MOTLEY CRUE's Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx Celebrate Triple X Anniversary Of Girls Girls Girls

Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Dallas, TX - JUNE 21, 2017. North American syndicated rock radio show IN THE STUDIO with Redbeard: The Stories Behind History’s Greatest Rock Bands  goes one on one with Vince Neil and Nikki Sixx for the sometimes hilarious, sometimes shocking story behind Motley Crue’s four million-seller Girls Girls Girls.
A product of the ‘80s Hollywood Sunset Strip, Motley Crue were the quintessential LA hair metal band. Their string of hit albums and crossover songs on radio and MTV was only matched by their over the top live show, mounting legal bills and alarming drug use. By 1987 the band was dancing on a fine line between real life or death. Nikki Sixx and Vince Neil share their stories with IN THE STUDIO producer and host Redbeard.
“We were a mess. I know we didn’t go overseas (on Girls Girls Girls tour), because the management said, ‘You guys go, and somebody’s not coming back. Or if they do, they’re coming back in a body bag... We were operating like a punk band! We were completely out of control.”  - Nikki Sixx
"I remember my first gig. It was at my parents' house. First time I ever sang in front of anybody. I was in a band called Rock Candy. I thought my parents were going out of town for the night. So I had a small party of like 500 people (laughs). We're just jamming away, the place is packed, people jumping off the roof into the pool... It was a good time, but then my parents came home."  - Vince Neil
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