BIG GAME Mega Rarity Remaster & Reissue on MelodicRock Classics May 31

MelodicRock Classics Label
MelodicRock Classics goes back to the mid-90s to uncover audio from one of the rarest indie EPs released at the time. The band is BIG GAME and their self-titled 5 track EP gave them a shot at bigger things, but you know the story.
Now the tracks have been dusted off, but not only that, the archives have been fully plundered to deliver the original EP, several additional unreleased demos and a few “official bootleg” live tracks.
It is the complete BIG GAME recording sessions on one disc, remastered once again by JK Northrup and limited to just 500 Units worldwide. Once gone…they’re gone!
Big Game is:
John McAfee - Lead Vocals/Guitars/Keyboard programming
Dan Strickland - Guitars/Vocals
Nep Sindel - Bass Guitar/Vocals
Sid Siddall - Drums/Percussion/Vocals
Track Listing:
01. Yesterday’s Gone
02. I Won’t Give Up
03. Out Of The Blue
04. The Assassin
05. Only For You
06. Always Gonna Be With You
07. No Room For Love (Demo)
08. Walls Come Down
09. Reason For The Season
10. Angel (Demo)
11. Let Me Be The One (Demo)
12. Broken Promises (Demo)
13. Cry Me A River (Demo)
14.  And I (Demo)
15. Endless Nights (Demo)
16. Heart and Soul (Live)
17. Stop Runnin From My Love (Live)
18. Goin Off (Instrumental)(Live)
About Big Game:
BIG GAME is the Recording project launched by Mid-West Guitarist, Singer/Songwriter John McAfee in the Summer of 1995 after leaving his former band “The Affair” (Mind Dust Records) of 11 years where he paid his dues playing as many as 300 dates a year recording and touring extensively in the U.S.A., Canada, and abroad (Richard Josef Soviet Glastnost Tour 1989) receiving MTV and Radio airplay. John was also an endorsing artist for GHS Strings, Washburn Guitars, Evans Guitar Products, and Laney Amplification.
On Drums and backing Vocals, John’s long-time friend, former band mate and future Brother–in-law Sid Sidall (The Affair, Shyster, Classic IV). Sid’s showmanship and technical finesse was the heart of this red-blooded American Rock & Roll Band. Sid was also known for his work in radio as program director for Toledo’s Rock Station WIOT FM 104.
Bass guitar duties are provided by Nep Sindel (VXN a.k.a. Edwin Dare, D.E.Z., Wolfgang, Gunnar Ross). Nep’s reputation as an accomplished Bassist and Songwriter is well known in the Detroit area, and not only confirms his maturity as a pocket groove player, but also in his contributions as a performer and songwriting team player.
Last but certainly not least on Guitars and Vocals is Dan Strickland (D.E.Z., Wolfgang). Dan’s extensive musical background and classical training often fuels his creative fire as a soloist and songwriter.  A multi-instrumentalist, Dan’s use of musical textures adds to the identifiable edge and energy of the band, which is undeniable on tracks like “The Assassin” and Instrumental “Goin Off”.
This Lineup produced an original 5 song EP released in 1996. With 12 other songs that never made it past the Demo stage and live performance, the band went on to headline regional shows and provide support for acts like The Spin Doctors, Vince Neil, .38 Special and more until the turn of the decade.
BIG GAME is released via MelodicRock Classics May 31.