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EARLY GREY Make Debut on Lion's Pride Music

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Lions Pride Music is glad to announce the signning of the Russian band Early Grey for the release of it's debut album, Secrets Of The Heart. The band delivers straight forward melodic rock. Listen to the song, There Ain't A Woman, further below as a teaser of what there is in store.
Early Grey – is a hard rock band formed by Moscow songwriter and guitar player Sergey "Grey" Lisin in 2016. In the same year band has recorded their debut album "Secrets Of The Heart".
The sound of Early Grey music is based on combination of heavy guitar riffs, powerful drums and beautiful and catchy melodies. Combining with the strong but lyrical voice of band vocalist Pierre Edel it ensures that once you hear any song of Early Grey, you will be whistling it for a very long time.
Band members used to say that all you need to know about Early Grey is that the most important member of this band is not the singer or guitar player or anybody else. The most important is a melody.
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