Harem Scarem (Track By Track)


Harem Scarem's long anticipated return album Weight Of The World has already been confirmed for release February 21 in Japan and March 11 in Europe, via Now & Then / Frontiers Records.
Now, I am pleased to offer this exclusive preview of the album's tracks - with descriptions from vocalist Harry Hess.
The album is being mastered this week in Toronto.
At the start of November, I already detailed the involvement of ex-Harem Scarem drummer and part-time vocalist Darren Smith, who was asked by Harry Hess to supply background vocals for all the songs on the new album. The idea was to have the vocal feel similar to the first two albums.
Let's see what Harry thinks of the albums songs. (Comments in Orange)

Weight Of The World (Hess/Lesperance)
The tittle track of the record. This song encompasses everything that we have done as songwriters in the last 11 years. It's got everything in it. Big guitars, big drums big backing vocals, very melodic and a great solo. Lyrically it is about how the pressures of everyday life can sometimes drag you down, but to always stay positive. We try to convey an uplifting message in all of our songs.
Killing Me (Hess/Lesperance)
This songs is about the how some relationships can be so tough - it's like your constantly at war with the person your supposed to be in love with. This is also one of my favourite chorus's and I love the verse.
Outside Your Window (Hess/Lesperance)
This songs reminds me of the writing we were doing in the Mood Swing days. Lyrically it is very similar to songs like No Justice and Savours Never Cry. If I had to pick a song to play for someone from the new record this would be the one.
All I Want (Hess/Lesperance)
This songs has one of my favourite chorus's on the record. I think it is a great cross between hard and heavy guitars and a very melodic chorus. The song is about never being satisfied in love and life.
This Ain't Over (Hess)
A classic Harem Scarem type ballad with hints of Queen in the vocal performance and melodies. Having real piano, strings and other acoustic instruments makes this one a little different from the rest of the record but very necessary to break up the heaviness of so many up tempo rock tracks.
Lyrically it's about not wanting to say goodbye.

Internude (Lesperance) An acoustic instrumental song that links the two songs it sits between.
You Ruined Everything (Hess/Lesperance)
This song has light hearted and humorous lyrics with a very up tempo driving grove. With big gang backing vocals in the chorus this should be great to do live (so everyone can sing along).
Charmed Life (Hess/Lesperance)
This is a song idea that I started working on about a year and a half ago but didn't really suit the style of what we were doing back then. It's very up tempo guitar driven song that will be great to play live.
The lyrics are about lust / love and how life is perfect when it all comes together.

If You (Hess/Lesperance)
From a songwriting perspective this is the closet to Rubber that we got on this latest record. We decided it would need the heavy production treatment that the rest of the songs on the record would have. This kind of a song is all about melody and fun catchy lyrics. The lyrics are meant to be funny and not taken literally.
See Saw (Lesperance) A full guitar instrumental track.
Voice Inside (Hess/Lesperance)
Initially titled Overload. This song is probably the most classic rock song we have writing in a long time maybe ever. We approached it much like Change Comes Around in the production style and lyrically it's all 'Rock'. Cool breakdown as well.
End Of Time (Hess/Lesperance)(Japanese Bonus Track)
This songs reminds me of Stranger Than Love in it's grove and cord changes. Lyrically it is a love song about staying together until the 'End Of Time'.