ELEKTRADIVE 'Over The Space' 30th Anniversary Limited Edition

Friday, August 26, 2016
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Elektradrive - Over The Space 30th Anniversary Limited Edition
Release Date: 26 August 2016
Band is: Alex Jorio - Drums / Elio Maugeri - Lead Vocals / Simone Falovo -Guitars /
Stefano Turolla - Bass / Eugenio Manassero - Keyboards
Produced and Mastered by Simone Falovo for Elektradrive Productions 2016
Track listening: 1-Intro - Beginning 2-Secret Of The Holy Grave 3-Time Machine 4-
Lord Of The Rings 5- Fortune Teller 6-Snake (Slip on…) 7- Against The Stream 8-Take
Off 9-…Over The Space /10-Song Fr Feeling 11-Clash Of Titans 12- Midnight Passage
Bonus Tracks: 1- Let it Survive 1984 / 2-Brian Storm 1984 / 3- Winner 1985 / 4-Riding
The Wind (As Overdrive) 1983 demo / 5-You Cant Stop Rock & Roll 1985 demo
(outtakes from OTS) 6- Against The Stream - Live 1986
Elektradrive is one of the most significant band in the history of Italian Hard Rock.
Born in 1981 as Overdrive, they are from Torino and they changed their name to
Elektradrive in 1983.
The band was formed 1986 to 1993.
Elektradrive debut single “Let it survive” was released on 1984 by Smoko Records, that
was at the times the label of Simone Falovo major brother, Stefano, who really
discovered the band in his family…
Immediately after Elektradrive were featured, in the same year on the compilation “HM
Eruption” with the song “Lord of the rings”, and in the compilation “Metallo Italia” with
“Winner” the year after. In 1985 the band produces a videoclip for “Winner”.
The band’s style then was a sort of hard/heavy rock similar at the sound of Iron Maiden/
Dio/Ozzy Osbourne/Michael Schenker Group, but with a nice presence of keyboards
synth sounds in it,so that Beppe Riva from Rockerilla Italian magazine, coined for them
the term “Space Metal” band.
Elektradrive's debut full length album, “Over the space” was finally ready and released
in 1986 with Discotto Records followed by a national tour. It was fully appreciated by
many European critics, like Dave Reynolds from “Metal Forces” and Kerrang!!
magazine who gave them 90/100 score.
The most famous and widely appreciated LP by Elektradrive, “Due” sees the light in
1989 with Minotauro. The sound is more class hard rock/AOR than the debut album, and
“Due” receives an excellent feedback from the international press, including a rate of 5
K’s (top of the score!) on Kerrang! Magazine (in the same number, Whitesnake took
3K’s with “Slip of the tongue). Many Italian critics declared them “Italian AOR Gods”.
The band played many gigs all around Italy, and the most important was as supporting
band with Manowar at Palasport, Torino. An intensive international tour follows. In 1990
Elektradrive played some live shows L.A. amongst the others, the noteworthy night at
the famous Roxy Theatre in Sunset Boulevard.
After the comeback from USA, the band starts pre-production and writing new songs. So
the third album (the first released in CD and not vynel) came out with the title “Big
City” and released by Dracma Records in 1993. “Big City” is reviewed by many as
album of the month, and some Italian critics named them “the best rock band in Italy,
ever”. In 1994 “Due” and “Big City” are distributed in Japan by EMI/Toshiba and in
Europe by Long Island Records.
After almost ten years of silence, in 2004, Simone Falovo and Elio Maugeri, with the
original line-up of the beginnings, start writing songs for a new album: “Living 4” which
is released by Valery Records in 2009, and got a lot of very rave reviews from all the
Italian and european magazines.
Considered by many critics a masterpiece (it took the band three years of hard work for
writing and recording process) “Living 4” is a mature concept album of modern-bluesy-
AOR-hard rock with committed lyrics about environment, water scarcity, corporations,
and general concerns on the state of our planet.
They received airplay by Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson in his BBC show, and he
described the band as melodic and classy hard rock band, a “bunch of veterans from
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