ROOM EXPERIENCE Debut Out on MelodicRock Records May 22

Friday, May 22, 2015
MelodicRock Records has been bringing new and fresh talent to the fore for several years now and is proud to announce signing yet another high-class new artist to the label’s roster.
Please welcome ROOM EXPERIENCE to the MRR family.
ROOM EXPERIENCE’s self-titled debut is truly going to be an experience for fans of high-class European AOR and melodic rock!
This is perhaps the most star-studded MRR release yet.
David Readman (Pink Cream 69, Voodoo Circle) - Lead & Backing Vocals
Gianluca Firmo - Keyboards, Backing Vocals & Lead Vocals on "Only Goodnight"
Davide "Dave Rox" Barbieri (Wheels Of Fire, Charming Grace) - Keyboards, Acoustic & Electric Piano, Acoustic & Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals
Pierpaolo "Zorro11" Monti (Shining Line, Charming Grace, Lionville) - Drums & Percussion
Amos Monti (Shining Line, Charming Grace, Lionville) - Bass
Steve De Biasi (Gunshy, Charming Grace) - Guitars
But that’s not all… Making special guest appearances are:
Alessandro Del Vecchio (Revolution Saints, L.R.S, Three Lions, Shining Line) - Hammond on “Rainbow In The Rain"
Ivan Gonzalez (Secret, 91 Suite) - Guitars on "Another Day Without You", "No Sign of Summer" & "Tomorrow’s Came"
Sven Larsson (Street Talk, Fergie Frederiksen, Lionville, Charming Grace) - Guitars on "The Only Truth"
Stefano Zeni (Wheels Of Fire, Charming Grace) - Guitars on "Queen Of Every Heart"
Boris Matakovic (Human Zoo, Charming Grace) - Sax on "Tomorrows Came"
Elena Aurë (Charming Grace) - Backing Vocals on "Rainbow in the Rain" & "Tomorrows Came"
ROOM EXPERIENCE will release their debut album “Room Experience” via MelodicRock Records/Cargo Distribution on May 22.
For the first time, MelodicRock Records will be offering something special and exclusive for this release.
For those tired of those deluxe/special editions appearing months after the original release – this is for you!
Available exclusively via pre-orders will be a very limited ROOM EXPERIENCE Special Edition CD featuring exclusive bonus tracks and an exclusive variation on the regular release cover art.
Pre-orders will be available right here very soon.
For those fans of Lionville, Shining Line, David Readman (solo), Charming Grace and Street Talk comes the debut AOR masterpiece ROOM EXPERIENCE!
Time right now to check out a full track from the album: “Tomorrow Came”
Born in Brescia in the early seventies, Italian keyboard-player and songwriter Gianluca Firmo begun to develop his love for melodic rock music during the eighties, following chart-breakers like Bon Jovi, Europe, Bryan Adams and many others.
It didn't take too long before Gianluca felt the need to lay his hands on his keyboard and start writing some original music, spending entire days and nights inside his room to try to capture the magic coming from the legendary melodies present in the albums of his personal idols in music.
After more than two decades of passionate love for the melodic rock world and way more than 100 songs written, he decided that it was time to collect some of them in a professional recording, an idea that took place in late 2013 when he approached Davide "Dave Rox" Barbieri (Wheels Of Fire, Charming Grace) and Pierpaolo "Zorro11" Monti (Shining Line, Charming Grace, Lionville) asking them to produce his debut album.
The synergy was immediately strong from the first meeting, so in January of 2014 they started arranging the first songs of what would have become an international high-profile melodic rock project, named "Room Experience" to pay tribute to the endless hours that Gianluca spent at home, writing all those tunes.
With a songwriting spectrum able to cover a wide range of melodic rock styles and influences coming from classic AOR to more up-to-date melodic hard-rock, a powerhouse and versatile vocalist was needed. Extraordinary British singer David Readman (Pink Cream 69, Solo, Voodoo Circle) was officially approached to perform all the songs of the project, introduced to the trio by a common friend: the international star producer Alessandro Del Vecchio (Revolution Saints, Hardline, Edge Of Forever, Shining Line).
With a production team ready to work and a superstar singer waiting to give his best in every single song of the album, a line-up of skilled musicians was needed in order to carry songs to completion, so guitar player Steve De Biasi (Gunshy, Charming Grace) and bass player Amos Monti (Shining Line, Charming Grace, Lionville) were recruited to build a solid instrumental backbone, which was completed by a huge list of talented artists that joined them in the making of Room Experience: Iván González (Secret, 91 Suite), Sven Larsson (Street Talk, Fergie Frederiksen, Charming Grace), Stefano Zeni (Wheels Of Fire), Boris Matakovic (Human Zoo), Andrea Gipponi (Enrico Ruggeri), Aurë (Charming Grace), Minna Ora (The Electric Lady) & Nicoletta Tona.
In December 2014 recording sessions ended and Alessandro Del Vecchio gave his final magic touch to the album in his Ivorytears Music Studio in Somma Lombardo (Va, Italy), taking care of mixing and mastering to deliver a bombastic melodic rock release ready to reach for the passion of all the fans of the genre, all over the world.
On May 22 Room Experience will be finally released worldwide through Melodic Rock Records, with artwork and graphics provided by Antonella Astori (Charming Grace).
The key is in the hole and turning... the doors are about to unlock: are you ready for the "Room Experience"?