EDENBRIDGE Recording Their 10th Studio Album 'Dynamind' For SPV

Lanvall: "The whole songwriting process for the new album took around 18 months and I soon realized, that we could bring the band sound to a new level. Our trademark sound of course is still there, nevertheless we have numerous interesting experiments on the album, where we explore new shores. Let it be the irish sounding song "ON THE OTHER SIDE", the half-ballad "TAUERNGOLD" with its doom elements, or the 12 minutes epic longtrack "THE LAST OF HIS KIND". Even after the long songwriting and arranging process I am still super excited with the new songs!"

Sabine: "As Lanvall already mentioned, the recordings to our new album are fully on and what I heard so far in the studio is more than promising. But this is only the beginning and it already sounds huge. So I am really burning to be behind the microphone soon to contribute my part. "DYNAMIND" seems to have a very special energy and will probably turn much upside down. Be prepared!"

Line- Up:
Sabine Edelsbacher – Vocals
Lanvall – Guitars & Keyboards
Dominik Sebastian – Guitars
Stefan Gimpl - Bass
Johannes Jungreithmeier – Drums
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