Totally Driven Radio Podcast - MICHAEL SWEET

Tuesday, March 17, 2015
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This week we talked to lead singer of Stryper, Michael Sweet who recently released the second “Sweet & Lynch” album “Unified”, as well as a solo DVD coming out in 2 weeks called “Sole”
Michael discussed…….
**If going through a situation like Stryper did this past year, does it affect him in his other musical projects and home life
**if his phone started ringing off the hook when the word was out they needed a bass player
**they didn’t want to get into auditioning hundreds of people
**thoughts on the music website “Blabbermouth”
**the new band “Super Stroke” which is George, Mick & Jeff from Dokken with Robert Mason singing.
**If they approached the new Sweet & Lynch album differently from the first one
**He doesn’t know if there will be anymore Sweet & Lynch albums
**He also really doesn’t want to do another one, unless they can tour behind it
**He really thinks people want to hear the Sweet & Lynch band and hear the songs live
**He just doesn’t understand why they can’t even do a couple “one off” shows
**Michael as a producer and his love of it
**That he has been offered to produce other artists, and would love to but financially he would not be able to do it
**Stryper documentary they are working on, that is going to take a couple years
**The impact that bother Stryper & his music have had on people
**That he has met Satanist, who are Stryper fans
**His thoughts on the band Ghost
**his upcoming Michael Sweet Christmas show
**any plans for more solo acoustic shows
**the recent FB Live Stryper did, if he was afraid of possible comments from people
Michael hangs for 40 mins, and talks all this and more
You can listen to the full interview here
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