Artension (2003)

Artension: Another new discovery.

Keyboard wiz Vitalij talks about the band's new album, and what else is keeping the composer very busy.

Album number 2 after the re-union of sorts. How did things flow this time - even easier, or were there new pressures on the band?
Well, things always get easier after you get more experienced in the field as well as in this case the recording process or song-writing process would be much easier to handle or deal with. However, there is always another they say (new thing) that we have to consider and learn and there are as well some things that get more difficult and challenging..

John West has an incredible voice - how do you rate his performance on this album?
Great, we all try to get better and try to progress and that is showing in this new album where John as well as other members are showing the higher scales or ability.

As a musician that has played around for several years, who do you rate as the best vocalist you have ever worked with?
You know it's very hard to do--- to judge. I mean everyone is so different, for example: there are musicians- singer in this case that are simply incredible and they don't have enough recognition like with other artist's or many of them. They also are some who don't have a talent at all but are in the music market and keeping the position occupied where some more talented singer or musician in general should have possessed.
It's hard to say. I like different singer for different reasons.

What about those you would like to work with - who do you see as some of the best vocalists in the business?
There are a lot that I would like to do something but I don't know what direction I will be working and that is important to me as far as choose the appropriate singer.. On the other hand doesn't mean that they will accept to work with me?:) Well, future will tell.

And while on that theme, what are the musicians out there you respect most?
I respect honest and dedicative artists who are sincere and strong and not too cool. Very important. I hate rock kinda oriented EGO musicians. Basically, it comes to personality and of course musical education which is very important. But they are there, they do exist :)

Personally, what is your background musical history?
Well, I have 3 degrees in music, 2 of them form Conservatories, I'm classically trained and that the best education that you can get. That's my forte and I do function based on that knowledge that I build over the years of hard work.

Has that helped you shape your sound and approach to music?
That, was everything that helped me to progress and get better.

Favourite songs on this album?
Well, I have to defend my title of being the writer for those songs in fact for all of them, so, I kinda have to like them no?!
But on the other hand Yes, I do hate them to because I always think that I can do better.

Favourite songs to perform live? What really stretches your abilities?
I like very extreme differences in the music like dynamic or level of technique and sound variety.. I like very virtuosic power full and epic vibe on one hand and the mellow pure simple melodic sweet on the other and that I think represent me and the band the most.
I would choose to do a lot of songs from first 2 album as well as the last 2 and well, I will use them all from all albums some more from one and some less from the other.. It should be carefully thought out before we go on tour.

Was there any running theme behind the music and lyrics of New Discovery?
To me music says it all and John come up with some interesting historical concept behind the art work and it fit the music and we want other's to imagine the concept or story behind it.

Would you mind offering some thoughts and back ground info on each song?
I wouldn't mind but As I say music represent everything and it's hard to describe each song in words unless the questions are more particular about those songs then is OK i guess, but usually I leave the imagination to others as far as what the songs represent and mean to them..

Thanks again for taking the time out to answer some Q's!!
My pleasure was nice talking to you...

What's next for you musically?
Well, as always I'm a busy man writing a lot of material for different things--projects. In March I'm playing in Rome First Piano Concerto by Liszt.
I'm also writing my own Piano Concerto which will highlight my whole entire careers. And of course other Rock projects. Things will be revealed shortly as they become more concrete, but they are some exiting projects.. That will be realized..

Best and Peace / Vitalij Kuprij/ARTENSION

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