A Message From VIC RIVERA Regarding ADRIANGALE

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Hi, all - hope you’re all off to a great start so far in 2019.
After much consideration, the time has come to make a few announcements.
To begin: there are many reasons for this but, above all else, because of the demands of my job I’m scaling back most of my music and audio production work. Now more than ever my position is a 24/7 requirement and those responsibilities prevent me from committing to multiple projects/clients without compromising enjoyment of life with my wife, family and friends. This wasn’t a quick decision to arrive at, but it’s the right one when the return on investment on every level for the time and energy I devote to the music business is no longer worth being at the expense of the parts of my life that are priority.
This is the largest of several factors which will unfortunately result in the Adriangale album that was in progress not being completed. I deeply regret this for all of those who were looking forward to it. Rest assured, this wasn’t my intent - especially since I’ve put very substantial work into ten great songs. Having said that, and my job withstanding, I can’t alter other circumstances beyond my control. I can only take appropriate action and, aside from the band’s catalogue staying up on digital media outlets, barring extraordinary developments it’s time to close the book on Adriangale.
I wish to be clear that this isn’t a reflection on Andrew McNeice or Melodicrock Records. Andrew has been a great and unparalleled friend since just about the beginning of my music work. He’s unquestionably one of the most upstanding, loyal and honorable people I’ve ever met. Our friendship is stronger than ever and if/when I’m able to commit to another project with the new songs I’ve put a ton of hard work into, his is still the label that will release it far as I’m concerned.
Regarding the questions about the Best of Adriangale: that collection was promised by my former label, I hope they will honor their commitment for the sake of those who still may be waiting for it.
I’m grateful for all of the things that I have done with my music and even more appreciative for the many amazing people I have met on account of my endeavors.
Thanks for reading - and once again wishing you all the best.
MRR’s Andrew McNeice responds:
Vic Rivera is without question, one of the most genuine and sweetest guys in this business and I’m proud to call him a friend for so many years.
With Adriangale, Vic delivered some of my favourite musical moments of the last decade and a half. With their relationship with their original label over, I was only too happy wot welcome Vic, Jamie and the guys to MRR.
I am disappointed to have to pass on this news, more for selfish reasons, I wanted new music from one of my favourite acts. But I totally respect Vic’s decision and know all too well the pressures of conflicting schedules and the lack of hours in the day to deal with everything life throws at you.
The work Vic has put in over the last year on this album won’t go to waste. No sir! When time permits these wonderful songs will see the light of day in one form or another.
For now, MRR wishes Vic nothing but love and Jamie and his unmistakable voice will pop up somewhere soon no doubt.

MelodicRock Records Welcomes ADRIANGALE!

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It is with great pride and enthusiasm that MelodicRock Records can announce the addition of two super stars of the melodic rock scene to the label. We’re talking none other than Vic Rivera and Jamie Rowe, collectively known as ADRIANGALE!
AdrianGale has signed to MRR for their next studio album, which is under way currently, with plans to take it slow, get everything perfected for a release in early 2018.

And of course, with a new start comes a new logo, commissioned by MRR and designed by the label’s long-time collaborator Nello Dell'Omo.
Andrew McNeice, MRR: “I’m so excited to have these two fine gents involved in the label. Vic and Jamie are two of the nicest guys in the business and my friendship with both goes back as far as the very first AdrianGale release. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Vic on the Poley/Rivera album, but now I get the chance to work with one of the finest names in melodic rock. We will all work together to make the new AdrianGale album their most exceptional yet. I’ve given orders to both Vic and Jamie to just go crazy. Go nuts. Make it big, make it loud and make it a statement.”
Vic Rivera: “It’s been a long time coming, but I’m elated that Jamie and I have joined forces with our great and trusted friend Andrew and MelodicRock Records to herald in a new era for AdrianGale!
It already feels like home - we’ve cultivated a tremendous amount of respect and friendship for one another over the course of the last 17 years, and it’s with those principles in place that we set upon this endeavor. Jamie and I have a unique and undeniable chemistry on all levels that we feel has translated to the music we’ve made and we’re eager to continue on with that tradition. Of course, we have you, our incredible fans (friends, really), to thank for liking what we do in the first place – words can’t express the amount of gratitude and love we have for you all, and we can’t wait to bring you new music!”
Jamie Rowe: “It’s a really great feeling to know that our long-time friend, Andrew with Melodic Rock Records, is going to release the next chapter of AdrianGale music!
Over the years, I’ve had my hand in a number of projects and AdrianGale is clearly a stand-out amongst them. The chemistry that Vic Rivera and I share is evident and I feel we make some of the best melodic hard rock in the modern era.  What started as a studio project in 2000 has evolved into a true collaboration based on a strong friendship, mutual respect, and a love for what we do. It’s always a joy to record music that people want to hear… and the A/G fans are worthy of our best! We plan to give it to them.”
Stay tuned for progress updates and teasers into the recording process and look for the band to pop up for select live appearances.
2018 will be the year of the ‘Gale!

ADRIANGALE - 'Defiance' (Review)

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Vic Rivera
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Melodic Rock
Kivel Records
Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Adriangale are another band back in quick time with another new studio opus after firing back to life in 2013.
Defiance is a fitting title for a band that has overcome the odds and continues to deliver.
There’s nothing better than a band that learns and keeps getting better and better with each album. And as enjoyable as each album from these guys has been, they have continued to get better and I’m pleased to say that Defiance is in my eyes, their best and most accomplished album to date. I’m being tougher with scores since the new site launch, so the 93% here is truly well deserved.
Taking the best anthemic AOR qualities of their past and toughening up the sound a little, upping the production value and delivering a crystal clear mix is what this album is all about.
Jamie Rowe sounds as comfortable singing here as I have ever heard him and the quality of Vic Rivera’s guitar playing on this album is world class.
I’ve always told him he needs to continue showing the world what he can do, as far back as his blazing work on the Rick Springfield tribute cover of Souls.
There’s not a weak or filler track on this album. Just 10 really enjoyable songs. No padding – just straight to the point.
The opening (and title) track Defiance sets up this album beautifully. Darker, a little heavier and a killer moody chorus.
Back To You is similar – a brooding moody verse that leads to an anthemic layered chorus. Love it. Adriangale at their best.
What About Love is a gritty guitar fueled rocker with lots of vocal harmonies once again.
Sometimes has a heavier than usual guitar riff which I love, added to with a blindingly good anthemic chorus.
The only big ballad of the album is the perfect moody Last Of My Heart. It has a great sentimental feel and lots of harmonies.
The closing track demonstrates that if Billy Idol is ever looking for someone to stand in for him, he should give Jamie Rowe a call and Vic Rivera can stand in for Steve Stevens.
Speed replicates the original Idol tune in pretty faithful fashion. It’s a cool addition to the original material.

Another album, another winner. Arguably the band’s best effort yet – at least in my eyes. There is no doubt that all fans of melodic rock should find something very tasty about this album, the songs and the layers within.

ADRIANGALE 'Best Of' To Feature Unreleased & Rare

Tuesday, October 14, 2014
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News from Kivel Records on ADRIANGALE:
"Everyone has been asking about Adriangale Best Of. When? When is it comimg out. Well the wait is nearly over folks. Nov 25th The Final Piece drops. Adriangale "Final Piece-The Best of".
Just in time for the holidays!
Wait there's more people. We dont want to short change the loyal AG fan base with some generic convenience store best of CD. NO! What we are going to do is throw in EVERYTHING and then some.
This release will be a DOUBLE CD! Disc 1 will have songs from all five studio releases. Disc 2 will contain two new recorded tracks, along with 7 other tracks consisting of, B cuts, rarities and unreleased material!
The ultimate collection for any AG fan.
Lastly..... $16 total (shipping included) !!!
Pre order info coming soon
Adriangale Defiance and Suckerpunch available now at
And this just in....
"So we announced FINAL PIECE The Best of Adriangale. We need all of you, as YOU are the Final Piece people. Kivel Records and Adriangale would be nothing without all of you!! So what does this mean? Simple. In this thread post a short post on your thoughts and feelings about AG. What they mean to you. Fave song. Fave album. Fave artwork. A personal story. ANYTHING you want to share. We want to hear it . Now what is this all for? Real simple. YOU and YOUR words will be included in the booklet/artwork of this upcoming release. YOU are a piece of the puzzle and we cant complete it without YOU. So sound off people and be a part of what we create. Much love and appreciation to all."



ADRIANGALE Set Defiant Tone For New Album

Friday, October 3, 2014
Adriangale is back!! Last year this time they threw everyone a Sucker Punch with their long overdue comeback. Now they stand their ground Defiant, in a sea of flavor of the month trend followers and reality stars. Pre order now and become a Defiant one with Adriangale! Here's a double whammy for you with a sneak peak of what to expect, both a song and artwork!
Pre order NOW at Buy any two titles get the third half price. Tango Down Charming Devil will be in stock this coming week. So take advantage and snag AG, TANGO and perhaps Madmans Lullaby or No Love Lost!! Summer is going out with a Defiant Bang!!! See all of you at MRF4 in Oct.


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