SCHERER/BATTEN 'BattleZone' Deluxe Edition Out July 26 on MRC

MelodicRock Classics Label
MelodicRock Classics dives back into the original MelodicRock Records catalogue for the fourth time to reissue an album long out of print, but still in high demand.
Scherer/Batten – ‘Battlezone’ was one of the most acclaimed releases signed to MRR. The 2017 release featured vocalist MARC SCHERER (Scherer/Peterik) and star guitarist JENNIFER BATTEN (Jeff Beck, Michael Jackson) alongside Jim Peterik and band.
For this 2024 re-issue, MRC is offering the Battlezone Deluxe Edition, which gathers the original album plus a selection of rough mixes and demo versions, plus 2 additional unreleased writing demos, ‘Change Everything’ (from MRCD9) and the bonus track ‘Blue Letter’, which previously appeared on the MRR100 compilation release.
Thanks to Danette Pahl, Marc Scherer and Jim Peterik for the assistance in getting this reissue going. It will be limited to just 500 units only.
Track Listing:
01. Crazy Love 04:22
02. Rough Diamond 04:05
03. What Do You Really Think 04:14
04. The Sound Of Your Voice 05:14
05. Battle Zone 04:30
06. It Cuts Deep 05:59
07. The Harder I Try 04:58
08. Dreaming With My Eyes Wide Open 04:06
09. Space and Time 04:43
10. Tender Fire 05:30
11. All Roads 04:47
01. Sound of Your Voice (Rough Mix)
02. Dreaming With My Eyes Wide Open (Demo)
03. Rough Diamond (Rough Mix)
04. What Do You Really Think (Demo)
05. Space And Time (Rough Mix)
06. Harder I Try (Rough Mix)
07. Tender Fire (Rough Mix)
08. Change of Heart (Writing Demo)
09. In My Lifetime (Writing Demo)
10. Change Everything (Writing Demo)(From MRCD9)
11. Blue Letter (‘The Blue Letter Breakdown’)(From MRR100)
‘BattleZone’ features material exclusively from the Jim Peterik (ex-Survivor, Pride Of Lions, The Ides of March) songbook. Featuring 8 rare musical gems from Jim’s songwriting vault, the album also features 3 brand new tracks, written for this project.
That’s 11 new classic songs, produced by Jim Peterik and featuring the impressive lineup of:
All Lead Vocals: Marc Scherer
All Lead Guitars: Jennifer Batten
Backing Vocals: Marc Scherer, Bill Champlin, Bryan Cole, Brian Hemstock, Danette Pahl
Alternate Lead and Rhythm Guitars: Jennifer Batten, Mike Aquino, Dave Carl, Jim Peterik
Bass Guitars: Bill Syniar, Klem Hayes
Keyboards: Jim Peterik, Christian Cullen, Chris Neville, Barb Unger
Drums: Dave Kelly, Ed Breckenfeld
Sax: Mindi Abair
Additional credits include:
Executive Producer: Danette Pahl
Engineered by: Larry Millas
Mastered by: Larry Millas at World Stage Studios and JK Northrup at Alien Productions
Mixed by: Jim Peterik and Larry Millas
Keyboard Programming: Larry Millas and Christian Cullen
Art Direction and Cover Art: Nello Dell'Omo
Jim Peterik comments: “As a long-time enthusiast of Marc Scherer's vocal chops and the expertise of rock guitar goddess Jennifer Batten, you can imagine how excited I am at the release of Scherer/ Batten ‘BattleZone’ album. As a song writer and producer, it was a dream come true mining some lost gems from my many years in rock, producing them to a new lustre and even writing three brand new cuts with Marc and Jennifer - Cuts Deep, The Harder I Try and the title track BattleZone.
Andrew McNeice and Danette Pahl of Melodic Rock Records gave me the artistic leeway and financial support to create the album of a lifetime.
Working with one of the best engineers in the business, Larry Millas, and musicians like multiple Grammy Award Winner Bill Champlin of Chicago, bassist Bill Syniar (formerly of Survivor), Mike Aquino (guitarist and singer from World Stage), and two-time Grammy Nominated saxophonist, Mindi Abair, along with Dave Kelly and Bryan Cole, brought depth and texture to the tracks that is palpable.
You can hear our excitement in every song. I guess you can see I'm pumped.
I dare you to crank up BattleZone or Tender Fire or Crazy Love and not rediscover why you fell in love with melodic rock in the first place. I double dare ya!!”
Jennifer Batten: “It was such a pleasure to jump into such a high-level inspiring project!  Marc’s vocals are out of this world, the grooves are kickin’, and working with Jim Peterik is so joyous and creative. I can’t wait to take this to the stage!”
And finally, the vocalist fronting this extraordinary project, Marc Scherer: “Even something as innocuous as lunch with Jim Peterik can inspire great things…
It was during one such meeting that Jim and I conceived of an album showcasing his lost musical treasures. Thanks to the contributions of long-time Peterik enthusiast and personal friend Danette Pahl, we now have lift-off!
While the brain trust of talent surrounding Jim enhances any idea, this album is extra special because it features a collaboration with one of the world’s greatest guitarists, Jennifer Batten – who played three world tours with Michael Jackson and two with Jeff Beck. They say you know when it’s right in the first 30 seconds, but in this case, you can sense the magic in the first few notes. BattleZone blends the songwriting craftsmanship and storytelling genius of Jim Peterik with the artistry of some of the most amazing musicians in the business. As Jennifer observed, the battle can be internal: the fight to be better, to raise the bar and challenge yourself while stirring the musical cauldron. I truly believe that we have captured lightning in a bottle and I’m so eager for everyone to share in this experience.”
Scherer/Batten ‘BattleZone Deluxe Edition’ will be released via MelodicRock Classics on CD & Digital July 26.



MelodicRock Records Celebrates 100 Releases

Friday, May 31, 2019
News Feed
Since 2010 MelodicRock Records has been at the forefront of some of the best melodic music made available to fans.
It has been a great honor to be a part of each and every release – whether it be championing a new artist; digging something out of the vaults; or a brand-new release from an established act.
2019 sees MRR reach the milestone of 100 releases. So what better way to celebrate the milestone than a compilation of the artists featured on MRR.
This however, isn’t your average ‘best of’ affair – this compilation will feature songs that didn’t make the albums MRR released – hence the title ‘Left Off The First 99’.
‘Left Off The First 99’ will offer a range of bonus tracks featured from the first 99 releases, plus some exclusive unreleased tracks from the recording sessions that spawned those albums.
And for good measure – a little taste of what’s to come in the year ahead, with some exclusive preview tracks from upcoming MRR releases.
MRR100 is a 2CD set priced at $25 (including airmail shipping) and is strictly limited to 500 units.
PRE-ORDER MRR100 'Left Off The First 99' (OUT MAY 31)
MRR100 – Track Listing (Not Yet Sequenced)
01)     All I Know - Consume Me (Non Album Bonus Track) 02:50
02)     All I Know - Only You (Non Album Bonus Track) 02:22
03)     Arti Tisi - Mama Sweet Evil (Demo)(Unreleased Extended Version) 04:21
04)     Brett Walker - Better Than Goodbye (Unreleased Remix) 04:19
05)     Brett Walker - Seeing You Around (Unreleased Longer Version) 05:04
06)     Boulevard - Good Enough (2017 Unreleased) 04:29
08)*    Fiction Syxx - Darkest Hour (New 2019) 04:11
09)     Waldo & Rosen Feat. Graham Bonnet - Hearts Under Fire (Unreleased Demo) 04:07
10)     Hearts On Fire - Fade Away (Demo) 03:17
11)     House Of Shakira - Financial Times (Non Album Bonus Track) 03:32
12)     House Of Shakira - Shell Shock (Non Album Bonus Track) 04:10
13)     Jim Shepard - Love, I'm Over You (Non Album Bonus Track) 03:20
14)     JK Northrup & David Cagle - Promises To God (Japanese Bonus Track) 04:15
15)     Nitrate - All I Need (Japanese Bonus Track) 04:50
16)     Andreas Novak - No Vacation (Unreleased Alt Mix, Extended Version) 04:41
17)     Paris - Don't Say A Word (Non Album Bonus Track) 04:44
18)     Paris - Stronger (Non Album Bonus Track) 04:05
19)     Royal Mess - Finally (Japan Bonus Track) 03:09
20)     American Heartbreak - Human Touch (Working Class Dogs, Non Album Bonus Track) 04:07
22)     The Vague - Love Is Alright Tonight (Working Class Dogs, Non Album Bonus Track) 03:25
23)     Scherer/Batten - Blue Letter (Unreleased) 03:31
24)     Secret - Fly Away (Instrumental)(Japanese Bonus Track) 04:28
25)     Street Talk - Sniper (Instrumental)(Unreleased) 04:44
26)     Tony Mills & Hardway - Remember Me (Unreleased, Writers Demo) 05:26
27)     Cannonballz - When I Think Of You (Unreleased Extended Version) 06:53
28)*    Ferreira - Higher (New Preview Track, Rough Mix) 04:50
30)     LastWorld - Lose You Now (Unreleased) 03:40
31)*    Mark Baker Feat. Mark Free - Nobody Gets Out Alive (Unreleased Writers Demo) 03:38
32)*    Outlasted - Chains Of Destiny (New Preview Track)
33)*    Silent Tiger - 
34)*    Super Monaco - Second Sight (Preview Track) 04:02
35)     Tony Mitchell - All She Wrote (Unreleased Solo Version) 04:54
37)     The Radio Sun - The Way (Unreleased From Debut Album Sessions)
38)     Mecca - Unknown (Unreleased Alt. Mix Demo)
* Release Details To Be Announced

Scherer/Batten - 'Space And Time' (Album 'BattleZone' Out Now)

Scherer/Batten is of course, none other than vocalist MARC SCHERER (Scherer/Peterik) and star guitarist JENNIFER BATTEN (Jeff Beck, Michael Jackson).

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