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Tuesday, November 11, 2014
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An important news update from Cenk Eroglu:
"As you may know we had a big freedom movement in Turkey in 2013 against our current government... It was a peaceful uprising to protect a little nature Park called Gezi Parki which is in the center of Istanbul.

And it turned into a hell when police came with Gas capsules and tanks. During those events we lost a lot of young people because of the violent police force. A lot of people injured, too many arrested! for what? For protecting the trees in that park!

Nobody wanted another shopping Mall! And then we all realized our freedom is in danger..So that park was only the beginning for them...
(Check the video to see the pictures of those who lost their life)

Thats when I wrote this song! I wanted to tell the world whats going on here!

So I called my dear friends for a little help ... Kip Winger / Richard Page / Pat Mastelotto / Reb Beach / John Roth / Howard Leese / George Gakis / Blanc Blanc / Steve Lukather and many others. Some donated their time and recorded for me some supported me with
other things...So I did 6 different versions of this song with different artists.. This one is Version 1 with Kip Winger and Richard Page on Lead vocals / Pat Mastelotto on drums and me on Lead Gtr and all the other instruments.. I will share the other versions very soon.

Well this song is for everyone who are standing tall to protect their freedom!
We were all born Free! So..... Long Live Freedom!

Please share with everyone!"

Music & Lyrics by Cenk Eroglu
Arrangement and all instruments / Cenk Eroğlu


Lead Vocals / Kip Winger & Richard Page
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