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BRET MICHAELS - True Grit (Review)

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There are so many good releases around in all genres of music, and a lot of positive reviews from fans and right here from me. So it’s great to have something as reliable as a Bret Michaels solo album to help balance the scales.
As regular as a high fiber diet and consisting of the same resultant deposit, Bret’s solo musical output is thrust upon us each year, with every new project recycling at least half of the album before and if we’re truly lucky, it’s all recycled, giving us the opportunity to recall just how shite the rock n roll rancher really is.
True Shit Grit is the musical equivalent of a well-matured cowboy compost.
Having a third go at becoming a cowpoke, Bret rolls out the regulars in a move so devoid of creativity, Barney the Dinosaur would assign an ‘F’ to this project.
F for Flogging a dead horse that is.
App Song (from Jammin’) is here; Nothing To Lose (from Jammin’ & Custom Built) is here; so too is Open Road (from Custom Built and Freedom of Soul); Rock My Country and Looking For A Good Time of course (from Freedom of Sound); Fallen (from Jammin’); oh, and don’t forget Raine (how could you, it’s been on Songs Of Life, Jammin With Paid Guests and Freedom of Sound).
If that’s not enough repetitiveness for you, try out that rarely covered tune Sweet Home Alabama (Jammin’); What I Got (Custom, Jammin’); Stay With Me (Songs Of Life, Ballads Blues…); and of course, those great old country megahits Nothing But A Good Time, Talk Dirty To Me, Unskinny Bop, Something To Believe In and that never heard before Every Rose Has It’s Thorn – all of those songs also included from the Sponging Off Friends album.
Of course these are all NEW versions, so it’s ok to roll them out all over again (and again and again). Just add steel guitar and a few more banjo’s and you get the idea.
Lamer than a 3-legged Llama, Bret Michaels has managed to hit a new low with this tossed together, cheaply recorded, countrified compilation package. No rock fan is going to want this and I can’t see what country fan would either.
Bret – it’s time to put the horse in the stables, you’ve rode your last (solo) rodeo.
If ANY of these songs are rehashed ever again, I will be forced to take the ‘Pointless Releases For Suckers’ trophy from Tom Scholz and hand it over.

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Monday, February 23, 2015

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