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MIKE PORCARO RIP - A MelodicRock Tribute

Monday, March 16, 2015
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Mike Porcaro has left us. May he rest in peace.
As the music world collectively sighs a deep sigh for the loss of another legend, there is only one thing to do.
I’m currently cranking Kingdom Of Desire – one of my favourite Toto albums ever, but fittingly the last album to feature the rhythm section of Mike and Jeff Porcaro. They are united finally once again.
Every person hopes to leave this world with some kind of footprint that says we were here. The print Mike left was nothing short of astounding.
It is with great amazement I reflect that every single person reading this will own an album with Mike Porcaro on it. Most likely several. Dozens even for some! Just check his credits! (http://www.mikeporcaro.com/sessionworks.html)
I met Mike just the once – Sydney 2006 as Toto embarked on their long anticipated Australian tour. Mike was such a humble, laid back, likeable guy. All the Toto guys are first class, humble people, but Mike was far more reserved.  He just let his instrument do the talking. And talk it did…
Mike was forced to retire from playing the following year. ALS forged its way through his body, but never his spirit.
It took everything from him and took him from his band and his family. But not before Mike Porcaro left us with a musical legacy that will live on for decades to come.
To Mike’s family and friends, to Steve Lukather, David Paich, Steve Porcaro, David Hungate and the whole Toto family, I send my condolences and my love. I know this was expected, but it doesn’t make it any easier.
So long Mike.
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