Rudy Sarzo (1996)


Rudy Sarzo has been one of the premier hard rock bass players, both in session work, as well as in a band enviroment.
He started out with Quiet Riot, with Kevin Dubrow, and built the band into a top five stadium act. He was part of the best Ozzy Osbourne band ever, including the legendary Randy Rhodes and drummer Tommy Alderidge.
In recent years, Rudy has recorded and toured with Whitesnake, recorded a blues hard rock album with Aldridge, Vandenburg and ex-Little Caeser vocalist Ron Young, played sessions with Paul Rodges and Alice Cooper, and conceived his own record label - Sarzo Music. With the label, Rudy has set out to expose the world to Spanish rock acts, with new CDs out soon. For the low down on the goss, read on....

Rudy, it’s great to talk to you! What’s going on right now?
I'm getting ready to start pre-production on the new RATT album.

I heard you were involved in the reformed Ratt. How did you get involved with that?
When the original bassist, Juan Croucier, declined the offer to rejoin RATT the manager suggested me. Warren and I have already toured together (Whitesnake 1994) and I know the other guys from the L.A. music scene.

When will that album be out?
The plan is to go in the studio this winter and release the album in the spring with subsequent tours in late spring and summer.

Do you have a label lined up?
Management is handling all the record label negotiations.

How about your own...Sarzo music?
My record label just specializes in rock in spanish.

How is Sarzo music going? For those who aren't aware of it, what is your aim with the label?
Sarzo Music is growing stronger every day. We are gearing up for our next release, Jan 28, for the Argentinean group SANTA's latest CD ADRENALINA. SANTA is a rock in spanish band whose sound is best discribed as a blend of Pretenders and Cranberries. My goal with Sarzo Music is to expose artists from the ‘rock in spanish’ genre to the global market.

What bands have been released on it?
Besides SANTA we have released three other titles. LOGOS' CD Generacion Mutante, Stukas en Vuelo's CD, Interzona 66 and Armagedon's CD Ecologia. All of these titles are available worldwide through Caroline Distribution.

What about your future plans for Sarzo music?
My ultimate goal is to merge with a multinational label and take advantage of the infrastructure that a majsor record company has to offer.

You’ve been a busy guy with session work over the last few years.....
Yeah, in the past few years I've worked with Paul Rodgers, the late comedian Sam Kinison and Alice Cooper.

You must have had a few wild years with Whitesnake and David Coverdale a few years back!
I'm very proud to have shared the stage with David and all the others members of Whitesnake.

I had a Blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any thoughts on the 'Slip Of The Tongue' album?
The original concept of Slip of the Tongue changed along the way during the recording process. Mostly due to the addition of Steve Vai, when Adrian was sidelined with a bruised wrist. In my opinion, Steve's work took the record to a level that most Whitesnake fans where not prepared for. I feel Steve did a great job of walking the fine line between addding his own identity to the record, and still keeping a Whitesnake album.

What happened with the band? Not meaning to pry or anything, but I would have thought you were a shoe in for bass on the latest line up?
This is a question David can best answer.

Okay! Any news there, that is how the new Whitesnake album is coming?
This is another question David can best answer.

You have played with some incredible musicians over ther years.
Quiet Riot and Kevin DuBrow...Whitesnake...Ozzy Osbourne...Tommy Aldridge (the octopuss!!)...Adrian Vandenberg...Frankie Banalli... I have very fond memories of all of them.

What can you tell us about working with them?
With Quiet Riot we started at the bottom and made it to the top. With Whitesnake, I mentioned before. The years with Ozzy are extra special. Specially because of Randy. Tommy is the best arena drummer I've ever played with. Adrian is a dear friend and a prolific guitarist. Frankie is the drummer who tought me way back in the early 70s, when we played together in bars in the Florida area, how to be a rythm section bassist.

Can you say what your favourite has been?
They are all very special to me. Randy stands out a bit more because of his extra qualities. Not only was he an innovative gruitarist who helped usher in a new era of guitar heroes, but also was a very humble man.

Any thing you would like to add.....future plans for yourself?....
I think we've pretty much covered it up until today. I had a wonderful time touring in Australia in 1994 and I'm looking forward to the opportunity of returning with RATT.

Okay, thanks Rudy, good luck with the recording!