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THE MUGGS Triple Album Delivery on CD For The First Time May 31

MelodicRock Classics Label
MelodicRock Classics is proud to deliver a true cult 80s classic by releasing The Muggs’ 1985 gem ‘Rockin’ The Midnight Light’ on CD for the first time on May 31.
But that’s not all. It’s a triple treat of 80s American AOR with the release of the full studio catalogue from The Muggs.
Joining the release of the 1985 classic is the band’s 1983 debut album ‘Subject Of Assault’ and their cassette only 1988 album ‘Touche’ – all three titles are on CD for the very first time, fully remastered from best available sources by JK Northrup.
Although not officially part of the 500 Series of releases, it is anticipated that these titles will be limited to 500 units each. So once gone…
As a special bonus to those that pre-order the 3 CDs from The Muggs, a bonus digital download of the album ‘Most Wanted’ will be included in the advance digital audio delivery.
‘Most Wanted’ was a 1986 covers album the band recorded for fun. It was released on LP but isn’t part of the CD re-issue series.
The band would like to dedicate these CD releases to Bob Mugleston “…our brother and bass player, RIP June 1, 2023.”
Track Listings:
SUBJECT (1983)
01. Subject Of Assault   
02. Take Her Away          
03. You Sent Me Away  
04. I'll Do What I Like     
05. Nice And Plain           
06. Thief In The Night    
07. Everyday     
08. All I Need    
09. Hey Do You Want Me            
10. Take It From Here
01. Run For Your Life
02. Don't Let Go
03. No Way To Hide
04. I Don't Want To Say Goodbye
05. I Can't Sleep At Night
06. Rockin' In The Midnight Light
07. Wire Tappin
08. Jungle
09. Matter Of Fact
10. Comeback
TOUCHE (1988)
01. Two Times Over
02. Who's Gonna Save The World Tonite
03. Survivin' On A Dream
04. State Of Mind
05. Somebody's Watchin' You
06. Caught In The Act
07. Out Of My Range
08. It's Up To You
09. This Time To Stay
10. Nothin's Lost Forever
01. Neutron Dance         
02. Bang On The Drum  
03. Heartache Tonight   
04. Living On The Edge  
05. Ain’t That A Shame 
06. Great Balls Of Fire    
07. Great Gosh All Mighty            
08. She Won’t Dance     
09. Bobby’s Drum Solo  
10. Gimee Some Lovin’
About The Muggs:
The Muggs aka "The Mugleston Family Band", The Muglestons, The Muggs...
A family that started out as a small musical trio in 1963 ages 6 to 9 years old. Bob (the oldest) playing an accordion, Desiree (the only sister) on the piano, and Blaine on the drums. The younger siblings Troy and Lance joined the band as they got a little older 5 and 3 years, adding the charm of this group of kids on the stage. Their journey took them on a 24-year fun ride playing shows across the US, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Caribbean as a show band, opening for numerous headliners in the casino showrooms and at State fairgrounds across the land.
Their love for harmonies and writing songs came from the many hours spent at the piano with "Uncle Jim Hickman", the barbershop chorus director who came to the house every Monday night in the young years of the Muggs. The recording career started in 1972-73 with their first album "Little Red School House", followed by the 1977 album "The Muglestons".
Working on their song writing skills and making music became one of their favorite things to do when not on the road. In 1983 "Subject of Assault" was filled with originals, 1985 "Rockin In The Midnight Light" led to their last two albums as a group. A home studio recorded album of songs performed on stage for their fans wanting to capture the performance 1986 "The Muggs Live" and an all original album in 1988 "Touche". We are looking forward to sharing the three original albums again with our fans and some new listeners.
Lance Mugleston, the guitar man, continued to write and record albums after The Muggs came to an end in 1992. "Carousel" and "While The Giant Sleeps" are both albums that are timeless and great albums.
Enjoy the music.
Subject Of Assault, Rockin The Midnight Light and Touche are all released May 31 on MelodicRock Classics.
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