MR Update & News

I think most are aware of this by now, but most of my time over the last 3-4 months have been spent opening and running a used music store here in Tasmania.

An opportunity fell into my lap to buy out a large used CD market stall and convert it into a retail outlet.

I now have a better understanding of the work and time involved plus the knowledge of whether the idea is going to work.

Seems it will, as the enthusiasm, support and patronage from locals has been amazing. The leasehold company love the shop and want me to sign on for a two year lease, which I’m inclined to do as the shop has already overtaken MelodicRock Classics as an income source and I’m having great fun doing it.

I will continue developing the label and working on new titles - the September announcement isn’t far away. Some cool new projects are underway and a couple of surprises too.

However, the one thing I’m having a major issue with is (as usual) REVIEWS!

After recommitting to adding more reviews recently, the store then came into play forcing another change in plans.

I’m listening to everything as always and quite simply, I want to share my views on what’s good, fresh and original and what’s tired old claptrap.

The easiest way to share my views - in as few or as many words as needed - is via Facebook. I know some hate the platform and it’s not ideal by any means. But when I’m listening and have thoughts to share, under current circumstances the best way to do that is a post on my FB page and let folks share and comment from there.
And let’s face it, the majority of people now sit on their FB feed and wait for things to come to them. Information based websites are a second thought these days.

I’m upgrading the integration of Twitter and Facebook feeds to appear on the MelodicRock frontpage (down right side) so everyone can still visit the site and find everything (and fresh MelodicRock Classics news) as usual. And I will continue to add archived reviews from the past, to the growing A-Z database.

I will add bigger reviews to the site as normal when time permits.
But for now - breaking news, reviews and comments on new and upcoming (and even old releases), will all be on my FB feed.

Hope folks understand that - it is basically all about making the best choice to share views, as there is just so much music and information to wade through these days and I want people to learn which are the best releases available and not get sidetracked by the more run of the mill titles that clog up our scene.

Thanks as always for reading. Comments most welcome.