Dambusters Release "All The Way To Your Heart" Single

Raw and unpolished, "All The Way To Your Heart" is rock n' roll in its purest, most unadulterated form and represents Dambusters at their incendiary best. Recorded mostly live at an undisclosed location on Long Island, NY, in the fall of 2017, "All The Way To Your Heart" is rock n' roll how it's meant to be heard... dirty, ballsy and unbound; it is sexy, groove-laden, no-frills hard rock honoring a tradition forged by the likes of AC/DC, early Led Zeppelin, T. Rex and others. Prepare to be thoroughly seduced like it's the '70s!
"All The Way To Your Heart" features the guitar histrionics of ex-Noisy Mama main-man Jimmy Gumina, the bombastic rhythm section of New York veterans, Freddy Villano (of Quiet Riot and Widowmaker fame) on bass and Vic Pullen (Larry Mitchell, Francis Dunnery and others) on drums, and a guest appearance by the world-class lead vocalist Jimmy Kunes (Cactus, Humble Pie Live, Savoy Brown),
Produced by Dambusters
File Restoration & Mastering by Stacy O'Dell
Recorded (mostly live) by Jimmy Gumina & Simone Tonsi
Written by Gumina, Kunes, Pullen, Villano
Photo by Lori Bockelken
Cover Artwork/Dambusters Logo by Mark Rizzo
"All The Way To Your Heart" performed by Dambusters:
Jimmy Gumina - guitars
Freddy Villano - bass
Vic Pullen - drums
...and featuring special guest, Jimmy Kunes on vocals
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