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Accept will be  touring with an Orchestra all over the world in 2019 - Wolf Hofmann
For The Metal Voice ( former Anthrax singer Neil Turbin interviewed Accept guitarist Wolf Hoffmann in Pasadena, California USA at The Rose on September 29 2018.
Wolf Hoffmann spoke about the bands upcoming plans to tour with an orchestra all over the world, new album update and their new live album Symphonic Terror Live at Wacken 2017 that will be released  on November  23 2018 via Nuclear Blast.
When asked about the new live album  Symphonic Terror Live at Wacken 2017:
"It's going to be a live DVD/CD of the show we did live at Wacken with  50 piece orchestra it was incredible, I always wanted to do that and it finally all came together when we played at Wacken a 2 hour set. I also played some stuff from my solo album 'Headbangers Symphony' and we played a  bunch of Accept songs that were never done with orchestra. I have always been a fan of classical music however I was never a classically trained musician. My solo album was more like a tribute from an outsider. I just grew up wanting to make noise with Marshall stacks. A lot of these classical pieces are beautiful and I always thought it would be so cool  to have a bunch of violins on stage and combine the two worlds."
When asked if they plan to tour with an orchestra:
"The orchestra at Wacken was meant to be a one off but then everybody loved it so much and we loved it so much he decided to  bring this out on the road with us somehow because that what it waere it was meant to be. So we will be performing with an orchestra next year all over the world. It will start in Europe then Russia then the rest of the world."
When asked about details of an upcoming studio album:
"We have been so busy touring and with the classical album coming out so no time yet to work on. Yes we will make a new album but when we will get started I don't know yet. I can't write  on the road. Then will be a time when I set the time aside and focus and dig into it. The musical direction is not going to change dramatically we don't want to, we haven't changed our style on the last four albums.
When asked about his writing style:
"I am not trying to write any different I'm trying to write in the frame of mind that we had back in the day, how we felt back then and trying to recapture that even though it's 40 years ago. I think we found out style and we are trying to write songs that could have been written 30 years ago.  We are trying to write old school songs  with modern tools and technology. It sounds simple but it really isn't. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel but we want to build on what we have.
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