KELLY KEELING - Mind Radio (Review)

information persons: 
Produced By: 
Alessandro Del Vecchio
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
July 3
Musical Style: 
Melodic Rock
Release Year: 
Musically speaking, there are no surprises for singer Kelly Keeling’s new solo album. This is another Alessandro Del Vecchio project, with the added bonus of Kelling actually participating in the songwriting process.
There are also 3 new songs from the Baton Rogue writing trio of Keeling/Jack Ponti/Lance Bulen. These three songs are from the failed reunion attempt, that directly lead to this solo album being commissioned instead.
As is always the case, Alessandro does a fine production and mix job, and the AdelV Band are on song as usual. I’m a big fan of Ale and yes, I’ve read many comments about the ‘production line’ aspect of having one artist behind a number of albums, but as long as the quality remains high, consumers will vote with their wallets.
Ale’s been on a hot streak of late, with Revolution Saints, LRS and Fergie Frederiksen to name just three. That streak hasn’t ended with Kelly Keeling, but his long term average might take a small hit.
This is a solid enough album, but I can’t quite put my finger on why it’s not another knockout. To simplify it, I think perhaps the songs aren’t quite there. The use of three different writing teams for the albums 12 tracks gives the album 3 different distinct sounds. The two Robert Sall tracks are great AOR (as always); the 3 Baton Rouge tracks are typical of their sound and then there are the Alessandro tracks.
But more importantly, I don’t think Kelly’s overall vocal performance is as committed as one might expect.
Songwise, Isolated Man is a nice mid-tempo melodic rock tune with a rising chorus.
Sunshine Over Me I like mainly because it reminds me of the Toto song Caught In The Balance – it’s that kind of moody guitar driven track.
The anthemic ballad Still Need You In My Arms is one of the stronger tracks present.
Written In Fire is the first of the three Baton Rouge tracks and shows an immediate change in style to match the BR of old.
Love Will Tears Us Apart is pretty good also. Frozen Time is the first of two songs from the pen of Robert Sall – good European melodic rock tunes both of them and totally within the Work Of Art style. Just without the ultra-smooth vocals of Lars Safsund.
Monkey House is the second BR track – a moody rocker with a heavy organ presence. Kelly’s vocals however really don’t match the energy of the song.
Ride Out The Storm is the second Robert Sall track – again, another classy AOR tune.
Who Do You Run To is the third BR track and the most aggressive. A dry, organic hard rocker that’s ok, but isn’t what I would rank in the same class as classic Baton Rouge material.

Individually there are some fine songs here and I particularly like several, but put together as an album, it’s not as cohesive as it should be.
Keeling sounds a little underdone and under enthusiastic. This will have to be for fans of Baton Rouge and Keeling to check out and decide for themselves.