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THE BLACKMAIL SNAPS Score Pete Way's Endorsement

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Former UFO/Waysted/Osbourne bassist Pete Way has recommended the debut album from up and coming UK Hard Rockers The Blackmail Snaps via his official Facebook page.

Pete posted: I must say it is very good. Check it out. Its worth it.

Blackmail Snaps vocalist/guitarist Rich Davenport (Ex See Red, Atomkraft) said "Were completely stoked that Pete took the time to recommend our album. UFO are one of our all-time favourite bands and a big influence on our sound, so weve been having a definite Wayne and Garth moment Were not worthy!"

The Blackmail Snapss debut album, When One Door Closes, Smash A Window was released on 29
th January 2016, and is available exclusively via their website, where the band are also giving away a free MP3 track, at

Samples of all 10 tracks on the album are available for streaming at this link

Inside Metal host Bob Nalbandian described the band as a great trio from the UK that combine straight-ahead classic 70s hard rock with NWOBHM undertones. Great riffs and memorable hooks!

The band will be gigging throughout the year to support the album.

Pete Way is currently working on a new solo album entitled "Walking On The Edge" and plans to tour upon its release.


THE BLACKMAIL SNAPS Give Away Free track From Forthcoming Debut Album

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The Blackmail Snaps Give Away Free track From Forthcoming Debut Album
"Go check out the new Blackmail Snaps album. Quite Simply the best Rock 'n' Roll debut I've heard in years. This lot will liven up the scene and then some!"-Mick Geggus, The Crunch, ex-Cockney Rejects
"Blackmail Snaps are a great trio from the UK that combine straight-ahead classic '70s hard rock with NWOBHM undertones. Great riffs and memorable hooks!" - Bob Nalbandian, Presenter of "Inside Metal" TV show, USA
 “ times recalling the blue-collar authenticity of AC/DC but with a distinctly British edge... with a little UFO and Thin Lizzy thrown in for good measure...The Blackmail Snaps are a band full of promise and When One Door Closes, Smash A Window is a fine introduction to their hard rockin’ world!” – Worship Metal, UK
"Imagine a bare bones garage band weaned on the likes of … Thin Lizzy and The Sex Pistols given the chance to run amok in the studio for a few hours. The Blackmail Snaps are all spit, no polish. As real as rock gets at street level." Carl Begai / BraveWords
“An infectious offering, packed full of riffs that you wouldn't wanna meet down a dark alley” – Carl Anthony Wright, The GTR Rockshow, Platinum Rock Radio
Up and coming UK Hard Rockers The Blackmail Snaps are giving away a free MP3 song from their forthcoming debut album via  their website now at
The album is titled “When One Door Closes, Smash A Window”, and will be available exclusively from on Friday 29th January 2016, and will also be available to pre-order at a discount price from Wednesday 13th January 2016.
Taking their musical cues from classic acts like Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, UFO, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Judas Priest, Scorpions, Iron Maiden, Accept and Metallica, The Blackmail Snaps offer up a fresh, contemporary blend of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, delivering memorable songs with relentless energy. Pounding drums, rumbling bass, biting guitars and gritty vocals underpin the band’s heavy, melodic material. 
A power trio in the vintage mould, the band feature David Nuttall (Drums/Vocals, ex Toy Dolls), Marc Hood (Bass / Vocals) and Rich Davenport (Guitar/Lead Vocals, ex See Red, Atomkraft). Songs from their debut album, “When One Door Closes, Smash A Window”, have already met with an enthusiastic reception at live shows.
Although the band take their music very seriously, they’re not afraid to follow the lead of bands they grew up on, like AC/DC and Twisted Sister, in letting their infectious sense of humour shine through. This is reflected in the first single from the album, a song for anyone having a bad day, entitled “The Wheel Is Spinning (But The Hamster Is Dead)”.
Other songs deal with getting through tough times, dealing effectively with people you’d rather attack with a cattle prod, corruption in high places, and trying to emerge from all of the above with your sanity intact, all summed up in the title track – “When One Door Closes, Smash A Window!” 
Their down-to-earth attitude and in your face live performances have seen them garner enthusiastic responses from a range of audiences, and they aim to carry on gigging extensively in support of the album throughout 2016.
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