Danny Danzi (Track By Track)






Says Danny:
To me, Somewhere Lost In Time is reality, fire, passion, and feeling. The one thing I tried to capture with this album was "feel." No drum machines or sequencers were used, and the nothing was quantized for perfect timing. I did what I felt was best for production and reality for a one man album. It shows versatility, song writing, and in a few songs, a "look mom, no hands" attitude.

1) Save Us
This song is my religious song to the world. I am not a preacher, nor am I a religious radical or Christian rocker that uses God to try to sell records. Those people in my eyes are the sinners. I do love God, and will talk about Him to those that wish to converse about the subject. I wanted this song to lash out and grip those that listened to it, to believe that there is something more after this life. The world is bad, but can be good! It's what you make of it. The song also hits very hard with a hook that asks God to save us from ourselves, for we are a doomed race because of each other. High energy with a church type pipe organ, this song will get your interest as soon as the music fully kicks in. By the time the solo hits, you'll know there is a God. :-)

2) Come To Me
I kept having this dream for about 3 or 4 nights one time. In it, was a women's voice that sounded familiar, but I just couldn't place it. On the last night of the dream, she revealed herself to me.......what a knockout she was!! So I had to write a dreamy, up tempo rocker about her with a few airy dynamics. Kickin and rippin, this one will get ya rockin!

3) Lost Without Your Love
Probably the biggest hook of the album in my opinion, and this will be the song we release on US airwaves. Catchy, feely melodic rock at its best here man! Another tune about a hopeless romantic getting dumped...LOL!! Actually all the rest meet this criteria......what can I say, I'm unlucky with love!
Definitely a possible hit in my eyes, and the toughest solo section I ever had to play. For some reason I just couldn't make up my mind on what to play in the solo section and once I did, it was near impossible to play what I heard in my head!

4) Love Me Or Leave Me
Kinda Bad English or Dokken sounding with heavy guitars and vocals. This tunes subject matter again reflects on that hopeless romantic in love, but this time she can't make up her mind, and as always, I give her her walking papers! Great hook, nice up tempo rocker with loads of stacked back-ups and a harmony guitar solo section!

5) Is Love A Lie
One of my favorite solo's on this one, but the lyrical content is quite good as well. The tune asks the question of whether or not love is BS or not. Another ripping in your face rocker, with an airy feel...I like it! The "Evil Ones" favorite as well.

6) Somewhere Lost In Time
Probably my overall favorite because I captured the exact mood and voices in my head and actually got them down to tape! Something that doesn't happen often. :-) A Giant-ish/Sykes-ish type of power ballad that has some pretty intense dynamics and feel. I actually like my voice on this one....very strange...did I just say that? LOL! This one is about my last relationship, and I knew it was going downhill. I needed the relationship to finally end before I could finish it. It took me 2 years to write. Crying my heart out on this one, but I get the final goodbye, and the solo seals it, just like in real life. :-)

7) All The Time
I always thought this was the best song I ever wrote, until some of the newer ones came into the picture. A slow starting melodic beginning sets this one up to scare you when it kicks in. By the time you get to the hook, you'll be singing along with this song for sure! This song is about my first "in love" experience...you never forget your first true love ya know....how could I? ;-)

8) Dirty Mean & Nasty
Probably my least favorite, but it seems that everyone else loves this song!? I just don't get it???? Anyway, a definite old Van Halen vibe here, but a lyrical sci-fi movie is the topic in this one. I was watching TV one night and fell asleep. When I woke up in the middle of the night, there was this weird movie just starting. Well, this hot looking super model type chick gets out of this smokin Caddy, and walks into this bar all dressed to kill. She is really a demon and wishes to make love to all the men in the bar.
Little do they know that she will take their souls afterwards if they can't hang with her. As she was taking these guys to hell, I fell asleep and didn't see the rest of the show!
DAMN!!!! Anyway, I woke up and finished the movie in my own words describing what I though might have happened if I was one of those guys in the bar. When it came to be my turn, I was a more powerful demon than she was, so I took her soul. :-)
Just a fun little tune with a great grove, and a shredding solo. No, I don't like demons or the Devil. I think they suck, and quite well I might add. Definitely a live song!

9) Dreams
This tune was 95% written by my good friend Andy Slostad who helped me on this whole album tremendously. It's about a great girl/guy friendship, but the guy wanted more and never told her about it. She leaves him, and he writes this song to send to her one day. A mid-tempo rocker with a good hook, and a Danzi twist ending. It's a good song to break up all the monotony of the constant up tempo tunes. Nice hooks, back-ups, and overall feeling.

10) Pop Goes The What
This is one of those "look mom, no hands" tunes. I wanted one shredfest ripping from start to finish instrumental that would wake up the neighbors, demonstrating all my musical abilities on every instrument. It starts out with a little baby (no he ain't my kid!) crying while someone plays a music box of "Pop Goes The Weasel." Well this kid don't like that music box, so I give him MY version of it. Needless to say by the middle of the solo, he's laughin'! :-) I totally love this tune and can't wait to pull it off live!!!
I think I can hear it playing in the background of a Sony Playstation game! LOL!!!!

11) I Want To Spend My Life With You (Damn that's a long title!)
The story behind this tune is personal, but it's so mind blowing to me I feel I have to share it! Ready? Get out your tissues for little Danny "D" now ok? Ok. Well, the hopeless romantic dated a girl for 10 years. (I was 10, she was 7..you know how little kids start out and grow apart, but we never did) The 10th year was very rocky because of my music career and her lack of interest in the rock scene. (Dance music chicks and rocker dudes don't mix!) But of course we must have done something right in all those years. :-) Anyway, I decided that we should get married, and wanted to write the perfect proposal / wedding song for us, and that was what this tune was about. When I went to present the whole idea of marriage to her, with my proposal being this song, (which we often talked about but were too young to pursue in the past) she told me she couldn't marry me!?
I was like "what do you mean?" She says...."Danny, marriage to you would make my life complete, but I think it won't be possible now because.........drum roll..........sure you're ready for this?? Nah, next album! LOL!!!!!! Ok, that ain't fair! She says: "It won't be possible now because I'm pregnant with another mans child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" /me pulls out gun and puts it to head! Needless to say lil Danny tucked his tail between his legs, went home and cried until 1995, but got a killer love ballad out of the deal. :-)
She didn't hear the song until this year finally, (it was written in 93) and asked to use my gun after she heard it! Seems to be the story of my life man, so I write songs about stuff like that. Feel sorry for me yet? I thought not! LOL!!! A nice Richard Marx type tune...you know the kind...the wedding song type. I felt I needed one of these....just to have. Probably my first and last attempt at "pop." ;-)

There you have it man. :-)
I really think this album shows all the sides of Danny Danzi, and should have a song for everyone. It's the best I can do on my own, and I don't regret anything about how it turned out other than upgrading my gear while it was being created. The new gear gave some of the songs a much better sound, and I wanted this sound throughout the whole thing, but deadlines would not allow me to re-do the tunes that were done using the old gear. If you feel you want to edit any of this, by all means do what you have to do. I just wanted to reach out to you and the people that read this, as just a normal dude and friend. Not a superficial rockstar asshole, but a normal human being with the same problems we all go through. Thanks so much for the chance to tell it to ya in my own words....Peace....