TREAT - Tunguska (2018)


Treat really are on a blinder since reforming and this, their third studio album since then, is a testament to the ability of the band to keep delivering each time, yet do so in a fresh manner each time. 

Tunguska is the perfect companion piece to the timeless classic Coup De Grace and the album between, the more modern sounding Ghost Of Graceland.Tunguska has elements of both – the modern forward momentum of Ghost and the classic anthems of Coup. 

In all honesty – if you’re a fan of Scani melodic rock, all three are as essential. Period! So we have another high energy album here featuring 12 amazing compositions – all layered in vocal harmonies - 10 mid-up tempo tunes and a couple of monster ballads. Tomorrow Never Comes and the impossibly good Build The Love are genre defying classics. 

The diversity among the tracks might give some fans reason to rate this downwind of the last 2 albums, but I embrace this evolution in Treat’s history. Best Of Enemies, Creeps and Man Overboard are probably the most challenging songs to dissect, but for me they still kill and add texture between the anthems of Always Have, Always Will; Progenitors and Rose Of Jericho. It doesn’t stop there though, Riptide, All Bets Are Off and Undefeated give the last half more energy than the first. 

The only caveat I will impose is the sequencing. I would not have chosen the running order of the songs as has been done here. I think there are a couple of options to make it even smoother. Highly digestible Scandi melodic goodness right here. The band can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned, and this makes 3 from 3 in the classic album stakes.

The choruses are huge, the hooks even bigger and the sound is baby bum-cheek fresh. The harmonies really are something! I just love these guys. Get it!