). The new album features such guests as Ray Schenck (Hellion), Iain Ashley Hersey, Stuart Smith (Heaven and Earth), Paul Daniels (Rox Diamond) and others.
More information can be found at:

BACH GIG PIX ONLINE: is proud to announce the posting of exclusive pictures of former Accept guitarist Wolf Hoffman's performance with Sebastian Bach (former Skid Row frontman). The show took place this past weekend in Poughkeepsie, NY @The Mid Hudson Civic Center. This is the one and only performance of Wolf with Sebastian and was in "the pit" to catch all the action!
Also on the bill that night was former Dokken/Lynch Mob/LP guitarist George Lynch, Yngwie Malmsteen and Twisted Sister. You can check out the pix from all these performers from this show at:

Ok, I have an update on UK melodic rockers Pulse - possibly the most complex and confusing band to ever grace the AOR scene. The final word on these guys is that they have not broken up. However, both Vince & Andy have left the band and there are no real plans in place for a future for the band. Stay tuned from now on via:




Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A little super cool news for fans of The Outfield. The band are preparing to release the The Outfield - Live for free download @
This from the band: "After a slight delay in the release schedule, the Live CD is back on track for release, with one major catch: It will be released over the next 3 months as a free download on "". Having spent the past few months working out some publishing issues regarding some of the songs that were to be included on the live album, we felt it wasn't fair to make you fans wait any longer for these songs. So we've decided to make them available for download at no cost!"
The first two tracks on offer are: 1. Intro, 2. This Love Affair. The band will be releasing 2 songs every two weeks along with upcoming cover art so that fans can burn and create their own disc.
The Outfield's very good current studio CD Any Time Now is for sale via CD baby thru and the guys are also been busy writing and recording material for new release some time in 2006.


Press Release / On December 13, the forthcoming Kiss double DVD Rock The Nation Live! will get an exclusive preview at the Hard Rock Cafe in Amsterdam, Holland. About a week before the DVD's official release in Europe, Kiss fans can already get a taste of the DVD as the band's European label SonyBMG in cooperation with Kiss Kollector Fanclub have set up an official release party in Amsterdam. Fans not only will get to see a the double set DVD, the package will also be available for purchase that night whereas in most European countries, the DVD won't be available in stores until December 19.
Also, the Hard Rock Cafe will be serving special Kiss Burger menus on the evening of the event. For more details on the preview/release party, see

Press Release / Battle Bratt is proud to announce their new licensing distribution deal on November 28th 2005 for a 2006 re-release of their highly sought after 1988 debut record to be released on Battle Cry Records, Europe.
The reissue will have a newly revised CD insert that will include new photos of the band from that era making this a collector's item to own. The reissue will also contain the four song original Winds Of Change demo tracks; the songs were later to be rerecorded professionally for the record. The bonus tracks will be placed at the end of the CD and will be in their original demo state with no major reproduction. To find out more about the Battle Bratt reissue CD and other great bands on Battle Cry Records logon to their official website at
This is the calm before the storm coming out of the Bratt camp. The band quotes, that the new Battle Bratt record will be nothing you that have ever heard coming out of an eighties American metal band. The new record entitled Seed Of The Universe is in full production right now with a half the songs for the record competed and a compilation of experimental and creative ideas waiting to be recorded. The band feels that Battle Cry Records who has great respect for the band has given the band a great launching pad to let the world know that Eighties Metal Headz can still kick azz in a world made neo-punk, gothic rockers and rebellious college kidz who go by the letter X and Y, we will rock you.

A little update on the SonyBMG Digital Rights megastorm - from today - The Los Angeles Times keeps its hand in outcry over the ongoing XCP-fueled Sony BMG meltdown today with an editorial declaring that the company shot itself in the foot so badly this month that it may have wounded the entire music industry. While most would argue the music industry's already been badly wounded for years, the Times editorial further points out (with alliterative flourish) that Sony BMG's disastrous dalliance with invasive anti-piracy technology gives music fans yet another reason to view the major record labels as victimizers, not victims. Just that point of view has been expressed by certain industry insiders, who have suggested that, in addition to the lawsuits already brought against Sony BMG in Texas and elsewhere, the company may soon be sued by other labels and even its own artists. Looks like this one won't be going away anytime soon.

Here is that LA Times Editorial - Sony BMG, the world's second-largest record company, shot itself in the foot so badly this month that it may have wounded the entire music industry. Its disastrous dalliance with invasive anti-piracy technology gives music fans yet another reason to view the major record labels as victimizers, not victims. Full story:,1,7355316.story.

And finally - one programmer's detailed expose on the XCP Toolkit Software can ve found at:

AOR Dreamzones has a new Balance II interview online now. Check it out.

Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame nominees for 2006 were announced today. No surprises to see bands such as Van Halen and Journey ignored as usual. This year those nominated are: Black Sabbath, Miles Davis, Blondie, Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Sex Pistols.

German melodic metallers Edguy have finalized the track listing for their new album, Rocket Ride, due on January 20, 2006 through Nuclear Blast. The tracks are: Sacrifice, Rocket Ride, Wasted Time), Matrix, Return To The Tribe, The Asylum, Save Me, Catch Of The Century, Out Of Vogue, Superheroes, Trinidad, Fucking With Fire.

As promised, the Feature Reviews area has been given a big update in line with the Reviews update of yesterday. You can now add your own CD reviews for these titles: Inxs / Switch, Night Ranger / Hits, Acoustic & Rarities, The Darkness / One Way Ticket To Hell...And Back, 91 Suite / Times They Change, Tony Martin / Scream, Bad Habit / Hear-say, Legs Diamond / Diamonds Are Forever, Mak Spiro / Mighty Blue Ocean, Radioactive / Taken, Khymera / A New Promise, Soul Doctor / For A Fistful Of Dollars, Bruce Turgon / Outside Looking In, The Mob / The Mob, Change Of Heart / Truth Or Dare, Johnny Lima / Version 1.2, Various Artists / Metal Mania Stripped 2, The Anthems, Seventh Key / Live In Atlanta and Primal Fear / Seven Seals.
Get busy - add your reviews!

The Best Of 2005 (So Far) has also been updated after yesterday's Reviews were added. Titles here are in no particular order, but these are the releases in line for the 2005 MelRock Awards. Check it out.




Monday, November 28, 2005

The magnificent Hooters played a rare US show November 16 in their hometown of Philadelphia. The World Cafe Live show celebrated Hifi House's 50th Anniversary, with some of the ticket proceeds going to cancer-fighting foundation Alex's Lemonade Stand and community-outreach music education program Music Lab.
The gig was broadcast live on WXPN-FM and featured the following set list - Time Stand Still (New Song) . Blood From A Stone . Hanging On A Heartbeat . Day By Day . Fightin' On The Same Side . That's The Way I Will Remember (New Song) . South Ferry Road . Piano Intro / Graveyard Waltz . 500 Miles . Deeper Down (New Song) . Deliver Me . Private Emotion . Deliver Me (Reprise) . Johnny B . Satellite . Karla With A K . And We Danced . Encore 1: All You Zombies . Encore 2: The Boys Of Summer (Don Henley Cover) . Where Do The Children Go (w/ Shamsi Ruhe) . Twenty-Five Hours A Day . Encore 3: Morning Buzz (New Song) . Time After Time (Recorded By Cyndi Lauper) . One Of Us (Recorded By Joan Osbourne).
Even better news - thanks to my good bud Matt - this entire broadcast will be featured this week in MR-X! It is quite simply a superb show highlighting what a classic melodic rock band The Hooters are. Hopefully their long anticipated new studio album will take shape in 2006.

Firefest II took place this weekend and from all reports, a bloody good time was had by all. Sorry I couldn't be there! The first reports in suggest that all bands present on the day had great shows, with the early buzz talking favorably about Harem Scarem, Vaughn, House Of Lords and Shy. Blue Tears and Nexx were the talk of the Friday Night pre-show party...but stay tuned for some pictures and reports from those there on the day.
Nottingham RockCity had close to 1000 rock fans packed in to see some of the best melodic rock bands around. Time to start lobbying for a Firefest 3 in 2006 I think!

DON DOKKEN TALKS METAL: has posted episode 22 of their Talking Metal podcast. The episode is the third in a three part series spotlighting the VH1 Classic Metal Mania Stripped Across America Tour 2005. Included in this music driven Dokken special are interviews co-host John Ostronomy conducted with Dokken frontman Don Dokken and Metal Mania tour manager/Adler's Appetite guitarist Craig Bradford. Hosts Mark Strigl and Ostronomy also cover topics including Dokken's history, Adler's Appetite, Axl Rose, and the Guns N Roses forthcoming album, Chinese Democracy. A picture as well as the 30 minute podcast can be downloaded at this location ( iTunes users can also subscribe to "Talking Metal" for free at this location (

Power/Progressive Metal band Vindex signs on for the release of their full length debut Power Forge. Hailing from Slovakia, Vindex delivers their brand of pure power metal laced with progressive elements driven by twin neo classical guitars. What makes Vindex unique is the voice of vocalist Ludek Struhar who could be a dead ringer for Accept vocalist Udo Dirkschneider. Power Forge contains 11 tracks of brain crushing metal sure to please fans of Grave Digger, Accept, UDO, Edguy, and Stratovarious. Release Date January 2006.


Not a whole lot of news added today, as I have been working all day completing the latest Reviews Update. I have really covered some titles in this update, with only one release of all featured delivering a disappointment. The majority of the titles are all good/very good in their own individual ways, so be sure to read through the reviews to find the titles best suited to your taste.
Tomorrow I will open up the interactive Feature Reviews so you can add your own views on a range of these titles. But for now - check out new reviews for:
Inxs, The Darkness, Night Ranger, 91 Suite, Tony Martin, Bad Habit, Legs Diamond, Flagship, Terra Nova, Line Of Fire, Mark Spiro, Divinefire, Green, Rox Diamond, The Click Five, Urs, Pleasure Maker, XYZ, Shannon Noll, Paul Black's LA Guns, VTR, Gary Schutt, Toyz, Black Majesty, Vulpine, No Nation, Shakra, Bright Horizon, Teenage Casket Co & Daize Shayne. Check them out now!




Friday, November 25, 2005

Popular Spanish melodic rock outfit Nexx have finally signed a new label deal for the release of their second album in 2006. The new label is UK based Angel Milk Records.
Label proprietor Andy Bramhall confirms the following: "I am proud and fortunate to be in a position to give these guys a well deserved break in getting this new album out into the market place, these guys are my first signing and there's a genuine "buzz" around the office's with the news. The band are a close knit family, the vibe is great, the band are hardworking and the songs are fantastic! I am truly proud to be associated with the Nexx family. The new album will sound sonically profound and will show the band off to their truest potential. The bands first album Colours sold over 4,500 copies and was well received within the community, this new album we are all hoping will sell many more units, the band really deserve to do well, and I'll say once again that I am very fortunate to be involved in helping these extremely talented and humble people really "Step up a gear "in 2006."
The new album will be mixed and produced by Pete "Peewee" Coleman at the famous "Jellyjam Studios" in the UK. Recording starts early December 2005 for an early Feb/March 2006 release.

Following the recent demise of British melodic rockers Pride, fellow countrymen Pulse regret to announce that they have also decided to split.
This from the band: "Vince O'Regan & Andy Mills have decided to leave pulse. After 5 years of being let down by certain band members enough is enough. ALL gigs booked by Pulse will be honoured by Alibi playing tracks from their debut album & selected Pulse tracks."

Suncity Records are back with their two new releases - both due out December 5.
The first title is the archive sequal release from Blue Tears, titled Dancin' On The Back Streets. It is the second CD of unreleased material from the band this year and features the following tracks:
Summer Girl . Loud Guitars, Fast Cars And Wild, Wild Women . Kiss And Tell . Storm In My Heart . Slip And Fall . A Date With Destiny . All Cried Out . Forever Yours . Do You Want Me? . Small Town Dreams . Livin' In The Movies . She's Not Falling In Love . Strong . Touch . Dark Of The Night . Dream Of Me.

The second release is Swingin' Thing - Keep On Swingin'. This one is for fans of the Glam/Sunset Strip scene. The CDs both comes with great artwork and unseen pictures plus lyrics.
Full details can be found at:


Tony Martin has taken a few minutes to stop and write down his thoughts on his new solo album Scream, out now through MTM Music.
Tony writes: "As a singer Tony Martin has worked on many projects the most famous being Black Sabbath. Now, I have ventured out on my own once again to become a solo artist after 10 years of laying low.
It's an exciting time of course but also a time of uncertainty. The industry I was part of with Black Sabbath is a very different place to the one today. Mostly, the technology has changed and it's had contradicting effects on the way we work with record labels. The download thing has affected the industry heavily, but the positive side is we no longer have to use large expensive studios to make music work. This new album is a product of these conditions.
After leaving Black Sabbath, I didn't much want to be involved in music and only played part time when I wanted to, and though I was writing, It was mostly other styles of music to that of Sabbath. I was convinced that I should leave the Sabbath thing behind and find a new direction. Easier said, than done!!
I had been working in the heavy rock side of music for 30 years previous, and Sabbath was the last 10 years of it, so it was always hiding inside my writing, and usually appeared in some track somewhere. The songs I wrote over the years were never one definite style, I guess my first solo album Back Where I Belong got closest to being a particular style, but it wasn't a comfortable one. I still liked experimenting with music and mixing stuff, and liked the raunchy side that heavy music gives.
The result of all this, is that I moved back toward the dark side!!! Well almost, I still write with every kind of direction, I found it impossible to write any other way, but it mostly now has an undeniably heavy attitude. Trouble is, It's untested. I have no idea how it will be received, what I do know is that there are some great tracks on this new album. Putting them all together is the brave part!
Firstly I called the album Scream and it was originally part of a trilogy called "Clean, Mean & Scream" 3 different albums incorporating all the styles I was interested in as a writer and musician. But the Trilogy idea was too diverse for a solo release so I was forced to rethink the way forward and because of so many people asking for a heavy release, I decided to focus on that and separated "Scream" from the other 2 titles.
The tracks on the album are titled, "Raising Hell" "Bitter Sweet" "Field of lies" "I'm gonna live forever" "Surely love is dead" "Faith in madness" "Scream" "The kids of today" "Wherever you go" and an extra track for Japan titled "Unbearable".
The extra track "Unbearable" that is on the Japanese release is a really important one for me because it was co-written with my eldest son. It is very much more punky than the other tracks and even borders on the "Rap metal" but I love it and I hope it finds a place in the good books!!
The words are very symbolic of being trapped in a situation and not being able to "breathe" and needing a way out. The music is very energetic and contradicting and was great to play, the chords are a REALLY unusual sequence and is typical of the stuff that kids of today play. Great!
"Raising Hell" is also very special to me because it features the playing of Cozy Powell. When I was a member of Cozy Powells Hammer way back in the early 90's, I was working then with Mario Parga (Guitar) and Neil Murray (Bass), and I asked Cozy if he had any drum patterns I could use to write songs around. He said he would record some, and he did! He gave me a tape that he had recorded at home with just drum patterns on it. No music, just Cozy Powell playing drums! Coool!!! After a while I put it aside, and eventually forgot about it. Then when I moved house 4 years ago, I came across the tape and began working with it.
I have 22 tracks that I'm working on, and hope to one day release them. They are all completely new songs, unheard, and mostly written by me although I'm trying to get some of Cozy's previous colleagues to appear too. "Raising Hell" is one of the ideas that I actually rehearsed with Cozy and recorded a demo for at the time. He said "It would be a good track for you to do on your next solo album" .. and here it is. After all those years I finally got it done. It was painstaking work to get this track finished, and it was important to do justice to his name. I decided to keep a Rainbow approach for this track because his drumming on this was very reminiscent of that period.
I have also co-written some of the songs on the album with keyboard player Geoff Nicholls, another Sabbath member of my years in the band. Geoff co-wrote "Bitter Sweet" "Field of lies" "Wherever you go" and "Raising Hell" and is a master at those spooky sounds and chords. This is where the Sabbath sound comes from on this album, his ideas were never really credited on the albums that Sabbath did, and a lot of the chord structures he did were how I came up with melodies, and sometimes the atmosphere of the keyboard sounds made it easier to make my lyrics work. Similarly these tracks have Geoff Nicholls sound all over them. Very atmospheric and moody, and powerful.
"Field of lies" was written about the Iraq war, and I had to build a guitar specially to record this song because we tuned down to A!!! For those of you that understand, that's 5 semitones down from normal concert pitch tuning! The only way we could get a sound that matched the album was to build a guitar! Mad or What!!
"Bitter Sweet" is the "fear of dying" type lyric that appears in a lot of Sabbath type songs. But "Wherever you go" was a complete departure from the rest and originated from a passage of music that Geoff played on keyboards with an acoustic guitar sound! The melody was great but we couldn't use it because it had been recorded partly with an arpeggio generator in the keyboard and we couldn't re-create the passage so I had to learn how to play it on REAL acoustic guitar.
It sounds easy, but It took me a while! The melody and lyrics are very much more acoustic in style but considered and meaningful.
I like these tracks, Geoff and I will team up for a small tour later in 2005 and possibly more songs on future albums. I have great respect for his work. Fantastic!!
I have 4 children, all of them are musical in some way, and my youngest son Joe Harford has also joined me on this album. He played most of the guitar parts and solos and played endlessly through long nights with just bottles of beer and 20 different guitar sounds and instruments!!! I am very proud of them all. The sounds AND the kids!!! Joe will join me on the road for the tour also, bringing past and present together. He also has his own band called Freak Porn Experiment and you can find them on the net. But they are a really interesting modern band. Nice name!!! Some of Joes friends brought guitars and amps and all sorts of stuff to my house so that we could get the right sound for each track. Great kids, They deserve more beer!!!
I am actually really interested in a lot of the music that the younger players make. It's great that rock and variations of it still ROCK!! Thanks dudes!
The other tracks, "Faith in madness" "I'm gonna live forever" "The kids of today" "Surely love is dead" and "Scream" are Written by me but played with the help of other players and friends. I play electric violin on "Scream" which I'm going to try on the road, that should be interesting!!!
It's been a huge journey to put this album together, and I'm really pleased to have MTM records and Avalon in Japan on the team to get it released. They are among the few that I trust to give you the full Tony Martin story. In almost every interview I am asked what my influences have been that make my music work. It's all here in Scream, and it starts here and it starts now!
The album was recorded at my house in, believe it or not Headless Cross!! Yep I actually live in Headless Cross in Worcestershire England, and I have driven the neighbours insane with it so now it's your turn! Turn it up and go for it!!"

You might recall that Dan Clavadetscher sent in a report from the opening Journey show earlier this year. Dan was kind enough to forward another report on today - Def Leppard appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Here's Dan's report:
I had the chance to watch the soundcheck, see the performance at "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and talk to Rick Allen and Phil Collen afterward. Here are the details:
Soundcheck - Rock of Ages . Foolin' . Rock of Ages . Foolin' - (The band ran through both songs that they would be performing live twice in this order).
Setlist: Rock of Ages . Foolin' . Photograph . Animal . Promises . Let It Go . Pour Some Sugar On Me.
A crowd of more than 600 jammed the concert area in the parking lot behind the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, California, for the last show of the 2005 Def Leppard tour and a national television appearance on the "Jimmy Kimmel Live" show.
As the program is taped, Def Leppard took the stage at around 840 p.m. Pacific Time. Following an introduction from the show's host, Jimmy Kimmel, he threw it to a video screen where approximately 20 Marines stationed in Iraq introduced the band. Following a spirited version of Rock of Ages, the show went to a commercial. After the break, they came back and ended the televised portion with Foolin.
At the conclusion of the program, Joe faced the crowd and asked "And now, we will take some requests if you would like. What do you want to hear? Since the cameras are off, you can let your hair down and your tits out." After the crowd threw out a number of requests, the band played Photograph and Animal.
Joe again addressed the fans and said "I don't really know what we will do." Then then launched into Promises. Between each song the five talked about the song they would play next, which added an unrehearsed atmosphere to the evening.
After "Promises," a number of people requested such classics as "Rock Brigade" and "Wasted." Phil played the first few notes of Wasted and the crowd roared with approval. Joe then sang the words Hello America, and looked over at Vivian, who just shook his head and said "No."
Following another discussion, the band played Let It Go and ended the evening and tour with Pour Some Sugar on Me. Rather than end the show with his customary, "Don't forget us and we won't forget you," Joe signed off by saying "Thanks a lot. We'll see you next tour."
Brief Conversation With Phil Collenand Rick Allen - I asked both Phil and Rick when Yeah is expected to be released. Both said in separate conversations that it will hit stores in March or April 2006, to coincide with the next tour.
In addition, Phil said he is heading back to England soon to finish up work on the Man-Raze CD. He said the band has 12 songs ready to go.

MR-X has been updated as it is each and every Friday. Online today is two special features and some new videos.
Toto fever is beginning to rise, so today I have a 2 disc, 20 track soundboard show from the band - Live At Budokan, Tokyo Japan May 18, 1982. On top of that - 15 rare Joseph Williams Westcoast demos from June, 1980!
There is also something for Robert Plant fans - a new 2005 Promo Interview CD, sent out to promote Plant's Mighty ReArranger release.
And this week's new video clips are: Billy Idol - Scream and Rebel Yell (Acoustic 2005); UFO - Back Into My Life and Let It Rain; plus Tangier - Southbound Train.
Do not forget the mega-competition in play for a stack of CDs plus Motley Crue live tickets and a DVD. And not only that, but everything else added in recent weeks is online for one last week before some changes need to be made!
Join now - MR-X Membership Details.


Reviews due up Monday and a host of other page updates due next week. Also, it's now less than 4 weeks now until our new baby is due, so if I disappear for a few know what's going on!



Thursday, November 24, 2005

The latest update from Chris Catena has just arrived in. Chris is still working on his second album Discovery - The Return of the Galactic Freakboy, a spacey concept album.
The album will be really introspective and spiritual. Some song (working) titles are Resurrection, Hot Damn..oh..Mercy Man, Forgive Me, Monkey Bizz, The Flight, Cosmic Girl, The Chosen One, In a New Dimension, The Last Goodbye, The Spacefreak King, Comin' Home, Fallin' For Love, Deeper Underground (Jamiroquai cover), Space Rocket Messiah (instrumental).
Some names featuring in this new project are Uriah Duffy (Chistina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, Whitesnake), Bobby Kimball (Toto), Timothy Drury (Melissa Etheridge, Whitesnake, Eagles), Doug Aldrich (Dio, Whitesnake, House of Lords), Tony Franklin (The Firm, Whitesnake, Roy Harper, Blue Murder), Bruce Kulick (Kiss, Grand Funk, Michael Bolton, Meat Loaf), Steve Salas (Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger, George Clinton), Tommy Denander (Paul Stanley), Marco Mendoza (Whitesnake, Soul Sirkus, Ted Nugent, Thin Lizzy, Blue Murder) , Doug Bossi (David Coverdale), Earl Slick (David Bowie), Pat Travers, Carmine Appice (Rod Stewart, Blue Murder, King Kobra, Vanilla Fudge), Victor Indrizzo (Macy Gray, David Gahan, Depeche Mode, Scott Weiland, Paul Stanley), Martyn LeNoble (Porno for Pyros, Jane's Addiction, The Cult), Kee Marcello (Europe), Maurizio Solieri (Vasco Rossi), Ed Mundel (Monster Magnet), Vitalij Kuprij, Janne Stark, Daniel Flores and others.....
As for the debut album Freak Out! the artwork is made by Derek Riggs (Iron Maiden, Stratovarius).
In the meantime Catena signed a deal which will feature the release of his successful debut album Freak Out! throughout Russia in a limited edition digipack, with 4 unreleased bonus tracks, a different booklet and probably a DVD track. The title will be Freak The Hell Out!

Catena on Tommy Denander - Catena's participation to the new album Taken from the all star project Radioactive, is limited to the Japanese market. He features in a duet with Thomas Vikström (Candlemass) on the song The Darkness Inside. "I have felt honoured to take part to this project as well as to work with Tommy Denander who is a brilliant composer and a great guitar player. I am happy he is so busy producing and recording. We had a good time playing a gig together in Rome. Actually many projects of mine are ready to be released and i am even discussing the details for the release of my live album and of my cover album."
Catena on Vitalij Kuprij's forthcoming album Revenge - "5 days ago i had the luck to organize a wonderful party in my house to welcome my longtime friend and great keyboard player, Mr Vitalij Kuprij. We had the chance to listen to his brand new album Revenge. Well, I am proud I cooperated to this album because it is well produced, it is mature and it is full of great songs, Yes! You should listen to the song I sang to realize it. Let the future unfold is a hit, a real masterpiece and I am proud Vitalij chose me to sing it. I feel blessed!"
Check out the release of this incredible project! It's a real band featuring Michael Harris, John Macaluso and Randy Coven. Among the singers I have the honour to share the bill with John Lynn Turner, Goran Edman and Doogie White.
Catena on the Pavic album Taste Some Liberty - "I had a cool time recording with Marko Pavic, co - producing his debut CD and arranging the vocal lines. I think it is an album with a good potential. You can hear few clips goin' on It's a mix of Rainbow, Whitesnake, Journey, Malmsteen. I personally love Summer of '98 because it is autobiographical. I am particularly proud I took the courage to change my style a bit. It was hard but my voice is in development and I am studying new solutions. This album can testify I can sing different ways."
The album will be released on December 12 and will follow by a gig as opener to John Macaluso and Alex Masi band at Stazione Birra on December 16.


Press Release / This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the much vaunted New Wave Of British Heavy Metal...a legacy which still burns brightly today with the likes of Iron Maiden and Def Leppard. The club at the centre of this movement back in 1980 was London's Heavy Metal Soundhouse headed up the Metal Guru and DJ Neal Kay. Highly regarded as the springboard for so many bands of the time, a theory not lost on Iron Maiden when they named their debut recording The Soundhouse Tapes EP after the club. The club also celebrates its 30th anniversary, 1975 being the year the club started playing Rock music, in a world where the London nightlife was dominated by disco.
Saturday 3rd December 2005 sees the 5th annual Soundhouse Reunion party at the Rayners in Harrow, North West London. (Nearest Tube – Rayners Lane) described in Classic Rock magazine recently as "the party to end all parties" this is London's biggest and best Rock night. Again the evergreen Neal Kay will be your host and again you can expect an evening of pure nostalgia featuring the best in Classic Rock & Metal from the 70's & 80's.
Advance tickets are strongly advised as the evening is usually a sell out. Tickets can be obtained via the website, and the venue.

Sad news posted at Yahoo! News: Houston - Chris Whitley, a chameleon singer-songwriter who oscillated between roots rock 'n' roll, blues and alt-rock, has died. He was 45.
Whitley died Sunday of lung cancer in Houston, according to his record label, Messenger Records.
"I hope you all will mourn my brother's death, but more important, celebrate his life as Chris was all about life and living," read a message on the singer's Web site from his brother, Daniel. "I started the celebration by cranking up `Dirt Floor' in his honor."
Dirt Floor was Whitley's 1998 album. He recorded 11 albums since his 1991 debut, Living with the Law, including this year's Soft Dangerous Shores.
Although born in Houston, Whitley spent time in Germany, New York, Louisiana and other locations. His musical styles also wandered, touching upon everything from rock and blues to electronica and jazz.
Whitley told the Houston Chronicle earlier this year that his eclectic genre mix reflected the myriad, searching themes of his music.
"I'm always looking for something kind of melancholy," Whitley said. "I guess I was trying to mix these things without really knowing it. I write in a way that's more subconscious, just trying to articulate some mystery that's not obvious."

Press Release / In the last times, there's been a lot of talk on how downloading and piracy has hurt the music industry. Also, the way to arrive to the masses for newer bands has become more and more difficult, as the music market seems to close the door for them. To try to change this situation, Bad Way will be the first band in the world who will give 2 copies instead of one to everyone who buys their CD, From Zero to Hero. With the second copy, all we want is that you give it away to your best friend, your worst enemy or just sell it on e-bay, we don't care! This will make that another person listen to our music, and this multiplies per 2 the people who reach our music!
With this, we don't want to sell millions records (well, we want but we know we won't!), but we just want to make everyone think that if a band like Bad Way, whose release has been auto produced can set up a thing like this, can give away free copies and make you pay only 12 Euros for 2 CDs, what could do a big record company?
If you want to get a copy (and then another) of From Zero to Hero, you can get it from Bad Way directly at:
From Zero to Hero has got up incredible reviews throughout the whole world. Some of the said has been:
- Match that attitude with the punk rock vibe of the music and the fact the songs are all of a very good quality means that fans finding their way to this disc are likely to be impressed. There is definitely a chance these guys could get picked up by a bigger label and I expect given half the chance they will cause waves in the modern rock / punk rock world. If they are as half as energetic on stage as they are on record, they are going to win over a lot of fans. (
- The mix the old school glammy sleazy bands sound with the fresh approach of newer bands about melodic rock creating an explosive result. They sound a bit like Hardcore superstars and the like - but I guess that they are even better. The production is superb - Their singer has charisma and the songs got catchy choruses. (
- A fantastic voice and great up-beat lyrics, teamed with talented guitar and drum work, make me want to wish it well on its journey to the record shops.Quite heavy in parts, gorgeously mellow in others, there is something to suit almost every mood. (
You can check out Bad Way music at or


You may now visit and check out Sy Klopps Blues Band re-release and sound bytes. Featured is both Herbie Herbert's first and second Sy Klopps Blues Band releases, Walter Ego and Old Blue Eye is Back. Both CDs will be available for purchase at as Neal Schon and Ross Valory - both of Journey - really crank it up.

Check out this clip of Tom Sawyer live from the Rush R30 DVD. Real Media & Windows.

Got a spare US$45K? can have Nikki Sixx's car then - has a new interview online with current Warrant singer Jamie St James. View it via:

December 4th @ the world famous Ruskin Arms, London. Address for Ruskin Arms (for route planners etc) - 386 High Street North, Manor Park, London, E12 6PH, Tel 020 8472 0377.
Bill/times Doors 2pm. ARFM DJ's spinning the tunes between bands!
Escape (acoustic) 2:35pm - 3:10pm. A nice way of starting the event with a few upbeat but stripped down tunes.
The Dregs Of Society 3:25pm - 4:05pm. Sleaze/LA type party rock - get the bash off with a bang!
Crimes Of Passion 4:30pm - 5:25pm. Great to have the guys aboard the new (& old!) tunes sounding great.
Sacred Heart 5:50pm - 6:55pm. Melodic hard rock with a modern touch.
Mr Paul Hodson (acoustic) 7:10pm - 7:45pm. Talented musician, songwriter and singer, not to be missed.
Lost Weekend 8:05pm - 9:10pm. Hook laden melodic rock.
Pride 9:30pm - 11pm. The guys LAST show! Top rockers.
And, don't forget Double Cross fans, the guys will be stopping by for a pint or two!
Full MRXB '05 Mini-site @ Tickets available for JUST £8 @

The iTunes Music Store: The major labels' public enemy no. 1. Or is it 14? It's so hard to keep track.
You better buy all those 99 cents songs while you still can. The internet is abuzz with rumors that an iTunes price hike is just around the corner, based on an interview EMI Music's Chief Executive Alain Levy recently gave the Wall Street Journal.
He claimed he discussed the matter with Apple CEO Steve Jobs and is confident that the retailer will change its across-the-board price policy in the near future.
"There is a common understanding that we will have to come to a variable pricing structure. The issue is when," Levy said. "There is a case for superstars to have a higher price."
Which is basically a fancy way of saying the latest singles at the iTunes Music Store by the likes of U2, Gwen Stefani and 50 Cent will most likely go for something like $1.49 or $2.49, while Men At Work's back catalog will stay at the rather reasonable current rate. Apple's unilateral fee of 99 cents per song has annoyed major labels since the launch of its digital music service.
Just how much is Ricky Martin's She Bangs worth to you?
Warner Music Group CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr. has gone on record declaring Apple's one-price policy unfair to the industry and artists. He believes the economy should dictate how much music downloads cost, not the Cupertino-based Apple.
"There's no content that I know of that does not have variable pricing," Bronfman said at a Goldman Sachs Communacopia investor conference. "Not all songs are created equal -- not all time periods are created equal. We want, and will insist upon having, variable pricing."
Last month music industry attorney Ken Hertz, who represents Alanis Morrissette among others, called for all labels to withdraw their merchandise from the store: "What if Jobs says 39 cents or 29 cents per download - what then? The industry can say, OK, we'll cut him off."
Jobs has called the music industry "greedy" and said its demands will only encourage piracy. "The labels make more money from selling tracks on iTunes than when they sell a CD," he said. "There are no marketing costs for them. If they want to raise the prices it just means they're getting a little greedy."
We'll contact Apple about the matter and let you know when they don't respond to us.
In the meantime, new research from the NPD Group shows that iTunes sales have exceeded those of brick-and-mortar stores Tower Records, Sam Goody and Borders, making it the seventh largest music retailer in the U.S. In September, Apple revealed it had sold more than 600 million songs to over 10 million iTunes customers.
Here's the Top 10 List of Leading U.S. Music Retailers: 1. Wal-Mart 2. Best Buy 3. Target 4. 5. FYE 6. Circuit City 7. iTunes 8. Tower Records 9. Sam Goody 10. Borders.

The new album from The Darkness One Way Ticket to Hell and Back hits stores next week, but you can hear the whole album now on MySpace:
And if that isn't enough you can also check out the video for the first single One Way Ticket and a new flashy e-card.
One Way Ticket - Video - Real, Windows 100k Windows 300k Windows 450k and Quicktime 100k or 450k
The Darkness e-card:

Scots melodic rock maestros Cry Havoc will be making a wee splash of their own at this weekend's Firefest 2 event at Nottingham Rock City with the giving away of some exclusively signed art work for the Japanese version of the band's stunning Refuel opus. So, how do you win this prized item? Well, if you're in attendance, you'll find out...or you could make your way to the Majestic Rock merchandising stand and ask them. Either way's good...
Firefest 2 Details.

This week on your Classic Metal Show, we've got an action packed show for you. First off, we'll be debuting the new one from Buckcherry, called 15. Their song Crazy Bitch has fast become a favorite on the CMS, and now is the time to see if the rest of the album can hold up to that one. We'll do a new music listening party for 15 and see what you think of it.
Also on the show, CMS Friend and guitar great Zakk Wylde will check in with the show to let us catch up with all that's going on in his world - Black Label Society, Ozzy, solo, etc. Zakk is always entertaining, so it should be interesting to see what comes out of that.
Next, and shockingly, Neeley has promised to bring VH1 Metal Mania Host Eddie Trunk to The Classic Metal Show this week, and that should be an adventure to say the least. Eddie will be on to address VH1, his commercial radio show, and basically to talk about his stoic career in broadcasting as a "metal guy".
Finally, we'll be announcing a very special show that we will be doing to mark the 10th anniversary of The Classic Metal Show. It's gonna be great, so be sure to tune in for details of that one!
The Classic Metal Show airs live from 9p-3a EST Saturdays, and can be heard online at

A bonus MR-X update today. Online is 3 cool preview MP3s for upcoming releases and yet another Crappy Covers compilation. Volume Two - The Very Worst Part 2 is online now. Next volume we start getting back into the best classic covers, so for now, enjoy the classic crap!
And don't forget the huge competition! The winner will be chosen by random and this is the very tasty prize pack. Winner gets the following CDs - Heaven & Earth Heaven & Earth, Xsavior Caleidoscope, Glenn Hughes Soul Mover, VTR VTR, No Nation Illumine, Balance II Balance II, The VU, House Of Shakira Live+ (with a guitar pick from the band) and a Promo CD from the very cool Bad Way and their debut album From Zero To Hero. Thanks to the participating artists for their CDs!
On top of that little booty, 2 tickets to ANY upcoming Motley Crue show!!
And in a late breaking update - I'm now adding a copy of the new Double Live Motley Crue DVD! What a prize package!
Join now and enter the competition which opens today. Get Crue tour dates from: Competition ends Sunday 27th November.
See you tomorrow for a regular update!
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I have immersed myself in Reviews for the best part of 2 weeks now and I'm still going. Three more to go and the update is done. This huge reviews update will likely be online Monday, with some 30 titles to be featured! It will be the last big reviews update for the year, with 2006 and the 2005 MelRock Awards just around the corner.
Speaking of reviews - I have to say that the new Inxs album definitely impresses - especially the monster brooding rocker Hunger. I just can't get enough of that track and love new singer JD Fortune's contribution to the new record. Expect a full review with this coming update. But, checkout this 1 minute sample of Hunger.
Also reviewed is the new 91 Suite album which impresses greatly; The Darkness, who seem to have done everything they can to better their debut and Night Ranger's new record of old classics. All those reviews and a stack more coming up!

MiniBytes have been updated with new MP3 previews of albums from Night Ranger and Inxs. Check them out.

And before signing off for the day - a warm Happy Thanksgiving greeting to my North American friends out there and anyone else celebrating the occasion. Have a safe and happy day!




Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Frontiers Records is proud to present the new issue of Melodic Rock Fanzine. The eleventh release of their successful magazine is available for free all over the world through record shops, mail-orders and every fine dealer carrying the Frontiers Records releases.
Here are the previews of the two Melodic Rock Fanzine covers:


This new issue includes reviews and interviews of: The Mob, Khymera, Soul Doctor, Legs Diamond, Mark Spiro, Bad Habit, Bruce Turgon, Green, Enemies Swe and many others!
Downloadable version of the magazine can be found here MRF 11

Track By Track with Soul Doctor's Tommy Heart for the new album For A Fistful Of Dollars:
Eating On Me - We thought this is the right opener for "For A Fi$tful Of Dollar$", because nobody would expect this kind of song from Soul Doctor. Drum & Bass groove oriented high class hard rock music with a powerful modern guitar arrangement and a shot of political sung statements against the real men of evil and their fog of lies. This is the first time that we make an political statement. This is a song about all the rules, the family and the government closing in on you. And you have to shut up and you do not have any room for your life and yourself. Another point is how people play along with it. They believe everything they are told. Turn it up and enjoy!
Best Way To Fade - This one is a real rocker. If you are listening to the intro, you would never expect what will follow. This song is starting with acoustic guitar, vocals, drums and blues harp. This is the second time that we asked a good friend of ours to join us on some songs with his blues harp for this album. We did it for the first time on "You're All That I Want" from the first Soul Doctor album. This song is a leg shaker. Best Way To Fade". A rock song a la The Who and AC/DC with a great intro blues harp performance by Igor Flach. Mario proves on Best Way To Fade again what a kind of classy rock drummer he is. And so did Chris and Jogy , they gave me exactly everything what I wanted. This song will kick you out of every mess. If you are in the mess up to your nose and you are fed up, this song will get you out of it easily. I am sure everybody got sometimes this kind of feeling to leave everything and make a new start. When you get fed up, it is like the sky is falling on you and everything is down on you. You just become a slave to all of it. This is a song about just getting up on you feet, kicking out everything and saying "No". Than getting out to something else and somewhere else.
Here you got some good advise and do not forget to tell your friends about the best way to fade.
Under Your Skin - a screaming statement about being a real Rock ´N Roller through and through. If you got Rock n Roll in your blood, this is a hell of a ride for you. You only get older and it starts that nothing works out very well anymore but than you remember your old roots in Rock `N Roll and it starts getting back under your skin. And than you take off again. A song with catchy hook lines and some incredible power which will move your body until you drop. 1A Bass and drums. It really took some time to get this one groovin . Satisfaction guaranteed!!! Soul Doctor at its best I would say.
Remember Here - we got a beautiful ballad about breaking up some time before. Not letting yourself remember again, but it happens over and over. I really love the piano and the Hammond performance on this song. It took us a while to find the right arrangement and the right keyboard player for this one but it was worthwhile. Especially on the second verse. We cancelled the idea to start with the drums for the 2nd verse again. I think it was good to do it like this. With drums in the 2nd verse the song would be so predictable, so typical. Actually we wanted to write a different ballad as we did on the first and on the second album and I think we did it.
Where Do We Go - Everybody waits for the right time or the good time to do something or to get out of a bad situation. The song says just do it and think about the future, like where do we go from here. I nice rock song with a catchy chorus. I am sure all the Melodic Rock fans will love this one.
Ten Seconds Of Love - On Ten seconds of love we worked for the first time with a brass section. Trumpet, Trombone and Tenor Sax. These guys where unbelievable. It was so much fun to work with them. At the beginning I was a bit skeptical but as they started to play, I could feel that this is right way. I hope they can join us someday on tour. We recorded three songs with them. This song is one of my favourite because it was a first take and I love this groove. We played and there was magic in the air. We recorded three versions of the songs and kept the first one, because it was perfect. We caught some kind of 70ties groove and I am really proud about it. I am sure even Elvis Presley would love it. A great guitar solo by Chris!!! About the lyrics You go to work, do everything everybody wants, try to make your girlfriend happy but nobody gives a damn. So at the end of it all, you beg your girlfriend for 10 seconds of love.
She's Mine - This was the first song we wrote for the new album. Chris came up with the intro idea and here we got the brass section for the second time. This is a story about a woman who gets around with all the guy and each one of them thinks she is only for him but at least I know about all the others in the song. This song is really groovy and full of little gimmicks. I think with this song we start changing a lot. Goodbye past.
The Trigger (Goin Downhill) - Soul Doctor was a band who had to fight always for being excepted. After we had these problems in Soul Doctor, many jealous people started talking behind our backs. Words like "You re going down hill" or " You will not make it" we could here a thousand times. And this idea for the song was born. This song is about just taking the step and pulling the trigger to let everything out that has been building up in you, like frustrations and problems. But when you are a fighter, words like these keep you going. Is not it sometimes fun to go down? Again a real rocker.
Give Me A Ride (The Ride) - This is a break out song. You stand at the side of the road and do not care about the direction. You hitchhike out on the first best offer. It is just to get over the next horizon and leave everything behind.
Cheap, Down 'n Dirty - Here is the last song we recorded for the album. We just used acoustic guitars, bass, drums and blues harp. First we had a guitar solo in the middle of this song but than Chris came up with the great idea to let Igor Flach play a solo with his blues harp and it sounded perfect. I think he is one of the best blues harp performer on this planet. The lyrics telling a funny story about falling in love. Love can make so you blind even if good friends of yours trying to warn you about it. This is the reason why the Choir in this verse (you better get out of her way/ you better not look in her face) trying to warn you all the time. Unbelievable, what kind of funny things we are doing if we are falling in love. Especially when it is love at first sight. An old country and western theme, you see the girl and lightning strikes but your friends warn you about her. Than it becomes too late and the warning were all right. Cheers!!!

And if you are a real Rock maniac, listen to the album real close, then you maybe might discover something what will be only available on the next album (the fourth). Not only DVD has hidden tracks!!! Thus the album has got really a lot to offer and all that For A Fi$tful Of Dollar only!!!! Doctor Soul is in!!!!!!
Hopefully we see us soon on one of our concerts. Stay hard!!!
- Tommy Heart


Press Release / (Los Angeles, Calif.) - Poison lead singer Bret Michaels will remain on tour despite being the target of a drive-by shooting last night, November 21, in Chicopee, Massachusetts.
The multi-platinum artist was in town to perform a rare, invitation-only acoustic show, when, prior to the show, shots were fired from a white Ford F-150 while Michaels was still on the tour bus, according to witnesses. Michaels was struck in the face by flying broken glass, but escaped serious injury.
Michaels issued the following statement immediately following the incident. "It is going to take more then a cowardice act like this to make me stop performing or stop my tour. I plan on staying out and finishing the shows as scheduled. I want to thank all of my fans in the Chicopee area for staying out last night, and I will be back. Hopefully, with the help of many people, we will catch the person who did this and they will be brought to justice."
Local police do not feel this was a random drive-by shooting due to the shots being fired directly into the living quarters at the rear of the tour bus. Shell casings from the weapon have not been recovered from the scene at this point. Further information will be released as it becomes available.
Chicopee police officers Phil Russ and David Gagnon immediately secured the scene, closed down the street and began interviewing witnesses, including ABC News cameraman John Ticard, who had just arrived to cover the event. Mr. Ticard stated, "I heard a loud bang and then glass shattering. I thought it was a car accident at first, but as I approached the bus I realized that it wasn't an accident, someone had shot at Mr. Michaels' bus, and it was the glass of the window shattering."
A reward has been announced for any information leading to the arrest of the person or persons involved in the abovementioned incident. Information can be given directly to the Chicopee Police Department at 413-592-6341, or tips can be submitted via Michaels' website,
According to Michaels' management office, HK Management in Los Angeles, this is not the first police or federal investigation that Michaels has been at the center of. Throughout his career, Michaels has been the target of numerous death threats investigated by the FBI.
A person identifying himself as Mark Kram fired 9 mm bullets through photos of Michaels and mailed them, along with threatening notes to several arenas in which Michaels was scheduled to perform. Investigators believe the suspect in that particular case lives in the Northeastern United States. The police were also called to investigate when a tire came off of the truck that Michaels was driving after attending a concert in California. In that case, someone had loosened the lug nuts on the vehicle, causing Michaels to wreck in the middle of a busy freeway following the event.

Firehouse guitarist Bill Leverty was kind enough to check in with me following the closure of an eventful VH1 Metal Mania Stripped tour. Bill writes:
"The VH1 Metal Mania Stripped tour is over. I had a great time sharing the satge (and bus) with all the artists.
The big gossip seems to be that Jani Lane relapsed. This is mostly second had news to me because I didn't see much of him after this happened. Jani didn't ride on the bus with the rest of us after the 4th show in Detroit. Michael Foster and I flew home the following day and caught up with the tour for the next gig in Maryland, three days later, where I heard stories about Jani's unfortunate situation.
From then on, I didn't have a chance to talk with him since he went onstage first, and he was out of the building by the time we went on. I only hope that everyone will wish him the very best in his recovery. He was singing and performing better than I had ever heard him on the first gigs of this tour. He looked great, and he was more friendly towards me than he had ever been in the 15 years that I have known him.
Thanks to all the fans who came out to the gigs. We hope to see all of you again the next time FireHouse is in your area... Bill"

Press Release / Union, the band that features John Corabi (Motley Crue), Bruce Kulick (Kiss), Fred Coury (Cinderella) and Chuck Garric (Alice Cooper) are performing at Dingwalls in Camden on Monday 28th November. This is surely going to be one of the must see rock gigs of 2005.
Bruce Kulick was the guitarist for Kiss between 1985 and 1996, and he performed on the albums such as Asylum and Carnival of Souls, even contributing lead vocals to the track I Walk Alone.
John Corabi stepped in to fill the shoes of original Motley Crue vocalist Vince Neil between 1992 and 1996, as well as having been a member of Ratt, Brides of Destruction and the Scream.
Union formed in 1996, and have release two studio albums Union and The Blue Room, and one live album Live in The Galaxy. They have recently been touring again, starting off with some shows in Japan, with Kiss drummer Eric Singer standing in.




Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Fireworks Magazine #22 will be out next week to coincide with Firefest 2 at Nottingham Rock City. Cover feature on Within Temptation, as well as interview with Deep Purple, Status Quo, Nickelback, Gotthard, TNT, Tony Martin, Johnny Lima, Jizzy Pearl, LA Guns, Forty Deuce, Dug Pinnick and more!!
Available for £4 plus 80p P&P (UK), £1.50 (Europe), £2 (Rest of World) via Paypal to: In UK, also available at all Borders book stores.


Newman have completed recordings for the follow up to 2003's Sign Of The Modern Times. The new album, titled Heaven Knows will be released through Escape Music in 2006. Songs set for inclusion are Heaven Knows, Higher, Ain't Gonna Cry Forever and Sport Of Kings - co-written with Anders Rydholm (Grand Illusion).
Steve Newman has also written an acoustic song in remembrance of the terrible events in Asia last year. Entitled On Any Other Sunday it is available for download at to raise awareness of the 200,000+ people who lost their lives in the Tsunami tragedy almost 12 months ago this coming December.


Site regular Mike sent along a link to an interesting recent Night Ranger feature in the San Francisco Chronicle. A few highlights are below, but the full story can be accessed via:

"When word got out that Night Ranger was coming to S.R., as we called it, the campus was electrified. Everyone was talking about it -- the "bleacher creatures" who smoked pot under the football stands, the school's 400 cheerleaders, the lone punk rocker, even the three freshmen who tinkered all day on some contraption called a computer.
...Two decades later, Night Ranger's two lead guitarists [note: Keagy is vocalist/drummer], Jack Blades and Kelly Keagy, reminisced about their brief visit to San Rafael High and the role of the Sister Christian video in their careers. The song turned out to be their biggest hit, peaking at No. 4 on the Billboard chart, and the video was an MTV favorite throughout that era.
"The song was getting a lot of radio play, and we needed to get a video shot fast," Blades recalled last week when he and Keagy returned to San Rafael High for an interview. "We were on tour at the time, and they told us, you need to get this done, like last Wednesday.
"We were just a bunch of kids ourselves,"
he said. "MTV was brand new. It was exciting. But we weren't actors, we were musicians. They just told us, you stand here, you stand there, in this scene you dance. We just wanted to play music. We were sort of old-school that way."
The video director picked San Rafael High because it looked like a quintessential American high school, with its graffiti, diseased oaks, Greek columns and WPA buildings. The band was happy because they all lived in Marin and Sonoma counties and didn't have to drive far.
"I remember this place," Keagy said, looking around the campus, which has not changed one iota since it was built in 1922. "The auditorium, with the pillars. This is where we parked the green Cadillac."
...For those who don't remember every detail about the video, it featured a montage of high school images, such as blond girls in caps and gowns, guys in football uniforms, and an unscripted food fight that actually occurred across the street at Sam's Family Restaurant. The final shot was of the band and a few pretty girls -- two of whom were San Rafael High students -- riding off in a green Cadillac convertible.
In the end, it wasn't even the cheerleaders that generated the most ink, though. It was the nuns riding through campus on roller skates.
"Later, we got all these calls about it," recalled Keagy. "One woman in Wisconsin said, 'Is this a song about nuns selling dope to school kids?' We said, 'Uh, sure.' The song's about not giving it up before you have to, not letting go of innocence, but people can read into it whatever they want."
...Once the video came out, Night Ranger went from playing Warfield-size venues to Oakland Coliseums.
"It was the greatest time, a wonderful time. When you're going through it, you don't realize how much fun you're having," Blades said. The band was touring so much, and partying so much, they were only vaguely aware of how well the song was doing. That spring, "Sister Christian" became an anthem for graduating seniors everywhere, and the album it appeared on, Midnight Madness, became the band's top-selling record.
Night Ranger went on to tour internationally and put out several other records before breaking up in 1989. They reunited in 1996 for a tour of Japan with Ted Nugent and have continued releasing records.
This month, they're releasing a new album called Hits, Acoustic and Rarities, which features an unplugged version of Sister Christian. Universal released a DVD collection of their videos, including Sister Christian, last year. And the band is currently working on an album of new music for release in Japan.
"We're completely blessed that we can still tour and make music," Blades said. "I still get a complete charge when the lights go down on stage, and your adrenaline gets going, and there's all the yelling and screaming. It gets in your blood."
Blades and Keagy added that they might even be better performers now, even though they can't quite jump off amplifiers, dodge flying debris from the audience and party all night like they used to.
"We're not as severely medicated now as we were then," Blades said. "So yeah, we're a lot better musicians."

Rush fans should check out this neat little interview with drummer Neil Peart, listed from
"Rush will release their 30th anniversary CD/DVD set, Rush-R30, next week. The release captures the band's 2004 tour at a stop in Frankfurt, Germany last September. Drummer Neil Peart recently discussed his 30 years with the influential Canadian band in an interview released by publicist Veronique Cordier:
Q: When you started the band 30 plus years ago, did you have aspirations of grandeur? Did you ever imagine you'd reach the heights you have?
Neil Peart: When I joined Rush, in August of 1974, we were already entering into "Fairy Tale Land." The band had just signed a U.S. record deal, and it included an advance to buy all new equipment. I'll never forget how exciting it was to walk into a music store in downtown Toronto and buy our "dream gear." While Alex [Lifeson] and Geddy [Lee] were looking at Gibson guitars, Rickenbacker basses, and Marshall amps, I was picking out a set of chrome Slingerland drums. Driving away from there with all those treasures in the back of our truck was already a dream come true.
The full interview is online at:

There appears no let up in the fracas surrounding SonyBMG and their anti-piracy software publicity nightmare. Here are the updates from various sources (with links to the full stories where available):
Texas sues Sony BMG for 'spyware' on CDs -
The state of Texas sued Sony BMG, alleging that the company "surreptitiously" installed spyware on personal computers through music CDs with a copy protection program.
"Sony has engaged in a technological version of cloak and dagger deceit against consumers by hiding secret files on their computers," said Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott in a statement after suing under the state's anti-spyware law.
"Consumers who purchased a Sony CD thought they were buying music. Instead, they received spyware that can damage a computer, subject it to viruses and expose the consumer to possible identity crime."
Sony BMG, one of the world's biggest music companies, said last week it was ending the use of the software provided by a third-party vendor and allowing consumers who purchased CDs to exchange them for similar items without the software.
The joint venture of Japan's Sony and German-based BMG recalled the CDs after a firestorm of protests and the threat of legal action over its use of the so-called XCP copy protection software.
Experts say that when one of the CDs is inserted into a PC, the copy-protection software can modify computer settings and expose computers to a variety of malicious software programs.

Sony Sued Over DRM Rootkit By Jim Wagner -
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) filed a class-action lawsuit against Sony BMG on Monday.
Two other legal firms, Green Welling and Lerach, Coughlin, Stoia, Geller, Rudman and Robbins, joined the digital consumer advocacy group in the suit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court.
The lawsuit is the EFF's response to the music giant's tepid acknowledgment of the security and privacy issues that came with music released on copy-protected music CDs, lawyers said.
The EFF is seeking compensation for any damages caused by the digital rights management technology and a refund for the copy-protected CDs, lawyers stated.
It's the second legal challenge to Sony BMG in one day. The attorney general for Texas also filed a suit against the music giant for allegedly violating the Consumer Protection Against Computer Spyware Act of 2005.

And this just in - "It looks like Massachusetts Attorney General Tom Reilly could also soon be going after Sony. Sarah Nathan, a spokesperson for the Mass. AG, confirmed that Reilly's office is investigating Sony BMG for possible violations of the state's consumer protection laws, but she declined to comment further."

RIAA Defends Sony BMG As Texas Sues -
In light of the ongoing controversy surrounding Sony BMG's copy-protection software, RIAA President Cary Sherman has given his thoughts on the issue of CD protection. In an online chatroom discussion with college journalists last week, Sherman defended the idea of labels using technology to protect their content. He said, "There is nothing unusual about technology being used to protect intellectual property. You can't simply make an extra copy of a Microsoft operating system, or virtually any other commercially-released software program for that matter. Same with videogames. Movies, too, are protected. Why should CDs be any different?"
Sherman said that Sony BMG was "very responsible" in their reaction to the software troubles, once they were made aware of it. "How many times that software applications created the same problem? Lots. I wonder whether they've taken as aggressive steps as Sony BMG has when those vulnerabilities were discovered, or did they just post a patch on the Internet?," he asked.
Sherman continued, saying that the music industry has been far more lenient about allowing copies of its works than other industries. "How many burns are you allowed of a movie? None. How many of a videogame? None. You get the idea," he said. "Even the CDs with content protection allow consumers to burn three copies or so for personal use. The idea is not to inhibit personal use, but to allow personal use but discourage (not prevent, you can never prevent) copying well beyond personal use."

And perhaps you would like to support Sony with a T-Shirt? This from "We don't know about you, but when we buy a music CD we consider it a friendly invitation for complete strangers to come in and make our computer their personal playground. Install hidden software that hijacks basic components of our system? Open us to attack from viruses and hackers? Sounds perfect!" Get the T-Shirt now at:

Can't wait until next week to check out the new Inxs album Switch? An audio stream of each track is online now:

Toto99's Will has conducted a new interview with Toto's David Paich! Check it out at:

The Ricky Parent Cancer Fund and the American Cancer Society memorabilia auction has commenced on E-Bay:
More stuff going up soon includes guitar picks from Eric Martin of Mr. Big and Monty Colvin from the Galactic Cowboys...and backstage laminated passes from top stars.

Press Release / Classic Band Who Lit Up L.A. Rock Scene Is Back with a Month-long Residency Tour in SoCal.
Los Angeles, Nov. 21, 2005 Buckcherry is back in town. The band who broke onto the national scene in 1999 with their self-titled debut album with Lit Up, Check Your Head and For the Movies, have returned to their L.A. Sunset Strip stomping grounds to the birthplace of legends like Van Halen, Mötley Crüe and Guns N Roses, bringing it all back home.
The band will be back in the States after touring Japan, both opening for Mötley Crüe, and headlining four sold-out dates of their own after the release of their new album in Japan (Universal), Fifteen, where it entered the International charts at #7 and remains on the country¹s Top 20 album chart. The album will be released in Canada (Universal) and the U.S. in early 2006.
Led by original members, vocalist Josh Todd and guitarist Keith Nelson (along with drummer Xavier Muriel, guitarist Steve D and bassist Jimmy Ashhurst), Buckcherry will play month-long December residencies at several area clubs, including the Strip's famed Whisky-A-Go-Go on Tuesdays (12/6, 12/13 and 12/20), Long Beach's Khoury's on Wednesdays (12/7, 12/14 and 12/21), Cane's in San Diego on Thursdays (12/8, 12/15), and the Malibu Inn on Fridays (12/9, 12/16). In addition, the band will perform at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills on Dec. 29 and The Viper Room for a special New Years Eve performance on Dec. 31. Support bands for all the shows will be announced soon.
A video for the preview track from the album, Crazy Bitch, directed by Ulf Buddensieck (Nickelback, Bush, Chevelle, Switchfoot), will be featured on Buckcherry's My Space page ( The clip was shot at the Key Club and cast primarily through an open call on My Space, resulting in a wild, sexy video that harkens back to the raucous, no-holds-barred Sunset Strip scene at its height.
"It was pretty nuts", says director Buddensieck of the shoot. "Before each take some of the girls would ask me if it was okay for them to take off their clothes, again. What do you say to that when you're only shooting a close-up of the drum pedal?"
An explicit version of the clip will be available for download at a later date.
The band's new album, Fifteen, was co-produced by the band's Keith Nelson with Mike Plotnikoff and Paul DeCarli, and features such soon-to-be anthems as Next 2 You and a pair of songs co-written by Marti Frederickson (Aerosmith), including the power ballad, Sorry.
When asked about the new album, Eddie Trunk (Q104 NYC syndicated radio host and VH1 Classic on-air personality) said, "I am playing the hell out of it, it's my favorite rock record of the year so far. It combines all the best elements of Aerosmith and Guns N Roses in their prime."
Buckcherry's Josh Todd and drummer Xavier Muriel recently joined Neil Young, rapper DMC and members of Aerosmith on-stage in Toronto at Live 8, while Josh is featured on DMC's upcoming solo album.
The excitement is already building for the band's southern California shows, as their fans have waited several years for their return. Check local box office or Ticketmaster for ticket information.
Buckcherry Schedule
Tuesday, Dec. 6 Whisky-A-Go-Go, Hollywood *
Wednesday, Dec. 7 Khoury¹s, Long Beach
Thursday, Dec. 8, Cane¹s, San Diego *
Friday, Dec. 9, Malibu Inn, Malibu
Tuesday, Dec. 13 Whisky-A-Go-Go, Hollywood *
Wednesday, Dec. 14 Khoury¹s, Long Beach
Thursday, Dec. 15 Cane¹s, San Diego *
Friday, Dec. 16 Malibu Inn, Malibu
Tuesday, Dec. 20 Whisky-A-Go-Go, Hollywood *
Wednesday, Dec. 21 Khoury¹s, Long Beach
Thursday, Dec. 29 Canyon Club, Agoura Hills *
Saturday, Dec. 31 Viper Room, West Hollywood
* Tickets available at For more information go to

MiniBytes have been updated with brand new previews of albums by: The Darkness, A-ha, Razorback, Dreamscape, Danny Tate, Eddie Ojeda, Neal Morse, Helloween, Chalice, Avian, Gun Barrel, Riverside, Frost, Dawn Rider and Gods Of Thunder - The Norwegian Tribute To Kiss. Check them out.

The new album from UK melodic rockers Change Of Heart titled Truth Or Dare is available now from Escape Music. Frontman Alan Clark is featured in a new interview online day. He also comments on each track from the album. Read The Interview.

TNT have a new album in stores now. All The Way To The Sun is another addition to the great TNT legacy. Frontman Tony Harnell talks about the new album and a few other things in a new interview online now. Read The Interview.






Monday, November 21, 2005

I talked to Mike Tramp this morning and he has passed on this announcement for me to print. More from Mike soon.

"A series of events has led me to the decision that, in today's day and age there seems to be not enough interest to continue exploring possibilities for another tour with Tramp's White Lion. It is a shame that, aside from 30,000 people at this year's Bang Your Head festival, no other European country will see the band. I had put TWL together for a reason. That reason was giving the fans what they had been asking for all these years.
Unfortunately, promoters are not backing this up and no one seems to be confident enough to make a leap of faith to help make this thing happen. This was my final attempt in continuing the legacy of White Lion.
So from now on, there will be no more looking back at the past, this was the final roar. I will now focus only on my solo career and will take my time finishing my new solo album that will be released sometime next year. I will work on other ways of presenting Mike Tramp live, from intimate acoustic settings to a full band and will be touring whenever it feels right but only when all parameters are in order.
Until then, enjoy Tramps White Lion Rocking the USA double album out on Frontiers Records now.
Mike Tramp."


I was also fortunate to talk briefly to the great Glenn Hughes this morning to catch up on a couple of things. For local fans good news - Glenn's last solo album Soul Mover is getting a local release in Australia - likely in early January with a couple of bonus tracks (Nights In White Satin being one of those). Glenn is hoping he can finally step back on Aussie soil for the first time in 30 years during 2006. Stay tuned!
You may have heard, but if not, Glenn has been hard at work on plans for a follow-up to Soul Mover and it sounds like something very special is planned for this release.
To quote Glenn, he says of the new album: "I'm going to let everyone know who I am on the new record, more than ever before! This will be a rock record, but in Glenn's World." Glenn says the album won't be too funky or R&B driven, but will be a progression from Soul Mover and will be more melodic.
As we know, Glenn is not one to record the same album twice and he adds that this one will be a true singer's album and he has taken more time than ever before on the songwriting for this album and has more songs than ever to chose from.
Recording starts in January and will run thru middle of February. Glenn sounds truly excited about this process and is looking forward to getting to work! More updates soon.

From Wouter's Unofficial Dutch John Waite website comes a little update. Wouter should know too - he had diner with John in the USA recently.
Tonight's Exit Inn show in Nashville will be recorded for a live album, which will be released next year. Also on the cards for 2006 is a new Greatest Hits compilation from John, which will feature 2 brand new studio songs. More information in the months ahead.

Press Release / Wycked Synn are pleased to announce their new vocalist. Ronnie Stixx (ex-Shadowkeep) has officially joined the band and is currently in the studio tracking vocals for their upcoming release In For The Kill. Ronnie's vocal talent's have taken Wycked Synn to the next level and the new record is sure to please every Power metal fan that walk's the Earth! Wycked Synn would once again like to apologize for the delay in the release of In For The Kill. It took month's sorting out over 40 demo's and holding audition's for vocalist's from all over the world. With Ronnie aboard Wycked Synn are now ready to take all the Power metal fan's by storm and release a gut wrenching album that will keep their head's banging and their fist's in the air. Check out the new artwork and a sound clip of their new tune Destiny's Eye's over on the "Audio" page. Stay tuned for lot's more to come! WebLink:

CD Showcases have been added to the site for the latest Majestic Rock Records releases. They are: Crimsonfire, Cry Havoc, Snowblind and Steeler.
Additionally, a showcase for the rather superb new 91 Suite album Times They Change has been added. Check these new releases out.




Friday, November 18, 2005

I am very pleased to announce the new project details for the ever popular Ted Poley. I am very proud to announce an exciting new commitment by Ted Poley and Victor Rivera to a long term project which will be known as Poley / Rivera.
As you already know, Ted has a huge worldwide fanbase and is still actively touring as the singer for Danger Danger, undeniably one of the most popular bands of its genre. He will be continuing to be a part of Danger Danger, but there are many regulars to this site that always look forward to his own projects. Ted hopes to add even more new fans with Poley / Rivera.
Over the past few years, Vic Rivera has also built a solid worldwide fanbase and a great reputation, producing high quality work as the main writer, guitarist and driving force behind the highly acclaimed band Adriangale - none more than the spectacular Crunch record.
Vic's work with Adriangale has clearly defined and showcased his massive writing and production talents as well as his obvious top level musicianship, all of which is again clearly evident to the listener on the first spin. The songs and sounds that will be presented to the world by Poley / Rivera will be nothing less than awesome. I can add that I have heard 2 brand new, fresh out of the studio demos and am happy to report that the boys are right on track!
Any questions or enquiries can be directed to me via e-mail and stay tuned for updates as the guys search for the right home for this anticipated project.

MTM Music is pleased to announce the signing of all star band Liberty N' Justice!
Liberty N` Justice was founded in 1991 by Justin Murr and Patrick Marchand. Just out of high school, they recorded their first album, Armed With The Cross, in 1992 on independent label Glory Rock Records. With the music of one and the voice of the other, they embarked on a six month tour to support it. Liberty n' Justice played everywhere churches, youth events, children's homes, concerts, and elderly homes. Armed with the Cross went on to sell very well.
Along the way, Liberty N` Justice added new band members Robert Sliger, Angie Beckett, James Beckett, Sarah Day, Bob Bacon and Kim Todd. The band members thought they were building momentum and decided to go back into the studio in 1994 to record Big Guns.
The album Welcome to the Revolution featured 18 known singers, including Lou Gramm of Foreigner, Michael Sweet of Stryper and was released in 2004.


(Left to right Justin Murr, Tony Harnell (TNT), and producer Mike Layne)

"I have a dream and I know God put this dream in my heart," Justin Murr said. "For this new record, I expanded on the original idea. I thought how cool and what kind of ministry would it be to have 'known' rock singers singing Christian songs."
Murr wanted to go in a new direction with this CD as well. So he hired a producer named Mike Layne best known for his work with Leaderdogs and Mudvayne.
Justin: "I am happy to find a home at MTM and look forward to great success with Mario and Sebastian. As you already know MTM is one of the premier Melodic/Hard Rock labels in Europe and to be on a label that boasts a talent pool like TNT, Stryper, Tony Martin and many others is a dream come true. This CD is a great hard rock record and I am looking forward to the fans of these singers hearing them on new songs! I just want to thank MTM for making this possible."
So here for your listening is a Soundtrack Of A Soul, which is scheduled for February 2006.

Line-Up: Ez Gomer of Jet Circus, Sebastian Bach of Skid Row, Russell Arcara of Prophet / Arcara, Jamie Rowe of Guardian / Adriangale, Dale & Troy Thompson of Bride, Oni Logan of Lynch Mob, Josh Kramer of Saint, Scott Wenzel of White Cross, Tony Harnell of TNT, Jani Lane of Warrant, Pete Loran of Trixter, Stephen Pearcy of Ratt, Joe Cerisano of Silver Condor, Ted Poley of Danger Danger, Phil Naro of Talas, Mike Lee of Barren Cross.
More notable guest musicians: Mikkey Dee of Motorhead, Tim Gaines of Stryper, Keri Kelli, Tommy Denander of Radioactive, Harry Hess of Harem Scarem, Tim Bushong of Love War, John "JD" DeServio of Black Label Society, and Charlie Calv of Shotgun Symphony.

Cover & (Left to right: Tommy Denander, Ez Gomer (Jet Circus), Mikkey Dee (Motorhead).

Final tracklist: 01. Intro, 02. Kings Of Hollywood (Ez Gomer), 03. Another Nail (Sebastian Bach) (mp3), 04. State Of Grace (Russell Arcara), 05. Malice In Wonderland (Jamie Rowe), 06. Grenade (Dale & Troy Thompson), 07. Show Me The Way (Oni Logan), 08. Sight Unseen (Leif Garrett), 09. Up That Hill (Josh Kramer), 10. Surreal (Scott Wenzel), 11. Flinch (Tony Harnell) (mp3), 12. Thy Will Be Done (Jani Lane & Pete Loran), 13. Killer Grin (Stephen Pearcy), 14. If The World Could Be Mine (Joe Cerisano), 15. Always Tomorrow (Ted Poley), 16. Hope & Pray (Phil Naro), 17. Make Believe (Mike Lee), 18. Outro.

This week on your Classic Metal Show, long-running superstar Udo Dirkschneider is back with his great post-Accept project, U.D.O. His latest project, entitled Mission No. X, is just what you would expect from anything that Dirkschneider would appear on - driving guitars, gutteral vocals and as much attitude as you can handle. We'll do a New Music Listening Party for U.D.O. this week, and will see if you like this one as much as the CMS does.
Additionally on the show, we're going to bring you a tribute album of one of the most popular bands on the CMS and ever - Iron Maiden. The rare big label tribute release, Numbers Of The Beast: A Tribute To Iron Maiden features members of Anthrax, Armored Saint and...well...basically all your classic metal favorites. This one is a winner, so we'll bring you a New Music Listening Party for it to see what you think.
Also on the show, we debuted his band's album last week, but were unable to catch up with TNT's Tony Harnell due to his schedule. Tony has contacted us now that he's back in the US and wanted to check in to discuss the new TNT record, Starbreaker and everything else he's involved in right now.
Go to Saturday from 9pm-3am EST to listen live!

Saturday 10th December 2005's Winter Rokfest has just been augmented by Northern Ireland band Payola in making the current line-up to 6 bands Vaughn, Pulse, Deadline, Payola, Gaia and The Strangedays.
Tickets are selling very quickly and we would suggest that you buy in advance to guarantee entry to this 250 capacity venue!
Tickets are priced at £14 and are available online now from: or from our box office 01709 702575.

There is also an update to the Melodic Rock Xmas Bash at the Ruskin Arms, E. London on December 4th joining the line-up, which features Pride's last live performance is Crimes Of Passion, replacing Double Cross.
Full MRXB '05 mini-site at or for info please email and tickets available through

US digital service providers will sell Inxs's Switch flanked by added exclusives on each. iTunes USA will exclusively carry a non-album cut entitled Let's Ride as well as a digital booklet; MSN will feature a different bonus track entitled Amateur Night; Real/Rhapsody will carry the familiar Easy Easy and Yahoo! Music will host a live version Easy Easy. After each DSP's period of exclusivity, the whole package will be made across all providers.

Castle Music/Sanctuary Records are proud to announce the release of the first ever 2-Disc career-spanning anthology by UK premier melodic rockers, Shy. Contains previously unreleased demo's, fan favourites and material from the band's most recent releases. Shy will be undertaking dates to promote the release this Winter.
The Anthology is the first fully comprehensive collection from the Shy canon and covers the band's entire career from their '83 debut album, Once Bitten, Twice Shy right up to the present day. Disc 1 gathers together a selection of tracks from the band's first three albums and also includes the bonus track, All On You which was recorded at the time of the band's debut but only later surfaced on the CD re-issue in '98.
Disc 2 continues with tracks from the Brave The Storm album from '85 before venturing into a selection of demo's and two tracks from the Welcome To The Madhouse album from 1994. Following an acoustic treatment to the track, Young Heart, we round-off the anthology nicely with tracks from Shy's more recent studio albums and include two from 2001's Unfinished Business and two from Sunset And Vine which was released earlier this year.
Tracklist: Disc One - 1. Deep Water, 2. Give Me A Chance, 3. Think Of Me, 4. Chained By Desire, 5. All On You, 6. Once Bitten, Twice Shy, 7. Hold On (To Your Love), 8. Reflections, 9. Keep The Fires Burning, 10. The Hunter, 11. Brave The Storm, 12. Emergency, 13. When The Love Is Over, 14. Can't Fight The Nights, 15. Just Love Me, 16. Break Down The Walls.
Disc Two - 1. Telephone, 2. Don't Wanna Lose Your Love, 3. Young Heart, 4. Devil Woman, 5. Talk To Me, 6. Give It All You've Got (Demo) *, 7. Burnin' Up (Demo) *, 8. Love On The Line (Demo) *, 9. Money, 10. What Love Can Make You Do (Demo) *, 11. Crazy Crazy, 12. Parasite, 13. Young Heart (Acoustic) *, 14. Skydiving, 15. Breakaway, 16. High Time, 17. Soul Searching.
* Previously unreleased.
Shy - Live U.K. Dates:
Saturday 26th November – Firefest II, Rock City, Nottingham
Saturday 3rd December – The Underworld, Camden (as support to Vaughn)
Friday 9th December – The Jailhouse, Coventry
Thursday 26th January 2006 – The Limelight, Crewe
April 2nd – Z Rock Festival, Limelight, Crewe.


MR-X has been updated as per usual. Not as big as the last couple of updates, but don't let that put you off joining right now, as I have left online all the updates from the past 5 or 6 weeks. Get in now!
Added today is a third volume of Crappy Covers. This week: Volume Three - The Punk Years. I can't find Volume Two, so we'll have to skip that until next week. Volume One and Six are both still online.
Also added today is 6 38 Special demos from a few years back now - those tracks are: Find My Way, Homeless Guitar, I Fall Back, Saving Grace, The Squeeze and The Story Of My Life.
And there is some new 2005 unplugged tracks from Billy Idol and the usual video clip update featuring: Havana Black - Lone Wolf, Jon Anderson - Far Far Cry and Hold On To Love, Melidian - Ready To Rock, Gentle Giant - Thank You, Killer Dwarfs - Hard Luck Town, Kix - Same Jane, Ozzy Osbourne - Perry Mason and Neal Schon & Jan Hammer - I'm Talking To You.

On top of that I have a new competition starting tonight - open to all members new and old. The winner will be chosen by random and this is the very tasty prize pack. Winner gets the following CDs - Heaven & Earth Heaven & Earth, Xsavior Caleidoscope, Glenn Hughes Soul Mover, VTR VTR, No Nation Illumine, Balance II Balance II, The VU, House Of Shakira Live+ (with a guitar pick from the band) and a Promo CD from the very cool Bad Way and their debut album From Zero To Hero. Thanks to the participating artists for their CDs!
On top of that little booty, 2 tickets to ANY upcoming Motley Crue show!!
Join now and enter the competition which opens today. Get Crue tour dates from: Competition ends Sunday 27th November.
MR-X Membership Details.


Not too many page updates besides the news this week, but plenty of stuff not too far away. I'm halfway through a huge Reviews update which I hope will be online at the end of next week and there is a stack of MiniBytes and a few new CD Showcases ready and waiting to be added.

I also have a couple of brand new Interviews done and ready to be added next week – TNT's Tony Harnell and Change Of Heart's Alan Clark.
It's been a pretty good year for interviews here, but there are 2 more coming (perhaps 3!!) that see two prominent rockers talking for the first time in a long time! Details next week.




Thursday, November 17, 2005

Fire Without Flame is the title of the brand new Akira Kajiyama + Joe Lynn Turner release, due out exclusively in Japan. The famed Japanese guitarist has teamed with the great Joe Lynn Turner for an album of commercial hard rock. Pony Canyon will release the album on December 7, which will feature the following tracks:
One Day Away . Fire Without Flame . Carnivals Of Souls (Nihonban Bonus Track) . Heart Against Heart . End Of The Line . Forever Changed . Bad Feeling . Looking For Trouble . Down And Dirty . License To Kill . Slow Burn.
Joe co-write and sang on the entire album and tells me that he expects it to chart in Japan - his first time in the domestic Japanese charts! Joe will join Akira in Japan on February one for a small tour and further promotion of the album.
Akira last appeared with Joe on the debut Hughes Turner Project album on the track Ride The Storm.
Expect soundbytes and a review in due course. Some other big JLT news coming soon!


Last Autumn's Dream are back with album number three, set for release in Japan December 16. The new album Winter In Paradise features the following songs: Love To Go . Don't Let Our Love Go Down . The Way You Smile . It's Alright . My Heart Keeps Stalling . Echoes From The Past . Winter In Paradise . I Don't Want To Hurt You . All I Want Is Rock N' Roll . If You're The One . 'Till The End Of Time (Bonus Track).
No word yet on the line-up for the band's third album, or any details of a European release. Of interest though, the bonus track Til The End Of Time is an old Rob Moratti/Mladen composition that the band is resurrecting for the occasion.


Tune in tomorrow folks for a very exciting announcement regarding Ted Poley's new project! I'm sure the news will bring some smiles to long time fans and also surprise a few!
Ted remains on active duty for Danger Danger, but is also working hard on his own thing in his spare time. Why should fans get excited? Because I have heard a sample of this new project and it is destined to impress!
Tune in Friday for all the details.

Crimes Of Passion are playing the Firefest 2 Pre-show party Friday night, November 25. Who are they? Well, you will be able to check them out with their debut album due in 2006, set to be mixed by Gregg Fulkerson. Thanks to the guys, it is time to sample a very rough mix of one of their songs, which will be played on the night.
Download: Crimes Of Passion - Exit Wound.

Speaking of Firefest, which is not too far away, House Of Lords bassist Chuck Wright put this little graphic together. Support live shows and the melodic music scene folks - if you can make this show - BE THERE!

There has been a few noteworthy live gigs in recent days and I'd like to cover them in some small way here. So thanks to some reader feedback, here goes:

Eric Martin Band and Y&T - Mystic Theatre in Petaluma, USA. Kevin Cotter writes:
"It was 1983 all over again at the Mystic Theatre in Petaluma, as Y&T made its annual, two-night pilgrimage. Last year we had a reunion show of sorts with all current previous members of Y&T performing, while this year 415 (aka The Eric Martin Band) regrouped for a short set that included Sucker for a Pretty Face and Don't Stop. Evidently these guys hadn't practiced much if at all together, but you wouldn't have known it. They sounded tight and polished. Eric Martin's voice was still incredible (haven't seen him perform live since the Mr. Big days) and John Nyman pulled doubled duty, as he's also a member of Y&T now.
The Y&T set was great as always. How didn't these guys become one of the biggest bands in the world? What was particularly cool was they took requests from the audience as to what to play. When a fan requested alcohol they actually had to play another song while they rigged up a microphone for Leonard Haze to sing. The set opened with Mean Streak and they closed the night with I Believe In You. Some highlights for me included Midnight in Tokyo, I'll Keep On Believin, and Forever."

The Knack / Marshall Crenshaw / Naked Eyes - World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, PA 11/7/05. Damien DeSimone writes:
"I caught up with Pat Torpey in Philadelphia last week while he was playing with The Knack. I had never met him before, and we talked for quite a while after the show. Super nice guy. I have a review of the show and some pictures up in my blog, which can be found here:"

Span - Final show - Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo (sold out) 28 October 2005. Mike Hayes writes:
"Setlist: Stay As You Are/Buckle Under Pressure/I'm Nothing/Better Believe It/Room For One/When She Stares/Crash And Burn/Cut Like Diamonds/Dive Motherfucker/Living On The Sun/Little Darling/Thunder Blues/Missing In Stereo/On My Way Down /Papa/The Outside/Mental Surgery/Entitled/Peaceful/Psycho Killer/When I Fall/Don't Think The Way They Do/Found/Baby's Come Back.
This was Span's farewell gig. After four years of incessant touring, during which they had produced some fantastic, varied music and released two excellent albums, the band have finally decided to call it a day.
Never achieving the commercial success their talent deserved, Span nevertheless built up a fiercely loyal fan base during their lifetime. Indeed, the expectant crowd at a packed Rockefeller Music Hall in Oslo included many who had travelled from overseas for one last chance to see their heroes.
With video cameras poised to capture the event for posterity, Jarle, Joff, Freddy and Kim took to the stage to rapturous acclaim and crashed into their regular set opener Stay As You Are. The track had started to generate a stir Stateside following its use in a TV commercial, but the band never managed to strike a favourable record deal there, which might have opened up a lucrative new market for their brand of hook-heavy hard rock.
"Stay As You Are" gave way to the powerhouse riff of live tour de force "Buckle Under Pressure". The audience were already at fever pitch by now, as the band kicked into a trio of songs from the "Vs.Time" album. One of many highlights in the opening part of a storming show was "Crash And Burn", a memorable b-side, played live here for the one and only time. "Cut Like Diamonds", the band's last and most successful domestic single, brought the house down. "Dive Motherfucker" was resurrected in great style before the band temporarily left the stage, only to return for an unexpected but unforgettable acoustic set. Airing older material like the stunning "Living On The Sun", "Little Darling" and quirky "Thunder Blues", this was another stark reminder of the band's quality and versatility.
The acoustic set wound up with a marvellous arrangement of hit single "On My Way Down", 1400 voices joining in the chorus.
Part two of the electric set erupted into show stopper and Span anthem "Papa", with band and audience as one. It seemed inconceivable we wouldn't experience a moment like this again.
A stunning light show added to the peerless atmosphere, prophetically spelling out the words "No More" during a rollicking "Entitled".
The two-hours-plus flew by, with classics like "Peaceful", "Don't Think The Way They Do" and "Found" demonstrating what a unique talent Span were.
The final gig climaxed with an unsurpassable "Baby's Come Back" and the place went wild. There could be no encore. This was an unforgettable moment. They saved their best performance to last.

The band featuring the Serbian guitarist Marko Pavic and the singer Chris Catena will present the debut album called Taste Some Liberty at Stazione Birra in Rome on December 14 as opener band for Alex Masi/John Macaluso (Malmsteen, Ark, TNT) gig.

Yet more from the SonyBMG anti-piracy debacle:

Todd Rundgren posted a message on the at: confirming that The New Cars Tour is happening. He also says that the Utopia Reunion Tour will not be going ahead.

Some new studio photos taken during some of the recording sessions for the new Toto CD Falling In Between are now online at the Toto99 web page.

Alice Cooper's guitarist Ryan Roxie invites you to join him online with his new blog & podcasts! Roxie's Big Rawk Show Podcast:, plus; and

I asm reliably informed that Steve Conte from Company of Wolves is now a New York Doll ( They are currently working on a new CD. More info at:

The soundclip to Sebastian Bach's song on the new Liberty & Justice CD is online at plus a new interview with Mike Lee of Barren Cross.

A brand new, exclusive interview is up online featuring original guitarist Michael Bruce of the Alice Cooper Group. Check it out at:

Peter Friestedt is working on a follow up CD to the acclaimed LA Project release at Entourage Studios in North Hollywood, Los Angeles. Said to be featured on the new CD is Abraham Laboriel, J.R Robinson, Bill Champlin, Joseph Williams, Lou Pardini, Randy Goodrum and more. will be premiering the entire debut Line Of Fire CD this Friday, November 18 at 6pm PST / 9pm EST. Tune in to hear it before it hits stores!


Kevin Miller, the drummer who helped Fuel reach superstardom with the multi-platinum hit albums Sunburn (Sony/Epic, 1998) and Something Like Human (Song/Epic, 2000), has announced that his new project Fosterchild is entering the studio this month to record its debut album.
Fosterchild is a four-piece rock band that Miller and guitarist Brian Quinn formed shortly after Miller's departure from Fuel earlier this year. The band is currently in the midst of pre-production and will begin recording with producer du jour Jeff Glixman (Kansas, Black Sabbath, Kiss' Paul Stanley) later this month.
The album is slated for an early 2006 release date however four of the songs are available now for download on their MySpace page at:
For more information about Fosterchild, visit or

The very latest releases from Lion Music are:
Iain Ashley HerseyThe Holy Grail - Stunning classic hard rock from Iain Ashley Hersey. Iain is joined by vocalists Graham Bonnett (Rainbow/MSG/Alcatrazz), Carsten Lizard Schulz (Domain), David Swan Montgomery (Led ZepAgain – USA's leading Led Zeppelin tribute band) and Randy Williams. The Holy Grail is full of the kind of expressive hard rock that only a handful of artists are able to produce these days.
Lars Eric MattssonEarthbound - The first instrumental release in over 14 years from Lars Eric Mattsson. Earthbound sees Mattsson in eclectic mode with open arrangements and playing right from the soul that travel from the melodic to the progressive.
Brave New WorldMonsters - 'Brave New World is Melodic Hard Rock at its best with Monsters showcasing power, passion and melody combined into an addictive package.
De Gladas KapellSpeelar Nilsson - One of the true landmarks of Swedish progressive rock and this vinyl collectors item is now available for the first time on CD thanks to Lion Music.
Check out samples of all four in the CD Showcases.

It's back, bigger than before, the original, accept no imitations, Kiss Expo - run now for the 3rd year by New World Enterprises. The date, Saturday November 19th 2005, the venue, Nottingham Rock City (Rescue Rooms and Stealth).Very special guest is current member of Kiss - Eric Singer!
Hot from the Alice Cooper UK tour, Eric Singer will be there for a 'Q & A' session, everyone who attends is guaranteed an autograph and photo session, and ya never know, he may just play a little!
There are live performances from the U.K.'s Number 1 Kiss tribute band Dressed to Kill, Adam Bomb and Sack Trick. Along for the ride again, will be Channel 4's Mr. Iain Lee.
Jazan Wild will be coming over from the U.S. to promote his new comic book "Carnival of Souls" Kiss Dealers from around the UK - Europe - USA, mainstream rock dealers are also welcome. Contact Dave Herron (event organiser)
All the usual competitions, signed memorabilia raffle, face painting etc...and more special guests to be confirmed...price includes entry to "Rock in the Rig" thru til 3.00 am. Children over 14 are welcome until 9pmDoors open at 2.00 pm, VIP early entry 1.00pm
Go to the tickets page for more details, or the forum for information on how to get to Rock City and make the best of your weekend. Well, that's all for now, see you at Kiss Expo III 2005.

In an interview with The Hairball John Radio Show, Brides of Destruction guitarist Tracii Guns discussed their sophomore release Runaway Brides and that even with out founding member Nikki Sixx, this is the disc he has always wanted to make. Tracii also shared several highlights from his illustrious career including his many years as guitarist and founding member of L.A. Guns.
Tracii Guns: "I think getting our first gold record was definitely an achievement and that genuinely made me happy, like I accomplished something. Also headlining arenas, sold out, back in 1990 and 1991, those were also huge achievements. Making it past our second record was a huge achievement. Things like that are things that are really important to me. So I would say the longevity of L.A. Guns, the fact that it is still going and have a new record out, I am very proud of that and those are the achievements that mean the most to me."
The entire 25 minute interview with Tracii Guns is available on demand in full streaming audio at the Hairball John Radio Show:

Des Peres, MO, November 14, 2005 - The Mimi Fishman Foundation has announced an on-line charity auction with proceeds not only to benefit the Foundation, but also the Station nightclub fire victims and surviving family members, as well as the Delta Gamma Center for Children.
The auction, which will run today through November 30th at, features over fifty items including signed guitars, New Year's Eve ticket/VIP pass packages, and signed posters. Every item is either signed, or rare. Bands featured include Phish, Phil Lesh, The String Cheese Incident, Umphrey's McGee, Beck, Coldplay, Nickel Creek, Def Leppard, Yonder Mountain String Band, KISS, Jack Johnson, 311, Brian Wilson, Loretta Lynn, and many others.
The Station Family Fund is an all-volunteer, 501 c 3 recognized, tax exempt, nonprofit organization founded to offer assistance and relief to people directly affected by the fire at The Station nightclub in West Warwick, Rhode Island. 100 people perished, close to 200 were severely injured, and more than 60 children lost one or both parents in the horrific fire on Feb 20, 2003. Station Family Fund information can be found at:
Todd King, a survivor himself of the fire, is the President of the Station Family Fund. "It's vital we don't forget the families left behind. The Station Family Fund was formed to help those families, as well as the survivors", said King. "The Mimi Fishman Foundation has been instrumental in helping our organization raise funds through past on-line auctions."
The Delta Gamma Center for Children with Visual Impairments is a 501 c 3 recognized, tax exempt, nonprofit organization. They are committed to helping infants and young children who are blind or visually impaired reach their full potential by providing individualized education, therapy, and support services to them and their families. Center information can be found at:
The Mimi Fishman Foundation is a 501 c 3 recognized, tax exempt, nonprofit organization that was established in 1999 by Miriam "Mimi" Fishman (the late mother of Phish drummer Jon Fishman) and David Shulman as a vehicle to raise funds for various charities. With no paid employees, the Foundation operates solely by the help of volunteers. Foundation information can be found at:
While past Mimi Fishman Foundation auctions have featured a large percentage of jamband memorabilia, this auction has ventured into other musical tastes as well. While still staying true to our jamband roots, we will continue to expand by including auction items to appeal to other audiences, says David Shulman, Executive Director of the Mimi Fishman Foundation.
For more information, the auction can be viewed at:




Wednesday, November 16, 2005

AOR is back with a brand new CD called L.A. Attraction, once again featuring the talents of many great AOR / Westcoast stars such as Tommy Denander, Steve Lukather, Philip Bardowell, Rick Riso, J.Lynn Johnston, Dane Donohue, Peter Friestedt, David Diggs and Michael Landau among others. L.A Attraction sounds like a mix between Toto, Survivor, Radioactive and Foreigner and is a real feast for all AOR and melodic rock aficionados! This new album, again produced by Swedish mastermind Tommy Denander, takes Westcoast and AOR music to a new level of perfection!
Line-Up: Frédéric Slama ­ Guitars, Keyboards; Tommy Denander ­ Rhythm & Lead Guitars, Keyboards, Bass; Joey Heredia - Drums.
Guest musicians: Steve Lukather: Guitars, Michael Landau: Guitars, Philip Bardowell: Lead & Backing Vocals, Dane Donohue: Lead & Backing Vocals, Rick Riso: Lead & Backing Vocals, J.Lynn Johnston: Lead & Backing Vocals, David Diggs: Keyboards, Guitars, Peter Friestedt: Guitars, Keyboards, David Williams: Guitars, Marcos Udeba: Keyboards and Tobias Marberger: Keyboards.
Final tracklisting: Don't Ever Say Goodbye . One More Chance . Like An Open Book . The House Of Love . Tears In The Rain . I Won't Give Up On You . The Spark Of My Soul . Last Chance At Love . L.A Winds . Give A Little Love . Lost In Your Eyes.
The band has a new website online now at:


Four preview samples from the new twin Ten release The Essential Collection are now online at the Multimedia/Audio section of the Frontiers Records website. Samples of the newly re-recorded tracks Fear The Force, The Name Of The Rose, Till The End Of Time and You're In My Heart can be checked out at:
The Essential Collection is released January 23.


The good reviews continue to come in for Balance II. Word of mouth is selling this one and I'm very pleased to promote another good review from the much respected Phil Ashcroft of Fireworks Magazine in the UK.
Phil's full review will be in the upcoming issue, but to briefly quote him: "In these days of similar sounding AOR bands with similar sounding albums full of sonic bluster and little else, Balance II have made a record that dates back to the late 70s in style, but with the warm and appealing sound associated with the analogue recordings of those days...the result being a sound not a million miles from early Toto, Ambrosia, or the more eclectic Toy Matinee (there s that Trillion connection again!)"
And "...if you're into westcoast-aor-rock-jazz-progressive-funk-country-pop-rock n roll-R&B-fusion, then this'll be your favourite album of the year, and like a third of all albums released these days, Tommy Denander's on this too. Good stuff."
You can purchase the album directly from the band at:, or via these fabulous retailers:, and


Steve Perry is talking again. This time he has posted answers to questions submitted by fans on his Fan Asylum webpage. There are a number of questions answered, so check it out now at:
In answer to one question, I did love this reply - "I love the power of certain heavy metal acts. I went to a Rob Zombie / Anthrax concert the other night and they were great. If it's good - I like it."
Steve Perry at a Rob Zombie gig? I like that too!

Steve has been on the campaign trail promoting the new Journey Live In Houston DVD, which is officially released now.
Select audio streams have been made available by the record label. They are:
Open Arms - Windows Media; Real Player and Quicktime.
Don't Stop Believin' - Windows Media; Real Player and Quicktime.
Wheel In The Sky - Windows Media; Real Player and Quicktime.
Anyway You Want It - Windows Media; Real Player and Quicktime.
At Journey's Sony page, click on Extras for various buddy icons, wallpapers and banners.
The DVD track listing is:
Live In Houston 1981 - Escape Tour DVD + CD Collectors Edition (Columbia/ Legacy C2D 54153)
1. Escape · 2.  Line Of Fire · 3.  Lights · 4.  Stay Awhile · 5.  Open Arms (*) · 6.  Mother, Father · 7.  Jonathan Cain Solo · 8.  Who's Cryin' Now (*) · 9.  Where Were You · 10.  Steve Smith Solo · 11.  Dead Or Alive · 12.  Don't Stop Believin' (*) · 13.  Stone In Love (*) · 14.  Keep On Runnin' · 15.  Neal Schon Solo · 16.  Wheel In The Sky · 17.  Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' · 18.  Anyway You Want It (*) · CD-only bonus track: 19.  The Party's Over (Hopelessly In Love). Recorded November 6, 1981, in Houston, TX.
Note: All tracks previously unreleased, except (*) indicates previously released.


Spekaing of Sonybmg - it goes from bad to worse. This from: Boston — The fallout from a hidden copy-protection program that Sony BMG Music Entertainment put on some CDs is only getting worse. Sony's suggested method for removing the program widened the security hole the original software created, researchers say.
Sony has moved to recall the discs in question. But music fans who have listened to them on their computers or tried to remove the dangerous software they deposited could still be vulnerable.
Full story at:,2933,175649,00.html.

Mitch Lafon caught up with LA Guns frontman Phil Lewis recently. I expect a full transcript will be online shortly at:
But I found a couple of comments regarding the new and next album particularily interesting. Those comments are:
BW&BK: More touring in January or back to the studio?
Phil Lewis: "This record, we think of, as a demo and we're not going to do another indie record. We did our cover record and then we put out Tales. It's in the hand of our management to find us a real deal with a Virgin or reputable label. Instead of doing it thru Perris (records) or Spitfire. We've done that and there's only so much they can do for us. We don't want to waste another record. We've proved with this one that we're rock solid, we've got the chops and we can write. We'd have no problem doing another record, but not just for the sake of putting another record out. So, until we do get a decent deal (which I'm sure we will) we're just going to concentrate on playing live."
BW&BK: Did the album (Tales From The Strip) come out the way you wanted?
PL: "I'm glad everybody likes it and it's been really positive for us, but honestly we needed a bit more time. There are songs on Tales that really suffered due to a short mixing schedule. We tracked, over dubbed and mixed in a month. Some of the songs suffered like Crazy Motorcycle... there are a couple of songs that didn't get the time and attention. I wanted Crazy Motorcycle to be like Jesus Built My Hot Rod (Ministry) hard-rock techno with all the bells and whistles. Just that song alone I could have spent a week mixing, but it hints at what we trying to get at. We were mixing two, three, four songs a day and that's just crazy. I don't want to do that again. I want to spend, at least, a day on each song. It is what it is, but I think it still sounds better than records we spent almost a year and half a million dollars recording."

An update on Second Hand, sorry...The New Cars - from Kasim Sulton ( "It seems I made a premature announcement in my recent newsletter...The fact is, there are currently no definite plans for The New Cars to be touring next year. We did record some new material, but beyond that, things are still being worked out. I apologize for any confusion my misstatement caused."




Tuesday, November 15, 2005

And The New Cars are officially born. This was confirmed in a recent e-mail from Kasim Sulton to his mailing list. It reads:
"I guess it's safe to tell you all about the 'big announcement' now as most of you have put two and two together. I've accepted a position as the Bassist for a new incarnation of an old band ... The Cars! Currently being billed as "The New Cars". I know most of you are aware that Todd Rundgren has also signed on as the lead singer. Pretty cool huh? We've already recorded some new songs and are scheduled to be touring all next year (2006).
The line up is as follows, Todd, myself, Elliot Easton, Greg Hawks and Prairie Prince. We're planning to record a live CD/DVD sometime after the new year and a possible TV appearance before Christmas. So, thats what I've been alluding to for the past month or so and I'm really excited to be involved in this new project with a great bunch of guys. I'm sure we'll be doing shows near you and this is one show you really don't want to miss. I mean come on ... Todd and ME? Playing Cars songs? Hee hee!!!! It'll be like hearing them for the first time!
As soon as the publicity shots from the photo session we did are approved, I'll be putting them up here -"
The full line-up is: Todd Rundgren vocals, guitar; Kasim Sulton bass, vocals; Elliot Easton guitar, vocals; Greg Hawkes keyboards, vocals; Prairie Prince drums.
That's quite a line-up by anyone's admission. Yes, I'll definitely look forward to new material from these guys, but I'm still not sold on their choice of name. At least they aren't trying to use the original Cars name. Perhaps I could suggest Second Hand Cars as an alternative?

Sammy Hagar has spoken to DJ Steve Dahl (WCKG Chicago) about his current plans. Of most noteworthy is news that the new Waborita's album is 9 songs out of 12 complete and will be released next year with the title Livin' It Up.
Sammy will tour next year in support of the album, with Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony in tow. Sammy said the show would open with a Waborita's set before moving into a set of Van Halen material.
On the topic of Van Halen, Sammy has not spoken to Eddie since the end of the 2004 tour, but suggests that if Eddie called, he would gladly talk to him.
You can see the full run down of the interview posted by Greenpaw at

Eden are pleased to announce details of their debut show. The band that is formed around the talents of Nick Workman & Vince O'Regan are confirmed to play Maymies night club in Cannock on Friday 27th January 2006. Both Nick and Vince will be joined by Dante Fox's bass player and drummer, Alan Mills & Mick Hales. This show will be a special one-off, the band plan to do more shows after their debut album is released (sometime in early / mid 2006). For more information check out the band's official website at
Nick e-mailed me with a little further information. He says: "At this time we dont have any other gigs booked but once we have completed work on our debut album we will be looking in to it."

Well, SonyBMG has taken a PR hit due to their back door anti-piracy tactics, but now they are about stir up some more trouble - they are now unwilling to allow any of their artists or titles to appear on iTunes in Australia or Japan! Talk about driving people to illegal downloading!

Universal Music is set to release a special edition of Bon Jovi's Crossroads album later this month. Looks like another interesting release for Jovi fans. Check it out:
Disc 1: Crossroads (Greatest Hits release from 1995)
Disc 2: (B-Sides) Wild In The Streets . I Wish Every Day Could Be Christmas . Good Guys Don't Wear White . Boys Are Back In Town . Social Disease . Blood On Blood . Let It Rock . Starting All Over Again . Blood Money . Save A Prayer . 99 In The Shade . Roulette . Breakout . Raise Your Hands.
Disc 3: (DVD of Live In London) Livin' On A Prayer . You Give Love A Bad Name . Keep The Faith . Always . Blaze Of Glory . I'll Sleep When I'm Dead/Papa Was A Rolling Stone . Bad Medicine/Shout . Hey God . Wanted Dead Or Alive . This Ain't A Love Song . These Days.




Monday, November 14, 2005

Michael Prince has spoken about the songs that make up the new Legs Diamond album Diamonds Are Forever, which has just been released by AOR Heaven. Here are his comments. Tracks can be previewed on the Legs Diamond Showcase.
1) Don't Turn Away - We love playing this song because it has several different riffs in it. It's a rocker about what else a guy trying to get a girl!
2) Time Will Never Change - Lots of keys, a good shuffle feel and great harmonies.
3) Good Time - This song just makes us happy when we play it and it s a true story ;-)
4) King of Speed - Yes, we love Deep Purple check out the organ solo!!!
5) Trouble Hard - Nasty rock don t mess with us!
6) This Time Around - Classic Legs Diamond... keeps building and building and building.
7) Let It Go - Great rocker delivering the eternal message let it go.
8) Will You Remember - Another symphonic rocker that makes you think and wonder how all that sound can come out of your speakers ;-)
9) Rain Down - A guitar rocker begging for your love - come on Let it Rain!!
10) Loneliness - This one is about losing someone you love (my mother died a year earlier and this was what I was feeling and wanted to say)
11) Get You Home - Fire up the Harley, I'm taking you home!!
12) Change - John wrote this one, great riffs and lyrics about moving to LA and changes that come with it our first song with a rap section!!
13) For All We Know - An instrumental inspired by all we don't know, but believe in anyway.


From FMQB late last news for classic rock lovers:
"For years, Peter Gabriel has been the lone hold out in a potential Genesis reunion. But now, Gabriel tells Rolling Stone that a reunion may be imminent. "The odds [of a Genesis reunion] are better now than before," Gabriel said. "We're going to have the conversation."
Aside from a one-off concert in 1982, Gabriel has not stood on stage with the classic five-man lineup of Genesis since the Lamb Lies Down On Broadway tour ended in May of 1975. The band finally called it quits in 1998. "When we got back together in 1982, I don't think we rehearsed," Gabriel said. "To really do it properly, we'd have to take more time. It's quite a commitment."
Phil Collins recently expressed his desire to reunite the band at a Tel Aviv press conference. "I'm happy to sit behind the drums and let Peter [Gabriel] be the singer," Collins said. And just last month, guitarist Steve Hackett told the Chicago Sun-Times that he received a phone call from Genesis management. "There's a movement to put us all together again," he said. "I do think it will happen."

From "It's been a rumor for quite some time, but sources tell us that there will be a reunion of The Cars next year, led by the band's guitarist Elliot Easton and newcomer Todd Rundgren (who we've heard of somewhere or other before). The reunited band is currently in the studio recording new tracks. No word yet on who else is in the band or of tour plans. It's expected that singer-guitarist-songwriter Ric Ocasek will not be part of the reunion. Ben Orr, the band's other principal singer-songwriter and bassist, died from cancer in October 2000."
Sorry, but without Ocasek, it just ain't The Cars. Check out Ocasek's new studio album for some pop brilliance.

It is always good to hear from former Journey vocalist Steve Perry. He has conducted a new interview with Jeb Wright of Classic Rock Revisited. Perry is on the campaign trail, promoting the new Journey Live In Houston DVD, out tomorrow. Check it out.


As he prepared for the Metal Mania Stripped Across America tour, Don Dokken called into The Hairball John Radio Show to discuss his participation in the Metal Mania tour, the upcoming Dokken Holiday dates and the status of his solo disc as well as the new studio release from Dokken titled Lightning Strikes Again. Dokken was also asked to set the record straight, once and for all, regarding the possibility of a Dokken reunion with guitarist George Lynch.
Don Dokken: "No. No possibility. I read all about it on the internet. I read all about what I was doing and getting together with George (Lynch) and I was thought gee everyone knows about the reunion tour but me (laughing) . And actually I talked with George, we hadn't see each other in years, and we actually ran into each other at a store and just chatted about someday doing a reunion but I don't see what s the point to tell you the truth. If there was magic at one point in our careers, but everyone knows that George and I from day one never got along, our personalities are absolutely opposites."
The entire 16 minute interview with Don Dokken is available on demand in full streaming audio at the home site of The Hairball John Radio Show:

Following last week's Anti-Piracy software trouble for music giant SonyBMG, the label have been forced into stopping the manufacturing of titles with the troubled software.
Washington - Stung by continuing criticism, the world's second-largest music label, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, promised Friday to temporarily suspend making music CDs with anti-piracy technology that can leave computers vulnerable to hackers.
Sony defended its right to prevent customers from illegally copying music but said it will halt manufacturing CDs with the "XCP" technology as a precautionary measure. "We also intend to re-examine all aspects of our content protection initiative to be sure that it continues to meet our goals of security and ease of consumer use," the company said in a statement.
Full story:

Swedish/UK based orchestral metal band Angtoria has as a result of their collaboration with Fortress Music And Artist Management teamed up with Listenable Records and signed a record deal! Formed in July 2004, this female fronted band consist of singer Sarah Jezebel Deva (known from Cradle Of Filth, Therion, Mortiis etc), musician/composer Chris Rehn (Abyssos) and musician/composer Tommy Rehn (Moahni Moahna).
Having already recieved numerous top rated reviews and awards for their demo in magazines all over the world, the collaboration with Listenable Records will reveal their awaited debut album scheduled to be released worldwide in spring 2006.
Visit or for official information and updates.

Chavis Records and Wycked Synn have agreed to part ways due to differences of opinion and direction. After much discussion with the band, it is in everyone s best interest to make an amicable split and preserve friendships. Chavis Records would like to wish the band much success and good luck in the future.
For those that preordered the CD refunds are in process and will be received over the next several business days.

A few new Reviews have been added today. A few high class titles and a few not so... Reviews are online for: Radioactive, Khymera, Soul Doctor, John Farnham, Aerosmith, Cherone and Paganini. Check them out.
More to come shortly.

CD Showcases have been updated to reflect three new titles from Atenzia Records - all just released. Check out new titles from The Way, Mark Spiro and Retrograde. Investigate!




Friday, November 11, 2005

Escape Music / AOR Heaven, are pleased to announce the signing of the British Melodic / Hard Rock legends Phenomena. The creator of the album no other than the mastermind himself Mr. Tom Galley.


The new album titled Psycho Fantasy will be released on the 10th February 2006, catalogue number ESM-125, the album includes performances by lead singers such as Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple / HTP / Trapeze), Tony Martin (ex-Black Sabbath), Keith Murrell (Mama's Boys / Air Race) plus Mel Galley (Whitesanke / Trapeze) and JJ Marsh (HTP / Glenn Hughes) on the six-string!
WebLinks: and


House Of Lords guitarist Lanny Cordola has checked in with a taste of what to expect from the band for the upcoming Firefest shows in the UK and Greece (November 26 and 29).
"Lanny Cordola here. I wanted to give you an update on the House Of Lords Firefest situation. As you might know, it will be the first time in 16 years that the four of us have played live together. My first get together with Chuck going over the material was killer. He and I are constantly doing projects together so we always have an immediate groove going. Ken has hired us a lot over the years to do sessions that he's producing plus he and Chuck been hired as a rhythm section many times before.
When the three of us were in the studio doing The Power And The Myth it was like no time had passed at all. James has always been a world class singer, so we are all real confident and excited about everything. These shows are going to awesome and powerful. We'll be doing songs from all four releases with an emphasis on our debut. If any of your readers happen to live in the UK or Greece tell them to come on down to show, they'll be glad they did.
Cheers, Lanny Cordola."
Full Firefest Details at:

Coming off the heels of the epic "Red, White and Crue" reunion tour, which turned into one of the biggest concert events of 2005, Motley Crue is poised to continue their assault on North America. Having sold more than 40 million records worldwide and coming off last year's Pollstar Top 10-grossing extravaganza, expect Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, Tommy Lee and Mick Mars to continue their domination in the year to come. The brand-new edition of their acclaimed "Carnival of Sins" will be seen by several million people around the country and the world in 2006, as the band performs all its greatest hits, with the spectacular production and pyrotechnics providing that patented Motley mayhem fans have grown to love.
Tour dates and pre-sale information will be announced via Ticketmaster this Monday, November 14. Pre-sale begins Tuesday, November 15th @ 7am local time and ends Friday, November 18th @ 6pm local time. Tickets go on sale to the general public Saturday, November 19th @ 10am local time via:


An update to the Radioactive press release of two days back. The track Carry On was listed as having Kelly Keagy on lead vocals. He is, but his part is only a part of the song. Mikael Erlandsson handles the majority of the lead vocals.
Tommy Denander explains: "Kelly was supposed to sing the whole thing and actually did so but unfortunately he had a throat infection and wasn't sure if he could sing it at all but being the kind human he is he recorded a version anyway....I only had a couple of days to finish the album and could only use 4-6 lines of what he did so I called Mikael who helped me out in the last minute."

Former Little Angels vocalist Toby Jepson will be joining Thunder on tour in the U.K. in Jan/Feb 2006. Also on the bill will be Roadstar who were known as Hurricane Party up until recently. Check out Toby at For more in Roadstar visit
The full list of tour dates is as follows:
Friday 20th January City Hall, Newcastle, England
Saturday 21st January Academy, Glasgow, Scotland
Sunday 22nd January City Hall, Sheffield, England
Tuesday 24th January Solent Hall, Bournemouth, England
Wednesday 25th January St. David's Hall, Cardiff, Wales
Friday 27th January Dome, Brighton, England
Saturday 28th January Corn Exchange, Cambridge, England
Sunday 29th January Coslton Hall, Bristol, England
Tuesday 31st January Academy, Birmingham, England
Wednesday 1st February UEA, Norwich, England
Friday 3rd February Academy, Manchester, England
Saturday 4th February Hammersmith Apollo, London, England

This week on your Classic Metal Show, we're revisited by an old friend of the show, Terry Ilous of XYZ. As you may remember, we previewed an album called Rainy Days a few months back for XYZ. Well, apparently this album was not sanctioned by Terry or anyone with any standing in the XYZ camp. In order to fight it, Terry has dug deep into the closet and come up with Forgotten Demos 1985-1991. This collection is fantastic, so we'll do a New Music Listening Party for it. Terry is also scheduled to come in and talk about the new record, what's next for XYZ, and anything else that comes up.

With the forthcoming new album from Edenbridge titled The Grand Design to released in spring 2006, there is a new competition on the official fan site to win Lanvall's first solo guitar album, now remastered and with extended artwork, hop along to to have a go and win yourself a free Christmas present.

Word has it that new hard rock tributes are being worked on for both Motley Crue and The Beatles.

UFO's new double live DVD & CD Showtime is out now. Drummer Andy Parker has rejoined replacing Jason Bonham who remains with Foreigner.

XYZ vocalist Terry Ilous has a new solo website online at:

Over at the Nelson website, the AOR twins are promoting a listening session for their "upcoming CD". But what exactly is this upcoming CD? Only members of their online fanclub can access the information and the preview. A minimum membership is $10 for one month.

Tigertailz are to headline Glamfest 06 in Stockholm, Sweden, February 11th, playing alongside Zan Clan, Loud 'N' Nasty and The Vains Of Jenna. WebLinks: and www.TigertailzRockz.Com.

News of Sony Music's backdoor CD anti-piracy antics has been circulating and debated for a couple of weeks now. The importance of this issue just got cranked up. Read on:
First Sony virus found; lawsuit filed - Hackers use anti-copy software to hide in PCs / From:
Amsterdam - A computer security firm said on Thursday it had discovered the first virus that uses music publisher Sony BMG's controversial CD copy-protection software to hide on PCs and wreak havoc.
Under a subject line containing the words "Photo approval", a hacker has mass-mailed the so-called Stinx-E trojan virus to British e-mail addresses, said British antivirus firm Sophos. When recipients click on an attachment, they install malware, which may tear down the firewall and gives hackers access to a PC. The malware hides by using Sony software that is also hidden -- the software would have been installed on a computer when consumers played Sony's copy-protected music CDs.
"This leaves Sony in a real tangle. It was already getting bad press about its copy-protection software, and this new hack exploit will make it even worse," said Sophos's Graham Cluley.
Later on Thursday, security software firm Symantec Corp. also discovered the first trojans to abuse the security flaw in Sony BMG's copy-protection software. A trojan is a program that appears desirable but actually contains something harmful. Sony BMG's spokesman John McKay in New York was not immediately available to comment.
The music publishing unit of the Japanese electronics conglomerate is distributing the copy-protection software on a range of recent music compact discs from artists such as Celine Dion and Sarah McLachlan.
When the CD is played on a Windows personal computer, the software first installs itself and then limits the usage rights of a consumer. It only allows playback with Sony software.

A huge update for MR-X today and still a waelth of other downloads still available for a short while longer. Added today is a new Feature Album - this time it's 2AM and their long out of print 1987 one-off release When Every Second Counts.
A special Feature Live album is online as of today - a rare one for Loverboy fans: Loverboy Westwood One Live - a rare radio show from the USA on the band's Lovin' Every Minute Of It tour.
Also online today is a new Special Feature - Night Ranger's 7 Wishes Live In Japan Video. It may be nearly 20 years old, but this is a classic concert from the guys.
New video clips are online for: Roxy Blue - Rob The Cradle, Southgang - Tainted Angel and Tug Of War, Whitesnake - Here I Go Again (Stripped), Inxs - Pretty Vegas, Kings X - Freedom and Shooting Star - Straight Ahead.
Still online are the 4 live radio shows from last week (Survivor, Foreigner, Joe Lynn Turner and Bad English) and more. Time for the old titles to go shortly!
MR-X Membership Details.




Thursday, November 10, 2005

Magnum singer Bob Catley is prepared to make its impact on the European markets with the release of his highly anticipated new studio album entitled Spirit Of Man.
"Every album is as important to me" says Catley, who adds "the last one, Spirit Of Man took over a year to make, I'm very proud of it and want it to be the very best it can be, it's my 5th solo album but the first one on my new label Frontiers, so that makes it pretty important too."
Nearly 3 years after the successful release of When Empires Burn, Catley comes back with a renewed team of collaborators. "I think my three songwriters this time, Dave Thompson, Paul Uttley and Vince O'Regan have done a wonderful job for me, I'm extremely happy with it", says the legendary British singer.
The final result Spirit of Man is a varied album full of well-crafted, classy great rock music as one would expect from Bob, who explains: "I think the new album has got elements of When Empires Burn and The Tower and some of the older Magnum albums as well. That's what I'm known for, a mixture of hard and heavy, soft and melodic rock."
The final tracklisting shall include the following songs: Heart Of Stone (click to hear an mp3 sample); Moment Of Truth (click to hear an mp3 sample); In The Name Of The Cause (click to hear an mp3 sample); Blinded By A Lie (click to hear an mp3 sample); Last Snows Of Winter; Spirit Of Man; The Fire Within Me; Judgement Day; Lost To The Night; Beautiful Mind; Walk On Water; End Of The Story. Cover art was designed by world renowned artist Ioannis of Dangerous Age Graphics (Deep Purple, Styx, UFO, Lynyrd Skynyrd etc.)
Catley concludes, sending his personal message to the fans: "Thank you to everyone for sticking by me all these years, cheers guys, look forward to seeing you all on tour!"
Release date of the album is set in Europe on Frontiers Records on January 27th 2006 with a release in Japan due out on Marquee / Avalon.


A cool story in overnight, this from BBC Online -
By Ian Youngs, BBC News entertainment reporter.
The Darkness' comeback album is not released until 28 November - The Darkness singer Justin Hawkins paid £350 for a copy of his own band's new album on eBay a month before its release to stop it being leaked.
"The CD was sent to a small number of record company figures and journalists around the world but found its way onto the auction site in Australia", he said. Hawkins plans to find the culprit by using the CD's unique ID code.
The band's second album, One Way Ticket To Hell... And Back, will be released on 28 November in the UK. "I've bought our own album back off this character who's selling it on eBay," the singer told the BBC News website. "It cost me £350 and it's going to be a tenner when it's in the shops - with artwork. It's encoded so we'll have a name and a number - so we'll know which disc it is, who distributed it and who they distributed it to. And that person is going to go down.
"He is either going to get some sort of legal intervention or he certainly won't receive an album from our record company ever again."
Hawkins said the band had been stringent with who they had given the album to in the UK. Drummer Ed Graham added that the culprit "should really be sacked" if it is someone in the music business.
But the appearance of the album on eBay is less damaging than internet leaks where songs are put on file-sharing networks for thousands of fans to download for free. The Darkness have recruited a new bassist, Richie Edwards.
The British Phonographic Industry (BPI), which represents UK record labels, said the scale of counterfeit and unauthorised selling on eBay had got "out of hand. Time and again, we have seen eBay being abused by individuals seeking to make a quick profit on the back of our members' copyrights," a BPI spokesman said.
An eBay spokesperson said their rules did not "specifically prohibit" the resale of advance CDs. One Way Ticket To Hell... And Back is hotly anticipated after the band's 2003 debut, Permission to Land, sold 3.5 million copies around the world. It will be preceded in the UK by a single, One Way Ticket, on 14 November.
They have scheduled an arena tour of the UK and Ireland for February, kicking off in Dublin. The band sacked bassist Frankie Poullain while recording One Way Ticket To Hell... And Back because he became too "negative" and "suspicious" of Hawkins' relationship with the band's manager Sue Whitehouse, the singer said.
He has been replaced by the group's former guitar technician Richie Edwards. "There's no way that a fan of The Darkness, based on what we did on the last record, is not going to love this record even more than the first one," Hawkins said.

An update from James Christian: "Well I just got power and internet access restored after the Wrath of Hurricane Wilma. This was not an easy couple of weeks. I really got to appreciate all the simple pleasures of life during that time. The worse part was not being able to communicate with anyone. I really felt detached from the world during that time. My family is fine. As a matter of fact, Olivia had a great time as she had no school for over 14 days. Now that power is restored, I am gearing up for the upcoming House Of Lords shows at Firefest. I am really backed up as I was not able to really do any prep until today. I have heard from all the members and everyone is very excited to do the shows. After 14 years of being off stage, I can honestly say the "Butterflies" are back. This is a good thing as one never want to be to confident. What use to be like breathing air takes a little more time and preparation. I never realized the type of condition I had to be in to do 5 -6 shows a week and still have all the stamina in needed.
I want to thank everyone for sending in their choice of songs for the show. It really helps to know what the fans want to hear. I think we put together a good set from each CD. I don't think there will be anything from the solo CD's I have done as when I discussed it with the band, they felt it was not HOL material so they prefer not to do it.
That is OK with me. I will plan a small club tour where I can get out and play the solo CDs to my hearts content. Robin and I are actually planning something for early next year. Back to House Of Lords - I wanted everyone to know that the HOL DVD is almost completed and will be available in about two months. This DVD will have all the footage of HOL including all MTV Videos, Interviews, A photo montage with some unreleased songs playing in the background, TV Shows and commentary from each of us. I have seen the roughs of the compilation and it brought back such great memories.
Anyone who is a fan of HOL will really love this DVD. I hope to see as many of you as possible at the Firefest shows in England and Greece.
Take Care, James Christian"

This in from Quiet Riot's Kevin DuBrow, via Mitch Lafon. Kevin says: "I had the honor and privilege of spending my day here in Las Vegas working and vocal melodies and lyrics for the upcoming Quiet Riot CD with the amazingly talented Glenn Hughes. I was a long time fan of Glenn's before we were close friends it was really cool and kinda weird to have Glenn in my home singing the most amazing and sometimes off the wall vocals. Now it's my job to try and try to recreate his parts in my style. It looks like Glenn will be joining us in the studio to sing a duet with me and play Bass on the Spooky Tooth classic Evil Woman. We plan on recording in Los Angeles in January 2006."

I picked up this article from and thought it would be of interest to some here. Q Prime were recently dumped by Def Leppard after managing the band for some 20 years.
"Influential US management company Q Prime whose roster includes Metallica, Muse, Shania Twain, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Garbage, Dead 60s and numerous others have signed British band Mohair to their new record label. The management team of Cliff Burnstein and Peter Mensch are looking build upon their success with the launch of this newly formed (yet–to–be named) label. Burnstein and Mensch previously launched Volcano Records and subsequently sold their stake to Clive Calder.
"We've been in the music business for over 25 years and have a pretty good idea as to how this business works," says Peter Mensch. He adds, "With all that experience and the great staff we already have in place, we feel we can compete with any other label, big or small."
Mohair hails from Watford, England and are the first band signed to this newly formed Q Prime label and recorded their debut album with producers Mark Wallis (U2, Travis, The La's) and David Ruffy (from the legendary punk band The Ruts as well as Aztec Camera and The Waterboys). Mohair's album, Small Talk, will be released around Spring 2006.




Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Tommy Denander's new Radioactive album Taken is released via MTM Music November 11. Here Tommy talks about the tracks on the new album, as well as detailing the individual musician credits for each track. Samples of the new album can be heard on the Taken Showcase.
The new album is available in a regular version and a limited edition with a bonus DVD.
1. C.O.W
Tommy Denander - Guitars & keyboards
"I've had the idea of doing something like this since i was about 16 years old but over the years it just felt silly and totally out of fashion....i recently reminded myself that I've never cared about fashion before so why start now!!!"
2. Taken
Bobby Kimball - Lead vocals
Tommy Denander - Guitars, keyboards & bass
Vinny Heter - Drums
Thomas Vikström - Backing vocals
"This was the first song i wrote for the album and the one that made me decide what kind of album it would be. The first Radioactive album is a bit westcoast and the second is more hard rock, i wanted to make a more pure AOR album this time that mixes westcoast, melodic rock and pop. I heard my buddy Bobby singing from the start and as always he delivers in a way only he can"
3. Stronger Than Yesterday
Andreas Carlsson - Lead & backing vocals
Tommy Denander - Guitars, piano & bass
Jeff Porcaro - Drums
Dean Parks - Guitars
Steve Porcaro - Keyboards, strings & effects
Greg Phillinganes - Keyboard fills
"This is one of the best songs I've written in a long time and to do it with this line up is fantastic.
This song comes from an idea I had with the great Jeff Porcaro back in 1991, I had a little time left during the sessions we did and he asked me what i wanted to do, I told him I had another idea so we gave it a shot but never finished it.
We recorded a one take version of guitars and drums but I never finished it with the creative use of Pro Tools I cut the drum parts into a new arrangement and wrote this new song to the drums!!! Andreas Carlsson has been a friend for several years and he was so kind to come down and sing it for me and I had some unused samples from Dean and Greg that fit perfect by magic as well.
Since I had Jeff on it I thought it would be nice to ask Steve Porcaro to play something small on it as well and he ended up doing this amazing classic Toto sounding arrangement of horns, strings, hammonds and Moog's....brilliant"

4. Hit Her Where It Hurts
Gary Barden - Lead vocals
Tommy Denander - Guitars, keyboards & bass
Vinny Heter - Drums
Michael Voss - backing vocals
"I've had the pleasure of being a guest player on the last 3 Silver albums with Gary Barden and Michael Voss so it was about time for them to pay me back HAHA. They both do a great job on this song and I'm proud to call them friends"
5. Easy's Getting Harder
Robin Beck - Lead vocals
James Christian - Lead vocals
Tommy Denander - Guitars & keyboards
Al V Dohn - Bass
Vinny Heter - Drums
Thomas Vikström - Backing vocals
"My friend Kai at Rock It magazine kept telling me that i should do something with James Christian so he hooked us up.
I didn't know he was married to the great Robin Beck who I've been a fan of for a long time so with little hope of them saying yes I asked them if they would do a duet for me and they agreed!!! hey sing it very good and my buddy Björn wrote the perfect lyrics for this song."

6. This I Promise You
Mikael Erlandsson - Lead & backing vocals
Tommy Denander - Guitars, keyboards & loops
Al V Dohn - Bass
Vinny Heter - Drums
"I wasn't sure that I wanted a ballad on this album...until i wrote this song!!! And I had to have the amazing Mikael Erlandsson sing it cause it had a Bryan Adams vibe to it and what a perfect job he always!!!"
7. Forgivness
Christian Ingebrigtsen - Lead vocals
Tommy Denander - Guitars, keyboards & bass
Bruce Gaitsch - Acoustic guitars
Vinny Heter - Drums
Thomas Vikström - backing vocals
"This is a really good song that I'm sure will be recorded by a pop artist soon. I recently started to write with American top writer Marjorie Maye (Celine Dion, Destiny's Child) and Christian Ingebrigtsen who's not only a big pop star in Norway but also a great writer. I had the music for this ready and we finished the melody and lyrics in an afternoon, Christian then nailed the whole vocal in less than 20 minutes....and I'm in love with the song since then!
It had such a Richard Marx vibe to it that i had to get my friend Bruce Gaitsch to play some of that classic Marx type of guitars he's know for."

8. Shattered
Philip Bardowell - Lead & backing vocals
Tommy Denander - Guitars, keyboards & bass
Yngwie Malmsteen - solo
Vinny Heter - Drum
"Philip Bardowell is one of the best singers I've worked with and someone I will do lots of music with in the future...I'm really happy to have him on my album. I've known Yngwie Malmsteen for a long time even though I wouldn't say we're close, a couple of years ago he played on a big charity song I was doing and at the same time he played on this song, I didn't know then it would end up on this album!"
9. Premonition
Fergie Frederiksen - Lead vocals
Thomas Vikström - Lead & backing vocals
Tommy Denander - Guitars, keyboards & bass
Bruce Kulick - Guitar solo
Vinny Heter - Drums
"How do I describe a person as nice and funny as Fergie Frederiksen?.....well, ya gotta meet him HAHA.
This song was written for the Frederiksen - Denander album we're doing but rejected by the label so i decided to give it a home here. Fergie and I wrote this with the legendary Jim Peterik (Survivor) and it was the last song recorded when i worked with Fergie in Los Angeles in February so his voice was hurting a little, i decided to redo a few parts with my old pal Thomas Vikström who as always does a perfect job. Thomas help with backing vocals on this album is also beyond words...thanks guys!!!"

10. Carry On
Kelly Keagy - Lead vocals
Tommy Denander - Guitars & keyboards
John "jr" Robinson - Drums
Abe Laboriel - Bass
Tom Keane - Keyboards
Neal Schon - Talk box intro
Michael Landau - Guitars
Michael Thompson - Guitars
Frederic Slama - Guitars
Steve George - Backing vocals
"Kelly Keagy is also one of those guys who is so nice that i hope everybody in the world gets to meet him! We got to know each other through our mutual friend Bruce Gaitsch, who btw is also one of the nicest and funniest guys in the world-), I was asked to play several songs on Kelly's forthcoming great new solo album so in return I asked him to sing a song for me...he was sick in his throat and didn't feel he could give it his best shot but it's still a really good job.
This song was co-written by my close friend Frederic Slama and features a dream cast of musicians including Neal Schon from Journey, Steve George from Mr. Mister and guitar legends Michael Landau and Michael Thompson etc...."

11. Love Is On Your Mind
Thomas Vikström - Lead & backing vocals
Tommy Denander - Guitars & keyboards
Al V Dohn - Bass
Vinny Heter - Drums
"A really good uptempo rocker that i co wrote with one of my oldest friends Kristoffer Lagerström from Spin Gallery. This song was written for a project we had called Cinema that eventually became Spin Gallery and my crazy buddy Thomas Vikström sings it really good."
12. Sinner
Johan Fahlberg - Lead vocals
Tommy Denander - Guitars & keyboards
Al V Dohn - Bass
Vinny Heter - Drums
Thomas Vikström - Backing vocals
"I recently did a guest solo for German rockers Jaded Heart's new album and when I got the album I was blown away...because the album was brilliant and their new singer Johan was stunning.....payback time again HAHAHA. Johan did a great job and even though you're way too tall dude I really dig ya so thanks HAHA"
13. Never Gonna Let Her Go
Tommy Denander - Rhythm & lead guitars
Steve Lukather - Solos (3:09 - 3:33 & end solo)
Michael Landau - Rhythm guitars
Peter Friestedt - Guitar fills
Vinnie Colaiuta - Drums
David Diggs - Keyboards
Hussain Jiffry - Bass
Tom Saviano - Sax
"I don't do many instrumentals these days but I was asked a while ago to do a couple of instrumental versions of AOR songs for my buddy Frederic Slama and with the line up's being so incredible I felt honored. I've spoken with Steve Lukather a lot of being a part of a Radioactive album but we never seem to find the time so I though for two reasons that it would be great to include this one here...first because I had an instrumental on my first album and second cause Luke appears....and playing great as always."


The Aftershow - For those that can't possibly imagine going home at 10.30 after Firefest, we along with Rock City have something that just may appeal to you.
Immediately after the House of Lords set at Firefest, anybody that feels like rocking into the wee small hours can enter the Rig for a feast of melodic, AOR and classic hard rock for free!!!!! Yes, Free. All you have to do when you come down stairs is make your way directly to the Rig and enjoy another few hours of classic melodic hard rock. Please note if you do go outside the Rock City complex you will have to pay on your way back in, so once again, make your way straight into the Rig where the resident do will be more than happy to play exactly what you want. They also have promised the emphasis will be on melodic hard rock and aor for the night so be prepared for even more great music!
Firefest Competition - Regarding the Competition currently running re House of Lords meet and greet, please not the last day for purchase of tickets to Firefest 2, which will get you an automatic entry into this draw is November 13. That is just 6 days away, so if you have not already purchased your tickets and you want to have the chance of a personal meet and greet with one of the greatest melodic hard rock acts ever, please purchase now . A full list of ticketing options is available from:
Simply choose the method that suits you best, order your tickets and you are in. Simple as that.
E-Mail And Reserve - Once again, just to remind you that you can also E-Mail And Reserve your tickets for collection on the morning of the show. Simply e-mail us with your name, address and contact details and you can collect your tickets from the box office at Rock City on Nov 26 from 12 noon onwards. The advantage here is your tickets will be available to you at the advance ticket rate, which is cheaper than the on the day entry rate.
Merchandise - Firefest are delighted to offer new festival shirts for Firefest 2, different styles, including the much requested baseball style as well as plain black short sleeve tees. All shirts are festival specific and feature back print with full list of bands appearing on the day. We hope to have a photo of the finished article on the site as soon as possible so you can see for yourself. We think they look great, but please note, there are a limited number only available, so if you want one please make your way to the merchandise stall inside Rock City when you enter. For those of you attending the pre show party at Via Fossa on Friday night, you will have the opportunity to get hold of these shirts first, we will have them available on the night so you can wear the shirt at Firefest 2 on the day.
Site Update - is currently updated with brand new interviews with Ted Poley (Danger Danger) and Steve Williams (Power Quest) on their thoughts relating to their forthcoming Firefest appearance. Both of these interviews can be found under the Interviews section.
Please also make sure to check out what the artists that played Firefest 1 thought about the festival. Apparently we didn't suck and everybody had a great time!! Checkout the artist comments section.
Also, for those unfamiliar with Nottingham there is a Directions section including a map of Nottingham city centre with details of how to get to Rock City and Via Fossa as well as useful links to local transport, taxis, hotels and more.

Heaven & Earth had a good night at the All Access Music Awards Show on Saturday night. Stuart Smith won the award for "Best Guitarist" for the second year running. Richie Onori won the "Best Drummer" award, Stu Simone won "Best Keyboard Player" and Joe Petro won the award for "Best Bass Player"
Kelly Hansen from Foreigner also won the "Best Male Singer" award.
The band headlined the night with a short set and were joined onstage by Joe Lynn Turner, Kelly Hansen and Bobby Kimball of Toto, for the encores.
Heaven & Earth would like to thank all of you who took the trouble to cast in their votes.


MiniBytes have been updated with new soundbytes online for Hedley, Shannon Noll, The Click Five, John Farnham, Michael Men Project, Soul Relic, Rox Diamond, Pallas, Hellfire, Highland Glory, The Storyteller, Griffin, Phil Vincent, John 5 and Marc Rizzo. Check them all out.




Tuesday, November 08, 2005

WVIA's unique series of monthly live two-hour concert-broadcasts continues with the reunion of the principal members of one of the region's most popular national rock bands, as well as a performance by an often witty singer-songwriter.
Jerry Hludzik and Bill Kelly were the key members of the Buoys in the early 1970s, one of the first rock bands from Northeastern Pennsylvania to achieve a national reputation, mainly on their strength of the unusual song Timothy. In the mid 1970s, Kelly and Hludzik were creating some new original music as a side-project to the Buoys, turned to Homegrown Music as an outlet for their music, recording their first songs at WVIA for the series. That grew into first the Jerry-Kelly Band and then Dakota, who also went on to achieve national popularity.
Dakota's Bill Kelly has been based in Nashville for the past few years, but after old Dakota recordings unexpectedly found popularity in Europe, Kelly and Hludzik decided to try a reunion. And now they are returning to Homegrown Music where it all started more than a quarter century ago, for a performance of their classic material, along with some new songs.
Jordan Chassan can probably not be accused of being overly prolific in his album releases. He has just released his second CD after a 12-year hiatus, full of the witty, laconic songs that won him praise on his eponymous debut in 1993. His style is somewhere between country and jazz, with a lot of originality thrown in. He makes his Homegrown Music debut.
As usual, WVIA's members and listeners are invited to attend the show to the station's Public Broadcasting Center studios. Admission is free by advance reservation. Phone 570-655-2808 to place reservations. (Note: Start time 8:00 PM )

Eidsivating is the new band featuring former Da Vinci members Dag Selboskar (keys) and Gunnar Westlie (guitar) and Sons Of Angels drummer Geir Digernes. Their music is AOR/progressive hard rock and samples can now be found online at:
Vote for Eidsivating to become one of the acts at byLarm, Norway's major music business event. Follow this link to vote:

Dreamscape will release their new album Revoiced November 18 via Massacre Records in Europe. US distribution is taking place through CD Inzane.
The track listing is: Thorn In My Mind, Fateful Silence, Alone, She's Flying, Changes, Fearing The Daylight, Unvoiced (Lost Parts), Reborn, Face Your Fears, Winter Dreams, Loneliness and When Shadows Are Gone.


Union's European tour dates are listed here:
Further to that, the line-up for this tour is: Bruce Kulick (guitar), John Corabi (guitar & vocals), Fred Coury (from Cinderella on drums) and Chuck Garric (from Alice Cooper on bass).

Now might be a good time to remind folks that my wife and I are expecting our second child in mid-December.
It doesn't seem that long since I posted news of Nicholas' arrival, but he turned 3 last month – amazing.
Anyway, I'm posting advance warning that I will be taking time off as soon as the baby arrives. I'm doing my best to bust my butt getting everything possible up to date before that times arrives, but you can never tell with these things!
With any luck, all will happen over the upcoming holiday period when many people are away from work and not too much news is taking place and you won't miss me for a couple of weeks. If all goes to plan!

Still to do in the meanwhile is work on more Reviews, CD3, some cracking Interviews planned and start preparations for the 2005 MelRock Awards - and boy, do I have a lot to cover this year...




Monday, November 07, 2005

One of the Journey message board regulars posted this very cool interview with Steve Perry on the forums, which appeared Saturday in The Boston Globe. The full interview is available via this link:
The majority of the interview is featured here:

How did it feel having the White Sox adopt your song? You are a San Francisco Giants fan, right?
If they love you, I don't think it's wrong to go where you're loved. The second night, I was sitting in the clubhouse with Crede and Rowand and [relief pitcher Bobby] Jenks and I said, ''Congrats, that's 2 for 2 now." I told them I had to head out and do some work on the disc. Crede looked at me and said, ''Dude, you've got to go to Houston. This may never happen again."
So you changed your plans?
They played five hours and 45 minutes in Game 3, which took me to the edge of insanity. We won that one. Here we are the next day in Game 4, I'm standing near the warning track near the line and the White Sox are doing their stretches and busting my chops. I felt like I was one of the guys.
Like being in a band again.
When I was in Journey, there was a camaraderie. It had a purpose, it had a mission. We scrapped and had difficult times with each other and battles over musical differences but that never stopped us from being the best we could be....

...What do you mean a normal life? You're Steve Perry.
I make my own bed when I'm at my house. I wash my own dishes every day. And when they pile up it's because I don't wash them.
Do you miss those days?
Terribly. When I heard the raw tapes and I started mixing it, there were times I had to keep my head down on the console. Those were some magical times. It was too hard to watch. And it was 24 years ago and it seems like it was yesterday.
So the Journey thing is over, right?
The divorce is final. Back when that happened, it was January of 1998. October is when I had the hip replacement, but January is when I got the ultimatum that they had been checking out other singers. That made it pretty personal.
But you give each of them solo spots on the concert album. Why not say, forget Neal Schon?
No, no, no. In the music, they're pouring their hearts out. I wanted it to be representative of what we once were together because the performances are absolutely magic. Especially Neal Schon. Though we're on the outs and we do not speak, it doesn't take away what we were.

Press Release / The Vicious Rumors family welcomes Brad Gillis and James Rivera to the band! The veteran, all-star lineup is now complete.
Brad Gillis (Night Ranger, Ozzy Osbourne) returns to metal and beyond with VR for the next studio CD and tour. Brad blew everyone away when he took over for the late Randy Rhoads touring with Ozzy in 82 & 83 and did all the guitar work on the 'Speak of the Devil – Live' and then went on to platinum success with Night Ranger. His mind bending guitar playing is perfect for the VR guitar team and is sure to provide some scorching riff exchanges!
James Rivera (Helstar, Flotsam & Jetsam) joins VR bringing soaring vocals and a true metal spirit to the band. James has performed, recorded and toured with many legendary metal outfits. He brings a powerful sound and creativity. A true pro, James has the tools to carry on in the VR legacy.
"This is truly a new and exciting time in VR. I look forward to unleashing this new animal on the next CD and tour! The chemistry between the 5 of us is wicked!" says Geoff. The recording sessions for the new CD will start in January '06. New sound clips from the new CD coming soon. Look for the new CD and for VR on tour in 2006!
Stay tuned…the VR Ball marches on full force into the future!
New VR Line-Up: James Rivera - Vocals; Geoff Thorpe - Lead Guitar; Brad Gillis - Lead Guitar; Dave Starr - Bass and Larry Howe - Drums.
Please note: Brad Gillis joining VR does not in any way take away from his unchanged position in Night Ranger!

Site regular, all-round good guy and the world's #1 Legs Diamond fan John Watson has completed work on his beloved Legs Diamond book!
Details will be available at:
John says the book: "...celebrates 30 years, spanning four decades, of the world's greatest hard rock band. Written by their biggest fan, this is a collection of material stretching over 1,065 pages. Most of it is unavailable elsewhere. "Legacy Of Legends" is available free to any fan, with just a small nominal cost to cover the costs of postage, packaging and disc."

Swirl 360 have changed their name to Killing Sky, signed a new record deal and are re-recording their rather groovy California Blur album to improve it's sound! That's quite an update. The band posting the following on their myspace site. Thanks to Kurt for making me aware of it:
"Hello Everyone! We are excited to announce that we have signed a new deal with a label called, the Orphanage. They are indie label who have a deal through Fontana/Universal. Recently, they sent us back into the studio with rock producer, Sylvia Massy (Tool, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Powerman 5000, Love & Rockets, System of the Down...) to improve the sound of our overseas record, California Blur. We re-recorded vocals, guitars, and added some other things as well. We were lucky enough to have both JR, the singer from Dishwalla (our label mates) to come in and do some background vocals. Also, Jim from Dishwalla, did some extremely cool keyboard stuff. Slyvia also remixed it. It sounds amazing and we are super excited. The record should be out in the fall/winter and we will definitely be touring to support it. Hope to see you at the shows.
Very important. Since we are a new band, we are now called, Killing Sky. Time to leave Swirl 360 behind and start a new. We thank all those who have supported us as Swirl 360 the past years. Thank You! We hope you will continue to follow us as Killing Sky. Onward and upward. Take care friends."

A review of Bon Jovi's opening night of the Have a Nice Day Tour in Des Moines, IA can be found at this location Local band the Nadas opened up the show.
A very detailed review and set list from Night 2 in Chicago can be found here:

Rick Springfield is heading home (down under) for Christmas, but he's also stated that he will hook up with old pal John Kennedy (of Me & Johnny Fame) to play a pub gig under the name of the Beeswaxmen. "Probably old surf songs and sixties songs." states Rick in his web diary. His run on General Hospital starts December 2 and runs through Dec 7.

Urban Tale's Timo Pudas has written in to recommend a new band for readers to check out. Timo writes: "It's like melodic hard rock with very modern touch. I'm sure you'll here about them later but if you want to be among first their website is and there are some sound clips available."

Eric Johnson has a new DVD out - his 1989 performance on Austin City Limits - details here: A second DVD - this time a guitar tutorial is also coming:

Guitarist Mike Campese is back with his second CFH release Creative Speed - Building Picking Techniques. In this 55 minute video Mike will show you over 50 examples to allow you to become an incredibly clean and precise speed-picker. Visit for info to order the video.

European melodic rockers Siddharta won MTV Music Award for Best Adriatic Act. More info on Congrats guys!

The Dutch company for fashion accessories Blue-co started an exclusive Steve Lukather merchandise project two months ago. The first limited series with embroided badges, Santamental shawls and handmade jewelry with Lukather guitar picks and strings are for sale during the El Grupo concerts in Holland, Belgium and Germany. After the tour the items will be for sale via the website of Blue-co (

Brazilian rock fans - get along to Jeff Scott Soto (11/09/05, Curitiba - PR - Brazil). Opening for Jeff is I ON U (AOR/Melodic Rock). Details: November 9, Venue Espaço Callas - Piquiri street, 275, Time 8:00 p.m. Tickets R$30,00.

Saga have signed a worldwide deal with InsideOut Music. The band has just released The Chapters Live to conclude their current SPV deal. is a brand new website dedicated to helping promote and expose melodic metal in Australia. Also to be source of information for fans and newcomers. The site has a unique concept so please do check it out!

Joe Lynn Turner just returned to California for a set of solo shows. Site reader Barry Hoffman was set to attend and offered to do a review. Barry reports in:
"This show was quite a surprise. After having seen it on the schedule for September of this year and then it being cancelled I had little hope it would still go on after seeing it posted for November. Thankfully I was wrong. Apparently this was the first time Joe has toured solo out here in 20 years. My best friend Greg and I showed up in time for the second opening act. They were fine but we were there to see Joe. Having positioned ourselves at the front of the stage just to the right of Joe we really had no idea what to expect. All hopes for a good show were immediately confirmed as soon as JLT hit the stage. Opening with Death Alley Driver we were treated to a performance by someone who obviously knows how to entertain a crowd. Though there were probably no more than 150-200 people he gave it his all. Playing all the songs we know and want to hear from Rainbow and Deep Purple he pretty much gave the audience what they wanted. It was also apparent that he was having a good time, smiling, telling jokes and stories about the songs and his time with Rainbow. Songs I can recall from the set but in no particular order are as follows:
Death Alley Driver, Can't Happen Here, Spotlight Kid, I Surrender, Power Of Love, Devil's Door, Jackknife, Unfinished Business, Stone Cold, King Of Dreams, Street Of Dreams, Highway Star, Smoke On The Water.
Having never seen JLT before in concert this show was particularly a surprise to me as I had no idea what to expect. It was great how Joe made us all feel a part of the show, talking to the audience, slapping hands with us etc. My recommendation is if you ever get the chance to see him GO! I don't believe you'll be disappointed."

Press Release / Street Legal need your help and support! Classic hard rock is not very fashionable these days in the music industry - But hey - let's kick some butt and show them who's the real players in a world of computerized, quantized, auto tuned crap. Let the music do the talking. And Street Legal might have a shot! Check out three stunning new songs from the forthcoming album Battlefields and help Street Legal become one of the live artists at byLarm 2006 - Norways major music business event. Go to and follow the link and directions. Expect a major announcement regarding Street Legal's line-up very soon!

In an interview with The Hairball John Radio Show, Dee Snider spoke about his Halloween based project "Van Helsing's Curse", the state of Twisted Sister and his highly successful syndicated radio show "House of Hair". Dee also addressed his feelings regarding the music of the eighties and comments made by Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden.
Dee Snider: "To be honest, I think a lot of it (80's music) is nostalgic and enjoyable to hear, but I don't think a lot of it holds up well because it sounds dated. Certain artists don't though, Iron Maiden for one. I just still enjoy the Hell out of them in spite of what Bruce (Dickinson) may have said about me and about Twisted Sister regarding us being 'flavor of the month' and that they weren't. But you know what? Bruce is like me, he shoots his mouth off too much, and he is a good guy and lead singers by trade are professional assholes and you can't expect too much out of us."
The entire Hairball John Radio Show interview with Dee Snider is available on demand in full streaming audio at

Iron Mask, the neo-classical power metal outfit led by guitar whiz Dushan Petrossi are set to embark on a European tour to promote their latest release Hordes Of The Brave (2005, Lion Music) with Anvil and Phantom X. The tour will run for 3 weeks taking in 13 countries.
Hordes Of The Brave has received superb press from around the globe and for the first time you will be able to see the band in the live environment!
Line Up: / Guitars; Goetz 'Valhalla Jr' Mohr / Lead vocals; Vassili Moltchanov / bass; Anton Arkhipov / Drums.
06th Nov. Glaz Art Paris France (Iron Mask Only – Headlining).
10th Nov. Zaal Centrum, Hardensem-Aalst- Belgium
11th Nov. Baroeg - Rotterdam - Holland
12th Nov. Le Foyer Rural - Courdimanche - France
15th Nov. Bilborock – Bilbao – Spain
19th Nov. The Rockland - Sweden
20th Nov. Rock'n'roll Club, Motala, - Sweden
22nd Nov. Hells Bells - Praha - Czech Republic
23rd Nov. Garage Deluxe - Muenchen - Germany
24th Nov. Blue Hell – Budapest - Hungary
25th Nov. Skc, Beograd - Serbia
26th Nov. Tg.Mures - Transylvania, Romania Festival
27th Nov. Hristo Botev Hall, Sofia - Bulgaria
28th Nov. Thessaloniki - Greece
29th Nov. Underwold – Athens – Greece
More information on Iron Mask can be obtained at and




Friday, November 04, 2005

Time for another healthy dose of Balance II. The guys continue to win positive reviews with fans and press alike and word of mouth is slowly spreading.
A new review is online now at Hardrock Haven:
Other reviews can be found at:, and .
Despite the reluctance of some outlets to support new talent, others have embraced the band.
You can purchase the album directly from the band at:, or via these fabulous retailers:, and

Today I have a double dose of Balance II. First up a new full length track from the album to download - The Way We Do.

And following my interview with the band's guitarist Brian Moritz, today vocalist Vince Claps is put under the microscope. Read Vince's interview.


This week on your Classic Metal Show, we'll bring you two of the biggest Euro-metal bands in the world. First up will be Neeley and Chris' favorite power metal band Primal Fear. They are back with a new album called Seven Seals, and this one shows a real change in musical direction from the band. We're anxious to bring this one too you, and so is the much so that someone from the band has agreed to call in and talk about the new album.
In addition, we'll also be debuting the new release from the great band Gamma Ray. Featuring former Helloween frontman Kai Hansen, Gamma Ray has built a solid career over the last decade. Their latest release, Majestic, is by far the best album of the bands career. We'll do a new music listening party for this release, and hope to have someone from the band checking in as well.

Graham Bonnet (Rainbow, MSG, Alcatraz) will be singing on four tracks of the new album by The Taz Taylor Band, the follow-up to the highly acclaimed Caffeine Racer. There is also a 'mystery guest' on at least one of the other tracks. More details at

The popular MySpace organization has teamed with Interscope Records to produce MySpace Records. Details at:

A new company HAMAK are apparently in the process of putting together a new classic rock television show featuring live concerts by classic artists. The following was posted on the Noticeboard: "For the public, the admission to the shows/shoots are free! We'd love to have classic rock fans coming in for our shows. The venue is in Fresno, California. Artists scheduled:
November 15 - Legs Diamond; November 30 - Starz; December 6 - Derek St. Holmes and friends.
Future shows will feature Five Man Electrical Band, Starbelly and The Fabulous Poodles."
Go along and support this new venture. For more info or reservations for one or all of the shows, e-mail

UK rock music fans please take note - an update on the Melodic Rock Xmas Bash 2005:
Press Release / MRXB '05 update: The sad news that one of the UK's finest rock bands Pride are soon be calling it a day has disappointed many - and as a music fan - I have to agree. Great band, talented bunch.
I'm honoured they're headlining my Melodic Rock Xmas Bash at the Ruskin Arms, E. London on December 4th and I urge anyone who hasn't got their tickets for the show to get on it and not miss Pride's last live performance.
Let's not forget though just what a cracking bill it is with some of the finest UK rock acts on one bill for an incredible price of just £8 (in advance + booking fee):
Pride; Lost Weekend; Paul Hodson (acoustic); Sacred Heart + **Special Guests (to be announced shortly)**; The Dregs Of Society; Escape (acoustic)
Plus ARfm DJ's & the guys from Double Cross popping in for a pint.
ALL this for £8!!! Over 18's only, 2pm - 11pm Sunday 4th December 2005 @ Ruskin Arms, E. London.
Full MRXB '05 mini-site at or for info please email and tickets available through
PLEASE support live music, PLEASE support UK rock. It's gonna be a great day - don't miss out. All the best, Paul Stead/Sacred Heart.

MR-X has been updated. This week we've got a 4 Play Live Radio Show special! Four classic shows from 4 classic artists.
First up is Survivor - Live In Indianapolis 1984. Then Foreigner in a rare show without Lou Gramm - Live In Fresno 1990 with then singer Johnny Edwards. Third is Joe Lynn Turner in a great performance from the Rescue You tour - Live In Boston 1985. Finally we have Bad English, live on their debut album tour, USA 1989.
In addition to the live shows there are a few extra preview MP3s and of course, the usual Video Clip update - this week featuring: Scorpions - Rock You Like A Hurricane (Unplugged), Anthrax - In My World, Styx - Love At First Sight, Gotthard - Anytime Anywhere, A-ha - Celice and Simple Minds - Home.
And a word of warning - it's time to run out the old files and get ready for a big update, so this is your last chance to download 2 volumes of Crappy Covers; nearly 50 video clips and the other recently mentioned updates. Thanks for the support!
MR-X Membership Details.




Thursday, November 03, 2005

Frontiers Records is pleased to present all details surrounding the release of the long awaited Ambition project.
The basis of Ambition were put during the year 2002, when Frontiers Records President - Serafino Perugino - approached singer Joe Vana, of Mecca fame, in order to bring back on the spotlight one of the long lost AOR golden throats - Thom Griffin. He reappeared again after a silence lasted some 20 years! - on the music scene singing backgrounds on the Mecca album, where Vana ironically, shared lead vocals with Fergie Fredriksen (ex-Toto, Leroux) the first singer in Griffin's original band Trillion.
Griffin gained in fact his cult-status singing with Trillion on Clear Approach, a magnificent example of Pomp Rock which still today stands the test of time and that got reissued in the year 2000 on Sony Music in Japan.
Vana and Griffin soon went into the studio and cut the song Waiting In My Dreams (a remake of a hidden treasure from the Mr. Mister repertoire), who took melodic rock fans by storm on the Rock The Bones Vol. 1 compilation, released on Frontiers in 2003 (now included as a bonus track on the finished release). Shortly after however Joe Vana was forced to resign from his obligations, because of circumstances outside his control. Griffin then remained without a producer and a songwriting partner and the project was about to be put on hold indefinitely.
But it was only thanks to Perugino's persistence that Ambition could see the light of the day in the end! He hired producer Fabrizio Grossi (Glenn Hughes, Starbreaker, Vertigo etc.) to care about the recording sessions and asked around to supply the proper material that could suit best Griffin's soaring vocal abilities. Joey Carbone, longtime Joseph Williams (ex-Toto singer) sonwgriting partner, answered the call and supplied No Wasted Moments and Together.
But thanks to this idea he was also able to discover a couple of new talents in the persons of Christian Wolff, a very gifted songwriter from Sweden (who in the meanwhile has become the new songwriting partner of On The Rise's Terje Eide who also has a song on this album Shaping Fate and Destiny) and Brian LaBlanc (who later on got a recording contract with his own band Blanc Faces).
The recording of the project could finally restart at the end of 2004 and since the music had an obvious resemblance to Toto's sound on Isolation and The Seventh One, the producers thought to enlist the services of Swedish guitar ace Tommy Denander, who could give the perfect AOR touch for this release!
Still keen on the idea of having two singers sharing lead vocals duties and since Vana could not yet resolve his own problems - at the very last minute, Perugino and Grossi thought it was cool to have a guest spot from short-lived Toto singer Jean-Michel Byron. He duets with Griffin on Too Much and Hypocrites and sings leads on Hunger giving a special taste to the release.
Ambition's final tracklisting includes the following tracks: Hold On (click to hear an mp3 sample); Hypocrites (*)(click to hear an mp3 sample); Alone I Cry (click to hear an mp3 sample); Shaping Fate And Destiny; All I Need; Make It Alright; No Wasted Moments; Together; Too Much (*); Hunger (§); The Promise; Waiting In My Dreams (Bonus Track Europe) (+).
All songs Lead Vocals Thom Griffin except - Lead Vocals on (*) Thom Griffin & Jean Michel Byron; Lead Vocals on (+) Thom Griffin & Joe Vana; Lead Vocals on (§) Jean Michel Byron.
Release date is scheduled on Frontiers Records in Europe on January the 27th 2006 with a Japanese release scheduled on King Records shortly after.


United Forces Of Rock Festival, 30.10.2005 Rockfabrik - Ludwigsburg, Germany - On behalf of Frontiers Records, we would like to pass our warmest thanks to the bands Pride Of Lions, Wetton / Downes, Seventh Key, Legs Diamond, Jaded Heart, Casanova, Blanc Faces, Pump & Hartmann for their truly amazing performances, to the promoters and their amazing crew, to Rock It magazine, the labels AOR Heaven & Escape Music for their faith in our event, to all journalists for their tremendous support, to the venue and our sponsors for all your helping hands and of course you - the fans - who came to make United Forces Of Rock such a big success and a truly amazing night to remember for all of us!
We are at the moment already working on Pt. 2 of the festival for Spring 2006. Hope to see you all there again!

Before Nirvana ended the party, power ballads dominated the world of rock 'n' roll, and one band delivered catchy anthems like no other: Whitesnake.
Performing a rare hometown gig in London, England, Whitesnake gave a captivating show that in the words of lead singer David Coverdale, "Grabs you and doesn't let go!!"
Originally filmed on October 20, 2004 at the legendary Hammersmith Apollo during the Live... In the Still of the Night tour, the show features all of Whitesnake's greatest hits plus many fan favorites.
The DVD captures the excitement and vitality of the band's performance before an adoring all-ages crowd who sing along to every song.
Produced by Coming Home Studios, in association with Done & Dusted, and shot in 1080/24PfS High Definition, the DVD features four different audio soundtracks - stereo, 5.1 SRS Circle Surround, 5.1 Multi-channel, and 5.1 DTS.
The DVD, directed by celebrated live concert director Hamish Hamilton (credits include U2, Madonna, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Westlife), also boasts a behind-the-scenes documentary and photo gallery.
The DVD is released via AFM Records February 6. More details:
Whitesnake Line-Up: David Coverdale (lead vocals); Tommy Aldrige (drums); Timothy Drury (keyboards, vocals); Doug Aldrich (guitar); Marco Mendoza (bass); Reb Beach (guitar).
DVD Track Listing: Burn . Bad Boys . Love Ain't No Stranger . Ready An Willing . Is This Love . Give Me All Your Love . Judgement Day . Snake Dance . Cryin' In The Rain . Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City . Don't Break My Heart Again . Fool For Your Lovin' . Here I Go Again . Take Me With You . Still Of The Night.
Bonus CD Track Listing: Burn . Give Me All Your Love Tonight . Is This Love . Love Ain't No Stranger . Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City . Fool For Your Loving . Here I Go Again . Take Me With You . Still Of The Night . Soldier Of Fortune.


Danger Danger's long awaited Live & Nude CD has been released. With no warning, the CD has appeared on the band's website as available now.
The line-up for the live album, which was recorded in 2003 is: Paul Laine - vox, Bruno Ravel - bass, Steve West - drums, R. Marcello - guitar.
The track listing for the CD is: Beat The Bullet . Grind . Under The Gun . Don't Walk Away . Bang Bang . Goin' Goin' Gone . Dead Drunk And Wasted . Good Time . Monkey Business . Rock America . I Still Think About You . Naughty Naughty.


A new release is available now from guitarist George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob). The Lost Anthology covers the following tracks: Thinking About You . Night Boyz . Sleepless Nights . It's Alive . Paris is Burning . Heartless Heart . Jailhouse Rock . House on Fire . I've Been Waiting . Going Under . In The Middle . Cry Again . Lost Behind The Wall . Turn of The Action . When The Good Die Young . Candy Coated Sin . Invitation . Tooth and Nail . Closer . Deepen . If God Could Hear Me Now . Nothing . Dust . Bruising Me . Bulldog Tyranny . Paranoid . He's a Woman/She's a Man . Billion Dollar Babies . Round and Round . S.A.T.O.
Autographed copies are now available from George's webshop:

DAVID ELLEFSON AUDIO INTERVIEW POSTED ONLINE: has posted episode 17 of their "Talking Metal" podcast. The episode features a six minute interview co-host John Ostronomy conducted with legendary bass player David Ellefson. Topics include Ellefson's recent projects F5, Temple of Brutality, War Machine, Avian, Killing Machine, and Soulfly. Host, Mark Strigl, and Ostronomy also discuss topics including Slavo, In Flames, Nightwish, and Dark Tranquility. Pictures as well as the 30 minute podcast can be downloaded at this location ( iTunes users can also subscribe to "Talking Metal" for free at this location (

Another cool CD Showcase update today. Add is the four Frontiers Records titles set for release December 5. They are: Khymera, Terra Nova, Bad Habit and Green. Check them out.

A big update to the Release Dates page is now online. There has been a lot of changes for planned release dates and a lot of new titles added to the list. Check it out now!




Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I managed to steal a little time from Night Ranger frontman/bassist Jack Blades yesterday to catch up and get an update on everything he has been working on. And this morning I got drummer/vocalist Kelly Keagy on the phone, so here's a combined news update on everything Night Ranger and more...

To begin with, I was relieved to hear news that everyone is ok after Jack and his wife Molly were involved in a car wreck Friday. Jack and Molly were on their way out with a friend who was driving, when a 4WD came out of nowhere and rammed the side of the car.
The trio was thankfully travelling in a Mercedes, which are built tough. An ambulance was called and the guys were later checked out in hospital. Jack says he still has a stiff neck and Molly's arm is not yet perfect, but they are otherwise ok.
A little twist - the attending medical officer recognized Jack and professed to being a huge fan! Back at the hospital the staff were looking Jack up on the Internet...all apparently while Jack sat there in his robe. Very rock n roll!

To more positive news, the rest of the band will meet up in the studio from Monday next week to start work on the final sessions for the new Night Ranger album.
Jack is very enthusiastic about the material, adding that there is a huge piano ballad on the album sung by Kelly Keagy that "sounds like the next Sister Christian." Jack says he has asked Brad and Jeff for a lot of guitars and there is one particular big anthem on the record that fans are going to love.
The record should be completed by the time the Christmas holidays are underway and will be released in the new year.
Kelly Keagy also talked about the new material, saying that the band wanted growth from the material, but have kept it "very melodic".

But fans don't have to wait until early next year for a new Night Ranger album! No, you can get one November 22 when Hits, Acoustic & Rarities is released in North America.
This album is in fact, the new album of re-recorded hits that the band completed over the last couple of months. The album is to be released by the new American label i-Rock Entertainment - a subsidiary of Universal Music. i-Rock websites can be found at: or
The track listing for the new album is: Don't Tell Me You Love Me . Sister Christian . Rock In America . Sing Me Away . Sentimental Street . Four In The Morning . Touch Of Madness . Goodbye . When You Close Your Eyes . Sister Christian - (Acoustic) . Don't Tell Me You Love Me - (Live 2003).
Jack says Don't Tell Me You Love Me is from the shows recorded in Japan in 2003. There remains a chance of these full live recordings seeing the light of day in some form. Sister Christian (Acoustic) is from the first volume of Metal Mania Stripped series.
Kelly says the new recordings feature some of the band's best ever vocals, as they are now seasoned veterans. The new versions have some of the live feel that the songs have developed after 25 years of touring and playing them. Kelly says they had to peg themselves back at times to stay true to the original versions, but still have some new parts. He says look out especially for the new version of Goodbye!
Still on Kelly - he will meet up with Jim Peterik in 3 weeks time to complete the writing sessions for his next solo album, which will definitely be released next year. Night Ranger duties have prevented it from being completed this year, but he says 8 songs are now done and he will enlist help from Jack Blades also. As for the style - a natural progression from the debut, but the same style with long time friend Brian Bart looking set to contribute some guitar parts again.

To close, Jack Blades says the long awaited Shaw/Blades album should now be released around January.
Stay tuned for more updates from the Night Ranger camp and soundbytes and a review of the new Hits, Acoustic & Rarities release.


Good news for Shark Island fans. Work continues to progress at a good rate on the new studio album, now titled Gathering Of The Faithful.
The line-up for the new album is: Richard Black - Vocals; Spencer Sercombe - Guitar/Vocals; Chris Heilmann - Bass and Glen Sobel - Drums.
Readers will recognize the new name in the 2005 mix - drummer Glen Sobel. Glen has previously played and recorded with Ken Tamplin, Beautiful Creatures and Impellitteri, to name a few. Of his involvement, management states: "Glen did an awesome job, couldn't have been better. He was a Shark Island fan growing up and brought in an exciting energy to the project."
The band has only a few of the 13 songs left to be mixed. Primary recording is complete, mixing and mastering will be finished in November and a release is currently estimated release Early 2006.

The members of Pride would like to make the following announcement:
"To all our fans across the world, we regret to announce that the band will be splitting up at the end of this year. Our last gig will be at the Ruskin Arms in London on Sunday 4th December 2005. If any of you can make it to the show, we'd all love to see you there one last time.
This decision was not easy for us to make, but with decline of the melodic rock scene over the last few years, it has become increasingly difficult to find record companies willing to front the necessary money to finance quality albums. Because of this, we as a band refuse to put out albums that are not of a standard fit to reflect the prices being charged for them.
In the current state of the melodic rock scene, the only way for bands to progress is to rely on constant live work, to encourage the sales of CDs and merchandise.
Unfortunately, this relies on support slots with well known rock acts who charge bands like us money for the "privilege" of playing on the same bill. And trust us when we say they're not asking for peanuts. This is coupled with the problem that the majority of European promoters refuse to put bands out on tour that will not make them enough profit, resulting in new or more recent bands not getting the publicity they deserve. Hence the rise of '90s rock bands on "comeback tours" - easy money! This is, however, why it is called the Music Business (and not the Artist Appreciation Society) - hee hee.
So with that, the band would like to thank the following...
Keiran at Fireworks; Rob at Powerplay; Andrew at; Firehouse (for not charging us & being our good friends); Brendan (for your support); webmistress Janette; Rob at Framus; EMI; Burnn; our friends, family & loved ones; all our crew; and most importantly, our fans and all the people who helped us to enjoy the last five years as Pride. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you all."
Chris, Matt, Simon, Tony and Rik.

I received a little note from Rock Candy Records supremo Derek Oliver. He asked if I could post it. It reads: "I just wanted to touch base and let you and I guess the community know that at long last after months of negotiations with Universal Music we have finally secured the rights to re-issue the long lost 80's AOR classic self titled debut album from Preview.
This album, together with the Diving For Pearls debut, which we have also now licensed from Sony, has been by far the most requested re-issue that we have been asked for over the last 6 months of being in business. I can't tell you how many different folk have e-mailed us with this request.
Anyway, we are now about to start work on putting together the package for a February release next year. We have one slight problem in so much as that we've been unable to establish contact with Previews' Gold Brothers (Ernie and Danny). Would it be possible to run this as a news story and request that anyone with knowledge of their whereabouts please email us at with information.
Yes Derek, that is entirely possible! If anyone can help- please shoot Derek an e-mail.

A brief update today from Kip Winger. Fresh from producing the debut album for The Mob, Kip has been working on his fourth solo album, which he says is "almost finished".
Kip is also working with a new band - an original band he describes as "Power trio vibe very retro 70s..."
On top of those projects, Kip is producing a band Ligion, writing a chamber piece (String Quintet, Harp, Piano) and working on a film score!

A blast from the past is back - Danny Tate will release a brand new studio album at the end of the month. Danny's new album Destination X will feature the following new songs: Destination X . Last Chance Heaven . Talking To Me . Real . Catch The Wind . Dark Side Of Love . The Gospel According To Life . Broke Down On Memory Lane . Let Em Fall . Back Streets Of Little Rock . Back Door To Heaven.
Check out Danny online at: and


A trailer of Showtime - the new double DVD-set from UFO which is being released later this month through SPV/Steamhammer can now be watched at:

The archive release from Paul Black's LA Guns is due out next week. However, you can purchase right now from:

Mind's Eye's new album is going to be released December 2005 in Japan by Mellow Music and in January 2006 in Europe. The band are hoping for a Feb-March release in the States but nothing confirmed yet.

Rob from Final Frontier mailed in to let fans know that he has "been busy with writing as usual and still writing for the next Final Frontier CD." As it stands, the album is scheduled for release in Japan on Marquee Inc./Avalon Records in February 2006.

Spain's fabulous AOR act Nexx have uploaded a soundboard recording of a live show from last year to their website. As always it includes some awesome album tracks and a few cool covers. Check it out at:

BTM Records has inked a deal with US Based Repossession Records (Founded by former MCA A&R Guru, Gary Ashley) for an exclusive distribution deal for the companies artists. With acts like Slunt, The Fight and Alston Repression they are definitely one of the most interesting new record companies in the US and has gone from nothing to everything in a short period of time.
"We are happy and exited to start working with Gary, who has so much experience in the business and welcomes Repossession on board The BTM Ship."
Scandinavian release-dates for the Repossession catalogue will be announced shortly. In the meantime, please visit for more information.

MiniBytes have been updated with new previews from: Mark Spiro, Line Of Fire, XYZ and Retrograde. Check those out.

Four new CD Showcases have been added for the November releases for Lion Music - Iain Ashley Hersey, Lars Eric Mattsson, Brave New World and the Swedish prog re-issue De Gladas Kapell.

Additionally, I neglected to make indications for the best tracks for several albums in Monday's Reviews update. I'm surprised no one picked me up on that! Consider that corrected. Read the current reviews if you haven't already.

And following on from the Reviews update, the Best of 2005 (So Far) has been updated. This is one of the last updates for this page, as all will be re-arranged for the 2005 MelRock Awards (due as soon as the year concludes!)




Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Firefest 2 is just around the corner! Only 4 weeks to go until House Of Lords, Harem Scarem, Danger Danger, Vaughn, Blue Tears, Power Quest, Balance Of Power & Shy take the stage!
Full details of the show can be found here and also on the newly launched Firefest Official Website.
A few months back we asked fans of Harem Scarem to e-mail in their preferred set lists. What did you guys want the band to play?
Here are the results! The 15 most popular songs as votes by Harem Scarem fans were (in no particular order):
Saviours Never Cry . Weight Of The World . No Justice . Die Off Hard . Don't Come Easy . Dagger . Rain . Hard To Love . With A Little Love . Forgive & Forget . Outside Your Window . Sentimental Boulevard . Voice Of Reason . Reach . Can't Live With You.
Ok, so what about a word from the frontman himself - Harry Hess? Harry writes: "We are rehearsing and we're doing about 20 songs but I would guess we're going to take it down to 16 or 17. We basically picked all the up-tempo stuff we liked from the fan lists and the H/S standards. It rocks from beginning to end!!!!"
When pushed a little further, Harry gave up the following songs as locked in for the Firefest show - Weight Of The World, Saviors Never Cry, Change Comes Around, Voice Of Reason, Higher, Forgive & Forget, No Justice, Rain "and many more!"

Additionally, there has been some questions about the House Of Lords line-up for the show. It will be - James Christian, Lanny Cordola, Chuck Wright and Ken Mary!

A little further Toto news, with Steve Lukather making a few extra comments to fans over the weekend at the Toto website.
Luke says Falling In Between will be released in the US, but the band are still currently in negotiations. Falling In Between is 60-65 minutes long and Japan will have a bonus track -- a bebop tune and David Paich has 2 lead vocals on the album.
The Toto Network will be opening up some time next year and the band is negotiating to record a DVD during the second leg of the tour -- 2007, the band's 30th Anniversary.
Falling In Between is due for release in Europe through Frontiers Records in February.
I have heard 4 rough mixes from the album - Falling In Between, Hooked, Dying On My Feet and Bottom Of Your Soul. These tracks are extraordinary! It looks like the band are set to deliver a phenomenal record as these tracks push forward while delivering the very best classic Toto all fans have grown to love and expect. Expect some individual track comments for these four songs shortly!


Ken Tamplin e-mailed in with a cool update. It seems the singer/songwriter/producer has been busy. Ken has been working on a CD by 80s metal/rock drummer Mike Nichols who has had several serious bouts with cancer. Ken is producing the album, which features a very interesting line-up.
Vocalists so far involved are: Lou Gramm, Kelly Keeling, Marq Torien, Mickey Thomas, Robin McAuley, Chaz Winzenread and Ken himself.
On Guitar is: Ronnie Montrose, Michael Schenker, Jeff Watson, Carlos Cavazo, Ken (again) and others still to be added.
On Bass is: Jimmy Bain, Chuck Wright, Tony Franklin, Dave Ellefson and others... Keyboards will be handled by Ed Roth.
More details and updates shortly.

Christian rockers, Liberty n' Justice are proud to announce Sebastian Bach (former and original lead singer of Skid Row) as the newest vocalist announced to their new CD, Soundtrack Of A Soul. Sebastian if not the premier voice is one of the premier voices in hard rock/metal today. He is featured on the track Another Nail which was CO-written by Sebastian, Mike Layne, Justin Murr, and Keri Kelli. The track all so features Keri Kelli on guitar, former Stryper member Tim Gaines on bass, and Gary Horrie on drums.
LNJ has announced 15 of the 16 singers which included the already announced: Stephen Pearcy (Ratt), Tony Harnell (TNT) Oni Logan (Lynch Mob), Ted Poley (Danger Danger), Phil Naro (Talas), Jamie Rowe (Guardian/Adriangale), Dale Thompson (Bride), Scott Wenzel (White Cross), Leif Garrett (70's Teen Idol), Josh Kramer (Saint), Ez Gomer (Jet Circus) and Russell Arcara (Surgin/Prophet/Arcara). The CD will be released in early 06' and will be handled in Brazil by Avantage Records. Stop by on Saturday, November 12th, LNJ will have a sample of Bach's track, post a new interview, and start a new CD giveaway!

Rik Emmett has just sent out an updated Newsletter. From it: The Airtime project has been completed except for background vocals and mixing. Some 5.1 Surround mixes are going to be attempted. The photo sessions for the album artwork have been completed, with famous rock photographer Darko doing the honours, and the website and CD graphics are going to be completed by Smash! Designs and Jim Bullotta in Philadelphia.
Rik and Dave Dunlop are back in the studio starting on Halloween Day to continue work on their guitar duet record. Some of their concepts are starting to take shape, and it promises to be a tasty treat for acoustic guitar and smooth jazz fans alike.
And - Keep your eyes and ears open for the 2nd weekend in April 2006, as Rik will join some other notable Canadian singers to perform with Orchestra London once again on two special nights that will be a Tribute to Abbey Road, performing the entire album.

Galesburg, IL August 30, 2005: In 2004 there were more than 1,000,000 cases of cancer reported in the United States and according to published reports about 1,500 people die everyday from cancer. It was also in 2004, the Chicago rock band Enuff Znuff found out that drummer Ricky Parent, was battling cancer. Fans and friends displayed immediate support with a live benefit event. Now an all star compilation album will be released to help defray medical bills for Ricky Parent with a portion of the funds being given to the American Cancer Society.
"The responses from everyone about the project were very positive and sincere", said 34 West Records spokesperson Aaron Duke. "I just know we have an album of great songs by great artists, who simply wanted to support a friend, fellow musician and good cause."
The tentative artist lineup for the Labor of Love Benefit CD includes: Jeff Pilson (Foreigner, Dokken, Dio, War & Peace, Rockstar Movie), Crash Kelly, 40ft Ringo, Jamie Rowe (Guardian, the London Calling), Matt Fig, Wade Williams, The Thornbirds (featuring Russ Parrish-Atomic Punks, Kevin Gilbert), Sy Klopps Blues Band (featuring members of Journey, Europe, Steve Miller Band), Dry, Liberty n Justice, Best of Seven (featuring Donnie Vie), Zion James, Crunchy (Monty Colvin-Galactic Cowboys), Ripe, other artists performances include Chip Znuff, Jani Lane, Billy McCarthy (D'Molls), JY Young (Styx), Ron Flynt (20/20), a never before released live track from Trixter and a special guest performance from CC Banana.
"I know with the hurricanes here in the states and a war overseas some people might feel overwhelmed and push something like Ricky's cancer recovery aside" added Duke. "We just want to raise awareness. There are many great causes to get behind. This one (Ricky) just happens to hit close to home for many of us involved in the album."
Labor of Love will be released in the United States in December through 34 West Records in the United States with RCD Music Ltd handling Canadian sales and distribution. Labor of Love is sponsored by Waterstone Guitars, Audio-Chroma Recording and 9-ah.

Trinidad-based rock band Orange Sky has just been named the opening act for the upcoming fall 2005 U.S. tour by guitar wizard Yngwie Malmsteen.
Orange Sky will be promoting its Granite Records debut CD Upstairs and DVD Live In Trinidad on the 17-date run of shows from October 31 to December 7.
Band members include lead vocalist/lead guitarist/songwriter Nigel Rojas, bass guitarist/vocalist Nicholas Rojas, rhythm guitarist Adam Murray, keyboardist/vocalist Richard Hall and drummer/vocalist Obasi Springer. Nigel and Nicholas are brothers.
"We feel really honored to be touring with Yngwie Malmsteen," Nigel Rojas says. "When we were growing up, his posters were on our walls. As young guitar players, Nicholas and I especially loved him. He's a guitar god."
Deeply influenced by a broad range of genres including everything from heavy metal and hard rock to pop to reggae, Orange Sky's music is excitingly original and richly melodic. The exotic Caribbean textures that occur naturally in the versatile band's songs guarantee listeners a sonic experience like no other.
From a musical standpoint, Orange Sky makes a perfect touring partner for an eclectic range of artists. In Trinidad, Orange Sky has opened for the likes of Skid Row, Six Feet Under, Hatebreed and Ludacris.
"We toured the West Coast recently with Adema, and it was our first time out of Trinidad doing any type of shows. We also opened for Buckcherry in Los Angeles," Nigel says. "That was off the hook as well. Los Angeles is a pretty historic place, rock 'n' roll wise. We got to walk around the Sunset Strip and Hollywood Boulevard -- all the places we grew up reading about. We love driving from city to city and seeing America. It's a beautiful country. It's been amazing."
Orange Sky is hugely popular at home in Trinidad and Tobago and throughout the Caribbean. In fact, Trinidad and Tobago's Ministry of Tourism has officially named the band as International Ambassadors.
"The positive reaction from American fans so far has been overwhelming. We don't sound like the average rock band. We have our metal moments, and a lot of Caribbean elements. On tour, we can play a variety of things," says Nigel.
"We're so happy to be out on the road in America making new friends and fans every night. We've got a lot of love in our hearts, and we're giving it all that we've got."
For all the latest Orange Sky information, visit
Orange Sky's fall 2005 tour dates with Yngwie Malmsteen include:
Monday, October 31st Austin, TX La Zona Rosa
Wednesday, November 2nd Houston, TX The Meridian
Thursday, November 3rd Dallas, TX Granada Theater
Sunday, November 6th Albuquerque, NM Sunshine Theater
Monday, November 7th Tucson, AZ City Limits
Wednesday, November 9th San Francisco, CA The Independent
Monday, November 14th Los Angeles, CA Avalon Hollywood
Thursday, November 17th Indianapolis, IN Music Mill
Friday, November 18th Cleveland, OH Odeon Concert Club
Saturday, November 19th Cincinnati, OH Bogart's
Sunday, November 20th Buffalo, NY Town Ballroom
Wednesday, November 23rd Westbury, NY North Fork Theatre @ Westbury
Thursday, December 1st New York, NY B.B. King Blues Club
Friday, December 2nd Danbury, CT Premier Music Hall
Saturday, December 3rd Baltimore, MD Rams Head Live
Tuesday, December 6th Nashville, TN The Cannery
Wednesday, December 7th Atlanta, GA The Coca Cola Roxy Theatre

In a recent interview with The Hairball John Radio Show, guitarist Reb Beach spoke openly about the recent tour with Whitesnake, describing it as "incredible" and about his latest project The Mob featuring Kings X vocalist Doug Pinnick and Night Ranger drummer Kelly Keaggy which he describes as "like Winger, but hipper".
The entire interview with Reb Beach can be accessed on-demand in streaming audio at:
Reb can be caught doing double guitar duty with Kip Winger and Don Dokken during the upcoming VH1 Classic Metal Mania "Stripped Across America" Tour.

Press Release / 5-date Arena Tour starts at Sheffield Arena, 29th March 2006 Tickets go on sale Friday 28th October 2005
Universally hailed as the reigning king of the blues, B.B. King, who has just recently celebrated his 80th birthday, has just announced his last ever UK tour, with five ultra-rare dates in March and April 2006.
The blues guitar legend will team up with Gary Moore to share the once in a lifetime double bill for what is set to be one of the most spectacular rhythm 'n' blues concert tours ever to hit UK shores.
This one-time only double bill will team B.B. King up with Northern Irish classic blues guitarist, Gary Moore, who's career dates back to the 1960s and has graced the line-ups of Thin Lizzy, Colosseum II, BBM and Skid Row and his most recent rock trio, Scars.
The tour kicks off a UK 5-date tour at Sheffield Arena on Wednesday 29th March, 2006, and will also take in arena dates in Manchester, Birmingham, Bournemouth and London. The three hour concerts will see Gary Moore perform the first half, with the second half performance by B.B. King.
UK Concert Details - National Credit Card Hotline 0870 444 5556 Or book online at
Agency & CC Bookings subject to a fee All concerts start at 8.00pm.
29th March 2006 Sheffield Arena Tickets: £36.00 & £33.00 Box Office & CC: 0114 256 5656 / 0114 251 7000
31st March 2006 Manchester MEN Arena Tickets: £36.00 Box Office & CC: 0870 190 8000 / 0161 832 1111
1st April 2006 Birmingham NEC Arena Tickets: £36.00 Box Office & CC: 0870 909 4133 / 0121 357 0000
2nd April 2006 Bournemouth BIC Tickets: £36.00 & £33.00 Box Office & CC: 0870 111 3000
4th April 2006 Wembley Arena Tickets: £37.50 & £33.50 Box Office & CC: 0870 060 0870 / 0207 434 2222




Monday, October 31, 2005

It's been the most outrageously successful tour of the US this year and it hits Australia in December. Of course we're talking about Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, Mick Mars and Tommy Lee - the original members of Motley Crue.
But y'know what? We just can't wait til December, so tour promoter Andrew McManus Presents and Universal Pictures have decided its time to kick-start the Crue party now! The next best thing to seeing the band's outrageous live show in person is Motley Crue – Carnival Of Sins, a 13 camera, big budget concert film shot during the US tour for a hugely-anticipated DVD out November 23.
We figure Carnival Of Sins needs a fitting Australian launch – and what better than the big screen, big cinema experience! On Monday November 14 AT 7PM 'Carnival Of Sins' will have its Australian premiere at the following cinemas:
Melbourne - Village Cinemas, Jam Factory
Sydney – Greater Union, Bondi Junction
Brisbane - Hoyts Greater Union, Myer
Adelaide – Greater Union, Marion
Perth – Greater Union, Innaloo
And to make things even better, every seat in the cinema is free!! Yep, all tickets to the screenings will be given away through the tour's media partners Channel V, Triple M, and on the Australian fan site Fans should check out their websites for details on how to win!
And as a thank you to the Crue fans in each state, every one who attends will go into the draw to win the prize every Crue fan wants – a VIP pass to meet the band backstage and two tickets to the concert in that state. Woo hoo!!
Carnival Of Sins captures the Crue in red-hot form. Featuring a three-ring circus of freaks under a huge big top set, complete with fire-breathing midgets, sexy aerialist acrobats, Tommy Lee's famous flying drum kit and enough pyro to light up a small city, we're talking good old-fashioned low morals, glam metal rock'n'roll!!
We can't think of a more perfect way to whet the appetite for the band's December tour. So get hold of a ticket ….. get your butt to a cinema ……and be prepared to rock!! And then do it all again in the flesh on:
Saturday December 3 Sydney Superdome Ticketek 132 849
Sunday December 4 Brisbane Entertainment Centre Ticketek 132 849
Tuesday December 6 Melbourne Vodafone Arena Ticketek 132 849
Wednesday December 7 Melbourne Palais Theatre Ticketmaster 136 100
Thursday December 8 Adelaide Entertainment Centre BASS 131 245
Saturday December 10 Perth Claremont Showgrounds Ticketmaster 136 100

Former Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Bach's big announcement turned up to be little more than a bit of over indulgent self-promotion.
The news: Accept guitarist Wolf Hoffman has agreed to join Sebastian's solo band for a one-time-only appearance at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, New York on November 26. Regular axe slinger Mike Chlasciak, is unable to make the Poughkeepsie show.
Hardly a "mind-blowing, life-altering" announcement!

Press Release from S.I.N. / Surprisingly we received an e-mail from our singer, that he decided to leave the band. We are very disappointed to hear that, but we have to respect that choice and wish him all the best. Be sure that we will not loose our faith, spirit and believe, we will keep on walking on our Winding Road...
If you're a rock/metal-singer and think you might fit into S.I.N. please feel free to send your demo and info to:
S.I.N. c/o Detlef Andler; Schillerstr. 5; 75228 Ispringen; Germany.
For further Information please visit our webpage or write an e-mail to

Italian guitarist Matt Filippini & his band play special Italian shows with Deep Purple's Ian Paice...before the first show in Cologne, there will be an exclusive pre-listening of the Moonstone Project Time To Take A Stand album. The dates:
November 30, 2005 - Music Club, Cologne (BS); December 2, 2005 - The Grapes Pub, Pontremoli (MS); December 4, 2005 - TBA.
Details on and

RIP Tindrum's Paul West's, whose funeral was held late last week. Condolences to his family and friends.

Tesla have completed work on a covers album, but now look likely to include it within a Box Set planned for release in 2006.

Come ring in the New Year with Y&T, the Frank Hannon Band (of Tesla), and RubberSideDown. Details at:

Looks like Greatest Hits Volume 2 is headed your way from Guns N Roses. Geffen Records have confirmed plans for a second installment, even after the band took the label to court to try and prevent them from issuing Volume One. Sorry, lame idea Geffen.

An official website for The Mob is now online at:

Wounded Bird Records will re-issue the four Fandango albums on CD early in 2006. Fandango featured vocalist Joe Lynn Turner. LabelLink:

Another big update for the Reviews section today with new reviews added for: Bruce Turgon, The Bob, Change Of Heart, Johnny Lima, Seventh Key, Dogpound, Majestic Vanguard, Charlie Sexton, Metal Mania Stripped 2, Crystal Pistol, Mother Superior, Primal Fear, Flight 09, Edhels and Jeremy & Progressor.

Read the new reviews, and once you have done that, add your own reviews for the following new Feature Reviews:
TNT / All The Way To The Sun, Deep Purple / Rapture Of The Deep, LA Guns / Tales From The Strip, Brides Of Destruction / Runaway Brides, Beautiful Creatures / Deuce, Place Vendome / Place Vendome, Jaded Heart / Helluva Time, Alien / Dark Eyes, Silver / Gold and Vivian Campbell / Two Sides Of If.




Friday, October 28, 2005

A scoop of sorts for you today - VH1 are apparently well into finalizing plans for a new reality show that will pit several musicians together in a house with instructions to write and record an album - all under the watchful eye of Big Brother style TV coverage.
I'm told the reality show will be shot over 10 days in December. The concept will see 5 musicians from different bands all flown to a house/studio in Las Vegas to meet each other and write and record an album in those 10 days.
The reason I talk of this news here - apparently it's going to be guys 'from '80's rock bands'...
I am yet to stumble upon any information as to who might be involved, but I am told that participants are not former band members - the show is not a secret attempt to re-unite any one band. Again...stay tuned for updates.

The Chicago White Sox won their coveted World Series Baseball title and former Journey vocalist Steve Perry was there to share the excitement and the love. Steve joined the White Sox guys in their post game celebrations and lead them all in a rousing rendition of the team's adopted theme song Don't Stop Believing. Check it out - Select 'See Scenes From Party' and also click "more" and 'Journey's Steve Perry Celebrates' - some cool footage!
The Chicago Sun Times has also talked about Jonathan Cain's feelings of watching the team's exploits while parading one of his signature anthems during each game. That article is online at:

MTM Music would like to remind fans that the new TNT album All The Way To The Sun is released officially today. The initial pressing comes with a bonus DVD.
Some comments from the press regarding the album are as follows:
Break Out Germany - "The best TNT album since many years. A real melodicrock highlight"!
Heavy, oder was - "The band can convince with a perfect mix of the "old" TNT sound and modern elements of 2005. Tony Harnell is just brilliant and Ronnie Le Tekro is magic as always ... the best album in the "new TNT generation"!
Metal Hammer Germany - "Its a prime example of how to combine mainstream rock with high class musicianship!"
Metal Heart Germany - "In general, everything what Tony Harnell does is turning into gold!"
Rock It Germany - "One of the best albums this year - well done boys!" - "TNT never repeat themselves and once again have progressed a little further with All The Way To The Sun. Long time fans are sure to be pleased, with the album featuring several new gems. The album is a change from My Religion and I think the nature of it will see some fans claiming it to be an even better release than the last album!" [Read full review. Add your own reviews from Monday...]
Get Ready To Rock - "Overall another high quality melodic hard rock release just proving that the genre isn't dead and that bands can keep their fans whilst progressing musically."
Strutter - "The combination of Tony Harnell's wonderful high pitched lead vocals, Ronni Le Tekro's superb guitarwork and Diesel Dahl's tight drumming still works very well, resulting in another strong new TNT CD" - "A MUST have and one of my top favourites for this years top 10 list!"

For all fans MTM are giving away 5 signed TNT All The Way To The Sun of the ltd. ed. version. Just send a mail and send us your regards to the band. Tony, Ronnie and Diesel are currently touring and promoting the album in Norway and you can tell them good luck, congratulations for the album or whatever you want. MTM will forward the mail to the guys - see for details. MTM says "we are working hard to get TNT live on stage in 2006! Check the site for tour dates."

Former Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Bach added an interesting statement to his website this week. It reads: "I will be co-hosting Friday Night Rocks with my good bud Eddie Trunk this Friday night on Q104 WAXQ 104.3 FM Radio in New York City ! Tune in for a mind-blowing life-altering announcement! We will be cranking material from Frameshift 2: An Absence Of Empathy live on the show & talking about the upcoming shows & CD. Talk to ya Friday night!"
What could Sebastian be referring to? Surely not a re-union with his estranged Skid Row band mates?! Well, according to one hot rumor I received a little while back - yes! But in reality - no. I have no idea what Sebastian will announce. Is it just a publicity stunt?

Vicious Records in Spain will release the new 91 Suite album Times They Change on November 2. A preview of the anticipated melodic rock release can be heard by going to the label website at: and clicking on the band's album cover inside the 'Our Artist' section.
The track listing for the new album is: Intro . Seal With A Kiss . I Wanna Be In Love . Tell Me Why . Far Away . Times They Change . Every Day Goes By . Hopes And Dreams . Another Reason . Wings Of Fire . Stand Beside You . Hard To Forget . Will You Ever . Remember The Good Times.
All tracks were written by 91 Suite except Intro written and arranged by Francisco J. Cerezo. The album was recorded at TOWER TRACK Studios from Nov. 2004 to May 2005 and was produced by Francisco J. Cerezo, Iván González and Antonio M. Ruiz.


A ton of new information at the Inxs website this week. Most importantly, the track listing for the new album Switch has been announced. The tracks are: Devil's Party . Pretty Vegas . Afterglow . Hot Girls . Perfect Stranger . Remember Who's Your Man . Hungry . Never Let You Go . Like It Or Not . Us . God's Top Ten.
The album was produced by Guy Chambers - Robbie Williams' former musical partner and features the talents of new frontman JD Fortune in the writing credits (as it should!)
The Pretty Vegas single is released in Australia November 11 and the video is airing worldwide right now. The album Switch is released worldwide November 28 and 29 (depending on territory).
A new DVD for the RockStar show has also been announced: "This compilation comprises 22 tracks including key performances from Marty Casey, Jordis Unga, Mig Ayesa, Suzie McNeil, Ty Taylor and J.D. Fortune.
Moreover, it includes live cuts from INXS in the shape of 'Need You Tonight', 'Never Tear Us Apart', 'Suicide Blonde', 'Pretty Vegas' and 'Don't Change' - some of which are from the off-camera performance following the selection of JD.
Additional extras on the DVD include contestants audition tapes, an introduction to the DVD from JD, and outtakes from the show."


Razorback are very happy to announce the posting of sound samples of their new CD Criminal Justice in the 'Media' section of the band's website:
RAZORBACK are: Stefan Berggren - Vocals; Rolf Munkes - Guitars; Chris Heun - Guitars; Marcus Bielenberg - Bass; Andre Hilgers - Drums.
Release is November 18 via Massacre Records.

Zebra is raising money for fuel. The fuel is being used for trucks bringing relief to Katrina victims in Louisiana and Mississippi. Trucks are being supplied free of charge by MSI Courier (out of New Orleans).
All money from the sale of t-shirts, CD's, and other items until the job is done. T-shirts are $10.00 each. Each band member autograph is $5.00 and will go to this cause. Shipping and handling will be a flat $5.00 per order and some of that will also go to charity depending on how much we use. The website has the t-shirt images.

Without question, this year's Halloween edition of The Classic Metal Show will be the best show we do all year. First of all, living up to the legendary albums that turned Chris from a hair metal fan to an all out metal maniac, Helloween has returned with the 3rd part of their Keeper Of The Seven Keys Trilogy. The Legacy features some of the best, most epic songs of the band's career. In addition to doing a new music listening party, vocalist Andi Deris will be checking in to discuss the new album and all things Helloween.
But we're hardly satisfied there. Keeping with the "Halloween" motif, we'll be introducing you a new band called Icarus Witch. Hailing from Pittsburgh, Icarus Witch will be joining us for the first time as we do a new music listening party for their Capture The Magic release. They'll also be calling in to introduce themselves to you all.
Next, we'll have a CMS Exclusive! Beautiful Creatures have contacted The Classic Metal Show and asked if they could come in and do a brief live set for you! We'll be recording the session on Monday, and will be bringing it to you on Saturday!
And finally, and maybe the biggest news yet, one of Neeley and Chris' biggest favorites of all time, Dee "F*ckin" Snider, will be calling into the show to talk about his Van Helsing's Curse project, as well as Twisted Sister, Desperado, Widowmaker and many more great works in his long and awesome career!

Yet more news from the boys from Europe! The band's website now features pictures from a new studio session to demo new songs for the band's planned 2006 release - a follow-up to the recent Start From The Dark album.
In the band's words: "Last weekend we all got together for the first demo session of the next Europe album. It was very exciting to start working on the new songs, and we really had a great time in the studio. Many strong ideas came up over the weekend. The next Europe album is expected to be out in 2006. Check out Pictures / Other, for some snaps from the demo session."

MR-X has been updated. Online today is a new Feature Album - Kuni's Looking For Action. This long out of print and highly sought after title from the late 80's features the powerful lead vocals of one Jeff Scott Soto.
A double-header Feature Live presentation features 7 fabulous sounding tracks from Winger Live In Michigan 1990 and 8 tracks from Triumph also Live In Michigan 1987.
I have jumped forward to avoid dishing out more torment in the Crappy Covers series! From last week's Volume One - The Worst Of, we jump to Volume Six - The Very Best Part One. 18 cracking hard rock masterpieces - believe me! I'll fill in the gap between Vol. 1 and 6 over the coming weeks.
And as there is every week - new videos - Alaska - The Thing, Katmandu - The Way You Make Me Feel, Dare - Deliverance, Kingdom Come - Should I, Kane Roberts - Rock Doll, Aldo Nova - Blood On The Bricks and Silent Rage - Rebel With A Cause.
MR-X Membership Details.




Thursday, October 27, 2005

Press Release / No one believes in the power of the big guitar, the spangly cat-suit and the irrepressible hook more wholly than The Darkness. They are evangelical in their mission to bring back stadium ready rock, the pomposity of the guitar solo and grandeur of the true frontman. The band s debut full-length Permission to Land, featuring the hit single A Thing Called Love, solidified these Brits place in the annals of rock. Steering firmly clear of ridiculous, The Darkness histrionics make spaceships, tigers and bared chests logical accompaniments to songs that are immediately memorable and utterly timeless.
Now the band is preparing to release its sophomore album, One Way Ticket to Hell...and Back on November 29th on Atlantic Records. The album's first single One Way Ticket will instantly suck you in and make you a card-carrying disciple of the band that is determined to put ferocity back into rock n roll. This album will erase any doubt that The Darkness is anything less than classic.
One Way Ticket Audio - Real Audio / Windows Media.
One Way Ticket to Hell and Back Tracklisting: One Way Ticket . Knockers . Is It Just Me? . Dinner Lady Arms . Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time . Hazel Eyes . Bald . Girlfriend . English Country Garden . Blind Man.
Be sure to check for updates.


The original MSG pairing of Gary Barden and Michael Schenker, responsible for such classic songs as Armed & Ready and Cry For The Nations have been in the studio together. No, not a new MSG recording but a track for Gary's forthcoming solo album. Michael has played guitar on a track called Let Me Down, from the album entitled Songs From The Thai Room.
Gary also contributed some vocals for the MSG anniversary album (on the track entitled Walls of Steel), which prompted current MSG singer Chris Logan to say that it was the best thing that he had heard for 10 years!

Sepultura are a phenomenon. For over twenty years, the band from Brazil has been delivering a brutal mix of metal, hardcore, thrash, punk and tribal that could hardly be more intense or more passionate. What had begun in Belo Horizonte in 1984 soon turned into a metal hurricane of threatening proportions and has taken on undreamt-of dimensions since the enlistment of American vocalist Derek Green in 1998. You have to experience this band live on stage to understand the fascination that this South-American act holds. And Sepultura's current songs always indicate the future of heavy metal. Live In Sao Paulo documents the group's significance for the international metal scene, and the show that was recorded in their hometown on April 3, 2005, will be available on double DVD (including bonus material) and double CD. Both formats testify to the group's determination. From the first note of the opener Apes Of God to the final sound on Roots Bloody Roots, there is an incredibly haunting atmosphere, constantly powered by insolent instrumental attacks and the vocalist's charismatic voice.
The double CD covers the whole Sao Paulo show and consists of twenty killer songs (plus intro), including a number of important classics along the lines of Innerself / Beneath The Remains or Arise / Dead Embryonic Cells and more recent tracks, such the above-mentioned Apes Of God or Come Back Alive, both from the 2003 studio recording Roorback. The double DVD presents the whole show visually and offers lots of additional bonus material. Next to a making-of, there is a comprehensive Sepultura featurette with a special focus on vocalist Derek Green. Intriguing images recount his whole story as the band's vocalist, from the initial contact in the mid-Nineties through various projects over the course of the years to his amazing performance in spring 2005. Then there are three Sepultura video clips ('Mind War,' 'Bullet The Blue Sky,' 'Choke') and three more live tracks. The double DVD is rounded off by a slide show and an 18-minute band history. The sound options, PCM Stereo, DTS 96/24, and Dolby Digital 5.1, ensure the authentic presentation of a typically dynamic Sepultura show.
More info an DVD preview at:

Van Helsing's Curse, the classical/rock music brainchild of Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider, is back this Halloween bringing its horror-inspired ambience to the stage throughout the month of October.
Playing in select cities through the 31st, Snider's masterpiece promises to, once again, take audiences through a visceral journey of the senses with a new haunting show that brings the troupe's famous album, Oculus Infernum (Koch Records, 2003) to life through spell-binding theatrics.
The music, which is performed live by an 18-piece orchestra, a choir and a rock band, pairs heart-pounding, terrifying original compositions with clever re-workings of such memorable classic pieces as Mike Oldfield's "Tubular Bells" (made famous by "The Exorcist" film), Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata", and more and reaches its ominous climax with a spine-chilling cover version of Black Sabbath's classic "Black Sabbath".
Snider will host each date of the tour, providing narration and setting the tone for the performances and promises audiences that this year will be even bigger than last. "This is a very visual entity. The string section is going to be old school Goths, made-up and dressed accordingly, with flowing dresses, velvet jackets and ruffled shirts while the electric section will be very new-school, 'Hellraiser' meets Marilyn Manson, from the hair to the makeup and attire. Our choir will be a group of druids with hooded robes and skewed faces."
Enthused about the widespread possibilities for the Van Helsing's Curse project, Snider says "As the creator for Van Helsing's Curse, I think the original vision is far-reaching. I see us establishing Van Helsing's Curse as a significant yearly Halloween experience and a musical part of that experience. Right now, for the most part, people's Halloween activities include visiting a haunt, going trick or treating, going to a Halloween party or watching horror movie marathons. But the musical element is sorely lacking, and Van Helsing's Curse provides that soundtrack for people's Halloween. It's definitely a far-reaching concept that can translate into TV, videogames, theater, movies, etc., but it all starts here with the music and our upcoming tour."
A lifelong fan of horror, Snider first made a foray into the genre writing, producing and starring in the successful cult film StrangeLand and its accompanying soundtrack. A sequel to the film is currently in production. In 2000, Dee entrenched himself further in the world of horror by narrating a documentary/retrospect home video regarding the making of the movie Halloween.
Van Helsing's Curse will be hitting the following cities this Halloween.
October 27th Detroit, MI Emerald Theatre*
October 28th Philadelphia, PA Keswick Theatre*
October 29th Long Island, NY Patchogue Theatre*
October 30th Asbury Park, NJ Paramount Theatre
*Two show engagements.

There have been lots of enquiries regarding the next CD Compilation. As of right now, the release of this on hold until early next year.
Over the last few weeks I have been chasing several artists that promised tracks, but all to no avail. I have been working on potential track listings and I think the selection of New Artists for Disc 2 is fabulous. I also think there are a few gems lined up for Disc 1, but to be brutally honest, the compilation remains unfinished until a few name artists return my e-mails or manage to deliver what was promised.
Until I can secure a track listing that will rival the first two compilations, the CD won't be released.
Stay tuned for more news, but I can't be sure when that news will be. Disappointing to say the least, especially as the release of these compilations is something that helps maintain this site.

CD Showcase's have been added for the new Rock Candy re-issues - 1994 1994 and Plasmatics Coup D' Etat are online now.

MiniBytes have been updated with new previews of releases from: Urs, Paganini, Cherone, Paul Black's LA Guns, No Nation, VTR, Bodragaz and Daize Shayne. Check them out.

Two new Feature Interviews have been added to the site today. The first one is a conversation I had with Stratovarius' Timo Koltipelto a little while back and the second is a guest interview. Lucas Aykroyd of Vancouver, Canada talks to Sweden's HammerFall. Lucas recently interviewed HammerFall guitarist Oscar Dronjak for a Georgia Straight preview of the band's August 25 concert in Vancouver. There was a ton of left over material, so Lucas kindly sent in the full interview for fans to check out. Read both interviews.




Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of Tony O Hora's debut solo album entitled Escape Into The Sun on January 27, 2006.
Tony O'Hora is best know as singer for Praying Mantis in their most successful albums Forever In Time and Nowhere To Hide and has just finished up as singer for Andy Scott's Sweet.
His voice has been considered one of the trademarks of the excellence of the two Mantis releases and in this new solo album O Hora is able to make his talent shine once again. "I needed to take the time necessary to express the lyric and emotion. So although the recordings took quite a bit longer than we anticipated." sayS the British singer, "I am incredibly proud of this album and it contains the best performances I've ever recorded."
The initial concept for this album came from the input of Frontiers Records President, Serafino Perugino who wanted Tony to come back on the scene singing on a record that could bring back the memories of grandeur of the Nowhere To Hide album especially.
"So he put me in touch with Swedish guitarist/producer Magnus Karlsson (Starbreaker, Allen / Lande, Last Tribe)" explains Tony, "He sent me some demos and I was really impressed. We worked hard to gradually build up the songs. Magnus' songwriting is perfect for my style of singing. I would describe it as melodic rock but with more of an edge."
Escape Into The Sun is set to include the following tracklisting: Broken Soul (click to hear an mp3 sample); Escape Into The Sun (click to hear an mp3 sample); No More Innocence; High Enough (click to hear an mp3 sample); My Final Prayer; Dreamless Nights; More Than We Know; Close To Me; Evil Love; Black Wings; Start All Over; Never Alone.
Release date is set on January 27 on Frontiers Records in Europe with King Records caring for the release in Japan. LabelLink:


Tommy Denander was responding to a fan's post regarding Radioactive when he made the following comments: "The good news is that there will be many more Radioactive albums....I'm talking to MTM about making a "Best Of" with all the Japanese bonus tracks, a couple of new songs and a couple of different versions of songs from the first album plus the best 14-15 songs of the 3.....and next summer I'm planning to do at least one big show with a monster all-star band at the Sweden Rock Festival and record it for a live CD + DVD...and I'm already working on the next studio album...."
Good news all around! The new Radioactive album Taken is released through MTM Music November 11. Full review shortly.

(New York, NY) It will be a "comeback" of sorts for Joe Lynn Turner. Even though Turner has played some shows in California with various other acts (i.e. Alan Parsons Project, Heaven and Earth, Voices of Classic Rock) it's been nearly 20 years since he has taken the stage as a solo artist on the West Coast. Turner is looking forward to his return to the area. He says, "I have so many friends up and down the coast, personally and professionally, so this makes this string of dates very special. I have lived in both areas as well and it's always great to come back." Joe, known to some fans and friends as, "JLT," will be backed by California-based band, The Real Rockers.
In a career that spans some 30 years and over 50 album credits, Turner is one of classic rock's most distinctive and recognizable vocalists. While he is best known for his work with Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen and Deep Purple he has contributed songs and vocals to a vast array of other artist's albums. These artists include Billy Joel, Cher, Mick Jones (Foreigner) and John Waite (The Babys) to name only a few.

November 2, 8pm The Avalon - 777 Lawrence Expressway - Santa Clara, CA 95051
Opening Whiskey Dust and Moreality Tickets $12
November 3, 9pm Pepperbelly's - 849 Texas Street - Fairfield, CA 94533
Ticket price TBA
November 4, 930pm Paladino's - 6101 Reseda Blvd. - Reseda, CA 91335
Opening The Cauze Ticket price TBA
November 6, 7pm The Coach House - 33157 Camino Capistrano - San Juan Capistrano CA, 92675
Opening B.O. H. and Prowler Tickets $15

Turner's latest CD, The Usual Suspects, (Yamaha Records - Japan; Frontiers Records - Europe) is his 9th solo album to date. JLT's recent appearances on VH1 and numerous syndicated radio shows, such as Rockline, Eddie Trunk Rocks on XM, Jim Breuer on Sirius, Dee Snider's House of Hair and Nights With Alice Cooper have revived interest in the singer who was once a staple on MTV in its early 80s heyday. He's also one of the most in-demand session singers in the USA, with his versatile singing and spoken voice appearing on countless TV/radio commercials and "promos." The California shows will feature several Rainbow classics, a couple of vintage Deep Purple audience favorites and some songs from his latest album.

Europe's new live DVD will be released by Warner Home Video on the 7th of December in the Nordic countries. Please check for more info where to get it and when it will be released in other territories.
The band have just posted some exclusive information about what's on the DVD -
"The DVD is 4 hours long on 2 separate discs. Apart from the concert at Hammersmith there will be a 24-hour documentary of us travelling from Tillburg, Holland to London. We have also let the film team interview us on stage talking about our equipment etc. During sound check in London we played two songs Heart of Stone and Spirit of the Underdog both these song will be on the DVD.
We also let the film team interview us riding around in taxis in London. These are personal interviews about the past, present and the future of the band. We also wanted to put on our latest music videos and discographies so you have everything in one place.
Hope you will enjoy it. All the best from the band. Joey/John/John/Mic/Ian."
Log into: for a preview of some footage from the DVD!

Dio are talking with Doug Aldrich about him returning to the fray as a permanent member of the line up. He's currently filling in for Craig Goldy.

Metal Sludge reports that Faster Pussycat's Brent Muscat has confirmed that he indeed has oral cancer and will shortly undergo surgery. Spare a thought and a prayer for Brent during the weeks ahead.

Martie Peters Group will open for Union at "The Rock" in Copenhagen, Denmark. Thursday 1. December 2005.

Press Release / In Stores Now, SantaMental features Steve Lukather with fellow world-class guitarists Eddie Van Halen, Slash, Steve Vai and more.
This year, Christmas is going to have quite a different ring to it as legendary guitarist Steve Lukather rewrites the soundtrack to the holiday season with the introduction of SantaMental a 10-track compilation featuring such guitar virtuosos as Eddie Van Halen, Slash and Steve Vai as well as appearances by Edgar Winter, Gregg Bissonette and Jeff Babko. Produced by Elliot Scheiner (The Eagles, Steely Dan, Sting) and Lukather, the album is in stores now courtesy of Favored Nations.
SantaMental was recorded in fewer than six days and features such iconic favorites as Jingle Bells, Winter Wonderland and Silent Night but according to Lukather the highlight is definitely his and Eddie Van Halen's version of Joy to the World.
"When I wrote the arrangement with Jeff Babko, I wrote it specifically with Eddie Van Halen in mind, coming up with a 'Hot for Teacher' groove," he recalls. "So he came in and heard it and goes, 'What are you trying to do, kill me? I haven't played in a while' and we all laughed. I chucked everybody out of the studio, Eddie sat down, did a few takes and it was done. His playing is raw and on fire. He doesn't play on anybody's records so it was a real honor for me."
For more information, visit:

The classical Swedish rock band Baltimoore, that recently returned with their eight and successful album Fanatical (Lion Music), is already back in studio to record new material.
The new sound with pure, hard hitting rock had a winning effect, but also of course Mr. Lodins edgy and raw voice and the talented musicians Stefan Bergström, Weine Johansson, Hempo Hildén and Mankan Sedenberg. The new album will be ready in the beginning of 2006.




Tuesday, October 25, 2005 :updated

In conjunction with NL Distribution, Music Buy Mail are pleased to announce the exclusive stocking and distribution of three new releases.
The first is a title withy an unfamiliar name, but a very familiar line up of Westcoast stars.
Urs - Somebody New features keyboardist Urs Wiesendanger and musicians Robbie Buchanan, Jay Graydon, John Robinson, James Harrah, Michael Landau, Porty, Rafael Padilla and more.
Press Info / Swiss songwriter and producer Urs Wiesendanger strikes gold with his second solo effort. An eleven track album that will take you on an amazing journey through sophisticated rhythms and sounds in the musical zone where pop, jazz and R&B converge.
The album kicks off with the enchanting title track, a gorgeous ballad sung by the unforgettable late Warren Wiebe together with newcomer Courtney Blooding. Blooding is currently the production assistant for David Foster and she wants to follow the footsteps of her mentor working behind the console. However, she is also a first class singer, and here she offers the listener a great performance.
Jay Graydon, the legendary songwriter and producer, adds a spectacular guitar solo to the mix. The title song is also offered again at the end of the record with a different, jazzy arrangement co-produced by Tomi Malm, one of the best new talents out of Finland.
The album is rich in haunting ballads like the bittersweet, acoustic Your Love Was Special, beautifully sung by Michael Sembello, or the smooth, sultry, R&B number Tell Me Where The Days Have Gone with Thierry Condor on lead vocals. Bill Cantos, the critically acclaimed singer-songwriter, leaves his mark on the record singing the delicate The Final Reason Why, a love song that could be a winner on the Adult Contemporary charts. This song features session master Michael Landau on guitar and the extraordinary Robbie Buchanan on Fender Rhodes and piano.
If you're looking for jazzy, refined stuff, listen to If Only For A Day and If You Still Care For Me. If Only For A Day is an up-tempo jam with some great vocals courtesy of Swedish singer Frank Ådahl. This track is enhanced by the incredible work of Urs on the acoustic piano and Robbie Buchanan on Fender Rhodes, plus the incredible Porty on the guitar solo. If You Still Care For Me offers another outstanding vocal performance by Thierry Condor.
After We Make Love and Morning Light are two numbers that find the Swiss producer in smooth jazz territory with soft rhythms and vocals underlying his superior keyboard playing. I Remember is a magic ballad with an evocative mood and atmosphere, sung by singer-songwriter Jeff Pescetto. Warren Wiebe is indisputably the star of Hold Me, another wonderful love song with Robbie Buchanan on keyboards and James Harrah playing all the guitars.
It's simple: if you like amazing music created by talented people, this album is a sure bet. Get your copy before they're all gone! Released in a limited numbered edition of only 1000 copies.
Orders are being accepted as of today exclusively through three licensed dealers: Europe Music Buy Mail / United States CD Baby / Japan Cruisin' Music.
Track list: 1. "Somebody New" lead vocals by Warren Wiebe and Courtney Blooding; 2. "Your Love Was Special" lead vocals by Michael Sembello; 3. "Tell Me Where The Days Have Gone" lead vocals by Thierry Condor; 4. "The Final Reason Why" lead vocals by Bill Cantos; 5. "If Only For A Day" lead vocals by Frank Adahl; 6. "After We Make Love" lead vocals by Chris Muzik; 7. "Morning Light" lead vocals by Urs Wiesendanger; 8. "I Remember" lead vocals by Jeff Pescetto; 9. "If You Still Care For Me" lead vocals by Thierry Condor; 10. "Hold Me" lead vocals by Warren Wiebe; 11. "Somebody New" lead vocals by Warren Wiebe and Courtney Blooding.

Second is a brand new release from old-school metallers Paganini. The new album Resurrection features the line-up: Marco Paganini (vocals), Dale Powers (guitar), Diego Rapaccietti (drums), Kiki Crétin (bass).
Press Info / Marco Paganini and New York producer Zouzoumamoux have teamed up again to create this celebration of his musical career which spans over 25 years starting in Germany with the legendary rock band "Viva", thru his solo career (including the chart hits Berlin By Night and It's a Long Way To The Top) and his later efforts including his travels to America.
Re-arranged and re-recorded in 2005 in Relief Studios in Switzerland, in collaboration with Alain Monod (keyboardist of Swiss rock sensation "The Young Gods") this collection of Paganini classics is fresh and exciting. Hard rock at its finest, performed by top musicians, intricate soundscapes (provided by Al Comet), and the dark modern production of Zouzoumamoux ("Esoterrorism"). Something for all fans of this rawest of rock singers as well as todays headbanging youth who will become exposed to the ever evolving artist known as Paganini. A man with a past to celebrate as well as a future to keep a close eye on...
"This collection of songs are a retrospect of my musical journey which has spanned over 25 years. A visit to a past life thru the eyes of a new." - Marco Paganini 2005. WebLink:
Tracklist: 1. Little Rock Tonight; 2. Bastard; 3. Screaming For Your Love (Orchestral); 4. Weapon Of Love; 5. It's A Long Way To The Top; 6. Time; 7. Falling In Love; 8. Don't Let Me Down; 9. Berlin By Night; 10. Spending Money; 12. Screaming For Your Love; 13. Little Rock Tonight (Revenge Mix).

Lastly, the new archive release from Terry Ilous is also available for Europe through Music Buy Mail. XYZForbidden Demos 1985/1991 features the line-up: Terry Ilous (vocals), Marc Diglio (guitar), Paul Monroe (drums), Pat Fontaine (bass), Bobby Pieper (guitars), Jo Pafumi (drums), Jamie Lewis (keys).
Press Info / XYZ frontman Terry Ilous has gone back into his archives and discovered eighteen songs that the public has never had a chance to hear. "Some of these songs should have ended up on the first or second cd," relates Ilous. "It's about time they made it out to the public because they bring back such great memories of that whole time period."
Arriving in Los Angeles from Europe in 1985 Ilous and XYZ bassist, Patt Fontaine set about finding compatible band members to help make their "rock star dreams" a reality. "It was very hard to form a band at the time," recalls Terry. "I only spoke Spanish and French - not so rock ' n 'roll, you know - finally destiny sent me 2 winners Marc Diglio and Paul Monroe. It took a while to find them but it was definitely worth it."
The band slugged it out on Hollywood's famed Sunset Strip for four years alongside the likes of Warrant, Bang Tango, Guns 'N Roses and others who, like XYZ, went on to see various degrees of success in the music world. While playing the club circuit, XYZ also spent a lot of time demo-ing their material and presenting those demos to every label that would accept a package. Terry: "I always loved the song "Cant Get Over You", which I wrote for my wife. We spent every dime we had demo-ing those songs. Still today they mean a lot to me and I know the fans will love them as much as I do!"
The track listing is: "Can't Get Over You" (1990 - previously unreleased), "Inside Out" (Demo - 1988), "High Life" (with Marc Diglio - 1988), "Follow the Night" "You Got Me Wrong" (Live - 1988), "After the Rain" (Demo - 1987), "Souvenirs" (Demo with Marc Diglio - 1988), "Made For Love" (1986), "It Could Be You" (1986), "Seventeen" (1986), "Just A Friend" (1985), "Lonely Without You" (with Marc Diglio), "Missin You" (with Marc Diglio), "Rainy Days" (with Bobby Pieper), "Lonely Without You" (with Bobby Pieper), "Never Too Late", "Souvenirs" (with Bobby Pieper), "High Life" (with Bobby Pieper).

In Europe, all three titles will be distributed exclusively on NL Distribution through Music Buy Mail.


Good friend BW&BK journo Mitch Lafon caught Def Leppard live in the USA last week and at the same time was able to corner vocalist Joe Elliott for a few words before the show.
Mitch's full interview with Joe is now online at:
With thanks to Mitch, here are a few highlights:

The covers album Yeah! -
BW&BK: Let's talk about the future. The covers album (Yeah!) is that going to be released and then we move on to the next studio album...
JE: " No. No. We're going to tour it and that's why we delayed it. We didn't see the point in putting it out in September when the Best Of was still doing well. They would have stood on the toes of each other. We sat down as a band with our new management and we were in complete agreement that we should delay the release. It gives us more time to make sure that it's right. We could have had the album out a year ago and it would have been alright, but now it's going to be better."
BW&BK: How so?
JE: "We've changed the songs. We've done lots of stuff to them that your average guy in the street might not notice so much, but we've changed the drums, we've re-recorded certain parts, we hadn't even mixed it... The thing that leaked was a rough mix. It hadn't technically been finished. During the last break me and Ronan were in my studio putting backing vocals, that Phil had done on the road, to the John Kongas song (He's Gonna Step On You Again). We changed certain bits on the Free song (Little Bit Of Love) and we were finishing the mixes on three or four tracks. The great thing about it, is that we've been able to keep coming back to it and improve it. A lot of people don't get that opportunity and we get a lot of 'Why don't you guys make a record in six weeks?' Sure, we can do that easy, but we'd regret it later because there's things we could have done better."
BW&BK: Did you re-record it because of the leak?
JE: "No, no, no. It wasn't finished. It wasn't a case of re-recording. It was a case of putting the bits on that we hadn't finished. We were always going to do this. So, it's just coincidence and what they've got is like what the (Bob) Dylan bootlegs were."
BW&BK: How many songs will be on the album? 14 leaked, 22 recorded so...
JE: "There's 14 songs on that disc (which is what we planned to put on the record) and there's another six or seven that we recorded for different territories or whatever b-sides are called these days."
BW&BK: Japanese bonus tracks...
JE: "Or if we put out a single, you put something on there that's not on the album. There's a bunch of different songs we can use and we may even record some more once we get off the road. And what we did as bonus tracks is that we took them as individual projects, so Phil did a song on his own, Vivian did a song on his own, Sav did a song on his own, I did a song on my own, me and Sav did one together..."

The next album -
BW&BK: You've mentioned the future – you're writing an album now?
JE: "That's a little misleading. We're demo-ing songs and we're getting ideas down on tape. I did a demo while I was back home on the break."
BW&BK: Do you have a release date in mind? Like fall 2006?
JE: "No. We're writing now, but we're certainly not recording now and we're going to tour next year (on the covers album). So, there's no way we'll be in the studio... not till possibly the end of 2006."
BW&BK: So 2007?
JE: "I doubt it'll be before then. I don't think there's any point. I think you can over-expose yourself. If U2 put out an album every year – nobody would buy them. I think it has to be an event. The years of putting out an album every year were in the '70s. Rush, Thin Lizzy and Kiss didn't have to do nine month tours of the States and Canada then go to Europe. They did six weeks and went back into the studio. It's a totally different world."

Rod Stewart has resurrected his career in America with a series of very laid back releases under the moniker The Great American Songbook.
It seems the success of the concept has not escaped other artists. Australia's John Farnham is one who liked what he saw and with longtime manager Glen Wheatley has hatched his own plan.
November 4 will see the release of Farnham's new studio release The Great Australian Songbook. All songs are written and performed by Aussies and the list of tracks selected are all established classics downunder. And the release will apparently rock more than Rod's recent output (which like Farnham's recent work, is as limp as a wet biscuit.
Track Listing and original artist: Come Back Again (Daddy Cool) . Heading In The Right Direction (Renee Geyer) . One Perfect Day (Little Heroes) . I Remember When I Was Young (Matt Taylor) . Downhearted (Australian Crawl) . Even When I'm Sleeping (Leonardo's Bride) . Green Limousine (The Badloves) . Girls On The Avenue (Richard Clapton) . Forever Now (Cold Chisel) . Reckless (Australian Crawl) . Come Said The Boy (Mondo Rock) . No Aphrodisiac (The Whitlams) . Overkill (Men At Work).

Roxx Productions and Spaceport Records are releasing a limited-edition DVD which will include footage from recent performances at a Christian metal festival called Up From The Ashes, held this past August in Anaheim, California.
The footage will include some of Christian metal's older rockers, like Neon Cross and Vengeance Rising, and newer acts such as Ultimatum, Laudamus and Seven System, plus many more.
Holy Soldier were not able to use their performance footage for the DVD at the request of the original singer Steven Patrick, who agreed to reunite with the band for this one-time performance. Instead, the group agreed to let the DVD double as a Holy Soldier collection, including all of their never-before-released video clips from their first two CDs as well as some rare clips from the bands personal archives.
For more information visit:

Kevin Russell's 707 has signed a new deal with Renaissance Records. Renaissance will release 707 The Bridge & Megaforce this Winter 2006 in the USA. The new 707 album Four Decades will be released early spring 2006. The Renaissance Tour 2006 will begin in April and run through October.
For more info visit:




Monday, October 24, 2005

Friday Night Pre Show: Nov 25 - First off, thanks so much to everyone who has bought a ticket to support the event. The Friday pre-show party is completely sold out. Whilst we appreciate your support, we would ask that people refrain from e-mailing asking after tickets for the Friday show. There are simply none left. If we had been aware that there would have be such a demand we would have tried arranging a larger venue to cater for more people, but as it is Via Fossa will be full to capacity. If you have not managed to get a ticket for the Friday night show, we are truly sorry, but we are at maximum capacity with no room for maneuver.

Double Cross - As some of you may already know, vocalist Rick Chase left Double Cross as of October 13th. The remaining band members are rather disappointed that Rick's decision to leave and consequently it has left Double Cross with no other option to cancel all forthcoming gigs, including their Friday night gig at the Firefest 2. With just over five weeks to show day, Firefest have made the decision NOT to replace Double Cross , but to extend the set lengths of the other three acts on the bill, Crimes of Passion, Nexx and Blue Tears. With that fact in mind, the doors will still open at 7.00 pm on Friday Nov 25th with Crimes of Passion taking the stage at 7.30. Considering the venue is fully sold out, we suggest that people attending the show make their way to Via Fossa as early as possible to avail of the best vantage points.
The address once again is: Via Fossa, 44 Canal Street, Nottingham.

Firefest 2 Saturday Nov 26th - There can be no doubt that the word is out, Firefest 2 is drawing serious attention from rock fans out there. Almost 50,000 flyers have been distributed (many thanks to those who went above and beyond the call of duty by handing out flyers at their local gigs) as well as adverts in Classic Rock, Powerplay, Fireworks, AOR Heaven, Force and Rock It magazines. Not to mention a sizeable presence on the internet courtesy of, and last but not least our own page at
We once again have a large contingent travelling from all parts of the globe, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Luxemburg, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Australia, U.S.A. and some people from Brazil and Chile!!!! There are even a group of six coming from Greece and then attending Firefest Greece three days later. Now that's dedication for you!
Despite the fact that so many are travelling from abroad and quite a number of UK based fans are travelling from all over, ticket sales are still sluggish.
Given the Firefest 2 line up is one of the most attractive melodic rock festival line up's assembled in the country in the last number of years, we were hoping for more support at this stage. Perhaps there will be a massive upturn in ticket sales over the next five weeks, but as previously stated, if Firefest 2 fails to grab the attention of the large amount of hard rock fans out there, it's highly unlikely that there will be a Firefest 3.
Tickets are still available from the usual outlets, a full list of which can be found under the Tickets heading on or alternatively follow this link

Competition - We will also be announcing a competition for everybody who has bought a ticket(s) directly from us, or who will be buying tickets from us up until before November 13th. If you are a House of Lords fan, this will be the ultimate prize….details to be announced shortly, but every House of Lords fan will want to win this one. Please check back shortly for full details.

James Christian of House of Lords will be giving an interview to rock radio Greece 104.7 regarding House of lords appearance at Firefest Greece this Monday the 24th of october at 23:00 local time (22:00 Central European time). You can listen to it live at:

Just one week to go to the United Forces Of Rock event! As a nice surprise, we are happy announce that some songs from the brand new Toto album Falling In Between, due for release in February 2006 on Frontiers Records, will be aired as world exclusive premiere during the show breaks of the event on Oct 30th at the Rockfabrik, Ludwigsburg (close to Stuttgart, Germany). Don't miss this unique chance to listen to these songs so early in advance!
And finally, here comes part two of our "Let the bands do the talking" special, this time with the performing artists Seventh Key, Legs Diamond, Jaded Heart, Blanc Faces & Pump.
Billy Greer - Seventh Key
"I can't tell how excited I am about finally getting Seventh Key out of the studio and out before the fans. WE did our first gig in May when we recorded our live concert DVD. This will be our second gig and what better place than for our great "Melodic Rock Fans" In Europe. With this lineup of bands, this show is gonna Rock!"
Michael PrinceLegs Diamond
"We are very excited and honored to be included in the UFOR lineup. It is our first ever show on the European continent and we will be playing many songs from our previous seven studio albums as well as some brand new material from our upcoming album 'Diamonds Are Forever'. We look forward to meeting with all our fans and thank them for their support."
Jaded Heart
"We are proud to be part of this great festival and are thrilled to meet our fans and show our new Jaded Heart. This will be a very exciting event for the AOR/Melodic Hard Rock fans all over the world."
Blanc Faces
"Hi everyone! Blanc Faces is honored to be part of the show. I promise we'll come out rocking. We're really looking forward to our German debut. We really appreciate all our fans and everyone who has purchased our CD."
Marcus Jürgens - Pump
"Hi folks, this is Marcus from Pump writing here. We are really proud and happy to be part of this amazing festival. Of course we feel very honoured sharing the stage with such Rock icons as John Wetton and Geoffrey Downes, Billy Greer, Jim Peterik and all the others...and you will definitely hear some brand new and smoking music from our upcoming album "Breakdown to breakthrough". So don't miss this event...Be there!!! Rock 'n' Roll!!!"


Toto have revealed the artwork for their new album Falling In Between. The album is still being completed, and the artwork is being described as tentatively final! The long awaited album is due for release via Frontiers Records in February 2006.


After a call-out to Steve Perry, it seems the vocalist behind baseball's Chicago White Sox club newly adopted theme song Don't Stop Believin' came to the party!
"There was big money on display at Game One, including people sipping sparkling wine in front-row seats and decadent dessert trays being wheeled into the luxury suites. And there were celebrities, including Liz Phair, who sang "God Bless America" during the 7th-inning stretch, and Steve Perry, the former frontman for the rock group Journey, whose Don't Stop Believin' tune became a rallying cry in the Sox clubhouse.
"I'm beyond honored," Perry said from his front-row seat behind home plate as the song played over the P.A. "I can't even put it into words."

And from:
"Don't Stop Believin' - How great a baseball fan is Steve Perry? Let me tell you.
As most of you know, we have been trying to find Steve since clinching the ALCS in Anaheim. It seems several guys, Joe Crede, Aaron Rowand and A.J. Pierzynski among them, have taken Perry's Don't Stop Believin' as the team's theme song. After we clinched, AJ grabbed me and said, "Do whatever you can to get Steve Perry here for the World Series."
Well, Steve found out about our search and called me the other day. A huge baseball fan, he follows the SF Giants (and now the White Sox), Perry was touched by our team's reaction to his song.
He and a friend hopped on an airplane yesterday and flew in for the game. We snuck him into a room behind our clubhouse and surprised Joe, Aaron and AJ. They loved meeting Steve and everyone posed for photos."

Finland's Nightwish have closed the book on their first era by splitting with lead vocalist Tarja. This post is stright off the band's website:
"Nightwish recorded End Of An Era - a live release yesterday evening in Hartwall-Arena, Helsinki. As you can imagine, the atmosphere in the Arena was wild but also quite blue. This was the ending for a one and a half year lasting Once - World Tour. Nightwish wishes to thank everybody for an unbelievable tour.
Unfortunately the title End Of An Era also holds a deeper meaning. The open letter, which was given to Tarja after the show, tells it all. You can read it here:
Dear Tarja,
It`s time to choose whether the story of Nightwish ends here or whether it will still continue an undetermined period of time. We`ve been working with this creation for 9 years and we are not ready to give up yet. Nightwish is a way of life, something to live for, and we`re certain we can`t let it go.
Equally certain is the fact that we cannot go on with you and Marcelo any longer. During the last year something sad happened, which I`ve been going over in my head every single day, morning and night. Your attitude and behavior don`t go with Nightwish anymore. There are characteristics I would never have believed to see in my old dear friend.
People who don`t talk with each other for a year do not belong in the same band.
We are involved in an industry where the business-side of things is a necessary evil and something to worry about all the time. We are also a band which has always done music from the heart, because of friendship and the music itself. The mental satisfaction should always be more important than money! Nightwish is a band, it`s an emotion.
To you, unfortunately, business, money, and things that have nothing to do with those emotions have become much more important. You feel that you have sacrificed yourself and your musical career for Nightwish, rather than thinking what it has given to you.
This attitude was clearly shown to me in the two things you said to me in an airplane in Toronto: "I don`t need Nightwish anymore." and "Remember, Tuomas, that I could leave this band at any time, giving you only one day`s warning in advance".
I can`t simply write any more songs for you to sing.
You have said yourself that you are merely a "guest musician" in Nightwish. Now that visit ends and we will continue Nightwish with a new female vocalist. We`re sure this is an equally big relief to you as it is for us. We have all been feeling bad long enough.
You told us that no matter what, the next Nightwish album will be your last one. However, the rest of us want to continue as long as the fire burns. So there`s no sense in doing that next album with you, either.
The four of us have been going over this situation countless times and we have realized that this is the thing we want to do in life. It´s all we can do. In December 2004, in Germany, you said that you will never tour again for more than two weeks at a time. You also said that we can forget about U.S. and Australia because the fees and the sizes of venues are too small.
In interviews I`ve mentioned that if Tarja leaves, that would be the end of the band. I understand that people will think this way. Nightwish is, however, a scenery of my soul and I`m not ready to let go because of one person. A person who wants to focus her creativity to somewhere else, a person whose values don`t match mine.
We were never bothered by the fact that you didn`t participate in writing/arranging songs, you never in 9 years came to rehearse the songs with us before going to the studio. Not the fact that while on tour you always wanted to fly, separately from us with your husband. Not the fact that you are an undisputable front image of the band.
We accepted and felt ok about everything except greed, underestimating the fans, and breaking promises. It was agreed by the five of us that Nightwish would be the priority in everything that we do during 2004-2005. Still so many things were more important to you. The ultimate example being the already sold-out show in Oslo, which you wanted to cancel because you needed to rehearse for your solo concerts, meet friends and go to the movies. Those were the words Marcelo used in an e-mail explaining the cancellation. This being just one example of so many. I couldn't think of a worse way of being selfish and dismissing our fans.
Nightwish is a way of life and a job with many obligations. To each other and to the fans. With you we can`t take care of those duties anymore.
Deep within we don`t know which one of you drove us to this point. Somehow Marcelo has changed you from the lovely girl you were into a diva, who doesn't think or act the way she used to. You are too sure of your irreplaceableness and status.
It`s obvious that you blame your stress and misery on us four. And you think we don`t respect or listen to you. Belive us; We have always had the uppermost respect towards you as a wonderful vocalist and as a friend. And very often during the past couple of years the plans were made according to your decisions only. You were always the only one who wanted more money from the shows.
This "compensation and more money from everything" – attitude is the fact that we are most disappointed of!
We wish that from now on you will listen to your heart instead of Marcelo. Cultural differences combined with greed, opportunism and love is a dangerous combination. Do not wither yourself.
This decision is not something we are especially proud of but you gave us no choice. The gap between us is too wide. And the decision is made by us four unanimously. We are beyond the point where things could be settled by talking.
All the best for your life and career,
Emppu Jukka Marco

I thought this was a cool little interview. Thanks to JD for bringing it to my attention. Original article by Kate Lohnes for The Monitor
After over two decades of playing and recording music, 13 released albums and multiple international tours, you might think '80s rock band Night Ranger has reached the end of a long and crazy ride. According to guitarists Brad Gillis and Jeff Watson, however, the band's career is far from over.
"We play different festivals and fairs on the weekends, and we're halfway through a new Night Ranger CD," Gillis said. "We all have separate solo projects that we work on during the week, and we just did a re-recording of our greatest hits, which we're going to release over Christmas with a couple of bonus tracks."
With its blend of new and old material, the band is far from sick of its music, Gillis said.
"The funny thing is, I never play my own music around the house," Gillis said. "But to go out and play live to new audiences every night is still a blast. It's still a treat to play for people." Performing music for new audiences on a regular basis has never gotten old, either.
"Our music brings a lot of pleasure to us," Watson said. "I love playing live. Everybody touches people in different ways, and we do it through our music. It's reaffirming."
Watson said the band owes its longevity to several factors, among them growing up and the desire to improve.
"I think we're healthier now," he said. "As individuals, we've grown and matured. The '80s was a crazy time. There were a lot of people that were severely medicated that are relatively sober and conscious now. Everybody plays better, sings better and performs better."
Both Gillis and Watson said '80s classic rock is going through a renaissance. Songs like their most popular ballad Sister Christian, which reached Top Five status in 1984, are still receiving nods on the radio, compilation CDs and movie soundtracks, such as 1998's Boogie Nights.
The newfound appreciation for "hair bands" has changed the dynamic of Night Ranger's fan base, said Gillis.
"What's been really cool and great for us is while we're doing all these festivals, we're seeing anywhere from 14 to 50-year-olds at the shows," he said. "A lot of parents are turning their kids on to Night Ranger. To see a 15-year-old kid down in the front row singing every word is a new thing for me."
Watson said he thinks the younger crowd today has a greater appreciation for older music than generations past.
"I think everyone has their own generational bands and music," he said. "But what's happening now is you're getting a multi-generational appeal from bands that have been around for a while. We're getting a new young crowd that's coming out to see bands like us, which I think is a first."
For both personal fulfillment and to please the fans, Watson said Night Ranger will continue playing concerts and putting out records. The band will stop only if it stops being fun or people lose interest.
"We've been very, very lucky with the success we've had, and we want to give back everything that's been given us," he said.

Speaking of Night Ranger, Classic Rock Revisited have a new interview with Jack Blades online. Check it out at:
Among the projects Jack speaks of is his covers album with Tommy Shaw (now due in January); producing the next Ted Nugent solo record (due in 2006) and those two new Night Ranger records.
Along with the already discussed new studio album due early next year, Jack mentions that the band have completed a 25th Anniversary re-record, where the band re-did all their greatest hits for a new label.
I'll try and get hold of Jack for some more details on this record.

A big thanks to everyone who voted in the BT Digital Music Awards. came in at #43. Congrats to the boys from Thunder for their official site coming in at #40.
For the record, the official Coldplay site made the #1 spot.
View the complete Top 200 at:

I have included this little spot of text from Damon Johnson's (Alice Cooper, Brother Cane, Damn Yankees) Road Update from his official website. I thought Cheap Trick fans might approve!
"October 18, 2005 Las Vegas... Other than a steady bout of homesickness, the tour has been practically perfect. The U.S. leg got a turbo charge of rock with Cheap Trick on the dates for the first 5 weeks. Brother Cane played several shows with CT throughout the 90's and the guys always made me feel welcome. They were aware of our songs on the radio and had good things to say about them (that's not withstanding Rick Nielsen's comment last month that "the silence at the end of the song was the best part about Brother Cane"... cheeky bastard!). Robin Zander may very literally be the greatest rock singer of all time, in the "singer's singer" kind of way. Shall we debate it? Well, there's the usual cast of candidates that are all deserving Tyler, Cornell, Paul Rodgers, Plant, John Waite (piss off if you think I'm being partial). There's simply a power in his delivery that was "on" every single night, and you can tell he has intent in every line he sings. I vote Zander. If Rick Neilsen threw one guitar pick at me, he threw 5,467. What a slam to stand in his guitar world every night with my old friend Jim Survis and get a punk reminder of why we should all be doing this to begin with because doing anything else would suck... a lot! Cheap Trick are my heroes, my influence, and my friends."

Danish/American hard rockers Royal Hunt will be playing one-off show at Music hall in St. Petersburg, Russia on November 2, 2005. More information is available at ROYAL HUNT are touring in support of their latest album, Paper Blood.

Magnitude 9 guitarist Rob Johnson has a new DVD/VHS/CD-ROM available now. Shred Tactics II can be shipped anywhere Worldwide and can be ordered from:

Journey's Ross Valory has given his Ok and is sending 2000 music CDs to troops in Iraq for Project Santa in which 10,000 Christmas stockings are being filled for troops that have no family that support them.

After 15 years together, rock band the Tea Party is splitting up. The trio will be "parting ways for the foreseeable future," frontman Jeff Martin said in a statement released last week.

A few new Dokken live dates have been announced. They are:
11/30/05 Las Vegas, NV Empire Ballroom
12/1/05 Anaheim, CA House of Blues
12/3/05 Los Angeles, CA House of Blues
12/5/05 El Paso, TX Stampede Nightclub
12/6/05 Albuquerque, NM Sunshine Theatre
12/8/05 Denver, CO Bluebird Theater
12/9/05 Grand Junction, CO Mesa Theatre & Club
12/10/05 Salt Lake City, UT Club Vegas
12/13/05 Portland, OR Roseland Theatre
12/14/05 Fairbanks, AK The Greyhound
12/15/05 Anchorage, AK Chilkoot Charlie's
12/16/05 Seattle, WA The Fenix
12/20/05 Solana Beach, CA Belly Up Tavern

Pavic's debut album entitled Taste Some Liberty will be released through the newborn Anteo Records from Rome, Italy on December 12.
The line-up is: Chris Catena - vocals; Aleks Ferrara - bass; Lorenzo Antonelli - keyboards; Daniel Flores - drums and Marko Pavic - guitars.
The album is produced by Marko Pavic and Chris Catena and is featuring some cool guest musicians like: Kee Marcello (Europe, K2), Tony Franklin (Blue Murder, Whitesnake), Vitalij Kuprij (Artension, Ring Of Fire), Daniel Flores (Xsavior, Mind's Eye), Vivien Lalu (Lalu) among others.
Check out the websites for more news: and

Phill from UK band Double Eclipse wrote in with a little update: "We've just wrapped up the recording of our third album. Featuring only myself (lead vocals/all guitars) and Alan (drums/backing vocals) we've created an uncompromising collection of songs from the heart. It's certainly the most fun we've ever had recording and producing a record, with Chris Hughes in the engineer's hot seat. We're hoping for an early 2006 release date but in the mean time fans of our music can go here to hear a snippet of the new track 'Learn' from the as yet untitled album:"
In addition - in celebration of this news, the band have a few 'bits and bobs' to give away in a contest. All people need to do to stand a chance of winning is e-mail the name of the singer last seen touring with Queen. Answers with name and address should be sent to:
The band also has a new home on the web:

Swedish hard rockers M.ill.ion and guitarist Jonas Hermansson have gone separate ways.
BJ Laneby states: "No conflicts within the band, just pure personal reasons. We thank Jonas for great contributions on the Detonator and Kingsize albums and all the fun on the road."
The search is now on for a new hot guitarist. Interested six-stringers should send bio, sound samples and pictures to Key words Rock ´n roll attitude, melody, power, backing vocals, recording and touring experience.
M.ill.ion are signed worldwide by Majestic Rock and management Fertile Ground and plan to have a new album out in 2006, their sixth and the follow up to the highly critically acclaimed Kingsize album. For more info, check out the band's website:

Double Cross would like to confirm that in light of recent events the band are now actively seeking a replacement vocalist for the departed Rick Chase.
Contrary to reports, Double Cross will continue along similar lines with a follow up to their debut album having the music for the second album already complete. Unfortunately, due to Rick's decision the band have had no choice but to pull out of various planned events, namely the Kiss Expo (19th November), the Firefest Pre-show party (25th November) & the Melodic Rock Xmas Bash (4th December).
Double Cross would formerly like to apologise for any inconvenience caused to all involved parties & to those wishing to catch DC live at the scheduled events, but would like to thank everybody for their valued support. The band would like to wish Rick all the best in his future plans & the remaining members hope to see you all early 2006.
Any interested parties wanting to audition for the role of lead vocalist taking up live duties & work on our second album please send enquiries to Pete Lakin - or Steve Kelly - Please feel free to check us out at:

New York , NY (October 21, 2005) -- This CD is dedicated to our fans and all metal fans, says Jeff Waters of Canadian thrash-masters Annihilator. "This time around I went right for the throat 100% thrash metal with an attitude. No Ballads. No Breaks in the Insanity. Schizo Deluxe is what a lot of metal fans have been screaming at me to give them this time Brutal guitar riffs and solos, second-to-none musicianship, and back-to-the-roots thrash/heavy metal songwriting."
To be released on Locomotive Records on November 8, Schizo Deluxe reaffirms Waters street cred and relevance to the metal scene in 2005. Since its 1989 Alice In Hell debut, Annihilator has stayed true with a few creative alterations along the way, of course to its singular mono-maniacal devotion to that original spark that emanated out of San Francisco in the mid-90s thrash.
Touring twice with Judas Priest; respected by metal guitarists worldwide; selling over a million units overseas, Waters has carved out his own chunk of metal history with Annihilator. While most 80s metal bands didn't survive past the early 90s, Waters has persisted with his vision, since 1984, of cutting the fat from the mix to only keep the choice cuts. Schizo Deluxe has 10 such morsels - Maximum Satan, Drive, Warbird, Plasma Zombies, Invite It, Like Father Like Gun, Pride, Too Far Gone, Clare and Something Witchy.
Like the late Chuck Schuldiner, who spent his life defining and refining his singular perspective into crystal-clear clarity, Waters has had a similar career trajectory. As Schuldiner was to Death Metal, Waters is to thrash. Thus, the release of Schizo Deluxe is cause for celebration in the international metal community.

Marvellous Festivals ( announce the first in a series of concerts featuring classic rock music.
One of the key features separating this evening from other Hexagon concerts is that each band will perform a full show of some 75 to 90 minutes. This represents superb value for money with fans of the genre being treated to the full repertoire of classic tracks including "Stairway To Heaven", Breakfast In America", "Comfortably Numb", "Whole Lotta Love", " Another Brick In The Wall" etc.
As all three bands have strong regional ties, with Boot-Led-Zeppelin being based in Oxfordshire, Perfect Alibi in Hampshire, and (apart from the Sax player who commutes to each gig from France) The Logical Tramps along the M4 in West London, a capacity crowd of 1,600 is expected at The Hexagon.
All of the bands are available for interviews, either in person, by telephone or via email. Boot Led Zeppelin also offer the opportunity to have them play "live and unplugged" for TV or radio programming.
Boot-Led-Zeppelin -
Perfect Alibi -
The Logical Tramps -
For further information, more photos or interview opportunities please go to the press office at –

It's time again for the Los Angeles All Access Music Awards and Heaven & Earth are nominated in several categories. If you feel so inclined to support the band and this genre of music, keep reading.
If you get a minute and can put in a vote for the band just cut and paste this ballot into an e-mail and please send it to Cut & Paste this below:

Best Over All Group/Artist Of the Year

Best Live Performance

Best Male Guitarist
STUART SMITH - Heaven and Earth

Best Male Vocalist
KEITH ST. JOHN Heaven & Earth

Best Male Drummer
RICHIE ONORI - Heaven and Earth

Best Male Keyboard
STU SIMONE - Heaven and Earth

Best Male Bass
JOE PETRO - Heaven & Earth




Friday, October 21, 2005

Frontiers Records is immensely proud to announce the signing of rock legends Toto for the release of their forthcoming new studio album Falling In Between.
Almost thirty years of history, seven Grammy Awards won, twelve studio records with almost 30 millions of records sold, record breaking tours and a loyal following of young and old fans and musicians who have won every possible award one can get! This and more is what Toto has counted in the history of rock music.
Now, six years after their last all original album Mindfields and with new member Greg Phillinganes in the line-up on keyboards, together with fellow keyboard players David Paich and Steve Porcaro, Toto are now ready to unleash a brand new studio album.
Toto's guitar player, Steve Lukather describes Falling in Between as "a labour of love and something we REALLY wanted to do and try to make it our personal best."
Recorded by the band over a period of about six months in Los Angeles, with Steve MacMillan (long time Trevor Horn collaborator) taking care of the final mix, the new record has taken shape as the band's most daring and inventive release ever according to Lukather. He adds: "With Mindfields we had just gotten Bobby Kimball back in the band and we were finding our way with it . Therefore Falling In Between sounds more cohesive, with 6 more years of being a band and a music that is fresh, heavier, at times more progressive and of course still with some great radio songs and melodies and the classic Toto imprint!"
The new album is also going to offer many surprises to the fans. "Our old singer Joseph Williams came back and did a duet with me that's total radio, almost like Africa part 2" explains Lukather, "plus there is Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), the Chicago horn section, L. Shankar (Peter Gabriel), Lenny Castro and more guests. I think when people hear it everyone will have a smile on the face. EVERYONE in the band brought their best to the party!"
The final tracklisting will include songs like the title track Falling In Between, plus Simple Life, Dying On My Feet, Bottom of Your Soul, Let it Go, Nowhere in Sight, Spiritual Man, Ain't Your World, The Reefer Man and Hooked.
"If this is the last record we even make (it won't be, I hope)" concludes Lukather, "I can walk away knowing we threw DOWN the best we got. I hope the fans will all enjoy and appreciate the love and passion that went into making Falling in Between, see you all very soon on tour!"
The band has already confirmed tour dates in Europe in February and March 2006, with a two years long massive World Tour schedule that is set to hit all continents in 2006 - 2007!
Falling In Between will reach the shops in early February 2006 on Frontiers Records.
WebLinks: / / / / /


Naturally I could not let such great news pass without a few enlightening words from Steve Lukather, but coincidently, the guitarist was browsing the site Noticeboard and saw discussion of the new deal with Frontiers. Here are his thoughts on that - and everything else Toto! Oh, and happy birthday Luke!

"Hello Melodic cats...
Just checked in to see what's up and there are some threads as to what Toto is up to.
Frontiers made us an offer we could not refuse and they REALLY wanted us and want to help us try and make a dent in the music biz. Sony or any other label that offered us deals were just gonna put it out and then do nothing!
Frontiers,That's belief! WAY better than fucking Sony Records who we made 250 MILLION dollars for! Not even a "reach-around" after 25 years. Fuck them. hahaha.
For real. Shit, if we counted records we did outside of Toto JUST for Sony, forget about all the other labels, we could own the fucking place. haha BUT.. I digress.. As for being "Dated"…well yeah we are dated. I am gonna be 48 Friday and I am the youngest guy in the band. We have spent over 8 months and OUR $ and time on our own to TRY and do our personal best for you and US. Now, having said that I know whatever we do someone will not dig it and others will.
In any case I am still reminded that music is an artform and very personal and subjective and none of us love everything that even your-our fave bands or artists put out. My only wish is that you all listen before you make a judgment. I can't help I am 48 but I have lived and loved music since I picked up the guitar in 1964. I am not a G3 guy, although I LOVE the guys, they are all dear friends and MONSTER players and I can hang and hold my own but as the new title of our record Falling In Between...that's US, we fall in the cracks of style and music and of course, our "model good looks.' hahahaha
Its all just music. We ain't trying to cure cancer, wish we could but guys, come on... the "whos better list" is like asking Stevie Wonder who the hottest chick in the room is. I would venture a guess that it's the one suckin' his cock. hahaha. I am kidding but I have worked with Steve on more than one occasion and our new keyboard player (there are now 3, I am out numbered), any way, Greg Philliganes was Stevie Wonders musical director at age 16!
We did the Tokyo Jazz Festival last year with Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter, Miles Davis played with us and cut our tunes, we are NOT just a "classic rock band" BUT I have no problem with the title as I am friends with ALL the guys you dig. I dig them too! You can't just bunch people together and say its THAT 70's - 80's style. I can't be 18 again. I was 19 when I did the first Toto record and man the very few times I hear that shit, (my son is way into it) It sounds REALLY dated. hahaha What can I say? It's better than working at Burger King.
It's hard being an artists with heavy expectations, WE want to do our personal best and we have missed more than once. That's why we spent 8-9 months doing this new record. NOT to get a "hit single" That's like trying to suck your own cock. If you could do it you would NEVER tell anyone, let alone leave your room. hahaha.
I do what I do and have a great time, I have a great life and I still can't believe they still pay me to play the guitar. I still care and try to get a little better in my own way, maybe not. Many people say "Luke lost it since Isolation" shit... Sorry if you think that way. It's like saying "where's the new Africa". If the weather keeps up you will ask where is the new California? hahaha. maybe I am past it but I refuse to believe that. You cant keep reinventing the wheel, of course my ex-wife did just to run me and my wallet over. hahahahaha.
Still got great kids and a hot new wife that loves me in spite of myself! Life is good. haha. Thanks for the support and for those that don't like us, listen to the new one, one time and then send the hate mail. haha
I GET the "show biz" Joke guys. After 32 years making records 28 with Toto ( If you don't count High school) I am a VERY lucky mother fucker and I know it!!!! Just thought I would rave a bit. God Bless and have a great day.
Time to practice, I am up for the Ashlee Simpson audition. I got a call back but they told be to wear a mask and not play so good. hahahahaha."
Peace Luke.

The multi-talented Micki Free is hard at work on new material. He dropped me a note a little while back with some news and updates.
In relation to his currently released solo album: "This CD was not meant to be "melodic rock", with huge hooks and big chorus (that is what I do with Jean in COT).... or in anyway sound like was a confusing dark time with dark notes and dark lyrics..."
Micki continues: "Gypsy Cowboy is being re-released ASAP in Europe and the UK as I type on Livewire too...
Here is something you will be very interested in; Jean Beauvoir and I have just finished an EP CD called The9,(we called it that because it was 9 years until we spoke after the nasty breakup of our partnership) tittles are; Don't Bleed Me, Cold Dark December, It's Comin' Right Now, The Faceless Ones and Time to Change The World.
Written by Jean and myself, produced by Jean...killer stuff...kind of "modern day thorns stuff"...(and when I say thorns I mean the real COT, me and Jean together), Thorns meet Audioslave vibe."
We are not sure if we will finish it and go for a full album, as we are both very busy right now....the CD won "Best Pop Rock Recording" at The Native American Music Awards this year...we plan on releasing it, in EP or full CD format....soon."

Thanks for the update Micki. Check out everything else Micki was been involved in via his website:

Guitarist/producer Jeff Northrup also checked in with an update. Jeff says: "I have been so damn busy lately. All is good though. I have started work on a new JK Northrup CD. By far the best and most kick ass thing I have done yet. Still in the pre-production stage, but will begin tracking drums this week. I'm gonna have a few guests (I'll tell ya soon).
Also, my recording facility called Studio 11:11 has been upgraded and I am doing a butt load of mixing and mastering. However, I am always looking for more artists to work with. I am on a mission here!"

Thanks Jeff. Anyone needing quality mastering or studio work done, drop me a line and I'll forward it to Jeff, or contact Jeff via his website:

Huntington Beach, CA metal outfit LeatherwolF have posted 5 new mp3 samples from their forthcoming album, the band's first to feature vocalist Wade Black (ex-Crimson Glory, Seven Witches) and bassist Pete Perez (Spastic Ink, Riot). The album is scheduled to be mixed by Jacob Hansen (Raunchy, Rob Rock, Mercenary) at Hansen Studios in Ribe, Denmark in December and projected for a spring '06 release through a yet-to-be determined label.
I Am The Law, Dr. Wicked, King Of The Ward, Behind The Gun and Disconnect are all previewed at:

Dante Fox will be supporting Birmingham's finest Shy @ Rock Cafe 2000 in Stourbridge on 28th October.
There are also dates supporting Danny Vaughn from USA @ Barfly in B'ham on 2nd December and JB's Dudley on 11th December and ther is a support with UK classis rock band Hawkwind.
Dante Fox merchandise (T-shirts and CD'S etc) will be available on the night and also from the band's website:

German hard rockers Châlice will partake in an Instore Acoustic Tour with the following dates:
21.10. (1700) Saturn, Hamburg
27.10. (1700) Saturn, Aachen
28.10. (1800) Musikladen, Frankfurt
30.10. (1500) Media Markt, Koblenz
04.11. (1700) Hotshot Records, Hannover
More information at:

MR-X has been updated. As usual, the members area is updated every week with more cool stuff to download.
This week's special feature requires a health warning. You may never be the same again (mentally speaking) after indulging in Crappy Covers - Volume 1 (The Very Worst). There are some classic hard rock covers that I have compiled over the years and will present to MR-X members over the coming weeks. These aren't some of them (well, a few are!). These are some of the worst covers available and require a special individual to appreciate them. I'm one of those "special" people!
I challenge you to throw this compilation on during a party! Crappy Covers Volume 1 is the beginning of a special series of compilations due over the coming weeks. Volume 1 features 19 tracks from various hard rock acts covering left of center tunes and some left of center artists covering some hard rock classics! Here is a taste - Shark Island - New York New York.
Also online today is a selection of 10 classic Glen Burtnick demos and the usual weekly Video Clip update - Neal Schon - Star Spangled Banner, Haywire - Get Back, April Wine - Rock Myself To Sleep, Don Dokken - Stay, UFO - Night Run, Warrior Soul - Downtown and Urgent - I Can't Take It No More.
MR-X Membership Details.




Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Finally ­ we have them back! After more than 15 years Danny Martinez, Joe Marone, Rob Marone and Brian Mesa of the mighty Caught In The Act (CITA), Guild Of Ages are back in business!
Back in 1988, Danny Martinez and brothers, Joe and Rob Marone, came together to create the rock band, Caught In The Act (CITA). Soon after, they were joined by Anthony Trujillo. Because of the musical talents of each member, Caught In The Act was able to release its debut album in 1995, titled, Relapse of Reason. The band won critical acclaim and was subsequently signed to MTM Music courtesy of MTM founders, Mario Lehmann and Magnus Soderkvist.
The follow up album, Heat of Emotion, brought member changes and a name change. Due to legal reasons Caught In The Act reluctantly changed their name to Guild Of Ages. Joe and Rob Marone both left the band and were replaced by drummer, Steve Stuntz and Jim Lostetter on bass guitar.
Guild Of Ages went on to record and release three more CDs. In mid-2001, guitarist Anthony Trujillo, left Guild Of Ages and was replaced by close friend, Brian Mesa. The band continued playing live for another year, but then decided to call it quits.
In 2003, the three original and founding members, Danny, Joe and Rob came together again to relive old memories and have a good time. They were quickly reminded of the chemistry and magic they share musically - which created Caught In The Act some 15 years ago. Realizing that they needed a fourth member to complete the band, Brian Mesa joined in early 2004.
Thus, the band Relapsed came to be and Danny, Joe, Rob and Brian are recapturing the magic of the past, while creating a new sound and vibe. The official and glorious comeback was proved by the release of a brand new song (even if it was a rough mix!) on the MTM Music Compilation Volume 10. All In All received enthusiastic feedback by the diehard CITA and GOA fans and they are eagerly waiting for their full length album.

It's time for hard rock fans to start gearing up for the third Burning Rain album, which should be headed for completion sometime in Fall 2005 or early 2006. Keith St John (Montrose) and Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio, Bad Moon Rising) have had this puppy baking in the oven long enough, but Burning Rain fans can expect what Keith says is "by far the hottest dose of Burning Rain" to date!
Meanwhile, Keith continues blazing across stages everywhere and anywhere in the U.S. fronting live shows with Montrose alongside the one-and-only Ronnie Montrose, who Keith says "still brings the house down every single night like there's no tomorrow."
Additionally, Keith has made new friends in his own backyard in sunny Calabasas, California and has agreed to sing on the next Heaven and Earth album, now that ex-Heaven and Earth singer, Kelly Hansen has joined up with Mick Jones and company to front Foreigner on tour. Keith says he and Stuart Smith have very similar musical tastes and that he looks forward to contributing to a band which historically, has featured some of the best bluesy hard rock vocalists in the industry!
Finally, Keith St John has announced plans for his up and coming solo album which will feature guitar players, Doug Aldrich and Ronnie Montrose as well as several of Keith's favorite players and friends on guitar, bass, and drums, utilizing several rhythm sections (tba) for this record. Keith's concept is simple: Get great critically acclaimed players together who haven't necessarily worked together in the past, create a brand new chemistry, and capture it on tape, along with the "Keith" vocal touch, and the world of rock will inevitably be a better place!
That's it for now kids - stay tuned!


Kevin Cronin has stated on his website that the new REO Speedwagon album The Brotherhood will be released June 1, 2006. In announcing the date, Kevin made this comment: "I know that I have the potential to become the Axel Rose of Classic Rock, and drag out our recording process for years and years, in search of some unattainable perfection...but now that I have shared this info with you, we actually have a stated deadline...and that is a good thing as well."
Full details at:

Press Release / We here at Powerplay Magazine, are pleased to announce the 50th appearance of the column, AOR Underground, in the pages of the magazine. Fifty Issues and nearly five years is a milestone for any column, but for an AOR one, It's damn near a miracle!
To celebrate this momentous, pink and fluffy, occasion we would, normally, like to Invite you round for toasted marshmallows and cake.... pink icing, a must! However, that's not going to happen, oh no, as we've got something better than cake! Instead we would like your help in compiling the top 50 AOR albums, of all-time. To vote, all you need to do is send a list of your top-ten AOR albums, in an e-mail, to myself, Rob Evans at The results, in an extra special edition of AOR Underground, will appear in Issue 73 of Powerplay and will be broadcast in a special edition of Steve Price's AOR show, on ARfm, sometime in early February.
The criteria as to what counts as an AOR band can be anything from Angel and Icon, through to Journey and Toto and anything inbetween. The only thing that matters, is your vote! You have until December 15th. What are you waiting for?

Ioannis has just made available, a very limited edition print of his artwork Dominion which was used for the new Fates Warning DVD Live In Athens. Only 100 prints will be made available to the public.
To view click here:
Also Ioannis is pleased to announce that a limited edition print of the artwork for Quiet Riot¹s album Down To The Bone is now available signed by original members Kevin Dubrow, Frankie Banali and cover artist Ioannis. It is limited to only 100 prints and comes with a certificate of authenticity.
It is the first time that Quiet Riot is making available such a rare collectible To view and order click here:

Press Release / Line Of Fire's debut release, Line Of Fire, is set for a November 22nd US street date.
After numerous production delays and Tribunal Records' office/apartment being completely ravaged by fire in early September, LINE OF FIRE is finally prepared to set the AOR/melodic rock community ablaze, so to speak.
We have 3 BRAND NEW tracks streaming online right now at
We still have the new version of "Paradise" available for download at:
Line Of Fire is recommended if you are into such acts like Journey, Boston, Def Leppard, Firehouse and Foreigner.




Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Balance II are starting to impact in other areas, with a new review appearing this week on AOR DreamZones. Ian Johnson writes of the album: "As I gave this album it's first play through I wasn't so sure, you see most of the songs contained on this cd are very different from each other, some with a country twang others full on pomp and yet others that have an almost progressive style to them plus bits of jazz and west coast thrown in for good measure, that I think might throw the listener at first..... Essentially what you have on this album is a many sided puzzle, that when the pieces start to fit begin to show the listener just how good Balance II are, possibly a band that will defy a genre or category but will still become a fan favorite."
Check out the full review at:

I'm pleased to say that a couple of your favourite retailers are now stocking the release. You can purchase now from NEH Records and Wishing Well Entertainment. Roger from Wishing Well comments: "Thanks very much for hooking us up with those guys. The CD is awesome!"

Still on Balance II, band orchestrator Brian Moritz is the subject of a detailed new interview. Just as Balance are a little left of the usual center, so is the interview. Brian talks about a lot of the sweat and tears behind the album as well as his sonic likes and sound engineering background.
Here is a little taste: "For five years I did session work and producing artists and I burned out doing stuff I didn't like or care about. I remember doing some totally cliché stuff at the end of a really lame band session almost as a joke, and when the clients were high 5-ing each other in the control room I realized that I just didn't want to do it anymore. When I got home I had to take a shower and wash the creepy feeling off me & taking money for something I didn't believe in nor want my name affiliated with just isn't why I got into music."
And "The fact that BII swings wildly from one extreme to the next I knew would cause some issues for people who want their music to fit into a neat record bin. The reason there is a nude women all over the artwork on the CD is that this CD is about art and my Dad is a great photographer. I wanted to name the disk ART but I figured it was pretty obvious once you put the disk in. Art isn't about commercial justification; it s about purity and freedom of vision! I'm glad we did what we did. I hope Balance II is the kind of CD that when you sit staring at your disk collection 20 years from now, will be one that you grab when you want to be challenged mentally and sonically."
Brian also talks a little about the upcoming new Mecca album! Read the full interview with Brian.
The Balance II album is still showcased via this link and is also available to purchase directly from the band at:


German based label Metal Heaven welcomes another talented Swedish Melodic Metal band to it's roster Platitude!
In April 2005, the recordings of the band's third album Silence Speaks had begun. As a result, the album displays a unique touch, blending progressive heavy metal with tasteful amounts of AOR and melodic Hard Rock. The songs all have a modern approach and together with powerhouse Erik "EZ" Blomkvist's strong vocals and catchy choruses, this marks a killer release right from the start! Platitude produced Silence Speaks at Jailhouse Studios, once again together with top producer Tommy Hansen (TNT, Pretty Maids).
The band is: Erik "Ez" Blomkvist - vocals/ Patrik Janson - bass/ Kristofer Von Wachenfeldt - keyboards and backing vocals/ Gustav Köllerström - guitars/ Andreas Brobjer - drums and backing vocals.
Silence Speaks will be released in March 2006 by Metal Heaven. The song Tell The Truth is currently being available as taster on the label's promo sampler Listen Up Vol.1
For more info, please visit or


Vocalist Tony Martin will play the following shows in support of his new upcoming solo album Scream:
09.11. Graz - Explosiv (Austria)
10.11. Wien - Planet Music (Austria)
11.11. Ried - Kiek (Austria)
12.11. Moscow - privat event
13.11. Moscow - B2 club (Russia)
15.11. Pilzen - Rockclub (Czech Rep)
16.11. Budapest - A38 (Hungary)
18.11. Bassano del grappa - Transilvania (Italy)
19.11. Firenze - Ministry (Italy)
20.11. Roma - Stazione Birra (Italy)
23.11. Latina - Transilvania (Italy)
24.11. Como - Black Horse (Italy)
25.11. Torino - Transilvania (Italy)

Still the rumours surround next season's RockStar show. Fairly regular reports are turning up suggesting the band will be Van Halen. Everything I have heard says this is not the case, but I asked management about this again. Their comment to me on these reports, and I quote: "This is nonsense..."

Speaking of RockStar - things seem to be working ok for Inxs since the show's finale. The band got their highest Billboard debut for the new single Pretty Vegas (entering the single charts at #37), with the video making it's North American debut earlier today.
All Headline News states: "Jason Dean Fortune, 31, was chosen for his "slightly dangerous edge" and "sense of spontaneity", guitarist Tim Farriss says. "In addition, he has both the star quality we were looking for and is an inspired lyricist."
After its huge success on iTunes in the USA and Canada where it hit #4 and #1 respectably, has details of digital releases for Pretty Vegas in Australia and New Zealand.

Here come the names of the 2 winners for a backstage pass each for the United Forces Of Rock Festival to be held on the 30th of October in Ludwigsburg, Germany! They are: Rob Smeets (Belgium) and Inge Cleemput (Belgium).
Some of the right answers to the question "Which 2 other bands was/ is Jim Peterik a member of besides Pride Of Lions?" were Survivor, Ides Of March and World Stage amongst others. Both winners will receive an e-mail from the festival organizers with instructions how to pick these prizes up.
Congrats guys. We all expect a full report after the show!

Good bud and BW&BK journo Mitch Lafon sent in this news item earlier today:
"Looks like a battle of old vs new Dokken is heating up. George Lynch's new Anthology from Cleopatra Records includes six Dokken songs from back in the day featuring the classic line-up of Don Dokken, George Lynch (guitar), Jeff Pilson (bass) and Mick Brown (drums). The songs are: Going Under, In The Middle (live), Cry Again, Lost Behind The Wall (live), Turn On The Action (Live), When The Good Die Young (unreleased from Shadowlife).
For his part singer Don Dokken is said to have under taken the task of re-recording Dokken's greatest hits with the band's current line-up featuring Jon Levin (guitar), Barry Sparks (bass) and Mick Brown (drums) to have a '21st century sound'. No release date in known at this time."

Thunder Press Release / Yep it's Six Shooter day folks! The new EP is released this very day, so if for some unexplained reason you haven't already placed your order, you can do it now by visiting Don't forget this release is not available in the shops, so there's no point moseying down to the High St store. If you'd prefer to get it via download you can do that as of today, either one track at a time or the whole thing. Check out: for full details.

Press Release / Epic Metal inventors Manilla Road belong to the roster of Black Lotus! A glorious career started back in 1979 and made their name synonymous to the word 'legend'. Black Lotus is proud to have such a band within it's ranks… a band to be considered as one of the most classic and uncompromised acts that shaped and led the movement of epic metal for over 20 years. Their upcoming album is scheduled for late 2006 and according to Mark Shelton we should expect an epic metal thunder!
Here is a statement from Mark Shelton: "Manilla Road is highly honoured to join with the ground breaking label Black Lotus. We are very excited about this partnership and are sure that only great epic things shall come about because of this union. With the outstanding business expertise of the Black Lotus staff at the helm combined with the best line-up that Manilla Road has ever been blessed with and the ever faithful support of the best fans in the world we shall raise the banners high and bring forth true epic metal thunder with our next album. It is a huge honour to have such a great label behind us."
WebLinks: and

Naked Beggars, with Eric Brittingham and Jeff LaBar of Cinderella will be starting their fall tour next week. More dates to be added.
Thu 10/27/05 Columbus, OH Thirsty Whale
Fri 10/28/05 Pottsville, PA Goodfella's
Sat 10/29/05 Altoona, PA City Limits
Thu 11/03/05 Kansas City, MO One Block East
Fri 11/04/05 Norfolk, NE Depot
Sat 11/05/05 Davenport, IA Quad City Live
Sat 12/03/05 El Paso, TX Murphy's Cantina




Monday, October 17, 2005

In regard to the United Forces Of Rock Festival on Oct 30th, in Ludwigsburg, Germany, some of the artists were so kind to send us their comments on their show. Enjoy reading part 1 of the story:
Pride Of Lions - Jim Peterik
Hi - "Jim Peterik of Pride Of Lions here! Me and Toby Hitchcock are really stoked and ready for our appearance at the United Forces Of Rock in Ludwigsburg. We will be bringing along the whole Pride of Lions band including Ed Breckenfeld - drums, Klem Hayes - bass, Mike Aquino - guitar, Christian Cullen - keyboards, and Larry Millas - co- producer of all the Pride of Lions albums on front of house mix. We will be performing songs from our first Pride Of Lions record (opening the show with It's Criminal of course). We will also feature songs from The Destiny Stone album (Man behind the mask for sure) and hopefully, there will be time for our Spain tragedy tribute Black Ribbons. In addition we will be doing a few songs from my years as writer and keyboardist with Survivor including one that has never to my knowledge been performed live. Looking forward seeing everyone and rocking hard!!!!"
Casanova - Michael Voss
"We are going to play a best of starting with tracks from the Casanova debut album like Don't Talk About Love and Hollywood angels. Then we'll continue with the co-written Wolf Hoffmann track The Doctor Is In and some more of the One Night Stand album. Last but least we have two songs from our new record All Beauty Must Die in the pocket called Not over you & On My Love. Looking forward to team up on stage with the Casanova 'mark 2 line-up'...keep rocking!"
HartmannOliver Hartmann
"It's great to participate with Hartmann at the UFOR festival in Ludwigsburg. I'm really looking forward to this event and I hope people will enjoy to hear some songs from my solo album Out in the Cold. This will probably be the setlist for the UFOR which can be one less or more depending on the playing time Alive Again, Out In The Cold, The Same Again, Brazen, What If I, How Long, Who Do You Think That You Are, Listen To Your Heart, Into The Light."
Part II will cover Seventh Key, Blanc Faces, Jaded Heart, Pump & Legs Diamond.

New Brunswick, NJ (October 17, 2005) – Glen Burtnik's Xmas Xtravaganza, an annual holiday concert which benefits area food banks, will celebrate 15 years of successful fundraising with an anniversary bash on Friday, December 9, 2005. The show, which last year featured over one hundred performers, will be held at the State Theatre, 15 Livingston Avenue in New Brunswick. Tickets go on sale Friday, October 21st.
Glen's annual holiday show has grown larger each year, evolving into a New York-New Jersey area tradition not to be missed. It features a colorful cast of characters which changes from year to year, but in the past has included such luminaries as Patty Smyth, John McEnroe, Phoebe Snow, Marshall Crenshaw, The Patti Smith Band, Fred Schneider (B-52's), Jill Sobule, Idina Menzel, Jeffrey Gaines, Freedy Johnston, Steve Augeri (Journey), Dan Bern, John Waite, Curtis Stigers, STYX, Mary Lee Kortes, and Willie Nile, among others. Originally started in 1989, the show has been held every year except 1990 & '91, making the 2005 Xmas Xtravanganza the 15th Anniversary of this event.
"It's a celebration of the music of the season," says Burtnik, "which I've always found a magically effective genre. Once I realized it was a worthwhile undertaking, I decided it'd be most appropriate to the spirit of the show to give the profit to people in need. I take the overall show as a great compliment, that all these amazing artists, assistants and technicians donate time for no pay so I can raise some money for local charities. This is a blessing I do not take lightly. That the audience brings so many giant Hefty bags full of canned food, warm clothes and toys so my family and I can distribute them to soup kitchens and family shelters - simply because I ASK, is a gesture which causes me to tear up."
Show details: Friday, December 9th @ 730 PM, The State Theatre, 15 Livingston Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ 08901, 1-877-STATE-11 or 732-246-7469.
Tickets $35, $30, $25, $20, available at State Theatre Box Office or More Info

ANNOUNCING NEW MUSIC ON ROSSVALORY.COM: has released two new albums, Cinema by VTR and Illumine by No Nation.
Check out Ross's new music at his web site by clicking on one of the links below. Both albums are initially being offered at the very low price of $9.95 and a limited quantity of autographed copies are available for both albums at $19.95. Additionally a discount coupon is being offered through Sunday 10/23/05 that gives you a 10% discount if you purchase both albums. See the Promotional code details below!
Cinema by VTR - Ross Valory - Fretted and Fretless Bass; George Tickner - Guitars; Stevie Roseman - Pianos, Keyboards and Synthesizers. Special Guests - Neal Schon - Guitar; Steve Smith - Drums; Prairie Prince - Drums & Percussion; Mic Gillette - Trombone, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Baritone & Tuba; Bobby Strickland - Saxophones, Flute, Bass Clarinet & Oboe; Gibby Ross - Congas, Timbales & Percussion; Tim Gorman - Synthesizers and Orchestration; Deby Benton-Grosjean - Violin; Mark "Mad Cow" Vukalcic - Mandolins; "Red" Rick Horlick - Mandolins.
The VTR Project as it has come to be known has been a labor of love; of blood, sweat and tears; of a family that has struggled through conflict and disappointments. A family that has held tenaciously to inspiration and the many happy moments; that appreciates the help, energy and cajoling of caring friends to see the project through. The origins of the project began in the mid-80s, in between Journeys when I invited numerous musical friends to join me in an informal artist workshop environment. Among those musicians were George and Stevie, already longtime friends in music. Our goal at the time was very simple no agenda, no deadline , no restriction on content - a musical free-for-all.
By the mid-90s, as I appropriated musical space for The Hive - which was conveniently located near the studio of our mentor, Tom Size - George and Stevie remained in the fold as constant companions. At that time our goal was still undetermined, except that we were determined to learn how to arrange and digitally record what we created.
We assumed that one day our vast collection of songs and ideas would congeal into a CD album worthy of presentation to the world. George, Stevie and I are very proud to announce that that day has arrived. It should not go without saying that this first album would not have happened without the constant support and involvement of Herbie Herbert, Stephen Jarvis, Mark Shilts, Mark Sandoval, Mick Anger, or without the patience of our families - in particular, my wife Mary, who spent many evenings alone. It's been a long road; and we have found so much light and appreciation for our efforts at the end of the tunnel. Enjoy and God bless you.

Illumine by No Nation - Ross Valory - Fretted and Fretless Bass; Stevie Roseman - Pianos, Keyboards and Synthesizers; John Hernandez- Drums and Percussions; Ed Ulibarri - Vocals; Stef Burns - Guitars.
Special Guests - Jon Anderson - Vocalizations; Mike Pinder - Narration; Jeff Tamelier - Rhythm Guitar; Deby Benton-Grosjian - Violin; Kalan Nishimoto - Taiko, Shamisen & Dizi Flute; Hiroyuki "Jimi" Nakagawa - Taiko; Eric Frykman - Acoustic Guitar; Stu Sweatman - Acoustic Guitar.
Our Rock Opera is presented to honor all religions that have helped humans, over the ages, in their search to know and experience the Supreme Deity. This musical is modeled on a biblical character named Machiventa Melchizedek. Melchizedek is described in the Bible, the Dead Sea scrolls, and the Nag Hammadi as "The High Priest of God Most High," "the bringer of light," "a being without beginning and without end." It is said of him that he did not have a human birth or a human death. His mission was to reveal the true nature of God and to ensure the continued spiritual evolution of the human race. In that same spirit, our planet has been blessed by special humans over history who have contributed to our spiritual enlightenment such as Enoch, Ikhnaton, Moses, Buddha, Zoroaster, Jesus of Nazareth, and Muhammad, to name just a few.
This opera is a prayer that current and future generations will actualize the truth that we are all family in God's eyes and learn to treat each other with Love and live in peace. The true nature of all matter, including humankind, id that we are all connected and the illusion of separateness is a distortion of reality. Spiritual evolution will hopefully lead us to understand that only our perceptions keep us from knowing the truth that Love and Light unify everything and heaven on earth is in the knowledge that we are all one. The messenger in our rock opera comes to earth seven times, once every millennium, starting five thousand years ago. Each song portrays one of the seven visits that represent a part of the ongoing saga of humanity's search for God and God's attempt to reveal truth to all earth's children.


Drummer Tommy Lee suffered minor burns on his arms and face after a pyrotechnic explosion at a Motley Crue concert in Casper, WY on Wednesday, October 12.
Lee was suspeneded thirty feet above the stage on a wire between several drum sets during the explosion. Frontman Vince Neil announced that the band would not perform an encore due to Lee's injury. He was treated as an outpatient at a local hospital and is expected to fully recover.
Motley Crue singer Vince Neil said "He didn't look good while the paramedics were treating him backstage so we chose to err on the side of caution and send him to the hospital."
No shows will be cancelled.
The Motley Crue tour has been the unexpected success story of the live concert year. After six years apart, the band reunited earlier this year for a tour that has been one of the biggest box office attractions of 2005.
Following the end of their second U.S. tour later this month, the Crue will join the Rolling Stones for shows in Portland and Seattle before touring in Japan. The eagerly-awaited "Red, White And Crue" tour hits Australia in December, kicking off on Saturday December 3 at the Sydney SuperDome.
December Tour dates are:
Saturday 3 - Sydney SuperDome
Sunday 4 - Brisbane Entertainment Centre
Tuesday 6 - Melbourne Vodafone Arena
Wednesday 7 - Melbourne Palais Theatre
Thursday 8 - Adelaide Entertainment Centre
Saturday 10 - Perth Claremont Showgrounds

News from: - See G3 Live In Tokyo In Theatres - October 25!
We are pleased to announce the October 25th theatrical release and digital cinema world premier of the G3 Live In Tokyo concert DVD! These electrifying live performances were recorded on May 8th at the Tokyo Forum, when Satriani brought his popular G3 tour to Japan for a series of sold-out dates. Fans attending the packed-house shows were treated to individual sets by each six-stringer, followed by an evening-ending all-star jam session.
See for the full press release.

From: by Paul Cashmere, October 14 2005.
Inxs has kept good its promise and has invited INXS: Rock Star runner-up Marty Casey to support them on the upcoming US tour.
Casey will take his band The Loverhammers with him on the tour. The 32 year old singer from Chicago says "Being the opening act is really the best possible scenario for me. I've been with my band for 15 years and now I get the best of both worlds."
"Marty is a fresh edgy performer who is captivating," says Tim Farriss of Inxs. "He's compelling to watch and listen to."
The tour begins on January 18, 2006 in Vancouver and will extend to more than 20 U.S. cities and two stops in Canada. INXS is Andrew Farriss (keyboards/guitar), Tim Farriss (guitar), Jon Farriss (drums), Kirk Pengilly (guitar/saxophone), Garry Beers (bass) and new lead singer J.D. Fortune.

A few cool CD Showcases added today to promote the latest MTM Music releases. Please check out new albums for Radioactive Taken and Tony Martin Scream. And a MTM Classix title Swedish Erotica Two Daze Gone.




Friday, October 14, 2005

Frontiers Records is glad to give a warm welcome back in the roster to the finest purveyors of British Classic Hard Rock of the past 10 years, the band Ten!
Ten are indeed planning to celebrate their 10th Anniversary with the release of an Essentials double CD collection which shall be divided into Essential Rockers and Essential Ballads. The big difference in comparison of the original material is that in the words of Ten leader and singer Gary Hughes - "These will be completely fresh recordings of the songs and more in keeping with the way the current line-up play the material, with new ideas on the old themes."
Ten's lineup has now evolved as follows: Gary Hughes Vocals; Chris Francis Guitars; John Halliwell Guitars; Steve McKenna Bass; Paul Hodson Keyboards and Lee Morris - Drums.
"It is important to the band that this collection is not seen as a swan song release." says Hughes who also adds: "Ten are recording a new studio album hot on the heels of this Best Of release. Our delivery date for the new studio album masters is late January. The release date for this album in Europe shall happen on Frontiers Records in April 2006."
The Essential Collection 1995 - 2005 shall be a two CD set in a special slipcase packaging, to feature the following tracklisting:
Essential Rockers (Disc 1) - 1.The Name Of The Rose/Wildest Dreams; 2.The March Of The Argonauts/Fear The Force; 3.Ten Fathoms Deep; 4.Apparition; 5.After The Love Has Gone; 6.Remembrance For The Brave/Red; 7.Spellbound; 8.The Robe; 9.Evermore.
Essential Ballads (Disc 2) - 1.Till The End Of Time; 2.You're In My Heart; 3.Yesterday Lies In The Flames; 4.Virtual Reality; 5.We Rule The Night; 6.Silent Rain; 7.Through The Fire; 8.Sail Away; 9.Valentine.
The release date of the album has been settled in Europe on Frontiers Records on January 23, 2006.


Journey make their US chart debut at #170 this week with counter sales of the new Generations album totaling 7,190. Not a bad result considering the band gave away tens of thousands of copies at their recent live shows. Free copies will no longer de distributed at shows now an official US release is in stores.

Vocalist Gary Cherone will release a new solo EP this Saturday, October 15. The new solo project is called Cherone and the 4 track EP is titled Need I Say More. Management describes the music as "a stylistic departure from his previous work. The direction is more mature and very complimenting." I have to agree - the breezy pop/jazz samples are very interesting and paint a completely different personality than displayed with Extreme and Van Halen.
Details and samples at and Expect a review in due course.


An update just in from Danish rocker Martie Peters: "I have recorded about 80% of a new album with the working title The Chosen One. Martin Slott is the main guitar player on this album just as he was on the debut."
Song titles include: The Chosen One, Fallen, The Wish, For What It's Worth, Swimming In Your Blue Eyes, All I Have, Feel Like Going Home, A Better Way. Martie expects Tommy Hansen to handle the final mix and the album to hit the streets early in 2006.

Mark Uricheck, Music Contributor for the website sent me the following message regarding AOR favourites Dakota:
"Dakota is holding a full band reunion show in Pittston, PA on November 23. This is after Bill Kelly and Jerry Hludzik reunited acoustically this past summer to a sold out Northeast Fair show in Pittston. The guys staged another semi-acoustic show in Sept. with latter day Dakota members Jon Lorance and Eli Hludzik joining Bill and Jerry onstage. This show will feature Lou Cossa on bass, who toured with the 1980 Dakota lineup on the U.S. Queen tour that year.
Also, Jerry is not ruling out other former Dakota members joining them onstage. Jerry and Bill have a live acoustic CD out now that was recorded at the Northeast Fair show. Their website is
It seems as if the guys are pretty serious about the reunion, and local response has been great. They've been doing local press, and they've even recorded an updated version of Jerry and Bill's Buoys classic Timothy they are debuting on local radio."

Scottish melodic hard rockers Cry Havoc have their highly regarded Fuel That Feeds The Fire debut album reissued in expanded, repackaged and remastered form as Refuel. Featuring a bonus second disc containing six live tracks, now is the time to pick up on a fantastic album that won many converts to the cause on it's original, limited release. Think Dokken & Blue Murder and you're on the right lines…
Cry Havoc have the tunes to get the job done and kick up a storm with the best of them. The band are currently hard at work on their second album, due for release in the first quarter of 2006.
WebLinks: and

UK rockers Kryah have a new website up and running at: and are on the road for the following dates:
Fibbers / York / Fri 21st October
The Sound Club / London / Wed 9th November
Clapham Grand / London / Fri 11th November
Sound samples from their debut album available here shortly.

MR-X has been updated. Online today is new Album, Live and Single Features. The Feature Album is Randy Jackson's China Rain and the Feature Live is Poison's energetic appearance at the 1990 Donington Monsters Of Rock Festival.
Also online are 6 demos from Biloxi, recorded in 1988 and a Special Feature - a 2CD set from Coverdale/Page, recorded while the band were rehearsing for their one off tour in 1993.
And as usual, new videos are online. This week: Dare - Storm Wind, Asphalt Ballet - Soul Survive and Tuesday's Rain, Hardline - Takin' Me Down, Jetboy - Evil and Waysted - Heaven Tonight.
MR-X Membership Details.

The CD Showcase has been updated with 3 new releases from Escape Music. Check out new titles from: Change Of Heart, Johnny Lima and FM.




Thursday, October 13, 2005

AOR Heaven are issuing their first label sampler. The details were announced overnight - Every customer that places an order totaling 50 Euro or more will receive a free copy of the promo sampler - Listen Up Vol. 1, containing brand new and unreleased tracks from Blue Tears, Frontline, Legs Diamond, Divinefire, Platitude, Speedy Gonzales and Mad Max (first come, first serve). This compilation is exclusively for AOR Heaven customers only. Tracklisting:
01. Blue Tears - Let It Rain (rough mix) 3:05 (taken from the album TBA, release due April 2006) *
02. Legs Diamond - Time Will Never Change 6:03 (taken from the album Diamonds Are Forever, AOR Heaven 00019)
03. Mad Max - Hope To See You 4:15 (taken from the album Night Of White Rock, release due January 2006) *
04. Flagship - You Are 6:55 (taken from the album Maiden Voyage, Metal Heaven 00011)
05. S.I.N. - Fight For My Life 5:38 (taken from the album Equilibrium, Metal Heaven 00010)
06. Speedy Gonzales - Desire Of The Flesh 3:53 (taken from the album Electric Stalker, release due January 2006) *
07. Biss - Pryromania 4:32 (taken from the album Face Off, AOR Heaven 00017)
08. Audiovision - Read Between The Lines 4:31 (taken from the album The Calling, Metal Heaven 00007)
09. Frontline - No One 4:42 (taken from the album Circles, release due April 2006) *
10. Dark Sky - Save Our Souls 3:49 (taken from the album Living & Dying, AOR Heaven 00013
11. Divinefire - Show Must Go On 4:09 (taken from the album Hero, Metal Heaven 00013)*
12. Platitude - Tell The Truth 3:43 (taken from the album Silence Speaks, release due March 2006)*
13. Saidian - Silent Killer 4:23 (taken from the album For Those Who Walk The Path Forlorn, Metal Heaven 00006)
14. Majestic Vanguard - Don't Want To Be An Actor 5:00 (taken from the album Beyond The Moon, Metal Heaven 00012)
15. Eden Lost - Only Girls 5:28 (taken from the album Road Of Desire, AOR Heaven 00018)
* previously unreleased


October 12, 2005 -- Journey wrapped up their 30th anniversary "The concert that takes you back and into the future" tour on Sunday, October 9 in Los Angeles, CA at the Greek Theatre to a capacity crowd. And once again, fans were treated to a true event as the band brought to life a three hour feast of classic hits, new gems from their recently-released Generations album (out now on Sanctuary & Frontiers Records), as well as some of the hidden treasures taken from the band's entire career.
A diverse array of rockers turned out for the show, including Alex Van Halen, John5 (Marilyn Manson), Wayne Static (Static-X) and Marco Mendoza (bassist for guitarist Neal Schon's side project, Soul SirkUS). Also on-hand was actor Matt LeBlanc, who helped with the award ceremony of the one-of-a-kind 30th Anniversary Journey Motorcycle.
Created and built by Arlen Ness Motorcycles, the bike features amazing artwork from all of Journey's albums and is valued at over $60,000. Since the beginning of the tour June 26 in Irvine, CA, fans have had the opportunity to buy raffle tickets with proceeds going to the T.J. Martell Foundation to win the motorcycle. As the audience cheered on with thunderous applause, Journey, Matt, and Arlen Ness and Cory Ness handed the keys to the lucky winner--16-year-old Shannon Barnett from Columbus, OH--with her parents by her side. In an interesting twist, Shannon's not old enough to ride the bike yet, so her parents have graciously agreed to hold onto it until she can in another two years.
Matt offered his own personal sentiment about the band from the stage after the ceremony concluded: 'As an absolute Journey fan, I just want to thank these guys for 30 years of kick-ass music!'
Fans won't have to wait too long for Journey to return to the road. After a much deserved break, they'll be performing a handful of shows in November, which will include a stop in Houston on November 5. The original September 23 date had to be postponed due to Hurricane Rita. Here are the current tour dates, with more being added in the coming days:
Fri 11/4 Tulsa, OK Brady Theatre
Sat 11/5 Houston, TX Cynthia Woods Pavilion
Sun 11/6 Corpus Christi, TX Concrete Street Amphitheatre
Tues 11/8 Hidalgo, TX Dodge Arena
Fri 11/11 Myrtle Beach, SC House of Blues
Sun 11/13 Wallingford, CT Chevrolet Theatre
Tue 11/22 New York, NY Beacon Theatre
Wed 11/23 New York, NY Beacon Theatre
Thu 12/1 Prior Lake, MN Mystic Lake Casino Celebrity Palace

Phil Vincent is getting set for the release of his new solo album - his 9th overall. Unknown Origin features the following tracks:
Thanks For Nothin' . Dear Friend . Never Gonna Let You Go . All I Need . Make No Mistake . Shotgun Messiah . Goin' Through The Motions . Fight From The Inside . Faithless . Get Away . In The Blink Of An Eye . Fatal Love.
Featured on the album is: Phil Vincent All Vocals, Lead, Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars, All Synthesizers; Paul Colombo Lead , Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars; William V. Arnold Bass, Percussion; Tanion DeAngelis Drums with David Zychek Lead Guitars.
The CD was mastered by well known engineer Kevin McNoldy, who has worked with Dave Matthews, at Crystalphonic Studios. The CD will be available worldwide and at

On the show this week, the houseband of The Classic Metal Show will be featured prominently. American Dog are back with a brand new live album, and we'll be bringing it to you first! Foamin' At The Mouth Live is a live album with all the balls you've come to expect from the mightiest dog in the pound! The always vocal Michael Hannon will check in on the show as well to catch us up on what's going down in the world of American Dog...and who knows, maybe we'll have something else to announce!
Additionally, we've found a very like minded band to American Dog - Nashville Pussy. Their new album is called Get Some, and we've already done just that. We'll bring you a new music listening party for Get Some, and we just might have someone from the band on with us!
Finally on the show, we missed them a few weeks ago, but will finally catch up with King s X. Drummer Jerry Gaskill contacted the show and asked to come on & so you know we have to honor that request. Jerry will be discussing the new album Ogre Tones, their current tour, and the fanaticism that makes up their loyal fanbase.

Blabbermouth reports that Whitesnake have changed the title of their upcoming live DVD to In the Still of the Night. The 2004 live performance has been held up most of this year due to various issues. It will now finally see the light of day November 25 via AFM Records and features the following tracks:
Burn . Bad Boys . Love Ain't No Stranger . Ready An' Willing . Is This Love . Give Me All Your Love . Judgement Day . Snake Dance . Crying In the Rain . Ain't No Love . Don't Break My Heart Again . Fool For Your Loving . Here I Go Again . Take Me With You . Still of the Night.

Everything that is old is new again....Dr. Noah Drake is returning to General Hospital, no doubt to bed more women than he did when last seen in 1982. What am I talking about? Rick Springfield is taking a fresh stab at acting, reprising the role he made famous on the daytime soap. While there has been no official announcement from the singer, Springfield does say on a website update that he has no plans to retire and is booking concert dates for 2006.


One of Canada's 'best unsigned bands', Tenth Planet, have just released their new CD. Produced by the Tea Party's Jeff Martin, the CD is described as "Alice In Chains meets U2"....big guitars and even bigger vocals. Tracks from the new CD The Prophet Curse are available at the band's website or you can purchase it and read early reviews at:

MiniBytes have been updated with new song samples from the likes of: Metal Mania, Edguy, Mother Superior, Big Cock, Crystal Pistol, Enter Twilight, Stream Of Passion, Orange Sky, Powder, Jeremy & Progressor, Flight 09 and Edhels. Check them out.

MiniBytes Re-Issues has also been updated, with re-issue samples from: Neil Zaza, The EF Band and The VU. Check those out.




Wednesday, October 12, 2005

New York, NY (September 27, 2005) – After more than six-years, the notorious metal band that rocked the world is back with the most extreme concert performance in years. The tour is also the bands most successful tour to date. Channel Entertainment Home Video and Ventura Entertainment present the DVD release Motley Crüe: Carnival of Sins. The double disc DVD, produced in high-definition film and 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound captures the "circus gone bad" atmosphere with a 20-camera shoot filmed by an award-winning production team. The results are 210 minutes of an unparalleled music DVD experience.
Re-assembled for the first time the original Motley Crüe band members, Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx, Mick Mars and Vince Neil, have come together for a live concert video event. Carnival of Sins is a concept show that sets a new standard for concert DVDs. This is also the first and only DVD release to feature all of the original members. Viewers will feel as if they are in the arena with a crowd too wild for words.
As The Cleveland Plain-Dealer exclaimed, "Spread the word: Motley Crüe is back!" The highly successful tour, "Red, White and Crue 2005: Better Live Than Dead," has drawn record sell-out crowds across 100 U.S. cities with another 55 dates added due to popular demand. The Crue will open for the Rolling Stones on Oct. 30th in Seattle and Nov. 1st in Portland. The tour continues worldwide with show dates throughout Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia and Japan after its US run --- with even more US tour dates scheduled for Spring 2006.
Carnival of Sins delivers extreme new dimensions of Motley Crüe entertainment with a spectacular carnival-style show under a massive circus tent including one of the biggest pyrotechnic arrays on the road. Aerialist vixens swirling overhead, a fire-breathing midget ring-master, demonic clowns, and much more all add to the mayhem. The DVD package also includes special extra features on a 2nd bonus disc making this a must-have for both true fans and the curious. Bonus disc features a behind-the-scenes docCRUEmentary, exclusive interviews, a clay animation film starring Motley Cure, additional music video and many more extras.
Motley Crüe pounds out better-than-ever live performances of their greatest hits including "Shout At The Devil," "Girls, Girls, Girls," "Dr Feel Good," and "Looks That Kill." Also includes new hit songs off their current multi-platinum album, "Red, White and Crue." This spectacular live presentation is directed by the acclaimed award-winning director, Hamish Hamilton (U2, Madonna and Peter Gabriel) and recorded and mixed by Grammy® award-winning John Harris, making this an award-winning production.
The Detroit Free Press proclaims, "Certain rock bands are infamous for their sins. Ozzy Osbourne is known for his drug past and Van Halen for firing lead singers. Kiss was known for womanizing; Marilyn Manson is allegedly a Satanist. However, L.A. metal quartet Motley Crüe is legendary for all of these vices, and then some."
Motley Crüe has released some of the most influential metal albums of all time. Now all four original band members are back at it to rock the world and once again perform 'the loudest show on earth' – captured on the October DVD release of Motley Crue: Carnival of Sins.


Spanish AOR stars 91 Suite will release their long awaited new studio album on November 2. The new album is titled Times They Change. Check out short samples of the new songs via the band's website:

A little promo for the VH1 Metal Mania Stripped CD can be found in the form of a TV Ad you can sample at:

A mere US$749,000 can give you the chance of a lifetime! Record your debut album with renowned producer DAVID KERSHENBAUM and your pick of LA's hottest session musicians!

New melodic rock outfit Final Reality has a CD for sale at

Juan Croucier has commented officially on the Ratt situation: "A Ratt reunion would be beneficial to everyone involved, however, a highly unlikely event."

Buckcherry's new album Fifteen is released now in Japan and features production by Bob Rock.

A little further information on the Royal Hunt tour cancellation has emerged from the offices of Intromental Management. A lengthy letter has been posted to the companies website:

The advantage of adding news items to a website is the speed in which it can be done. The disadvantage - the music industry changes daily and so do the creative minds of artists involved. Fresh from yesterday's Tracii Guns project news comes the update that it is now (or currently at least) not going ahead.
Plans were in place for the new project mentioned here yesterday, but I was informed overnight that the band and tour will not go ahead. No reason was given, but I'll keep you posted.

Pete Lacey is a singer / songwriter from Hampshire, UK. He recently finished work on a self-financed CD titled Karma's Gonna Get You.
He will be donating the proceeds from the album to a charity called "On Track" (which is part of an organization called Elizabeth Fitzroy Support). Pete informs me: "On Track is a day service (essentially a skills centre) for adults with very severe learning disabilities and physical disabilities (including sensory disabilities like visual and audio impairments etc.). We have about 85 members who we support to learn basic skills, e.g. learning to make a cup of tea or basic meal like beans on toast, communication skills for those with little or no verbal communication abilities, reading / writing through the use of symbols (for those who can't read or write in word / letter form), and in many other ways that can enable them to integrate into and feel part of their communities."
"Further details can be obtained by visiting our website ( or by contacting me ("
Samples from the album will be added to the site shortly, but to grab the album costs £10.00 (Sterling) - Cheques payable to: P Billington, Spitfirewolf Records, 23, Nightingale Close, Rowlands Castle, Hampshire, PO9 6EU, ENGLAND U.K.
For anyone outside of the U.K. please include an extra £1.50 for postage and packaging making a total of £11.50 (Sterling).
A limited run of the disc will be supplied with a free 10 song CD of Pete's last CD, Eternal Pursuit.

(October 11, 2005 - Hollywood, CA) Modern melodic rockers Madison Paige have posted three full-length demos of songs slated to appear on the band's highly anticipated second album. These songs represent the first new material from the band since their well-received, 2004 debut, Famous Last Words, and their first since the announcing the departure of guitarist Damon Valley and bassist Will Arkosy from the fold. For fans that feared the band's sound would suffer from the lineup change, these new tunes offer ample evidence that not only is their knack for crafting radio-ready, arena rock anthems with a modern flair intact, but has actually grown stronger as a result. Time And Time Again ranks among the band's most aggressive songs to date and soars with a massive hook; Summer Rain is an even catchier, feel-good rocker with a U2 edge, and Without The World is an atmospheric, acoustic ballad with a haunting melody and an intensely personal lyric. Watch for more new MADISON PAIGE songs to make their way online in the coming weeks.
To hear these new demos, visit their website at or their Myspace page at

A-ha have completed their new studio album Analogue and will release it in Europe November 4, in both regular and deluxe limited editions.
The track listing for the album is: Celice . Don't Do Me Any Favours . Cozy Prison . Analogue . Birthright . Holyground . Over The Treetops . Halfway Through The Tour . A Fine Blue Line . Keeper Of The Flame . Make It Soon . White Dwarf . The Summers Of Our Youth.


2 new CD Showcases have been added to the site - previews for Legs Diamond's new Diamonds Are Forever and Divinefire's Hero. Check them out.




Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Press Release / We have received a number of e-mails from people concerned that they are unable to purchase tickets for the show as they do not have access to a credit card or Paypal facilities. Living outside of Nottingham or Dudley makes it difficult indeed to personally collect tickets for an outlet, so with this fact in mind, we have with agreement from the venue, re-introduced the very popular e-mail and reserve facility that we had in place for Firefest 1.
Simply e-mail stating your name, address and quantity of tickets required and you can collect tickets at the box office at Rock City, Nottingham on the day of Firefest 2, Nov 26th.
Tickets reserved in this manner can be purchased for the advance price of £40 sterling per ticket, but please note - payment for all tickets reserved in this manner must be made by cash ONLY. Tickets will be available for collection from 12 noon on day of show at the box office, Rock City, 8 Talbot Street, Nottingham.
Should you have any queries or questions, please direct all e-mail to with the heading Firefest in the message subject.

House Of Lords - James and the guys are having a problem selecting a set list for Firefest 2, so with that in mind they have asked YOU to help them decide what to play. Simply list your top ten favourite HOL songs that you would like to see performed at Firefest 2, pop along to James Christian's web site, and post your top ten requests on his guest book. James has promised the band WILL take all your requests into consideration when drawing up the set list, so if there is something in particular you wish to hear, pay James a visit on line and let him know what you want to hear. In fact if your top ten requests (as in your entire list) makes the set list, we'll even arrange a little prize for you …no we're not saying what it will be just yet, but we promise it will be something cool!

And speaking of set lists - the Harem Scarem set list voting results will be online shortly.

There has been a change of venue for Firefest Athens Greece - Redrum (feat. ex Jaded Heart Michael Bormman); Blue Tears; Danger Danger; House Of Lords.
The details are now: Tuesday the 29th of November @ Oxygene Music stage Vourvaxi & Korizi 4, Athens.
Doors open at 19.00 Tickets 38 Euro pre sale, 43 Euro at the door. Tickets now available on line via paypal to Pre-show party Monday the 28th of November @ Club Texas (Ippokratous 56)
For further info please contact or visit

Is it all falling apart for Motley Crue? Maybe not, but it's been a tough week for the guys with plenty of controversy surrounding the band's this week and plenty of unhappy fans are venting their frustration on various messages boards.
Metal Sludge have a fairly concise round up of posts at:
The band still have dates in Asia and Australia to come as well as further plans for the USA in 2006. Let's hope the guys recover from the latest round of Vince Neil antics.

Rumours are abound that a project with the following line-up is scheduling shows for early 2006 - the line-up of: Paul Black - Vocals; Tracii Guns - Guitar; Nickey Alexander - Drums; Mick Cripps - Guitar and Kelly Nickels - Bass.

This in from Z Records - The release of Black n Blue's come back release Hell Yeah! has been delayed over recent months due to delays logistically and in the studio. Jaime has moved to LA from Portland and the album will be finished there over the forthcoming months, watch this space.
That's what the record label wants you to know. Here's what Black N Blue frontman Jamie St. James says on his website: "It's been two long years and still waiting. First off it's a slow go with Z-Records to say the least. What I mean is, receiving the money to get this thing done.
Also on our end, Jef "woop" Warner is re-locating his studio, so all I can say is what a fucking mess! What we have done so far is great shit but patience is needed at this point. Jef is a great engineer and he and I have written some classic B'N B music. Patrick has some very cool bass lines on the record and we hope to have Pete Holmes kick some ass as well. (So far I played all the drums.) Our replacement for Tommy is Shawn Sunninshine who fits in great. My priorities are with Warrant now but I will finish this record for B'N B. and it will not disappoint. Let me give you a few song titles to wet your appetite:
1. You're My Monkey; 2. Angry Drunk Son Of A Bitch; 3. Fools Bleed; 4. Target; 5. Hail, Hail; 6. Hell Yeah; 7. World Goes 'Round; 8. So Long."

Jamie continues: "So hang in there you hard core B'N B fans. You've only waited 17 years for a new studio recording, and I'm not sure if we can make it worth the wait but were giving it one "Hell Yeah" of a shot. I'll keep you posted!"
Just added to the site is a full length preview of a track from the album - You're My Monkey.

More bad news rock fans - this just in from M&S Promotion: "I regret to inform you that Royal Hunt just canceled the complete European tour. Due to the fact that on October 9, 2005 a major financial sponsor of the Royal Hunt Paper Blood - 2005 tour bridged the contract, the band had no choice, but to stop it and return to Copenhagen. Postponing of the dates will not be possible at the moment. M&S Promotion feels really sorry for the troubles you have."

Further cold water is being poured on the Ratt re-union. On Ratt's official discussion board, drummer Bobby Blotzer posted the following: "The interview that's out is not accurate. There was a moment there but it came and went. Old news, old interview."
And from, this small update - "Stephen confirmed today there will be NO Ratt Reunion."
Furthermore, Warren DeMartini also commented - "With respect to the reunion - We have not had a formal meeting about a reunion since Stephen Pearcy quit the band in 2000, so Bobby Blotzer's recent interview in the L.A. Daily News is as much a surprise to me as it is to everyone involved -- not even close."

Sanctuary Visual Entertainment in association with Anthem Film & Television are pleased to announce the follow-up to 2003's internationally successful and top selling Rush DVD Rush in Rio, with Rush - R30 - the definitive live in-concert rock'n'roll DVD extravaganza.
UK and European release date is set for Monday November 28, 2005 (A week earlier on Tuesday November 22, Rounder Records will release the DVD in America, and Anthem will release the DVD in Canada).
The DVD celebrates Rush's $21-million grossing, sell-out 30th Anniversary World Tour. The concert was filmed with 14 hi-definition cameras in 16x9 widescreen format at the Festhalle, Frankfurt Germany on September 24, 2004.
The DVD will be released in two different packs. The 2 DVD Package will include the Frankfurt concert on disc one (mixed in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound); while the second DVD disc will include rare and classic performance footage from the late seventies to the Tsunami relief benefit concert in 2005 along with interview footage culled from the last three decades. The total running time of the 2 DVD package is 3 hours and 40 minutes.
The Deluxe Edition will include two CDs in addition to the aforementioned two DVD discs. The two bonus CDs feature the soundtrack from the Frankfurt concert DVD (CDs will not be sold separately). The Deluxe Edition will also include two limited edition Rush guitar picks and a souvenir backstage pass. The combined running time of the 2 DVDs and 2 CDs is over 5 hours and 40 minutes.
The set list spans Rush's incredibly diverse 30-year career, and includes Hemispheres, The Spirit of Radio, Anthem, Tom Sawyer, Subdivisions, Earthshine, 2112, Limelight, plus tracks from 2004's covers EP Feedback including Summertime Blues and Crossroads.
The band also performs the classic Working Man which originally appeared as the closing track on their self-titled 1974 debut album. All eighteen studio albums are well represented through a non-stop energetic set of 22 electrifying songs.
Celebrated, critically acclaimed and respected worldwide, Rush comprising Geddy Lee (bass and vocals), Alex Lifeson (guitar and vocals) and Neil Peart (drums and percussion), are the most successful Canadian rock band of all time. Rush has sold more than 40 million album sales worldwide and are one of the biggest grossing arena rock bands ever. The 30th Anniversary Tour gave North American and European fans an unforgettable chance to experience the band in some of the most exciting arenas around the world.
Not only was the 30th Anniversary Tour the band's first live dates since their successful Vapor Trails tour in 2002, it followed on from 2002's Rush in Rio Brazilian concerts where they performed to over 60,000 ecstatic fans. In November of the 2003, the band released their triple live CD album Rush in Rio, followed by the Rush in Rio double live DVD concert video, the latter which sold over a quarter of a million copies in North America, making it the second biggest selling music DVD that year (the DVD went Gold in the UK, Diamond in Canada and is currently 5 times platinum in the US). In 2004, RUSH were nominated for 'Best Rock Instrumental Performance' Grammy Award for the track O Baterista from the Rush in Rio album.
The wait is over. Celebrate the band's 30th Anniversary in the privacy of your own home in stunning 5.1 Surround Sound. Turn it up, Rush are back and more powerful than ever before.


DVD Disc 1 - The Concert: Disc one features the sold out concert that Rush performed in Frankfurt, Germany on September, 24 2004, during their 30th Anniversary World Tour. Track listing is as follows:
R30 Overture (Finding My Way, Bastille Day, Anthem, A Passage To Bangkok, Cygnus, Hemispheres) . The Spirit of Radio . Force Ten . Animate . Subdivisions . Earthshine . Red Barchetta . Roll The Bones . The Seeker . Tom Sawyer . Dreamline . Between the Wheels . Mystic Rhythms . Der Trommler . Resist . Heart Full of Soul . 2112 . Xanadu . Working Man . Summertime Blues . Crossroads . Limelight.
Running Time: 2 hours, 10 minutes
DVD Disc 2 - Special Features: This disc includes bonus features including the following RUSH rarities:
Archive Performance Footage: Fly By Night - Church Session Video (1975) . Circumstances - Live in Studio (1978) . La Villa Strangiato - Live in Studio (1978) . Farewell to Kings - Live in Studio (1978) . Xanadu - Live in Studio (1978) . Soundcheck: Various Songs - Ivor Wynne Stadium (1977) . Freewill - Toronto Rocks / Rolling Stones Concert (2003) . Closer to the Heart - Canadian Tsunami Disaster Fund charity telethon performance on CBC television (2005).
Interview Footage: Interview Footage - Interview with at Ivor Wynne Stadium (1977) - A Farewell to Kings Tour . Interview Footage (1981) - Studio interview at Le Studio, Montreal while recording the album Signals (released 1982) . Interview Footage (1991) Artist of the Decade (1980s) featuring all 3 members . Interview for release of the album Vapor Trails (2004) . CBC Television: Juno Award news report - Rush induction into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame (1994).
Running Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes.
R30 - Rush 30th Anniversary Tour: 2 CD Soundtrack:
CD1: R30 Overture - (Finding My Way, Bastille Day, Anthem, A Passage to Bangkok, Cygnus, Hemispheres) . The Spirit of Radio . Force Ten . Animate . Subdivisions . Earthshine . Red Barchetta . Roll The Bones . The Seeker Tom Sawyer . Dreamline.
CD2: Between the Wheels . Mystic Rhythms . Der Trommler . Resist . Heart Full of Soul . 2112 . Xanadu . Working Man . Summertime Blues . Crossroads . Limelight.
WebLinks: / / /

The promoter of Monterrey Metal Fest is looking to book the hottest up and coming new bands in the world, who would like to be able to play at next year's festival edition.
The Monterrey Metal Fest III will be held on Saturday, June 3, 2006 at the Auditorio Coca Cola in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico -
All bands interested in being considered to play, please contact the official Monterrey Metal Fest booking agent Benjamin Niebla II at the following e-mail:

(New York, NY - 10 Oct. 2005) In 1990 Welsh hard rock heroes Tigertailz unleashed an album that would raise the standard for independent metal albums of the era. Bezerk, released on the UK's Music for Nations imprint, featured such anthems as Noize Level Critical, Sick Sex and the band's calling card, Love Bomb Baby, all of which helped fuel the album to over a quarter of a million worldwide sales as well as MTV attention, Gallup (UK) charting singles and two Top 3 home videos. "That was one hell of a time", reflects guitarist, Jay Pepper. "It seemed like just about everything was going our way - the only market that eluded us, oddly enough, was America!"
Fifteen years later, Sanctuary Music has finally made that realization a reality with the North American release of not only Bezerk but that album's follow up, Banzai (a Japanese only compilation released through Sony Music in 1991) on October 11 at a special sale price of $10.99 each.
Frontman Kim Hooker says, "Finally our American fans will be able to walk into a record store and be able to pick up our albums and not have to wait for them to arrive from an import shop someplace. I'm thinking of flying over there just so I can do that myself!"
Recently featured in Classic Rock magazine as part of their "Welcome Back ..." series via an interview with bassist, Pepsi Tate, Tigertailz have also completed work on the long awaited Bezerk 2.0 and are looking to do shows Stateside in mid 2006.

Press Article from Floyd fan page Brain Damage: The long-awaited, and much delayed, 2DVD release of Pink Floyd's Pulse has finally been announced. To hit the stores on 5th December (with slight variation to this date depending on country), the discs have been filled with some interesting additional material.
Pulse is a recording from the band's run of 14 shows at London's Earl's Court, the final full concerts performed (to date). A lot of work has been done to improve the sound and picture quality, and to source a selection of suitable extras.
Along with the DVD menus and screens, the DVD cover has been designed by Storm Thorgerson, and will be a variation on the "balls" picture used to promote the 2003 Interstellar exhibition in Paris. As yet, the cover image has not been made available, but Brain Damage had a sneak preview of it at the end of last year. It is a suitably intriguing image, similar to that shown in Storm's book "Mind Over Matter" but with some important differences.
Pink Floyd's well-respected engineer James Guthrie has been the man looking after the surround sound mixes, and the new, Dolby Digital 5.1 remastered soundtrack reportedly sounds superb.
We know that you'll want to know what's been included, so without further delay, here's the detail:
DISC 1 - Concert Part 1 - Shine On . Learning To Fly . High Hopes . Take It Back . Coming Back To Life . Sorrow . Keep Talking . Another Brick In The Wall (part 2) . One of These Days . Screen Films - Shine On . High Hopes . Learning to Fly . Bootlegging the Bootleggers - What Do You Want From Me . On The Turning Way . Poles Apart . Marooned . Shorts - Time (Eames) . Money (Alien) . Speak To Me 1987 . Pulse TV Advert . Videos - Learning To Fly . Take It Back.
DISC 2 - Concert Part 2 - Speak To Me . Breathe . On The Run . Time . The Great Gig In The Sky . Money . Us And Them . Brain Damage . Eclipse . Wish You Were Here . Comfortably Numb . Run Like Hell . Screen Films - Speak To Me (graphic) . On The Run . Time 1994 . The Great Gig in the Sky (wave) . Money . Us And Them 1987 . Brain Damage . Eclipse . Alternate Screen Films - The Great Gig In The Sky (animation) . Us And Them 1994 . Behind the Scenes Footage - Goodbye to Life As We Know It . Wish You Were Here . Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony . Photo Gallery.
More at:

In case you missed the news from overnight. This from:,2933,171724,00.html.
Sometime next month, Infinity Broadcasting will announce that David Lee Roth is taking over for Howard Stern. The one-time lead singer of Van Halen will assume the microphone in New York and several other markets where Stern's radio show is heard."

A lot of Reviews added today - the product of a week's work. Check them out and do read the Reviews Summary at the top of the page.
New reviews added for: TNT, Deep Purple, LA Guns, Brides Of Destruction, Beautiful Creatures, Ric Ocasek, Cornerstone, Tramp's White Lion, SIN, Hotshot, RocKarma, Schoolboy Crush, Taxiride, Rebellion, Jack Wagner, Queen, Tourist, Jizzy Pearl and more!
Plus, new Re-Issue & Compilation reviews for: Rick Springfield, Icon, Helix, Karo, Genesis, FM and Legs Diamond. Check those out.




Monday, October 10, 2005

A new LA Daily News interview with Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer is being widely reported. The article talks about a possible Ratt original line-up reunion and also the band's upcoming VH1 Behind The Music special.
Blotzer is quoted in one instance as saying; "Now it's just a matter of settling some issues at hand. We're negotiating, and that's a step in the right direction because a year ago, (guitarist) Warren DiMartini wouldn't have even discussed it."
While a re-union has been discussed on an off for a couple of years now, the absolute latest on this sags is that a reunion is now less likely. Stay tuned for further developments, but there are obviously still some animosities within the band.

More disappointment for rock fans - the Easy Action reunion show will now not happen. This just in from organizers of the show that was set to feature the reunited band: "Due to different circumstances Easy Action WON´T be doing a reunion at this moment. The planned and booked gig with Hanoi Rocks & Nocturnal Rites the 12 December will happen, but without Easy Action."

Once spot of good news - there is one unlikely original line-up reunion in the early stages of taking place. More news when appropriate (no, it isn't anything Van Halen related!)

Live From The Dark is a brand new live DVD from none other than Europe. The 2DVD set is due for release November 18 and features the following 19 tracks:
Got To Have Faith . Ready Or Not . Supersticious . America . Wings Of Tomorrow . Let The Good Times Rock . Animal Crossing / Seven Doors Hotel . Hero . Wake Up Call . Sign Of The Times . Presentation . Milano / Girl From Lebanon . Carrie . Flames . Yesterdays News . Rock The Night . Start From The Dark . Cherokee . Final Countdown.
DVD2 features: Bonus Material Behind The Tour - Opening . Leaving Tilburg concert theatre . Arriving London . Entering London concert theatre . Audience interviews . Band going on-stage - final.
Taxi Diaries - John N and John L, Ian Haugland, Mic Michaeli and Joey Tempest;
On-Stage Interviews - John Norum, Mic Michaeli, John Leven and Ian Haugland.
Video Clips - Spirit Of The Underdog . Heart Of Stone . Got To Have Faith . Hero; Biography, Discography, Videography & Credits.

The heat is rising - it's just about 3 and 1/2 more weeks to go for the first edition of the United Forces Of Rock festival on October 30th, 2005 at the Rockfabrik venue in Ludwigsburg (Stuttgart), Germany!
Besides the live appearances of the participating bands Pride Of Lions, Wetton/Downes, Seventh Key, Legs Diamond, Jaded Heart, Casanova, Blanc Faces, Pump and Hartmann, we'll offer some extra candy for people attending this event. As a starter, we are happy announce that the following bands already have confirmed each to host a signing and meet & greet session for the fans during the show breaks:
Pride Of Lions, Wetton/ Downes, Hartmann, Blanc Faces, Seventh Key, Jaded Heart, Pump & Legs Diamond!
It's to time grab your record collection and to come over to get your stuff signed, folks! More updates and some other hot news on extra activities at the festival will follow during the next weeks. For more info on the event please visit:
Win 2 Frontiers Records Special Cd Packages @ United Forces Of Rock!
Two lucky winners will be receiving a free CD package each including the following Frontiers Records titles:
1) Pride Of Lions – The Destiny Stone, 2) Pride Of Lions – S/T, 3) Jim Peterik World Stage, 4) Pride Of Lions – Sound Of Home EP, 5) Pride Of Lions – Black Ribbons EP, 6) Seventh Key – S/T, 7) Seventh Key – The Raging Fire, 8) Blanc Faces – S/T, 9) Hartmann – Out In The Cold, 10) Empty Tremor – The Alien Inside, 11) Jaded Heart – Helluva Time, 12) Wetton / Downes – Icon, 13) Wetton / Downes – EP, 14) Seventh Key – Live In Atlanta CD, 15) Seventh Key – Live In Atlanta DVD.
United Forces Of Rock attendees can take part into this special contest by answering a simple questionnaire at the venue. All right answers will have to be put into a lottery wheel and the two lucky winners shall receive the award during the show from the hands of Oliver Hartmann in person!
We are pleased to inform that from today onwards tickets can also be purchased through Frontiers Records. Payments of 34,00 EURO must be done via pay-pal to the email address. The ticket will be sent via priority mail and shall also include a special surprise present! Please don't forget to include your street address to the payment info! For further info, feel free to email:

A New band is born and its name is Teenage Rampage. The line up of this band includes Chris Catena on vocals (known for his first successful album entitled Freak Out! as well as for his contributions to different forthcoming project such as Vitalij Kuprij forthcoming album Revenge, Radioactive's Taken, Moonstone Time to take a stand, David Lee Roth Tribute for Versailles Records and so on), Michael Gapys on guitars, Janne Stark on guitars (Overdrive, Locomotive Breath, Zello), Marco Fedele on bass, Julius Giuliani on drums.
The band is preparing their debut and the sound is announced to be a mix of Velvet Revolver and Black Label Society. Their song Slowly Gone will appear of the third volume of CD compilation.
Pictured below - Michael Gapys, Janne Stark, Chris Catena, Julius Giuliani and Marco Fedele.


Southern California metal stalwarts Leatherwolf have posted the following update on their website:
"We're heading over to Joe Floyd's new place in the South Bay to track more vocals with Wade (Black) this weekend. Joe, of course, is the mastermind behind the legendary Warrior (remember Fighting for The Earth?) and has had a hand in modern day classics such as Halford's Resurrection and Crucible as well as Bruce Dickinson's Accident of Birth and The Chemical Wedding. He is a true metal master and we are looking forward to working with him over the next few days. We also had Eric Halpern from Helstar come in to lay down a couple of leads and he just smoked! Our former vocalist, Michael Olivieri, has also contributed some guitar and is helping out on backing vocals. Awesome!"
"Last but not least, we just got the first final - or close to - mixes in from Denmark. After doing a test mix of 'Behind the Gun' for us, we decided to go with Jacob Hansen (Raunchy, Rob Rock, Mercenary) at Hansen Studios who was able to fit Leatherwolf into his extremely busy schedule. Jacob is phenomenal and we are totally stoked with what he's come up with so far. Can't wait for you all to hear these little monsters! Plans are to trek on over to Denmark tag team-style in December to be present when Sir Hansen tackles the rest of the songs for the final mixdown and the mastering. We've also started the dialogue with the industry to find the proper outlets for the album in the different territories. We are shooting for a spring '06 release."

Majestic Rock Records would like to inform the public that their release schedule is back on track. They state: "Expect regular updates and new product news from now on. Watch for updates over the next few days - there's a backlog of stuff we need to get up on line!!"

Power Quest Warm Up For Firefest 2 Appearance! The world's favourite melodic power metal act Power Quest are set to warm up for their forthcoming Firefest 2 appearance on November 26th with a couple of shows just prior to the event. Dates so far as follows with a possibility of a couple more to be added:
November 21st 2005 - Southampton, Nexus Club + Seasons End
November 24th 2005 - Birmingham Edwards No.8
Be know it makes sense!

Waysted complete their Back From The Dead UK tour this week with the remaining two shows as follows:
Thursday 22nd - Sheffield, The Boardwalk
Friday 23rd - Sutton, Surrey - The Boom Boom Club
Fair to say that the audience turn out has, at times, been a bit on the poor side...but the band have played superbly throughout. Some of the shows have been recorded for a forthcoming live album, so you'll get a chance to hear for yourselves!

The official Asia biography, The Heat Goes On is now 50% off!!! This $25 value is now available For Only $12.50 + shipping. The book is a MUST for any Asia fan, and they make great gifts (the holidays are coming!) However, there are limited quantities, so get yours today before they are all gone. Please note that the book can be ordered with Visa or Mastercard. You do not require a PayPal account. For more details, visit the official Asia web site: I can vouch for the quality and class of this book - Asia fans check it out!

TONY HARNELL FEATURED ON PODCAST: has posted episode 11 of their Talking Metal podcast. The episode features a short interview co-host John Ostronomy conducted with TNT frontman, Tony Harnell. Host Mark Strigl and Ostronomy also discuss topics including TNT's forthcoming album, All The Way To The Sun, and Dirty Rig's new vocalist, Kory Clarke, formerly of Warrior Soul. The 30-minute podcast can be downloaded at this location:

A brilliant little John Waite interview is currently online over at Wolter's John Waite Unofficial Dutch fansite:

The band formed by Kick vocalist Nick Workman together with Vince O'Reagan and Al Barrow have named themselves Eden, and have a website online now:
Nick tells me that they have now recorded 7 tracks and hope to have the album finished by the end of November.

Jack Ponti fans unite - a quite excellent website is online now celebrating the man's music and the JP Boozing Society! Check it out at:

Baldwin Fairchild Funeral Home has set up on online obituary/memorial/guestbook for the many friends, family, and fans of Mike Gibbins of Badfinger. RIP.
Obituary:; Guestbook:

A Halloween concert starring Brutal Planet, performing songs by Metallica, Kiss, AC/DC, Ozzy and others is set for Tuesday, October 25 in Las Vegas. Tickets $10.00 and Doors open 7:30PM. The show features a full Halloween inspired production, including video, pyro and other surprises. Details:

The song I Will Follow You from the Northern Light album is currently on first place on the radio chart - Fylkestoppen. Listings are regulated by a jury in addition to a people's vote. You can vote for the song to still be number one. Just send a mail (or 5) to with subject/emne Northern Light/Tor Talle. You can send your votes already today – BIG thanks from Northern Light.

Following a hugely successful summer and autumn, during which the 18 month campaign in support of their Sonic Firestorm album has seen them wowing festival crowds around Europe before returning to the UK to play yet another sell out tour, London based metallists Dragonforce have just completed work on their eagerly anticipated third album.
Inhuman Rampage contains eight brand new songs and will be released on 9th January 2006. The album recording sessions were made at Thin Ice Studios in Virginia Water (Surrey) and guitarist Herman Li's own studio in West London between April and September, while production duties were shared between Li, fellow axeman Sam Totman and keyboard player Vadim Pruzhanov.
When asked to comment on the new album, Li stated: "On the new album we have come up with the ultimate formula that has never been done before. Combining intensity, chaos and melody, with all the DragonForce trademarks plus some more. For us, this is the next evolution in DragonForce's sound. I have never heard an album sounding like 'Inhuman Rampage'....the title says it all! It's seriously gonna blow some heads off around the world next year."
The full tracklisting of Inhuman Rampage is as follows:- Through The Fire And Flames . Revolution Deathsquad . Storming The Burning Fields . Operation Ground And Pound . Body Breakdown . Cry For Eternity . The Flame Of Youth . Trail Of Broken Hearts.
The album will be released on CD and picture vinyl, with the CD featuring an enhanced section and other surprise goodies.

American Idol runner-up Bo Bice is at work on his debut album, with details coming to light in a new VH1 News item:
The album features guests such as Nickelback vocalist Chad Kroeger, Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora, and producers Howard Benson (Hoobastank, Papa Roach), Marti Frederiksen (Def Leppard, Aerosmith) and John Shanks (Sheryl Crow, Santana, Bon Jovi).
"It's a little bit of everything," the "Idol" runner-up said of his music so far. "People will see my mellow, acoustic side on a couple songs, then my crazy Stevie Ray Vaughan, Johnny Winter, jammy-type stuff, then really groovy '70s rock, revisited with a modern touch. And with some genuine lyrics about my life and things I see around me."
Bo is recording in Nashville, where he is now living. Moody, Kroeger and Sambora have submitted songs for the album, including a Sambora/Shanks tune called Remember Me that is among Bo's favorites.




Friday, October 07, 2005

Frontiers Records welcomes legendary rock band Survivor to the label roster for the release of a brand new studio album in the spring of 2006!
The story of Survivor began in the cold winter of 1977 under the initiative of Frankie Sullivan and Jim Peterik, but only three albums and five years later this name became well-known all over the world, when the band composed Eye of the Tiger for the movie Rocky III with Sylvester Stallone, which went on to win the Grammy Award and to hit # 1 of the charts in many countries.
After the next album Caught In The Game, the former Cobra vocalist Jimi Jamison was introduced to the fans, making his debut on the worldwide hit (soundtrack of Rocky IV and # 2 in the US charts) Burning Heart. The following album, in 1984, Vital Signs is still counted nowadays among the milestones of melodic rock, with tracks like Can't Hold Back or High On You. Can't Hold Back entered the Top Ten of the US charts and the second single release The Search Is Over reached Nr. 2 on the hot 100. The following album When Seconds Count kept the typical trademarks of the Survivor sound and reached the USA Top Ten again with the single Is This Love. Too Hot To Sleep was the title of the last Survivor record in 1988, which is still considered by many as their best record, containing the singles Across The Miles and Didn't Know It Was Love.
This was the last sign of life from Survivor up to now, besides two Greatest Hits compilations which were quite popular by the fans. Now, 17 years later and with a line-up featuring Frankie Sullivan along with long-time members Jimi Jamison and Marc Droubay, plus Chris Grove and the new face Barry Dunaway (Dokken; Yngwie Malmsteen) on bass, Survivor are back!
"The present line-up, with the exception of our bass player, has been playing together since 1997" says Frankie Sullivan, "so really we ve been together a long time and Barry Dunaway, our newest member solidified this line-up all the way."


When asked as to why now? Sullivan explains: "We have spent a lot of time in the studio working even though we have not released a record of all new Survivor material in all these years. The Greatest Hits and Essentials on the band have been amazing in so far as the demand for us to continue to do them. We are glad that phase is now over and we set our sights on the new studio record. Most of all, we feel the fans deserve it more than anyone or anything. They have waited a long time and are overdue for new material. Having a CD of all new material to give them is first and foremost and what it is all about."
"The fans can expect us to stay true to who and what we are"
, says Sullivan. "There is no plan to change the Survivor sound. There is no what I call target writing or any attempt to make a 2005 hip version of Survivor. I believe one must be true to themselves. Our fans can expect the Survivor they have come to know and love during the years".
The band is currently busy in the recording studio working hard on the new material. Some of the song titles set to make it to the album include Fire Makes Steel, One More Chance, Give Me The Word and Seconds Away.
Survivor are also planning some live appearances in Europe to coincide with the release of the record.
"Nothing makes this band happier than to play live" explains Sullivan, who concludes "We thank all our fans, from the bottom of our hearts, for being there with us. Now, Are you Ready To ROCK...!?!?"

Song writing genius Mark Spiro is back with a collection of songs that won't leave you unmoved, the eleven songs on Mighty Blue Ocean was written during a period when Mark was undergoing chemotherapy. The songs are so direct and melodious and the lyrics are very personal and emotional, a combination that makes Mighty Blue Ocean his best work ever!
It doesn't matter if you liked him the best when he was the world's purveyor of melodic rock or if you prefer his latest works as singer songwriter extraordinaire, because the fact is that he is the uncrowned king of melody and Mighty Blue Ocean will not make you disappointed.
Every melodic rock fan will have a record or CD where Mark Spiro participates as a songwriter or backup vocalist. There are many classic examples: Mr. Big, Heart, Giant, Bad English, John Waite, Julian Lennon and Winger being a handful of artists struck by the pen of Spiro. We are talking about artists who have collectively sold more than a hundred million records! In many cases, Mark Spiro's own demos are superior to the finished versions recorded by the many superstars using his service.
On his new Atenzia Records release Mighty Blue Ocean, Mark once again proves himself as a major song writing and recording force, this time once again with a collection of songs in the classic singer/songwriter type of mood, but without losing what is his trademark – strong melodies with great melodies and hooks with lyrics that makes your everyday life stop and think.
After some minor hick-ups with the mastering of the album, it can finally be revealed that Mighty Blue Ocean is to be released on October 24!
Tracklist: Mighty Blue Ocean . Band Of Angels . Monster . When She Cries . Envy Shade Of Green . The Beautiful One . Bits And Pieces . Being In Your World . Perfect Wave . My Velocity . The Life That I Live.


The Metal Mania Stripped Tour will start October 6. The initial tour dates are now available and are as follows:
Thu 13-Oct Northridge CA Gtr Ctr Opening
Tue 25-Oct Rapid City ND Rushmore Civic
Wed 26-Oct Souix Falls SD SF Arena
Thu 3-Nov Palatine/Chic Il Durty Nellies
Fri 4-Nov Rockford Il Elixur
Sat 5-Nov Detroit MI Hayloft Liquor Stand
Wed 9-Nov Baltimore MD House Of Rock
Fri 11-Nov Hartford CT Webster Theatre
Sun 13-Nov Sayerville NJ Starland Ballroom
Fri 18-Nov Clearwater FL Ruth Eckerd Hall
Sat 19-Nov Lakeland FL Lakeland Ctr.

Melodic rock mail order store Schmankerl Records in Germany are celebrating their 10th Anniversary. Not too many businesses in this genre can boast such longevity, so congrats guys!
To celebrate their 10th Anniversary, for the month of October Schmankerl are offering 10% discount for all orders over 50 Euro.
Check them and their stock on hand at:


The great and slowly becoming legendary guitarist Howie Simon is this week's featured 20 Questions at Metal Sludge. Howie is never short of a word and sure enough, the 20Qs are a good read. Check it out at:

Ten's new as yet untitled release sees the band re-recording their best hits split across 2 CDs - a ballads and a rockers disc. The Japanese release date has been announced - November 23. reports Deep Purple frontman Ian Gillan is to release a solo album titled 'Gillan's Inn' during January. It celebrated the man's 40th anniversary in the music business. The singer has re-recorded some of the classic songs associated with his distinguished career. A host of guests appear, including current and former members of Deep Purple, plus guitarists Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath), Janick Gers (Iron Maiden), Joe Satriani and Jeff Healey.

The Darkness will release their new album One Way Ticket To Hell…And Back on November 29. As previously mentioned, check out the new single at: The album track listing is: One Way Ticket . Knockers . Is It Just Me? . Dinner Lady Arms . Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time . Hazel Eyes . Bald . Girlfriend . English Country Garden . Blind Man.


Rik Emmett has updated fans on his new rock project via a new newsletter sent out overnight. The update reads:
"Airtime is the classic melodic / hard rock recording project that Rik has been working on with Mike Shotton (Von Groove). At this time, almost all of the overdubs have been completed, with only a few lead guitar solos left to plug in, and then all the background vocals to be finished off then into the mixing stage it goes. There has been some talk about even getting some mixes done in 5.1 surround! The logo artwork is near the final stage, being handled by Rik's trusted friend in Pittsburgh at Double Play Designs, Jeanine Leech. [Rik reports that today, Oct. 3, was "talk box" day, and he used the effect on a tune called Midnight Black and Blue plus he began lead guitar overdubs on a smoking hard rock track called Rise, which has a lyric that was partially inspired by a contribution from Jim Peterik [from that toddlin' town Chicago - of Survivor Eye of the Tiger and Vehicle fame].
Overall, the material moves from melodic rock towards a bit more of a progressive vibe, with some of the Rush / Led Zep influence. And as overdubs continue to grow, there is a trend towards stacking harmony guitars, like early Wishbone Ash, or Thin Lizzy, or the approach of Tom Scholz and Brian May. It's guaranteed that Mike and Rik will build some pretty thick background vocal harmonies, as they love the approach of bands like The Beatles, Journey, Yes and Queen.
Once the mixing is done, there will be a 'shopping' period so that business contacts in the industry can get an opportunity to give it a listen. In the meantime, the Network will also probably get a few sneak previews, even though we'll do all we can to prevent full tracks from leaking out into the file-sharing download world.
Keep your ears open for some Airtime very soon!

Additionally, Ric's new DVD Live @ 10 Gigs has been in the top 10 best seller list at Maple Music for the last 6 weeks. Live @ 10 Gigs is available from Maple Music:

Site regular Georg e-mail in from Germany - it seems Rob Rock flew in for a special show at Metalfest last week. Here's his e-mail:
"On a unique occasion in a one off special Double-Headlining show both Rob Rock and Narnia played a sensational concert October 1st in Bad Hersfeld, Germany at the Metalfest. Rob Rock who flew in from Florida just for this show, uses Narnia musicians as his backing band since the last tour (for Holy Hell where he toured Europe with Masterplan and Circle to Circle). After Rob Rock's set, Christian Rivel came on stage and Narnia put on an excellent show also, previewing a song of their forthcoming album Enter The Gate (Release 2006). Keyboard player for Narnia on the night was Andreas Lindahl, who also played on the Audiovision project.
Then for the third part of this exclusive show, both Christian and Rob sang together Eagle (the ABBA cover from Rage of Creation) and Warrior, the old Driver - Song. Both hitting the high notes like not a lot singers these days do - excellent performance from all musicians, what a great concert!
Also on this day, British Heavy Metal veterans Stairway played their first ever German show and got a VERY good response from the crowd as well! After the show Christian Rivel and Andreas Olson (bass) both travelled to Japan, where they are now promoting their other band Divinefire's second album Hero with three concerts."

MR-X has been updated with another selection of quality tracks!
Featured today is the audio (8 tracks) from the recent Bon Jovi CMT TV Broadcast with Sugarland. Also featured is an update to the Bonus Tracks section and some general MP3 tracks, including a couple of rarities from Tower City vocalist Larry Saltis and Raine.
And one new Special Feature has been added - a 17 track compilation of Journey cover tunes! I lot of bands like to pay tribute to the AOR legends, so this compilation features cool covers from the likes of Jeff Scott Soto, Takara, Vox Tempus, Sayit, House Of Shakira, Street Talk and more...
Lastly - new videos are online for: Night Ranger - Goodbye, Love/Hate - Why Do You Think They Call It Dope, Alaska - Headlines and Woman Like You, Steve Vai - Juice, Baton Rouge - Walks Like A Woman and Warrior Soul - The Wasteland.
MR-X Membership Details.

I promised a Review update and I'm pleased to say I have written a stack of new reviews. However, they still need to be edited, formatted and uploaded, so I hope to present those by Tuesday.




Thursday, October 06, 2005

Press Release / At the very top of the short list of second generation San Francisco rock bands stands Journey, with over 43 million records sold in the U.S. alone, the only Bay Area group whose 30 years of music has truly stood the test of time. Now, the two-disc DVD-plus-CD collector's edition of Live In Houston 1981 – Escape Tour is set to arrive in stores November 15 th on Columbia/Legacy, a division of SonyBMG Music Entertainment.
The two-disc package is a first for Legacy – presenting video and audio versions of this live 75-minute performance – with the DVD and CD completely remixed in Stereo and 5.1 Surround by Allen Sides and remastered by Bob Ludwig. The Stereo CD version of the concert includes all the above performances plus a bonus track that wasn't filmed, The Party's Over (Hopelessly In Love), which originally was a studio version they had released earlier in 1981, as the single from the live double-LP, Captured. A lavish 16-page full-color booklet is packed with rare photography of Journey, tour memorabilia, and other surprises. The DVD has interviews with the band and a slide show of rare photos.
The entire project was produced by former lead vocalist Steve Perry, with the full cooperation of the band.
Five of the live performances from this historic MTV concert have been released prior to now: "Open Arms," "Who's Cryin' Now," "Don't Stop Believin'" (three of the hit singles from Journey's then-current 9x-platinum Escape album), "Stone In Love," and "Anyway You Want It." The balance of the tracks, include such Journey touchstones as "Wheel In The Sky," "Lights," "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'," "Mother, Father," "Line Of Fire," and the title track from the Escape album, which are LIVE and all previously unreleased. They make their debut on this special package – premiering the concert in its entirety for the first time ever.
Journey's strength at Album Oriented Radio (AOR) was so strong that their live double-LP Captured (February 1981), actually yielded a #2 hit on Billboard's brand-new Album Rock chart with the studio version of The Party's Over (Hopelessly In Love).
Their seventh studio album, the all-time best-selling Escape, was co-produced by former engineer Mike Stone (known for his studio work with Queen, Kiss, and others) and Kevin Elson. The album was released the first week of August 1981, coinciding with MTV's historic sign-on of 12:01 a.m., August 1 st . Escape was pumped up by the summer take-off single, the top 5 Who's Crying Now, which earned the band a prestigious spot opening for the Rolling Stones at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia on September 12th – the same date that Escape hit #1.
The album was still inside the top 20 two months later, when Journey rolled into Houston and MTV, still in diapers, decided to broadcast the concert. In fact, as Journey stayed on the road well into 1982, and the next three singles all ran up the charts ("Don't Stop Believin'," "Open Arms," "Still They Ride") through the following summer, Escape stayed in the top 20 for over a year. In all, the LP logged nearly three years (146 weeks) on the chart, on its way to 9x-platinum.
The Journey saga carried on for another five years in the '80s, with the Frontiers album in 1983 (6x-platinum, with the top 10 "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)"); and 1986's Raised On Radio (double-platinum, with "Be Good To Yourself"). Despite the fact that they swept the annual BAMmies (Bay Area Music Awards) in 1987, a disbanded Journey's members went their separate ways. A decade of outside projects began, as Schon and Cain formed Bad English with John Waite, and Perry resumed his solo work.
The inevitable reunion took place in 1996, when the classic lineup – Schon, Perry, Cain, Valory, and Smith – reconvened on Trial By Fire. The platinum CD contained the only RIAA gold single of Journey's career, When You Love a Woman.
On May 8th of 1998, Steve Perry and Journey officially went their separate ways.
Lineup : Steve Perry (lead vocals); Neal Schon (lead guitar, vocals); Jonathan Cain (keyboards, vocals); Ross Valory (bass, vocals); Steve Smith (drums).
Live In Houston 1981 - Escape Tour DVD + CD Collectors Edition by Journey (Columbia / Legacy C2D 54153) Selections:
Escape . Line Of Fire . Lights . Stay Awhile . Open Arms (*) . Mother, Father . Jonathan Cain Solo . Who's Cryin' Now (*) . Where Were You . Steve Smith Solo . Dead Or Alive . Don't Stop Believin' (*) . Stone In Love (*) . Keep On Runnin' . Neal Schon Solo . Wheel In The Sky . Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' . Anyway You Want It (*) . CD-only bonus track: The Party's Over (Hopelessly In Love). Recorded November 6, 1981, in Houston, TX
Note : All tracks previously unreleased, except (*) indicates previously released.


Press Release / NYC - 10/1/05 - Hard rockers The Lizards, featuring Bobby Rondinelli (BOC/Rainbow/Sabbath) and Mike DiMeo (Riot) have just completed what can only be described as a 'super session' with a rock and roll legend for the bands upcoming CD. Although it's 'hush hush' in The Lizards camp, as far as who this rock guest star is (which will be disclosed at a future date), he was quoted saying, "They were the best sessions I've ever done outside my own music!" Word has it that The Lizards new album will be the bands best yet!
In other Lizards news The group is also putting the finishing touches on an album of cover tunes, as well as a new DVD of live performances culled from their recent tour of Europe. Plans for an early 2006 issuing of all three releases is currently underway.
Most recently both drummer Bobby Rondinelli and vocalist/keyboardist Mike DiMeo were interviewed in depth for premier hard rock website Rock 'N Roll Universe. The interviews can be accessed at On the same note, The Lizards bassist Randy Pratt did an interview with seminal U.S. bass magazine Bass Guitar for an upcoming article, that will also include a pictorial of Pratt's impressive custom-built bass collection!
In November 2005, Bobby Rondinelli will be doing a drum clinic tour in Europe sponsored by Ludwig and Paiste.
The tour dates are as followed:
Nov. 12 - Drumstation - Eindhoven, NL -
Nov. 14 - Drums &Co - Gits, Belgium -
Nov. 15 - Drumland - Dadhoevedorp, NL - Nov. 16 - Vancore - Joure, NL -
Nov. 17 - PPC - Hannover, Germany -
Nov. 20 - Insider Music Shop - Berlin, Germany -
Nov. 21 - Musikhalle Klier - Nurnberg, Germany -
Nov. 22 - Vogelmann - Ludwigsburg, Germany -
Nov. 23 - Drumstation - Maintal, Germany -
Nov. 24 - Rock Shop - Karlsruhe, Germany -
For more Information:
Plans for a major world tour to coincide with the release of The Lizards new studio album in 2006 is currently in the works. For more information:

Domain/BoysVoice bass player Jochen Mayer offers some news on his site: In Jochen's words:
"Domain is back at work! We started workin' on the new album as well as goin' through all the material we brought back from Korea. Audio and video!!! News, pics and more … here! (
Another Mistreated ( show is scheduled for November 19th in D-67069 Ludwigshafen. Check out the site!
Serenity, the new Boysvoice ( album is now available worldwide! Listen to it here, then either buy it at or download it legally at or iTunes!
For the first time in 12 years I'll be playing live with my old band mates from Casanova at the United Forces Of Rock festival in Ludwigsburg/Germany on October 30th. Hope to see all of you there to celebrate this event appropriately!
That's all for now ... let's see what's next! Jochen."

The Feature Reviews area has been updated - add your own reviews now for the following new releases - Bon Jovi / Have A Nice Day, Vivian Campbell / Two Sides Of If, Balance II / Balance II and The Jones Gang / Any Day Now. Go for it - more will be added shortly.
It's great to see an uptake in the number of people posting opinions and reviews - thanks for the input & participation.




Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Following the successful come-back album Escape, released on August 29th, Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of Terra Nova's Best of + 5 album on December 5.
Terra Nova is Latin for the new world and is one of the best bands emerged from the European melodic hard rock scene over the past decade. With three hit albums released in Japan on JVC Victor, the band got released their mighty debut album Livin It Up on the European market on Now & Then Records and Eye To Eye (a compilation of the second and third Japanese albums) on Frontiers Records.
This new Best Of album covers the most interesting cuts of their repertoire including 4 songs from their long out-of-print debut album and excerpts from their following two Japan-only albums.
The final tracklisting shall be as follows: I Wanna Know (click to hear an mp3 sample); Break Away §; Livin it Up*; Love Sick°; Not Here With Me §; Hey Babe*; Right Now §; Once Bitten Twice Shy*; How°; Make My Day°; Holding On §; Eye To Eye°; Love Of My Life*; Against The Wind; Reminiscing; I'm The One (click to hear an mp3 sample); Holy Water (click to hear an mp3 sample). * Taken from Livin It Up / § Taken from Break Away / ° Taken from Make My Day.
As a special gift, the band decided to add five unreleased tracks recorded during the Break Away sessions in 1997.
Best of +5 shall also have a domestic release in Japan on King Records. Terra Nova are back to stay, get now ready for great trip in the history of Melodic Rock!


Ivory Gates Records proudly presents the release of Green's new album entitled Of Love and Soul on December 5.
Green is an Italian melodic hard rock band that debuted in the year 2003 on Frontiers Records with the concept album Life. Green's debut album received excellent reviews including "A landmark recording of Italian rock history" - Rocknet (Holland); "This one is more than OK, but I'm sure these guys have yet more to offer on the next one" - Rock Report (Belgium); "An excellent, mature Melodic Rock album that should appeal to both fans of Melodic Rock and Progressive Rock" - The Metal Observer (Germany); "An almost perfect album, perfectly produced by band leader Fabrizio Pieraccini. A new star is born?" - Metalitalia (Italy).
The new album entitled Of Love and Soul is a much more mature effort, showcasing an aggressive yet melodic and colourful approach to the music and songwriting. Following the steps of Life's most intriguing moments (I Still Love in particular), the new album is a real milestone for Italian melodic Hard and Progressive Rock. According to guitar player and singer Fabrizio Pieraccini: "This time we wanted the sound is heavier and more straight ahead. This is also thanks to the addition of Jacopo Torrini on guitar in the lineup. The sound is now more cohesive and in your face", while ivory-tinkler Giovanni Fanfani adds "Of Love and Soul is not a concept album like Life, but still it deals with our lives, all things happening every day and with the emotions of happiness and anger that we feel in our soul."
The final tracklisting includes the following songs: Receive Me (click to hear an mp3 sample); Fight for Truth; Do it Now (click to hear an mp3 sample); Hate Me; There's No Wind (click to hear an mp3 sample); Freedom; No Return Journey; Baby Tell Me Why; One Day; Of Love And Soul.
The album also includes, as a special bonus the video clip of I Still Love, taken from the debut album Life plus a video introduction to the new album by the band members.
Of Love & Soul is exclusively distributed worldwide through Frontiers Records. For further info surf on!


Following the enthusiastic receipt from the press and fans alike of the news of a solo album debut from former Foreigner and Shadow King member Bruce Turgon, we are pleased to have the man himself present the brand new album Outside Looking In to be released worldwide on November 7th on Frontiers Records.
Living A Lie - The opening track of the is about a destructive, but exciting relationship. When you recognize it, but can't quit it.
Any Other Time - The final reality that there s nothing more to give and no wish to try again.
Outside Looking In - The title track- it is a retrospective about not losing the desire to strive for individuality, pursuing your dreams and the willingness to stay outside and not get lost in yesterday.
Walk Thru Fire - A song about the power of love, trust and commitment.
Faith - A track written observing someone s struggle from a distance and wanting them to understand that you know, believe that you care, and trust you will be strong for them.
Pleasure Dome - Excess and the desire/need to get lost in it...
These Tears Must Fall - A song dealing with the haunting inevitability of when love is lost.
Weapons Of Love - A dark humour about a destructive, aggressive relationship.
On A Wing And A Prayer - When you will do anything to save love and wanting someone to believe that.
Heart So Strong - Longing for real love and the strength it provides.
The Last Time - A song about the need for change and calling a definitive end to a negative situation.
Where Do We Go From Here - An introspective desire to overcome fear in love& and a personal question to myself as well, I guess...

You can now also sample these very songs in the newly launched Bruce Turgon CD Showcase!

Time for a few super cool MP3 previews! The following are 60 or 90 second preview tracks, with more to follow soon. Click on the song titles for the previews.
Inxs' new tune featuring new singer JD Fortune hit iTunes today. You gotta love it. Inxs - Pretty Vegas.
The Goo Goo Dolls have their new single out now. The album is still some way off, but the single shows promise. Goo Goo Dolls - Better Days.
Metal Mania Stripped 2 is out October 18 and one of the new tracks is a killer reworking of a classic 1982 rocker! Night Ranger - Don't Tell Me You Love Me.
Divinefire will release their new album Hero through Metal Heaven on November 28. Divinefire - Secret Weapon.

And last but certainly not least! I've been looking forward to this one. Legs Diamond will release their long awaited comeback album through AOR Heaven on November 14. The album sees the debut of new singer John Levesque and I'm pleased to offer a 90 second sample of the lead track. Legs Diamond - Don't Turn Away.
The line-up for the new album Diamonds Are Forever is: Vocals: John Levesque; Keys & Rh. Guit.: Michael Prince; Bass: Adam Kury; Guitars: Roger Romeo; Drums: Jeff Poole.
Tracklist: 01. Don't Turn Away, 02. Time Will Never Change, 03. Good Time, 04. King Of Speed, 05. Trouble, 06. This Time Around, 07. Let It Go, 08. Will You Remember, 09. Rain Down, 10. Loneliness, 11. Get You Home, 12. Change (bonus track), 13. For All We Know (bonus track).


American DJs Dwyer & Michaels ( seem to be the only people able to corner Eddie Van Halen for any sort of regular update. They did it again yesterday, with the resultant 20 minute conversation now available for download:
One sad bit of information revealed in the interview was news of the death of Ed & Alex's mother a short while ago. She was 90 years old, which is quite a good innings. I'm saddened to hear this news as I'm sure everyone else is. My condolences go out to the guys. RIP.
Good to hear Eddie talking, even if the chat didn't reveal anything new.

The brand new Darkness single One Way Ticket is currently being previewed at the band's MySpace page -
The band describes the upcoming album with this interesting piece of hype! - "One Way Ticket To Hell… And Back is a big f**k-off rock album about faith lost and restored, and about love lost and found. The Darkness really didn't have any choice but to make a record this good. The stakes were too high and the sheer, superhuman feat of pulling it back from the edge (an effort that would most likely kill any lesser band stone-dead) has done nothing but steel their resolve and drive them to make what had to be - and is - the finest rock album of the past twenty years…their debut aside, of course."

Inxs have announced the first US dates for their Switched On 2006 World Tour. The North American dates can be found at:
In the band's own words: "The North American Switched On tour will kick off 18 January in Vancouver, BC and will extend to more than 20 US cities and two stops in Canada. Tickets for most shows will go on-sale the weekend of 15 October with exclusive fan club pre-sales kicking in earlier that week to members only. Members will be contacted regarding this via email shortly.
"The TV show 'Rock Star: Inxs' generated millions of new Inxs fans across North America and there is a great deal of excitement to see the band perform live once again," says John Scher, Co-CEO Metropolitan Talent Presents. "Years of touring have earned INXS a massive reputation as a great live band. I have no doubt that this will be a memorable tour."
The new album Switch is released worldwide November 29.

I got official confirmation from Journey management this afternoon that Journey's long awaited Live in Houston 1981 DVD will be released in November. November 15 appears to be the date and word is the set will include a Audio CD of the DVD soundtrack too.

Bob Catley & Pulse guitarist Vince O Regan has a brand new website up and running at:

Def Leppard - Rock Of Ages DVD (which is their best of DVDs companion to the CD that was released earlier this year) is released in North America on November 8 via Universal.

Press Release / This is an exclusive club gig at Palace. This reunion has never happened before, and will never happen again!
Swedmetal is very proud to say that we did what many have tried over the years, to get them together! This is the original line-up that will be on stage - Zinny Zan, Kee Marcello, Peo Thyrén and so on....
They will play together with Hanoi Rocks and Nocturnal Rites. Date 16 December 2005.

Check out the October update of Marcie Free's Vault. They have uncovered some extremely rare and never released demos from 1983 (pre-King Kobra era) with David Arkenstone's band who later on in the 90's was nominated 6 times for a Grammy Award. If you ever wondered what Marcie would sound like fronting Styx or Kansas, this is as close as you'll ever get! There are seven songs presented along with eight songs that were recorded for major Radio and Television commercials.

The annual Sebastian Bach could be returning to Skid Row rumor kicked in again last week. I asked bud Mitch Lafon to get to the bottom of it, as he talks to Rachel Bolan on occasion.
Rachel got straight back to Mitch with this reply: "That is all false. Johnny is going nowhere. He has a project on the side (which I am involved in from a songwriting standpoint) but he is "THE" singer for Skid Row. Actually in 2006 Johnny will have been in the band longer than Baz. Which incidentally Snake has not been in contact with. So let this put the rumors to rest. This is the band. We are finishing up the worldwide deal with SPV as you read this and plan to have the new CD on the shelves soon."

Sphere of Souls, the Dutch prog-metal formation featuring ex-Sun Caged vocalist André Vuurboom, have completed their debut album From the Ashes. The album is of a conceptual nature and contains thirteen tracks encompassing a wide range of influences and styles. The music could be described as Fates Warning meets Psychotic Waltz.
Engineering and production duties on From the Ashes were handled by Joost van den Broek (ex-Sun Caged, Star One/Ayreon), who is also responsible for all of the keyboard parts. All guitar solos were played by guitar virtuoso Anand Mahangoe.
The recording line-up for 'From the Ashes' was as follows: Vocals/guitars André Vuurboom (ex-Sun Caged, ex-Imperium); Bass Kees Harrison (ex-Autumn Equinox); Guitars Rob Cerrone (ex-Imperium); Drums Ruud van Diepen (ex-Autumn Equinox); Keyboards Joost van den Broek (ex-Sun Caged, Star One/Ayreon); Lead guitars Anand Mahangoe.
Samples from the album and a short preview video can be found on the band's website at: A 2005 release is still planned.

The CD Showcase section has been updated with another couple of cool previews. Online today is previews for Seventh Key Live In Atlanta and the cool new Bruce Turgon solo debut Outside Looking In.

MiniBytes has been updated with a preview of the brand new Charlie Sexton record Cruel And Gentle Things. Check it out.

On a non-musical note, I'm sure many have been saddened by the death of comic genius Ronnie Barker. What a loss to the world. The Two Ronnies, Open All Hours, Porridge, Going Straight...the list goes on. First Don Adams, now Ronnie Barker. RIP guys.




Tuesday, October 04, 2005

There is a story being widely circulated credited to a publication called The Stomp Box, suggesting David Lee Roth has formed a new supergroup with Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee. Not so it seems.
Part of the article reads: "Conflicting schedules and personal issues precluded Roth and Lee from consummating with an album and tour at the time, but The Stomp Box caught up with David Lee at a cafe in Manhattan's Lower West Side, just two blocks from one of New York's most prominent rehearsal studios where Dave has been hashing out the Roth/Lee compositions with former Kiss lead guitarist Vinnie Vincent and ex-Ozzy Osbourne bassist Bob Daisley. Ray Luzier, who has toured with Roth since the nineties, was handling drum duties. The hyperactive huckster of rock was in high spirits and, to our surprise, somewhat comprehensible as he gave The Stomp Box the skinny on his new project."
However - Bob Daisley flatly denied the story, calling it a "BS rumor..."

Speaking of supergroups featuring Ray Luzier, there is one project that is moving forward - that is the new project featuring former Roth drummer Ray. He says the band (also featuring Robert/Dean DeLeo from Stone Temple Pilots and Richard Patrick of Filter) is currently in pre-production with Bob Ezrin. Full story:

A long overdue update has arrived from the good folks in Urban Tale:
"It's been awhile but now we're back better than ever loaded with new stuff and energy! We're pleased to announce that our new guitar player is Marko Karhu, a well known figure in Finnish music scene, a fantastic musician and a great guy! Our collaboration with Erkka ended last summer after long talks and we hope him all the best in the future. We've already couple of brand new songs ready and we're very excited!
There will be some "live-activity" as well in the near future. We'll keep you posted!
We have added a guestbook to our site and old forum has been taken away. It seemed that people won't write to forum so easily because it requires signing in and remembering a password. Now it's easy to just drop a line and it's there for everyone to see."

Revolver is a new band featuring Juno Award winning ex-Slik Toxik frontman Nick Walsh. The band's debut album titled Turbulence was released in record stores across Canada through Sextant Records. The video Turbulence has gained an unprecedented 20 weeks of rotation on MuchLoud. Revolver has officially announced their European deal with Drakkar Records - Sony/BMG on April 18, 2005 with a September 30, 2005 release for Europe & the U.K. Plans are in the works for Revolver to tour Europe & the U.K. The new Canadian single titled Blue Sky was added to radio stations across Canada with a video to support this single on rotation at MuchLoud.
Revolver has shared the stage with the likes of Kid Rock, Billy Talent, Motley Crue's Vince Neil and Melissa Auf De Maur (Smashing Pumpkins, Hole) to name a few.
More information can also be found on the website at


From the Kiss Online: The new live Kiss two-disc DVD set will be available in stores on December 6th through Image Entertainment. Shot in High Def, the DVD will feature the hottest songs from the Washington, DC and Virginia Beach, VA concerts, filmed during last year's 2004 Rock The Nation tour. The song list is vast and features a collection of Kiss gems, many performed and recorded live for the first time in many years. The DVD will also include Kiss Powervision interactive bonus features that include Select-A-Kiss, allowing the viewer access to separate channels for each of the four band members. At any time the viewer can watch the main concert program or switch to different cameras focusing just on Paul, Gene, Tommy or Eric. The DVD will be loaded with additional behind-the-scenes, life on the road footage and interviews, giving the viewer a virtual all access pass to sound checks, the famed Kiss dressing room and other rare glimpses into the world of Kiss.

And of interest - Ace Frehley recently made the rounds at The Borgata in Atlantic City, dropping by to hang out with Rick Springfield after Rick's sold-out show at the resort on October 1. See the pic at:


Watch for RockStar: Inxs runner up Marty to be offered a recording deal for him and his band The Lovehammers.

The Cars Unlocked is a DVD set to be released later this year, which will feature performance and behind the scenes footage of the band from 1978 - 1988.

Kevin McCreery wants fans to know that his band Ugly has four songs up on myspace page for free download:
He describes the band's sound as "old school 80's sound a ala The Cult/GnR."

Passing on a message that was sent in last week - "Stryper will be interviewed in Episode 10 of the Talking Metal Podcast. There will also be a Stryper contest on the same episode. It should be up in a few days on Strigl's Music News or subscribe to Talking Metal for free through Apple's iTunes Music Store!" WebLink:

Tytus Groan are currently featured in the CD Showcase section. US fans can now purchase their album through Nightmare Records - It is also available in store in the UK through Cargo Records, in Europe on and in Japan at HMV (on import).

AOR Heaven signing Dark Sky will support British rockers Thunder on the coming German leg of their tour. The dates are:
11.12.2005 D-Darmstadt, Centralstation
13.12.2005 D-Nürnberg, Hirsch
14.12.2005 D-Bonn, Brückenforum
16.12.2005 D-Winterbach near Stuttgart, Schulturnhalle
17.12.2005 D-Berlin, Columbia Frizz
WebLinks: and

The following statement was posted at: - "The Niji Management camp reports that Craig Goldy hurt his arm while touring Russia and has been trying to continue to play the shows on painkillers, but it has now become impossible for him to continue. Therefore, Doug Aldrich will be stepping in for him from Eindhoven and will play the rest of the tour, including the U.K. Wendy Dio states emphatically that, 'Craig has NOT been drinking, and has been a real trooper, trying to perform in pain with his arm. We are very pleased that Doug is able to perform with Dio and that we do not have to cancel any shows.'"

Deep Purple's new album Rapture Of The Deep is due out in Europe on Edel Records October 21. A US release has just been announced:
Press Release / New York – Still finding new meaning in a medium they all but single-handedly created, the legendary Deep Purple is poised to release their latest recording project November 1st entitled, Rapture Of The Deep. On the heels of a world tour wrapping up Bananas, their 2003 release, Rapture Of The Deep marks Deep Purple's debut on Eagle Records, an imprint of Eagle Rock Entertainment.
Many people have grown up on the phenomenon called Deep Purple, but there are still pre-pubescent teenagers spanning the world many times over, screaming their heads off as if Deep Purple was a new band putting out a first album for the first time. Worldwide, the river of Purple fans indeed runs very deep. Purple fans perpetually pledge allegiance – loyal, accepting, even foaming for new music – learning all the words to the entire catalogue and often attempting to out-sing the band.
Devotees have surrendered to the rapture, keeping the apparition alive through nearly four decades of recording and touring. While staples such as Smoke on the Water and Highway Star continue to spawn many careers and introductions to the world of rock and roll, "Rapture Of The Deep" is modern, witty, penetrating, fearless and most certainly now! While classics in their own right, Deep Purple is here to stay.
Eagle Records is proud and excited to add Deep Purple to their roster and to release "Rapture Of The Deep" in the US & Canada. "Deep Purple is a monumental band, and Rapture Of The Deep will only add to their legacy," said Mike Carden, Executive V.P. and President of North American Operations for Eagle Rock Entertainment. "The band's career continues to be extraordinary, and we think this record will provide fans with what they expect from Deep Purple."
"Rapture Of The Deep" also marks the sophomore disc for Purple with renowned producer Michael Bradford (Uncle Kracker, Kid Rock, Madonna, Terence Trent D'Arby, Anita Baker, etc.), producer, engineer and music aficionado – playing bass, guitar, drums & keyboards. Bradford is very humble about working with childhood heroes Deep Purple. "In the time between recording Bananas and Rapture Of The Deep, I have had the unique experience of having my relationship with Deep Purple change from that of an admiring fan, to true friendship and mutual respect," says Michael Bradford. "The band is playing and creating at the top of their form, and I am proud to have been involved in the experience of recording these two excellent albums. Deep Purple is truly one of the greatest rock bands of all time."
Deep Purple is: master of vocals, tambourine and nudity, Ian Gillan. Full throated eyes ablaze rhythm section: Roger Glover on bass and Ian Paice on drums; Steve Morse on searing guitar; and pounding the keyboards, Don Airey formerly of Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne and Rainbow, among others.
Deep Purple has sold well over 100 million albums worldwide – including innumerable platinum and gold albums – holding the title for biggest selling rock album of all time (Deep Purple In Rock). The band has toured all five continents several times over, and over, and over.
Deep Purple has such a clear affection for the fans and playing live, that the band will continue touring in South America, India and Thailand through December of this year. Deep Purple plans to follow up with a two-year world tour in January 2006, hitting the U.S. in March.

The Statetrooper UK tour kicks off on Friday 7th, and the band are pleased to announce that they will be joined by some of their friends at some of the shows.
On Friday 7th, at the London Garage, Damian Wilson will perform an acoustic session. Damian has had a illustrious career so far, having fronted Threshold and Landmarq, as well as playing the Jean Valjean role in Les Miserables, and fronting Rick Wakeman's English Rock Ensemble. (
And on the last night of the tour, at the Queens Hall in Nuneaton on the 16th October, the band will be joined by UK rockers Shy. This will be one of their only UK shows, and will showcase some of the tracks from their recent album Sunset & Vine. Deadline will be opening for Statetrooper on all the shows.
In related news, members of Statetrooper will be appearing on Midnight Dynamite on totalrock radio ( , on Tuesday night from midnight (UK time).

From In the Court of The Crimson King to Lucky Man, Pictures at an Exhibition and beyond, Classic Pictures Entertainment is proud to present the music of Greg Lake on DVD.
Audiences will soon experience the vicious-romanticism of Greg Lake's music as Autumn 2005 sees one of the most long-awaited events of modern times as Greg Lake, founding member and the voice of King Crimson and Emerson, Lake & Palmer takes to the UK stage for the first time in more than a decade.
As rehearsals for the tour commenced, Lake also announced the signing of a deal with music DVD label Classic Pictures, based at Shepperton Film Studios, UK. The band moved in their entire tour production set to Classic T Stage and used the location as base for rehearsals.
The title for Greg Lake's debut solo DVD is yet to be confirmed. However, Classic Pictures can confirm its release is set for early 2006. The release will feature a full length concert performance recorded during the UK leg of the tour PLUS an exclusive live session recorded in 5.1 as the cameras roll at Classic T Stage, providing the opportunity for fans to see the man, and hear the voice, that defined the world of rock music!
More details at:




Monday, October 03, 2005

I get a lot of e-mails regarding Van Halen. Any news? Any rumors? Sadly, no. Believe me, if I hear anything concrete, it will definitely be passed on, but for this moment, there is no Van Halen news to report. The occasional Roth re-union rumors are just wishful thinking. Sammy Hagar remains the band's current lead singer, but there are no plans for the band to work, tour or record together in the near future.
Sammy has made his opinion very publicly known, while Eddie and Alex have stepped back out of the limelight. Like I said, if anything changes, I'll let everyone know. But I don't expect anything anytime soon.
And dismiss any notions of RockStar: Van Halen. While it would be great to see the band given a primetime spotlight, it won't be happening this way.

A group of East Coast rockers are gathering to raise money for victims of Hurricane Katrina in the USA. Ted Poley sent in this update over the weekend: "I just heard that Tony Harnell has been added to the line up for the Oct 15th benefit for Katrina victims, so its gonna be a killer night with all the acts like Tony H, the Prophet guys, Xenon, me with my solo band, Randy Jackson of Zebra, Jack Frost, many more..."

Here's the full show details -
Starland Ballroom - 570 Jernee Mill Road, Sayreville NJ 08872 · (732) 238-5500 / Saturday, October 15, 2005 · Doors 8:00PM
Band Together III Birch Hill Reunion
Featuring Edgar Cayce (with special guests Mark and Dave of TT Quick), Friction (featuring Russell Arcara), Seven Witches (featuring Jack Frost), Rattlebone (all original members), American Angel, Ted Poley (Danger Danger), Randy Jackson of Zebra, Xenon and more special guests to be announced! An all-ages to enter, 21 to drink event.
Proceeds to be donated to the American Red Cross, America's Second Harvest and the United Animal Nation's Disaster Relief Fund.
Band Together III harkens back to the Birch Hill era to rock and raise funds for Hurricane Katrina victims. Edgar Cayce, Friction, members of TT Quick... the whole gang's here!
Ticket details:

Adler's Appetite guitarist Keri Kelli has send in an update on the band. It reads: "Can you believe Summer is about over..... time flies! Hopefully everybody got a chance to indulge in some of their pleasures! I just wanted to send out a quick email regarding
The site has just been updated with new Pics from the Skid Row UK run and a few more from Vince. Also a short re-cap of the last few weeks. Adlers Appetite are also working on gathering dates for a Feb-March 2006 Europe tour. The Territories coming to life look like Italy, Switzerland (Zurich), Germany, Vienna, Holland, Spain, Sweden and the UK.
Please stay to the site, I'll let you know ASAP when the show dates are confirmed. I thank you all and hope to see you soon!!
WebLinks: and

Aussie melodic rockers Square One have signed a deal with Stay Gold/Art Union Records Japan which will see the release of their debut album Supersonic in December 2005. The album was recorded at Palm Studios in Melbourne, Australia and was mastered by David Briggs of Little River Band fame. No word on the once proposed European release.

I've had a few enquiries regarding the VH1 Metal Mania Stripped Tour. I do not yet have a full list of dates, but can tell you that the tour starts October 25 and will feature: Stephen Pearcy, Don Dokken, Jani Lane, Kip Winger and Firehouse. Some of the cities to be visited are: Detroit, Hartford, Rochester, Cedar Rapids, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Full details shorlty.

Blue Tears frontman Gregg Fulkerson checked in with this message: "All I have left to do on the new Blue Tears record is mix it and that's no easy task as there are 14 songs on there..."

Just when you thought his credibility was on the rise - this happens. Bryan Adams will duet with Pamela Anderson on the song When You're Gone, which will appear on his new anthology. Anderson replaces the almost equally out of place Mel C, who provided the original female part.

Charlie Wayne, of Keel & Wayne, recently interviewed with Hardrock Haven, to talk about his new CD The Best of Charlie Wayne The Metal Years 1985-2005, his metal history, and a myriad of other topics. Here's an excerpt from the interview:
Hardrock Haven: You wrap up the new CD with your version of Smooth Up In Ya from the Bulletboys. Can tell us a little bit about how you got in and out of the Bulletboys?
Charlie Wayne: "The whole thing with the Bulletboys was ... the beginning it was me, Lonnie Vincent, and Doug Marks in Hawk. Marks quit Hawk. Mark Torien was the guitar player for Ratt back in those days. He joined our band, Marks was out, and we became the Bulletboys. It was me singing with Mark Torien on guitar. Well, you know, the rest is history. We formed another band, it was King Kobra after that ... well, after Mark Free, I was the vocalist in King Kobra, after him. I quit the band, and again, Mark Torien stepped in. He was always next in line ... I was always first choice, but I just didn't stay, because I didn't believe in the project. It was a trip how big it got, and I was really proud of the guys. Mark's a great singer, and I talked to him just the other day."
To hear the entire interview, go here:




Friday, September 30, 2005: late update

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of Khymera's second album A New Promise on December 5th 2005.
Born as a studio project set to create a union between one of the historic voices of rock, Steve Walsh of Kansas and one of the most talented multi-instrumentalists of today's rock music scene, Khymera has now evolved into something more...
Still featuring the talents of Daniele Liverani (main performer and composer of the Genius rock opera), Khymera has now gathered a full band lineup with Dennis Ward of Pink Cream 69 on vocals, drummer Dario Ciccioni (Genius) and new guitar sensation Tommy Ermolli.
Ward makes his absolute debut as lead singer with this album showcasing an incredible voice that will make one wonder how come this guy never take the mike in hand before playing bass! The first reactions after some mystery downloads appeared on the website in July 05 were nothing short of amazing with comparisons drawn to Keith Slack of Steelhouse Lane, Mark Free and Billy Greer of Seventh Key.


The songs are again gathered from some of the most outstanding writers in the melodic rock and AOR scene featuring the likes of Robin & Judithe Randall (If You Dare To Dream), Jeff Scott Soto (You Can't Take Me), Don Barnes (Looking For You and After The Way), but the bulk of the album showcases the shining songwriting of brothers Tom & James Martin (ex-Sugartown), who penned songs for such artists as Do (Angel By My Side) and Ronan Keating among others.
The final tracklisting shall be as follows: A New Promise; Alone (click to hear an mp3 sample); Let It Burn (click to hear an mp3 sample); Looking For You (click to hear an mp3 sample); All That I Have; The Damage Is Done; After The Way (click to hear an mp3 sample); You Can t Take Me (Away From You); Tomorrow Never Comes; Fields of Fire; If You Dare To Dream; Give In To The World; All Is Gone.
Just like the first record was the very best melodic rock could offer, the new one showcases a rich and diverse songwriting along with great musicianship. The result is an enjoyable and riveting melodic rock record, set to please all the fans who enjoyed the first record and more!
Release in Japan is settled on Marquee/Avalon with further details on domestic releases in other territories to be announced at a later stage.

Frontiers Records is proud to present the new issue of Melodic Rock Fanzine. The tenth release of our successful magazine is available for free all over the world through record shops, mailorders and every fine dealer carrying the Frontiers Records releases.
Here are the previews of the two Melodic Rock Fanzine covers.


This new issue includes reviews and interviews of Allen / Lande, Place Vendome, Philip Bardowell, S.I.N., Xcarnation, Emerald Rain, Jaded Heart, Gypsy Rose, Alien and the United Forced Of Rock Festival Guide... plus reviews and more stuff!
Downloadable version of the magazine can be found here:

Frontiers Records informs that Journey's new album Generations entered the Japanese national chart "Oricon" in the week of release at number 20. In the same week Terra Nova's latest studio album Escape hit the same national chart at number 87.
A big thank you to the team of our licensors King Records for the fine job!

AOR Heaven sign US hard rockers Blue Tears for new studio album!
Blue Tears came to prominence on the back of their self titled debut album back in 1990. Their stadium friendly brand of soaring melodic hard rock sensibility elevating them to almost God like status in the USA, particularly in their home state of Tennesee where they could draw in excess of 3,000 people to loacal shows.
It's with great pleasure that AOR Heaven announces Greg Fulkerson and Blue Tears have singed with the prestigious AOR Heaven label for a brand new Blue Tears album for release in early 2006. With chest beating anthems such as Drive and Run for Your Life easily matching the bands storming output in the early ninties, sitting easily with the gentle almost Springsteen like balladry of All the way Home the forthcoming, as of yet untitled, Blue Tears album will be one of the undoubted highlights of 2006.
For those of you impatient to catch up with the band, Blue Tears will be making their first ever European appearence at Firefest 2 Nottingham Rock City on Saturday November 26th, when the band will be playing one or two tracks from the new album. The future certainly looks bright for Blue Tears.

Press Release / (Sept. 28, 2005 New York, NY) Boosted by a non-stop week of television, radio, satellite and Internet media events, Island recording group Bon Jovi debuts with a blaze of glory on the Billboard 200 Albums chart this week, as Have A Nice Day enters at #2 with first week sales of 201,881 units, besting the band s previous first-week peak of 159,000 units for Bounce in 2002.
"Bon Jovi's record-setting first week sales for Have A Nice Day is proof that there is no substitute for having the most loyal, steadfast fan base in the world on your side," said Steve Bartels, president, Island Records & COO, Island Def Jam Music Group. "At the same time, the IDJ staff across the country and around the world has pushed open every door to insure that the new album's exposure would be second-to-none in Bon Jovi history. All the elements came together and the results are the talk of the industry in North America, Europe and Asia. Rock lives!"
Around the world, sales results indicate an equally impressive first week. Have A Nice Day was certified platinum overnight in Japan, and enters at #1, making Bon Jovi one of only three international acts to achieve three # 1 albums in that country (Beatles, Bay City Rollers). The album also debuts at #1 in Australia, Holland, Austria, Germany and Canada, and #2 in the U.K., while the song, Have A Nice Day is #6 on the Billboard Europe chart and #14 most-played on the European airplay chart. Overall, the single is top 10 in Australia, Austria, Germany, Holland, Italy, Japan, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and the U.K.

Press Release / The search is over. Surrender is finally here. This is one of the rarest AOR/Melodic rock CDs out there. Surrender delivers brilliant classic 80s AOR/Rock. Surrender should have been a household name blending stellar musicianship, great catchy lyrics, and huge vocal harmonies. This is a must have CD for fans of Survivor, Hybrid Ice and Bad English. This is one of the best indie CDs you will ever here. Take a listen and judge for yourself!
Here are a few words concerning the re-release of a recording that was never released in the first place. It's been rescued because of the tenacity and enthusiasm of the fans of this music, who discovered it all by themselves from copies that somehow made their way around the world. Perhaps you are one of these original fans. Thank you.
"This music was largely written and recorded from early 1987 through late 1989, in the shadows between the twilight of the Reagan Era and the Dawn of Digital; it is very much a ghostly blast from that past, in all its magnificent excess and innocence of anxiety.
These were the days of Spandex, Jerri-curls and poodle hair; a time when more was more, and anything worth doing was worth overdoing. Passenger jets had not yet been deployed as weapons, greed and dishonesty were not preferred presidential traits, and the pitch correction of an out-of-tune vocal required a re-take. It was a different world entirely.
The music was recorded at Studio 1212, a legendary facility in the Hip-Hop world that went up in smoke in the autumn of 1995. The studio was located in a section of the New York City borough of Queens known as Jamaica. It was a wonderful, edgy, energetic area to work from, and I loved it there.
The music is entirely self-produced and recorded, and represents the efforts of three individuals two multi-instrumentalists and a singer - well, two singers. Originally intended to be yet another obligatory three-song demo, the project burgeoned into a full-length record, requiring all the passion, commitment and belief entailed in such a process.
We had no studio budget, nor any significant backing; we had studio downtime and off-hours. But we also had fun, lots of it, and we believed we were producing a pop masterpiece, with cojones. The length of time required to get it right, and make the record we wanted to make, became insignificant.
When the project was finished, we discovered two major concerns severely affecting our securing the mighty record deal; the musical climate and flavor had changed, and we insisted on ownership of the masters, a privilege even the big boys rarely enjoyed, let alone spectacularly unknown entities such as ourselves. We missed the boat, the plane, and the train, and that was that.
Well...not quite. The universe appears to have had other plans for our efforts. Cut to the spring of 2005 on the other end of my home phone was a music fan, representing a notable rock music website [] who politely informed me that Surrender had become known worldwide, but no one knew anything about the band.
Myths about who we were, or weren't, had been perpetuated for years. Bless the Internet, the amount of chatter about us, from New Zealand to New Mexico, was unbelievable - touching and very amusing (see Our promotional CD, pressed in a very limited run to garner interest from record companies and radio stations, had been often copied, shared and traded. The CD cover had no credit information, nor the typical obsequious bio; the band photo was not printed on the cover (read low-budget), and the contact information lead to a place that burned down ten years ago, with a phone number that was obviously out of service.
This record has been mercilessly exploited, without our knowledge or consent, for years, and the real fans of the music haven't been able to afford a copy because of the astronomical prices required to obtain the record, either the original, or in its various bootlegged, inferior sounding incarnations such as MP3's with third generation scanned artwork.
Thus this release, which is completely fan-driven, and available at a price any fan can afford. And it sounds great! We've added three songs that didn't make it onto the original Surrender CD, and re-mastered the songs to offer improved audio fidelity along with the louder level required these days for a competitive musical presentation."
Line-up: Kenny Hamberg Drums & Keyboards; Michael Olszewski Guitars & Basses; Frank Siccoli Vocals.


Press Release / Lost In The Translation, the third solo offering from respected melodic hard rock vocalist Jeff Scott Soto is now available in the USA through a new deal between Italy's Frontiers Records and Locomotive Records.
Soto is a consummate singer with a voice that is equally comfortable performing funk and R&B as it is melodic rock and heavy metal. Lost In The Translation is a heavy-yet-melodic release full of fire-cracking anthems, crunching melodic rock songs and magnificent ballads.
"I was happy to do an album that represented the harder edge missing in the last solo album, Prism," Soto said. "So many enjoyed the melodic side but missed the hard rock approach I'm usually associated with. Lost In The Translation got back to the rawness and energy that my live show has to offer."
Culling from his diverse selection of influences -- everything from Queen and Journey to Prince -- Soto focuses on delivering that same diversity through his music and performance. "I have so many colors to my influence, there's never a dull moment in creativity," he said. "Music lets me express all the many joys it gave me growing up."
Best known for his work with Yngwie Malmsteen, Talisman, Eyes, Takara and Kuni, Soto also now fronts the rock supergroup Soul Sirkus together with Neal Schon of Journey.
"As a solo artist, there's no one to make happy or answer to but yourself," concludes Soto. "It's a blessing as well as nightmare at times because you're your best and worst critic! I do enjoy the freedom to do just about anything I want now and get away with it. There are far too many musical expressions I have locked in waiting to still come out."
WebLinks: and

News from Neil Za Za - the guitarist has just about completed writing for his new CD and has started the production and recording process. This is shaping up to be a landmark CD which will include some very special guests. Steve Smith is slated to start recording drum tracks when Neil returns from his Asian tour in October. Journey's Ross Valory was the first person to start tracking while the band had a day off in Chicago in July.
Look for the CD to be completed in December/January with a release date shortly thereafter.

A news update as supplied by Al Barrow from Magnum:
"It`s all very busy in the Magnum camp at the moment. We have just put the finishing touches to the new DVD Livin` The Dream. We are very excited about this release and can`t wait for the fans to see it. Alot of the fans do get a fair bit of camera time so if you were there on the night you may just get a glimpse of yourself. We are also having a DVD launch party which is free for all fans.
Here are some details. To book Send an email to: Stating 1) Your full name & the full name of any other tickets to be issued (we need a full name for each required ticket); 2) Your postal address; 3) Your contact telephone number; 4) The number of VIP passes you require (no limit) Or Telephone The Robin 2 Box Office on 01902 401211 (Monday - Fri 8.30am - 5.30pm or Saturday 10.00am - 5.00pm) and leave the same information as above. Your VIP passes will be mailed out to you immediately."

MR-X has been updated! Added today is a new Feature Album - Valentine's and and only ever self titled release and a new Feature Live Album - an audience recorded 2CD Whitesnake show from Bremen, Germany 2004.
There are also some really good acoustic live tracks added with checking out and a certain other cool bonus.
New video clips are also online for: Prophet - Sound Of A Breaking Heart, Night Ranger - I Did It For Love and Hearts Away, King Kobra - Take It Off, Device - Who Says, Autograph - That's The Stuff and Alaska - The Sorcerer.
Also added is the third and final installment of the rare House Of Shakia DVD - featuring tracks like M'baloumouna, Who's Lying Now, Seven Bridges Road, Best Of Times and Method Of Madness.
And the recent special features like the Journey live shows, the Europe Live In Sweden show and other goodies will remain online until Sunday.
MR-X Membership Details.

I have updated the e-Interviews page with a new interview with Philip Bardowell, responsible for the very fine new AOR release In The Cut (with Tommy Denander). Check that out.

I have re-added a CD Showcase for UK rockers Tytus Groan. Check that and the other showcases added this week. Plenty of great tunes to get into.

Next week - Reviews, reviews and more reviews. Plenty to get through!




Thursday, September 29, 2005

Balance II is a band that has been featured here a little of late - but now you are going to hear even more from them. Why? Because the finished product has arrived and the is released as I type. Those that have already pre-ordered copies via the band's website - your CDs are being shipped by Friday. Those that have not yet ordered, what are you waiting for - check the guys out and place orders via the website.
Sadly I must report that the CD is not available at any of the regular online melodic retailers at this stage. What is stopping them stocking it I do not know, so if you would like to order the album via your usual shopping methods, please let those retailers know you would like them to stock it.
Read the Balance II review on the Reviews page; check out the Balance II soundbytes via the CD Showcase page.
A little feedback from those that have heard the samples and been enthusiastic enough to e-mail the guys:
"It's the mot exciting new band I've heard for several years. I just got to have this record!" Mats / Sweden
"I was FLABBERGASTED!!!!!!! It sounds phenomenal!!!!! I had a HUGE grin on my face of amazement and appreciation that I actually know these guys and they slayed me. Way to go." Matthew / USA
"Cant wait to get the CD, haven't stopped playing the songs off melodic rock." Robert / UK.
Band interviews coming up as well as some additional press reviews once promo copies touch down in various areas.

Just to get a better taste of the band, you can now download a full length track from the new album. Download: Balance II - Miracles.

In related news -- Producer/engineer Bryan Mitchell and fellow native Chicago producer/engineer/musician Brian Moritz (Balance II) have teamed up to form BNB Productions, Inc., a new company dedicated to artist development, jingle and soundtrack creation, and audio/video recording services. As part of the partnership, the duo is currently in the process of converting a 4,200-square-foot building 60 miles southwest of the Windy City into a three-studio facility that will serve as its primary headquarters when it opens in mid-July. Full story at:


A couple of interesting items clipped from today's music news update:
Aerosmith and Lenny Kravitz will team up for a fall tour, beginning with a two-night stand in Uncasville, CT on October 30 and November 1. Currently only ten dates have been announced for the East Coast and Canada. Aerosmith will release the live album Rockin' The Joint on October 25.

Kiss could continue on indefinitely if the band's manager, Doc McGhee, has his way. According to the New York Times, McGhee is considering recruiting new band members to carry on the Kiss legacy under the makeup, saying that "Kiss is more like Doritos or Pepsi, as far as a brand name is concerned. They're more characters than the individual person." Adds Gene Simmons, "There's no question that there's a core of fans -- five-10 percent, my sense is -- who believe in original members. And yet, when you look at original members, the Beatles are not original members -- Ringo is not an original member; the Stones -- barely. You know, they've had so many members come and go... almost every band you can think of."

MR-X will be updated tomorrow. This is one final "last call" for those that want to grab some of the special features currently online. That includes the 4 very special Journey live radio shows and some of the other things, like the live Danger Danger video.
I have some really supurb live stuff coming up - so now is a great time to jump on board. PLEASE NOTE that many of the special uploads are NOT archived. Everything is rotated and updated, so what is on offer now may never be featured again!
Coming up is some truly rare live shows from Loverboy, Great White, Sammy Hagar, Thunder, Poison, Aerosmith and some great unreleased demos and rare video clips. Like I said, jump on board now and start collecting.
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This interesting read from:,2106,3422823a1860,00.html
NZ rocker hits out at 'Mock Star' 25 September 2005 BY Irene Chapple.
Long-time rocker Jon Stevens will tonight join his brother Frankie as a NZ Idol judge but the man whose old job as Inxs frontman is up for grabs in Rockstar: Inxs says reality television can destroy young talent.
His advice to the Rockstar winner: "Make sure you've got a great lawyer. But they'll (the winner) get raped and pillaged anyway."
Australian-based Stevens has dubbed Rockstar "Mock Star" and says he barely watches it, despite spending three years and a world tour with the legendary Australian band that was previously fronted by the late Michael Hutchence.
Stevens says the show's true purpose is "money, money and greed" and that when he was with the band it had run out of ideas. The show was an opportunity to rebuild the brand in America. "I think it's pathetic, it's awful. But it's irrelevant to me ... good luck to them."
The Idol phenomena can produce great talent - Jon names American Kelly Clarkson as one - but too often "it makes you famous for three minutes, and it's not going to make you a musician".
The craft had to be learnt and Jon says the Idol franchise is machinery to create television, not music.
"It's a huge corporate exercise and people will switch off when they've had enough of it. It's faddy I suppose." He would not enter such competitions, but "if you're a masochist go for it"

A few weeks back I sent good friend Ron Higgins and his brother Don along to see Journey in concert. Ron & Don have done some great work transcribing some of the phone interviews I do here, thanks guys!
Here is the show review from Ron:
A Journey Back in Time and into the Future:
"As we made our highway run into the midnight sun from Cincinnati to Kettering, Ohio on Sept. 8, we were treated to nearly 3 incredible hours of incomparable Journey music thanks to our good friend Andrew at
As usual, I was with my concert-going buddy, my identical twin brother, Don. After work we hopped into my sporty Ford Taurus and drove north to the small town outside Dayton where the venue, The Fraze Pavilion, was located. The venue was somewhat small (7500 capacity) so it provided an awesome setting to watch the legendary band. The night started well as we picked up our tickets from Will Call and then entered the venue and received our free copy of Journey's upcoming studio album, Generations which was given to all patrons.
The show kicked off promptly at 7:30 and, for once, we weren't late. Of course, after waiting in line to get felt-up by some beefy security guards (who managed to miss the camera I stealthily hid in the pocket of my pants) and then waiting again to purchase two bottles of fine beer, which cost slightly less than the Gross National Product of a small nation, we missed the opening number. As they've done throughout the tour, they opened with the Intro to "People and Places" and then kicked into "Kohoutek" from their 1975 self-titled debut release. It was obvious from the beginning that this show would not only appease casual fans that only know the hits but serious fans as well. They played some pre-Perry stuff, lots of new songs (6 off of their new album as well as "Higher Place" from Arrival) and, of course, many of their smash hits from the '70s and '80s such as "Faithfully" and "Wheel in the Sky".
Surprisingly, lead singer Steve Augeri didn't sing until the end of the first set when he shared vocals with keyboardist Jonathan Cain on "Feeling That Way". Much like the new album, singing duties were shared among all members of the band. Even bassist Ross Valory, who looked frighteningly similar to Dennis Leary, sang a couple of tunes including the ZZ Top sounding "Gone Crazy" from their new album. Not to be outdone, guitar virtuoso Neal Schon also got into the act by singing a tune called "In Self-Defense", which is off of the new album and a remake of the Schon & Hammer song "Self Defense".
Although the band was awesome, the crowd was unbelievably laaaaame. Even though it was nice to actually be one of the youngest patrons at a rock show for a change, it was as if I wasn't even at a rock concert. It's not just that I barely had to wait in line for the men's room, but the fact that there weren't even any women in them! Shocking, I know. Worse still, only about 5 of us in the entire place were willing to stand up and watch the show! I kept waiting for an opera to break out. In fact, during "Open Arms" I only counted 7 lighters flickering. Seven! Unbelievable. Fortunately, there were still plenty of middle-aged women who looked like they could still shake their asses on the hood of Whitesnake's car and they were at least singing along and getting into it. Of course, my brother and I were seated nowhere near these women but instead had the pleasure of sitting next to an intoxicated hillbilly who spent the entire evening yelling, "Get 'Em Neal". I'm sure that "Git 'R Done" is the other phrase that completes his impressive vocabulary of cool drunken phrases.
During their 2nd set, they really hit their stride. The set was much longer (19 songs compared to 11 in their first set) and included mostly hits. Steve, looking like a cross between Steve Perry and Pauly Shore, came out wearing an all white ensemble and nailed all of the requisite Perry tunes with the exception of "Still They Ride" which was done brilliantly by drummer Deen Castronovo. Although the show obviously featured some great ballads, the show was primarily filled with mid to up-tempo rockers.
Finally, the show wrapped up with an encore of "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'". To assist them, they brought out a guy who they called one of the greatest harmonica players in the world (as if anyone would be able to challenge that statement!). Unfortunately, Ross mistakenly told the crowd that the guy was from Michigan instead of Ohio. When the crowd booed loudly, Steve countered by saying, "He meant Ohio!"
After the show, my brother and I made our customary pilgrimage to the front of the stage in hopes of scavenging for some picks, drum sticks or, in this case, girdles. My brother quickly gave up and began chatting with one of the lovely ushers while I tried unsuccessfully to procure a pick I saw on the stage. I then tried to convince a stage worker to hand me a set list and to my astonishment the troll told me, "No way," and began to rip one of the lists off of the stage and wad it up into a nice round ball. She smugly looked at me and said, "It's garbage now." I guess the frustration of working for minimum wage and being subjected to listen to talented musicians instead of modern rap artists culminated in her snobby attitude. Of course, she probably could've tripled her salary by putting the set lists on eBay but I digress. As it turns out, I was able to score a set-list anyway, so thanks to the guy with true rock and roll spirit that gave it to me!
Overall, it was an incredible night. Even Mother Nature must've been impressed by their show as she kindly waited until the show was over before soaking us with some late-evening showers. Although we didn't get home until about 1:00 in the morning, the lack of sleep was well worth it and I'd gladly do all over again. Journey is well posed to continue being a massive force in melodic rock and roll in the 21st century!"
Below is the set list:
People & Places / Kohoutek . Of a Lifetme (Jon sang) . I'm Gonna Leave You (Jon) . Nickel and Dime . Mystery Mountain (Jon) . Gone Crazy (Ross) . Self Defense (Neal) . Feeling That Way (Jon and Steve) . Anytime (Jon and Steve) . Place in Your Heart . Any Way You Want It.
Intermission. Be Good to Yourself . Ask The Lonely . Only The Young . Faith in the Heartland . Star Spangled Banner . Stone in Love . Wheel in the Sky . Chain Reaction . A Higher Place . Lights . Still they Ride . Walks Like a Lady (Ross) . Every Generation (Jon) . Piano solo/Open Arms . Escape . Out of Harms Way . Faithfully . Don't Stop Believing . Separate Ways . Encore - Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin.




Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Exclusive right here - you now have the chance to win 1 of 2 backstage passes for the United Forces Of Rock Festival in Ludwigsburg, Germany on October 30th, 2005 feat. Pride Of Lions, Wetton/ Downes, Seventh Key, Legs Diamond, Jaded Heart, Casanova, Blanc Faces, Pump & Hartmann!
All you have to do is answer the following question - Mention 2 of the other bands Pride Of Lions frontman Jim Peterik was/is a member of.
Please, e-mail your answer together with your name up until 15.10.2005 to the following address:
The winner will receive an e-mail notification within 2-3 work days following this date. This price only includes the backstage passes; not traveling and/or accommodation.

80's AOR crooner Martin Briley - responsible for two very collectable records from the early 80's is the subject of a new compilation. The Mercury Years is a very exclusive and limited 2CD box with an extended booklet. Only the last two of Martin's albums have ever had a legitimate CD release, and they routinely fetch upwards of $150 on e-Bay. This release contains every track from all three of his albums, plus six previously unreleased tracks.
All tracks were painstakingly remastered in 2004. Add to that extensive notes by noted rock critic Scott Schinder and complete lyrics by Briley himself, and you have a deluxe snapshot of a very brief and fruitful period of a long and successful career. The tracklist is:
CD1: Slipping Away . The Man I Feel . I Feel Like A Milkshake . First To Know . Heart Of Life . A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing . I Don't Feel Better . More Of The Same . One Step Behind . Fear Of The Unknown . The Salt In My Tears . Just A Mile Away From Here . Put Your Hands On The Screen . Maybe I've Waited Too Long . She's So Flexible . A Rainy Day in New York City . I Wonder What She Thinks Of Me . Dumb Love . One Night With A Stranger.
CD2: Dangerous Moments . Think Of Me . Ghost . It Shouldn't Have To Hurt That Much . Alone At Last . Before The Party Ends . If This Is What It Means . Dirty Windows . School For Dogs . Underwater . Rich Women . Midnight Cruise . All The Right Moves . Spit It Out . This Ain't The First Time . Mama.
The set is currently available at good online retailers including MusicBuyMail:

After appearing under the Pulse Records U.S. label in 2001, Lydian Sea's self-titled debut release has sold over 7,000 copies to date! The technical, progressive metal written second release Architect Of Humanity is now officially distributed worldwide by Minneapolis based CD Inzane LLC, aka: and is available now for wholesale preorders.
Ron Gonzalez and band mates have put out a massive follow-up, challenging bands such as Fates Warning, Rush and Valley's Eve, so be the first to get this for your stock.
A CD Showcase has been launched for this release as of today. Check it out.

Another CD Showcase has been launched for another cool indie release - that being Pleasure Maker and their album Love On The Rocks. The Brazilian based band count Bon Jovi, Winger, Def Leppard and Danger Danger as their main influences. Check them out.

It's now clear that the planned tour with Status Quo won't happen, but instead Wig Wam will join the Swiss melodic rockers Gotthard in November. With more than 1 million album sold in their native country and being superstars in Germany, Gotthard seems to be a more important tour partner than Status Quo.
The two bands have also made a deal to let Gotthard come to Norway in the spring/summer next year to support Wig Wam. The band's managements has agreed to share the headlining lights and sound production. This way Wig Wam have secured the possibilities for a top notch live presentation on the German market, which is rare for a support act. The Gotthard / Wig Wam tour kicks off in Bremen on November 20 and the final schedule is as follows:
Nov. 20 Bremen - Aladin
Nov. 21 Hamburg - Markthalle
Nov. 22 Berlin - Postbahnhof
Nov. 24 Lichtenfels - Stadthalle
Nov. 25 Memmingen - Stadthalle
Nov. 26 Neumarkt - Juarhalle
Nov. 27 Tuttlingen - Stadthalle
Nov. 29 Neu-Isenburg - Hugenottenhalle
Nov. 30 Filderstadt - Filarmonie
Check out Gotthard's website

Napalm Records have re-scheduled the release of the album Hard To Be A Rock'n Roller in Germany, Switzerland and Austria to November, but the single In My Dreams was released on monday (September 19). The new European version video for In My Dreams is now ready for the German, Swiss and Austrian music channels, and on October 3rd Wig Wam will be heading for a 3-days long promotional tour in Germany / Switzerland.

Chavis Records and New York metal outfit, Python, have signed a deal to record a brand new full length release beginning in December, 2005.
Python was formed in 2001 by Joe & Kurt Holzapfel and later added Ken Decker and Geoff Allen.
Python has been generating massive amounts of noise within the heavy metal community with their self released debut EP Good & Evil. Reminiscent to the Bay Area Thrash scene, Python pulls influences from metal greats such as Exodus, Testament, Flotsam & Jetsom, Iced Earth, Nevermore, Jag Panzer and Angel Dust. Young, talented and full of aggression, Python aid in the resurgence of Thrash Metal.
The new project, titled Demons Within, will be released in 2006. The band is currently in the final writing and pre production phase and will head to Alpine Sound beginning late December.
Label owner Bill Chavis says: "It's a great fit for the label. I've wanted to delve into the heavier market for sometime but really hadn't found the right band until now. The guys in Python are young, aggressive and are very talented. Their music and style are exactly what we're looking for to further expand our growth in the music industry but more important unleash more metal to the masses. It reminds me of 1980 something all over again. They possess everything that the "God Fathers" of thrash did and still do this day."
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Columbia Records will release the Bruce Springsteen Born To Run 30th Anniversary Edition box set on November 15. Personally supervised by Bruce Springsteen and Jon Landau, the box set includes "Hammersmith Odeon, London '75," an astonishing film of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band's legendary 1975 concert at the Hammersmith Odeon in London; the new film "Wings For Wheels: The Making of Born To Run;" the classic album in remastered CD form; and finally, a 48 page booklet of previously unpublished photographs. With its two DVDs, the package offers approximately four hours of previously unseen footage.
"I believe that the combination of the great 1975 concert footage, the brilliant documentary of the making of the album and the dazzling remastering of 'Born to Run' add up to a nearly perfect storm of Bruce's music," said longtime manager Jon Landau.
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Dean Howard was featured in yesterday's MiniBytes update. Has also has some UK gigs coming up - they are:
25th Oct (Supporting Graham Bonnet) at the Underworld, Camden.
28th Oct (Supporting Graham Bonnet) at Patti Pavillion, Swansea.
29th Oct at Las Vegas, Liverpool.
25th Nov at The Cavern Club, Liverpool. (Cancer Charity Fundraiser)




Tuesday, September 27, 2005

It might have been the fact the new album made its debut at #1, or it might have been that fan-petition. It could be both - but either way, it looks like Bon Jovi will indeed tour Australia next year - possibly as early as March. I'm told the band have opened negotiations and a plan is currently being put together to make this a reality. Stay tuned.

Escape Music are pleased to announce the signing of British epic rock merchants Saracen to the label. As Khalil Turk puts it, "this signing adds one of NWOBHM's best loved bands to an already impressive roster here at Escape. Saracen also bring with them their unique brand of heavy symphonic rock music - complimenting our present line-up of primarily 'Heavy melodic Rock & AOR' specialists."
Saracen's initial reign was in the late 70s and early 80s, which saw the release of their now legendary debut album Heroes, Saints & Fools. Some twenty years later, in 2003, they then surprised & delighted fans with the release of Red Sky. Both albums plus 4 bonus tracks, will in fact feature in a special 'boxed set' with a new artwork, and new mastering!!, due to be released on the Escape Music later this year!
The main focus of the signing, however, is Saracen's eagerly awaited new album - Vox In Excelso. A concept album, based around the very same story that underpins Dan Brown's best seller 'The Da Vinci Code', this promises to be a 'must have' for every fan of epic rock. According to Khalil, "Rob, from the band, played me the album demo recently, and it sounds awesome. I can't wait to help see it through to the finished product. We're lining up some impressive names to work on the production front, so it's all systems go".


Frontiers Records is excited to announce the release of Bad Habit's come back album Hear-Say on December 5th 2005.
"It´s a great feeling to be back again... after 7 years," says guitar player and main songwriter Hal Marabel, "...if you had asked me a year ago, I would have said that another Bad Habit album was out of question. All band members were busy with other projects and it was uncertain if there was even enough interest to record something new. However, after making a guest appearance at a local gig, discussions got going on what it would be like to record another album. Surprisingly, everyone in the band was very positive to the concept and discussion immediately focused on what type of direction the new album would take."
The lineup featured on Hear-say includes Bax Fehling on lead vocals, Hal Marabel on guitars and keyboards, Sven Cirnski on lead guitar, Patrik Södergren on bass and Jaime Salazar on drums.
When asked to introduce the new songs to the fans, Marabel indulges "To achieve a balance between melodic and heavy rock that Bad Habit have come to represent over the years, we arrived at the following conclusion all songs should have heavy guitars and a recurring melodic part such as the verse or bridge, regardless of how heavy or melodic they were. Also, all songs should, regardless of style, have a heavy and groovy drum beat."
The final tracklisting of the album shall include the following songs:
To Love You (click to hear an mp3 sample); Swear;