VAN STEPHENSON 'Same Pen, Different Voices' Arrives July 26 on MRC

The arrival of any new VAN STEPHESON music is met with huge anticipation. This release is just a little different from the norm, but no less exciting or musically brilliant.
This is Van Stephenson, but with a little help from his friends.
As most will be aware, over the course of the last couple of years, I have been archiving Van’s vast collection of unreleased songs and demos. There are more than 500, covering all styles from 70s singer/songwriter, 80s AOR and pop to 90s country…and then some.
The ultimate goal is to pay tribute to Van with some form of all-inclusive box set/s. During the course of sorting the archives into categories, a certain number of tracks were found to feature vocalists other than Van. I decided that the box sets should be dedicated to just Van with his songs, so the idea came to put together a separate release that featured these songs - Van’s own or co-written demos and the various vocalists used on those original sessions.
Hence the title – ‘Same Pen, Different Voices’.
And while Van’s voice may be absent from this release – his spirit and his style are all over it, with some absolute melodic classics about to be launched. This is a double disc of lost Van Stephenson tunes written with many of his regular writing partners such as Dave Innis, Sam Lorber, Robert White Johnson, Bob Farrell and Dave Robbins.
But that isn’t all. Lost among the hundreds of songs were a set of session tracks written with Dann Huff for the classic Giant ‘Time To Burn’ album. One of those songs has already been featured on the ‘Van’s Versions’ release (‘Get Over It’), but I’m excited to announce the others will all make their debut on this release and they all feature the voice of Dann Huff himself.
Three of these tracks have never been released before and I must thank Dann for his co-operation in this release and allowing the tracks to finally see the light of day.
They may have been lost for 30 years, but they are magnificent!
It doesn’t stop there – there is a trilogy of songs co-written with Jaime Kyle (previously released), two featuring vocalist Robert White Johnson and another featuring TJ Seals, son of Dan Seals.
Sadly, we couldn’t ask Van himself about the details behind these songs, so many are still missing credits and even the vocalists themselves are unknown in many cases. I have managed to fill in the details behind some of them thanks to the co-writers, but to all those that are featured on the songs – thank you for adding your talents to Van’s legacy and please know that the performances delivered some 20-30 years ago now live on today and sound as good as ever.
Disc 1 is all male lead vocals; Disc 2 is mostly female lead vocals.
Van Stephenson – Same Pen, Different Voices 2CD set will be released by MelodicRock Classics July 26.
The debut of the rocking Giant demo ‘Holding On For Dear Life’ will happen this Saturday on Steve Price’s Rock Show on ARfm – tune in via
The song will be launched online here next week.
The awesome cover art is the brainchild of Arnaud Leger.
Track Listing:
01. Holding On For Dear Life
(Van Stephenson, Dann Huff)
Performed by: Dann Huff, David Huff, Alan Pasqua, Mike Brignardello
02. ‘Till The Sun
(Van Stephenson, Dann Huff)
Performed by: Dann Huff, David Huff, Alan Pasqua, Mike Brignardello
03. Paradise Found
(Van Stephenson, Dave Robbins)
Performed by: Dann Huff, David Huff, Alan Pasqua, Mike Brignardello
04. It’s Not The End Of The World (Demo)
(Van Stephenson, Dann Huff, Bob Farrell)
Performed by: Dann Huff, David Huff, Alan Pasqua, Mike Brignardello
05. Thunder And Lightning (Demo)
(Van Stephenson, Dann Huff)
Performed by: Dann Huff, David Huff, Alan Pasqua, Mike Brignardello
06. Stay (Demo)
(Van Stephenson, Dann Huff, Alan Pasqua)
Performed by: Dann Huff, David Huff, Alan Pasqua, Mike Brignardello
07. Modern Man
(Van Stephenson)
08. Melt To Stone
(Van Stephenson, John Dewitt Rowe)
09. Caged Angel
(Van Stephenson, John Dewitt Rowe)
10. Common Wall
(Van Stephenson, Dave Innis, Sam Lorber)
Vocal by: TJ Seals
11. You Be The Damn, I’ll Be The Water
(Van Stephenson, Robert White Johnson, Max Gronenthal, Donald Van Zant)
Vocals by: Robert White Johnson
12. That’s Enough
(Van Stephenson)
13. Strongman
(Van Stephenson)
14. Level of Love
(Van Stephenson, Bob Farrell, Dave Robbins)
15. Smart Monkey
(Van Stephenson, Michael Emig)
16. Mutual Satisfaction
(Van Stephenson, Bob Farrell, Dave Robbins)
17. House of Fire
(Van Stephenson, Bob Farrell)
18. One More Shot At Love
(Van Stephenson, Dave Robbins, David Jeffrey Stevens)
01. What You Do To Me
(Van Stephenson)
02. Shock Of Love
(Van Stephenson, Bob Farrell, Dave Robbins)
03. Paradise Found (Duet)
(Van Stephenson, Dave Robbins)
Vocal by: Dann Huff & Female Lead
04. Cry Love
(Van Stephenson, Ken Mims)
05. I Can Identify
(Van Stephenson, Andy Landis)
06. What The Big Girls Do
(Van Stephenson, Jan Buckingham, Steve Buckingham)
Vocal by: Pam Tillis
07. Hot Wire
(Van Stephenson, Tim Dubois, Dave Robbins)
08. Perfectly Natural
(Van Stephenson, Bob Farrell, Dave Robbins)
09. Sacrificial Love
(Van Stephenson, Bob Farrell, Dave Robbins)
10. Bad News
(Van Stephenson, Jaime Kyle)
Performed by: Jaime Kyle
11. More Than Meets The Eye
(Van Stephenson, Jaime Kyle)
Performed by: Jaime Kyle

12. Crossing Over
(Van Stephenson, Jaime Kyle, Will Rambeaux)
Performed by: Jaime Kyle
13. You Don’t Want To Know About It
(Van Stephenson)
14. The Shock Of Love
(Van Stephenson)
15. Filthy Rich
(Van Stephenson, Doana M Kuper)
16. I Fall For It Every Time
(Van Stephenson, Sam Lorber, Dave Robbins)
17. Sinners
(Van Stephenson, Doana M Kuper)
18. Better Than This
(Van Stephenson)
19. Paradise Found
(Van Stephenson, Dave Robbins)
Vocal by: Female Lead

RIO 'Dangerzone' Out June 30 - The Bands Second Album Repackaged & Remastered

MelodicRock Classics Label
MelodicRock Classics continues their partnership with acclaimed British melodic rock band RIO for the release of their second album – now presented with a new title and brand-new artwork – both driven by the band’s vision for what the second album should have looked like when originally released.
The band’s Steve Rodford sets the record straight: “We are finally be able to address the dreadful original album cover and name.  Titled ‘Sex Crimes’, this was our 2nd and last album for Music For Nations and the fact that Elektra Records in the States (who had licenced the first album from MFN) hadn’t taken up the option of a 2nd album, meant the budget for this album was nowhere near what we had for ‘Borderland’.  When it came to the cover art, the label had gone ahead and designed it without consulting us, and it was quite a shock to see they’d gone with a topless woman with angel wings and a whip!  It all felt so seedy and we both hated it. Then they told us there was no budget left to re-design it!  So it feels so good to be able to finally re-package the whole thing in a much cooler way, and also with a new name, both of us feeling that ‘Dangerzone’ is a better and more representative lead track for the record.  Finally, to have the whole thing re-mastered is a real joy, getting it in a better place sonically rounds things off perfectly.”
So with that said, RIO ‘Dangerzone’ will be released by MRC June 30, with new artwork from the band completed off by resident designer Nello Dell’Omo and remastered by JK Northrup.
Track Listing:
01. Pay For Love
02. Under Pressure
03. Atlantic Radio
04. Highschool Rock
05. Guilty
06. When The Walls Come Down
07. Danger Zone
08. Sex Crimes
09. Dirty Movies
10. Bad Blood
Bonus Tracks:
11. Atlantic Radio (Original Demo)
12. Guilty (Original Demo)
13. Pay For Love (Original Demo)
Vocals, Guitar & Backing Vocals – Jon Neil
Drums, Bass & Keyboards – Steve Rodford
Additional musicians: Backing Vocals – John Verity
All songs written and arranged by – Jon Neil, Steve Rodford
Producer and 1st Engineer – Steve Rodford
Remastered by JK Northrup
Additional tracks – Original demos produced and mixed by Steve Rodford.
Artwork design: Jon Neil Willoughy @StudioWibblee
Pre-orders for RIO are open now.
CD released June 30 on MelodicRock Classics

THE MUGGS Triple Album Delivery on CD For The First Time May 31

MelodicRock Classics Label
MelodicRock Classics is proud to deliver a true cult 80s classic by releasing The Muggs’ 1985 gem ‘Rockin’ The Midnight Light’ on CD for the first time on May 31.
But that’s not all. It’s a triple treat of 80s American AOR with the release of the full studio catalogue from The Muggs.
Joining the release of the 1985 classic is the band’s 1983 debut album ‘Subject Of Assault’ and their cassette only 1988 album ‘Touche’ – all three titles are on CD for the very first time, fully remastered from best available sources by JK Northrup.
Although not officially part of the 500 Series of releases, it is anticipated that these titles will be limited to 500 units each. So once gone…
As a special bonus to those that pre-order the 3 CDs from The Muggs, a bonus digital download of the album ‘Most Wanted’ will be included in the advance digital audio delivery.
‘Most Wanted’ was a 1986 covers album the band recorded for fun. It was released on LP but isn’t part of the CD re-issue series.
The band would like to dedicate these CD releases to Bob Mugleston “…our brother and bass player, RIP June 1, 2023.”
Track Listings:
SUBJECT (1983)
01. Subject Of Assault   
02. Take Her Away          
03. You Sent Me Away  
04. I'll Do What I Like     
05. Nice And Plain           
06. Thief In The Night    
07. Everyday     
08. All I Need    
09. Hey Do You Want Me            
10. Take It From Here
01. Run For Your Life
02. Don't Let Go
03. No Way To Hide
04. I Don't Want To Say Goodbye
05. I Can't Sleep At Night
06. Rockin' In The Midnight Light
07. Wire Tappin
08. Jungle
09. Matter Of Fact
10. Comeback
TOUCHE (1988)
01. Two Times Over
02. Who's Gonna Save The World Tonite
03. Survivin' On A Dream
04. State Of Mind
05. Somebody's Watchin' You
06. Caught In The Act
07. Out Of My Range
08. It's Up To You
09. This Time To Stay
10. Nothin's Lost Forever
01. Neutron Dance         
02. Bang On The Drum  
03. Heartache Tonight   
04. Living On The Edge  
05. Ain’t That A Shame 
06. Great Balls Of Fire    
07. Great Gosh All Mighty            
08. She Won’t Dance     
09. Bobby’s Drum Solo  
10. Gimee Some Lovin’
About The Muggs:
The Muggs aka "The Mugleston Family Band", The Muglestons, The Muggs...
A family that started out as a small musical trio in 1963 ages 6 to 9 years old. Bob (the oldest) playing an accordion, Desiree (the only sister) on the piano, and Blaine on the drums. The younger siblings Troy and Lance joined the band as they got a little older 5 and 3 years, adding the charm of this group of kids on the stage. Their journey took them on a 24-year fun ride playing shows across the US, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Caribbean as a show band, opening for numerous headliners in the casino showrooms and at State fairgrounds across the land.
Their love for harmonies and writing songs came from the many hours spent at the piano with "Uncle Jim Hickman", the barbershop chorus director who came to the house every Monday night in the young years of the Muggs. The recording career started in 1972-73 with their first album "Little Red School House", followed by the 1977 album "The Muglestons".
Working on their song writing skills and making music became one of their favorite things to do when not on the road. In 1983 "Subject of Assault" was filled with originals, 1985 "Rockin In The Midnight Light" led to their last two albums as a group. A home studio recorded album of songs performed on stage for their fans wanting to capture the performance 1986 "The Muggs Live" and an all original album in 1988 "Touche". We are looking forward to sharing the three original albums again with our fans and some new listeners.
Lance Mugleston, the guitar man, continued to write and record albums after The Muggs came to an end in 1992. "Carousel" and "While The Giant Sleeps" are both albums that are timeless and great albums.
Enjoy the music.
Subject Of Assault, Rockin The Midnight Light and Touche are all released May 31 on MelodicRock Classics.

BIG GAME Mega Rarity Remaster & Reissue on MelodicRock Classics May 31

MelodicRock Classics Label
MelodicRock Classics goes back to the mid-90s to uncover audio from one of the rarest indie EPs released at the time. The band is BIG GAME and their self-titled 5 track EP gave them a shot at bigger things, but you know the story.
Now the tracks have been dusted off, but not only that, the archives have been fully plundered to deliver the original EP, several additional unreleased demos and a few “official bootleg” live tracks.
It is the complete BIG GAME recording sessions on one disc, remastered once again by JK Northrup and limited to just 500 Units worldwide. Once gone…they’re gone!
Big Game is:
John McAfee - Lead Vocals/Guitars/Keyboard programming
Dan Strickland - Guitars/Vocals
Nep Sindel - Bass Guitar/Vocals
Sid Siddall - Drums/Percussion/Vocals
Track Listing:
01. Yesterday’s Gone
02. I Won’t Give Up
03. Out Of The Blue
04. The Assassin
05. Only For You
06. Always Gonna Be With You
07. No Room For Love (Demo)
08. Walls Come Down
09. Reason For The Season
10. Angel (Demo)
11. Let Me Be The One (Demo)
12. Broken Promises (Demo)
13. Cry Me A River (Demo)
14.  And I (Demo)
15. Endless Nights (Demo)
16. Heart and Soul (Live)
17. Stop Runnin From My Love (Live)
18. Goin Off (Instrumental)(Live)
About Big Game:
BIG GAME is the Recording project launched by Mid-West Guitarist, Singer/Songwriter John McAfee in the Summer of 1995 after leaving his former band “The Affair” (Mind Dust Records) of 11 years where he paid his dues playing as many as 300 dates a year recording and touring extensively in the U.S.A., Canada, and abroad (Richard Josef Soviet Glastnost Tour 1989) receiving MTV and Radio airplay. John was also an endorsing artist for GHS Strings, Washburn Guitars, Evans Guitar Products, and Laney Amplification.
On Drums and backing Vocals, John’s long-time friend, former band mate and future Brother–in-law Sid Sidall (The Affair, Shyster, Classic IV). Sid’s showmanship and technical finesse was the heart of this red-blooded American Rock & Roll Band. Sid was also known for his work in radio as program director for Toledo’s Rock Station WIOT FM 104.
Bass guitar duties are provided by Nep Sindel (VXN a.k.a. Edwin Dare, D.E.Z., Wolfgang, Gunnar Ross). Nep’s reputation as an accomplished Bassist and Songwriter is well known in the Detroit area, and not only confirms his maturity as a pocket groove player, but also in his contributions as a performer and songwriting team player.
Last but certainly not least on Guitars and Vocals is Dan Strickland (D.E.Z., Wolfgang). Dan’s extensive musical background and classical training often fuels his creative fire as a soloist and songwriter.  A multi-instrumentalist, Dan’s use of musical textures adds to the identifiable edge and energy of the band, which is undeniable on tracks like “The Assassin” and Instrumental “Goin Off”.
This Lineup produced an original 5 song EP released in 1996. With 12 other songs that never made it past the Demo stage and live performance, the band went on to headline regional shows and provide support for acts like The Spin Doctors, Vince Neil, .38 Special and more until the turn of the decade.
BIG GAME is released via MelodicRock Classics May 31.

CHRIS ANTBLAD – Collected Works Vol. One, 6CD Set Due March 29 on MRC

MelodicRock Classics Label
MelodicRock Classics is thrilled to reunite with an old friend – Swedish singer/songwriter CHRIS ANTBLAD – for a 6CD Box Set ‘Collected Works, Volume 1’, a Limited Edition (500 Units) set, which takes in 6 of Chris’ studio albums from recent years, all previously only available via streaming and digital outlets.
This is Chris Antblad’s first physical CD release since ‘A New Dawn’ in 2012.
Chris first worked with MRC’s Andrew McNeice for the release of his debut solo album ‘Century’, back in 2011.
This limited box set captures 6 acclaimed albums, plus several bonus tracks, exclusive for this release.
Available for pre-order NOW, ‘Collected Works Volume 1’ will be released March 29 on MelodicRock Classics.
About Chris Antblad:
Chris Antblad was a big part of the songwriting and vocal talent behind the Spin Galley release ‘Standing Tall’, which came out on Atenzia Records in 2004.
That's just the start - Chris Antblad has spent the better part of his adult life as a musician and primarily as a songwriter. A mix of versatility and exceptional lyricism, has led to many interesting collaborations over the years. Primarily, the songwriting has been concentrated on adult oriented rock music and country. Two styles of music that both are reliant on advanced vocal-parts and arrangements.
After a few years of songwriting, the necessity for good demos fostered a vocal ability that in later years led to more and more vocal work. Growing up outside the Swedish music scene, there was little to choose from, in terms of vocalists, and necessity once again turned out to be the mother of invention. He was forced to learn the art of singing, and after a couple of uncomfortable years, he found himself a decent singer. Combined with the experience as a session keyboard player, with a lot of jazz under the belt, and decent abilities on guitar and bass, the quality of the work started to reach a professional level.
The songwriting led to Nashville and collaborations with some of his heroes like John Bettis, Gary Baker, Eric Martin, Paul Carrack, Michael Jay, Joe Lynn Turner, John Capek, Randy Goodrum, Jay Graydon, Brett James and Wayne Kirkpatrick. His interest for AOR always lingered as a result of growing up in the 80-ies and has led to a long-time collaboration with Joe Lynn Turner and a few noted appearances, one of which was the noted one-off Spin Gallery project.
‘Chris Antblad – Collected Works Vol. 1’ Features:
Disc One - Age Of Concord III: The Last Day Of Summer (2020)
Disc Two - Age Of Concord: America (2020)
Disc Three - Age Of Concord IV (2021)
Disc Four - Age Of Concord 80 (2021)
Disc Five - Sweet Surrender (2022)
Disc Six - The End Of The Beginning (2022)
Full Track Listing:
DISC ONE Age Of Concord III: The Last Day Of Summer
01. Unbroken   
02. Lion               
03. The Last Day Of Summer       
04. Mr. Preacherman    
05. A Painting   
06. My Heart's Forever Young    
07. Tattoos        
08. I Played The Piano And She Danced 
09. I Prayed For Rain      
10. When It Was Only You And Me          
11. Words
12. Another Pointless Song (Bonus Track)
13. Hell Is Empty (Bonus Track)
14. Long Live The King (Bonus Track)
DISC TWO Age Of Concord: America
01. When The Rain Is Done
02. Keep On Running
03. Bring Me Down
04. I Knew That Love Was Over
05. Just Hold On
06. Cry On My Shoulder
07. Love Is Nothing More
08. I’m Not Scared
09. A New Girl in Town
10. While Our Broken World Is Weeping
11. Show Me
DISC THREE Age Of Concord IV
01. I Just Needed To Know
02. Breaking Away From The Hero
03. A Summer That Won’t End
04. White Man’s Overbite
05. Everyone Knows
06. Love Was Never Lost Along The Way
07. Mr. Primeminister
08. There Is A Light
09. The Days
10. Summer Has Finally Come
11. Music City
12. Song For My M
13. I Play The Game (Bonus Track)
14. Noice (Bonus Track)
DISC FOUR Age Of Concord 80
01. It’s Summer Once Again
02. Lonely Nights
03. Through The Open Door
04. What If We Never Say Goodbye
05. Not Today
06. You Knew This Was Love
07. Run
08. I’ll Be Waiting
09. I’m Not Afraid To Come Closer
10. Here Between Now And Forever
DISC FIVE Sweet Surrender
01. Love Was Easy
02. Once Again
03. What’s Not To Like
04. Time To Catch Another Wave
05. One-Way Ticket
06. When There Is Nothing To Hide
07. More Than We Dared To Pretend
08. Play Me A Song From The Old Days
09. Sweet Surrender
10. Praying For Another Day
11. Lie To Me
12. A Box Of Moo-Juice
13. How Do You Know When It’s Done
14. Looking For A Place To Hide
15. I Have Faith
16. Fine, Fine, Fine
17. Anything, Anywhere
18. Wild Women
DISC SIX The End Of The Beginning
01. Deep In Your Eyes
02. You Started Something New
03. Now When The Brighter Days Are Gone
04. They Don’t Live Here Anymore
05. I Will Never Run
06. Maybe I’m Dreaming
07. We Had It All
08. Summeryoung
09. The One That Got Away
10. She Is Waiting By The Telephone
11. Cigarettes And Photographs (Bonus Track)
12. Faded Pictures (Bonus Track)
13. The Teremana Song (Bonus Track)

MARTEE LeBOW 'Rock Anthology' Gathers 80s Material & Unreleased Demos

MelodicRock Classics Label
MelodicRock Classics is excited to announce the first ever CD release for New York City rocker Martee LeBow’s two popular 80s records ‘Crimes of The Heart’ and ‘Love’s A Liar’. 
And to sweeten the deal, the 2CD set includes Martee’s out of print 1993 three track EP plus 11 previously unreleased bonus demos.
The double compilation ‘Rock Anthology (1986-1993)’ will be released February 23.
About Martee LeBow:
Martee LeBow is an acclaimed recording artist, singer/songwriter from upstate NY.
She taught herself to play the piano at age 3 and began writing songs at 10. In her teens she recorded her first album, "The Lady Wants To be A Star" produced by Charlie Calello, featuring NYC session royalty including Will Lee, The Brecker Bros, John Tropea and Jeff Mirinov. She supported the critically acclaimed release of that debut album with a nationwide tour before moving to NYC to continue to play her brand of bluesy rock in the clubs with her band.
In the 80s Martee signed with Atlantic Records and released "Crimes of the Heart" EP (prod. Robbie Buchanan) and "Love's A Liar" album (prod. John Jansen). 
Martee has collaborated with some great writers including, the late, great Keith Reid (Procol Harum) and Grammy award winner Will Jennings ("Roll Away", a sentimental favorite recorded by Dusty Springfield on her very last album).
She has also had a successful jingle career, singing on many commercials over the years such as Coke, Folgers, Budweiser, JC Penney, AT+T, Mercedes Benz, Sears, Dominos, Mc Donald's, Charmin', and Dannon, just to name a few.
As a background singer, she has supported other artists, including recording and traveling the globe with world music band, Alabina and Ishtar (singing in 5 languages!)
Her favorite gig for many years, has been as lead singer of The Mar-Tays, a slammin’ A-list NYC band with Irwin Fisch, John Siegler, Frank Vilardi, Ira Siegel, Larry Saltzman, and Robbie Kondor.
Most recently, she is very excited about the in-development show ”Last Night at the Rue Bayou”, for which she is the musical composer.
Martee describes herself as ”still having too much fun!”
CD1: Crimes Of The Heart (1986) & Love’s A Liar (1987)
01. Crimes Of The Heart 3:47
02. Stranded in the Moonlight 3:43
03. Love Just Ain't Enough 3:32
04. One Down 3:43
05. Hearts Of Stone 4:12
06. Where Do I Stand 3:34
07. Another Lonely Heart 4:04
08. Love's A Liar 4:04
09. Maybe You'll Remember 3:31
10. Learning The Hard Way 3:30
11. Hang On (To My Reckless Youth) 4:04
12. Fallen Angel 3:45
13. Forbidden 5:05
14. I Must Be In Love 3:58
15. One Good Reason 3:18
CD2: Roll Away (CD Single) & Unreleased
01. Roll Away 4:31
02. Gone 3:05
03. Sail On 3:53
Unreleased Bonus Tracks:
04. Written In Stone 4:03
05. Running Out Of Time 4:24
06. Lost To The City 3:36
07. Remember Me 4:27
08. Crest Of A Wave 3:34
09. The Real You 4:23
10. Shade Of Green 3:50
11. Moonshine 3:17
12. Under The Sun 4:13
13. Hurtin You 3:36
14. In Your Own Backyard 4:06

AVION Finally Gets Official CD Release via MRC February 23

MelodicRock Classics Label
MelodicRock Classics kicks off their 2024 Release Schedule with some long-awaited gems, starting with four new titles on February 23.
To start, MRC is thrilled to partner with Randall Waller to bring fans the first ever official CD releases from the classic Aussie melodic rock band AVION.
Avion’s two acclaimed studio albums: ‘Avion’ (1983) and ‘White Noise’ (1986) have both been the subject of bootlegs but have never had an official CD release.
In addition to the two studio albums, Avion released an independent live album on cassette only in 1987 and that too is now going to find its way to CD a part of this reissue series.
All 3 CDs are remastered by JK Northrup from the best available master sources and will feature non-album singles and B-sides as bonus tracks.
Check out Randall’s brand-new solo album ‘More’ at:
About Avion:
Avion's lead guitarist and lead singer, Randall Waller had previously released two albums as a solo artist, Oasis (1978) and Midnight Fire (1980). In 1981 Waller formed pop rock group Lionheart in Sydney with Evan Murray on keyboards, Martyn Toole on guitar, and his two brothers: John Waller on drums and Kendall Waller on bass guitar - the group was soon renamed as Avion.
Avion signed with RCA Records and, in September 1983, released their debut self-titled album, mixed by Bob Clearmountain at the Power Station recording studio in NYC. The album spawned three singles, "I Need You" (March 1983), "Diamond Eyes" (September) and "Never Let Me Go" (October).
In August 1984 the group issued a non-album single, "Still the Night". Paul Gannell replaced Toole on guitar and, in September 1985, released "We've Got Secrets" on RCA. In 1986, the band signed a deal with EMI Records and "Celebration" appeared in September. In 1987 the band's second album, “White Noise”, followed.
In September 1987 Evan Murray died in a car accident while the group were on tour and the band essentially disbanded.
Randall Waller remaining in the industry, working as a producer, engineer, and then guitarist in Shania Twain’s band.
Avion – Avion (1983)
01. I Need You
02. Diamond Eyes
03. Lady Of The Night
04. We Can Try
05. Warrior
06. Never Let Me Go
07. Where Do We Go From Here
08. Always Waiting
09. Who's Crying Now
10. Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Bonus Tracks:
11. Still The Night (1984 Single)
12. Southern Cross (1984 Single B-Side)
Avion – White Noise (1986)
01. Celebration
02. Berlin Wall
03. Elle
04. In My Mind
05. Ships
06. We've Got Secrets
07. Calm Before The Storm
08. The Next Big Thing
09. On And On
10. Never Too Late
Bonus Tracks:
The Bigger You Are (1985 B-Side)
Ransom (1986 B-Side)
Avion – Live (1987 Release)
01. Long Night
02. Where Do We Go From Here
03. In My Mind
04. Ships
05. Secrets
06. Warrior
07. Ransom
08. On And On
09. Money Or Love
10. Berlin Wall
11. Celebration
12. I Need You
13. The Bigger You Are
14. Never Too Late
Bonus Tracks:
15. Ransom (Alt. Live Mix)
16. Money Or Love (Alt. Live Mix)


MelodicRock Classics Label
MelodicRock Classics kicks off their 2024 Release Schedule with some long-awaited gems, starting with four new titles on February 23.
Individual expanded Press Releases with full title details will follow shortly.
To start, MRC is thrilled to partner with Randall Waller to bring fans the first ever official CD releases from the classic Aussie melodic rock band AVION.
Avion’s two acclaimed studio albums: ‘Avion’ (1983) and ‘White Noise’ (1986) have both been the subject of bootlegs but have never had an official CD release.
In addition to the two studio albums, Avion released an independent live album on cassette only in 1987 and that too is now going to find its way to CD a part of this reissue series.
All 3 CDs are remastered by JK Northrup from the best available master sources and will feature non-album singles and b-sides as bonus tracks.
Check out Randall’s brand new solo album ‘More’ at:
February 23 will also be the release date for a much-needed compilation featuring New York singer/songwriter MARTEE LeBOW.
Martee is of course responsible for some classic 80s American rock anthems, as featured on her 1986 EP ‘Crimes Of The Heart’ and the full-length follow-up ‘Love’s A Liar’ in 1987.
In 1993 there was a new 3-Track single ‘Roll Away’, before Martee moved on to other roles in the music world.
The debut EP and LP were never released on CD at the time, so with the assistance of JK Northrup, all of this material has been remastered for a 2CD ‘Rock Anthology 1986-1993’, which will be released February 23.
Martee graciously went through her musical archives to dig up a selection of previously unreleased songs, which will round out the compilation, including one song that surely would have been a hit single! Full details shortly – along with pre-order links.
MelodicRock Classics is excited to announce a March 29 release from the great Swedish singer/songwriter CHRIS ANTBLAD! A 6CD Box Set will gather 6 individual Chris Antblad/Age Of Concorde digital solo albums, previously released worldwide on streaming platforms only – now gathered for the very first time on a 6CD Box Set titled ‘Collected Works – Volume One’; strictly limited to 500 Units worldwide.
Full details soon!
On April 26, the retail release of the 8CD BRICKLIN Box Set ‘Anthology – The Complete Story’ will arrive. Pre-orders will be shipped out as soon as the sets arrive, with wholesale orders filled with any remaining copies.
Pre-orders and full details of the set can be found here:
All those that pre-order will receive the full set audio in the coming couple of weeks.
Two May 31 releases will be announced shortly. Two very cool box sets and a really obscure cult melodic rock title.



BRICKLIN - Anthology - The Complete Story (1979-1999)

MelodicRock Classics Label
Bricklin will be best known to AOR fans for their massive cult anthem ‘Walk Away’ and their much-loved debut album ‘Bricklin’, but there has always been so much more to the band. From Schoolboys to Bricklin to Martin’s Dam, the core has always been brothers Brian and Scott Bricklin and together with MelodicRock Classics, are finally putting all their recorded work together in the one place for the first time – with an absolute plethora of additional demos and unreleased songs.
Bricklin – Anthology – The Complete Story (1979-1999) gathers the Bricklin debut and both Martin’s Dam albums along with the best of their song recordings over the years, the majority of being previously unreleased until now. We also get a dive back into the start of the brothers work in their first band Schoolboys. This 8CD Deluxe Box Set leaves no stone unturned in showcasing the guys’ unique writing style.
As a special treat for Bricklin fans, MRC and the band are excited to announce that Disc 2 of the set will include a brand new 2023 Bricklin song – ‘Backseat Driver’, which will be released as a single soon!
PRE-ORDERS for the 8CD DVD Size Package are available now for $129 (including tracked worldwide express shipping).
The set is limited to strictly 500 units worldwide. Those familiar with MRC’s first release Hollyridgeland will be familiar with the packaging.
The official retail release and delivery of the sets will come in April. The package complexity requires a 12-week manufacturing window, but digital audio will be delivered well in advance for all pre-orders.
Full track listing below, but the set comprises of the following discs:
CD1 – ‘Bricklin’ (Album Released 1986)
CD2 – ‘Bricklin’ Album Demos + New Track
CD3 – The Unreleased Bricklin Demos Part 1
CD4 – The Unreleased Bricklin Demos Part 2
CD5 – The Unreleased Bricklin Demos Part 3
CD6 – Martin’s Dam ‘The Healing’ & Demos (Album Released 1994)
CD7 – Martin’s Dam ‘Sky Above’ & Demos (Album Released 1998)
CD8 – Early & Later (More Unreleased Demos)
Martin’s Dam (Unreleased) and Schoolboys (Tracks Recorded 1979 - 1982)
About Bricklin:
Brothers Brian and Scott Bricklin first started writing and performing together in the late 70s. Their first collaboration came under the moniker Schoolboys. They virtually still were. From 1979 to 1982, the band saw the brothers already developing their power pop sound.
In 1982 they changed lineups and band name, brining the Bricklin name to life.
From 1982-1989 Bricklin did their best to take over the melodic rock world. Signed to A&M Records, the band released one album, which featured the hit single ‘Walk Away’, a treasured AOR classic that appeared in the movie and soundtrack for Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.
Numerous recordings followed the acclaimed debut, but sadly none of those songs were officially released.
Sensing the need for change, in 1990 the band became Martin’s Dam. For the next decade, the guys wrote and recorded music, culminating in two studio albums being released.
The debut The Healing was released in 1994 and re-released in 1995 and the sophomore record Sky Above saw them signed to Hybrid/Sire Records. The acoustic driven power pop records again found numerous fans, but worldwide domination would elude the talented writers.
Since that time both have continued writing, performing and working in the industry. Scott as a multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, session musician, sound engineer, producer and teacher.
Brian as a producer and engineer, mixing and mastering for over 200 bands, label recording artists, singer-songwriters.
The guys are so excited for this period of their professional lives to be showcased in this deluxe box set, spanning the years 1979 – 1999.
BRICKLIN – Anthology (1979-1999) TRACK LIST
CD1 – ‘Bricklin’ (Album Released 1986)
01. Fear Of Life 04:27
02. For Her Love 04:49
03. Even When You're Done With Me 03:46
04. All I Know 04:28
05. Love Without Pain 03:53
06. If This Is Love 04:24
07. All You Own 04:55
08. She's Not My Girl 04:51
09. How Come I 03:51
10. The Sleeping Dream 03:58
11. Walk Away 04:19
Bonus Demos:
12. Fear Of Life (Demo) 04:11
13. For Her Love (Demo) 1 03:47
14. All I Know (Demo) 04:30
15. Love Without Pain (Demo) 03:41
16. If This Is Love (Demo) 04:00
17. How Come I (Demo) 04:07
CD2 – ‘Bricklin’ Album Demos + 1
01. Backseat Driver (Brand New 2023 Song) 03:58
02. Walk Away (Demo) 04:20
03. For Her Love (Demo 2) 04:14
04. If This Is Love (Demo Dance Mix) 05:29
05. The Sleeping Dream (Demo) 03:59
06. Angel (Demo 1) 03:12
07. Even When Your Done With Me (Cassette Demo) 03:07
08. Hold On (Demo) 03:36
09. How Come I (Demo 2) 04:02
10. The Sleeping Dream (Acoustic) 04:33
11. Angel (Demo 2) 03:18
12. For Her Love (Demo 3) 04:22
13. All In A Circle (The Christmas Song)(Unreleased) 04:17
14. A Man Without Dreams (Unreleased) 04:14
15. Invitation (Unreleased) 05:15
16. The Wave (Unreleased) 05:42
CD3 – The Unreleased Bricklin Demos Part 1
01. Baby Blue 04:02
02. Face To Faith 04:04
03. Gone Too Far 03:53
04. Hard Life Hard 03:22
05. House Of Cards 05:26
06. How Can I Be Sure 04:32
07. I Said She Said 03:24
08. It's Just Begun 4:01
09. Life Is Fine 05:10
10. Love Machine 03:40
11. My Little Gypsy 04:03
12. Push Me 04:04
13. Sunday 04:41
14. We'll Be Gone 04:38
15.  Can't You See I'm Tryin 04:29
16. Gone Too Far (Live) 4.31
17. The Wave (Live) 5.00
18. Shake Your Body (Live) 5.24
CD4 – The Unreleased Bricklin Demos Part 2
01. We Are Together 04:15
02. Good Morning America 03:51
03. In This Life 04:17
04. When You Wanted More 03:47
05. King Of Your Own World 04:35
06. More And More 03:21
07. This World is Our World 04:33
08. Step By Step (Version 1) 04:56
09. A Little Too Late 03:25
10. Every Little Thing 04:31
11. Nowhere To Go 04:20
12. Unpredictable 04:42
13. Keep This Feeling Up 04:24
14. Step By Step (Version 2) 05:15
CD5 – The Unreleased Bricklin Demos Part 3
01. Sex Without Love 04:44
02. The Box 04:15
03. Hole 02:59
04. Haircut 109 02:39
05. Dance The Blue 04:27
06. Heaven 04:52
07. Lovers And Losers (Version 1) 03:56
08. Strangest Darkness 05:00
09. Ignore You 04:23
10. The Straight Life 04:42
11. Save Yourself 05:01
12. You Know How Hard It Is 04:11
13. She 05:46
14. Words And Pictures 04:42
15. Try A Little Love 03:08
16. Lovers And Losers (Version 2) 03:54
CD6 – Martin’s Dam ‘The Healing’ & Demos (Album Released 1994)
01. Fear Of Flying 03:53
02. Mercy Blue 03:50
03. Shadowland 04:08
04. Don't Do It 04:25
05. Selfish Breed 04:11
06. The Healing 04:34
07. It Ain't You 05:11
08. You Must Come 04:54
09. Two Gods 04:59
10. The Big One 04:33
Bonus Demos:
11. Fear Of Flying (Alt Mono Mix) 03:32
12. Mercy Blue (Demo) 03:35
13. Shadowland (Demo) 04:11
14. Two Gods (Demo) 05:35
15. It Aint You (Demo) 05:10
16. Die In Vein (Unreleased)
CD7 – Martin’s Dam ‘Sky Above’ & Demos (Album Released 1998)
01. Fear Of Flying 03:56
02. Mercy Blue 04:25
03. Take You Down 04:36
04. Only God Knows 04:20
05. Come See Julia 03:49
06. Thinking Of You 04:56
07. Carousel 04:40
08. I Wanna 04:48
09. Angel 03:42
10. The Sky Above 07:26
Bonus Demos:
11. Take You Down (Demo) 04:04
12. Only God Knows (Demo) 04:30
13. Come See Julia (Demo) 04:59
14. Thinking Of You (Demo 1) 03:26
15. Carousel (Demo) 04:02
16. Thinking Of You (Demo 2) 03:59
CD8 – Early & Later (More Unreleased Demos)
Martin’s Dam (Unreleased)
01. Next Big Thing 03:45
02. Run Away 03:48
03. Carry Your Weight 04:33
04. Party Doll 03:55
05. Fall Into You 04:26
06. Ground Zero 03:30
07. Into Thin Air 03:08
08. Water 04:21
09. Virtual Reality 04:27
10. I'm Not Sorry 04:07
11. Flag 02:53
12. Telling You Tonight 04:12
Schoolboys (Tracks Recorded 1979 - 1982)
13. Hello 03:21
14. Mister Mouth 03:01
15. Good Girls 03:57
16. Talking To You (Version 1) 03:20
17. If My Love Is Enough 03:36
18. Sweet Candy 03:46
19. She Is My World 05:13
20. Universe Stepper 02:55
21. Just For Now 01:08
Schoolboys - Talking To You (Version 2) 03:06
Schoolboys - You Said That You Loved Me 04:16
Schoolboys - Sweet Teenie 03:29
Schoolboys - Under My Shoes 02:14
Schoolboys - Keep It Up 02:49
Schoolboys - Waiting For The Sun 04:14




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